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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  November 12, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> del ville barnes in philadelphia. with that news, we have glimmer of good news in this kidnapping ordeal. his first victim, before carlesha, out of the hospital, but hit in the head so hard by the shovel he was digging her grave, with she doesn't remember a lot of what happened to her. >> oh, my goodness. all right, steve. then, los angeles lakers player, mourning the loss of
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his fathered who was killed here in philadelphia. when the player found out that makes this even more heart breaking. >> also, following breaking news right now of an accident in northeast philadelphia. bob? >> yes, chris. an accident turned fatal here, shutting down cottman avenue, right in front of one of the popular high schools in the area. we'll have more detail, new van on the scene, and we'll get another update coming up in just a couple every minute. chris, kerrey, good morning. >> good morning. >> sad way to start the day with the fatal crash. >> it is. a 01:00, it is wednesday, november 12th, 2014. a lot of news to cover this morning, lawyer send on the story about the basketball players father who died of course steve keeley covering the latest with the abduction, but we want to get back to the accident. moving into of course the heart of the rush hour, as the morning progresses, so what's up now, bob? >> here's what we're hearing of the faith al accident in northeast philadelphia, this along cottman avenue, cottman avenue, between algon and somerdale, reset the maps
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there. here it is. it is between algon and somerdale, right in front of northeast high school. now, we're being told that one person killed in the crash, two other, taken to a local hospital. but, cottman avenue is the main drag here in northeast philadelphia, and unfortunately it is right in front of the high school, so that's going to impact the student, the teachers, even the bus routes here, along cottman avenue this morning. now, if you are getting ready to step out the front door, even rhawn or tyson would be the two best alternates. now, we have news van on the way to the scene. we will take you there the minute that they arrive. but as far as the beginning of the rush hour here, stay away from cottman avenue. and use either rhawn or tyson, as an alternate, through northeast philadelphia. and we're dealing with some fog, some really dense fog this morning, really centered in south jersey. that's where it has gun all morning long. the further east into south jersey, and the shore point you go, the thicker the fog, is going to be, this is live look, at route 130, near i195. and then also we have to deal
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with some construction delays here along that 42 freeway, crews are still out here, approaching that bellmawr interchange. otherwise, up and down i95, and the schuylkill expressway, no problems or delays, mass transit, the bus and trains and trolleys, are in good shape, at least for the moment. and as we get into the morning rush hour, the fog is going to impact the bridges, up and over the ben franklin, walt whitman, commodore barry, so sue, i know the fog will play havoc on our morning rush hour, that's why we do traffic and weather together. >> exactly, because it is all related. and of course, this is a situation, as often as it gets worse, before it get better, so we have ocean, mercer, part every burlington, atlantic, cumberland, cape may, all of these shore counties are all affected by the dense fog advisory issued by the national weather service, in effect until 10:00 a.m. sussex county, delaware, having problem with some fog this morning, as well. only half mile visibility in trenton at the moment. even less around fort dix, zero in wildwood, and they are
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socked in atlantic city, millville, dover this morning. where we're seeing a the loft problem. now, we have reduced visibility at philadelphia international, no real big problems, the thing is we don't want to be in a had your think morning, you want to be able to take your time. temperatures are on the mild side for this time of year, this time of day, 57 degrees in philadelphia, normal high, 58. 51 degrees in mount pocono, 55 in lancaster right now, 56 in dover, and 59 degrees in wildwood. satellite radar shows rain in the western part of the state. that's leading edge of cold front, which will be changing our weather. so breaking down the day for you, 57 degrees by 9:00 and foggy, partly sunny, six a by lunch time, that will be our early high temperature, and then we will see temperatures start to drop as winds pick up, later on in the day. so, it will be the winds of change, and we'll have more details coming up a little later on. chris? >> wind every change quite literally, sue, thank you. meantime, philadelphia police offering $20,000 reward for information about the murder
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every wayne ellington senior, father of basketball lakers father wayne ellington, jr. ellington found dead, shot in the head, in his car in germantown. supplies no leads, no clues, no suspect right now. ellington, jr. has been granted a leave of absence by the lakers. he reportedly found out about his father's death right after he finished his game sunday night. >> so new this morning, former philadelphia police inspector serving time for extortion was released from prison early. a source tells fox 29, daniel castro was release from the federal prison two weeks ago, but still had two years left of a five year sentence. the source was uncertain why castro was released early, but prison locate or system said he should still be an inmate. >> happening today, delvin barnes, the manna cured of kidnapping a woman off of a philadelphia street, is due in federal court in philadelphia. >> let's go to steve keeley live in center city this morning with more on. >> this steve, good morning. >> reporter: well, talked to carlesha's family, weren't
