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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  November 11, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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link. mark sanchez with a lot to celebrate on his first day to day, we're breaking down this amazing game. veterans, back from war but they are toughest fight is probably here at home, how the va is promised to go make things right for men and women who have done so much for this country. sue serio promising you one thing and one thing only today will be beautiful but, a cold snap. do you remember all that talk of the polar plunge. >> my goodness, really. >> yes. >> snow. that is tv's version of snow. >> i think it is clouds. >> what is that. >> no, we're looking at, there we go. >> there we go. >> the light are on in that building. >> there is an auspicious start. please stay with us, tuesday november 11th, 2014. it is veterans day. >> yes, it is. >> tweet your photos, you, your friend, family members in the military who are veterans use the hash tag fox 29 good day and as we have
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been doing for past couple hours we will continue to share them throughout the morning. >> yes. >> as we mentioned real quickly, today will be nice. so get outside today and savior warm temperature. >> if you have anything to do outside, chores outside in the yard, leaf blowing, this would be pleasant day. >> leaves are every where in the yard. >> those things you you say you will do and never get around to doing. you know what i'm talk about. ten out of ten today. it will be more comfortable today to be outside then at least the second half of tomorrow. so we've got the ten. we have a few clouds around. we have fog this morning. i think sun will take care of it. temperatures in the 30's and 40's. bus stop budd which his flag to honor those who served our country. sunrise at 6:41 this morning, still dark but things are starting to get active there at philly international with 47 degrees right now. a high of 67 degrees later on. so we will gain 20 degrees by
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the the time the day is through. as long as we get enough sunshine. we will talk about the changes a ahead in the seven day forecast coming up. lets check with bob kelly, how sit looking. >> 6:02 on a tuesday. we will see later than normal rush hour as have been stayed up later to watch eagles game but big win we're a all in a good mood. live look for shaders, route 73 in maple shade new jersey. some light volume so far this morning but heading south on i-95 south of wilmington an accident at route 58 at church man's road, and a deer and a vehicle collide here on the pennsylvania turnpike. it is westbound right here near that fort washington interchange. all this weekend and last week we have seen deer jumping across the the roadway. crews packing up north of route 202, and, interchange, and bridges look fine, and mass transit, and, in delays, and chris and kerry. delven barnes, the man
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accused of, snatching a germantown woman off the the street and taking her to maryland will be back in philadelphia today to face, federal kidnapping charges. >> steve keeley live outside philadelphia fbi headquarters at sixth and arch, and steve, thinks home coming of sorts for this guy. >> reporter: he was born in this town. he will be back in this town today. that wasn't the original plan. he was going to have his first court appearance in virginia but things have change. feds will go first here in philadelphia carlesha's confessed kidnapper heading up i-95 north courtesy of the fbi driver in shackles, leg irons and heavy guard for first court appearance set for tomorrow at sixth and market streets. he will be extradited in a way here, extradited back to virginia you will recall last week after his arrest and scheduled to have his appearance in the local courtroom down there but local authorities let us know they quote in cooperation with federal authorities here in philadelphia agreed to relinquish custody of barn toes federal authorities
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calling it a coordinated tactical maneuver deiron to allow the federal prosecution of the crimes here in pennsylvania, and down in maryland to proceed prior to prosecution down in virginia, for that three day kidnapping ordeal and rape and beating of that poor 16 year-old girl down there still in the hospital. you hate to hear that she would have to relive this in a virginia courtroom or carlesha would have to relive bee retelling these events in a courtroom here. since he confessed according to federal authority when they charged him you are hoping this is an easy no hassle guilty plea here and carlesha does not have to testify but we just don't know what is in this guy's mine. an arraignment tomorrow, quick reading of the charges and then set a future day for a hearing and we hud know in between tomorrow's appearance and next scheduled court appearance whether this is something simple or something long and drawn out because the authorities out in virginia tell me, chris and kerry that case, may be months even years was their word awaying fromming down in virginia.
