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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  November 11, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EST

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>> reporter: we start once again at federal court at sixth and market streets where it is a ative rent kind of federal express we're talking about and this within does have federal express priority shipping ape packaging leg shackles. shacteve thank you. fight breaks out in a philadelphia prison. several inmates september to the hospital after a stabbing. how they got their hand on the weapon in the first place. sue, this has got to be a ten on tap. >> maybe yes, maybe no. >> maybe we will make you wait until weather. just being contrary on a morning that will be really nice, your veterans day will end up being the warmest day of the week. we will tell you when we take polar plunge, coming up,
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kerry. newton threw it right to fletcher, bradley fletcher, pick six. fly eagles fly. >> fly eagles fly, eagles soaring to victory in monday night football, we're putting their performance in perspective this morning as we always do it is tuesday, november 11th, 2014. i saw your tweets when i woke up. you stayed up to watch that. >> i stayed up to go to the bathroom which is the middle of the night. i checked out the game. >> yes, i'm glad did you. >> i'm bleary eyed. >> that is fun too. >> we will get to more in a moment. today is veterans day. we are asking townsend us photos of yourself friend and family members in the military. use the hash tag fox the two good day and we will put those photos on air throughout the morning. >> sue serio, we see some camouflage on some of the uniforms and that kind of thing last night. >> absolutely, yes, yes. we will be celebrating all of
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our veterans today with a decent weather day but we will start off this morning looking at our visability, because, they are reduced in some places, in dense fog, anywhere that we can tell but 3-mile visibility in lancaster. it looks like kind of socked in around fort dix a as we go down to the south, maybe on fog in atlantic city and reduced visibility in dover. be on the alert for a few areas of fog this morning. as we take a look at temperatures, we've got 44 degrees in mount pocono, but 46 in philadelphia a only 37 in pottstown. thirty-eight i reading. 36 degrees in lancaster. fifty-four in wildwood. forty-three in dover. where ever it is cloudy or foggy that is where we are seeing, some of the milder temperatures. some of these temperatures are as much as 8 degrees warmer then they were yesterday a at this time. in wildwood it is 18. just depend where you are. we do not see a lot on satellite radar because that is not where we see our fog
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but we can tell you on ultimate doppler there is in precipitation at least not yet. so 67 degrees we're going with for today mix of sun and clouds, comfortable temperatures, a lovely day for your veterans day 2014. we will talk about the changes coming in a few minutes, right now, good morning, bob kelly. >> sue, right back at you. 4:03. crews are still working from the overnight. live look at our camera in the king of prussia interchange, northbound lanes of 202 down to one lane, right at that 422 interchange, they are actually on the ramps those 422 and 202 ramps to the schuylkill expressway watch for delays. they are working in frazier north on 202, a at route 401, a disable tractor trailer at intersection of gulf road and 202 right there in front of the king of prussia mall. otherwise, southbound lanes of 295, workers are still out on route 70a lot of the left over crew is still out there from last night as we begin our
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trip this morning. otherwise we're in good shape up and down our majors no problems on the bridges. had mass transit off to the good start with no delays. chris and kerry back to you. 4:04. a fightin side the industrial correctional center, sending several inmates to the hospital. sky fox over that prison this morning. several inmates were stabbed with homemade weapons and their injuries are not life threatening. no officers were harmed. officials at six flags great adventure say nobody was hurt during a late night fire, that fire broke out in the barn in the theme park's safari section. it was under control though by 11:00 o'clock. six flags says in a tweet that all of the animals are safe. best news of the morning eagles quarterback mark sanchez turns 28 years old today. >> that is such good news. >> that is best news in the morning. >> i was talking about the the game. you were holding my hand. >> he has a a lot to celebrate following last night win over
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the panthers. >> let's start with darren sproles. >> ten to nothing, in the first quarter with this rushing touchdown with the eagles up three, later in the quarter, it was sproles again and he has done this all year. yes, it is, the punt return for a touchdown and that was all eagles from that point on. sanchez to jordan matthews for two touchdowns. eagles would win this game 45-21 but really it was 45-seven. the last few touchdowns were give away. they blew them out on monday night football. >> 4:05. man accused of abducting carlesha freeland gate inner germantown and taking her south of maryland will be back in philadelphia today to face federal kidnapping charges. >> fox 29's steve keeley live outside philadelphia fbi headquarters at sixth and arch a with the very latest on this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: we have confirmation feds will go first in philadelphia. carlesha's confessed kidnapper