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exactly celebrating barges being back here in philadelphia, in fact, it was a surprise to them until they saw our live shots here yesterday morning, some of the families say they were never told by authorities, that the plan was to bring him here to philly first, they heard it from us on the air, saying yesterday, they, and carlesha, had no want nor need to be in the courtroom this afternoon to see barnes in person themselves. but again, as i told you originally, she has real big family. some we didn't talk to could end up showing up here today for what likely will be just quick reading of the charges, and talk about him getting a court appointed lawyer, then maybe setting future date for next tentative court appearance. now, few development, though, from the great authority down in virginia, have kept in touch, with specially captain jason crawly, who was one of the leading investigators on the barnes' first kidnapping case before he ever came up to philadelphia to take carlesha, as he's confessed to. they had good news, about that 16 year old victim, she finally home from the hospital, more than a month after being flown to it, in richmond, virginia, burned, make, in shock, back with her
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family but still getting treat for third agree burns. crawly calls her case quote the most gruesome case by far i've experience in the 17 years in law enforcement. she was hit in the head with a shovel by barnes so hard she has memory loss, so crawly and his team still can't get from her how or even where she was abducted back in october. first they only new she was reported missing by her family, then found in that horrible condition showing up make and screaming for help at lumbar yard store three days after she vanish, doused when gasoline and bleach. the investigation, he says; far from over, even though barges is in custody. crawl he's department now has all of the other local police departments around virginia, southern virginia specifically, check all similar abduction or attempted abduction cases, and all missing female cases, while asking barnes' neighbors to make a real good look around their rural properties. they have a lot of farmland down there, a lot of rural properties around barnes' family's 5 acres. they want them to look all
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around those acreage, and see if there is anything suspicious, specifically, is any of the ground dug up, like they found on barnes' land, where he was dig ago shallow grave for the 16 year old girl when she escaped, because they still think there is alikely hood of more victims out there. they just still don't know about yet now. >> such a sick story. it is just minds boggling. >> for sure. steve, thanks. >> 5:08. the pennsylvania state police barracks for suspected killer eric frein ambushed officers in september is open once again. corporal brian dixon was killed, trooper alex douglas critically wounds when the frein allegedly opened fire on them. he then alluded police for seven weeks, hiding in the pocono mountains, before he was caught on october 30th. meanwhile, the pennsylvania trooper who survived that shooting in pike county now taken to new york city hospital. alex douglas is set to undergo a special surgery, according to the times tribune of scranton. state police didn't provide details about the surgery, but do say it is not an emergency.
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>> right now, let's get new details in the case surrounding the death of three year old scotty mcmillan. the coatesville area high school district, or school district, i should say, is trying to reach out to the boys parent, prosecutors have charged the boy's mother, jillian tate, and her boyfriend, garren, in the torture and murder every scotty last week. school district says after scotty's older brother, ryan, was absent for more than a day, officials called the home. after ryan missed school for a second week, they made it at least one visit to that home. his teachers say they had no reason to believe the six year old was being abused before he was last seen in school. though, investigators now say, his mom and her boyfriends also abused him. >> an investigation underway to determine why a car collided with a school bus. that crash injured four people yesterday afternoon in princeton. police say without seatbelt, lives could have been lost in this. >> new jersey's actually one of six states that do require seatbelts on school buses. the injured victims include a
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16 year old student from brook private school in skillman, 44 year old bus driver, veronica mckinney, 71 year old teachers aid, geneva smith, and 26 year old justin thomas, who was actually driving the other car. none of the injuries are life threatening. police say the mini bus and a 2011 white bmw collided on route 206 in mercer county, the bus actually flipped on its side. the car suffered some pretty heavy damage, as we mentioned, that was driven by that 26 year old victim. everybody injured was taken to the hospital. right now, no charges have been filed in this crash. of course, that's still pending the investigation, though. >> in bucks count a discusting act of vandalism made even more despicable, it happened right before veterans day. bensalem police have arrested 29 year old anthony davis carter, charged with institutional vandalism and arson. investigators say, carter went to at least two cemeteries, on several occasions, and burned american flags, that had been placed on veterans graves.