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>> wow. >> this guy, unbelievable. >> steve, thank you. 6:04. fightin side the industrial correctional center sending several inmates to the hospital. sky fox over the prison. police say several were stabbed with a homemade weapon. their injuries are in the life threatening. no officers why harmed during the incident. officials insist, at six flags great adventure in one was her. that fire broke out in the barn in the theme park safari section. and, and, six flags, tweeted out, and all are safe, the animals. the veterans administration, announced massive restructuring to improve services for our vet. fox 29's jennifer joyce live outside, with details on this. >> reporter: and, last night official says a system overhaul is much needed and long overdue. last night there was a open house in the regional office at wissohickon avenue that invited vet and their families
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to stop in and present their concerns in terms of medical care within the veterans affairs system. the the meeting was part of the effort to provide outreach and improved communication. one man at the meeting who didn't want to us show his face explain his ten year long battle for benefits. the feeling a among veterans is frustration. new head of the va says a he is streamlining facilities and va web site and disciplining staffers whose incompetence has led to these horrific weight times. va's new goal by end of 2015 is to deliver quality medical care to veterans within 125 days of a veteran's claim, chris and kerry. >> all right. in one will soon forget the name of aaron sin second i. lets get to the breaking news that bob kelly has been following for news traffic. crews or the scene of the fire at ymca in old york road in abington. fire is under control. we have a crew on the way to the scene. when we get more information we will pass it along.
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now just about 6:07. eagles seven-two after a blow out win over the panthers. >> roll out highlight because they are fun to watch. darren sproles puttying also up ten to nothing the in the first quarter with this rushing touchdown. there we go. how about this, he did it again, this time another punt return for a touchdown, this season. what a pick up darren sproles was in the off season from the new orleans saints. then after that it was all mark sanchez, look at this pass right here to jordan matthews, he threw a second touchdown to jordan matthews a great rocky. final score 35-21. it wasn't that close. really the last two touchdowns were, you know, just throw a aways. score should have been 45-seven. and it is mark sanchez's 28th birthday to celebrate he went to geno's and got a cheese stake. take a good look at this guy police are looking for him after they followed a man
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home, sexually a ultimate is ad him and robbed him, what people are saying they are doing in case he comes back to this neighborhood. at least this isn't in our this neighborhood. at least this isn't in our forecwhat's possible today?
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okay. it is 6:10. police want you to take a look at surveillance pictures of guy they are looking for in the robbery and sexual assault of the 18 year-old. >> police say the suspect seen here inside golden dragon chinese restaurant in the 3300 block of north second street followed the 18 year-old man out of that store and back to his home early sunday morning. that is when he forced the victim inside at gunpoint, and then sexually assaulted him and rob him. neighbors we spoke with didn't recognize the guy but say they are worried and will be on the look out. >> a guy would follow another guy, and rape him, that is sickening. >> this block right here we look out for one another, best i can say is i hope he is okay. >> suspect took the victim's cell phone, house keys and a 120 bucks. police, stopping a burglar in his tracks they say 48
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year-old man robbed a number of homes on noreen ape sycamore streets in burlington county between mid-october and last week. police say that he is the primary suspect in all of the burglaries, although prosecutors have not charge them with all as of yet. police caught up with him friday night while riding his bike. so where is the beef? 800-pound of meat, gone, but it is where it was stolen from that will make you sick. over that girard point double decker bridge heading down to the airport for a flight out this morning we will check with the tote board, sue has veterans day
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a stream of lava setting a home on fire. residents not home where that hit the house but lava from the kilauea volcano has been threatening the town for two weeks. civil defense officials say they are continuing to closely monitor the lava flow. meanwhile, a very different look in minneapolis. >> it is getting really cold up there. take a look the at winter blast hitting upper midwest. some areas are seeing a foot of snow, yep, apparently with plunging temperatures it is a mess. thinks north of minneapolis where one community saw 16 inches already sue serio. >> yeah, that is the deal. when cold air moves in and then you get a little storm it been frozen precipitation. we have more to the north. it has moved over to wisconsin and it looks kind of sleety there in nebraska. so we are still in the mild side of that front, but once that cold air moves in, late
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in the day tomorrow, we will have have to start thinking about the same kind of thing, not to this degree but especially early in the morning if we get moisture in the air it may be frozen precipitation. looking to the future cast and we will see tuesday night possibility of stray shower or two, well in advance of the cold front. today being tuesday, that would be late tonight. now, as far as tomorrow is concern, you see boundary line of the cold front out to the west we have got cloud early in the morning on wednesday but we don't see any precipitation with that front. you will notice difference after it passes through it clears up and things will get breezy out there then cold air coming in, and we start to watch lake effect snow machine east of lake erie and cleveland and buffalo and erie, pennsylvania, so, throughout the day we'll if that makes it down here. probably not. but thursday night we have possibility of a stray shower or two, thursday night.