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is heading up in north for a first federal court a appearance, tomorrow here in this big now dark building. delven barnes whom we know extradited back to virginia avenue his arrest last week was scheduled, to have his first appearance in a local courtroom there tomorrow but local authorities, down in virginia, let us know that they quote in cooperation with federal authorities, here in philadelphia, agreed to relinquish custody of barn toes federal authorities calling it a coordinated technical maneuver designed to allow the federal prosecution, of the crimes here in pennsylvania, and down in maryland to proceed prior to the prosecution down in virginia, for that horrendous three day kidnapping ordeal and rape and beating of that 16 year-old girl down there. we will have the whole case up here first. that means we will see carlesha retell by reliving, everything that happened to her in a courtroom, here at sixth and market streets. and if you are hearing a lot of noise, bob kelly, don't
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have to go too far for a traffic update because we have two right lanes here held captive and these guys are not finish by the time that caravan gets here we could have a big jammo here around the federal courthouse later today but my guess is these guys are working overnight. we will let you know. >> jammo. >> yes. >> thanks, steve. lets get to this, authorities deny eric frein access to his attorney? lawyer foreman accused of killing a state police trooper says yesterday, veteran criminal defense attorney james sweet says he tried to meet with frein after police arrested him and they told him no. by that time he said he saw frein the the next day police had already interviewed him. prosecutors have charged frein in the shooting death of corporal brian dickson in the shooting of trooper alex douglass in september. police want to take you a good look at surveillance pictures of the man they are looking for in the robbery and sexual assault of the 18 year-old. >> police say suspect seen inside the golden dragon
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chinese restaurant on the 3300 block of north second street followed this 18 year-old man out of the store and then back to his home early sunday morning when he forced the victim inside at gunpoint, sexually assaulting him and robbing him. neighbors we spoke with didn't recognize the man but say they are worried and they will be on the look out. >> a guy will follow another guy and rape him. that is sickening. >> on this block right here we look out for one another. the best i can say is i hope he is okay. >> police say suspect took the cell phone, house keys and $120 in cash. call them if you recognize them. today is veterans day a day set aside to honor those who served in the united states armed forces. >> fox 29's jenny gist live outside the the va hospital with more on some new efforts to improve the services for our vets. >> reporter: well, last night our bruce gordon talk to these veterans who said a system overhaul is much needed and
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long overdue last night there was an opening house of the regional will va office at wissohickon avenue that invited veterans and families to stop in and present their concerns in terms of medical care within the veterans affairs system. it was part of an effort to provide outreach and improved communication. one man didn't want to us show his face explain his ten year long battle for benefits. the feeling among veterans is frustration. >> you guys are waiting too long for services that they need. >> i got some for key services, yeah. >> reporter: gotten any better. >> little by little but there is a licensing way to go, and ones that need money most have to wait the longest. >> i think we have a way ahead to help us ensure we are centered on the veterans and how we best deliver whatever that benefit he or she may have earned. we are focused on insuring those veterans to get their answer quickest.
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>> reporter: catch up on the backlog. >> catch up on the backlog but equally important would be to ensure we are doing a quality job. we want to get them the right answer the first time. >> reporter: new head of the va says he is streamlining facility and va web site and disciplining staffers whose incompetence led to the horrific wait times. va's new goal by end of 2015 is to deliver high quality medical care to veterans within 125 days have of their first application. kerry and chris. >> we will see. >> septa is looking to hire vets. transportation agency is working with the va on a special initiative to recruit veterans to the company. septa will release more information about the the program in an announcement later today. city of philadelphia will officially observe veterans day this morning with the ceremony at washington square's tomb of the unknown solder. dignitaries will be on hand to commemorate living veterans that remember those that paid the ultimate sacrifice.
