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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  November 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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are now asking, as they close in on this man. >> let me start, let me start with a few -- >> oh, you can say the voters cried wolf, tom wolf, promising to make education a priority in pennsylvania watch it could mean for philadelphia schools. >> all right. and then, minnesota viking star, adrian peterson, not going to jail for beating his son with a switch, another kind of punishment, what he says he regrets, and how he feels about his son. >> and, bob kelly tell you, texting while driving, very dangerous. there is even a study saying 98% all of us on the road, we know this, and we know the risks, but that doesn't stop a disturbing number of people from doing it anyway. just how many people are texting behind the wheel. >> i don't know if i want to know that. >> right. >> i have 180 cameras though and we will be looking for you
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today, so zoom on in, take your picture. >> yes, good day everyone, it is win, november 5th, 2014. this is my favorite part of the day, we all get together. >> like i get a chance it come to the big boy table. >> this is the family. >> so, we're talking about a cool-down, some rain in the forecast. >> but knott for today. the rain will hole off for tomorrow. we'll have quite a few clouds today. still, out of ten, ready, here comes, it is a nine. number nine. increasing afternoon clouds, little bit of sunshine, this morning. but, all-in-all, not a bad day, at least with temperature being above average, and bus stop buddy, he is hoping that if he has a quiz today, he'll score above average. in the meantime, waiting for the bus, if you had the day off yesterday, welcome back to reality. we have temperatures, mostly in the 50's, out there, look, 55 degrees, in philadelphia, with a 10-mile per hour breeze. 6:34, your sunrise time, and 66 degrees, is your high temperature, with cloudy
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afternoon. and we will talk about tomorrow's rain, coming up. bob kelly, right after traffic. >> sue, good morning, everybody, 6:01, this wednesday morning. i talked about the burlington bristol bridge being opened earlier, that is back to normal, so traffic moving again. but take a look at this, kind of scrolling through my cameras this morning, nice cool shot of that bridge, along route one, for the gang down in delaware. so, checking out all of the roads, all of the traffic cameras this morning, all of the bridges are in good shape. if you are watching us, down the shore, lbi, watch for an accident along route nine, just off of route 72. and then, for the gang on the pennsylvania turnpike, we're going to begin right here, the king of prussia mall, and we're going to head west out toward downingtown, and morgantown, and some pocket of volume along the way, even pocket coming the opposite way, inbound, eastbound, in toward king every prussia as folks wake up and head out the front door. repaving project on the boulevard starting to see some delays between broad street and tyson in northeast philadelphia. speedometer readings up and down the jersey majors are in
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good shape. and mass transit running with no delays. chris, kerrey, back over to you. >> mr. kill, thank you, sir. at 6:03, police and federal investigators are following new leads in the search for a woman abducted in germantown. >> they now say that someone used the woman's bank card in another state, and all of this was caught on surveillance video. fox 29's steve keeley live at police headquarters this morning, steve? >> reporter: 6:03 a.m. now, wednesday morning, the pictures you're being to see taken 6:01 a.m. monday morning, he can actually two days ago. as they analyze this gas station convenience store surveillance man using the bank credit card for drinks, smacks, left electronic trail of evidence and led the fbi to aberdeen maryland 74 miles south of philly, an hour 20 drive, down 95. putting them at the gas station, and moments before this, at a pnc bank atm machine right across the parking lot making a cash withdraw, nine hours after carlesha was kidnapped in philly.