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again not a big deal but something to keep an eye on throughout the the weekend. it will be dry until late sunday night. we will tell you in the seven day forecast. it is milder then yesterday with temperatures in the 40's in philadelphia and mount pocono, lancaster has 39 degrees, 45 degrees in dover and temperatures 66 or 67 degrees by the time it is said and done today. we have a half ape half kind of day with mild temperatures early and temperatures plunging with the wind of change, turns colder on thursday and friday morning, we have to watch for a little bit of precipitation and sunday night into monday the possibility of some precipitation as well. we will use the word precipitation instead of rain, bob kelly, because it will start getting colder. >> hint, hint we are getting the hint now. 6:17. good tuesday morning. we have a problem on i-95 in the jam cam, southbound lanes of i-95 near commodore barry
6:18 am
bridge. do you see this white van here hugging the left lane holding our breath so he doesn't get whack from behind here and hopefully get an officer or penndot truck on the scene but heading south on i-95 down near commodore barry, heads up in that left lane. a disable on the schuylkill expressway, this is westbound on the schuylkill right here near girard avenue, heading for the zoo and then south on i-95 down south of wilmington we are watching a crash at route 58 which is church man's road. we mentioned a crash involving a deer on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound approaching that fort washington interchange otherwise bridges, bennie, whitman, commodore barry looking good in and out of philadelphia this morning. mass transit, buses, trains and regional rails all running owe far with no delays, chris and kerry back to you. 6:18. a sink hole opened up, taking a car down witt, ground gave way to the mobile home park that hole is 10 feet deep,
6:19 am
10 feet wide. crews figure out what is going on. attorney for quick murderer jody arias filed a in motion to dismiss all charges against her. arias was found guilty of killing her boyfriend travissal sand inner 2008 but this latest legal move allegedes that a computer forensic expert hired by defense discovered thousands office files were deleted frommal san era's computer while in custody. meanwhile, proceedings are underway to determine if arias will be sentenced to life or death. gunman is under arrest in norman, oklahoma after holding two people hostage for several hours, police say armed man entered the office building yesterday ape held a man and woman hostage for hours and then four hours later the the 29 year-old suspect surrendered to police. hostages were not hurt. police are searching for motive and why the suspect chose that particular building. captain who jumped ship and abandoned hundreds of people in the sin king ferry in april will spend 36 years
6:20 am
in prison. more than 300 people were killed in the accident: he was found not guilty of murder. court convicted him of professional negligence. mostly those who died in the disaster was teenage students traveling for school trip. pennsylvania state police with like to necessity where is the beef there was a burglar that wiped several hundred pound of beef from the food bank. >> we remember that wendy's commercial right. >> police say 800-pound of ground beef was stolen from the saint thomas united methodist church in saint thomas township pennsylvania, the beef was an estimated value of 2400 bucks and could have gone to feed many families in our area. >> probably over a thousand people because we had some families that were 14 and 15 in a a family. >> it is very disheart evening, i take it to me, you know, what did i did.
6:21 am
so i just want to find out who did it. >> that is in the right. >> church is now asking for donations to help make up for the loss. talk about a bitter divorce, man pushes his wife's classic corvette in the delaware river and then takes off. what a witness told police he said just before leaving the crime scene. to honor men and women in uniform this veterans day we are asking townsend pictures of loved ones who served. this is charlie shea, he served on the u.s.s. submarine cold world war two. we've got sean, thanks for your service as well. we appreciate you tweeting in those photos. we will show them all morning long. will all you have to do is tweet us with the the hash tag fox 29 good day
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i'm keith russell, with sports in the minute. wand are how eagles will respond with mark sanchez and not nick foles. wonder in more. game was over before it started. panthers started over on the first two possessions. darren sproles 8-yard touchdown run, he was just getting started. sproles says you missed me once, twice, you won't get another chance. his second punt return for a score this year, fifth of his career, eagles eighth none in offensive touchdown of the year. mark sanchez efficient when looking for his favorite target in practice. jordan matthews his first career 100-yard receiving game he had two touchdowns. eagles win 45-21. seven-two on the year. they remain half game in front of the cowboys in the nfc east. we know next week will be tougher, only unbeaten, team is the packers. next week, green bay right here the at fox 29, 4:25. i'm keith russell with your sports in a minute.
