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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  November 6, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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in unrelated case from his past. the fbi arrested 37 year old delvon barnes in jessup maryland last night. >> agents rescued twenty two year old calicia freeland gaither. she had been missing since sunday. >> fox 29's bruce gordon is live in baltimore, maryland, and bruce, you spoke with an agent who was there for last night's dramatic events. >> reporter: we were indeed, lucy. we did talk to him. more on that in just a moment. philadelphia police say delvon barnes was one bad dude. calling him a serial predator with a lengthy criminal history and were it not for top notch police work, that now infamous video of the abduction seen literally around the world and the public tips it generated this case might have ended very differently. very badly. carlesha freeland gaither's three-day ordeal came to an end wednesday evening when federal atf agents in jessup, maryland, surrounded the ford taurus carrying gaither and her alleged abductor, 37 year old delvon barnes. atf supervisor voice sorry agent jeff matthews was part of the
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team that took him down. >> we realized we had the right guy. we immediately affected the arrest converged to the driver's side vehicle where he was located. we removed him from the car. >> reporter: but up any kind of struggle at all. >> not necessarily. we removed him from the vehicle. placed him into handcuffs and then turned our attention to the victim in the back seat. the team asked her what's your name? i really couldn't wands she said. so we asked her where you from? she said physical. and that's -- we knew it. >> reporter: when you knew it was over. >> philadelphia police say it was barnes scene on this surveillance video violently abductioning the 22 year old gaither sunday night in the city's germantown second. video had been replaced all over the the country. seen by baltimore county prosecutor karen polar ski. >> s a prosecutor what goes through your mind when you saw the violent nature of that abduction? >> horror. horror. something like that on video he was very horrible. barnes behind bars at the baltimore county detention
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center appeared via hook up for a brief court hearing at the local courthouse in town seasoned. where he agreed to be returned to virginia to face charges in an unrelate the matter in which he's accused of abducting, raping and pouring bleach on a teenaged girl. barnes will be held without ba bail. >> i can't comment as to what's happening in virginia or in philadelphia. all i know is here in baltimore county we asked for no bail much he's exactly where he belongs. >> reporter: virginia authorities have five days to bring barnes back there to face those state charges. the charges in connection with the philadelphia abduction case would be federal charges at this hour those charges at least as far as we're aware have not been filed. when they are it could change the order in which barnes is prosecutprosecuted. statement from carlesha's family late this afternoon says she's resting uncomfortably at undisclosed locate. they're asking for thoughts and prayers and asking for some privacy. >> folks, back to you. >> thank you very much, bruce gordon live in baltimore, and our team coverage continues.
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fox 29's dawn timmeney live near the victim's home but first let's go to dave schratwieser. he just talked to police commissioner charles ramsay. dave? >> reporter: lucy, we just got away from an interview with commissioner charles ramsay and now we know this. that carlesha during her captivity was tied up with those plastic zip ties used in electrical work, she got her hands on a hammer at one point and tried to fight off her attacker and we also learned that the fbi may be filing criminal charges as early as this evening. >> this is a stranger abduction. she didn't know him. he didn't know her. and that's pretty frightening when you stop to think about it. >> reporter: those new details from philly's top cop on the violent abduction of 22 year old carlesha free daps land gaither sunday night as police piece together what happened to her after she was kidnapped off the street in germantown. ramsay says one thing is for sure, carlesha is a fighter. >> a hammer in the car. she broke the window out and hit
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him with the hammer. i mean she just fought. >> reporter: ramsay says detectives are going through evidence from the car. sources tell fox 29 barnes has given the fbi a full statement on the incident. >> that's my understanding but i'm not been privy to that statement. i do know that he acknowledged that he did not know her. >> reporter: commissioner says videos of the attack and subsequent surveillance video played a key role in taking barnes down and rescuing carlesha. he says federal kidnapping charges are eminent. >> us attorney's office will be filing charges perhaps today or tomorrow. it's everything working right this time, and it led to the -- release of this young lady and happy reunion. >> reporter: happy rhee reunion indeed. the commissioner tells us tonight police departments from philadelphia, up and down the east coast are now reviewing kidnapping cases unsolved ones. sexual assault cases and other cases to see if mr. barnes might be a potential suspect in that. if charges are filed tonight, we are told, fbi here in
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philadelphia will bring mr. barnes back here to philadelphia to face justice in federal court. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. of course this time yesterday carlesha still had not been rescued so her family overjoyed that she is safe and sound tonight. fox 29's dawn timmeney is live outside her mother's house tonight. dawn? >> reporter: iai >> words can't express how we feel right now to have her back. >> reporter: she's beyond happy her cousin carlesha is safe after being abducted from a germantown street on sunday. the frightening kidnapping all caught on tape. >> a relief. a relief. nobody in my family slept those last couple days. everybody been up not stop trying to get her back home. >> reporter: speaking outside carlesha's mother's house on north marvine street on the edge of temple's campus she says the family knew the clock was tic ticking and worried about every hour that passed and carlesha was not found.
