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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  November 10, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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water. dive teams quickly showed up to look for that car but so far no word that they have spotted anything underwater. we do have crew gathering information and we will of course keep update. >> right now at 5:00 philadelphia police officer says he's so grateful right now. when you look at this video it is amazing the officer who was inside this burning cruiser is alive ton night he's talking to fox 29. thankfully he had some help. two guys put their own lives on the line to pull that officer to safety. both shared their story on good day this morning and now officer mark chem see is out of the hospital and he's just spoken for the first time since the horrifying crash. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. let's go straight to fox 29's dave kinchen. dave, what a story. >> reporter: you're not kidding. what a story indeed. officer chem see says he was in and out of consciousness right after that crash but he says it didn't really sing in until he saw the video we've all seen of his police car with flames shooting out of it.
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he says, he's a little banked up still but he's doing okay. >> i'm still pretty sore. you know, a lot of pain in my leg and shoulder. >> reporter: philadelphia police officer mark kemsy is visiting with had brothers at the 17th district in south philly on crutches and healing from a concussion after this fiery crash saturday evening. he praised the quick rags of 17 year old did he company resident joe chambers and south philly resident dante johnson for saving his live pulling him to safety. >> joe chambers came over end told me my car was on fire. he fold me i needed to get out and we tried the door. i was kind of disoriented. so i didn't know what was going on. he pulled me out through the window and drug me down the street a little bit to get away from the vehicle that was on fire. >> i'm just really thankful they were there and they decided to act instead of watch. >> well, the condition of the driver in the paying up truck is unknown at this time. that driver continues to recover and police are still
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investigating that accident. they're also trying to figure out why the car went up in flames and at 6:00 o'clock tonight we'll tell you how officer kimsey plans to repay joe chambers for his quick act at 6:00. we'll zen it back to you. lucy and iain. >> dave, thanks. see you again at 6:00. >> the search for an accused rapist in upper kensington. police want to you take a good look at this surveillance video from sunday november 2nd at the golden dragon chinese restaurant on the 3300 block of north second street. officers say the man in this video followed another man home from the restaurant and then sexually assaulted him at gun point before robbing him. >> delaware county authorities are investigating a fire that burned through several drexel hill businesses. skyfox over the scene on burmont road just past 3:00 this afternoon. now three stores are damaged. no word on any injuries or what started that fire. quite a few people are looking for a place to stay after a fast-moving fire destroyed two homes in north philadelphia. now, you can see in this video crews tackling hot spots from
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skyfox. firefighters arrived on the 2400 block of west lehigh avenue right around 2:15 this afterno afternoon. a boarding house an home under construction are both destroyed. one man says he lost everything. >> this house is gone. this house is gone. i mean, i'm a diabetic. all my medicines, everything. >> no word yet on what started that fire. tonight authorities in montgomery county announce big arrests after they say burglars stole guns from stores and then sold them on the streets. one of those weapon linked to a shooting. fox 29's dave schratwieser life in lansdale tonight one of the gun shops was ripped off. dave? >> reporter: iain, they called this operation cross hairs ton night five people are under arrest including the main suspect who police say has acknowledged breaking into those two gun shops and ripping off a dozen weapons. the problem is, 10 of those
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weapons are still on the stree streets. andrew rocca said nothing as he was left in court charged with drug trafficking and break ins at two montgomery county gun shops have that 10 stolen weapons on the street. >> broke into two stores. stole the guns and sold them on the street. >> when burglars broke into the gunshop in lansdale this past summer they made off with a dozen guns from assault weapons and shot guns to hand guns. that touched off an area wide search for the weapons. >> it's massive, heavy dangero dangerous. the destruction this kind of firearm would do in the wrong arms. immeasurable. >> the guns including a magnum 44 handgun and ak47 were stolen during break ins july june and july. while investigate a shooting seen in norristown on november 3rd detectives found one of the stolen guns. a 9-millimeter had been used in the shooting. >> it was in the possession of the shooter.