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so hour and half drive about. what is going on during that gap in time from her kidnapping, to this first evidence that we have of a kidnapper, using her cards? not put out so far by police, or the fbi, any outside that gas station video, where there are even more surveillance cameras that would likely show what car the guy came in, and maybe, who else is in the car. like a second man, man -- maybe, holding carlesha hostage. likely still with them at this point at the pnc bank machine, why? because these guys would need her pin number to use her card at the bank machine works likely still want her around and nearby in case she didn't give them the correct number, continuing, maybe, to fight them off, as she tried to fight them off from the start. and if so, if she is still in a car, while he is in the bank, who would be holding her down in the car? so a second accomplice is suspected, and maybe, second car, too, at this point, since if that first car has the windows kicked out, in
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the only would it look suspicious driving down 95, on a coal night with the windows all down, but also, would allow people to see inside and hear any scream for help out those open two shattered windows. chris, kerry? >> so many questions still steve, thank you. 6:05, two veteran attorneys reportedly taking on the defense for eric frein. pike county public defenders' office appointed two attorneys to frein, that includes one attorney with a extensive background in death penalty cases. meanwhile, we are learning how frein avoided capture for 48 days. court document show that he hid from police, using laptop, and opened wireless internet accounts he found while on the run. frein was captured last thursday, accused of killing one pennsylvania trooper and injuring another during a ambush in september. this is not just about the honor of getting vote. it is about the necessity for doing things for pennsylvania.
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right? >> voters in pennsylvania pick a new governor. >> democrat tom wolf ousting incumbent tom corbett in a historic defeat in the midterm elections. >> fox 29's lauren johnson live in spring garden with more on. >> this hi, lauren. >> good morning to you, chris. one and done for tom corbett, now out, tom wolf is in, many say that it is because of his focus on education, we're here outside the school board offices, and voters, here, in philadelphia, voted heavy for wolf. wolf will take office in january, start trying to make good on his promises a a fresh start. voters will be paying close attention to what he does in the wormed of education. wolf was always tough encore bet for cuts to the state education spending, he has different plans, he outlined his ideas in detail, and his campaign, saying he plans to restore corbett's 1 billion in cut, implement a fair funding formula for all schools, and introduce reforms to help school district and student performance. little background on wolf. the six a year old is new to the political scene. he's not new to running the show. he was at the helm of his
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family's york county, building supply company, for nearly three decades. he also served state revenue secretary for 18 months, so it is safe to say, he has plenty of experience for running the show, and putting money where it needs to go. so we'll see if that happens with the education reform that he has planned here, for the state. chris, kerry? >> hottest teachers hoping for that. all right, thank you, lauren? in new jersey now, across the river, senator cory booker won his re-election bid. >> the democrat defeated republican challenger jeff bell, earning a six-year term in the senate this time. you will remember booker took office a year ago, on special election following the death of senator frank lautenberg. prior to his run for senate, the 45 year old served as the mayor of newark for seven years. democratic state senator, donald norcross, in new jersey, is the newest congressman. norcross won a seat in the first congressional district. he beat republican opponent and former eagles linebacker gary cobb. >> and in delaware, democrat chris coons retained his seat in the senate.
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>> defeated republican challenger kevin wade, democrat won his first term in 2010, defeating tea party candidate christine owe done. >> i for all of your will he shock night results, head to the website all right, the sister of accused boston bomber admits she hampered police's effort to find her brother. why she says she had to do it. >> and, sometimes crime doesn't go according to plan. this guy learned that the hard way. wait until you see what happens
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>> i love my son more than anyone of you could even imagine. and i'm looking forward to -- >> all right, minnesota viking, adrienne peterson, make that statement after leaving court yesterday. he'll get no jail time for his child abuse case. >> so, texas judge accepted a plea deal. that will mean probation for that athlete. peterson also has to complete parenting classes, community service, and pay, a $4,000 fine, grand jury indicted peterson for using a switch to spanning his four year old son, the boy was left with several visible marks, on his legs, back, even his privates. peterson has said before, was only trying to discipline his son. >> i truly, you know, regret this incident, and i stand here, and i take full responsibility for my actions.
