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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 11, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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well. let's get straight to dave schratwieser in northeast decks to night. there are always two sides at least to every story, dave? >> reporter: oh, yes, there are. believe me we heard john kramer's version of the story at 5:00 o'clock. now his estranged wife is speaking out talking about their stormy relationship and her reaction to seeing her favorite red corvette being driven into the delaware river. >> i paid cash for the corvette. i bought it myself. >> reporter: john kramer was a man on the run tuesday less than 24 hours after police say he drove his 1990 corvette into the delaware river after a dispute with his estranged wife. >> i didn't want to put the car in the river but everybody is fighting over this dam car. >> he put a 30-pound dumb pell threw my back window and a 30-pound dumb bell through my front window. >> reporter: his estranged wife spoke to fox 29 tuesday about the incident. >> i was glad that nobody was injured. and at the same time i just couldn't believe that somebody could do that.
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>> reporter: she says after kramer knocked out the window on her front door and the two windows on her car she got a protection from abuse order. >> trying to keep -- keep the doors locked. >> the 50 year old kramer was clearly still shaken from the incident monday afternoon when he drove the car into the river and jumped out then ran off. telling an eyewitness not to tell the police saying "it's a family matter". >> i apologized. if i caused any problems for anybody, that was not my intentions. all my intentions were to get rid of the corvette. >> he told fox 29 the corvette has been the center avenue lot of problems between he and his wife recently. he wanted one of the family's cars back and he couldn't get it. >> i wanted the van. okay? i've been begging my wife for over three months to just give me the van. >> he threatened me that he was, you know, going to do it. >> reporter: kramer met us out of state at his request. he fled he says because police want to question him about the incident.
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he told fox 29 he will not return to philadelphia. >> what are you going to do now? keep on driving. until somebody helps me. >> reporter: police are set to charge kramer with violating a protection from abuse order. they're considering reckless endangerment charges after the car submerged in the delaware and police divers had to enter the cold and murky waters to determine if anyone else was inside. >> i apologize. i'm sorry. it wasn't done intentionally to hurt anyone. >> i just pray that he's okay and that he turns himself in. >> reporter: now kramer admitted he had some personal issues and is on several medications. tonight there is a warrant for his arrest for violating that protection from abuse order. we are told he may be making arrangements with police to turn himself in. lucy? >> all right, dave, i'll take it thanks. breaking at 6:00 schoolbus crash in princeton, new jersey, skyfox over the scene. three people were hurt. a teenager and two adults.
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the bus overturned on busy rou route 206. fox 29's chris o'connell is live near the scene tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, princeton police just reopened route 206. this is lawrenceville road here in mercer county after the nasty schoolbus accident that sent four people to the hospital including a teenager. check out some of the video we shot just after we arrived. none of these injuries believe it or not appear to be life threatening. emergency crews said they're surprised the injuries were not more serious. the bus from the rock brook private school out of skill man, new jersey, collided with an' 01 white bmw just after 3:00 this afternoon. one every the vehicles crossed the center lane but at this point it is not clear which. now, the victims a 16 year old student, a bus driver and a 71 year old teacher's aid they were on the bus and a 26 year old man driving the bmw, all of them alert and conscious when they
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were taken to area hospitals. police say they're not sure who may be at fault or if speed was a factor. >> according to the investigators they're not yet ready to determine who crossed the center line to create the impact. they're still working on that before they make an absolute determination and subsequently charges will be filed once they know that for sure. >> reporter: we do know that school the rock brook school out of skillman, new jersey, is a school for handicapped and developmentally disabled students. the bus itself is owned by rick's bus company out of lakewood, new jersey. we are told all of the victims were wearing seat belts at the time. iain, lucy? >> that is good news. those seat belts. thank you very much, chris happening right now a violent kidnapping suspect is back in philadelphia. delvin barnes is here to face federal charges in the abduction of 22 year old carlesha freeland gaither. the 37 year old arrived at the
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federal detention center in philadelphia late this morning. prosecutors say he grab the 22 year old woman off germantown street on november 2nd and surveillance cameras captured all of those moments that he dragged her down that street shoved her into a car. federal agents rescued freeland gaither three days later. then arrested barnes. he's been in a virginia jail on charges from a different kidnapping. barnes is slated to appear in federal court tomorrow. some cold temperatures on the way. your fox 29 weather authority chief meteorologist scott williams has been tracking this pre winter blast for days now. scott? >> that's right, iain. most of the cold air won't arrive really until the ladder of the part of the week but in the time being we're enjoying temperatures above average. 70 was the high today and look at the numbers right now. 64 degrees. humidity at 65%. and the winds are calm. so if you're stepping outdoors, just grab a light jacket or sweater but it actual l stay pretty comfortable. temperatures in the upper 50s through 11:00 o'clock tonight. 65 in charlotte. 61 in atlanta but look at the cold air behind that system.