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the shooter who fired this weapon inside of a home in norristown nearly hitting a child. that shooting gave police investigating the stolen gun the lead they were looking for. >> there are 10 more guns that are out there. >> reporter: rocco has been charged with the theft of the weapons and selling those guns to so-called straw purchasers people who cannot legally own a gun. >> he was taken into police custody. and acknowledged who the police -- to the police he was in fact the person responsible for both burglaries. >> reporter: four other men have been charg charged with possessing two of the stolen guns. investigators are concern the other weapons could fall into the wrong hands. >> ak47 that was stolen, we are attempting to locate that. obviously a very dangerous firearm. >> reporter: now, rocco is in the montgomery county prison tonight. he could face a mandatory minimum five year sentence under the brad fox law named after montgomery county police officer brad fox who was killed in the line duty with a weapon that had been straw purchased. coming up at 6:00 where he was
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selling the guns and how much he was getting. >> we'll talk to you then dave. new jersey family recovering after carbon monoxide took over their home. winslow township emergency crews arrived at the house on hidden hollow lane just after 3:00 this morning. it was so bad the father passed out while opening the door for authorities. firefighters also found a woman and seven year old child unconscious. all three did regain consciousness and medics took them to the hospital for observation. the gas level in their home de deadly. >> 900 parts per million causes coma and convulsions within minutes. it's pretty dangerous. your normal carbon monoxide detector a alert around 35 parts pill per million. >> authorities believe gas came from the furnace or hot water heater. they say you should have a detector for the odorless gas on every levelly your home and with the cold weather approaching make sure you get your heating system in inspected. the man accused of abduction
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ago woman off germantown street and taking her to maryland will be brought back tomorrow to face federal charges here in philadelphia. delvin barnes will be tried first for the abduction of carlesha freeland gaither. he will then face charges in the abduction and rape avenue richmond, virginia teen. federal judge ordered barnes to be transferred into fbi custody for a court appearance in philadelphia on wednesday. he is currently in jail on suicide watch. >> a warmup, fantastic, then a cold blast in your fox 29 weather authority. it's early november look at that. parts of the country look like they're in the dead of winter. this, my friends s minneapolis. where the first winter storm of the season is already hitting. even more snow is expected. we are heading there live in a few minutes. chief meteorologist scott williams good to be in philadelphia. isn't it. >> it really is. lucy n fact temperatures pretty comfortable after a cold start. we were in the 20s and 30s across the area but look at the numbers right now. 61 degrees. so a couple more days of temperatures actually above
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average for us. but find the front. you can see 72 in st. louis. 75 in wichita but 34 in omaha. only the teens in business mark. so this cold air is going to slowly funnel in our area. we'll talk about how cold it gets and if we might see a taste of some wintry precip with the seven day. iain and lucy? >> thank irk scott. developing right now yet another school in nigeria is reeling from a terrorist attack and a warning some of these images are tough to see. witnesses say a suicide bomber disguised in the school uniform detonated explosives as children at the high school gathered for an assembly. at least 48 people mostly students died. 79 others are injured. nigerian authorities say the stream mist islamic group boca haram is behind the attack much the group has been targeting school children for the past five years. you've heard about the kidnappings, of course. now it wants to turn nigeria into an islamic state. the united states postal service the latest victim of hackers. today officials confirmed a
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cyber attack may have compromised the social security numbers and other private information of 800,000 employees. the fbi says it's now looking into whether the hackers may have also targeted customers. the postal service has released a statement saying the attack was quote limited in scope. and all services are functioning normally today. now to the eagles on the big stage tonight. monday night football. the birds and in the partial spotlight big prime time game tonight at the linc with mark sanchez as the starting quarterback. eagles need a win to keep their hold on first place. howard eskin live at the linc with a preview of the eagles and panthers. howard? >> eagles are always on big stage bought in philadelphia you are always under the microscope. pre-game festivity -- actually pre-game preparations going on right now. i can tell you this. this just in. this is breaking news. an eagle will fly in right before kickoff. that's the big news so far. but the eagles motto this year
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must be, next man up. bathe they've had so many injuries and the next man up. whose the next man up at quarterback? we know that you mentioned it. mark sanchez who last week through two touchdown passes but he didn't start the game. he came into the game. so it's a different mentality. however, when chip kelly was asked this week when did you know you wanted to sign mark sanchez which was before the season? when did you know you wanted to do it. it was a classic chip kelly response. >> i had it all map out actually. (laughter). >> seriously. i said right then. when i'm the head coach of the eagles i'm going to make sure i get that team on my team and the guy next to you you're the only offensive coordinator -- don't worry about it. dry minor details but it's going work. >> exactly. absolutely had no idea. i didn't think any of it. he could be really good player and stanford was there that day, texas was there that day, usc was there that day. i wasn't talking to him. i was talking to some other guy.
