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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  November 11, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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this dam car. >> tonight the man police are looking for talks only to fox 29. why he did it. and why he's sorry. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> we'll have that exclusive story in a moment but we are on top of breaking news. skyfox is live over the scene of a schoolbus crash in princeton, new jersey. three people are hurt including one teenager. good evening, i'm lucy noland. i'm iain page. let's get right out to fox 29's chris o'connell. he's live near the scene tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain and lucy, good evening. we just got update from princeton police here in mercer county. they are telling us four people have been injured in a schoolbus crash. all of them have been taken to area hospitals. the good news out of this story is none of those injuries appear to be life-threatening. the road is still closed behind me many take a look at what i'm looking at. they just up righted that mini schoolbus. again none of the injuries life threatening.
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that schoolbus collided with a white bmw sedan. it happened about 3:00 o'clock here on lar reasonsville road route 206 here in mercer county. just got word where this bus originated from. it was the school rock brook school in skill man, new jersey, about eight to 10 miles north of here in mercer county. the two vehicles collided here on lawrenceville road. the bus flipped ending up on its side. the bmw spinning out of control. heavy front end damage but those four people a bus driver, a 16 year old student, a 71 year old school aid and the driver of the bmw all transported to area hospitals. the good news is, none of them are life threatening. let's take look from skyfox. they were on the scene shortly after this. extrications had to happen here with emergency crews. they were all able to get out of those vehicles. we can tell you that this road is closed and will be closed for the next couple of hours as the
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mercer county special accident investigative team has just arrived on seen to figure out exactly how this happened but the good news is, of those four injuries, none of them appear to be life-threatening. this road will be closed for a little while longer the at least a couple hours according to princeton police. lucy he is, iain. >> chris, thank you. fox to a fox 29 exclusive. you saw it live on fox 29 news at 5:00 yesterday a classic corvette pulled from the delaware river. a woman watching our newscast recognized the car as hers. >> err estranged husband admits y, he ditch it in the river because of a nasty divorce and that husband called fox 29 this morning and said he wanted to talk exclusively to us. even as police looked for him. >> tonight he's explaining why did he it. fox 29's dave schratwieser live at northeast detectives to night with the exclusive interview. dave? >> reporter: iain, northeast detectives have just obtained a warrant for the arrest of john kramer for violating the terms of a protection from abuse
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order. now we did talk to kramer today out of state at his request and he had plenty to say about why he drove that car into the river. >> how you doing? you all right? >> surviving. >> reporter: john kramer came out of the shadows tuesday less than 24 hours after police say he drove this 1990 corvette into the delaware river after a dispute with his estranged wife. >> i didn't want to put the car in the river. but everybody is fighting over this dam car that i paid $3,600 for two years ago. >> reporter: 50 year old kramer was clearly still shaken from the minute monday afternoon when he drove the car into the river and bailed out then took off. telling an eyewitness, please don't tell the police. it's a family affair. >> this whole thing started back on june 3rd when i found my son dead. 11:00 o'clock in the morning, okay, in the basement of my house. >> reporter: kramer who lives in northeast philadelphia told fox 29 the corvette has been center avenue lot of problems he and his wife recently. he wanted one of the family's
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five cars back and he couldn't get it. >> i wanted the van. okay? i've been begging my wife for over three months to just give me the van. i said, if you need it back, i'll give it to you. >> reporter: kramer asked fox 29 to meet him out of state. he's clearly on the run from police who want to question him about the incident. he told fox 29 he will not return to philadelphia because of a prior protection from abuse order and monday's case paids. >> they want to arrest me. they don't want to talk to me. you know, what's the charge? >> reporter: police are set to charge kramer with violating a protection from abuse order and possibly reckless endangerment after the car submerged in the delaware and police divers had to enter the cold and murky waters to determine if anyone else was inside. hours later, the car was pulled from the water. >> you put police officers in jeopardy yesterday. that, right? i apologized to them. i did not mean to do that. i didn't know anybody was going to see meche i was on freaking dirt road. >> reporter: now, again, that
