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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  November 12, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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speaks about that night only to fox. why he thought he would never return from that mission. >> ♪ cold as ice ♪ >> ready or not here comes the coal. people across the country dealing with snow, now, the bottom is about to fall out of our temperatures. sue serio will tell us when it will happen. holiday deals, which stores will really have the best deals this holiday season. we have early look at some of the deals you will want to take advantage of. ♪ >> we have deals pretty good. >> make you want to pop some tags there. >> yes, pop your tag. look at that fog. it is so foggy, you can feel the fog t feels like mist on your face. ya, welcome everybody, it is good day philadelphia, it is wednesday, bob, what's up? >> a lot of fog out there this
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morning, in umber every strength, kinds of like the traffic and weather together this morning. >> it is getting worse before it get better. even though sunrise time has happened, visibility is very poor, in many areas. now, weaver dense fog advisories out, but the fog is in a lot more places than just where the advisory r so sussex county, cumberland, atlantic, cape may, all under dense fog advisory. nothing as far as an advisory in philadelphia. but, we have seen that fog mover across the delaware river, and really thicken up in the city. those are the places where advisories are, but fog anywhere you go. seven out of ten, miler temperature hanging on for little while. but the gusty wind, will pick up later on, can't see much of bus stop buddy. but what you can see is that he's wearing just sweatshirt this morning, temperatures are starting off in the 50's, and here's some of your
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visibility, zero, in wrightstown, and really gotten worse in philly, at the philadelphia international airport, trenton is pretty bad, wilmington, millville, atlantic city, wildwood, dover. really socked in with fog this morning. there is a view of something. we can't tell. it is too foggy outside. 57 degrees, right now, yesterday, was gorgeous, 70 degrees, for veterans day, and don't get used to it, even though we do get to early high of 56 degrees today, and the sun comes out later on, feel the difference as the winds pick up, then with clear skies, temperatures plummet, back to the 30's, overnight. there is your foxcast from the weather authority. and bob, the fog has kept you very busy this morning. >> yes, right out of the gate, 7:02, sue, good morning, everybody, we began with this accident here in northeast philadelphia. news van on the scene, it is right in front of northeast high school, two car crash, both drivers taken to local hospital, police still investigating the accident. one of the vehicles, crashed right through the fence of the high school, and is sitting up
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on the grass. now, northeast high school sit right there, along cottman avenue, and it is traveled by hundreds if not thousands every motorists every single morning, going to the maps, cottman avenue blocked between algon and somerdale, use rhawn or tyson, as everyone was going around the block, another accident occurred, at algon and englewood. so police on the scene there. septa, detouring two of its big bus routes off cottman avenue. the 70 and the 77 bus, are using somerdale over to st. vincent. shear live look what we're dealing with, problem half mile visibility, blue route, 476 between the schuylkill schud mid-county, fog getting thicker rolling into the second half of our morning rush hour. south along i95, as you head down toward the commodore barry bridge, disable, that's causing big back up. an accident off to the shoulder there, as well. in willow grove, more land, davisville road, you'll find a crash. and accident up hoo nerve langhorne, route one, just right near the mall. now there is happened on the
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fog thick, sped struck, so traffic diverted around that area. big jam is the south on 95, from wood half mean downtown, just over half hour, same deal on the schuylkill. watch for delays this morning, at philly international. that fog is going to make it difficult in and out of the airport this morning, mike, alex, back over to you. >> thank you very much. clock 04, philadelphia police are investigating the death after l amount lakers father who has ties to our area. basketball player wayne ellington, junior, found murdered in germantown sunday night, and police are looking for answers. >> lauren is over at the round house, what happened here, lauren? >> welshing mike, right now no arrest, no clues, no cameras in the area, nothing right now. so police are working hard to figure out exactly what did happen to wayne ellington, except, he died on a dark germantown street sunday night, all they know right now they were called to the street. when they arrived the 57 year old had been shot while he was sitting in his car, police say, he was taken to the hospital and that's where he later died. ellington's son wayne ellington, jr., plays professional basketball for the la lakers.