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it honors thousands of sold hours died during the american revolutionary war, many of whom were buried in mass graves, president john adams wrote of the washington square graves of the soldiers who have been buried in this ground are enough to make the heart of stone melt away. philadelphia police officer pulled from the burning car, is speaking out about his terrifying incident. >> by now you have seen seen video of the flames shooting out of the car after flames in grays ferry. officer mark kimsee was able to visit his officers after that heroic rescue from two smart tans. he has a concussion. he says he is grateful to the men who saved him. >> it was kind of scary because once they drug me away i could not see my police car but i could see the flame over the truck that hit me. i knew it was intense. it was popping and making
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noise and stuff. >> seventeen year-old joe chamber and daunte johnson of south philadelphia came to the rescue. officer and chambers will be live together on good day in our 7:00 o'clock hour. a brave moment for a utah parent kidnapper came in and snatched a little girl right out of her own home. but then her father tend in. unusual confrontation between dad and that kidnap their led to the daughter returning home safely. u.s. postal service hacked? is your credit card and other information safe? well, what was taken this
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a stream of lava set a home on fire on a rural hawaii town. resident were not home when that hit their home. lava from the kilauea volcano has been threat authentic town for two weeks. officials a they are continuing to closely monitor the lava flow. meanwhile it is getting colder out there. look at this winter blast hitting up are midwest. do you see this chris? do you see this, chris. >> yes. >> some areas seeing more than a foot of snow pared with plunging temperatures. this is actually just north of minneapolis, minnesota where one community saw 16 inches of snow. >> i was comparing that to the weather map that sue serio has up showing that very same event, sue. >> let me point out that right after you moved here last year we ended up with the second most snowy winter we ever had. >> i moved here october 1.
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>> yes. >> what do we have 17 snowstorms. >> yes, it was like 17, 16 or 17, i don't know, loss track, gave me a headache to try to add it up. at least we are not getting to it day as they are off to the north and upper peninsula of michigan. it is on the mild side, relatively speaking for to us day, this is a cold front that will bring the colder temperatures coming up, so as we look at future cast, tonight we will in the rule out a stray shower or sprinkle and maybe drizzle will tomorrow morning, well in advance of this front because we have got this coastal storm we have been watching as well, not both things affecting us. we will see decent sunshine today, but socked in with clouds tonight and then after skies clear in the afternoon about midday, on wednesday, that is when wind will pick up, and a we will see temperatures start to plumet. you can see lake effect machine starting off lake erie there and then that will not, affect us as far as snowfall is concerned but it is an indication of that cold air
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moving across the drake and making things a little bit miserable for places like cleveland and buffalo getting their first snowfall of the season. so temperatures ahead of the front, you can see the difference, 57 in chicago, 27 in des moines, iowa. for us we are watching visability, because it looks like we are quite reduced down in wrightstown around fort dixon and 3 miles visibility in lancaster, 2.5 in atlantic city a and retuesdayed visibility in dover, delaware. we will get to a high of 67 degrees for veterans day. tonight with those clouds and those drizzle, a low of 54. that takes care have of your tuesday, colder temperatures are coming, i think we have probably told you that a few times, bob kelly, did you happen to hear colder temperatures are coming. >> i did hear colder temperatures are coming, make sure you be ready for that by end of the week. we are looking for fog. we have some fog out there. live look at the 42 freeway right here near i295 depending