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warrant has been issued for kramer's arrest. that's his side of the story. coming up at sick, we'll speak to his ex stranged wife. >> i was glad that nobody was injured, and at the same time i just couldn't believe that somebody would could do that. >> reporter: now coming up at 6:00 hear her side of the story and exactly why she believes this happened. that's coming up at 6:00. lucy. >> a whole more to talk about. see you at 6:00 o'clock. dave. >> happening right now the man accused of of grabbing a philadelphia woman off the streets is back in philadelphia. 37 year old delvin barnes is here to face federal charges surrounding kidnapping of carlesha freeland gaither last week. now barnes arrived at the federal detention center in philadelphia late this morning. prosecutors say he grabbed the 22 year old woman off a germantown street on novembe november 2nd. surveillance cameras captured the moments he dragged her down the street and shoved her into a car. federal agents rescued free land gaither three days later and arrested barnes. he's been a in virginia jail on
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charges from a different kidnapping and barnes is slated to appear in federal court tomorrow. all right. early shot of winter now in your fox 29 weather authority continues to pound parts of the midwest and the great plain states. some people have already seen more than a foot of snow. we're not expecting anything like that. at least not yet. but some cold weather is on the way. chief meteorologist scott williams here to tell us what we're facing even though today was beautiful, scott. >> today certainly was beautiful, iain. the high temperature made it to 70 degrees in the philadelphia area and we have at least one more day of the above average temperatures. ultimate doppler is dry and quite but take a look at all of the snow reports from the planes and the upper midwest over a foot of snow with that system. as we take a look at the satellite and radar out ahead of this front it's very mild but behind it, it is cold, a sharp temperature contrast. if you're stepping outdoors, pretty comfortable mid 60s right now but look at the sharp temperature contrast. 70 in charlotte. 65 in roanoke behind that front
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we're looking at 30s, 20s, even single digits right now in rapid city. so that air mass will eventually head a little farther to the east. but not tonight. look at the overnight lows. we're talking 50s across the area. some patchy fog as well as some drizzle but coming up the timing of that cold air as well as the potential for some wintry precip in our seven day forecast. iain and lucy. >> thank you very much, scott. it is veterans day and across the country people are saluting the men and women who serve in our armed forces. vice-president joe biden place add wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier in arlington national so many they are reach lawmakers and dignitaries took part in remembrance events at the nation's world war ii memorial and vietnam veterans memorial. we have 22 million veterans across our nation, and this year there's a lot of concern among them following the massive overhaul of the department with a scandal earlier this year. now, reportedly some veterans died as a result of delayed care
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and falsified records. >> trying to change the out comes, improve the out comes and we're making good progress. i mean, job number one is to make sure the organization focus is on the veteran and veteran out comes. >> veterans will see additional help on capitol hill in congress with the recent mid term elections the numbers of iraqi and afghanistan veterans increased to a record level. closer to home hundreds turn out in delaware county to give a hearty thanks to the men and women who served our country. plenty of patriotism on display as a special group of servicemen are honored for their dedication years ago. >> we are one year shy of 70th anniversary of the end of world war ii and our dawn timmeney is spending this veterans day with amazing group of americans. >> i have lucy. the theme this year, honoring our great at the time generati generation, world war ii veterans. delaware county knows how to throw a veterans day parade. this year marks 55 years but today they really out did
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themselves. >> hundreds of people lined the streets of media for a veterans day parade like no other. the crowd waving american flags. cheering, clapping, all in an effort to say thank you to the men and women who served our country. >> it's wonderful. >> reporter: veterans of all wars are being honored, special recognition this year for world war ii veterans. the group collectively serving as the grand marshal. >> that's what's important. that we appreciate these veterans especially the generation they're honoring today. >> reporter: 85 world war ii veterans riding in the parade in classic cars. the names of each and everyone announced as they passed the reviewing stand at the courthouse. >> whoo! >> thank you. >> michelle wine heart and her sister maureen are thankful for all that our veterans have sacrificed. >> the land of the free because of the brave. that's what i say. >> reporter: they're especially proud of their 90 year old dad marvin iman who
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serve in the navy in world war ii and korea. he's appreciative of the absolute today but knows first hasn't the cost of freedom. >> america doesn't realize the price of war and i seen a lot of it, and i saw a lot that didn't make it home. i wish they were with me today. it would be wonderful. >> those fallen veterans no doubt with us in spirit on this day that generations of families come together to remember. ♪ oh, say, does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ >> the weather was absolutely perfect for today's parade. i think that really helped contribute to such a huge turnout. coming up tonight at 6:00 what one, 90 year old world war two veteran thinks about every year on this day. iain and lucy. >> dawn, thank you. see you again at sick. all right.