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this is his first season with that team, and in a statement he writes quote my family and i devastated of the news of my father's murder, we appreciate everyone, out of respect, respect the privacy of our family during this difficult time. granted him indefinite leave of arab sense, when he will return to the team, did he play on sunday night, but they might have thought he was murder. police offering $20,000 reward to anyone who has tips lead to go an arrest or a conviction in this case. mike, al next. >> yes, real famous basketball player over at episcopal. on the same team with gerald henderson, they became very famous, left high school, one went to ducre, the other one went to the university of north carolina, 7 miles apart those campuses so they stayed close. ironically, gerald henderson was playing, he plays for charlotte, they played the lakers sunday. >> they were in the same center he was able to go over and console his friends of all
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of these years after they learned about the murder. 70:00, a fire crews called out to a house fire in center city. this is just after midnight. >> this happening in the 400 block of of may steeled street. fire quickly brought under control about 20 minute later, no one thankfully was hurt. >> and new this morning, former philadelphia police inspector serving time for extortion was released from prison early. >> way early. a source tells us that daniel castro was released from federal prison two weeks ago, but he still had two years left on that five year sentence. the source was uncertain why castro would be released so early, but a prison locate or system shows castro should still be an inmate. they still see him in prison. >> and happening today, delvin barnes, manna cured of kidnapping woman off a philadelphia street, is due in federal court in the city today. >> came in yesterday afternoon. we go to steve keel any center sit which more on. >> this steve? >> yes, brought back to this
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building unannounced, un mark, because no fanfare like we saw down in virginia where they let reporters at him. he was brought back in the back of a big black unmarked us marshals suv and right down the ramp to the bottom of the building, first court showing now exactly one week to the day he was caught in maryland, last wednesday, and some in carlesha's family upset telling me they didn't even know barnes was brought back to fill to face charges, until they heard it from us yesterday morning. she and other family members not planning on being here in court today to see what will likely and very short hearing, they say, she's trying to rest, trying to cope, really trying to get some counselling, and help with all of that. and while no other victims as feared have either come forward or have been connected to barnes' possibly just yet, there is one new development from authority down in virginia, where barnes is accused of first kidnapping and raping a 16 year old girlment investigators told barnes neighbors to give a real good look around their property, for anything suspicious, like a freshly dug up area of their land, for a
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possible shallow grave, and possible victim. like the one she was being dug for the little six year old girl he toll her he was going to bury her in after she wanted to die, that's when she was able to escape and run away, asked her how she wanted to die, that's when she realized either now or never. we do have bit of good news in her case, alec, mike, we learned she is finally home from the hospital after more than a month, still being treated for third agree burns, and good thing, her case, not first now in court, because, captain jason crawly told me she was hit in the head with a shovel by barnes, so hard, she has lost her memory where and somehow she was first kidnapped. he calls her case the most gruesome he has investigated in his entire 17 year career. >> my god. all right, we'll talk more about that around 7:30, with our attorney, rally advocating school safety set for this afternoon, john bartrum high school, in southwest philly. this following an incident there, last week where police say a student through a teacher to the floor causing
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him to hit his head staffer treated for concussion, student suspended. >> pennsylvania state police barracks, suspected killer eric frein, ambushed officers in september, is open once again. corporal brian -- byron dixon killed and trooper alex douglas was critically wounded, when frein allegedly opened fire on that friday night. he then allude dollars police for seven weeks, hiding in the pocono mountains, before being caught on october the 30th, the day before halloween. meanwhile, the pennsylvania trooper who survived that shooting in pike county has been taken to a new york city hospital. >> alex douse lag set to undergo a special surgery according to the times tribune of scranton. state police did not provide details about the surgery but they say it is not an emergency. >> 7:09 now this wednesday. new jersey governor chris christie will be back in atlantic city today for a second economic summit. he'll meet with political and labor leaders a mid series