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>> the vikings put peterson on paid leave while the case was work out in the courts. nfl spokesperson says the court case will be reviewed before a decision will be made about his playing status. >> i know he'll be back on the field after this slap on the wrist. >> of course. >> fiftieth anniversary, phillie style, celebrating the creation of cheese wiz. with or without. how you can score a cheese steak for five bucks, this morning. >> bob kelly, good morning, sir, what do you say to cheese steaks, my man? >> i say geno's consideration we get a news van maybe to head down there? >> i'll buy you fly. good morning, everybody, wednesday, 612:67:89 you ready? let's have some fun with one of our maps. ready, set, go. we'll go for a little ride on the 42 freeway, as it is headed in toward philadelphia. okay, duck! under that 295 overpass, so far so good here on the freeway, coming in toward philly. we'll check the bridges, and sue has the
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>> one thing to do, early in the morning, don't know if you can see this, fishing. right off the atlantic city coast, see the light of little boat, well, little because it is out on the horizon, i'm shower it is a decent size both. but how pretty that sunrise will be, official sunrise time 6:44, but looking good to get you started. now, as far as we're concerned, we're watching some rain that's to our northwest, around williamsport, little bit around the state capitol. still expecting that to dissipate, before it makes it way here. so, today's not your umbrella day. tomorrow is. at lows that's the way it is looking. so we'll keep an eye on this radar with you all morning long. a lot of cloud cover, though,
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over philadelphia, and that is part of the reason why, things stay kind of mild overnight, quick look at the future cast shows when the rain really is expected to crank up and get in here. and that's not until about 11:00 tonight. and then it is on and off, throughout the day, on thursday, there you see, the rain moving in around midnight, 7:00 a.m., raining pretty hard in our area, we make get break around lunchtime, then comes on back, for the evening rush hour, around 9:00, 10:00 at night, still seeing pockets of heavy rain even into the very early morning hours of friday. but i think most of friday is going to be a dry day for us, and it won't be as mild as it is right now. it is 51 degrees, bethlehem, and late, 45 allentown, 55 degrees here in the city and as you check south jersey it is 56 degrees, in cape may. expecting high later on of 66, and it would be higher or could be so cloudy today, 60 degrees tomorrow, with the rain, on and off throughout the day, probably get inch or so of rain, then the winds pick up for friday, chilly
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casino of blustery day, and over the weekend, temperatures will stay in the 50's, and it looks like it will be dry, for most of our events, even on sunday, when we have our walk to end altzheimer's in the morning, and in the evening, it is the light the night walk to benefit the leukemia and lymphoma society. so lots going on this weekend, i think it will be okay, you just got to bunts p up -- bundle up, bob kelly. >> part the clouds there and make sure everything works out a-okay for sunday. 6:17, this wednesday morning, waking up, looking live, hello malvern. live look at route 202 near 29. they got the three lanes all set up for you here from chesterbrook, all the way down to 41, so that lightens up the volume little bit specially for the gang headed northbound this morning up toward king of prussia burke we do have an accident in conshohocken, on the blue route, 476 northbound, just north of the schuylkill expressway. right by the mid-county interchange. hello port richmond. richmond, allegheny, an
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accident right there in the neighborhood. south on 95, starting to see delays from girard avenue, in to center city. you can see the censors picking up the delays instantly when they change the yellow, the speeds drop down to about 40 miles an hour. all of the bridges, talcony palmyra, set for opening in about ten minute, otherwise good shape on mass transit. chris, kerrey, back over to you. >> 6:18 right now. moving to today's national headlines, gunfire, erupts outside after mosque in southern california. police say several shots struck the islamic society in a nearby vehicle. this was yesterday morning. no one was hurt. authorities are now investigating this incident as a possible hate crime. council on islamic american relaying cents has also issued a statement calling for a federal investigation. a sister boston marathon bombing suspect, dzhokhar, pleaded guilty to misleading police during a counterfeiting investigation. twenty-four year old alina entered the plea in boston yesterday.