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>> it came together for our family of the everybody was praying for her and we all know that the first 24 hours is the most crucial hours. >> reporter: 72 hours later, their prayers answered. carlesha rescued in maryland. her alleged abductor taken into custody. >> she's still shaken up. it's still hard. it's a tough time. it's a tough time for us much it's a tough time for her. >> reporter: inspector james kelly checking on carlesha's mother this afternoon says the family needs time to heal. but says the 22 year old did all the right things to stay alive. >> carlesha very resilient and tough young woman, and she -- she was smart in what she was doing. >> reporter: her cousin says carlesha knows everyone was on the look out for her. >> that's all she kept saying was thank you, thank you. >> reporter: now we did see some family members coming in and out of her mother's home today. again, no one really wants to talk except the cousin they want their privacy. they need time to process everything that's happened, and as you heard the cousin said no
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one slept in the last 72 hours. so no doubt they are getting some much needed sleep. in north philadelphia, dawn tim money knee, fox 29 news. >> all right. dawn, thank you. to watch the abduction surveillance video and the news conferences held over the past several days head to our website just look for the story on the home page. >> to your fox 29 weather authority a rainy and chilly d day. chief meteorologist scott williams is here. scott, you saw dawn has an umbrella it was wet down in maryland with bruce much what's going on? lucy right now we're still looking at showers even some thunderstorms across our area. as we look at ultimate doppler you can see some lightning showing up. several severe thunderstorm warnings right now in south jersey. cape may county cumberland county as well as atlantic county until 5:30 for that heavy rain and potential for winds gusting at times up to 60 miles per hour. so as you watch the tracker, arriving toward cape may around 5:20. close to 5:30 around ocean city. zoom in a little closer. right now you can see around cumberland county we're looking
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at some of that very heavy rainfall. it will continue moving to the east about 50 miles per hour. but look off to the west. we're still looking at some of those showers. the main upper level low is off toward the upper ohio river valley and that will continue to head in our direction overnight. so wet conditions out there. a wet evening commute so just allow a little extra travel time. the roads are slick. temperatures are in the 50s. they'll hold pretty steady in the mid to low 50s across the area we're looking at fall fog developing as well. now, as we talk about those temperatures, changes with the seven day forecast coming up and also we're looking at blustery conditions moving in behind the system. we'll detail it all taking you into the weekend and beyond with that seven day coming up. iain and lucy. >> thank you very much, scott. a ruptured gas line never a good thing. and that had emergency crews scrambling today in old city. a construction crew ruptured the gas line at fourth and race streets sparking an explosion and a fire.