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>> i was a good reporter but i didn't see his butt to see if it was writ then. dee me company ryans which is bigger than the quarterback. eagles win this game but we'll talk about more about the eagles and the game coming up later in sports. back to you guys. >> thank goodness howard you clarified that. >> we'll check in back with you in just a little bit. video shot on a new york city subway is going viral right now. we had to check it a few times ourselves to believe it. >> a group of girls causing a whole lot of trouble until a guy slaps one of them across the face. what happened next. >> a quiet philadelphia street in the middle of an afternoon. police say the man right there on your screen is up to no good. no good. what he's about to do that sent people running for their lives. plus a local couple full of life traveling the world but a trip to paradise changed their lives forever and it could happen to anyone. the challenges they're now fa
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>> we're on top of breaking news in philadelphia' tas coney second. skyfox is live over the delaware river near state road and magee avenue where police are trying to find a car in the water. fox 29's chris o'connell is live near the scene with the very latest. chris? >> reporter: well, lucy, they found the car. it's the driver they're now looking for. take a walk with me on the base of the delaware river right now. right near the tacony-palmyra bridge. you see a heavy duty wrecker has been brought in here. what they are trying to retrieve is a car in the delaware river. we understand it's a corvette that is in the bottom of the delaware river right now.
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the question how it got there. show video from sky fox over the scene. this an industrial parking lot that is used for storage for trucks and stuff like that. it has access to the delaware river. a source telling me that he saw someone come in, drive the car and just as it got into the river, let go the car went into the river and then that man took off. police are now looking for that man who drove -- who ran away from the area near the tacony-palmyra bridge. right near new state road and magee road here in the tacony section. let's bring you back out here live. you see the heavy duty wreck kerr. they're going to pull that corvette out of the bottom of the delaware river. but why that person abandoned that car, why he ran away, not yet known. this happened within the last hour. so we're still trying to get some information. chief inspector joe sullivan here on scene. we'll try to get some more
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information but a car in the driver. it looks they'll recover it. the driver still out there tonight. guys? >> thank you very much, chris. let's take look at this. the guy that you're about to look at right over there fired off round after round in philadelphia police are after him right now. amazing his gunfire did not hit anyone but a car is completely shot up much the bullets started flying thursday afternoon on the 600 block of west clearfield street in the fair hill neighborhood. police say the gunman was targeting a 42 year old man inside a nearby corner store and he walk out to find his car just riddled with gunshots. a montgomery county shelter needs your help tonight just as it's turning cold outside. it is running out of food. fox 29's dawn timmeney is live outside that shelter in souderton and, dawn, these shelters are so critical to so many. so what is it asking for? >> reporter: well, lucy, they really need everything. they're asking for healthy canned foods, fresh produce, gluten free products, you name it, they need it. i have to tell you there are an
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awful lot of local families here who rely on this food pantry to get by. >> i come here because very low income and what i have here helps me a lot. >> reporter: 93 year old peggy hall and her two sons visit the keystone opportunity center's food pantry frequently. the family falling on hard times and relying on the kindness of other toss put food on the table or go hungry. >> we have a loving family that pulls together as much as we can. but there's a limit to what you can do. now this food pantry is in a dire situation itself. food donations are down and while there's some food on the pantry shelfs, it's only enough for a few days and food warehouse is bear. >> we have empty boxes here. empty cabinets. >> yeah. >> nothing. >> nothing. >> no food. >> reporter: the need is grea great. and growing. keystone serves 250 families right now giving out 23,000 pounds of food a month.