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pneumonia where you begin and end your trip you could hit fog this morning. we have a fire location in abington on old york road right at susquehanna avenue. so just watch for fire fighters on the way to that location, for gang heading south on i-95 working your way down through wilmington construction right at the ramps for route 202, and that disabled tractor trailer in front of the king of prussia mall is blocking the turning lane from gulf road on to 202, and then south on 295, a work crew still left over right here near route 70 taking out two left lanes. they will be out there until 5:30 or 6:00 o'clock. whitman, ben franklin, commodore barry looking fine. the mass transit, new jersey transit, patco dart looking good for this wednesday morning. chris and kerry back to you. >> as you are sir, thank you. a crash with the septa trolley send more than two dozen people to the hospital. sky fox flew over the scene around 6:00 last night atwood land avenue and south
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forty-seventh street in southwest philadelphia a. police tell us that 11 on the trolley and two in the car were hurt but no injuries appear to be life threatening. sink hole opens up outside a florida home taking a car down witt. ground gave way, 10 feet deep, 10 feet wide, four nearby trailers have been evacuated as crews figure out what is going on. attorneys for jody arias have filed a motion to dismiss all of the charges against her. she was of course found guilty of killing her boyfriend travissal sand inner 2008. this latest legal move alleged that a computer forensic expert hired by the defense, discovered that thousands of files were deleted from alexander's computer while this custody. proceedings are underway to determine if arias will be sentenced to life or death. >> what a mess legally. >> it has been dragging on for years now. captain who jumped ship and abandon hundreds of people in sinking ferry back in april will spend 36 years in prison.
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>> he was not found guilty of murder but south korean court convicted him of professional negligence when's abandoned that sinking ship. most of those that died were teenage students traveling for school trips, the cab on has apologized and said he had no idea his action was lead to so many deaths. only 172 of the nearly 500 passengers were, in fact, rescued. utah fat her stopped a kidnapping of his five-year old daughter says divine intervention kept him calm in getting her back. parent woke up friday morning to the sound of their daughter speaking with a man who lured her out of their home. father ran outside, confronted the guy who then released a girl and ran off. police later track him down. united states postal service now joining long list of businesses targeted by hackers. officials confirmed that cyber a attack may have compromised the social security numbers and other private information of its 800,000 employees.
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so it is postal service employees that are really affect. fbi says it is looking into whether these hackers, may have also targeted customers. they don't know that at this point. postal service says that attack was limited in scope and all services are functioning normally as of right now. new york city doctor who had ebola has recovered and scheduled to be released from the hospital later today. city health officials say doctor craig spencer has been declared free of the virus. he tested positive for it just a few days from returning and treating patient from his gniea. a classic corvette end up in the delaware river. the messy moment that led to this act of revenge.
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i'm keith rust well your sports in the minute. you you wondered how eag would also respond with mark sanchez and not nick foles? wonder no more. game was over before it started. panthers turn it over on their first two possessions, eagles come away with ten points. darren sproles was just getting started. second quarter sproles says you missed me once, twice, you
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won't get another chance. his second punt return for a score this year, fifth of his career. eagles, eighth touchdown of the year on special teams. mark sanchez looking for favorite target in practice. jordan matthews his first career 100-yard receiving game. he had two touchdowns in the game. eagles win 45 -21. they remain a half game in front of the cowboys in first in the east. next week will be tougher, only unbeaten team at home in the nfc besides eagles the packers. next week green bay right here fox 29 at 4:25. i'm keith russell. that is your sports in a minute. sad football note to pass along former vikings safety orlando thomas has died, at just the age of 42. he had been battling als for ten years. he averaged survival time for that disease which is known as lou derig's disease is three to five years. thomas played seven seasons