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prosecutors say that she pick up a group of people from an apple bee's restaurant after somebody paid with a counterfeit bill. when she was questioned, she said that she didn't know the names of the people in her car. she also told police that she didn't want to be a snitch. her attorney says that she misled police in order to protect a female friend who didn't know about the fake cash. >> world headlines now, while kurdish fighters are battling isis, other curds are helping the extremists. officials say activist also playing a major role in this conflict by sharing their knowledge of the area and their knowledge of the language with extremists. but it is not clear how many kurds are aiding the estimated 3,000 isis millitant. meantime, russian member of the taliban appeared in a federal court in virginia yesterday on terrorism charges. eric faces dozens of charges, including, conspiring to murder an us national. this guy's been among a small group of prisoners held by the us near an air base in
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afghanistan. >> federal police in mexico have arrested former mayor and his wife. accused of ordering an attack that killed at least six people, 43 college student still missing, don't know whether they are alive or dead. officials say the couple's arrest could shed light on these disappearance cents, 56 people have been arrested in this case so far. and the town's police chief is also being looked at. the ebola outbreak in west africa is preventing people suffering from other deadly diseases, from getting treatment. expert say, illnesses like malaria, pneumonia, are going untreated because the outbreak is monopolizing resources. people can't find open clinics, or they're too afraid to go to one. the world health organization is calling this the emergency within the emergency. >> so my daughter seven now, she pick up the guitar that my son has in the other room, started seeing it, my wife and i thought we should probably get her guitar lessons. they're not cheap. >> , no no. >> so mike jerrick? >> nothing is cheap. >> nothing cheap when it comes to raising kids.
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>> four kids between the of two you, raising a child is stressful enough, but new study says parent feel more stressed out than ever before in 2014. it cost more to raise kids of course every year. this year, going to cost you $13,000 per year. >> can i mention, that doesn't even include if you have to pay for childcare. >> no. >> or day care. >> no, no, no. >> no, this is just like food, clothing, shelter, doctors bills. >> specially in that first year. >> yes. >> you want the kids to look good, fancy clothes, diapers, and on top of that, mother say, they're feeling the pressure to look good themselves because of social media. the impact of facebook and twitter and instagram have on new moms these days, why you shouldn't give into the pressure of looking like some cookie cutter celebrity mom. okay? >> speaking of looking good -- >> i don't think there is any fear of that. >> your hair is beautiful, kerrey. >> oh, thank you. >> see in you 40 minutes.
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>> boom. do you text behind the wheel? oh, you probably know it is dangerous, but the risks still don't stop people from doing just that. the disturbing number of drivers ticking behind the wheel, you need to see this, before you head out the door today.
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flyers were out shot, but steve mason played his best game. going to the wells fargo center, jake voracek, he was on fire, two goals last night, a second to give the flyers a two-nothing lead. and it was steve mason. he was incredible. thirty-four saves, against 35 shots, he wins his first game and the flyers win it four to
6:26 am
one. >> comfort zone, you know, i was able to pull in real solid week of practice, you know, really just feel good about my game. you know, with frazier playing the way that did he, gave me that opportunity, and, you know, our ' finally -- >> and reunion in villanova last night. to the pavilion, 1985 national championship, brought his northwood team, players from the eight a team were there, it was a great night for rollie and villanova. that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> morning, everybody, breaking news just in, skyfox live over the scene in northeast philadelphia. this one-car roll-over, as you can see, getting rolled back over here, with the tow truck. this is a live look, bustleton avenue right near winchester in the great northeast, one person, the driver of the vehicle, taken to a local hospital. we'll get the rest of the details, check the rest of the roads, and a check on the forecast, that and more, when we come right
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>> are police finally closing in on the man who dragged a woman into his car and drove off? police following from germantown to maryland. >> we need to re-establish education as a priority.
6:30 am
this is founded on broad base citizenship, very early on -- >> but what's that specifically mean for philadelphia schools? what a new governor and the next four years, could mean for the kids of philly. >> ♪ >> that's kerrey barrett every morning, and that's me. >> , no you're way funnier than that dude. what's he doing? >> i don't know. >> all the crazy stuff we anchor do during the commercial breaks. what this co-anchor did, though, when he tried to -- >> i would dance with you. >> why don't we ever get on those videos? garbage. >> glad we're not. let's go to sue serio with your weather. >> careful what you wish for! we have a look at our pal bus stop buddy. he's behaving himself. he's at the bus stop.