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as of today the us ebola free. >> and that became official when a doctor who caught the virus locked out of a new york -- walk out of a new york city hospital today. why he says he's living proof the american response to the disease is working. >> and we all try to diet. no matter how good you look there's no hiding your real age with a new test. the science that could have you making some major life changes now before it's too late. >> and later a man jumps into the ocean to swim with hammer head sharks. yeah, i know. why? well, things get scary quickly. what he says accept the sharks into a frenzy. howard? >> what a win by those eagles last night. there's so much areas that now make the eagles a really good football team. chip kelly talked about why the team has winners. that and a look back at the win coming up in sports. >> coming up in weather, 70-degree temperatures today. but a big drop ahead. we'll talk about when to expect highs only in the 40s next. >> and throughout this newscast
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we will continue to honor our nation's bravest. you sent us these pictures of the veterans in your life. we'll show them throughout the next 90 minutes.
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>> we are on top of breaking news in princeton. skyfox live over the scene of a schoolbus crash in princeton, new jersey. three people are hurt including one teenager. thankfully we're told none of the injuries are serious. this happened this afternoon on
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the 600 block of lawrenceville road. the bus overturned. crews as you can see still working to clean up the scene. so traffic is backed up in the area. no word yet on what caused the crash. chris o'connell gathering more information and we of course will keep you updated. >> fire in the historic wanamaker building in center city and macy's evacuated. no injuries though. skyfox over it all. the fire started in an office on the ninth floor of the building across from city hall. macy's takes up a lot of space in that building, and authorities ordered employees and customers alike out. traffic was a mess this morning with roads blocked while firefighters put out the flames. skyfox over the scene as parents rallied outside philadelphia school district headquarters today to push for more charter school expansion. they also wanted to show support for the recently passed cigarette tax hike that generate money for schools. in addition, parents are backing the school reform commission's decision to reopen applications for new public charter schools. >> it's a video that has grabbed national headlines and the two main people joined our good day
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crew today inside that burning police cruiser an officer put a teen right there at tasker and 28th streets saved his life. officer mark kim see's leg is injured but otherwise he's just fine. >> this morning on "good day philadelphia" officer kimsey and 17 year old joe chambers recounted saturday's unforgettable ordeal. >> my original thought was hurry up and i -- he asked me what street he was on i said 20th and tasker and he radioed it in and i said your car is on fire, and we need to get you out and your door is jammed and it won't open. >> through all of that you still radioed. that's pretty good. >> very good. >> that's what i had to do. >> yeah. >> because i wasn't going to be -- nobody was going to know where i was or what was going on. >> what do you think of this guy? he's my hero. look up to a 17 year old man now. >> well you can see the entire interview by heading to our website just click on the good day tab right on our home page. it's a trip to the hospital
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for inmates at philadelphia's industrial correctional center after a violent fight. skyfox over the prison in holmesburg last night and police say inmates with homemade weapons stabbed each other. none of the injuries are light threatening and no officers were hurt. >> in the united states is officially free of e bowl la virus. a doctor being treated for ebola walks out of a new york city hospital today but fox's jonathan hunt reports there are still hundreds of people being monitored for the potentially deadly virus. >> reporter: dr. craig spencer was the last patient being treated for ebola in the u.s. he's now disease free and discharged from bellevue hospital. after being called a hero by -- >> dr. spencer deserves our gratitude for what he chose to do to serve others. >> some criticized spence sr. for visiting a bowling alley and undertaking other social activities after returning from guinea.