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all right. erect in a messy divorce may lead to criminal charges against a disgruntled husband. police issued a warrant for a man they say drove his wife's 1990 chevy corvette in the delaware river. divers spent monday afternoon searching waters near tacony palmyra bridge. police say man was trying to get back at his soon to be ex-wife and sank her car as revenge. police say he is in the only facing charges but put officer's lives in danger as well. >> completely irresponsible to commit an act like this knowing these officers will to have enter the water, we just discussed, it is extremely cold, visibility down there is completely zero. >> police say the man faces charges of reckless endangerment and possible environmental fines. lawyer for accused cop killer eric frein, making bold statements this morning what he a says police blocked him
6:27 am
from doing. steve keeley live outside fbi headquarters where they are waiting for a high profile criminal, steve. >> reporter: name everybody is familiar with delven barnes left last week with a captive in his car and now he is come back as the the captive with legs
6:28 am
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the charges he will face heading to court this veterans day we will honor men and women, but many of them are coming back home ape not getting treatment they deserve, how va is promised to go make things right. sanchez, throws, end zone, matthews, his drive, his touchdown, what a start for the eagles. >> what a birth the day for mark sanchez today a the lieutenant of reasons for him to celebrate, try 45 to 21. we have highlights coming up. >> good day, it is tuesday november 11th, 2014. it is veterans day. we have been asking to you tweet us photos of you, your friend, family members who have serve. use the hash tag fox 29 good day. we will share them with you throughout the the rest of the morning. >> could not be a better day especially if you have it off, right sue serio. >> there are some people, some kids i should say that are going to school today. bus stop buddy, we make him
6:31 am
work no matter what but today he is carrying his american flag in service to our country. temperatures in the 30's and 40's this morning. more in the 40's, because yesterday, it was even chillier. it is just milder today for this veterans day. we will give you ten out of ten. sunny skies. milder temperatures. despite morning fog and we will have clouds mixed with the sunshine later on because a as we know things will change. so all of more reason to even eye this beautiful almost sunrise. sunrise official at 6:41 and 47 in the degrees in the city with calm winds. sixty-seven is our high today, mix of sun and clouds, milder temperatures ape tonight we are down in the 50's. we are not going to chill out too much with the clouds and possibility of the shower or two. it is in advance of the cold front coming through tomorrow, we will tell what you that does to the temperature in the seven day forecast. >> 6:32 on a tuesday morning. we have been talking about the
6:32 am
fog, here's a live look one for the gang in pennsauken, i got new sound effect is here, fog horn, are you ready. >> do you want to hear it again. >> we have a few fog horn is here. live look route 73. we will work on the batteries in the fog horn but this is route 130, who remembers the old pennsauken mart right here where we are starting to see that fog, pockets along the way depending upon where you begin and end your trip. for the gang southbound on i-95 an accident right here near church man's road interchange and then west on the pennsylvania turnpike, an accident, this one involving a deer right here near fort washington interchange. just a heads up, look out the deer are out there with us this morning. i think we will see later than normal normal rush hour, everyone staying up late, we are hitting smooth button this morning. west on the schuylkill we are going for a fly and accident right at girard avenue for the
6:33 am
gang leaving town right here near the the zoo interchange, otherwise, mass transit, new jersey transit, patco, even the dart buses they are all looking good and bridges look fine as well. chris and kerry back to you. thanks, bob. 6:33. more on the breaking news, that bob has been following all morning long in traffic. crews are on the scene of the fire at ymca at old york road in abington. that fire is under control but we have a crew on the way to the scene. we will have more when it becomes a available. the man accused of snatching a germantown woman off the street and taking her down to maryland against her willis heading back to philadelphia when dal vern barn's lives he will face federal kidnapping charges. >> he is wanted in many other places as well. fox 29's steve keeley lives on suit i had philadelphia fbi office with the very latest. >> the if jed signed the the order and fbi picks him up at a virginia jail where he has been held since his arrest last week. they will head up i-95 north bound a four and a half hour drive from southern virginia
6:34 am
today and he will be facing his first court appearance here in philadelphia, down in virginia. he was already scheduled down in virginia to be in court today but that changed when the virginia authorities agreed to cooperate with the federal authorities to say, in cooperation with the office of the u.s. attorney of pennsylvania, authorities agree to relinquish custody of barnes to the federal authority. this they told us is a coordinated tactical maneuver designed to will you federal prosecution of the crimes in pennsylvania, maryland to proceed prior to the case down in virginia. so likely, just a quick appearance here in federal court for barnes at sixth and market street. we are awaiting a long list of charges and likely setting a date for possible preliminary hearing. it looks like unless he already confessed and in hassle will eventual guilty plea, carlesha might to have relive her ordeal, in open court, and there was something, that may likely