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every casino closures that are choking the economy in ac. today's session will focus on the city's rising property taxes, and the cost of running the local government in september homeowners staged tax protest during the first summit. atlantic city homeowners property taxes went up 29% this year. first on fox, man who admits he drove his wife's classic corvette into the delaware river, telling his side of the story. you saw the car come out of the water there, live on fox, on monday, well, the guy that drove it in there apparently was watchingment john kramer expected to turn himself into police today. this is case of kramer versus kramer, his wife and he. >> but first, he came clean to us about why he went this far in the bitter divorcement kramer told fox 29 the corvette has been the center of a lot of problems between he and his wyche. he wanted one of the five family cars back but couldn't get it. >> i wanted the van, okay, i
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been begging pie wife for over three months, to just give me the van, i said if you need it back, i'll give it to you. i didn't want to put the car in the river but everybody is fighting over this damn car that i spent $3,600 for -- >> well the car is now a dam. >> fifty year old drove the -- drove the car into the river and bail. took off asking eyewitness not to tell police. >> somebody has to bail it out. we caught up with jones' estranged wife. she still in shock but happy nobody got hurt. >> i just pray that he is okay, and that he turns himself in. we're concerned. very. and just trying to keep in, keep the doors lock, to what we have to to keep us safe. >> police set to charge came where violating protection from abuse order and possibly wreckless encamacion hement. police entered cold and merky waters. >> police risking their lives. 7:11 now. >> police crediting seatbelts with saving the lives of four
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people injured in a school bus crash in princeton. >> princeton, new jersey, one of six states to require seatbelt on school buses. just six states. police say the mini bus and a 2011bmw collided on state route 206 in mercer county, the bus flipped on it side. the beamer suffered heavy damage. a 16 year old student, the bus driver, a teacher's aid and driver of the other car, were all hurt, but none have life threatening injuries. >> all medical personnel at the scene given the seriousness of the crash. also surprised that the injuries weren't more serious. >> now charges. no charges at all. >> lincoln university, the man who runs lincoln university, speaking out after the college president made a controversial speech regarding sexual assault on campus. >> in his remarks, posted on youtube, he claimed women lied about rape when quote it didn't turn out the way they wanted. listen to this.
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>> now let me let in you on a little secret. men treat you, treat women, the way women allow them to treat them. and let me let you in on another little secret. we will use you up if you allow us to use you up. >> robert jennings has apologized for what he said at all women's con vocation two month ago, he told the women there had been three false rape accusations and those accusation cans ruin a young man's life. jennings said he was trying to, quote, fame size personal responsibility and mutual respect. >> my goodness. 7:13 now. >> new details in the case surrounding the death of scotty motorcycle mill inch. >> man, the coat ville area school district says it tried reaching out to the boy's parents, of course, those are the par hasn't killed him. prosecutors charge the boy's mother jillian tate, and her
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boyfriend, gary, in the torture and murder of little scotty last week. three years old. the school district says after scotty's older brother, ryan, was absent for more than a day, because ryan was also being beaten up, officials called the home after ryan missed school for a second week. they made at least one visit to his home. his teachers say they had no reason to believe the six year old was being abused before he was last seen in school. though investigators now say his mom and boyfriend also abused the six year old. >> and in bucks county, a discusting act of vandalism made even more despicable because it happened right before veterans day. >> yes, investigators say, 29 year old anthony davis carter went to at least two cemeteries on several occasions and burned an american flag that were placed on veterans graves. bensalem police arrested him, charged carter with institutional vandalism and arson, police say, they were able to track him down using dna evidence.
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>> and, unbelievable video, as a tractor-trailer spins out every control and slams into several police cars. >> yerkes the early arctic blast is pounding the upper midwest, made the roads very slick, frightening scene caught on this dash cam. most of these trucks. police helping broken down truck driver at the time. one officer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police are reminding all drivers in that area, especially the upper midwest it, slow down because winter is here, at least winter wetter. >> it seems like it is, because cold blast has arrived, and in denver colorado. live look. this is the third day of freezing temperatures and snow making roads slick and icy for travelers, and the snow coming down hard and fast, at least starting and stopping, making it tough for plows to keep up. officials there asking people to not be on the road unless they have to. >> yes, that's denver, but much, much worse to the north of colorado, sue. i mean, 16 since in -- inches in some states?