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and hundreds of people in the new york area are still being monitored after having possible contact with him. but spencer says, the fact that there have been no additional cases shows the city's containment efforts are working. >> my early detection, reporting and now recovery from ebola speaks to the effectiveness of the protocols that are in place. >> he's trying to keep the focus on the front lines in west africa, where the disease continues to spread in at least three countries. >> please join me in turning our attention back to west africa and ensuring that medical volunteers and other aid workers do not face stigma and threats upon their return home. >> reporter: the aid group spence sr. works with doctors without borders says it's seeing some improvement and the un says the infection rate is decreasi decreasing. before the more resources and volunteers are still needed. >> to maintain vigilance, be prepared and -- >> reporter: un says just
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under 5,000 people have died from ebola in west africa. at bellevue hospital in new york, jonathan hunt, fox news. >> in bucks county a disgusting act of vandalism made even for despicable because it happened right before veterans day. bensalem police have arrested 29 year old anthony davis carter. he is charged with inn institutional vandalism and arson. investigators say carter went to at least two cemeteries on several occasions and burned american flags that had been put on veterans graves. police say they were able to track down carter using dna evidence. >> well the american spirit a life and well on this veterans day just check out the battleship new jersey. veterans of all ages were on hand and recognized for their service. the ceremony included the traditional throwing of the wreath for those who have died and also a gun salute. the battleship new jersey is america's most decorated battleship and surviving war ship. and across the bridge
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philadelphia society hill many came out to vietnam veterans memorial to honor their friends and families killed in that war. memorial is finishing up major renovations so more people will be able to visit and -- hopefully it will stop the vandalism there. the veterans administration has selected this annual ceremony as one of sketch across the country to serve as models to others planning observances. >> we are getting ready for a cold blast in your fox 29 weather authority. chief meteorologist scott williams is back. >> it's going to take its time getting here that colder air, iain. in the meantime look at the temperatures 65 degrees right now in philadelphia. 70 in charlotte. um per 60s in atlanta but look behind that front. we're talking 20s, teens in business mark. single digits in billings, montana. it's not going to be that cold when that air mass arrives but it will be a shock to the system. but if you're stepping outdoors, this evening, actually pretty comfortable. mild. we're looking at temperatures in the upper 50s. we'll have more on the timing of that cold air as well as the
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threat of some wintry precip with the seven day coming up. iain and lucy. >> talk to you then, scott. four year old boy, a 200-foot cliff, falls off it but he's alive. how rescuers got to him despite very bad weather. a beef burglar on the run in pennsylvania much police say the crook show stole hundreds of pounds of meat. when you hear where the beef was stolen from, you'll understand why police really want to make an arrest. >> and later a man in trying to buy tens of thousands dollars worth of new iphone sixes to pop the question. the internet is on fire with his proposal. sadly his girlfriend not so much. ♪
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>> an unusually strong arctic blast making its way across the united states. the rockies and upper midwest getting slammed with snow and ice as frigid air moves south from canada. wintery weather already dropped more than a foot of snow in parts of the upper midwest, montana, south dakota and wisconsin have seen up to 16-inches of snow. >> just finished our fall cleanups for, you know, the fall leaves and stuff and yeah did
5:25 pm
not expect this much snow. not at all. wait, there's more in addition to the snow and ice the storm is bringing bone chilling temperatures to a large part of the country and forecasters say the arctic air is expected to hit the east coast just in time for the weekend. >> and then there's hawaii where it's a disaster in slow motion. this right here is lava in a house on fire. it's from the kileaua vo cane know. it destroyed a house in the village of pahoa. lava burned a three bedroom home yesterday and the flow stopped short of incinerating a barn on the same property. the owners left the house last month and thankfully are already building a brand new one. many haiyans have reverence for the agent goddess of volcanoes pell lay. >> it was rarely unique and kind of touching at the same time we're pouring new concrete pad then pele is taking the old house. i don't know. to me i almost got the feeling she said, okay, you guys are okay now, you got your new place and i'll take the old one. >> in 45 minutes the lava burned
5:26 pm
right through that house. a four year old boy falls more than 200 feet from a seaside california cliff and survives. rescuers carried out the daring maneuver yesterday just north of san francisco. the child was with his family when the accident happened. his mother called for help right away. authorities worked against the elements to get to the little boy. there was some dense fog and daylight was quickly fading. >> i think it's pretty remarkable that they were able to find him. affect the rescue and bring him up and have him still be alive. >> from the 230-foot drop, the boy only had a broken arm and leg and got a few scratches on his face. incredible. >> when you if you think smoking pot is relatively harmless hold that thought. >> coming up, new information about the major changes the drug can make in your brain. and meet the girl whose you go to head off to college at the ripe old age -- you see the pig tails there, right, 11. after already accomplishing so much at such a young age, her plans for the future, i don't
5:27 pm
know about you but my head is spinning. >> but first you may know how old you are in years but that may be very different from how fast your body has aged. what could be your tough love wake up call to get healthy. just like an interception, i bet you didn't see this one coming. up your game with a new fritos chili pizza.