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police say they were able to track down carter, using dna evidence. >> 5:10 right now, very, very special veterans day, one local elementary school. we love these reunions. >> and big one happened in chalfont, bucks county, so the simon butler school held it veterans celebration ceremony yesterday. children honored current and past military heroes, with songs and they didn't stop there. an uncle of one of the student who has been serving overseas the past couple of months returned home yesterday and surprised his nephew at that assembly, and emotional day for will motorcycle culley, and lieutenant david, children also raised and donated money for local veterans. a mid all of the talk of climate change an a, with president owe bamm, a mysterious move by russian president, making all of the headlines. what he did for the first lady of china, that is causing a little bit of controversy.
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>> two people, two taken to local hospital, doesn't sound guide, cottman avenue at algon, closed between algon and somerdale. now, algon and cottman, the intersection right in front of
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northeast high school. and cottman avenue is the main drag, through the neighborhood, here, with a lot of volume, and of course it also holds some septa buses. so, right now, if you are getting ready to roll through the neighborhood, rhawn or tyson would be your two best alternates, again, cottman anal gone was the scene of the crash. now, as far as septa goes, both the route 70, and the route 77 buses, roll along that stretch of cottman avenue. so, they're going to have to go around the block, so be aware of that, as you step taught use mass transit this morning. otherwise, we're dealing with a foggy start. live look at i195, up in west windsor, to gave you a idea, what we're in for because the further east toward the shore area, the thicker the fog gets. it is coming toward philly. i guarantee you by the next hour or so we'll see it start to creep along the i95 corridor and the schuylkill expressway. so foggy start this morning, as we roll here, up and down the northeast extension, there is still construction crews between lansdale and quakertown to look out for as
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the fog rolls in, it will affect the visibility up the walt whitman, ben franklin, cool commodore barry bridges. yesterday we had to deal with wind. this morning we have to deal with the fog. sue, how thick can it get? >> well, it will be pretty dense along the coast, and i think you're right, there are indications that it is progressing, westward, just maybe not at advisory levels, which is quarter mile visibility or less. so, that's what we have in mercer, ocean, part of burlington, the southern part, atlantic, cape may, cumberland counties, as well as sussex county delaware. dense fog advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. and national weather service monitoring the situation. if it gets worse, further inland, they'll issue additional advisories. but, half mile visibility in trenton, even less around fort dix, reduced visibility at philadelphia international. so far it is okay. but this is where we're really socked in in the southern part of new jersey, and down in southern delaware, dover,
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delaware, at .3 of a mile visibility. so slow down, take your time, or make sure you leave early so you have plenty of time. satellite and radar picture, no precipitation to show this morning. unless out to the western part of the state, see little bit of rain leading edge of the cold front, this is not going to be the issue with the cold front, rain, the issue will be the winds picking up after it passes through around midday, and then, gusting up to maybe 25 miles an hour, so future cast shows just mix of sun and clouds, throughout the day, and as things clear up, then we'll see the winds pick up, and start to slowly feel the change, it won't be instantaneously cold, later on this afternoon, but you'll see, and feel, that things will start to feel different and of course in the seven day forecast, we have temperatures that will prove t so, today, enjoy that 65 degrees, temperatures will drop after around noon, and then, 49 degrees for high on thursday, friday's high, 44, we get couple of reinforcing cold front coming through to keep us cold for the
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foreseeable futurement looking at saturday, we wake up to early morning low of 29 degrees. and then we stay cold, all the way through the seven day period, sunday into monday, we watch for maybe little flurry action, just to really make it feel and even look, chris murphy, like it is wintertime. >> oh, boy. it is here. not officially what until december 21st? >> right? >> what is this. >> winter is back. >> crazy. >> sue, thank youment meantime, let's head overseas to the a peck summit. president obama unveiling crash just agreements today, including tackling climate change. commitment for both countries to cut greenhouse gases, deal reportedly came months after secret talks were held, the us, the president, here, could face opposition to this agreement from a republican-led congress after the mid-term elections, meanwhile, an interaction, we call it, between russian president, vladmeere putin, is being accused now of getting
