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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 12, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EST

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fox 29 news hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ >> right now trying to figure out why a car slammed into the front of a schoolbus. skyfox flew over the scene in princeton as firefighters worked to rescue three people inside that bus ton night at least one is still in the hospital. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. one simple thing may have saved their lives. our chris o'connell live at the hospital in plainsboro tonight with the story. chris? >> reporter: that's right, iain. to night princeton police are trying to find out exactly what caused that nasty schoolbus accident this afternoon in princeton. but police say without seat belts, four people who were injured in this accident may
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have lost their lives. by the looks of the crash, you may not think anyone made it. in fact, princeton emergency crews were shocked to learn all four people walk away from this crash conscious, alert and ali alive. >> all medical personnel at the scene given the seriousness of the crash were surprised the injuries weren't more serious. >> reporter: police say the money knee bus owned by rick's bus service in lakewood and this 2011 white bmw collided on state route 206 in mercer county. the bus flipped on its side. the beamer suffering heavy damage. the victims a 16 year old student from rock brook private school in skillman, schoolbus driver 44 year old veronica mckinney, teachers aid 71 year old jenny -- geneva smith and the driver of the bmw26 year old justin thomas. police say all of them were wearing their seat belts and it was probably the reason everyone
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survived. >> there was no force cybill extraction of anybody. they all stayed in their seats until emergency personnel walked them out of the bus. according to the transportation research board, about 5500 children are injured every year in schoolbus accidents nationwide. new jersey'new jersey' is only k states that requires seat belts on school buses. considered one of the safest methods of transporting students. right now no charges have been filed pending the out come of the investigation. we can tell you at least one of those victims remains in the hospital tonight. lucy? >> thank you very much, chris. tomorrow delvin barnes the man accused of of snatching a 22 year old woman off a street in germantown will walk through the doors of the us district courthouse in philadelphia. delvin barnes faces federal charges in the abduction of carlesha gaither and prosecutors say he grabbed her off that
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germantown street on novembe november 2nd. surveillance cameras captured the moments he dragged her down the block and shoved her into a car. federal agents rescued her three days later and arrested barnes much he's been in virginia jail on charges from a different kidnapping. tonight the man who admits he drove his wife's classic corvette into the delaware river is telling his side of the story to fox 29. you saw the car come out of the water live on fox 29 yesterday. this guy is coming clean about why he went this far in his bitter divorce. today he called us and wanted to physical us all about it. fox 29's dave schratwieser now with the interview you saw first on fox. >> how you doing? you all right? surviving. >> reporter: john kramer came out of the shadows tuesday less than 24 hours after police say he drove this 1990 corvette into the delaware river after a dispute with his estranged wife. >> i didn't want to put the car in the river but everybody is fighting over this dammed car that i paid $3,600 for two years
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ago. >> reporter: 50 year old kramer was clearly still shaken from the incident monday afternoon when he drove the car into the river and bailed out, then took off telling an eyewitness, please don't tell the police, it's a family affa affair. >> this whole thing started back on june 3rd when i found my son dead 11:00 o'clock in the morning, okay, in the basement of my house. >> reporter: kramer who lives in northeast philadelphia told fox 29 the corvette has been the center of a lot of problems between he and his wife recently. he wanted one of the family's five cars back and he couldn't get it. >> i wanted the van. okay? i've been begging my wife for over three months to just give me the van. eceses, if you need it back i'll give it to you. >> reporter: kramer asked fox 29 to meet him out of state. he's clearly on the run from police who want to question him about the incident. he told fox 29 he will not return to philadelphia because of a prior protection from abuse order and monday's escapades. >> they want to arrest me. that don't want to talk to me. you know.