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authorities evacuated two buildings. the gas company says everything is under control and nobody is injured. and all clear about to sound in dallas texas over fears of ebola outbreak. health officials expect to remove the last people on ebola watch list tomorrow. dallas is the only city in the united states where someone has died from ebola he was thomas duncan not the man you see there. he had traveled here from west africa. new york city the doctor now under going treatment for the disease is improving and in stable condition. in afghanistan u.s. troops are packing up to leave very soon and so today nato's secretary general made a surprise visit to troops there. >> secretary general stopped at a training camp for afghan special forces. he reaffirmed nato's commitment afghanistan and promises to support the troops when u.s. and nato combat troops withdrawal at the epp of the year. this is the secretary general polls first trip to see troops since becoming head of the western alliance. burlington township police are trying to stop one possibly
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two aggressive burglars they say are forcing their way into homes in at least two neighborhoods. fox 29's shawnette wilson live in the newsroom and this how is this person getting into the homes. >> reporter: iain this is a case i can tell you of people not securing their homes. burlington township police tell me that someone is actually smashing windows or sliding doors in the back of the homes. it's even happened while one person was home. this all started about three weeks ago on october 18th. most recent happened this week on tuesday. there have been a total of five. most of them happened in the evening hours at homes within a half mile of each other in one neighborhood. we're talking about spruce road, noreen drive, sycamore and hibiscus drive of the moat the most recent home hit on steeple chase boulevard across town. the family says the burglar broke into a neighbor's home on their street so they're concerned as you can imagine it could happen to anyone of them. >> definitely scary and the neighborhood that everyone is keeping an extra eye on everyo
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everyone's yard and home when they're home and when they're not. there's always somebody around keeping an eye. so we're taking extra precautions. >> somewhat of a citizens watch there. police say the burglar is getting away with jewelry and small electronics like an i-pad or i-pod. three of the five break ins has been successful. some the alarm system actually scared off the person. so coming up at 6:00 o'clock hear what happened when the burglar was breaking into one home only to find that someone was there. lucy. >> thank you very much, shawnette. still ahead on fox 29 news at 5:00 a heavy metal drummer accused of of plotting to kill two people. it's news that is rocking fans tonight. >> convicted murderer is ordered to pay this daughter $124 million for killing her mom. coming up a relative talks to fox 29 about what it was like for the young woman to face her father in court. it is a monster that feeds on secrecy and shame yet it strikes millions. tonight a teen breaks her silence. she's now helping others
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fighting he'd eating disorders. something much more common than you might imagine. >> howard. >> the eagles have a new quarterback as their number one. what is the week of practice been like? what does chip kelly thinking about his quarterback and he buries chip the report about benching possibly it says in this story nick foles that. will be coming up in sports. >> coming up in weather watching the rain even a severe thunderstorm warning for he can treatment south jersey. the timing of this rain, when it moves out and also the big changes moving in behind the system next.
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>> a horrific case of child abuse. this three year old little boy was killed in a trailer in chester county. tonight the district attorney is calling the case "an american horror story" a difficult story to talk about. >> for everybody. prosecutors even. we have to warn you the details of this story are indeed very tough to hear. fox 29's brad satin is live in chester county right now. brad? >> reporter: even hard for the emergency room nurses. we're hearing they actually wept at the site of this little boy all playing out over the last few days ending on tuesday at this home. you can see the lights are on but nobody is home right now. gary fell len obama 21 year old suspect allegedly felt disrespected by the three and six year old boys and what he and his girlfriend are accused of doing is unthinkable. >> let me tell you about an american horror story. >> reporter: this is the cute innocent face of three year old scotty mcmillan the story of his three day torture ending with
5:16 pm
his death inside this mobile home on tuesday will break your heart. chester county's district attorney saying it was at the hands of his mother, jillian tate and her boyfriend gary fell len obama so horrific it took no time for the da to nouns -- >> we will seek the death penalty in this case. >> reporter: investigators telling us this little boy never had a chance. he and his six year old brother ryan became punching bags. >> gary is a 275-pound man and he is punching a three year old boy in the head. >> reporter: saying that was for warmup. scotty was punched in the head, stomach, whipped with his homemade weapon and lashed with this aluminum metal rod. >> you notice it's got tape wrapped around it so the defendant wouldn't hurt his hand on the sharp edges. >> reporter: the boys little three year old head bashed repeatedly through this wall and there's more. >> gary fell len obama and jillian tate tied the two boys up by their feet over a door and beat them. and while they were doing that,
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they were laughing. >> reporter: then unconscious, scotty was dragged into the shower just to be revised and beaten once again. when at some point on tuesday the water didn't revive him, the da says -- >> they went shopping and went out for pizza. >> reporter: living with gary and his girlfriend odd as it may sound was gary's estranged wife amber who eventually called 911. amber and the other two adults all still in prison right now. we're hearing that little six year old boy had to be taken to the hospital but he is doing better. neighbors here clearly are shocked by all of this. we've been getting their reaction and we'll have more on that coming up at 6:00 o'clock tonight. guys? >> brad just heartbreaking, thank you. >> philadelphia police want to find the man who gunned down someone at a sunoco gas station in broad daylight. the suspects seen near his dark colored cadillac suv got in a fight verbally that turned physical around 3:30 tuesday afternoon. then he pulls a gun, chases the victim and shoots him several