5:19 am
too close to the chinese first lady. we'll show it to you here, if you can make this out. we'll highlight it to your rightment putin was seen offering her a blanket during a dinner monday night. she was seen slugging off the shawl later. the clip went viral over the internet. but was scrubbed on line in china, who tightly controls the media. but the video did make its rounds around the world and sparked buzz on line. you look into this little bit? >> so they think the rumor is that putin was putting the moves on her, because he's recently divorce from the his wife of 30 years. he has a bit of a rep any who. >> it is just about 5:20 right now. yoga for fertility gaining popularity. more and more women believe that it helped them conceive by lowering stress and promoting overall healthier lifestyle, in fact, you can now find fertility yoga classes. the flow was a little slower than a regular class. the movements focus on the pelvic floor, the hips, the legs. recent study suggesting that
5:20 am
yoga and stress reduction can, in fact, improve fertility. >> incredibly stressful to go through year after year of infertility. and i event will he triumphed. i felt it would be wonderful to create a community of support for women who are going through the same process. >> it is important to note that doctors say that fertility yoga cannot cure infertility, but it does help some women with their stress levels related to it. they say it is best to always combine it with a healthy diet and of course get being enough rest. new study shows that hpv vaccinations may be working. researchers from the university of north carolina say states that have the lowest vaccination rates for hpv also at the highest rates of cervical cancer and deaths from that disease, and the investor, as well, hpv vaccinations can protect against cervical and other forms of cancer? new research explaining why clicks form in some schools, but not others, and possibly how to stop it. remember the movie mean girls?
5:21 am
welshing according to a stanford university researcher, mean girl groups are the result of school environment. found large differs schools with more freedom made kids form clicks with other just like them. but in strict small schools this was less likely. researchers say the study inconclusive, and they're not sure which mod sell best for social development. >> because that's after you get out of school, you will be dealing with that kind of stuff regardless, you know? >> you and i form a click. >> nobody would want to be in, that would be unique. >> you're right. >> all right, have you heard of stroller -- strolling moms being target in the big cities. what's going on here, kerry? >> i never heard of such a thing. >> what it is, how you can be on the look-out to keep your kids and your belongings safe while you shop. >> well, you are distracted sometimes with the little kiddos. >> then one guy comes one great youtube prank.
5:22 am
it is not mean, it is really not even funny. heartwarming. that's nice. we'll explain in the trend. >> following breaking news, northeast philadelphia, serious accident early this morning right near northeast high school and cottman avenue. bob kelly
5:23 am
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>> the dow at all time hi, only one up one point, same
5:25 am
story for the nasdaq, up just eight points, to close at 4660. the s&p 500 again very lackluster, up about point and a half to close at 2039 of the so a mall up in state new york is forcing stores to open on thanksgiving. they're forcing them to open. >> not right. >> and if they don't open, they're going to get a fine. >> yes, the stores will. so here's weighing going onment walden gal re, a near buffalo, opening at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day, six hours earlier than they did last year. they opened at midnight. other malls in the area are doing the same. but the walden gal rhea strong arming their stores to open early by threatening them with fines. can you legally do that. >> that ain't right. >> not clear how much the fines will be for those who don't fall in line. >> so we were talking about it earlier. have you ever heard of stroller strolling? >> first i've heard of it. >> me too. new york city police say a queen couple was doing just that. they were targeting mothers with strollers in a string
5:26 am
every crimes. police say this pair stole from more than dozen women that are shopping with baby strollers between august and november of this year. police say that they would find their victims in retail stores, they would swipe their wallets, their carry, their credit cards. police say in one of the cases they even snatched an iphone six right out of the baby's hand. police say the wife distracted the mom, her husband moved in, if convicted the couple face a lot of jail time, more than 20 years apiece. >> good. >> yes, no kidding. you know, because you do, when you have the stroller, you leave your stuff in the pockets and stuff. >> you're distracted. >> your hands are so busy. holidays like veterans day yesterday gives chance to learn more about little known and sometimes ugly chapter in our nation's history. >> so part of the history, the african-american men who battled the japanese in the south pacific during world war ii, while fighting to integrate the marine corps back home. benjamin bynum remembers it well. he was 20 years old when he was drafted in the spring of 1943.