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what's the charge? >> reporter: police are set to charge kramer with violating a protection from abuse order and possibly reckless endangerment after the car submerged in the delaware and police divers had to enter the cold and murky waters to determine if anyone else was inside. hours later, the car was pulled from the water. >> you put police officers in jeopardy yesterday. you know that, right? i apologized to them. i did not mean to do that. i didn't know anybody was going to see me. i was on freaking dirt road. >> dave schratwieser fox 29 ne news. >> we also caught up with john's estranged wife today. she's still in shock but happy nobody got hurt. >> i just pray that he's okay and he turns himself in. we're concerned. very, and just trying to keep the doors locked and do what we have to keep safe. kramer is expected to turn himself in to police tomorrow. >> on your radar, it will be a tough drive in to work tomorrow. chief meteorologist scott williams track something thick fog rolling our way?
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dense fog advisories going up pretty much for almost all of the state of new jersey, central and southern sections of delaware, lucy. you can see highlighted in gray. we're watching for the potential of visibles less than a quarter of a mile as we take a look at the visibles right now, less than a mile toward atlantic city. still pretty good along i-95 as well as millville over to dover down to 3 miles in lancaster. 6 miles in sections of the lehigh valley. the other story tonight, temperatures. pretty mild. 56 degrees. that's the low in the city. 50 in the suburbs but watchin wg out for some of that fog so use those low beams. allow a little extra travel time but look at the sharp temperature contrast. 64 in pittsburgh. we have 58 in charlotte but behind that front, temperatures in the low 30s in chicago. single digits in north platt as well as rapid city. so the bottom line, dense fog in spots overnight. tomorrow the last mild day. early and then temperatures will drop.
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coming up we'll talk about that late week chill and also also the potential for, yes, wintry precipitation with that seven day forecast. iain and lucy? >> all right, scott, thank you. two weekend robberies have people in one suburban neighborhood using a little extra caution. in one case, the victim was pepper sprayed. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in calm township tonight. sean knelt, pretty scary stuff here. >> reporter: iain, shoppers we talked to tonight say they are looking over their shoulders after those two violent robberies that happened here over the weekend, and that woman who was pepper sprayed in the face, she actually had to be taken to the hospital to be treated. >> that's really scary because i'm here a lot with my kids and i definitely don't want to be down here at night without my husband any more. they were frightened to hear an employee at grocery outlet was robbed and pepper sprayed in the face. it happened around 9:30 sunday night while the woman was leaving work getting into her car. >> i'm surprised. >> reporter: they got the news
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when they arrived at the store tuesday night to shop. >> i'm definitely going to be more cautious. i might carry pepper spray for now on. an employee at this pizza hut across the parking lot of calm plaza was also robbed leaving work around 10:00 o'clock saturday night. she was getting into her car, too, when police say a man strong armed a bag out of her hand. it's unnerve to go customers like kelly davis out shopping with her children. >> it scares me the fact that it was so close to home. >> reporter: police aren't sure if the two incidents are related but say they're not ruling it out. meanwhile, ryan says his wife works in this shopping center he showed up early to make sure she doesn't become the next target. >> that's why i come and pick my wife up. if you're going to rob, you got to rob me, too, and i ain't going down that easy. >> reporter: no comment from either store where the women worked. police say they have only a vague description of one suspect from one of the incidents. lucy? >> thanks very much, shawnette. it is veterans day.