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20s in minneapolis. teens in business mark. single digits in billings, montana. so the latter part of the week, that colder air will arrive toward the philadelphia area. coming up we'll talk about if we'll see some wintry precipitation with that cold air in place with the seven day. iain and lucy? >> all right. talk to you then, scott. skyfox over the scene as parents rallied outside philadelphia school district head quarters to push for charter school expansion and they say today's gathering was also a show of support for the recently passed philadelphia cigarette tax hike to generate money for schools. changes in benefits are come for hundreds of thousands of adults who got medicaid in pennsylvania. the state is over hauling medical coverage. two medical plans instead of 14. officials say precise changes are not available yet because they don't have federal government approval. notices were mailed out last week. >> it is veterans day and across the nation americans honored our millions of servicemen and women in virginia price president joe biden placed a wreath at the
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tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. lawmakers and dignitaries attended events at the nation's world war ii memorial and the vietnam met veterans memorial. veterans administration is in the hot seat right now after news broke earlier this year about veterans dying as a result of delayed care and falsified records. closer to home old glory waving high as hundreds turn out in delaware county to give a hearty thanks to the men and women who served our country. although it was a occasion it was emotional one for some. >> our dawn tim money knee got to soak it all in. dawn, just a perfect day for a parade. >> it was and who doesn't love a parade? this one has been around for 55 years. so they know exactly what they're doing. and this year, they gave the greatest generation center stage. ♪ >> reporter: quite a show of support as delaware county goes all out to say thank to you our veterans in what is the largest veterans day parade in the delaware valley.
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impressive and heartfelt effort. but for some vets in this crowd, it's hard to hold back the tea tears. >> i think about the people that didn't come back. that's what i think about. >> reporter: ken holt rarely misses this hometown parade in media but 90 year old world war ii vet veterans day is actually bittersweet. >> we're here but there's many of my friends aren't here. they didn't come back. >> reporter: holt is part of the greatest generation. he served in the south pacific and while veterans of all wars are being honored today in delaware county, world war ii vets are getting special recognition. >> i'm glad there's some people in the united states still remember it. >> thank you guys. >> reporter: dozens of members of the greatest generation riding along in the parade in classic cars waving to an appreciative and patriotic cro crowd. >> michelle wine heart and her sister making a sign for their dad.
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90 year old marvin iman riding in style in a blue camaro supporting a broad smile and a proud spirit. >> it's wonderful to see people enjoying the day. knowing why it's here. >> reporter: imming serving in the navy in world war ii and korean war. while he appreciates the absolute today from young and old and everyone in between he knows first hand the price of war is not pretty. >> i saw a lot of them that didn't make it home but i wish they was with me today. it would be wonderful. >> reporter: still, this veteran has no regrets. >> i'd do it again. i'd do it again. >> reporter: 16 million served our nation in world war ii and only about 1.2 million are still alive. the numbers are really dwindling and that's why it was so special to see these vets out there today sharing their stories of triumph and tragedy. iain and lucy. >> dawn, thank you very much. it will be a busy holiday season for pennsylvania's governor elect. >> indeed. with little more than two months before he takes office tom wolf is hard at work on his
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transition team. the agreement he is asking each and everyone of them to sign. >> plus, a soldier surprise at a local school just in time for veterans day. one boy about to see his uncle after a very long time away. howard? >> many fans want to point to mark sanchez but there's an area of this team that is better than the quarterback. that's coming up in sports. >> high today in philadelphia 70 degrees. but coming up, we're tracking temperatures only in the 40s with the seven day next. ♪ >> surveillance cameras catch a terrifying ordeal for fast food workers. a gunman bursts and empties the registers and ties up all of the employees. but, it's not all that it seems. to night at 10:00 what police notice in this video that pointed to something a little fishy. pointed to something a little fishy. ♪we put all the apps you love...