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>> this is in our own school district that we are trying to help families. we do the best that we can. but you know if we don't get the donations in then we can't help. >> reporter: food pantry wish list. food in cans like soup and beans, tuna. it needs spaghetti os and hot and cold cereals. mixed vegetables, green beans, fresh produce as well as monetary donations. every little bit helps. >> without the food bank here, i don't know what i would have done. so i'm very grateful for keystone. >> reporter: a lot of people are and if like to make the documentation the pantry is 104 north main street in souderton. they're open from 9:00 until 4:00 monday through thursday and until noon on friday. so check your cabinets, hit the store, grab a bag or a box and if you're able, bring it on down. fill the with food and bring it on down to the food pantry. lucy? >> thank you very much, dawn. of course, we know how generous all of you are and
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hopefully we can pull together and help out that shelter. this is a case in point. we're so proud to say fox 29 viewers have come through in a really big way to help a local animal shelter on the verge of running out of food. we first brought you this story friday. the camden county animal shelter houses 300 dogs and cats and on friday it had just enough food to last until the next morning. its pantry looked like the one you just saw for the people. aft we told you about their troubles, calls came pouring in from all kinds of folks eager to help and they lined up in their cars saturday to drop off donations. you gave so much, look at all of that, and thank you so very mu much. the shelter says it now has thousands of pounds of food and $13,000 in donations. wow! >> all right. on to your fox 29 weather authority now. in the 60s right now still tomorrow even warmer, but don't worry. it will change. we'll have bone chilling temperatures maybe a winter preview coming up later this week. here's chief meteorologist scott williams. >> have those heavy winter jackets ready for a part of our forecast, iain. not really until the latter part
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of the week but look at ultimate doppler as we move into minnesota, wisconsin as well as the michigan. we're looking at snowfall six to 12-inches around locations in the arrow head of minute money as well up of michigan. so, yes, winter weather is impacting part of the nation. for us it's pretty mild and quiet. you can see we're watching a disturbance right now just off the coast of florida. but that cold front is going to slowly bring that colder air in our direct. but temperatures above average right now. 61 degrees in philadelphia. winds are out of the south at about 6 miles per hour. so if you're stepping outdoors, dry, quiet, comfortably cool we'll collet and not as cold as last night. i'll talk about when that cold air arrives and also if we could see some of that wintry precip with the seven day. iain and lucy. >> scott, thank you. things were already pretty rough on this new york city subway with a group of girls screaming and causing a lot of trouble but after a man slapped one of them the dispute goes into a whole new territory. >> yes, it does. a plan out columbine -- a
5:21 pm
play about the columbine high school massacre in new york city. not surprisingly this one controversial. what the playwright says he's hoping to accomplish. >> and a drought means singing water levels in california. the hidden secrets now being revealed as the waters recede. ♪
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>> you can hear it's a slap heard around the nation. clip hit youtube it's viral. young woman taunting a man on the new york f train. she kept on him about his old jacket and his fur hat. he calls her a derogatory name. she hits him. he slaps her back. that's what you heard. all out brawl. new york city police are looking into the incident. but no details yet. one of the leaders of isis is report wounded in air strike in iraq. strike hit the man since taking over in 2010 he's transformed isis from a local branch of al-qaida to an independent military force spanning iraq and syria. iraq reports he's been wounded but the state department says it cannot confirm that. president obama wants the fcc to ensure fair internet access for everyone. the president wants the fcc to
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adopt rules that would prohibit service providers from taking pay off toss make some web sites run faster and others run slower. it's all part of the net neutrality movement. the president says the internet should even be a reclassified as a utility allowing one easy to enforce rule for all service providers. >> whether you use a computer, phone or tablet, internet providers have a legal obligation not to block or limit your access to a website. there are no gate keepers deciding which sites you get to access. there are no toll roads on the information super highway. >> the fcc received more than 4 million public comments on the issue saying overwhelmingly everyone is in favor of preserving net neutrality. whose against it? the big companies like comcast, verizon and time warner who argue it will only lead to quote suffocating regulations. >> we are on top of breaking news in philadelphia' tas coney second. right now crews are searching the delaware river for a car and you know what, they found it. right now from what we understand they have found that
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car and they are taking it out thereof with a big old crane. right around 4:00 o'clock today, someone called police saying they saw a person drive their car into the water. dive teams quickly showed up to look for it and, yes, they have indeed found it. hard to tell because it's very dark out already at 5:26 in the afternoon. but it's already dark. it's had a toward see but that car is being pulled out regarding the driver from what we understand police think that that driver took off and they don't know why. so we have our chris o'connell there. of course, we'll bring you more information as the news warrants. a play about the columbine high school massacre. from the killers perspective has just premiered in new york city. it's call the earl king and you know it is kicking up controversy. the title is from a german poem found in a journal of one of the two teen killers. the play wright wanted to paint the portrait of troubled students but some of the victims family say the play only furthers violence in our cultu culture. 13 people of course died in that tragedy 15 years ago.