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for the vikings. cookie caper is solve in maryland. >> two teens under arrest after police say he tried to make off with a wagon full of girl scout cookies this happened saturday, two young scouts were selling cookies. they turn their backs, and then they noticed their suspect taking off with their goods. heading into a getaway car. two neighbors jumped in to action tracked these guys down and police arrested them not too far away. 4:26n a bomb shell report blast the clinic where joan rivers suffered a fatal complication while under anesthesia, what they say clinic workers completely missed right before rivers died. and then taylor swift shaking up her look and stirring up some controversy with her new music video. why she's poking fun at herself in order to make a statem
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a fight breaks out at a local prison, several inmates stabbed. how did they get that weapon this is first place. then man accused of kidnapping a woman in philadelphia is expect to head back to the city, why he has been held in virginia so long and when he is expect to make a court appearance. new details in the students accused of the central new jersey hazing, that made headlines across the nation, how those high schoolers will be handled in their trial. sanchez, throws, end zone, matthews, touchdown. what a start for eagles. >> eagles showing no mercy they were out there to prove they could will still win this
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year, even with their star quarterback injured and let me tell you what, they did, win, they did. highlights from the game and break down of their performance is coming up. >> it looks like a new star is born in mark sanchez, new life for his career, which is exciting at least for one game. good day, it is tuesday, november 14th. i should say november 11th, 2014. it is veterans day. day to honor those serving their country. asking you to send pictures have of yourself, friend and family in the military, use the hash tag fox 29 good day, we will put those pictures on air throughout the morning. >> thank you for your service. 4:30. that means time to head over to sue. so this is the the official kind of like last, warm day this week. >> yes, half of the warm day tomorrow, and mild i guess because it is relatively, speaking a and this morning we have some fog overnight to deal w we have two and a half miles visibility in lancaster.
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reduced visibility in wrightstown and we will move down, we have gotten better in atlantic city but sock in at the moment for the moment in dover, delaware. temperatures, well, some are milder then yesterday thanks to the clouds and fog. 46 degrees in philadelphia 37 in lancaster. 39 degrees, in wrightstown, and millville, new jersey and wilmington delaware, it is 54 degrees in wildwood where it is cloudy as well, temperatures are a little bit milder then yesterday in some case's lot milder. we won't to have bundle up, this morning as we did on monday, satellite and radar shows no rain in the offing, we will talk about when we might get some in a little bit, 46 degrees, sunrise at 6:41 and we will get to a high of 67, which is pretty close to 70 and there may be a few place that he is get to 70. it all depend on how much sunshine we will end up with because there will be a few clouds around today as well, but can't complain about this
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forecast, we will have plenty of complaining about, bob kelly but not to day. >> in complaints today, good morning, everybody. i know i said it was wednesday last time around, i don't know, eagles fever, tuesday morning, live look at the schuylkill expressway here near girard avenue no problems from end to end. depending upon where you you begin and end your trip we could see some fog with us for the beginning of our morning rush hour. fire location in abington, here's the deal, old york road closed right now from susquehanna down toed adams. use highland avenue as your alternate and if you are heading out, we are seeing fire fighters out to the scene now. they are still working in king of prussia along 202 in both directions between king of prussia mall down to 252 near paoli, not only on 202 but on the ramps from 422 and they are working on 295, probably until 5:00 o'clock or so out here southbound right here near route 70.