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>> fire in the historic wanamaker building in center city and macy's evacuated. no injuries reported and sky fox as you can see was over the whole thing. the fire started in a and office on the ninth floor of the building. across from city hall. macy's takes up a lot of space in that building and they ordered customers and employees out. traffic was absolutely horrific this morning with roads blocked while firefighters put out the flames. pennsylvania governor elect tom wolf wants members of his team to maintain a code of ethics. his transition team has to sign a pledge and today he released a copy. his team has to disclose any potential or actual conflicts of interest and promise to report any issues that may arise. they also promise not to use their position for personal ga gain. >> arson is suspected for several fires at a six flags theme park in jackson, new
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jersey. police trying to figure out if there's a connection between a fire in an animal enclosure and seven brush fires outside the safari. it happened around 10:00 o'clock last night. no animals were hurt during the fire. the animal structure was destroyed. police say someone stole an american gray parrot from the cape may county zoo. his name is brutus. zoo officials say he vanished sometime on sunday morning around 2:00 in the afternoon they say brutus was kept in a large cage in the zoo's avery that was latched but not locked. zoo officials are sure brutus did not get out on his own because the cage was latched. >> we're honoring those who fought for our freedom on this veterans day. ♪ >> taps filling the the air in philadelphia's washington square at the tomb of the unknown soldier. the ceremony is a city's official observance of this day. those on hand paid tribute to the men and women who have served and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.
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washington square is in fact the resting place for thousands of unknown soldiers who served in george washington's army during the revolutionary war. and a very special veterans day at an elementary school in chalfont, bucks county. the simon butler school held veterans celebration ceremony today. children honored current and past military heroes with songs and but they didn't stop there. an uncle of one of the students serving overseas the past several months returned home today. these moments make me cry. he surprised his nephew at the assembly. so emotional for little will and lieutenant -- children also raised and donated money to local veterans funds. >> following breaking news right now. police on the scene of a barricade situation. skyfox is live over the 4,000 block of holland street a man was rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the left side of his neck.
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he is now in stable condition but as you can see this continues to be an extremely active scene. police believe the shooter may have run in to a property on this block. we of course will stay on top of this and keep you update updatee news warrants. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. i think, i think we hit 70 degrees today. >> nice. >> well, but i know some changes are coming very quickly. here's chief meteorologist scott williams. >> that's right, iain. we did. we hit 70 degrees. could this be the last time we hit 70 degrees this year? maybe. maybe not. but i know one thing for sure. there's some cold air on the way. 70 that was the high temperature for today. the normal this time of year in the upper 50s. we were 4 degrees, yeah, away from that record high of 74 degrees set back in 2006. so the latter part of the week we're looking at that colder air moving in. it's not going to be as cold as what the folks in the midwest and the planes are getting right now. but we're looking at high temperatures in the 40s as we move into thursday as well as friday.