5:27 am
bynum and his comrads were sent to the segregated swamp for boot camp. and in those early days every integration, the eyes of white america were fixed on them, waiting for the men to prove their inch fear or at this. >> i was determined not to fail. i thought that if we perform well enough, we would be recognized on the same level as the white marines. >> bynum would go to serve in the pacific in the 51st defense battle john. to 2012, bynum and friends con grated with gold medal for service and sacrifice. bruce god or met one him, as you can see. he works out three times a week. he's 91 years old now, successful businessman, as well. breaking news, fatal crash in northeast philadelphia, looking live now at the scene of cottman avenue, right outside northeast high school. bob kelly
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>> our news van on the scene after nasty accident in northeast philadelphia. that is one of the two vehicles involved. it is right in front of a local high school. i'll have all of the details coming up next. kerry? >> bob, the guy behind the corvette plunging into the
5:31 am
delaware river admits to fox 29 that he did it. why he says his divorce from his wife went from messy to criminal. >> all right, two sides to every story. good day everyone, it is wednesday, november, 2014. >> bob. >> 53:00; breaking news, a top traffic story this morning. a nasty accident in northeast philadelphia. do we have the individual glow go ahead, roll it when you have it loaded up there. this is just in from our news van on the scene here, looking at one of two cars involved in this nasty crash at cottman anal gone, right in front of northeast high school. now, cottman avenue is closed at the moment. and we're being told that of the two vehicles, there was a person in each vehicle, both, taken to a local hospital, and we'll keep our fingers crossed for good outcome there. right now, for motorists, coat man avenue is closed between
5:32 am
algon and somerdale, the stretch right in front of the high school. i think in the shop there, you actually saw the steps of the high school in the background. so, through the neighborhood this morning, rhawn or tyson, will be your best bet, as long as that investigation stays with us. septa, also, getting involved here. because two of the popular bus routes, the 70, and the 77, use that stretch of cottman avenue, as well. soap, they're going to be going around the blockment expect delays this morning, on the buses in northeast philadelphia. who took route one? this is live look at route one, up in bucks county, just above the pennsylvania turnpike. an example of the thick fog we're dealing with this morning, again, dough pending upon where you begin and end your trip, could get thick along the way. accident out here in perkioman creek, also, because of the thick fog, the new jersey turnpike has kicked in speed restrictions, between exits seven and exit 12, down to 45 miles an hour. and right now, we're okay on the walt whitman, the ben
5:33 am
franklin and the commodore barryment as that fog starts to inch closer and closer to the city here, we're going to start to see poor visibility, coming overall of the area bridges, and sue, i guess there is will be with us all morning long? >> it looks like it is a situation, bob, where it will get worse before it gets better. now we have dense fog advisories, issued for several counties in our area, by the national weather service, sussex, cumberland, even just because you're in a count that i doesn't have an advisory, doesn't mean you're not going to get fog. you probably will see some on your way in, ocean county, the southern part of burlington, mercer counties, also, under our dense fog advisories. 5 miles visibility in philadelphia. half mile in trenton and in write town right now, and the fog is thicker as we said in south jersey, southern delaware, .3 after mile in dover. so, allow yourself plenty of time in case that fog slows you down this morning. bus stop buddy's casino that far fog this morning, as well. but look at the mild temperatures. we are in the ooh east at the bus stop this morning.