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more than 20 others were hurt. it's a very popular restaurant and it realized it made a very horrible mistake serving alcohol to toddlers. >> quickly apologized but the kids parents say the damage was already done. a philadelphia couple facing challenges they never expected after a trip to paradise changes their lives forever. now, she's paralyzed and he's showing her he will never give up on her. >> and you probably already know. parking in philadelphia can be a nightmare. can you say parking authority? all right. coming up four little known secrets that will help ease your
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the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta and the well-crafted all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit
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and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. ♪ >> tonight a story of love and devotion. a south philadelphia couple has been together for more than a decade but they're lives changed in an instant during trip overseas. >> free accident brought them even closer together. fox 29's chris o'connell shares their love story. >> reporter: ever since they met, 13 year ago suria norton and kirby smith loved to travel. here they are in hawaii, italy, paris, then in july a trip to jamaica. >> we have always loved the beaches. >> reporter: that dream trip to the islands changed their life forever. when suria was having fun in the pool on the resort's inflatable kiddie water slide like this o one. >> the person behind me a guy, he came down too soon and slammed his body right behind me. >> immediately i went nuts.
5:31 pm
i just kind of new. >> reporter: she broke her neck. suffering two broken vertebrae and rushed to a jamaican hospital. >> when i tried to move my hand or my feet i couldn't feel anything. >> reporter: suria was flown by medical evacuation plane back to philadelphia for surgery at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. their fears were realized. suria was most likely paralyzed for the rest of her life. >> basically, everything from our old life is gone. we're starting new. >> reporter: that new live started at magee rehabilitation hospital active suria who was always into fitness and tough mutter runs was now getting used to live in a wheelchair. >> it's tough. i try -- i'm a very high spirited person. so i try not to think about it, but because it's an every day thing, it does kind of hit you in the head constantly. >> i remember we were like, everything is just so
5:32 pm
depressing. let's have a party. let's get married. >> reporter: that's right. after 13 years, kirby finally popped the question. the wedding held in september on the rooftop of magee rehab and put on by friends and staff. >> but with new life comes new challenges for this couple including the massive financial burden. all that stuff medical insurance doesn't cover. >> to hear someone say, outside of insurance, outside of the loans you're going to take you can expect you'll need an extra $100,000. >> reporter: back from rehab only a couple days he renovated his queen village row home for his new wife. wheelchair accessible bathrooms a captainable devices and wider doors. >> we can't cry over why this happened to us. we can't get caught up in the misery or the regret all we can do now just move forward. >> reporter: moving forward means paying for nurses care and
5:33 pm
many other expenses. her friends have started a fund for suria and even in the face of tragedy, the couple has an amazing outlook. >> sometimes if you watch the news you get caught up in how bad the world is. there's a lot of good in the world. >> reporter: in queen village chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> indeed there is. what a wonderful couple. fundraiser for suria is tomorrow night at villan knee restaurant at 13th and spruce in center city. we also have a link to the fundraising site on it would be great if you could go there. now, why don't you act your age? >> do you. you actually do. you hear people ask that all the time, right. >> they're actually could be two answers to that question. joyce evans here with a preview of her special report on age. i thought age was all in your mind. >> for you, positive thinking helps and three triplet boys. >> that can help you. >> but you guys know we can lie about it all we want. we can try to all kinds of ways to consist up on the outside, but the proof is right up under
5:34 pm
your skin. you might be shocked to find out what your real age is and it doesn't have to always be a bad thing for everybody. so can you handle the truth? well, it was really tough for lindsay baker. she was floored to find out how much older her fitness age was than the years she's been alive. >> my fitness age starting out was 47 which was crazy to me. she wasn't married yet. she didn't even have children yet. >> do you have to allow time for your health or it will catch up to you. >> well, lindsay got to work and you may want to as well. when you hear some of the science behind your fitness age and it's more than working out and eating right. fascinating stuff that may actually hold the answer to how long you're actually going to live and this is amazing. how much progress lindsay has made in such a short amount of time and it has more to do, again, than exercising and just
5:35 pm
eating and how much younger that dr. falcone is -- wait until you hear it. full report tonight at 10:00. >> she look great. you feel better, right? >> yes. it's all if you feel great like you feel young, it's probably because you are. >> i'm guessing like sugary soda is not part of that plan, is it? >> definitely not. we got a story coming up on that. >> mountain dew fans. a new flavor you may soon be able to try. >> it combines a couple of things that joyce would not approve of in your diet and what you hear when you hear what this is, we were all going what? you might be be eager to try it. take a close look at this video. did you see it. streaking across the sky. a lot of folks in texas d joyce is saying what is it? it's a mystery joyce. nasa solved it and we'll have the answer straight ahead. >> coming up at sickcrews digging a pool in south jersey find human bones. could tonight we have a better idea how long those bones have been there. scott? >> iain, high temperatures today in the 60s plus some colder air will slowly make its way toward
5:36 pm
the philadelphia area. when it arrives and also what to
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♪ >> a big mistake on a drink order in colorado a very popular restaurant served six young children drinks with alcohol. joe's crab shack the place and police are now investigating. the parents of the children say they ordered a shark nibble drink from the kids menu for six cousins who are two to eight years old. the couple says about 30 minutes after the drinks arrived the manager came running out apologized for the mistake and said the drinks had ba carried rum in them. two year old had finish it and was starting to feel very sick. >> you order these drinks and you order these -- off the kids menu with the intent that you're providing your child something safe. >> one would think. medic checked all the children before they went home. the joe's crab shack corporate office is also apologized to the family saying it's also trying to figure out this could have happened.