5:18 pm
times before taking off. the vick testimony was hit in the hip and shoulder but was able to get up and get some he help. >> a new driver on the street. a little girl steps out and it's the worst possible out come. police say just before 9:00 last night in abington a teen driver struck and killed a nine year old girl. they say that little girl stepped into traffic on rockwell road near old welsh road. the the 18 year old girl hit her and police say she drove a few more blocks before pulling over and calling her mom much the nine year old died at abington hospital and police are not releasing either girl's names and prosecutors have not filed any charges. the red cross is helping nearly a dozen people after a house fire in delaware county. it happened on rad born road in upper darby. officials say the fire started in one house and then spread to another. it went to two alarms before firefighters got it under control. there's no word yet on what started the fire. >> it has been a long time coming but the family of a local woman murdered by her husband says justice has finally been served. ly len rob's daughter olivia
5:19 pm
was awarded $124 million by a jury yesterday as that's the largest award in pennsylvania history. rob was murdered in her king of prussia home by her husband former penn professor raphael rob in 2006. he pleaded guilty to manslaughter and is now serving a 10 year prison sentence. during a wrongful civil trial the rob's daughter took the stand. ellen rob's brother spoke about what that was like for her on "good day philadelphia" this morning. >> yesterday was a monumental day for olivia, for our family and for all victims of domestic violence. >> olivia had to testify, right? >> she did. >> in court and her dad is right there. >> right there. first time she had seen him in eight years. how is she holding up. >> she is a courageous, brave young woman. >> she nervous going in? >> of course she was, yeah. >> how does she feel now? >> she is -- um, she's elated. she's very excited that statement was made on behalf of her mother and she lost her best
5:20 pm
friend and her mother for life. >> so does raphael rob have the 124 million to pay his daughter olivia rob's attorney wouldn't say exactly how much he has but he did say it was in the quote millions. the drummer for rock band a cdc face as judge in new zeala zealand. 60 year old phil rod appeared in court on multiple charges they include a item to go are a range the murders of two people and drug possession. rudd did not enter a plea and was released on bail. one of his bail conditions no contact with anyone involved in the alleged plot. >> a decade old cold case back open and police are hoping you can now help crack the case of a young aspiring model murdered in her apartment more than 40 years ago. 20 year old linda la port tow was found dead in her stratford, new jersey, apartment in october of 1973. hers is the only unsolved murder in stratford. and now local police are reopening the case interviewing the original investigators and sending new evidence for dna
5:21 pm
analysis but they need your he help. >> we think that there's somebody in this area camden county that has information. >> tonight at 10:00 what investigators want you to see. nothing brings a community together like a cup of joe first thing in the morning. that's why upper darby police organized coffee with a cop at the five-points coffee on long lane today. the point of the event just to give the community a chance to ask questions, voice concerns and get to know the officers through coffee and conversation. >> the mom avenue screaming toddler snapped. next what she's accused of to doing to a shopper to quiet down her kid. it's all caught on tape. >> he spent seven months in a mexican prison much this marine is home and talking only to fox news about his ordeal. coming up gretna joins us loo you have to talk about his emotional under view. >> harvard students and professors were on serious. they were on camera, they didn't know it. who was secretly recordi
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>> violence erupts between occupied hong kong protesters and police. police pepper sprayed the crowd and arrested three people.
5:25 pm
they're now in six weeks of taking down hong kong major roads and streets. they are demanding an open election process free of chinese government involvement. >> hikers found the body of a fox movie executive missing for more than 2.5 years. investigators say the remains of 53 year old gavin smith were in shallow grave in the vast angeles national forest south of los angeles. the last time smith's family saw him was in 2012. that's north of los angeles. police are calling his disappearance a murder case. they've got a person of interest but prosecutors have yet to file charges. smith worked on the distribution of major films including avatar and star wars trilogy. the search is on for a mother who police say beat up a shopper for telling her to quiet down her screaming child. a 24 year old california woman says she was shopping when she saw the child having a tantrum. she says, she decided it would be a wise thing to tell the mom to calm down that child, not so much. mom did not appreciate it. and the two women started
5:26 pm
arguing. then took it outside. surveillance cameras show it got physical. >> hear her say where did you tell me to go. >> i told you to go to hell. next thing i know she hits me in the mouth with her fist. shoves me to the ground and then hits me again and lace on top of me. >> one would thing this would be obvious but police say it's a good reminder to be careful what you say to people you don't know because you never know how they're going to react. tonight bengals and browns football game bound to be emotional one for cincinnati's devon still. >> still's daughter lea being treated at children's hospital in philadelphia for pediatric cancer will be at the game tonight and stills says quote it will probably be the most special game i'm ever going to play because i think my daughter will be here to watch me play. lea's battle helps helped bring a lost support to pediatric cancer patients and their families. >> that pep talk we showed a little piece of there. when he was talking to her right before surgery, just so heart warming. it went viral. yeah.