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no umbrella but there are a lot of clouds out, there most of the temperatures are until the 50's, and we're going to just go with the nine out of ten today. even though we will see quite a few clouds, temperatures will be as much as 10 degrees milder than average, now, you see little rainout toward harrisburg, so, dissipating before it get here, that's what we're thinking, and there is a little bit of sunshine, 66 degrees your high today there is will be the last mild i shall kind of day that will be above average, with temperature, even with the mostly cloudy skies, tonight, we're down it about 50 in the sit, and around 11:00 midnight when we expect the rain to begin we'll tell you how long it lasts in the your seven day forecast. what's happening in the northeast? >> good morning, 6:32, updating breaking news out of northeast philadelphia, skyfox up early. a live look at bustleton
6:32 am
avenue right near winchester in the penny park section of northeast philadelphia. just one car roll-over. looks like the pick-up truck also got wacked, as well. now, there is a driver taken to torresdale area health hospital there in northeast philly. not sure the extent of his injuries. but let's go to the maps. it is bustleton avenue that's blocked right now, right at winchester avenue, rid there in the heart of pennypack park, in northeast philadelphia, here we go, jam cam, west on the schuylkill expressway, heavy from the boulevard out toward city, as rush hour starts to unfold here. on this wednesday morning, roads are dry, right now, we take it while we can get it. not going to be this way thomas sue mentioned. new rodgers road at state road. if you are headed for the bridges, make sure it is not the talcony palmyra. on stand by right now, for an opening, your best bet, flip a mile south and use the betsy ross bridge. it will cost you an extra two bucks, but you don't have to sit in that delay between northeast philly and palmyra, new jersey. otherwise the jersey roadways,
6:33 am
starting to to see a delay in maple shade. over to you. >> 6:32. police in two states are searching for the philadelphia woman who was taken during violent kidnap in germantown. >> also released new video after man they believe is connected to this case. let's turn to fox 29's steve keeley live at police headquarters with much more on the search. steve, good morning. >> here we are in day three. we see daylight over police headquarters here in philadelphia, unfortunately, no new light on carl each's kidnapping since dollars kidnapping two days ago. >> this time yesterday the original seed mort end i of the $10,000 reward fun began it growth spurt with 15,000 from the police union, then 25,000 added by the f.b.i. who joined the case, the philadelphia federal credit unit add in the along with citizens crime commission to make the reward total $47,000, as we are 57 hours since the original kidnapping. two and a half days later, and
6:34 am
48 hours, since the biggest clues to solving it, were put out. coincidentally, from convenience store and bank atm boot, where carlesha's family told thus time yesterday she was seen by friends and other people that she new sunday during the day using her pncatm machine. they suspected that was the reason she was targeted. >> first 48 is always very important whenever something like this occurs. >> detective say it is that olds saying that starts off with: if it walks like a duck, and in this case, they really mean walks like a duck. since family does not recognize the face of the man seen here on the maryland store surveillance from monday morning they put out, they hope if no one knows the face, they may know the feet that walk, toes out like a duck, feet pointed out at the shell station store monday morning, and then, in the other nearly released video at the start of the kidnapping sunday night,
6:35 am