5:40 pm
>> check this out. a bright light in the skies creating quite the buzz in tex texas. homeowner says his home security camera caught this shot of a fire ball zooming through the sky in arlington near dallas. this video was among several reported sitings of the mysterious green light. nasa says this does appear to have been a meteor and scientists are working to learn more about it. so what's your favorite junk food? for lot of people the answer -- lucy like cheetos. the answer might be doritos and mountain dew. soon you might be able to combine the two. >> weird. >> recent taste test kent state university students got the chance to taste wait for it tour receipt tow flavored mountain dew. the pepsi company confirmed the tests saying it's part of a small program at some colleges and universities. no word yet on whether this will go nationwide. >> that's as weird as coffee flavored wine or cappucino potato chips. i don't get it. am with you. how about this? do you like to score a free parking spot in center city? >> you heard me right free.
5:41 pm
>> believe it or not it can be done for little secrets maybe not so little secrets that could solve your parking problems coming up. also, a drought singing water levels in california. obviously but here's something the hidden secrets now unveiled as the waters recede and howard, howard is live at the linc. >> yes, it is a big game between the eagles and carolina here. and the focus of the night is the quarterback. who better to talk to than a former quarterback. that would be trent dill forward part of the espn broadcast and that's coming u
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>> low lake levels from the california drought reveal a hidden past. remnants of old towns are emerging and a reservoir the waters recede.
5:45 pm
the hidden remains of two old ghost towns demolished when a dam was built back the in the 1950s. >> i find as the water gets lower, the period seems to get older, i'm finding old coins and relics from old homes and it's just a lot of fun. you never know what you'll find out here. fascinating. the two towns served as key rail stops for the thriving logging industry in the santa cruz mountains. >> we all know parking in philly can be a pain but don't worry. we got your back. >> those signs like books. read the whole thing. yes they're frustrating and more frustrating trying to score free parking spot. fox 29's, i didn't even know they existed. i didn't either. >> fox 29's dave kinchen has four parking secrets we think you're going to love. >> reporter: oh, yes, we've all been there, haven't we? looking for a fighting chance in the war that is center city philadelphia parking. it seems everyone has their own
5:46 pm
battle scars. >> driving around for like 45 minutes at night trying to find a spot at a nightmare. >> some of the meters don't wo work. >> parking meters rarely take red credit cards and sometimes they'll charge you and not give you your parking ticket. >> i went you to a kiosk that wasn't working and i went to the one down further and then by the time i came back he was already writing a ticket. he said i couldn't take it back because he started writing it already. >> reporter: before you even get to the kiosk you have to do a lot of reading when it comes to parking in center city. signs like this one the top one says motorcycles and scooters only that way. three hour parking this way and no parking between these hours during rush hour. so on second thought, you might just want to head to the garage. >> i'd rather pay the money than get a $36 ticket. >> reporter: or you can pay nothing. on the right days that is. fox 29 doing our part to let the people of philadelphia in on some little known parking perks. secret number one. >> did you know that metered parking is free in center city
5:47 pm
after 5:00 o'clock on wednesda wednesdays? >> no. i didn't know that. >> reporter: what do you think of that? >> i think that's great. i didn't know that. that's good to know. >> reporter: that's right. get downtown after 5:00 p.m. on wednesday and pay nothing if you park in a spot normally regulated by a meter or kiosk. the boundaries are from the delaware and schuylkill rivers and from bainbridge to spring garden streets. but rush hour zones are the exception. and that secret number two. rush hour spots are free after 6:30 p.m. on wednesdays. >> wow! >> thank you ppa. thank you for telling me. now that i'm finding out on fox 29. i appreciate that. >> reporter: happy to help. and here's the ppa's layout. rush hour streets are between market and chestnut rush hour streets offering free parking at 6:30 on wednesday nights are odd numbered streets like third, fifth, seventh, ninth and so on. not a bad deal. >> i think that's pretty cool. i just wish they would advertise it more. >> reporter: some learn the wednesday night secret in other ways. >> homeless man on the corner