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a time to honor all the millions upon millions who have served our nation. many making the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country the land of the free. at arlington national cemetery vice-president joe biden placed a reath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. lawmakers and dignitaries and more importantly every day americans honored our veterans at the nation's world war ii and vietnam veterans memorials. the u.s. has 22 million vets and the scandal that exposed this year actually exploded this year at the veterans affairs administration is not lost on them. yesterday the new veteran affairs secretary announced a massive overhaul of his troubled department. vies sell blowers exposed excessivexcessive wait time andr care that led to patients dying. >> in delaware county a big show for those who serve. this is the 55th vet parade honored. this year's event paid special tribute to those who served in the world war ii and today was
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very emotional for the honorees. 90 year old ken holt remembers many who fought shoulder to shoulder with him in battles and never made it home. >> i think about the people that didn't come back. that's what i think about. >> i saw a lot of them that didn't make it home. i wish they was with me today. it would be wonderful. >> indeed. 16 million served our nation in world war ii. only about 1.2 million are still with us on this earth. united states is now free from the ebola virus. a new york city doctor is released from the hospital and sleeping in his own bed tonight. dr. craig spencer walking out of bellevue hospital this morning. he has been cured of ebola. the 33 year old was diagnosed back on october 23rd. he had had just returned from treating ebola patients in guinea. spencer was the first ebola patient in the nation's biggest city. >> my early detection, reporting
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and now recovery from ebola speaks to the effectiveness of the protocols that are in place. >> spencer's fiance' is being monitored as a precaution. there are no ebola patients currently under treatment here in the u.s. but officials continue to watch hundreds of people. >> a close call for police officers helping a driver stranded in the snow. a tractor trailer suddenly barreled in and wait until you see what's left of these cars it's so amazing they're okay. >> a family hike turns into a race against time to save little boy. >> something didn't seem right. as soon as iran up the hill he just fell. >> the four year old fell down a 200-foot cliff and lived. the dramatic rescue even the crews called remarkable. >> and local children work so hard to make their dream come true, but they need your help for that final big push. >> and a 91 year old vet fighting adversity determined not to fail. his look back on the history you may not even know. ♪
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>> school employee in hot water caught red handed. a student's parent says oh, yes, and gps tracked him down.
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♪ >> arson is suspected for several fires at six flags theme park in jackson, new jersey. police are trying to figure out if there's a connection between a fire in an animal enclosure and seven brush fires outside the safari. it happened around 10:00 o'clock last night. no animals were hurt during the fire. the animal structure was destroyed. >> new details tonight in the case surrounding a death of three year old scotty mcmillan. tonight the coatesville area school district says it tried reaching out to the boy's parents. prosecutors have charged the
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boy's mother jill land tait and her boyfriend gary fellenbaum in the torture and murder of scotty last week. the school district says that his older brother ryan was absent for more than a day. officials then call the home. after ryan missed school for a second week, they made at least one visit to the home. his teachers say they had no reason to believe the six year old was being abused before he was last seen in school. though investigators now say his mom and her boyfriend also abused him. >> in bucks county a disgusting act of vandalism made even more despicable because it happened right before veterans day. bensalem police have arrested 29 year old anthony davis carter. he's charged with institutional vandalism and arson. investigators say carter went to at least two cemeteries on several occasions and burned american flags that had been placed on veterans graves. police say they were able to track down carter using dna evidence. >> a fire in the historic wanamaker building in center city today and macy' has to be evacuated but no one got hurt.
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skyfox over the scene. the fire started in an office on the ninth floor. macy's occupies a lot of the building. authorities ordered employees and customers out. traffic was a mess this morning. roads were blocked while firefighters put out the flame. >> skyfox busy as ever over the philadelphia school district headquarters here as parents rallied for charter school expansion. they also wanted to show support today for the recently passed cigarette tack hike to fund schools and the parents you see here are backing the school reform commission's decision to reopen applications for new public charter schools. all righty. so these guys, oh, they are good on the grid iron. actually they're better than that. one of that are youth squads has qualified to go to the pom warner championship at disney world. it's a big deal. there's one thing holdin holdinm back from orlando, florida. our dave kinchen is live in hunting park with the team's new challenge. what is going on, dave? >> reporter: lucy, it's been about 10 years sin the north philly at sex have been to the
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pop warner national championships and they got one of their teams in for the december contest, but the problem, trying to raise the money to get there. >> these little football stars have a big love for the game. >> it's my life. i got football family. >> hard work and dedication. >> report roar these are the boys the north philly aztecs and their organization is pretty good too. with one team already qualified for the pop warner national championships at disneyworld next month but they're short on the cash to get there. >> maybe $20,000. >> they're out here every day and they dedicated and put the hard work in. we're trying to give them a lifetime experience. >> this is one of many go fund me pages set up looking to raise the thousands of dollars for the pop warner expenses. the organization hopes the community can up to make these