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a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's.
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♪ >> welcome back. one of the last days we'll even be pop the top. let's do it live look outside. old city we are closing out what will probably be the best day of the week in the weather department. felt like spring today. my goodness. but that's about to change with a cold, cold blast headed our way. chief meteorologist scott williams has what to expect coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. >> remembering those who served and currently serving on veterans day. ♪ >> the playing of taps in philadelphia's washington square the tomb of the up known soldier. the ceremony is the city's official observance of the holiday. those on hand paid tribute to the men and women fighting for our freedom and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. >> the time when the united states of america and many other peace loving nations face increasingly hostile threats from those who wish to harm us it is certainly important that we recognize those who have fought before, serve now and may
5:31 pm
serve in the future to keep america safe. >> the tomb of the unknown in washington square is the resting place for thousands of unknown soldiers who served in george washington's army during the revolutionary war. >> on this veterans day crossroads hospice hob in order vets at drexel university today. special ceremony recognized local vets for their service including more than 600 veteran students at drexel. part of crossroads honor our veterans recognition day. >> very nice there. there's an old joke that goes, it's better to look good than to feel good and you know what, most us realize that really is a joke. >> as joyce evans shows us how much your body has aged compared to your calendar years can be very different. your actual aging process or fitness age might shock you. ♪ report. >> i would say a good like 75 to 80% of the day i'm kind of in my office. >> reporter: designing fabric for high you have end department stores and hotels, barely leaving her desk, even for
5:32 pm
lunch. >> i'll just grab something and take it to my desk and eat it. >> reporter: rapidly packing on the pounds and more. >> i wasn't handling stress in the best way that i can. >> reporter: enough to send people running to the gym but lindsay baker found out something far more alarming. >> looks good. >> reporter: than the number on her scale. >> my fitness age starting out was 47. i'm 31 years old row rt report wow. >> pretty big difference there. >> reporter: what she's talking about is her real age, what's called her health or fitness age. how old she is here by a* biologically versus her 31 birthdays. >> her fitness age at that time was 47. which was crazy to me that she wasn't married yet. she didn't even have children yet. >> reporter: fitness guru danielle wasted to time tailoring her exercise, nutrition and more. >> she has hard road ahead of
5:33 pm
her as far as keeping on track with that fitness lifestyle. >> do you have to allow time for your health or it will catch up to you. >> reporter: dr. victoria falcone does not treat lindsay but she sees countless facials just like her at her functional medicine practice specializing in the science behind your true age or lifeline. >> it's actually astounding. >> reporter: she says the answer is right there in your cells your dna caps at the tip of each chromosomes called telomeres. >> the longer your telomeres the longer you're bog to live. >> reporter: and vise versa depending on your lifestyle. >> smoke, obesity, stress those things accelerate the rate at what your telomeres shorten. >> reporter: there's more how we manage our nutritional intake, sleep habit and exposure to toxins from food, chemicals and the environment. >> this explains why some people live very very long lives and some people live very short
5:34 pm
lives. >> reporter: she says a tim pell blood test tells all. >> take it to a specialty lab. >> reporter: this chart shows the doctor's fitness health. >> i'm green i'm above the black line which means that my telomeres are longer than they should be at my age. >> reporter: she's in her 40s scoring in her 30s. >> you're doing well. >> i'm doing well. i would like to be better. >> reporter: she admits some doctors still question the newer technology. >> we don't learn this stuff in medical school. >> reporter: as well as other advancements she says in preserving health even after cell damage is done. >> once you shorten them you can get them back. it might take years for to us discover those technologists. >> reporter: in the meantime, she says, you can really slow down your fitness aging process while you grow older chronologically. >> this could be your wake up call. how are your cells doing? >> reporter: what lindsay has been doing for the past year walking that massive fabric warehouse, hitting the gym, sleeping and eating better is working. >> i went from 275 to 185.
