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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 5, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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live at northwest detectives tonight with new developments. jennifer? >> reporter: well, iain, despite that new video law enforcement sources are telling fox 29 at this point they have not gotten that facial recognition to work. they are still trying. they tell us they are concerned because every minute counts and they want this woman found. >> we're hoping that she's with him. obviously we're concerned. >> reporter: search for 22 year old carlesha freeland gaither continues nearly 72 hours after she was aggressively abducted from her germantown neighborhood. since sunday, police have tracked her possible abductor to aberdeen, maryland, where a man used the victim's atm card at pnc bank and shopped at a nearby gas station convenience store. police are pursuing several leads and say time is not on their side. >> every minute counts, i mean, we got to find her and find her quickly. >> reporter: last night we showed you this video of the victim talking with the on a corner before he grabbed her and
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dragged her down the 100 block of colder street after 9:30 sunday night. the woman's cell phone and glasses were later found at the scene. >> psychological trauma if nothing else. she'd be under going after all this time. >> reporter: fbi released this video earlier today. it shows the person of interest walking through a philadelphia grocery store hours before the abduction. police want you to pay attention to his gate. he walks with his feet turned out. investigators think people must know who this man is and they want you to give them a call. >> someone can recognize this guy. i mean, we've got enough video out there now, where if you know him, you could pretty much say oh, that's so and so. and we need that phone call. >> reporter: and police say carlesha s safe return is dependent upon the public's help. if you have any information give police a call. there is a reward of $47,000 in this case. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, jennifer. while that interstate manhunt and the disappearance of free land gaither goes on billboards
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are going up asking for your help. now we solved this one near the ben franklin bridge in camden. so if you know anything, that might help find the woman abducted from germantown last weekend, call police. >> montgomery county jury reaches a verdict in the civil trial of a former penn professor who beat his wife to death. the jury raphael rob's only daughter gave him more than $124 million largest settlement in pennsylvania history. rob pleaded -- plead guilty back in 2007 to killing his wifely len. the murder happened in december of 2006 inside their king of prussia home. cops say he tried to make it look like an intruder broke in. rob is currently spending five to 10 years in prison. >> not your typical traffic problem. food trucks breaks away from a truck blocking traffic in old city. it happened just after 5:00 this afternoon at fourth and market streets. traffic had to slowly maneuver around the cart. it was a mess for while but it is all clear now. changes are moving in in your fox 29 weather authority.
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you can already see it on ultimate doppler radar. rain is moving in and once it does get here it will stick around for a little while. chief meteorologist scott williams is here with look what we can expect. >> that's right, iain. the cloud cover is here and once that rain arrives, it's going to be a damp and dreary down right soggy thursday across our area. ultimate doppler pretty dry maybe a couple of sprinkles in south jersey. but most of the rainfall is still off to the west in kentucky as well as tennessee. but it's headed in our direction and it will bring up to an inch of rain. so if you're stepping outdoors, cloudy, pretty mild. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s. those showers arriving overnig overnight. so here's the clock at 10:00 p.m. still dry but watch happens what happens around midnight we're watching that rainfall arrive. and then thursday morning for the early morning commute at 4:00 a.m. when you're watching sue it's likely going to be wet. during good day as well. keeping the clouds and showers. we'll talk about when that rainfall moves out and also the big temperature changes moving in behind it. iain and lucy coming up. >> talk to you soon, scott.