6:35 am
have to happen, if or unless barnes does something he didn't do, to her or the 16 year-old girl he is accused of kidnapping and that is finally show some compassion and wave his preliminary hearing and cop a quick guilty plea in either case. with you after hearing barnes talk to the reporters last week on the way to the virginia jail, don't count on it. chris and kerry. >> he had choice words, yeah, steve, thank you. lawyer for accused cop killer eric frein says authorities kept him from seeing his client. veteran criminal defense attorney james sweat says he tried to meet with frein after police arrested him. sweat says, they told him no. by the time he saw frein the next day sweat says police already had interviewed him. prosecutors charged frein in the shooting death of corporal brian dick-sons and shooting of trooper alex douglass in september. camden county police are investigating two deadly shootings from his last night. first victim killed in the 800 block of haddon avenue knew in camden right around 7:00 o'clock and then police
6:36 am
responded to the second shooting on morgan boulevard, also, in the city, that call came in a little bit before 8:30. police say they don't think these incidents are related. this marks four murders in two days. seven new jersey high school football players accused in the hazing scandal will be tried as juveniles according to the in middlesex county prosecutor. sayreville war memorial high school players were arrested last in all between ages of 15 to 17. prosecutors say that the teens held other players against their will, and touched them in a sexual manner. the school superintendent, canceled the football season after these hazing allegation where is discovered. a philadelphia traffic court judge convicted of perjury in federal court will plead guilty in an unrelated corruption case. seventy-one year-old thomasseen tynes is expect to admit to taking a 2,000 collars tiffany bracelet from an informant. her plea is a huge win for philadelphia district attorney seth williams who reopened
6:37 am
this case this past summer. veterans administration is working to improve services for our veterans. at announce. comes as nation honors our vets for services on this day. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce live outside va hospital with more on those improvements, jenny? well, big complaint from our veterans is that not only is the benefit process lengthy but it is also very confusing. veterans are frustrated with excessive wait times for care. one man tells us he has been battling for benefits for ten years to improve communication between officials and veterans, a meeting was held last night in our area. veterans and their tam list were invited to attend and speak up and speak up about their issues and concerns with the currencies tell. a deputy of the war in iraq and afghanistan, recession back home and over reach on the part of the va was led to excessive wait times for medical care. the the new va leader say he has plans to rebill system and
6:38 am
hopes to build trust among veterans. >> first is to rebuild trust, rebuild trust with veterans and rebuild trust with stake holders. >> as you will see a stone wall being put up and broken down. >> we're very focused on getting these veterans their answers real quickly. >> reporter: catch up on the backlog. >> yes, and equally important to ensure we are doing a quality job. we want to get them the right answer the first time. >> reporter: va handles roughly 36,000 disability claims each year. the department in the only wants to catch up on the backlog but ensure quality care, the va says it is streamlining facilities and the web site to make it easier for veterans to access their medical benefits with a new leader of the va, the department is pledging to provide better care for veterans, hire more doctors and discipline those who have contributed to the outrageously long wait times for veterans who are seeking
6:39 am
medical care. chris and kerry. >> all right, jennifer joyce live for us. and also on this veterans day philadelphia dignitaries will attend a ceremony at washington square's tomb of the unknown sold isers. >> today's event will commemorate living veterans and remember those who paid the ultimate price in serving our country. the tomb is honoring thousands who died during the revolutionary war, many of whom were with your i had in mass graves. president john adams wrote of the washington square quote the graves of the soldiers who have have been buried in this ground are enough to make the heart of stone melt away. several local restaurants are offering free food, to vets to celebrate this afternoon. >> veterans and veterans can receive a free medium pizza at mark owe's. apple bees offering free meals to veterans and active duty service members as well. the chain has a special menu for the holiday, all you need is your military id or wear your uniform. and septa ace looking to
6:40 am
hire veterans, transportation agency working with the va on a special initiative to recreate veterans to that company. septa will release more information about its program in an announcement later today. just waking up, need a free cup of coffee head to wawa, all of the vets and families are welcomed to a free cup of coffee. postal service hack, thousands of social security numbers compromised? is your information at risk. we will take a look. but first sue is tracking a beautiful day. >> it is for those celebrating veterans day to day, those with the day off we have a decent, maybe even better than decent forecast for you and then a few wet changes, perhaps you have heard of, it is all included in the forecast coming up. this is sergeant matthew, i should say a special list who served in afghanistan in
6:41 am
2012. thanks for your service. tweet us at fox 29 good day.