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they are also working in center sit a long sixth street, right a along constitution center there, so a lot of overnight construction. i think guys took coffee break to watch eagles game. they are running late this morning. schuylkill, 95, blue route all in good shape and mass transit having no delays. chris and kerry back over to you you. new this morning a fightin side the industrial correctional center send several inmates to the hospital, sky fox over the prison in holmesberg last night. police say several inmates were stabbed with homemade weapons. their injuries are not life threatening. no officers were hurt. delven barnes the man a accused of snatching a germantown woman off the streets and taking her down to maryland will be back in philadelphia to face federal kidnapping charges. fox 29's steve keeley live outside philadelphia fbi at sixth and arch with the very latest, steve? >> reporter: well, so reported, widely delven barnes leaving philadelphia last week with a captive in his car and
4:34 am
now coming back he is captive with legs and feet bound, coming to this building in the courthouse for his first court appearance tomorrow. he will hoed up 95 north, from southern virginia and decided he will face his federal case first before that horrific virginia, 16 year-old girl kidnapping rape and beating trial. we have the official word from the virginia authorities who told news writing that barnes will not appear as scheduled in court there tomorrow. but instead they wrote in cooperation with the office of the u.s. attorney in pennsylvania, virginia authorities agreed to relinquish custody of barn toes federal authorities, as they say is a coordinating tactic a alma knew of design to allow crimes of pennsylvania and maryland to proceed prior to the case down in virginia. likely just a a quick appearance in court here for barnes tomorrow morning here at sixth and market street, reading of the long list of charges and likely setting date for preliminary hearing. it looks like unless since he has already confessed if not a
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no hassle eventual guilty plea to the federal case carlesha may have to relive her ordeal by retelling tonight open court, something chris and kerr that i may make moving on and coping with this whole situation harder on that young lady. >> steve keeley, thanks, sir from center city. 4:35. revenge in a messy divorce may lead to criminal charges against a disgruntled husband. >> police issued a warrant for a man they say drove his wife 1990 chevy corvette in the delaware river. divers spent yesterday afternoon searching waters near tacony palmyra bridge. police say this guy was trying to get back at his soon to be ex-wife and sank her car as revenge. police say he is not only facing charges but put officer's lives in danger too. >> completely irresponsible, to commit an act like this, knowing that these officers will to have enter the water, so we just discuss it is extremely cold, visibility
4:36 am
down there is completely zero. >> police say he is now facing charges of environmental fines and reckless endangerment fines if you sink a taurus but not a vet. >> oh, no. how would you feel on the internet and some sites simply work faster and slower than others. some are for this idea and some are blaming it. we will tell what you net neutrality is and what president obama want to change straight ahead. health officials releasing report on joan rivers death. why they are blasting the chin
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i love that, all right. time right now is 4:39. we had a full moon a few days ago. >> i know. >> live from atlantic city for you, beautiful day, sue serio, ten in your forecast. a set of new jersey high school football players accused in the hazing scandal will be tried as juveniles. middlesex county prosecutors say sayreville war memorial high school players were arrested all between the ages of 15 and 17. prosecutors say teens held other players against their will and touched them in the sexual manner. the school superintendent canceled a a football season after hazing allegation where is in fact discover.
4:40 am
president obama would like fcc to ensure fair internet access for everybody. wow like them to adopt rules to prohibit service provide tore take pay a offs to make some web sites run faster and more slowly. it is part of the net neutrality movement. president says the internet should be reclassified as a utility allowing one easy to enforce rule for all service providers. >> whether you use a computer, phone or tablet internet providers have a legal obligation not to block our limit your access to the web site there are no gate keepers deciding which site you good tote access in, toll roads on the information super highway. >> fcc has received more than 4 million public comments about the issue saying overwhelmingly everybody is in favor of preserving net neutrality. who ace against it? well, big companies like comcast, verizon and time warner who argue it will lead to suffocating regulations. just filed lawsuit is
4:41 am
taking on a new pennsylvania law, the law allows second amendment advocates such as the national rifle association to take things to court over local firearm ordinances. this is latest fight between pennsylvania cities trying to track down on illegal guns and those who say the new law will ensure local gun ordinances are the same statewide and comply with state law. philadelphia's mayor michael nutter objects to the new law. >> this is legislative madness, legislative process in this regard is completely broken. we will fight this effort at every possible step. we are doing the right thing trying to make people safe the nra is wrong again as usual. >> yesterday lawsuit challenges the constitutionality have of that new law that will take effect in 60 days after governor corbett signs it. unbelievable moment on a subway train what led to this big brawl that may have you shaking your head this
4:42 am
morning. our bob kelly taking us for a ride. >> we are ready to go, hit the gas, north on 202 leaving paoli with a coffee in our hand heading up to that king of prussia construction zone, sluggish because we stayed up late to watch the game but we're all in a good mood. late to watch the game but we'rdeciding between buying food and health care
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is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries.