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>> in minute society at other day. and winter is over a month away. we are looking at, i don't know, something. we could make up what we're looking at. the fog is preventing us from seeing. it might be the platt bridge. it might be the city skyline. you get the idea. let's get you prepared for the weather changesment foggy, mild to start. obviously today, the winds, though, later on, after the cold front comes through, will be gusting 25 miles an hour, at times, but tomorrow is the day when you really feel the change much chillier in the morning, and the start of a cold stretch of weather, not one, two day special, unfortunately, thursday night, keep an eye out, specially very late at night, as the first flakes of the season could be seen, but nothing measurable, on the way. okay, so that casino of get you ready for the next couple of days. sits ex county, cumberland, cape may, all under dense fog have advisory until 10:00 a.m. seeing fog in plenty other places besides the one you see highlighted here, so keep that
7:17 am
in mind if you are know ' not under advisory, doesn't mean you're immune. look at philadelphia international. .3 of a mile visible, same for trenton, even less in wrightstown, wilmington, socked in, millville, atlantic city, wildwood, dover, plenty of places where there are fog, where there is not an advisory. so the mile temperatures, at least you could enjoy that for a little while longer, with highs, temperatures, i should say, in the 50's, 58 degrees temperature in philadelphia, would normally and high temperature for the 12th of november. so ya, it is nice now, but lock at this graph to show you how temperatures are not only going to plummet over the next couple of days, but will stay low, way lower than that average of 58. so enjoy the 64, 65 degrees, whatever we end up getting today, before the temperatures drop. much colder tomorrow, sunny, colder on friday, still chilled on saturday, and next storm we watch possibly is sunday night, into monday shall maybe few flurries around, but again, nothing
7:18 am
measurable to just be the mark of the change dramatic change in our weather coming up over the next couple of days. and even on tuesday, bob kelly, high temperature of 39, what is that for mid november? >> crazy, get those winter coat out, 7:18. good morning, everyone, we've been following this nasty accident all morning long it, occurred at about 4:00 this morning. right in front. northeast high school, along cottman avenue. two car collision, both drivers taken to a local hospital, we keep our fingers crossed there. but this has been causing havoc in the great northeast, all morning long, let's go to the maps, cottman avenue, still block here, between algon and somerdale, right in front of the high school. so, any student going to the school, certainly will be some delays getting in, there hopefully the teach letters cut them some slack if little late for the first periods. then another accident, right around the corner, algon and englewood. now, as folks are rolling through the neighborhood, the buses also have to use a detour, both the seven and the 77, septa buses are being detoured. hey, who took 95?
7:19 am
here is a live look at i95. live look at girard avenue somewhere. i think that's the billboard, off girard avenue. here comes headlights. but that's to gave you a idea of how thick the fog is up and down i95ment just not now centered over in south jersey, it is crossing the river, and i am acting i95, and as you head coming in toward philadelphia, an accident on the 42 freeway, at 295, and again, south jersey, they've been sock in with the fog all morning long. and an accident west on the pa turnpike, right near philadelphia bensalem interchange. a crash on route one, right fire the old lincoln highway. mass transit looking good at the moment. buses, trains, trolleys, okay. but i think we start to see some delays now, start to pop, at philadelphia international with the .3 of a mile visibility, it is not going to be easy, to land a jumbo jet in this thick fog. mike, back over to you. >> thank you, call it the gray route? every route. 7:19. well, oh, boy, a lot of women
7:20 am
some guys, too, not happy with the old navy company. selling plus size jeans marcum for women but not foremen's. >> so what's their excuse for this mark up? >> we'll give you their excuse. it is not going well for old navy right now. >> we will be playing with toys this morning. >> let me spin it. >> yes, so we will be selling you toys, from the 1800s. and we want to up guess how much you think this this toy, from 1881. >> auction on friday and saturday of new jersey auction house, we will tell you how you can get -- you can actually buy. >> this now that would be unique christmas gift, wouldn't it? >> sure would be. >> but you won't believe how much these toys are worth. >> can we afford it?