5:27 pm
>> still ahead on fox 29 news at 5:00, an elderly man arrested for feeding the homeless. yeah. how his act of charity in honor of his late wife got him in so much trouble. >> and a south jersey teen has doctors calling on her for help but first she had to fight to survive. >> all of these noises in my head saying, like, you're fat, don't eat, go run. >> next, courtney's story of triumph over an eating disorder and don't think they're uncommon. tonight we share her help for
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>> rainy night in parts of our area. here's a live look outside in old city philadelphia. chief meteorologist scott williams tracking it all for you much he's back in just a few minutes with a look at your weekend forecast. >> well, tonight we've got the essence of the addage it's not how many times you get knocked down, it's how many times you get back up. >> you know, the kicker iain we're talking about a teenager who now has doctors calling on her who now has various schools asking her to speak. but to get to this point, this high school senior had to pull herself out of one very dark rabbit hole and sleigh a monster, food. ♪ >> like alice in wonderland courtney went through the loo looking glass. reality became blurred. mirrors were the enemy. there was all of those noises in my head saying you're fat, don't eat. go run. you need to do this. you need to do that. you need to be inner. you need to look like her.
5:31 pm
>> the images are everywhere. punctures of skinny, happy people flood social media second by second. and don't think they don't make an impact. >> there was a lot of pro anorexia blogs and they would post about how to lose weight and how to hide your food and what you should be doing and that you should be eating 0 calories a day. >> numbers took over. calories in, calories burned. pounds on the scale. so focused on on these little numbers i lost a bunch of friends. i couldn't keep up with school any more. at home i was just sleeping because i was so exhausted. >> then school and friends were her life. the family knew something was off, but when a school counselor reached out and said, these two words. eating disorder. i thought this can't be. this can't be. okay. maybe she's little bit off but an eating disorder? i had the picture of my mind of a 60-pound young girl, you know, who couldn't get out of bed and this wasn't my daughter.
5:32 pm
>> did you draw these. >> that was me when i was in in my eating did he order that wasn't me in recovery. >> you look much better in recovery. yeah, thank you. >> if you could sum up the complexity of eating disorders in two pictures, these do it. one drawn in darkness. isolation and shame. >> seventh, eighth grade that was going to be the end for me. i was going to be eating disorder. i was going to be dead by the time i was out of high school. look i couldn't be here any more. >> the other in recovery. i love that picture. yeah. that was the first time i was able to get back to the gym. >> look at your muscles. my goodness. that's a lot of protein right there. yeah. >> that's tremendous. yeah. >> a lot of hard work to get here. relapses, yeah, and when that relapse occurred she lost more weight than before and she -- >> sean even skinnier. even skinnier and she had come to us and said, um, you know, with tears, that i realize
5:33 pm
i can't dance and dance was her life. >> but as a family, they kept battling with therapy, doctors and nutritionists even a month at philadelphia's renfrew center. so scary at the time. >> it's life campus and stuff i'll have to face all of my fears now. >> they have individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy and they can connect with each other. >> that's key, right? being able to talk to somebody else about what you're going through? yeah. someone that knows what the struggles is like. >> national eating disorder association says 20 million people and 10 million men suffer from an he'sing disorder at some point in their life in the united states and inform eda says more people die from an nor ya than any other psychiatric disorder. >> it's getting worse. patients are getting younger. they're -- we're seeing younger and younger cases. we're seeing older women come in
5:34 pm
with the disorder. we're seeing men. >> so what do you do? if you're courtney, what don't you do? she chronicled her recovery on instagram, instantly connecting. >> i think that this is extrem extremely prevalent especially among teenagers. every person that i have told my story to has either struggled with an eating disorder themselves or knows someone else that is struggling. >> she start a club at school tackling eating disorders. >> it was an amazing thing and the club she started grew to 70 members in no time. >> she organized the first neda walk ever in south jersey. >> keeping it real! >> $18,000 raised. blowing away what neda thought this walk would do. >> i don't think they realized who they were dealing with. >> you got a big future. you got all kinds of plans. >> yes. >> and the girl who once wrote this. >> i couldn't focus on my dancing because every moment of looking in the mirror at my distorted body i was was riddled
5:35 pm
with thoughts of how to lose more weight. >> emerged back through the looking glass. mirrors, bring them on. mirrors are okay now. i look in the mirror and i look good. >> she looks fantastic. courtney raised through her walk and the money had club raises at school helps fund treatment for people struggling with a diss or. it's very expensive. if you'd like more information on getting help head to you'll find a link to the renfrew center along with its phone number just click on the scene on tv tab. harvard university coming under fire from students and faculty for secretly photographing 10 lecture halls. it happened last spring as part of a study on classroom attendance. the experiment was disclosed at a faculty meeting on tuesday and first reported in the harvard crimson student newspaper. professors say the university should only be doing studies with the consent of people being studied. the school says students and teachers were not notified because researchers didn't want to introduce potential bias into the study. >> sounds like a facebook thing almost, doesn't it.