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if you're uninsured, visit to learn more. so we will start off this time, with a look the at satellite radar picture but nothing much to look at on.
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that lets see what else is happening on radar, oh, yes you can see where cold air is, in northern wisconsin we have got some snow, little bit on the upper peninsula of michigan as well, this indicates that it is cold enough for snow and that cold air license coming here, whether we will get any probably not but cannot ever rule it out when it gets chilly. right now we have a mild air mass in place, snow is up to the north behind the cold front, when does that come through? tomorrow. so current temperatures you can see a big difference where we're in the 40's here. st. louis at 61 degrees right new but des moines iowa up to 26. south dakota only 15 right now. i don't think we will see 15's but saturday morning we could see temperatures in the 20's as a result of the cold air moving in. win directions are all over the place and we are not seeing much wind which is why we have had some fog out there this morning. a few areas of reduced
4:46 am
visibility like lancaster, wrightstown we have been having a problem there and dover reduced visibility as well. pennsylvania make sure to keep an eye on that because it could slow you down. lets get to the seven day forecast and changes that are coming. it will be like spring. excellent veterans day. wind of change tomorrow we will start out mild and could get a a spring until advance of the front and then breezes pick up and then cold air is coming. we will wake up to temperatures in the 30's tomorrow and it will be breezy and then by friday, it is turning even colder like winter on saturday there is that temperature in the 20's early in the morning on saturday and we don't really get out of the 40's any day in the foreseeable future after tomorrow. all right. so is there your seven day forecast. >> we're all going downhill from here. >> oh, yeah. >> 4:46, good tuesday morning, hello collinswood, looking live at our camera here route 30 off collinswood circle. light volume to start here as we roll through south jersey
4:47 am
but as sue mentioned depending upon where you begin and end your trip we could see some fog in our windshield this is morning. fire location and local detour is here in abington. this is an old york roadblocked at susquehanna road so island avenue is your best bet heading out the front door this morning. for gang in king of prussia we have a disable tractor trailer at that gulf road 202, that is traffic light right there where chiles in front of the king of prussia mall. if you are out and about during the day watch out for delays north on 202. leaving west chester heading up in to route 401, crews are working on than southbound side as well but blue route, schuylkill expressway, i-95 we are all hitting the snooze button after late night watching the eagles game. we are off to a light start. walt whitman ben franklin commodore barry looking good and mass transit running with no delays, chris and kerry back to you. lets health officials lets start with this trump taj mahal parent company wants the main union to drop eighths
4:48 am
peel of the court ordered cop package. trump says relief from health insurance and pension costs is essential to keeping casino open past the end on have this month. new jersey senate president steve sweeney has a plan to bring financial stability to atlantic city. his proposal comes in advance of the vote scheduled tomorrow to address the fiscal christ is there. sweeney's plan includes stabilizing casino's property tax payment ape redirecting money to pay off atlantic city's debt. bitter footed fight just got a whole lot uglier. >> public school advocates are suing some of the top state officials claiming students do not get the education they are guarantied by the state because money for schools isn't distributed fairly. philadelphia says the state has strict academic standards for students but doesn't give those students equal resources in order to meet them. serious brawl going down in the new york city subway, nothing but chaos and it all
4:49 am
stems from a young woman mouthing off at a man who appears to be minding his own business. >> what did you call me. >> unaudible. >> wow. this is the video that rock the worldwide web. this hid the you tube and the young with man started off by taunting a man on new york's f train. she kept going talking about his old jacket, fur hat. he called her a derogatory names. she hits him. he slaps her back. then it is on. new york city police are looking into the incident but as of right new there are no details. also in new york investigators say chin that i can treated comedian joan rivers made several errors during her treatment. new york department have of health reports sites the clinic for errors that include failing to detecting deteriorating vital signs but negligence is not alleged here. rivers died september 4th a