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developments to night in a wild shoot out in delaware county. collingdale police say the gunfire started flying at officers as they tried to serve a warrant today. and tonight the a* father and son are behind bars. fox 29's dawn tim money knee is life in collingdale. dawn, a scary morning for those officers. >> reporter: extremely frightening lucy and very volatile but collingdale police and per dash bow swat team members were suited up in full swat gear when they arrived on the scene and it's a good thing they were because their suspect almost immediately started firing through his front door. police say 24 year old lamar james seen here without a shirt after his arrest engaged in a shootout with police and swat team members as they tried to execute a search warn at his home on the 100 block of lafayette avenue early this morning. >> to come out with a weapon and start firing -- firing upon police officers is not going to be tolerated. >> reporter: james was wanted for a philadelphia shooting last month. police say he shot a 23 year old man repeatedly as retaliation
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for a home invasion back on october 1st where four masked gunmen stormed james' house. >> the kid who lives here actually lives in this house it was home invaded went in the city and shot somebody in philadelphia as a result of that home inn vague. it was a pack bay. >> reporter: southwest detectives quickly traced that shooting to james. today he proved he was not going to be taken into custody without a fight. police say his father, tony gale who was also arrested, locked the front door and alerted his son that police and swat gear were on their doorsteps. >> lamar james was apparently upstairs, ran down the steps with a revolver in his hand and fired four shots at the officers on that front porch. >> reporter: officers returned fire. no one in the home was hurt. sky fox over the scene as detectives searched for clues. thankful this shootout did not have bloody ending. >> and this is one example of how dangerous their job is but for the grace of god today we
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would have lost two officers. >> reporter: and those two officers district attorney is referring to were hit in that gun battle but fortunately they only suffered minor injuries. james is facing a slew of charges including nine counts of attempted homicide of a police officer for each of those nine officers involved today. he's being held on a million dollars cash bail. his father is being held on $50,000 bail for an abduction of justice charge. now the mother, the wife, was also taken into custody. but she was not charged. she was later released. live in collingdale, dawn timmeney, fox 29. luce glee the fate of walter palmer elementary school is on the line. school district officials questioned the leaders of palmer about their finances and enroll many practices. diss track officials are considering whether to revoke the school's charter. palmer charter high school closed last month. younger students had to win a lottery to stay in the school and part of palmer's issues have
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been over enrollment by hundreds of students. some parents showed up today to have their say. >> i mean it's ridiculous much it's ridiculous and i'm upset. i'm upset because every day my daughter comes home and tells me something else that's going on in the school, mom, she's been through four teachers so far. >> recommendation on revoking the charter should come early next year. you decide 2014 and pennsylvania voters make history. for the first time in modern times they reject an up come bant governor running for a second term much businessman tom wolf exiting that trademark jeep this morning to meet and greet folks near his home in york counsel too. wolf a democrat beat the incumbent republican tom corbett in a race he led from start to finish. our bruce gordon has crunched the numbers and wolf's 10-point win over corbett. >> and explains how the challenger won and where. >> reporter: tom wolf seemed to send a message with topic a of his victory speech tuesday night but an educated work force
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makes job creation easier and education well funded schools. >> we need to make sure that we resurrect that idea here in pennsylvania and make sure that education is at the top of the list, not the bottom. >> reporter: seemed not so veiled reference to the biggest theme of the wolf campaign. at least on philadelphia area tv sets. >> tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. >> reporter: fact checker said wolf's claim that corbett had destroyed schools by slashing funding wasn't completely fair. because prior school funding levels had been artificially inflated by temporary federal stimulus dollars. still those wolf ads were supplemented by almost weekly school funding protests aimed at corbett. so what happened on election day? well, tom wolf won only about a third of pennsylvania's 67 counties but he won the state by a margin of about 338,000 votes. and every bit of that margin and then some came from philadelphia and its collar counties. the city where schools are in crisis and the suburbs that are
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part of the same media market and who by the way face their own school funding challenges. for his part governor corbett seemed bit as referenced the issue that was his undoing during a tuesday night concession speech. >> contrary to a lot of what you heard over the last year, we increased spending in education to over a billion dollars. (applause). >> more than any time in our history. >> reporter: of course making promises as candidate is the easy part. keeping those promises as governor, that's the tough part. to keep this promise, tom wolf will have to find or generate a big pile of cash while working with a republican controlled state legislature. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> thank you, bruce. pennsylvania's governors race went to a democrat as you know. republicans across country won big time. seats in the senate taking full control of congress. president held a long news conference this afternoon
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talking about what happened and says voters have sent him a clear message. something we also heard president clinton say when democrats lost control back in the '90's. the president also reached out today to those who decided not to vote. >> to the two-thirds of voter who's chose not to participate in the process yesterday, i hear you, too. all of us have to give more americans a reason to feel like the ground is stable beneath their feet, that the future is secure, that there's a path for young people to succeed and that folks here in washington are concerned about them. >> the president says he's hosting depth kratz and republicans at the white house friday and says he's confident everybody can work together. election coverage continues online at we have bundled together reaction to last night' ruts and what the winners and losers are saying today in the election 2014 section of the home page. >> tonight a look at the life on the run of accused cop killer