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young dreams come true. >> if we go to pop warner we can do whatever we want. >> i want to say to everybody, please help us donate so we can get to disney. >> say it again because it's expensive. $20,000. that's what they estimate they would need to get to the national championships so if you would like to help them log on to click on the story link and we will link you to their page and you can see how you can help them as well. all right, iain. >> dave, thanks. we hope our viewers will help out. appreciate it. , dave. >> pennsylvania governor elect tom wolf is calling for high standards for members of his transition team. wolf wants his staffers to maintain a code of ethics and asked them to sign a pledge. today, he released a copy of it. his team has to disclose any potential or actual conflicts of interest and promise to report any issues that may arise. they also promise not to use their positions for personal gains. >> philadelphia could some day soon statues honoring world war ii heroes who inspired the band
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of brothers mini series. 70 years ago william wild bill began near and another fought together in one of the largest drops of airborne troops in history but that's only the beginning of the story of easy company and world war ii. their families and friends have been raising money for statues of the now world famous vets how cool would that be? tonight they held a fundraiser in center city. both men recently passed on after living into their 90's. a very, very special veterans day at one local elementary school. god got to love the reunions. >> big one happened in chalfont bucks county. the simon butler school held a veterans ceremony today. children honored current and past military heroes with songs and they didn't stop there. uncle of one of the students whose been serving overseas the past couple months returned home today and surprised his nephew at the assembly. >> emotional day for will and
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lieutenant david guiseppe. the children also donated money to a local veterans fund. >> always tear up when i see those reunions. so great. surveillance cameras catch frightening moment in mc donned until's a gunman bursts and empties the cash register and ties up all the employees. but police noticed in this video that pointed to something very fishy. >> and parents listen arise in crime targeting you all because of one thing you bring when you shop. why your kids are the key. >> and meet the nation's newest millionaire. he says he's buying a new home, but he's still got to do something that involves snowpl snowplow. the promise he says he's going to keep. >> and on this veterans day we thank those men and women who put their lives on the line. ♪ >> taps filled the air in philadelphia's washington square. the tomb of the unknown soldier. the ceremony is the city's official observance of this day.
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♪ >> dynamic due woes prove they're not too smart when they stage a robbery at this florida mc donald's near orlando. she left the back door open allowing him to get inside. once he was in, he ties up a store manager, three workers and the woman police say helped him plan the crime. the gunman got away with 2600 bucks but cops say they're well thought out plan wasn't all that brilliant. text messages revealed the truth. police say they actually planned to pull the caper off a day before but someone backed out. the pair are now facing serious felony charges. if convicted the maximum sentence is live in prison. >> police are on the hunt for gunman who pulled off a heist in new york city diamond district. robbers hit a jewelry store today just a few blocks from the annual veterans day parade and thousands of spectators while all of that was going on, they barged into store on the eighth floor of a building, pistol whipped the owner's father then took off with a dufflebag worth
3:24 am
of goods much police say they posed as delivery men and one of them may have machine gun. >> a four year old california boy has a survival tale that beats most of them. little guy fell off a 230 footsie side cliff. the fog was rolling inform the sun was setting and his family watched as rescuers raced to get to him. well they did. but he has a broken leg, a broken arm and scratches but goodness he's alive and that is what counts. houston teen disappears while he's at school on friday. >> he got it back yesterday but the story doesn't stop there. over the weekend the boy's parents did their own investigation and he used a phone finder app to track the cell. they locked the phone so it was useless to the thief. it didn't take long before it started pinking all over town. get this monday morning rolled around and her son got his phone back. a teacher said the custodian had it locked in an office all weekend. >> no, she didn't. i said, you tell whoever you
3:25 am
need to that i'm on my way. that you have staff, there's a thief amongst you. you have staff that is stealing from children. the principal called her with the custodian. custodian apologized and she said accidentally put the phone in her pocket. >> hmm. families in pain begging for justice. the deadly trend targeting women the families say breaks an unwritten code of the streets. high temperature in today in philadelphia 70 degrees. will that be the last time we hit 70 this year. >> details on an arctic blast moving in next. >> a local marine roles to help change the future of the american military. >> i felt as though if we prove that we was as tough as the white marines we would be recognized. >> the chapter of our history many have never heard i
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♪ >> right now a deadly a written the unwritten rules of the street, women, children and the
3:29 am
elderly thought off limits are often targets and that's left many families plead fog justice. our dave schratwieser shows us what's behind this new rise in crime. >> very devastating. >> reporter: when 22 year old carlesha freeland gaither was violently abducted off the street last week in germantown it was the latest crime against a woman making big headlines in philadelphia this year. >> agents rescued 22 carlesha freeland gaither. >> philadelphia police say delvin barnes was one bad dude. >> after 72 frantic hours on the run carlesha didn't know her abductor. her mother told fox 29 her daughter was clearly targeted. >> he knew what he was doing. it looked like he was targeting her. >> the code of the streets have been broken. before it was no women, you know, no kids, and now -- taking the lives of women. >> reporter: carlesha escaped with her life and returned home traumatized but safe.