5:36 pm
that's right. >> all right. marine who spent seven months in mexican prison. gretna joins us live to talk about this emotional interview. >> facebook is getting in on the fight against ebola. what you'll notice on your page and how the social media giant is helping to make a difference in west africa. >> this new mother caught the attention of the world when she came out of a coma to tell doctors she was in labor. coming and new at 6:00 the major milestone both mom and baby reached today. >> right now iain on ultimate doppler heavy rain down the shore. atlantic city, avalon, cape may be on the look out for gusty winds, too. when all of this rain move - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na
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>> project developing etch bowl la vaccine in pill form is back on. two years after it was shelved because of a lack of interest and funding. san francisco company is resurrecting its research ebola crisis in west africa has of course create add new urgency and the search for a vaccine.
5:40 pm
>> we believe strongly that matt vaccines are phenomenal piece of the puzzle in protecting against these kind of newly emerging threats. >> the company says with the right funding it could start human trials next year and if everything goes smoothly have a vaccine ready by the end of 20 2015. meantime facebook is stepping up its efforts to fight ebola. social media site launched an ebola charity donation button it's designed to make it easier for users donate to charities battling the disease. facebook is also donating and deploying 100 satellite communication terminals to boost internet and phone services to affected areas in west africa. the launch comes on the heels of $25 million donation last month by ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife to the cdc. >> rockefeller christmas tree that will light up the big apple came from a pennsylvania yard. >> almost time. holiday season. dozens gathered near bloomsburg yesterday to watch workers chop down what will become the
5:41 pm
rockefeller christmas tree this holiday season. the 85-foot norway spruce weighs 13 tons. big old truck hauling it to rockefeller center and the live ceremony is slated for decembe december 3rd. all right. he's doing it in honor of his late wife. we're talking about feeding the homeless. >> but his act of kindness got him arrested. why a cop shouted, drop the plate to an elderly man. howard? >> chip kelly responded to the reports that he was about to bench his quarterback nick foles. chip is not happy babe gu
5:42 pm
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>> just when you think you've seen it all, look at what happened in ft. lauderdale, florida. that is where police arrested a 90 year old man for feeding the homeless. arnold abbott says he feeds them in a public park as an act of charity in honor of his late wife. but a new ordinance for bids him to serve the food in public places. so police through him and two pastors behind bars for breaking the law. >> i had served three people at the time and served the form person they said put down that plate right away. it's a weapon. i will fight them as long as there's breath in my body. >> you can believe him. he's done it before. turns out he sued the city in 1999 for something similar and he won. u.s. marine released after more than seven months in a mexican prison on a gun charge is speaking out about his orde ordeal. tonight he talks one-on-one with gretna van suss stern on fox news.