as he approaches here on green street. they are also hoping to match fingerprint to face. >> not like just somebody grabbing something off the street. like he knew what he was doing, like he was targeting her like he was the target. just don't look regular, but i have no idea who it is. >> notice he is not wearing gloves in the surveillance shots, at either the maryland pnc bank atm booth or at the store. fbi day later still dusted fingerprint at the cooler handle he opens. partial print, palm print on the cooler, the bank doors, may match. lead to on file mugshot, and match a name to the face, the fingerprints, and finger, the kidnapper, and may finally lead to carlesha. so her big family who first told "fox 29 news" yesterday on good day philadelphia and over the phone to me that they suspect carlesha was kidnapped for that pnc bank atm card does not recognize the guy. while police firmly believe this was random kidnapping at
6:36 am
first, and the family you heard on good day complaining that the police had not contacted them, the only contact they had to up that point this time yesterday was when they called her cell phone looking for her when she wasn't around, and a detective answered the phone because she had dropped it during her fight with the kidnapper, after we tweeted that information out, the police then did contact the family and got that information. so hopefully, chris, kerrey, they're now tracking down everybody who was at that party for her god son on sunday, because that's where the family thinks this all began, somebody new that she was there paying for all of that stuff, the pizak the refreshment, the food, she even went to the bank machine for more money second time during sunday, and they hope that somebody at that party knows something and may actually recognize this guy in the surveillance and come forward. >> just strange they wouldn't have got answer jump on that, several days after she was abducted, they finally start -- i mean, probably stuff going on here that we're not aware of right now shall but just seems a little after the fact. >> fbi very much involved, as well. let's get to. >> this police looking for
6:37 am
right now a killer who gunned down a man in the middle of a busy juniata street. police say a 39 year old man was shot at least seven times, in his mini-van yesterday afternoon, high street, then crashed into several cars, victim's identity not yet released. police will not say much more about the case, what they will tell us, however, is that they know who the shooter is, that they're looking for. so hopefully have much more information on this, later today. >> few minute ago, i called tom wolf. i thank him for a well thought fight. i congratulations him on his victory, and i wished him well, in the next four years. >> that was, well, former pennsylvania governor, i guess, tom corbett concede to go historic defeat by democrat tomorrow wolf. >> wolf easily ousted corbett making republican first
6:38 am
incumbent to lose in nearly four decades. lauren johnson live in spring garden with more on. >> this lauren, good morning. >> good morning, chris. tail of the two tom's, one tom out, another one in. now the focus is on education, because that's what voters overwhelmingly said was the important issue that tom wolf brought to light. many say it was his priority that helped him win this race. wolf will take office in january, and start trying to make good on his promise after fresh start, voters will be paying close attention to what he does in the world of education, wolf was always tough encore bet during the campaign for his cuts to state education spending, he had different plans, he says, he outlined his ideas in detail in his campaign saying he plans to restore corbett's $1 billion in cut to implement a fair funding formula for all schools across the board, and introduce reforms to help school district with student performance. both men spoke after the votes came pouring in last night. >> i said i may be a one time governor. and i am.
6:39 am
but i'm proud of what we did, what we all did. >> i am extremely proud whatever we together were able to accomplish, and forever changed personally to all the wonderful people that you have the opportunity to meet across the commonwealth of pennsylvanian around the country. >> he had was the key to strong citizenship, to strong democracy, to strong economy, to strong families, and we needed to invest in that. >> here in pennsylvania, make sure that he had something at the top of the list, not the bottom. >> different ideas how we deliver on the prom us. >> hoe is tom wolf, the five year old new to the political scene, not new to running the show. he was at the helm of his family york county building supply company for nearly three decades.