5:35 pm
so i've lost 90 pounds so far. i went from like a size 22 down to like a size like 10 in dress sizes. >> reporter: and she just got the best physical and lab results in years. >> so today my fitness age is 24. >> reporter: no now your fitness age number may vary depending on the hemmed you use to calculate it. we have links that might help you at now some are free, some are not. but all are designed to get your attention in a matter of life or death. the question becomes, what are you willing to do about it? >> joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> wang what length my telomeres are. i'm not sure i want to find out. we got to cut down that stress. >> that is true. >> how about this a beefburger on the run in pennsylvania. police say the crook stole 800 pounds of meat. >> you know and when you hear where he stole it from, that crime goes from weird to just plain old maddening. a man jumps into the ocean
5:36 pm
to swim with a hammer head shark. not surprisingly things get scary quicking. what he says sent that shark into a frenzy. >> why would he do that? >> i don't know. crazy. >> coming up all new at 6:00 an african parrot missing from a local zoo. the zoo says the bird cage wasn't lock. where the bird just turned up. scott? >> iain, coming up find out when it will feel more like january with a big drop in temperatures. ♪
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♪ >> a beef burglar on the run in pennsylvania and now hundreds of people are left hungry. police say someone stole 800 pounds of ground beef from a food bank in saint thomas franklin county. investigators say the meat was taken from the freezers at the saint thomas united methodist church. the beef has an estimated value of $2,400.
5:40 pm
>> it's just very disheartening. i take it to me, you know, it's like what did i do? so i just want to find who did it. >> the church is now asking for donations from anyone willing to help its vomit volunteers continue to feed those in need. >> topping your health tonight, marijuana and your brain. researchers from the university of texas say chronic pot smokers actually have different brains from regular pot smokers. they found people who smoke marijuana at least four times a week have less gray matter in the frontal portion of your brains and that is a section that helps us determine what's good for us. researchers say the findings are more pronounced for users who started smoking pot when they were young. and smokers of any kind will soon have lung cancer screenings covered by medicare. those tests can find cancers early enough to possibly beat them. how much will this cost medicare? close $2 billion a
5:41 pm
year. >> c a wife and kids help land a better salary? >> well a cleveland college student seems to think so. the student posted a craigslist ad offering 75 bucks to any woman and child willing to pose as his fake family. the young man believes employers will search his facebook page during a background search and see he's deserving of a family man's salary. according to bureau of labor statistics survey married men make a lot more money than single men. >> interesting employ. exactly. crazy pictures on his facebook page. >> probably so. justin beiber solved one of the many problems facing him tonight. >> he just settle add lawsuit filed after he egged a neighbor's house and it is going to cost him, iain. while love may not cost a thing, one man in china just bought dozens of new iphone toss propose to his girlfriend. wow!, right? he wowed the social media all of that but not his girlfriend. howard? >> oh, marge sanchez everybody would like to tweet him with an
5:42 pm
iphone was the man last night. actually he was one of the many players that was a big part of the eagles win. mark
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>> file this one under what were they thinking file. two california men decided hey let's get up close and personal with a hammer head shark and so they did. forest was spear fishing when they did this. he and three friends spotted the shark in the water. he and one other jumped that. the hammer headway was about 8 feet long. he says this shark was
5:46 pm
aggressive. >> when we hopped in the water it was evident he was really fired up he came straight in to the point we were pulling our fins in and keeping our limbs close to our body and win, i don't know, 45 seconds of jumping in the water with him, it went from him kind of scoping us out to being right on top of us. >> duh! iain, the shark sitting there minding his own business. she's guys jump in and attack him watch is he going to do. what do you think is going to happen. >> hammer head attacks and sightings are rare if you want to stir up the hornet's nest. exactly. >> all right. justin beiber settles yet another lawsuit but this one will cost them. beiber is going to pay more than $80,000 to resolve his criminal misdemeanor vandalism charge for egging a neighbor's home in california. beiber pleaded no contest to the vandalism charge back in july. his lawyer says he's completed almost all of his anger management classes. he also has five days of
5:47 pm
community service left to complete. >> what were you doing when you were 11 years old? possibly getting ready to finish high school and move on to college? if you're like me that was a big no way. rhea has big plans already. she's going to study neuroscience at arizona state when she starts classes there very soon. she's so incredibly cute, my goodness. she is a pianist, she composes her own songs, she also sings and acts loves riding bikes with her friends. so what about after college? >> i want to kind of prevent like diseases like alzheimer's maybe and possibly find an alternative cure. >> she's ledge, iain. incredible. >> sounds like your son dylan to me. rhea goes to a special online school by the way and says her favorite subject is algebra. you gore y that's awesome. good for her. >> minnesota snowplow driver is keeping a promise despite becoming a multi millionaire. joe won $12 million in september. he had recently bought a used
5:48 pm
chevy pick up to plow 10 properties this winter. he says even though he didn't need the worth he will still plow this winter but he'll employee eight of the properties for free. >> i committed to all these accounts before i won the the lottery. it's been fun. we bought another house. bought a motor home. besides that, it's been real difficult with trying to figure out what to do with the money. >> i can help him with that. me, too. joe says next winter might be a different story but he says hey, a promise is a promise. >> that is awesome. >> it is. >> i love that. >> so one man in china apparently thought there was no better way to commit to his lady love than using his love of iphones. but his very expensive plan it didn't pay off. he bought 99 iphone sixes and he carefully organized them on the ground in the shape of a heart then he popped the question. those phones costs the young programmer two years salary. $82,000.