5:46 pm
26 year old sergeant andrew tam reece see was arrested after he said he accidentally crossed the border with legally bought and registered guns. >> a judge released him last weekend and joining us now is gretna. host of on the record on fox news. gretna always great to see you and i have to tell you, you know this, you were one of the precious few who have been on this case since the get go. so you've got to be elated on this one, too. i am happy. i guess a description dog on a bone might be apt. it's like it was a story that i felt was ridiculous in the beginning. god give me a break. someone can make a wrong turn and end up in mexico, but i investigated and that's exactly what happened. he made a wrong turn. he would have made a turn iain you would have made, lucy would have made, i would have made anybody would have made and he ended up in mexico. >> it's a scary proposition. can you tell us what he told you about the conditions he was being kept in those months in mexican prison? terrible. i mean first of all you have to understand he doesn't speak spanish so he's almost in solitaire even when he is in
5:47 pm
solitary. he had other inmates threaten him. he was mocked. he was humiliated. he was handcuffed, arms and feet to the bed. he was stripped naked handcuffed sometimes. just terrible. it wasn't that way the entire time, but you have to understand this a very fragile man. he has ptsd which is why in san diego in the first place to get help. >> greta frameable who say how you can make a wrong turn and end up in mexico. you went there to san diego and you looked at what he did. of course. it sounds ridiculous. how do you make a wrong turn and end up mexico. i'm telling all the viewers out there, if you wanted to go to mexico -- if you wanted to go home to san diego from where he was you turn left and go to san diego since that was north. if you took that left which makes the most sense you ended up in mexico with no other choice and since that time, the state of california has put a brand new signs because everybody admits this is terrible. they can't change the road to sign but at least they've tried
5:48 pm
to mark it. >> thank you very much for talking to us. i'm sure his family is always thanking you for all the work did you on his behalf. the viewers -- the viewers people signed the petition, everybody. so it's a lot of americans. >> all right. greta and greta foss beaus exclusive airs at 7:00 p.m. during an hour long on the record called marine freed. that is on fox news channel. >> let's check in with your fox 29 weather authority. a little bit of a chilly and rainy night. a little bit. it's freezing in the studio ev even. >> the umbrellas came in handy today. they'll come in handy tonight. because we're not done with the rainfall just yet. some heavy rain even some thunderstorm activity this evening in south jersey. where you see the red and/or ranch and yellow that's where we're looking at very heavy rainfall right now just moving to the east of the garden state parkway but around brigantine, atlantic city, you are seeing those downpours. starting to taper off a bit around the philadelphia area. but toward medford lakes as well
5:49 pm
as hammonton where you see that yellow that's still pretty moderate rain. it's making for a wet thursday evening commute across the area but off to the west, we're still watching for a few scattered showers this activity will pinwheel through our area during the overnight. but we're also looking at some fog. so leftover showers tonight. some patchy fog. but then drier and blustery for friday. winds are going to go gust to over 30 miles an hour so hold on to that starring wheel especially over the bridges. and then as we move toward the weekend, below average temperatures that cool fall air will be moving in. temperatures right now in the low if you have tees but you can see outside of our studios it is wet. slick roadways, umbrellas are still up so allow extra travel time. but look at the temperature today. 56 degrees. that's it. we should top out right around 60 for this time of year. the record it's safe, 79 set back in 1948. current conditions right now, 57 degrees in atlantic city. we have 50 in trenton as well as
5:50 pm
reading. upper 40s right now towards the lehigh valley and mid 40s in the pocono mountains. so we're watching this storm system right now moving through with the shower showers, even thunderstorms down the shore. so as we time everything out, we're still looking at the clouds, some patchy fog tonight. but behind this system, we're going to see those winds pick up. so that will kind of scower everything out and len the atmosphere and then those winds really pick up during the day tomorrow once again gusting over 30 miles per hour so making high temperatures tomorrow in the low 50s feel more like the 40s. so bundle up. leftover showers and patchy fog mid 40s in the city. 40 degrees in the suburb for tonight and then 53 degrees. we'll call it partly sunny, blustery. those winds gusting over 30 miles per hour. there could be an isolated instability shower as that main system moves through during the day tomorrow afternoon. but as we take look at the forecast, temple game tomorrow night, grab that jacket and sweater. temperatures will be dropping.
5:51 pm
only 50 for the high temperature on saturday. and then 54 on sunday. right now sunday looks dry for all of the events. eagles game looks pretty good. for the high on monday. temperatures will be in the 50's and falling throughout the game into the 40s. veterans day looks good. low 60s. mid 50s for the high on wednesday. and then a cold blast mid 40s as we move into thursday. so the walk to end alzheimer's on sunday morning at citizens bank park temperatures in the low 50s. partly cloudy, chilly and then that evening temperatures for the light the night walk fall into the upper 40s grab a jacket for both events. >> thank you very much, scott. >> thank you. >> i don't have a jacket. >> you've got jackets to match every outfit. >> i got everything to match everything. >> eagles continue to get ready for this monday night game against carolina at the linc as we just heard. day two at practice with mark sanchez as your starting quarterback now because of the rain scott pots forecast the eagles had to practice indoors.