5:34 am
so just a sweater is a good idea for the kids, 57 degrees, in the city, 51 in mount pocono, 50 allentown, 56 degrees in lancaster, 59 in wildwood, and 56 degrees in dover. don't get used to the morning temperatures. this is the last day we'll see any of that. some rainout to the western part of our state, leading edge of the cold front, that will be making its way through the area today. so fog toy start. high of six a comes around lunchtime as cold front comes through. then the winds pick up later on in the day. and lots of changes ahead, in the seven day forecast, which is coming right up. chris? >> okay, thank you, suement. >> 5:34. new this morning, fire crews called out to the house fire in center city little after midnight. it happened on the 400 block of may field street, quickly brought under control. just about 20 minute later, no one was hurt. >> happening today, delvin barnes, manna cured of snatching a 22 year old woman off a street in germantown will walk through the doors of the us district courthouse in philadelphia, barnes faces
5:35 am
federal charges, in the abduction of carlesha freeland-gaither. prosecutors say he grabbed her off a germantown street on november 2nd. this surveillance video shows the moments that she was dragged down the block and shoved into her car, federal agent rescued carlesha three days later and arrested barnes. has been in a virginia jail on charges of different kidnapping ever since. >> wayne ellington, jr., devastated by the murder half dad in germantown. >> lauren johnson now from police headquarters in center city with more on this story for us. lauren, good morning. >> reporter: chris, good morning to you. no leads, no cameras, no tips, no clues. but police are working hard to figure out exactly what happened to this man. all they know right now they were called to street in germantown sunday night when they arrived this 57 year old had been shot while sitting inside car. police say he was taken to a hospital where he later died. ellington's son, wayne
5:36 am
ellington, jr., played professional ball for the lakers, first season with the team, and in a statement he write, quote, my family and i are devastated by the news of my father's murder on sunday night in philadelphia. we appreciate everyone's support, and ask that you respect the privacy of our family, during this very difficult time. wayne ellington, jr., was granted an indefinite leave of absence from the team. it is unknown when he will rejoin the lakers. he did play on sunday night, when his father was murdered. but a $20,000 reward is being offered by philadelphia police for anyone who has any information that could lead to arrest or conviction in this case. chris, kerry? >> all right, thank you, lauren. >> 5:36 right now. a man gets stuck in a wall in a store. >> huh? >> how does something like that even happen? police offering up some sort of an explanation this morning. >> and one guy takes to his college campus to prove that pranks don't always have to be mean or funny for that mother. how he bright ends a lot of
5:37 am
girls days. we'll have it for you coming up in
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>> benefitting the scholarship owe, brian dawkins in the
5:40 am
house, what he thought it would be like to play against the chip kim i hurry up offense. >> conditioning is the first thing, i always say this, i always make fun of my son, coach his high school. when you get tired it, seems like you start to lose brain cells. because you don't think. you don't communicate the right way. same thing with the defense, you can't sub guys in. you can't get fresh guys in. so the guys who were tired now have to communicate. so you begin to forget things, forget techniques, forget responsibilities. and then you get gas for big plays. >> and the manager of the year award came out yesterday. the american league winner, that was baltimore manager buck of the orioles, he had 96 wins. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> 5:40, and unusual rescue in colorado. >> these are fire crews chipping away at a wall, try and rescue a wall who apparently got stuck, after climbing into this clothing store's roof. then getting stuck lodged kind of in the wall. he made enough noise so that people inside could hear him. but he supply been in, there they're saying, to up two
5:41 am
days. so they're investigating it as a trespassing case. >> bizarre one at that. >> all right, when the boston marathon bombers struck, one mom instinctively jumped in front of heston save him. she saved herself, too. but not without serious injury. what she did this week that is spreading inspiration across the country. then our bob kelly checking traffic out. nasty crash there, right in front of high school, bob? >> we're following breaking news, news van first on the scene, shot this video, that is one of the two vehicles involved that has a major roadway closed, right in front of northeast high school. i'll have the rest of the details, the detour, and sue with the foggy forecast, when
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
>> in front. northeast high school, look in the background, that's a vehicle up on the grass of the school. this is the second vehicle involved in the crash. two people returned to local hospital. we'll keep our finger crossed. but right now that busy stretch of cottman avenue is closed, between algon and somerdale, right in front of northeast high school. so, as you are rolling through the neighborhood this morning, rhawn street, or tyson, would be your two best bets. and because of the location here, the 70, and 77, septa buses, are also on a detour through the neighborhood. now respect as long as those, the police and the investigation, stays underway, the buses and that road will be closed up there in the
5:45 am
great northeast. let's go to oxford valley near the mall. who knows where the oxford valley mall is? everybody in the studio, all the ladies, put their hands up. >> i do, i do. >> exactly. live look, route one, right near the oxford valley mall a example of the fog that we're dealing with this morning, and depending upon where you begin and end your trip, little thicker rolling into the office. perkioman ville, a crash, deep creek road at lay field road. the major roadways like the schuylkill expressway not bad at all yet coming into philly. south 95, you're in good shape. no problems up and down 476. but that thick fog knocking the speed down on the new jersey turnpike, they got you down to 45 miles an hour, between exits seven and 12. that's where it is the thickest, again, further north and east go where we're seeing the thick fog. all of the bridges right now, in good shape. the walt whitman, ben franklin, commodore barry, but as we move into the rest of our morning rush hour, so i think that fog is going to knock our visibility down, coming over the bridges, oh, nice one behind you there.