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there could even be some wintry precipitation in the offing with that seven day forecast. we'll talk about it coming up but pretty comfortable. temperatures right now still in the 60s. 64 degrees in philadelphia. the wind direction it's calm right now and humidity at 65%. but look at the sharp contrast across the lower 48. we're looking at 60s out ahead of this front. 63 in roanoke as well as norfolk, virginia. 65 in charlotte. nashville 63 degrees. but on the other side of that front, look at the temperatures. 35 in chicago as well as st. louis. 33 in springfield. we're looking at temperatures in the 20s for desmoines as well as minneapolis and the single digits for rapid city. as we time this front, you can see out ahead of it it stays pretty mild and muggy. overnight 2:00 a.m. we're looking at some drizzle. some patchy fog developing across the area and then that front continues to move through during the day tomorrow. but i think we'll make it into the mid 60s before that front moves through and the winds are going to pick up and certainly be winds of change and thursday
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we're looking at blustery conditions as well as the potential for some lake effect snow. some of those streamers could move into the pocono mountains with some flurries and then by the second half of the weekend, we could be looking at some rain, maybe even some wet flakes around the philadelphia area. so overnight, temperatures only in the 50s. well above average for this time of year. 56 degrees in the city. mostly cloudy. some patchy fog. some drizzle developing especially after midnight. we'll call tomorrow a parly sunny day. we'll see more clouds than sun. the winds will be picking up out of the north and west. so that 65 degrees high will be reached early in the day and then falling temperatures as we move into the evening time frame and then take a look at the high temperature on thursday. only in the 40s. 49 degrees. well below average for this time of year, and we stay in the 40s for friday, saturday, sunday, into next week and probably all of next week for that matter. but watching the coast sunday
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night we could see a system that could bring some moisture into some of that cold air. so maybe some rain, some evening flurries, some wet snowflakes. but it doesn't look a lot of moisture. but it will be definitely cold. >> could there be some graupel. >> i don't think any graupel. not with this win. >> i think grogg that hot cidar drink when you say graupel. >> i don't feel bad 17 degrees at game time in green bay for me. >> i'm sorry about that. >> you worry about your garden. i'll worry about 17 degrees by -- >> 11 degrees by half time. >> all right. the eagles they're seven and two in and in first place in the nfc east and heading for a a showdown with the packers on sunday and we can all look at the game of mark sanchez last night. there was another area of the eagles that has not been good this year. it's been great. that's coming up in sports.
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♪ >> so fun to get back out on the field and, um, very blessed and thank god for the opportunity. it was really cool. >> well mark it was fun for everybody. hard not to be when the eagles started the game getting -- they
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got two turnovers in the first three carolina pogues. offensive plays it's unbelievable. eagles scored 31 points in the first half. that's the most in the first half this season for the eagles and it's the first game the eagles have not turn the ball over. they won it 45-21. gives the eagles seven-two record and, yes, they're in first place in the division and again the eagles got a punt return out that little guy darrin sproles. it's the second punt return this season for sproles. he's got balance, he's small, you can't find him. this 165 yards. how did new orleans trade him why did they trade him. the eagles will take it so will the fans it creates energy for everyone including the quarterback. >> most important thing momentum wise especiall he is special inn building, um, i mean the crowd goes nuts. nobody goes crazy on a third and 10 where the quarterback throws the ball away. everybody goes up and gets a hot tub and refills their beer or whatever. when you get a return like that, that's i mean it's awesome.
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it just sends so much energy throughout the entire stadium. the players feed off of it. guys get excited. >> even if it's just a turnover you still have to go out and do something with it. the fact that our defense is not only creating turnover but turning it into a score and then the same thing is happening, um, in the punt situations or the kick off return situations is usually you're hoping you'll get some yardage but you don't think, you know, to put the offense on the field in a good situation where they can go score. >> all right. you get a punt return on special teams and no turnovers in a game they will win the rest of the games this year. that won't happen. punt return won't happen. turnovers could but not likely. turnovers are the key and one other note. in baseball the manager of the year matt williams manager of the washington nationals. his first year manager, 96 and 66 and it was well deserved. but manager of the year a lot of times don't win world series. >> voted on before the playoffs start. >> good luck at lambeau this weekend. i would wear a warm coat and layer up. >> i'll be very layered up. >> that's it for us here at
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dead from a single punch. >> when he threw the punch, did you ever think he would die? >> how could a single punch kill his classmate? is he a victim or something else? >> are you a bully? >> then, i am so sorry. embattled singer nicki minaj's apology over her nazi-like video. >> and the ebola doctor is out. >> hello, my name is craig spencer. >> he is going back to his girlfriend. >> then, twins no more. mary kate and ashley olson. what happened to her face?


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