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>> the monkey bell ringer toy up for auction friday, saturday. how you can bid on t it it
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could go for $3,500. >> my goodness. somehow it works. we were doing it wrong earlier. >> so you pull on it here and it rings. glue look at that, cute. so $3,500. >> i want t why don't you buy it for me, alex? i want it. >> i need to go ask for money, little expensive for a toy. >> let's talk about this, this old navy business. >> old navy under fire for apparent price difference amongst their plus size clothing. some customers claim they're charging more for plus size women than they are for the men. >> oh, no. up to fox business network, one of the favorite people, joe lean. >> hey, good morning, guys. >> old navy in trouble. >> oh, ya, old naval any trouble. and here's y it is actually not just the markup for plus size for women, it is the differential between plus size men and plus size women, essentially, what's happening here, is that they are charging more at old navy, shopper discovered this, when she was buying women's plus size jeans. she said, women, it is 12 to $15 more from regular sizes,
7:25 am
she wandered over to the men's department, turns out not the case there. so thousands of people signing this petition to protest saying they're discriminating against women. now, gap which owns old navy, has now come out and said: look, it actually has to do with how much the fabric cost for women, and the quote unquote design elements to create more flattering designs for plus size ladies. so, you know, this is a pretty interesting argument specially ahead of the holiday season. these stores have to do well for their business to add up for investors. a lot of pressure. >> aren't jeans jeans, whether they are on a woman or man? really that much of a difference? >> exactly. >> design element. >> the cut of the jean. >> need to go over and hang out with the lulu lemon people. >> restaurant across the country say they're hurting and blaming it on yogurt cereal bars in fruit? really? >> yes, guys. i think we've become nation of
7:26 am
grazers, turns out. so, people are dining out less, over the last decade, and you think that means more meals at home, but actually, doesn't. it turns out, more of us are eating convenience food, not fast-food, but things like yogurt, cheese sticks, all kind of things, fruit, cereal bars, all kinds of things, right? because it is easier. what people ends up doing substituting a bunch of those little smacks for dinner. and so you see down tick in grocery stores. >> specially dining at the diner. we will be watching tonight. nice job. watch her tonight on fox business network. 7:26. it was the abduction seen around the world. now that devlin barnes is back in court, in philadelphia, yes, they took him from virginia to philadelphia yesterday afternoon. our attorney is here, why was he taken from virginia to
7:27 am
here? >> and then how you could look like a million bucks without spending a fortune. tell me the secret. >> i know this guy. >> yes, the thing; do you not want to go to the cosmetic store counter without that guyment look at your favorite. these are the pricy ones. we'll give you some drug store doubles in just a few minute. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> what you can expect to hear about this case. >> fox news exclusive. navy seal that shot and killed osama bin laden, is talking about that night. why he thought he would never come back home from that mission. >> we got amazing video out of syria this morning, believe it or not, this little boy young man, not hurt. calling him superhero. you won't believe what he did to save the young girl, that you see in that video, from sniper. >> raising $20,000 to go to the championship. football players, won the right to go down to florida, the championship, need
7:31 am
$20,000. so we need to help them so they can go to florida disney world, too. >> i bet they will. in fact, i think that's where the games are played, in orlando, sue. >> all right, well, we have our own issues this morning, and they are with fog, dense fog advisory in effect, and on the counties you see highlighted here, well, there is plenty of fog everywhere else, in fact, it is a mile morning, eventually, we see some sunshine burn through the fog, temperatures with bus stop buddy in the 50's this morning, 58 degrees, which would normally be a high temperature for today, in philadelphia, but look at it, visibility, zero. that is it. they are socked in at philadelphia international. bob has more on that coming up. 67 degrees, is our high temperature today, and mostly. >> early high in the 60s today, get ready for temperatures to plummet in the days to come. we'll have all of that coming up in the seven day force
7:32 am
forecast. >> goods morning, everybody, p 3:00; going outside, here is a live look at i95, right near philadelphia international. actually this is the inch change, for packer avenue. look at that, less than half mile visibility, in the cars, and i just heard from philly international. they've kicked in ground stop program because of the fog, so, we're averaging at least 36 minute delays right now, at the airport, advisory to check with the airline, if you do have flit scheduled, to fly out of philly or maybe head down to pick somebody else. fog also causing all of the bridges to knock down the speed, speed restrictions in play glen mills, chester height, watch for crash. even neighborhoods starting to get socked in with fog little ones, accident south on the 42 freeway, right near i295, and northeast philadelphia, cottman avenue, still closed at algon, from the early morning crash, and both the 70
7:33 am
and the 77 buses are on detour, through the neighborhood. mike, back to you. >> almost 7:33 now this wednesday. happening today, that guy, delvin barnes, manna cured of snatching a 22 year old woman off the street of germantown, will walk through the doors of us district court in philadelphia. barnes faces federal charges in abduction of carlesha gate join us ken rotweiler, good morning. >> is this surprising? at first p everyone thought he wouldn't be here in philadelphia so soon because of the charges if virginia. >> arrested in maryland, then extradite today virginia because he did the same thing in virginia, he kidnapped somebody, raped a young woman, and they held him. but now we filed, kind of interesting, we filed it is called the petition for habus corp. us. you have heard that before on tv shows. basically that means we want the body here. what he it is was federal offense, kidnapped her, took her across state lines. now the federal authorities
7:34 am
are involved. >> that trumps a state of virginia? >> yes, once they file this petition it is called lab just corpus petition -- what that means is we want the body to prosecute him. so, it is a procedural move that we made here in order to get him here. and then fbi now has him. he now is here. he will be arraigned today in federal court. >> of course people thinking she will not have to appear? >> not at this point. it will just be arraignment, bringing him here, obviously in custody. now go through the criminal process. you know what i found interesting, how they caught him. they caught him because they had these videos of him, they caught him at a mack, an atm machine, then they caught him in a convenience store, and somebody saw those two videos, someone who saw the car, they told the authority that they sold them this car, gps put in the caribous people with bad credit get the gps so they can follow them around in case they don't make the payment, then caught him.