5:46 am
>> yes, luckily, we can see the platt bridge this morning. but it is not the case as many other places as bob has been telling you, all the more reason to leave as early as possible this, mo. we get you ready for big weather changes happening. today we're foggy, mild, to start. but then the winds will gust to up 25 miles an hour. after the cold front comes through, later on in the day. thursday, tomorrow, a much chillier morning, most of our temperatures will be in the 30's, and it is the start of a very cold stretch of weather, can't really see the end of this cold stretch at the moment. thursday night, we could see our first snowflakes of the season, but mostly just flying around, no accumulation, you may even sleep through that part of it. so, this morning mercer, atlantic, cumberland, dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. many other places are experiencing areas of fog. you kind of drive into it, then drive out of it. just got to be aware that it is out there. so, visibilities are poor in
5:47 am
trenton, atlantic city, millville, wildwood, dover, delaware this morning. satellite and radar, no precipitation to show you, but getting little closer. very light. the leading edge of our cold front, so precipitation really isn't the big issue with this front. it is the coal air that will follow it. and really, set until for the foreseeable future. enjoy the mild temperatures while here. fifty-two in the poconos, 55, in write town, 59 degrees in wildwood. nice veterans day we had, 07 degrees, was our high temperature yesterday, it is almost cruel because every what's happening later on. six a today. our last mild temperatures, then 49 tomorrow, 44 on friday, still, chilled on saturday, with temperatures in the 20's, in the morning. we stay in the 40's, even through sunday and monday, possibility after few flurries late sunday night, into monday morning, stay tuned for more on that. but, get used to the cold, guys, it will be here for awhile.
5:48 am
>> yep, i would say so, sue, few months, probably, or longer than that. >> in local casinos, speaking out against plans to open another casino in philadelphia, saying the region's gambling industry is already coping with a two year slide in revenues. in a statement, the general manager of harrah's philadelphia in chester says that adding another casino simply doesn't make sense. right now, four applicants are vying for philly's remaining casino license, there is a vote expected next week. >> let me let in you on a little secret. men treat you, treat women, the way women allow them to treat them. and let me let you in on another little secret. we will use you up if you allow us to use you up. >> ya, speak for yourself. you just list toned a portion after speech made by the president of lincoln
5:49 am
university regarding sexual assault on campus. it was posted on youtube. sparking outrage. well, now the school is speaking out. robert jennings has apologized for those remarks, at all women's convention two months ago, he told the women that there had been three false rape accusations, and those allegations can ruan young man's reach. the message on the university's website joinings said he was trying to quote emphasize personal responsibility and mutual respect. >> all right, a texas woman who survived a boston marathon bombing, taking live altering step to free herself from pain. rebecca demartino used her body to she will her son when metal shards and debris blasted through the crowd near the finish line. she saved her little boy, but her leg was severely injured. >> i laid down and i said, lord, if this is my time, then take me, but let my son be okay. right now i have a leg, tommy
5:50 am
may not, but today i'm going to fight like hell for it. >> and she did, man, battling for 17 months, and those 17 months were filled with surgeries, pain, set-backs, and she tried, though, the agony, the pain that far injury, though, finally became too much for her to bear. so, on facebook over the weekends, she finally said good-bye to her leg. she made the brave decision to amputate at houston area hospital calling it a new beginning. >> so many sad stories out of that. finally, prank video for youtube that is not funny or scary, just kind of adorable. new video by youtuber trent tony, he shows the internet worlds how to do a prank the sweet way. >> the first people to ever see a rainbow. it was polygamy, and the following question, tell me why ... >> i don't know. >> he had 700, because he hadn't met you yet.