5:49 pm
82,000. what did she say? you already know. she said no. sad. pictures of the whole thing are making the rounds of social media. but iain you've got a couple words for the guy. i think it's tough to hear from him now. better in the long run because this clearly was not the relationship for him. >> not meant to be. he's going to find the right one later. >> he'll be thankful. exactly. >> this didn't work out. next time buy a ring. >> instead of the iphones. perhaps. >> iain is a little concerned the weather forecast is not working out. >> take look at that photo right there. that is an arctic haboob that moved through colorado creating dust. sharp temperature contrast. >> arctic haboob. i've never heard of it. haboobs for people you haven't heard of this term before. dust storms. >> there's arctic ones. that was blustery one. that same system will modify. it won't be as cold when it arrives but temperatures are going to be dropping. i mean today was 70 degrees. 40s are in that seven day forecast and it's going to stay in the 40s for awhile.
5:50 pm
once that colder air arrives. but take a look at the satellite and radar out ahead of that front. yeah, it feels like spring. behind it winter and winter doesn't begin until about six more weeks. so a late week chill especially arriving by friday. the upcoming weekend. high temperatures they will be stuck in the 40s. we could also see a wintry preview before all is said and done believe it or not but look at the high today. 70 degrees. we should top out in the upper 50s this time of year but look at the numbers. 65 in philadelphia. 65 in roanoke. 70 in charlotte behind that front those temperatures they're in the 30s for chicago. we have 24 in minneapolis. 15 degrees in north platt. single digits once you move into sections of south and north dakota. so as we watch the timing of this front, it continues to move in our direction. so overnight tonight after midnight, mostly cloudy a little bit of patchy fog and drizzle. and then as we move throughout the day tomorrow, out ahead of it, partly sunny to mostly cloudy, but still mild.
5:51 pm
tomorrow but in the afternoon and evening the temperatures they will drop. the wind is going to pick up and that colder air will certainly start to move in and as we -- you wake up on thursday it's going to be windy and blustery. thursday evening there could even be some snow flurries toward the pocono mountains. that's just how cold it's going to get in the days to come. before tonight mostly cloudy. we'll call it patchy fog. some drizzle but look at the low temperatures. 56 degrees in the city. 50 in the suburbs. typical high temperatures this time of year are in the upper 50s so well above average for night. then tomorrow 65 degrees early. in the day the front moves through and those winds are going to pick up out of the north and west ushering in, yes, that colder air. you can see high temperatures by thursday in the upper 40s. 44 degrees on friday with that cold blast and the up coming weekend high temperatures stay in the 40s. we'll have to watch the coast sunday night. there's a system that's going to be coming through.