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three plays, two turnovers, carry williams with the pick. >> did you know that mark
6:44 am
sanchez, turns 28 years old. he has lieutenant to celebrate,. >> lets talk about darren sproles. he puttying also up ten to nothing the in the first quarter with his rushing touchdown, and eagles up by three, later in the third quarter, it was foles again. >> is there the touchdown. >> yes. >> and special teams, he will return his punt. and three times already this season. and all the way, unbelievable, another return punt for a touch town. after that it was all eagles. an chest celebrating his 28th birthday today and his first touchdown pass, to jordan the matthews there and then second one later in the game right here. and, dive for the end zone. it was all over last night, 45-21 the time score. >> it will be a tough game in green bay this sunday begins aaron rodgers and packers.
6:45 am
>> yes, yes. >> speaking of snow, sue serio. >> we were just speaking of it, before we came on tv and, i have to be careful about using that word around here because people freak out but i will show you where we have just a chance of a few flakes flying around, now that the air, cold air is getting ready to move in, you have to factor that in as well. satellite radar nothing to show you at the moment. and there is, here we go, the s word, it is up there in northern wisconsin, upper peninsula of michigan, places like that, so we've got it around but for us we will jump ahead to early tomorrow morning. we have clouds around, maybe a stray shower or two, well in advance of the cold front which comes through about midday on wednesday, tomorrow, and then the skies will clear and then wind will pick up and temperatures will plunge. now cold air is in place. we are starting to see some snow as cold air moves across the great lakes which are far from being frozen at this point and that is where lake
6:46 am
effect snow comes from will it make its way down here by friday morning. probably not but possibility is there, of maybe a little sprinkle or two. now temperatures, right now, 48 degrees, of course, these will be the high temperatures once we get toward the end of the week. temperatures in the 40's in wilmington, dover. wildwood has 54. thirty-nine in lancaster. this is cold air heading our way and you can see it is very blue behind the cold front. like your lips will be after it gets cold. temperatures in the 20's. not out of the question maybe on saturday morning which would be the coldest air of the season so far settling n reduced visibility in a few places. we have been having problems with fog around fort dix. atlantic city socked in at the moment and then fog in dover delaware. so it is in and out kind of with this fog. let me show you the seven day. today looks great. 67 degrees. wind of change tomorrow. a sprinkle or to possible in
6:47 am
the morning in advance of the cold front. then we will talk about the slight chance of the sprinkle or maybe a flurry or friday morning with those colder temperatures moving in and we have a couple of reenforcing frontal cyst else that will keep us coal all the way through the rest of the seven day forecast. next chance will be sunday into monday of a little bit of precipitation and with those chilly temperatures in the 30's there called company be a few snow flakes as well but bob we don't see anything measurable or anything. >> that is good. >> measurable is the word we love there. >> 6:47. good morning. accident south on the boulevard as we go for a fly here approaching ramps on the schuylkill, expressway and that is a crash, chester county 202 at smith bridge road. the fog cam we have a new found feature. i have put new batteries in here. lets get the fog horn in here.