5:48 pm
started yelling at me and told me that it was free. so i gave him the money that i was going to pay to the ppa. >> reporter: and how about a trip down old city for those famous first friday festivals? secret number three. first friday parking in old city is free after 5:00. >> i didn't know that either. >> reporter: of course there's no sometimes confusing see kiosks. >> i had to move fast because, you know, ppa, they don't play. >> reporter: we were there as jeremy boyd of wynnefield got his time slip for his car on south street. >> right now i beat them. so i beat them. i'm all right. >> reporter: and that takes us to secret number four. kiosk tickets can be used anywhere buy time at one kiosk using the balance of that time in any metered spot you like. what matters here is the time not the location. by the way we did find some of these secrets plain as day on ppa's facebook page and on its blog. but everyone we spoke with says this is the first time they've learned of this. that's something they'd like to see the ppa fix.
5:49 pm
>> the things that you should make us a way of they don't. >> it's kind of weird it's on the citizens of the city so you know if they could fix that it would be great. >> reporter: in center city dave kinchen, fox 29 news. >> so confusing. we reach out to ppa officials about this story asking them why more than publicize these parking perks. we also wanted to see what else ppa is doing to help people in center city. but oddly we've not heard back from them yet. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. you know, it's so crazy. they actually have reality show about, you know, the parking authority. >> it's tough out there. it's not bad out there right now for the weather. >> no. but it will be -- i don't want to ruin it but i think we might have a little preview later in the week. >> yeah it's going take awhile to get here. enjoy the 60s. 60s today. 60s tomorrow. even toward the middle of the week. look at the high testimony cher today, 63 degrees. that's 5 degrees above average but 10 degrees below the record high. it was 73 back in 1999 on
5:50 pm
today's date. if you're stepping outdoors comfortably right now across the area. we have 52 degrees in millville. upper 50s in lehigh valley. 50 right now in the pocono mountains. but look off to the west. 72 degrees in st. louis. but take a look at this colder air to the north as we move toward business mark. 19. 16 degrees in sections of canada so some of that cold air will be mon moderating as it moves towards the lower 48 but it is going to take its time making its way toward the delaware valley. really not until friday that's when we'll see high temperatures only in the 40s across the area and we could even see a little bit of snow. we'll talk about it coming up. but right now, it's snowing as we move into the northern tear around the up of michigan arrow head of minnesota. some locations there picking up over a foot of snow. dry and quite but mild for us. you can see some rainfall off to the southeast coast and also watching that snow toward the upper midwest in the planes as we roll the clock dry, quiet conditions for us for the
5:51 pm
overnight. tuesday a mixture of sun and clouds. once again tomorrow temperatures will be in the 60s. as we move toward tuesday night, a few more clouds around. there could be a spotty shower early on wednesday morning as well some patchy fog but most of the week is going to be dry. wednesday night, quiet conditions as well. now, for tonight, not as cold. perhaps some patchy fog out there. temperatures in the suburbs in the upper 30s. mid 40s in the city and then for tomorrow, beautiful. sun and clouds, high temperatures in the mid 60s. above average for this time of year. that seven day forecast as we move toward your veterans day it will be nice. we'll give 810 forecast by the numbers. 64 degrees on wednesday. but wednesday afternoon and evening, a blustery front arrives. and, yes, look at thursday. high temperatures only in the upper 40s. and thursday night into friday, there might be a little moisture around. perhaps a flurry or a sprinkle but definitely a cold blast. friday morning's low freezing in philadelphia. 44 degrees for the high temperature.