5:52 pm
the cold air will be in place. so there could be evening flurries maybe snow showers. we'll keep you posted but the bottom line you can see tomorrow's high 65 degrees. after that, we are stuck in the 40s and it looks like this pattern will be locked in maybe for week or two. >> i wish you could just give me an extra day. i'm not done with the composting in my garden. i'm so behind. you have a comp day? >> no. i have a composting day can s what i need to have a composting day. >> hi, howard. >> you know maybe we can get everybody out there to help you with your garden. >> it's only 18 by 20 feet. very small. >> okay. my whole backyard. >> you better hurry. i know. >> eagles won another game last night but this one was so easy. so many areas that we can look at with the win against caroli carolina, and they are bad. the eagles 311th half the most in the first half this season for the eagles. got the most turnovers in any game this season. they had five. and it was obvious carolina quarterback cam newton is just
5:53 pm
brutal. not a good quarterback. eagles won 45-21 and it wasn't that close. there are players on this team that don't get or worry about numbers. lesean mccoy had 12 carries for only 19 yards. jeremy maclin had three catches last night. 18 his two previous games. yesterday besides mark sanchez it was a night for the rookie wide receiver jordan matthews. seven catches, brent celek had five catches for over 100 yards but the head coach made a good point today, that's the beauty of this team. >> i think it says a lot to the whole group and they understand that, you know it's amaze wagon can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit much it's a team involved and you're ultimately judged how well we perform as a team. this isn't fantasy league football or whatever. those are all periphery things we have nothing to do with. >> but the people plan about fantasy and the quarterback is the toast of the town. mark sanchez. one of his best numbers in a game as a starter. he through for 332 yards, no
5:54 pm
interceptions. that's the important thing. playing a game like that and winning puts the past two years without a start for sanchez in perspective. >> i think when you take a step back, you appreciate it so much and you miss it so much, and, you know, i just kept telling myself when i was out, you know, if i get a chance to get back out there, um, you know, i don't ever want to be out again until i retire. i want to keep playing. you just have so much respect for this whole thing and the preparation want goes into it and, um, i'm just happy to be in a system that's -- that we have here. >> all right. there were so many stars on defense last night. five turnovers spread things around it was also the first game this season that a cornerback for the eagles had an interception. nine games in. both cary williams and bradley fletcher had picks but connor barwin played out of his mind. 3.5 sacks. he was so good at spying and chasing down cam newton. and he came from everywhere.
5:55 pm
he played terrific all season. there's no question he's playing at a pro bowl level on this defense. >> i think i'm a better player than i was last year. but i think my numbers are bigger result of what we're doing as a group up front you know what i mean. i've had opportunities to get some of those numbers but it's more about what we're doing as a whole up front. >> quarterback is big part of the team. but everybody on the eagles is a big part of it. quarterbacks get coaches fire. say goodbye to the carolina coach at the end of this year who's a good guy. cam newton will get him fired. clearly. after last night. >> we're very thankful for that. >> all right. howard, thank you very much. straight ahead at 6:00 police say he dumped his estranged wife in the delaware river. tonight he's talking exclusive toll fox 29 about why he did it. >> and with a little more than two months before he takes off, the pennsylvania governor elect tom wolf is hard at work on his transition team.
5:56 pm
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just like an interception, i bet you didn't see this one coming. up your game with a new fritos chili pizza. a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's.
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♪ >> tonight at 6:00 the fox 29 exclusive with the man accused of of ditching his estranged wife's corvette in the delaware river. >> i did not mean to do that. i didn't know anybody was going to see me. >> in an exclusive interview the local man wanted by police explains why he sent that car into the river. he and his wife in the middle of a nasty divorce. a conflict he says is testing his limits. he spoke only to fox 29 today. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. his estranged wife is talking as
6:00 pm
well. let's get straight to dave schratwieser in northeast decks to night. there are always two sides at least to every story, dave? >> reporter: oh, yes, there are. believe me we heard john kramer's version of the story at 5:00 o'clock. now his estranged wife is speaking out talking about their stormy relationship and her reaction to seeing her favorite red corvette being driven into the delaware river. >> i paid cash for the corvette. i bought it myself. >> reporter: john kramer was a man on the run tuesday less than 24 hours after police say he drove his 1990 corvette into the delaware river after a dispute with his estranged wife. >> i didn't want to put the car in the river but everybody is fighting over this dam car. >> he put a 30-pound dumb pell threw my back window and a 30-pound dumb bell through my front window. >> reporter: his estranged wife spoke to fox 29 tuesday about the incident. >> i was glad that nobody was injured. and at the same time i just couldn't believe that somebody could do that.


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