6:40 am
he also served as state revenue secretary, for 18 months, so we'll have to wait and see, chris, kerrey, what happens in january when he becomes the state's new chief executive officer. >> a lot of questions, thank you. meanwhile, new jersey senator cory booker won his re-election bid. >> jeff bell earning six year term in the senatement booker took office, in a special election following the death of seven for frank lautenberg. forty-five year old served as the mayor of newark for seven years. democratic state senator donald norcross is new jersey's newest congressman, norcross won a seat in the first congressional district. he beat former eagles linebacker gary cobb. >> chris coons retains his seat in the senate. >> that's because coons defeated kevin wade, the democrat won his first term in 2010 defeating tea part candidate christine o'donnell. >> philadelphia of course is known for cheese steaks, right? today south philly, is
6:41 am
celebrating it anniversary of an essential cheese steak ingredient. >> what do you think it is? radio station wogl is partnering with geno's to celebrate the 50th anniversary of cheese wiz. this morning, from 5:30 to 9:00 what's steaks are only five bucks and the first 50 people in line will also get a free soda. head on down. >> talk about true pay tree the. why news crews were following this world war ii veteran to the voting booth. >> and hard hitting journalist, yes, well, he's probably better at hitting the dance floor. how his co-anchor reacted when he tried to get her in on the act. >> sue, good morning. >> good morning. we do have some rain on the way, but it is not today, you won't have to worry about it until tomorrow. but we've got all of the details and when it arrives, how much we'll get. when it ends, all coming up. >> having fun with this hashtag, cowboys tweeted
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something about the upcoming game in london with cowboys uk. all all lower cases, cowboys stuck. what do you think it should be? they play london this coming weekend, use the #fox29goodday. we will put some of your wearable tweets in fact on our air this m
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>> marty the dog now a member of the avalanch search and
6:45 am
reps cue team, at snow birds resort, the german shepherd is in the early training process, but, this winter, he is set to become a fully certified avalanch dog. that starts with months of obedience training, and lots of games of hide and go seek. >> indeed. big problem with the avalanch. every year they have a few massive ones, because there is so much skiing in the back country not necessarily on groomed slope. and the big problem out there in the wintertime. >> don't do that. stay on the nice groomed designated -- >> skier, they like that back country stuff, with the canyons, the big drops, all of that good stuff. anyway, hi, sue. >> look at our pretty sunrise. isn't that nice? >> prep. >> i the prettiest sunrise the ones with some clouds in them, at least in my opinion, but, yes, looking good, over the city, with a little bit of sunshine, that might be all we see today. we've got a lot of clouds on the way. so that's what's going on, here is some of your weather
6:46 am
headlines, as we continue to look at the pretty sunrise. mid to upper 60s, later on in the day, so enjoy the sunshine, tomorrow, rain, some heavy downpours, damp, dreary, about inch or so of precipitation, when all is said and done. skies will clear on friday, by the afternoon, it will be windy, and much much chillier. get ready for the chilly changes as we look at satellite and radar picture, there is a little bit of very light rain around, harrisburg, we still expect that to dissipate and not make its way here today. cold front set to come through the. rain around the low pressure system will be with us all day tomorrow on and off. so our last mild i shall day for awhile, look at the temperatures, pretty comfortable, for early november, this time of the morning. 55 degrees, in philadelphia, mount pocono, also, 55. 5,850th in wilmington, and 54 degrees in wildwood. it is a 66 degrees high temperature for today, so we will take a walk on the mild
6:47 am
side. and then tonight, down to 50, what time the rain begins? i would say about 11:00 around midnight, when it starts, and it won't ends until thursday is in the history books. so that's a look at your weather authority forecast, let's get to the roads with bob kelly. >> hey, sue, morning, everybody, 6:47. learn the linc owe. ready? this is what we call a jammo. one, two, three, jammo. right here, talcony palmyra bridge open in the background, we're jammo from kerbeck, get a chance to look at nice maybe new car as you sit in traffic here. but we're back up on both sides. >> blocked at winchester with one vehicle crash. also up in bristol, veterans highway at state road, police on the scene after crash. otherwise, mass transit, new jersey transit, patco, even
6:48 am
the dart bus system down in delaware, off to good start this morning, big jam right here, south on 95, put about a half hour on the clock from woodhaven into center city, chris, kerrey, over to you. >> though doubt a lot of theme that jammo are just sitting their texting right now. we all know the dangers of it, though. but, does it stop people from doing it? in a survey, 98% of drivers admitted to knowing the dangers of texting, while behind the wheel. yet three quarters in that group say they still text and drive. text ers say they did it because they feared missing something important, or is it just a habit, and some say texting does not affect their driving performance survey came from at&t. >> the have you ever been so mad, you just want to kick something? this man from santa ana, done more than just made a fool,