5:52 pm
staying below average for the upcoming weekend. temperatures only in the 40s. monday's high 46 degrees. perhaps some rain, maybe even a wet snowflake again early next week. >> i love how you have under your breath said maybe a flurry and kept going. >> yeah. things can change. >> i wish i was off tomorrow. tomorrow is a 10. beautiful day. >> gorgeous. >> we need a perfect 10 tonight. >> we need a flurry of sanchez touchdowns. >> that's what we're talking about. >> how good is sanchez eagles going to run the ball more, aren't they. >> packers up next they can't afford to lose this one. can they? all the questions that have been asked this week the answers come tonight. our link to all things eagles panthers howard eskin game they should win. howard, key word, should. >> i'm going to be ahead of the curve like i normally am. they will win tonight. >> okay. so this -- next week we have to worry budget as chip kelly says worry about this game right now. the quarterback is the big focus tonight much that is the question.
5:53 pm
mark sanchez i talked to trent dilfer former quarterback who works on espn broadcast and asked him what he thinks about the eagles quarterback situati situation. >> i think if you look at from, you know, the entire room all three of them it's pretty health theme i'm a big nick foles fan. >> okay. >> obviously, hurt now. >> big question in the city. i really don't care. mark sanchez is a guy i totally upped why chip kelly liked him, why the staff like him. he's got a lot of up side. and he need a change environment and i think this is probably one of the healthiest cultures the one chip kelly created here especially for quarterbacks an really friendly quarterback system. show that tonight on the telecast. you know, you start the game with 15 completions from chip kelly calling the game plan and they're all hard ones. you only have to make three, four, five big boy throws a ga game. they'll run the ball well and got a lot of on the line of
5:54 pm
scrimmage screens and underneath routes so i like it. i like -- at the end of day i think it's hard to fail as a quarterback under chip kelly. maybe that's the easiest way of saying it. >> that's interesting. one last question. mark sanchez, what do you see from him tonight? i see a guy, one, has to handle the environment. he's two and five or two and seven on monday night football. he's a guy that sometimes tries to do too much and off my last comments you don't have to do too much in this offense. chip's reading your mind. he's calling plays to get you involved. just keep taking a profit. you'll notice when you have to do something special. and mark has in it him. he can't try to win the game on his own. >> maybe we'll see some dimes tonight. i hope so always makes the game better. >> well, i mean that's the way i look at it. mark sanchez i don't think will try to do too much. again, next week is a different question. let's worry about tonight. all right. coming up at 6:00 i have donovan mcnabb and for scott because a little chill in the air i got my sweater on tonight. okay, scott?
5:55 pm
>> and for veterans day, i got my red, white and blue on. all right? so -- all right, back to you. >> howard you got all the bases covered you got it all covered. get out there and play football, too, why don't you? (laughter). >> there he goes. there he goes. howard 4.40 time. >> big players out there. >> yes, there are. >> what color are the beats headphones. we'll find out at 6:00. coming up at 6:00 an answer in south jersey. crews were digging to start construction on a swimming pool they found human bones. tonight we know how long they've been there. >> also, new, this isn't a table at a gun show or in a weapons store. these are items that tsa has taken from passengers at philadelphia international airport. my, oh, my. the crazy stuff officials say they have caught passe
5:56 pm
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just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. ♪ >> news is breaking in philadelphia tacony second. skyfox over the delaware river as crews pulled a car from the waters. the search continues night for the driver. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. let's industry get straight out to fox 29' chris o'connell. he's live near the scene with new and interesting information. chris? >> reporter: we did get some nervous as motive on this. police are saying a bitter divorce dispute led to this red corvette being dumped into the delaware river about 3:15 this afternoon. it happened here in the -- in the tacony area right at the base of the at a tacony-palmyra bridge. tonight, police are looking for the man who did this.
6:00 pm
the 1990 red corvette was recovered from the delaware about a half hour ago. police say a man drove the car into the water and jumped out just before it submerged. that man was seen fleeing the scene and he told a whitey according to police not to call police, because this was a family matter. well apparently it was. what we're told the man's wife actually saw our report on fox 29 last hour and identified the car. police now say they're goining o through and try to find this guy. they say the couple is going through a messy divorce, but now that man is in trouble for putting cops in danger. >> completelcompletely irrespon. to commit an act like this. knowing that these officers are going to have to enter the wat water. we just discuss it's extremely cold and visibility down there is completely zero. >> reporter: well police did not release the i


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