3:30 am
that wasn't the case for friends and family members of women gunned down on the streets of philadelphia this year. their pain is overwhelming. >> they took somebody that's precious to me. took somebody that cared for me, that loved me, that did things for me. they took her away. >> reporter: police department statistics obtained by fox 29 show 30 women have been murdered so far this year. that's up from 23 women killed in all of 2013. women have also been the targets of 87 shootings so far this year compared to 79 for all of last year. >> please catch the killers. >> reporter: crimes against women have been in the headlines all year starting in january. when a 49 year old woman was robbed and shot just two blocks from her home after she left a store at 39th and popular. >> walks in front of her, pulls out a gun, points it in her face and tells her to give him your purse.
3:31 am
she starts to walk away and he fires one shot into her left leg. >> two week later 26 year old amber long was gunned down right in front of her mother as they walked to amber's car parked along front street in northern liberties. the suspect tried to steal her purse then shot her. >> it was absolutely pointless. >> she didn't put up a fight at all. no reason in the world this individual had to shoot her. >> amber long's killer stl hasn't been caught neither has the suspect who robbed and shot the 49 your old victim on poplar street in west philadelphia. the man who shot and killed pamela campbell's daughter melissa thomas after he stole her backpack hasn't been caught either. >> all of our hearts are bleeding. all of our hearts. >> reporter: police agree that the unwritten code of the streets which used to protect, women, children and the elderly has gone by the way side. >> never attack those three categories. >> these days it seems anyone with money is a target. >> people want what you have no matter how small the amount. report. >> when i turned around he was
3:32 am
already running towards me. >> reporter: some crimes against women have declined this year. >> he kept saying, just don't scream and i won't hurt you. report roar the number of rapes so far this year, 919 is down significantly from 1,189 rapes reported for all of 2013. there's also some other good news. police department statistics obtained by fox 29 show that robberies, aggravated assaults, burglaries and thefts involving women victims are way down for the year as of mid october. but that's of little relief to those who have lost loved ones. >> that could be someone's mother, grandmother. dave schratwieser fox 29 news. >> check out this incredible video. tractor trailer spins out of control and slams into several police cars. the early arctic blast that's pounding the upper midwest making the roads slick the frightening scene was all caught
3:33 am
op dash cam. police were helping a broken down truck driver at the time. one officer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police are reminding all drivers to slow down on the roads as that winter weather sets in. >> speaking of that winter weather, chief meteorologist scott williams. you said something wicked this way comes and we're talking about a winter blast and some fog to boot. yes, fog and dropping temperatures, lucy, all in the offing over the next several days. right now we have dense fog advisories posted for pretty much the entire state of new jersey. central and southern sections of delaware. the potential is there overnight through early tomorrow morning for visibilities to be reduced less than a quarter of a mile. taking a look right now, you can see we're below 1 mile as we move toward atlantic city. still pretty good area wide, but overnight, with those winds coming in out of the east, we have the cloud cover, humidity is on the increase. so some drizzle and fog will continue to develop. but look at the temperatures. um per 50s right now in philadelphia. humidity at 81%.