5:51 am
>> oh,. >> ♪ pretty woman ♪ >> trying to get girls? guy starts by asking random girls to parities in a pole. the end is something sweet, and that's the serenade that then begins. okay, um, 5:51 is the time. >> did you want me to saying? >> if you would like to. >> they're telling me no. shut your mouth. >> probably god idea. more proof that there is a day for everything. today, national pizza with the works except anchovy day. truely, it says that, pizza with the works, except anchovy's. >> little absurd? >> so we want to know what your favorite pizza topping, or do you just like your pizza plane? >> that's how you like it, can you not participate in today's
5:52 am
celebration. so -- >> wow. >> well, with the works. >> okay, hashtag us, fox 29 goodday. your favorite topping. >> all right, north philadelphia junior football team has just qualified for a national championship trip. >> yes, but they need a little bit of help getting there. because it is pricy. the ass deck sending one of their squads to the pop warner superbowl game in orlando disney world, but it is $20,000 to cover the cost of trip. so they set up a go fund me page to help this team of 90 pounds athletes, the coaches say it has been real hard raising monday any their neighborhood. >> a life, because football, i got a football family. and if we just go to pop warner, then, you know, know that whatever we want. >> the irony, every day, dedicate it, they put their hard work in. we just try to give them lifetime experience, let them know their hard work and dedication, get rewarded at the end of the day for that. >> works so hard. the coach says this will be
5:53 am
their if i trip to the national championship games in about a decade. so if you would like to help them go to the website click on seen on tv tab to get to the team's go funds me page. >> be great to send them, wouldn't it? >> yes, it o you know what, we come through usually when it comes to things like. >> this sends other teams to championships, so hope to do it again. mystery of marilyn monroe being unfolded in a new auction, some juicy love letters in there as well as vintage photos. we'll show you what it is all about, next. i love the bacon on this sub. i love bacon so much, i'm launching a line of bacon jewelry. aw, i've seen those online, but-have you ever seen bacon brows? what was that? i was just putting the finishing touches on my bacondor. everyone loves bacon at subway. try it on a bacon egg & cheese. subway. eat fresh.
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>> ♪ >> foggy on the way in this morning, i must say. >> public getting intimate view, by the way, dense fog advisory out. there is an intimate view in to the love life of marilyn monroe. love letters and other private document, from the actress' archives, are on the auction block, the archives include love notes from yankee clipper joe dimaggio, of course, monroe's third husband, and playwrite, arthur miller. there is also a handwritten note from monroe to miller, the auction is next month, in beverly hills. okay, what's the secret to staying young? all right there is guy, the oldest known veteran, gives away his secret and you're not going to believe his concoction. >> no, it is interesting, then of course we're following some
5:57 am
breaking news out of northeast philadelphia, a very serious accident early this morning right near northeast high school on cottman avenue. this may cause some problems for your morning commutement bob kelly have your alternates for your morning commutement bob kelly have your alternates iwe put all the apps you love... inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] a murder philadelphia felt halfway across the country, lakers shooting guards wayne
6:00 am
ellington, jr. taking leave of absence after his dad was shot and killed over the weekend. the mystery surrounding his murder. >> and happening today, the manna cured of kidnapping a woman off the streets of philadelphia makes a court appearance here. what her family claims they were not told about this case. and we're also following breaking news out of northeast philly. a serious accident right outside after school, bob kelly let you know how to avoid that area. >> okay, so we introduced you to this man on election day, the oldest living veteran. what he does to live a long life. he's 108. he's smoker,'s drinker ♪ >> little stevie miller bands there. we might chew that song up for this guy. what an inches pray of sorts. it is wednesday, november 12th. >> guy waiving his cane. >> he is a happy man, maybe that's the secret. >> he looks


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