4:50 am
week after treatment, she died from brain damage due to a lack of oxygen. according to new york city's medical examiner. 4:50. we have got entertainment headlines to get to. family comes first forte lor swift she skipped the mtv europe muse ache ward to attend her brother's play at notre dame. 22-year old austin is swift ace only sibling a film, tv and theater major at university of notre dame. he took part in the university's presentation of six characters in search of an author. >> talented family. >> um-hmm. >> drama involving taylor swift's new music video. >> rumor has it the video was leaked accidentally earlier yesterday, according to tweets from the director. it is out now and it is getting a lieutenant of a attention this morning. >> ♪
4:51 am
>> i like this song. >> you are in the impressed. >> she takes on every kind of crazy girl stereotype in the video, jealous, taking a phone, setting his clothes on fire, all of that good stuff. >> a lot of people are saying this is her making fun of the famous tabloid is accused her of doing throughout the the years. >> so creative. >> it is, indeed. >> i can sense the the sarcasm , seeping out of your pour. >> remember the music from a few segments ago, just listen to that music. >> okay. co creator of the simpson's call his battle with cancer the most amazing experience of his life. >> he makes comments in the exclusive interview with mtv. a pol guys. dan simon who has terminal colon cancer says he is thankful for being surrounded by his loved ones during his battle and he says despite struggling with the illness his happiness is a direct result of the disease n2012 he
4:52 am
was given just three months to lived but defying those odds he has been spending his time toe nateing his hundred million-dollar fortune to charities to benefit at risk animals, under privileged children and hungry families. what a great person. >> sometimes something like that people will tell you, it puts life in perspective the things we take for granted. pretty cool. the original mighty pink power ranger is in to street performances. amy joe johnson was spotted on the streets of toronto performing in her original costume for cash. it was part of the dare from blue ranger david joost, for johnson to promote a campaign that she's involved in. johnson posted this picture to instagram as part of the dare. >> within mom takes on that question and her answers are hilarious. we will show what you she put together.
4:53 am
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4:55 am
is that the song were you talking about. >> yes. >> this is off the album called sticky fingers. don't blame me for the title. so listen to this, a california man has a very close call, with an 8-foot long hammer head shark and the whole thing is caught on tape. >> well, let's show the tape, shall we? here it is, forest galante i
4:56 am
was fishing yellow tail when he and his friend spotted the shark in the water. what he does next will shock you. he turns on his cameras puts bait on the what the tore draw tonight and jumps in with a friend. he said the hammer head was aggressive. galante says he has divide with sharks before and will do it again because thrill of interacting with a animal like that is worth risk. >> you interact with animals like that every day. >> speak for yourself. >> you think you have problems paying bills and dealing with other adult issues. >> there is a toddler that shows that life than the any easier as a little one either. hilarious page showing struggle of life from two-year old hallow, her mom who is obviously captioning the the pictures. for example, i was going to write 10k in cheerios then i don't know how to make letters or numbers. that is funny. >> cute. >> and then this one my mom says these are the last of the
4:57 am
strawberries, no worries i'm sure crying will make some magically a appear in the fridge. brushing my teeth would be so much more fun if my mom would just let me suck it straight from the tube. >> that is the the flavorful kind, cookie monster kind. >> instant two-year old is this little kids handle and she has more than 17,000 followers. >> that might be the l mow toothpaste. >> yes. >> look at this little guy, this poor pup, left on a roof for three days, no food, no water. >> on a roof. >> on a roof. >> how rescue workers jumped in to save him and why his owner says he was up there. a fire breaks out in the six flags in jackson
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> reporter: new head of the veterans affairs department is pledge to go fix a broken system. on this veterans day men a and women who have served say they are cautiously optimistic, kerry. jenny, inmates caught up in a brawl in the philadelphia prison some sent to the hospital with stab wound, how you did they get their hand on a weapon. and sue serio is tracking a a polar plunge heading this way. >> yes, but not today, it is a mild day for veterans day we will tell you when the changes


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