3:34 am
winds are out of the east at about 3 miles per hour. 70 degrees well above average. in fact almost close to a record. the record for today's date 74 degrees so just 4 degrees shy of that. look at the temperatures out ahead of that front. 64 in pittsburgh. upper 50s in charlotte but hyped the system, look at st. louis. 34 degrees. we're looking at 21 in minneapolis. single digits 2 degrees right now in rapid city and nine in north platt, nebraska. it's not going to be that cold when that air mass arrives. however, you can see by the latter part of the week, we'll continue to watch the dropping temperatures as that cold air heads in our direction. so tomorrow morning, look at the temperatures. pretty mild. we're talking 50's across the area. we'll watch a high temperature early in the afternoon of about 64, 65 degrees in philadelphia. but watch the clock. as we move toward tomorrow night, temperatures will be dropping into the 30s. um per 30s north and west. mid 40s around philadelphia and
3:35 am
then when you wake up on thursday morning look at 6:00 a.m., freezing north and west. 30s along the i-95 corridor as well as south jersey. so that cold air will be coming in toward the latter part of the week. now, out ahead of the system we still have those winds coming in out of the south so pretty mild but behind it, we're looking at that wintry blast. roll the clock ahead. you can see as we move toward the overnight we're logging at some fog, some drizzle developing across the area tomorrow morning. we're looking at that fog. so allow extra travel time but that arctic front moves through during the afternoon and evening and blustery conditions will take shape for the latter part of the week. thursday evening, there could even be some snow flurries toward the pocono mountains. so that cold air is definitely coming in our direct. but temperatures tonight, pretty mild. temperatures drorop in the 50s. for lows, 65 degrees that early high but dropping temperatures through the afternoon with those winds kicking up and, yeah, thursday, 49 for the high.
3:36 am
44 on friday. and, yes, the trend continues. highs only in the low to mid 40s for the remainder of the seven day forecast, and then sunday night into monday could be a little interesting. maybe some rain, maybe some snow flurries even. we'll keep you posted. sue will have the latest at 4:00 a.m. bob kelly of course will have the latest impacts with that fog on travel tomorrow g that will be a big deal. >> thank you very much, scott. >> thanks, scott. >> one little girl one smart move. she noticed a man follow her home from the playground. he said he was a cop. she knew he just didn't seem right. what he did when she asked so see his badge. >> and most parents swear by it but what you may want to leave at home this holiday shopping season that's making i was big target for rising crime. >> and forget about hot chocolate. i love hot chocolate. the new warm drink you might want to cozy on up with this
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>> ever heard of stroller trolling new york city police say a queens couple was doing just that targeting moms and a string of crimes. they say the pair stole from more than a dozen women shopping with baby strollers between august and this month of this year. police say they'd find their victims in retail stores stripe wal let's and cash and credit cards n1 case they even snatched an iphone six out of a baby's hand. they're mo police say was that the wife would distract the moms while the husbands moved on in.