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eric frein. >> newly released documents revealing the surprising things he had with him during the weeks he hid from police. everything from salt and pepper to soy sauce. >> and would be robber walks into a local pizza restaurant then walks out empty handed. what a clerk said to him that him reconsidering the heist. howard? >> in case you managed it, and i can't see how you did, mark sanchez is the new eagles starting quarterback for the injured nick foles. he's not started for two years so what does he need to do? hear from sanchez cupping up in sports. >> and your phone protecting itself from thieves. that's right. a new app that can tell if your phone is stolen and lock the crook out. to night at 10:00 how yo
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♪ >> residents of two north jersey apartment buildings have lost everything. this morning a fire destroyed the buildings on rosa park boulevard in paterson. a neighbor saw those flames started knocking on doors. everyone did get out safely. no word on what started that
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fire. a popular mainline high school football coach has taken leave of absence after getting charged with dui and leaving the seen of an accident. cops say haverford football coach joseph gallagher was involved in a hit-and-run accident saturday evening at lincoln and fourth of as in prospect park. police caught up with gallagher a few blocks away. they say he had an open beer right inside his truck. he now faces charges of dui and leaving the accident. nobody was hur. >> philadelphia police need your help to identify the gunman who tried to hold up a fishtown pizza shop. it was all caught on camera. the man pulled a gun on a woman behind the counter of key pizza on east york street den manned money. she refused and he took off empty handed. if you know anything that might help catch him call philadelphia police. >> newly released search warrants detail 100 items accused cop killer eric frein used while serving in the -- surviving in the woods of blooming grove. investigators found the items stashed at the birchwood poke
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mow airport hangar where they captured him last week. ammunition guns, stuff like that. the things you won necessarily be in a survival gear kit like laundry detergent and soy sauce. how did he bite his time. he had tablet, radio, headphones, dvds. prosecutors want the death penalty charging him with opening fire on the blooming grove state police barracks in september. one trooper died died. the other serious injured. >> philadelphia city council is considering increasing the veterans hiring tax credit bump the credit from $4,000 over a two year span to $15,000 over three years. it's designed to encourage businesses to higher returning vets in the city of philadelphia. no word when council would make a final decision. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority right now. >> scott williams and lots -- >> another day in the 70s. >> it's been great today. >> i mean incredible. >> the problem is tomorrow. >> yeah. >> temperatures are going to be all over the place with the seven day forecast. 72 was the high today.
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71 yesterday. that's unheard of for november. and as we look at ultimate doppler there could be a few sprinkles in south jersey and central delaware. but a lot of that is not making it to the ground. so we still have several hours before the steady yesterday rainfall moves in. you can see off to the south and west you have to move into tennessee as well as kentucky to find some of that moderate rain so temperatures, of course, have been above average across our area. and right now we're looking at numbers low 60s atlantic city. 62 in philadelphia. we have mid 50s in pottstown. falling into the upper 40s for the pocono mountain. but rain it is on the way. so umbrella day tomorrow. likely a wet morning commute and also an evening commute. here's the front off to the west. but to the south, you can see the thicker clouds as well as that rainfall. an area of low pressure will develop and ride along that front and that will bring us some of the instead yesterday rainfall. so here's the clock. midnight you can see it starts to really close in to the west and as we zoom in a little
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closer, you can see that rainfall overspreads the area overnight. 4am tomorrow morning, we're looking at some widespread rainfall. not too heavy but certainly we will see some pocks that will get heavy at times and as we move toward 8:00 o'clock, we're still looking at that rainfall across the area. so we'll be socked in with the clouds on and off again showers really throughout the entire day tomorrow. temperatures will be in the upper 50s tomorrow. so definitely cooler than today. by tomorrow evening, some of that rainfall starts to taper off, and we're looking at a wind of change as we move toward your friday with blustery conditions and temperatures dropping. so how much rainfall? likely up to an inch of rainfall along i-95, north and west about an inch in reedition well as lancaster. lesser amounts once you move into south jersey and sections of delaware. so bottom line, it's not going to rain the entire day but we'll have a few breaks, but likely a wet evening commute and morning commute and then up to an inch
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of rainfall tomorrow. so temperatures tonight, low 50s in the city. 46 in the burbs. most of the rainfall arrives after midnight and then as we move toward tomorrow, temperatures in the upper 50s so about 10 degrees cooler than today. on and off again showers across the area. the seven day forecast, much cooler if you're head to do that temple game on friday. grab the jacket. grab a wind breaker. it will be blustery and then as we move towards saturday morning look at temperatures in the ci city. low 30s. highs only in the upper 40s. and then as sunday approaches clouds increase. there could be a few scattered showers. temperatures rebound a bit moving toward tuesday back to 60 but then look at what happens wednesday. 47 that's it for the high. the walk to end alzheimer's sunday morning temperatures in the low 50s so a little chill. and then for the afternoon and evening, another event taking place that's the night the light walk. temperatures drop into the upper fours. there could be a scattered shower around.