6:48 am
>> yes. >> that is better. we're getting there. >> live look here one for shaders, route 37 in mapel will shade. my twitter page, who remembers the the pennsauken mart? there was the days on the sunday up one side, back down the other. they had pretzel factory at pennsauken mart. bottom line we are dealing with fog in pennsauken as well. eastbound on the schuylkill expressway put 20 minutes from conshohocken to downtown. south on i-95 same deal, 20 minutes from woodhaven in center city. heading to the airport good to go, no fog along the airport corridor. that is good news for flights in and out of philadelphia, up and down the blue route in good shape. mass transit, buses, trains, trolleys all running with no delays, chris and kerry, back over to you. i love it, bob. >> that was good. >> that was good. >> so great having you in front of the teams. >> great to be here. >> it is no fun in atlantic city these days for the workers at the trump taj mahal. yes, the taj mahal's parent
6:49 am
company wants the casino's main union to drop its appeal of the court ordered cost saving package. trump entertainment says relief from health insurance and pension cost is essential to keeping the casino opened past the end of the month but we will keep a close eye on that. where the senate president steve sweeney says he wants to stop the bleeding so atlantic city doesn't become detroit, his words. he has unveiled a plan to stabilize the the city's struggling economy but it is not easy. plan requires schools and municipalities to make 72 million-dollar in unspecified cuts. sweeney would also authorize casinos to make 150 million-dollar payments in lieu of taxes for each of the first two years. the plan also redirects money to pay down cities debt. united states postal service now joins long list targeted by hackers. officials confirmed a sign's tack may have compromised social security numbers and
6:50 am
other private information of the 800,000 employees, the fbi says it is now looking into whether the hackers may have also targeted customers. postal service says the attack was quote limited in scope and all services are functioning normally as of right now. 6:50. let turn to entertainment headlines, investigators say a clinic that treated comedian joan rivers, made several errors during that treatment. >> new york department of health reports sites that yorkville endoscopy for errors including failing to identify tea tear rating vital signs and to timely intervention. negligence is not alleged. rivers died september 4th, a week after treatment. she died from brain damage due to a lack of oxygen according to new york city's medical examiner. merrill streep is set to he have is the presidential medal of freedom. oscar winning actress and new jersey native will be among 19 recipient at the white house on november 24th.
6:51 am
others include sole ledgend stevey wonder and journalist tom brookaw. reality star kendra wilkinson says she is a single woman in an interview with dish nation this comes a few days after the former playboy model said that she would never divorce former eagle hank basket. couple has been living out of their marital drama on the reality show kendra on top. basket is accused of having a affair with the trans sexual model. >> good times. >> wilkinson is set to appear on i'm a celebrity, get me out of here. she said time away will give her a chance to figure out her situation because reality shows to give thaw downtime away from the camera where you can really sort things through ape get you're motion at wits about you. have you been to mcdonald's lately? if you have, we have got a warning for but happy meals
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
we have a great show for men and with men who served our country. >> i'm very proud of this alex. >> you should be. >> what a win have have you seen the paper this morning. wam being bam, thank you, and
6:55 am
what a laugher. it was a blow out. >> it was over from the beginning. >> we will take it. seven-two. >> green bay up next. >> interesting. so what is going on with your story. >> kim kardashian facial she uses her own blood to make her face look more rejuvenated and youthful. you can do it to in the delaware valley. i will show you where in two minutes. good day starts in two.
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happy birthday mark sanchez, mark can celebrate his birthday today with a big win last night, what should we take from this win. we will break it down. >> i'm thankful they were there and decided to act and instead of watch. that philadelphia police officer rescued from his burning patrol car, he is out of the hospital and in our studio. love stinks, a red corvette pulled out of the delaware river, police say was put there by a bitter husband and he will end up behind bars. played well in front of our fans. that is very important for us, for autopsy of the troops and
6:59 am
people watching across the country and around the world, we appreciate your service, we love you, praying for you. >> moments after leading bird to victory mark sanchez turn his attention to the troops serving our country, on this veterans day, he wants you to join us, in saying thank you to all of the brave men and women, serving our country. in honor of veterans day, 11/11/14. >> ♪ >> and his saxophone, right in front of the birthplace of america, just a couple blocks from the birthplace of america, that sound great. staff sergeant cookies from the allentown area, he will be with us all morning long. if you have a service member in your family we want to pay tribute to them as well, just
7:00 am
send us into my fox, and use the hash tag, fox 29 good day. get on twitter, that is best way to put it to us, get on twitter, get the hash tag fox 29 good day show us pictures of your service members, whether they are serving now or maybe served in the past, look at this, thank you for your service, young lady. >> we are getting a lot of these, today and. >> and thanking. >> thank you sergeant cook. you sound good. >> fantastic. >> early in the morning, nicely done. >> great way to start. >> beautiful. hi everybody. welcome to "good day philadelphia" on this tuesday. my favorite number, lucky number is 11. >> yes. >> this is good. >> yes. >> 11/11. the vetter on a scale of one to ten is a ten. what i'm saying is, sue, this should be a spinal tap tuesday.


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