3:40 am
if convicted the couple face as lot of time in jail. 20 years a piece. >> in your money tonight, how about some drinkable peanut butter? yes, it true a company come up with a mix you can enjoy any way you like called peanut hotty. all you need to do is warm some milk or water and pour in a little peanut sugar infused drink mick. it's only 83 calories a serving so have a few. also comes in peanut butter and chocolate flavor. peanut hotty also coming in travel size packets. there you go. >> all right. can wife and kid help you land better salary. >> this is a very good question. because cleveland college student says, yeah, i think it will help me. so the student has move add craig list ad offing $75, 75 bucks, to any woman and child willing to pose as his fake family. actually wants them pose as his real family but they'll be fake. he thinks employees were search his facebook page during a background search and see that he deserves a family man's salary. interestingly, a bureau of labor
3:41 am
statistic surveyed says married men make more money than single men. >> this veterans day 91 year old marine's roll in a part of american history you may not have heard about. >> and ladies, boosting your chance to get pregnant with one exercise. what some
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>> police arrest man trying to lure young girls while pretending to be a com it happened over the weekend in racine, wisconsin. three girls were playing at an elementary school when they noticed the man watching them. they thought he was the same guy they had seep earlier near one of their home. one of the girls called her mom. then they saw him again. >> he came up to us, and he said that he was a sheriff, and he -- then me and mom asked to see if he could show us his badge and he he said did you want to get arrested and pulled out fake handcuffs good the man took off on his bike when the mom threatened to call the police. he was arrest add few blocks away. police say they told the officers quote i work for us guys. >> joe crab shack employee who made alcoholic drinks for children in instead of non
3:45 am
alcoholic version is out of a job tonight. the company says an internal investigation says the worker did not follow procedures at the colorado restaurant. a group of children ranging in age from two to eight mistakenly got the liquor and some drank it before anyone realized what had happened. management says all team members will be retrained so it doesn't happen again. on veterans day celebration to honor the brave. ♪ performers like rhianna and eminem rocking the national mall in washington, d.c., tonight. military veterans and active duty service members treat to do a free concert. the first ever concert for valor was spearheaded by the president of starbucks to help raise awareness for veterans issues. holidays like veterans day give us a chance to learn more about little known and sometimes ugly chapters in our nation's histo history. >> part of that history the african-american men who battled the japanese and in the south pacific during world war ii
3:46 am
while fighting to integrate the marine corps back at home. our bruce gordon tonight with one man's story. >> reporter: 20 year old benjamin by nam was drafted into the military in the spring of 1943. he chose the marines. >> considered myself a tough guy. and marine corps had the reputation of being tough service. report roar president roosevelt had begun the process of integrating the armed forces. but the marine corps was the last branch to get the message. by nam and his comrades were center to segregated swamp near camp lejeune north carolina. monford point. >> drill instructors provided par of the pain. the huts we lived in were dilapidated. swamps was imbedded with mosquitoes. >> in those early days of military integration, the eyes of white america were fixed on by nam and his friends waiting for them to prove their inferiority. >> i was determined not to fail.
3:47 am
i thought that if we performed well enough, we would be recognized on the same level as the white marines. >> reporter: bynum would go on to serve in the pacific in the 51 is the defense batallion. mum forward point marines distinguished themselves on balance fields all over the world for years to come. bynum became a successful businessman in philadelphia. he owes that success to those two months at montgomery forward point. >> i think the marine corps gave me the push, the courage to say i'm just as good as any other man. >> in the summer of 2012, bynum and other montgomery forward pointers were awarded the congressional gold medal for their service and their sacrifice. his commander in chief, the nation's first african-american president. >> it was a joyful feeling. it was -- it was -- it was
3:48 am
awesome. >> but benjamin bynum's greatest thrill may have come on the day before this vet dance day. he joined gathers of marines at philadelphia's city hall and some of them noticed his cap identified him as a montford pointer. >> a lot of white marines coming over and shaking my hand and congratulating me. >> how did that feel? >> felt good. felt real good. >> reporter: we had a little reaching mr. bynum by telephone to set up the interview for this story. it turns out the now 91 year old marine was busy workin working t the gym. naturally. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> that's wonderful, bruce. bynum says he has good genes. three siblings kicking and alive as he says and his mother lived beyond 100 years ago. >> he goes to the gym three times a week. >> really? >> at 90 some years old.
3:49 am
>> remember joyce's story last night. >> inside youth. >> his age maybe 30 or 40. >> i would not be surprised if that was the case and thank you for serving our country, sir. yoga for fertility gaining popularity more and more women believe it helped them conceive by lowering stress and promoting an overall healthier lifetime. you can now find per till will the yoga classes. the flow was slower than a regular case. movements focus on the pelvis, hips and legs. it can improve fertility. doctors say while fertility yoga can't cure infertility it does help some women. and they say it's always best to combine it with healthy diet and rest. all right. so a minnesota snowplow driver is now a millionaire. a dozen times over but he's still keeping a big promise. >> joe meath won 12 million bucks in septembe recently bougd chevy pickup truck to plow 10 properties this winter.