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>> can't wait for the light the night walk. i'm doing that one. i'm excited. alex holly will be with me. we're emceeing the event. should be fun. >> great event. >> weather is pretty good, too. i'll wear my fox 29 weather jacket i just got, little raincoat. it's cute. we care about that. >> that's good. some swag. >> who doesn't like swag? >> that's right. she's got -- scott wants us to wear a sweater. scott we all have lavender on. what happened? you go the to get with the flow here. >> talking football. eagles have to replace their middle linebacker and we'll hear from casey matthews on the message from dee me company ryans and remember the new quarterback's number it's three. hear from mark sanchez and what it's like to start for the first time in two years coming up in sports.
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♪ >> all right we have breaking news coming in right now and the news we understand is good. it's in regards to the abduction of 22 year old carlesha freeland game they are found. found alive in maryland. that is the breaking new. of course fbi and local police have been releasing video and pictures to try to find this woman. she was taken off the streets in germantown on sunday. it was forceful. media police have been getting picture and video out and found her alive in maryland. >> it's amazing. this thing grabbed national headline much it is in the often
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you actually have cameras capturing this type of horrific crime in progress. she's walking down a street germantown at nighttime. you can see she's walking toward a light and you see this guy come up to her talking to the guy he grabs her, he starts pulling her down the street. forces her into a car and she knocks out a window. >> exactly. good news she's found alive fox 29's dave schratwieser is on the phone with us. dave, can you hear me? what's the latest. >> news conference coming up at 7:00 o'clock police commissioner charles ramsay on his way up to northwest detectives as we spe speak. and it is as you said good news. apparently discovered late this afternoon in the maryland area. not being specific at this point they're still in the process of notifying family members and others about the situation. scramble all day long. they did recover some items today in maryland that they were doing actually dna testing on to see if they belonged to carlesha and that was in the process of
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being done. detectives up here at northwest detectives have been scrambling an leads all day long now comes this good news which wraps obviously 72 hours of high drama here as police try to locate her and locate the individual who took her. no word at this point on the suspect in this case who they were still trying to identify. as of my last contact with police. in fact they were trying use facial recognition technology on the surveillance video they put out earlier today and some of the surveillance video we showed you last night. so it's been a mad scramble on every level from philadelphia all wait down to virginia and right now again good news to report. she's supposedly safe and police are going to hold a news couldn't friend at 7:00 o'clock. >> we don't have much longer to talk to you, dave. very quickly, you know, they had all this video they put out pictures. was it possibly connected? >> reporter: no one is saying exactly what the details are.
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>> we lost dave. we have a news conference coming up at 7:00 o'clock. the news carlesha has been found
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horror on the bridge. >> she just threw her son off the bridge. >> the little boy thrown off a bridge by his own mother. >> how could any mother throw her son off a bridge? then, alex from target. the internet phenomenon. >> deborah: but is it all a giant hoax? and -- >> could that be me? >> election day blooper. hey, tom brokaw, it's for you. >> i will remember to bring home the milk. plus, they beat up barbie. the human barbie attacked. then, look, up in the air. the guys behind the fire in the sky. plus, she's the oldest cheerleader in nfl history.


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