5:52 pm
now, when you look at the quarterback situation around the nfl there are not many good starting quarterbacks. let a lone a competent quarterback as backup. that's where the eagles made a good choice in signing mark sanchez as the backup. chip kelly has said he new sanchez for quite awhile. that's why this situation has work out so well. >> he came in and was a really good teammate from the get go. you know i think it's important that everybody gets along and everybody is on the same page and i think he has the same goals and aspirations as the other guys in the locker room and it was, you know, it wasn't one of those where it took him a little while for people to understand him. i think he's a likeable guy. i think people understand that he's here because he wants to win. >> all right. if you don't want to win you shouldn't be playing. all right. hottest receiver maybe in the league jeremy maclin. since he came to the he guess in 2009 he has caught passes from seven different quarterbacks. take look at the list. trent edwards, kevin kolb, nick
5:53 pm
foles, donovan mcnabb, kafka, mark sanchez and michael vick and to maclin it doesn't matter. >> the one thing that's obvious is the chemistry. obviously you want to be able to build that chemistry with one particular guy and continue to build on that, but, you know, i think, you know, in mark's situation with him being stabbed as he is i think it's made the transition a lot easier. >> all right. chip kelly for the first time responded to what was obviously a poor report on new the story basically said that the eagles coaches were thinking of benching nick foles before he suffered the injury. chip kelly was very emphatic with a response when i asked him to comment today. >> i don't know where that stuff comes from. i mean i know this. i know i control the roster and i think you guys can say first hand i don't talk to anybody so whoever says they have a source in terms of what's going on with roster maneuvers or people going up or going down they never talked to the right person because that comes from me and that never was any the case.
5:54 pm
i've got great faith in nick and he's a hell of a quarterback. i think sometimes he gets banged too much. i wish there was more people like nick foles in our lives. >> here's our football lineup for sunday. >> we've got a double header. cowboys and jaguars at 1:00 from london and giant and seahawks from seattle al 4:25. >> tony romo looks like he will be back playing sunday in london against jacksonville. cowboys quarterback only been in three play off games in his teen year in the league only won one of those games in his 10 years in the league. as far as the status with the back injury -- >> it's progressing. i think each day it gets, you know, a little bit improvement and i think you just keep trying to figure out what you're able to do each day and go on to the next and hopefully you're able to improve enough to get ready to go. >> you just can't win a play off game. (laughter).
5:55 pm
>> he didn't get in many. he doesn't win them when he gets in. >> some people are still blaming gentleman's simpson ornithes one when they were dating. >> sure just blame somebody else it's never the guy throwing the pass. sure. >> eagles -- >> i think they win. six-point favorite. carolina is not a good football team. but when a quarterback is in for the first game, his teammates have this energy for his first start, and they -- they play really, really great football around him and behind him and i think that's part of what's going to happen on monday night. i have no question eagles will win this game. none. >> all right. the game is at the linc. what's the forecast for the linc monday night. >> it looks look it will be dry. >> that's all that howard cares about dry. >> it looks like it will be dry and feeling more like fall. have a jacket. i think you'll be fine. >> i'm not wearing a jacket. >> no rain though. >> he's a tough man. he doesn't need that. are you kidding me. >> all right. >> we have another half hour full of news straight ahead coming up at sick neighbors in a local community afraid to walk into their own homes. what they are so scared of
5:56 pm
they'll find inside. >> a woman weights wakes from a coma to tell loved ones she's going into labor. tonight mom and baby are starting a whole new chapter in this incredible story. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right this incredible story. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right awe put all the apps you love...
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>> police call him a vicious predator. the man accused of of violently abducting a philadelphia woman makes his first appearance in front of judge. it's for an related case but sheds light on his criminal history. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. tonight 22 year old carlesha frefreeland gaither is resting h family after being snatched off a germantown street sunday nig night. fox 29's bruce gordon live in baltimore tonight and bruce, federal agents talking about this last night's wild rescue. >> reporter: yeah, iain, they sure are. it was a five man team from the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms that captured 37 year old delvon barnes last night. now a career criminal is off the streets thanks to some top notch police work that now famous video seen around the world and the public tips it generated. carlesha fre freeland gaither's three


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