3:50 am
on though he does not need the work he will stop operate the plow but he'll plow eight of the properties to free. >> i committed to all of these accounts before i won the lottery. it's been. we bought another house. we bought a mobile home. besides that, it's been a little difficult with trying to figure out what to do with the money. >> we can help him. move out of that cold climb. joe says next winter might be a different story but he says hey, a promise is a promise. >> that is a goodman right there. a goodman. >> love that. speaking of good men, howard eskin in the house. >> you know what i would do the same thing. >> yes. you would? >> yeah, i would. >> you know what, my driveway might need some help this winter. you going to help me out? >> i didn't win the lottery. (laughter). >> that's the key. okay. i gotcha. >> all right. there's some football geniuses that think any quarterback can play in the chip kelly system. chip kelly addresses that and former e guilty brian dawkins was in town tonight to celebrate a team anniversary. he tells us how it hard would be
3:51 am
for his defense to play against
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
♪ >> so fun. so fun to get back out on the field and, um, very blessed and thank god for the opportunity. it was really cool. >> it's fun when you get five turnovers and two in carolina's first three offensive plays. it was easy when you score 31 points in the first half. the most by the eagles in the first half this season. unbelievable. carolina is a bad team but the eagles just poured it on quarterback is such a big part of team's winning and panthers cam newton is clear al bad quarterback for mark sanchez did he what the eagles needed. carolina made it easy. when trying to stop the run, they left many easy passes for sanchez with players wide open. two that benefited the most were jordan matthews and brent celek. there are football people that think it's easier for almost any quarterback to may in the chip kelly system. that's except chip kelly. >> i don't reall really care wht anybody else says. if anybody thinks anybody can play in our system they can't evaluate quarterback. you got to be really good player to play in the nfl.
3:55 am
i think it's a disservice to the guys that have played quarterback for us to say anybody can play that position. it's the most difficult position to play in sports and it takes a real special guy. we have just been fortunate. mike vick an out staning player and mike got hurt and the fact we had an opportunity to get nick in there whose really a starter in the nfl. and had a tremendous run before he hurt his clavicle and the fact we have mark sanchez is a credit to what we have here from a depth stand point. i don't think those guys get enough credit for how good quarterback they are. >> i only disagree with mike vick was a good quarterback not an outstanding quarterback. many form mr. players in town tonight. at an event to celebrate the tenth anniversary of that 2004 eagle team that went to the super bowl. it benefits davis scholarship foundation. players 2004 team were there receiving a lifetime achieve many award was eagles and flyers dr. peter deluca also brian dawk
3:56 am
kin stopped in and we talked about what it's like to play defense against a chip kelly offense. >> i always say this. i always make fun of my son. when you get tired, it seems look you start to lose brain cells. because you don't think. you don't communicate the right way. same thing with the defense. you can't sub guys in. you can't get fresh guys in. so the guys who are tired now have to communicate so you begin to forget things. forget techniques. forget responsibilities. and then you get gas for big plays. >> good analogy some players have already lost brain cells. (laughter). >> thank you howard. >> all right. thanks for watching. tmz is up next. have a good night.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. philadelphia police now investigating the death of an la laker father, who has ties to our area. we'll have more coming up in a live report. chris? >> lauren, a fire breaks out at a home in the fair hills section of the city. how the people inside are doing right now. and our sue serio tracking your wednesday weather. hi, sue. >> this could be a day of changes. we have some fock out there in some places this morning, which will probably get worse before it get better, then the chilly change we've been promising begins later on today. all of that coming up in your forecast. >> busy day, sue, thank you. then a lot of questions this morning, after former philadelphia police inspector serving time get released early. how much time he was supposed to still


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