6:49 am
damage add condominium complex. they're trying to track him down. >> looks like we have hot new celebrity couple on our hands. >> that's right. >> miley cyrus reportedly dating famous actor's son. >> the singer was spotted with arnold schwartzenegger's 21 year old son, patrick. >> this was on halloween. a source tells entertainment tonight that the two are definitely an item. but, not everybody's happy about it. the relationship about the relationship, period. let's start the new sentence. the source says that patrick's family wore i had that milely get him hook on hollywood scene, maybe even try to talk him out of dating her. not the first time they've been linked. he said miley was his celebrity crush. >> beyonce is holiday release, due out later this month, box set will include herself title albumn along with new music, dvd, from her world tour, and
6:50 am
17 music videos, and she needs the money. no, not really. fosh magazines has named beyonce the highest earning woman. from june to june, $115 million in that 12 month periods, in you ahead of taylor swift, who came in second with poultry 64 million. >> i would be out. i'm done. 115? retired, good-bye, see ya later, never hear another word from me. >> unbelievable. >> many people are wish that would happen. one anchor becoming a hit on line with his antics during the commercial breaks. >> to the possible annoyance of his co-anchor, he shows us all how to pass the time while having a little fun. >> ♪ ♪
6:51 am
>> come on, dance a little bit. >> i can't dance on camera. >> she sounds like she ' a lot of fun. >> i can't dance on camera. >> oh, thank goodness. >> mike, he should be looking ahead to the next segment, so he's end formed what to say next. >> she should lighten up. >> that's exactly what i do in commercial breaks, helping craft the next segment. >> seriously, do you. >> seriously, i would never do -- well, okay. that's the look alex gives me during the commercial breaks. at one point playing with her hat, hey, remember the kid, this kid right here? >> ya. >> alex from target? we all got suckered. ya, this picture sparked his own hashtag the kid got millions of twitter followers.
6:52 am
all a hoax. it was all a hoax. it may have been a carefully crafted marketing employ that duped us all. we'll talk about the planning that went into what appeared to be a totally organic internet sensation, it could be the future of advertising. by the way, target, the store target, had nothing to do with it. okay, here's something else a guy who fought for our freedom and defended our right to vote. why he had news crews following him to the polls. pretty cool
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> 6:55, the time, and america's oldest worlds war two veteran, didn't miss his chance it get out and vote yesterday in texas. this is richard overton. god bless them. 108 years old, yesterday he went to the austin public library to cast his ballot. while he won't say who he voted for, says nonetheless, it is important to head to the polls and exercise that right. what a true pay tree the. good for him. getting around at 108. just like that. that said, veterans day, is next week. and to honor our military men and women, baskin robbins serving up new ice cream flavor, called, first class camouflage. now, a combination of chocolate, carmel, and vanilla
6:56 am
cake. or yost pieces, carmel pray lean topping and hot fudge. you know when you're an adult you can have that for breakfast. they will be sold throughout the month of november. and we're following this story for you all morning long. >> woman abducted off the street of philadelphia. we'll speak to her mother live next on good day philadelphia. and every parent knows the stress of raising a child, but, apparently the pressure is getting worse. how social media's now playing a role, on how parent think they need it actment all coming
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
where is she, and who is in that hoodie? more clues in the search for a woman dragged off the street of philadelphia. police say her atm card was used in maryland, the state where she used to live. her mother is in the studio with us, right now. >> and this. >> let's make this the time. let's make this the place, pennsylvania, let's us be the people to actually create this bright future we deserve. let's make this the time, let's get started, thank you very much. >> the tom-tom club. voters cry wolf at the pole, tom wolf, promise to go make education a priority in he'd action, what it could mean for our philly schools.
7:00 am
and, child, you are expensive. are you thinking about having a baby, or another baby? how much it cost to raise a wild per year. there is new number out there. al next. >> well, mike, have the cowboys finally caught up with what e-a-g-l-e-s eagles fans have been saying per year? take a look mine me. there it is it, says cowboys suck. >> move your head. >> they said it themselves. sorry. >> there you go. now you can see it. their trip to london this week, so we want you to help dallas get their own message out. most creative way you can use cowboys new hashtag. please include fox 29 goodday in the tweet. get it on tv. >> how about them cowboys? >> themselves they say they


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