7:35 am
>> yes,. >> was the car dealership, so, it just shows you, they've lots of ways of catching t video to me is amazing, all of the stories we've been doing, think about it. >> absolutely changed everything. law enforcement i think is a lot more effective now because of video. >> i didn't know they put gps on used car. if they think i won't make my paint, they put gps into the cars. >> you can always make your paint. >> wouldn't have to. >> i didn't know that they did that. >> they can do that, actually, >> well, you know, criminal process it, will take a while. i don't even know if he has a lawyer right now, but will get a lawyer, and they'll go through the whole process, you know, he'll make an application for bail. have to see whether, you know, he can make bail or not. then he'll go through the process. he will be formally charged though with kidnapping. >> right. >> then they will talk to, you
7:36 am
know, the victim here see whether there is any other charges that will be for the coming. >> sure, because we still don't know what happened to that car. >> exactly right. >> for almost three days. >> good to see you how about this? they call him the syrian super boy. believe it or not, this child was not hurt and he was able to save by a young girl. what did he when they were under sniper fire. >> oh, amazing. okay, it is time for our next story. we are playing with toys all morning, now, how much do you think this toy is estimated to go for? >> let me give you the name. ready? >> organ griner performing bear. >> and it is from 1882. >> it is part of the toy auction on friday and saturday that we will tell but in just a little bit. okay, now, the first story was $3,500. >> so what will this go for? >> more or less? >> okay, also talking about the fact that it is national pizza with the works acceptance day. we've been asking you, what's your favorite pizza? gabrielle says pineapple ham
7:37 am
and jalapino's together. >> spicy. >> and then wendy says my favorite pizza is pappa john's bacon, black olives, mushrooming tomatoes. >> i love black olives on pizza. >> some say i want just nothing but the cheese and the sauce. what hashtag are we using? #fox29goodday. >> pizza with the "america's next top model."
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>> $8,000! >> melissa is saying more than 10,000. so this is all part of big toy auction. we will be showing you these kinds of toys from the 1800s cents, all morning long, we want you to guess, they're
7:41 am
classics. >> yes, they are. >> all right, let's get to this youtube video stunning the worlds. >> has people talking all around the world. before we get to there is we want to tell you the kid in this video were not hit. >> by bullet. they're under sniper fire, kerrey barrett. >> insane, guys, made the front page of the new york post this morning. this young syrian boy being called a hero, after it video emerged. the pictures are amazing, but the video even better. let's get to it. he saved another little girl. so the video was released by the sham news network. it is an anti-syrian regime organization, so you see this little boy being running across the courtyard, you see the bullets, as he's under fire by a sniper, kicking up the dust. he drops to his knees, we will get to that, as we re wrap this video and show it to you once again, dropped to his knees, pretending to be hit by gunfire. >> he is faking it? >> he is faking it. >> oh,. >> he gets up, there he goes, he's not hit.
7:42 am
>> no. >> but he lays perfectly still. gets up 102nd later. what you can't see, but what you will see, is there is a little girl, hiding behind that burned out shell of a car. he grabs her arm. >> look. >> do you see the bullets, sniper somewhere, we don't know where, where exactly he is. or what happens to them. specifically after they make this get away. but you know as you look at the video, we watched it over and over again up in the news room there is little kid can't be more than ten years old. >> almost got hit there. >> what is specially sad, not only that this is going on, but when you watch him, fake his death, that is not like a movie gunfire death. like that's how it actually happens. >> this has probably been his life. >> he's seen that happen, not once, but probably dozens of times right in front of his own eyes. and he knows exactly what to do. and it is incredibly sad to watch. but what a hero this little kid is. >> saving that little girl. >> do you know where it is? northern syria? >> they don't say where it is,
7:43 am
they just say in sewer y i have read the article, trying to find as much information as we can get on line, just not a lot of details going on right now. just that this was released again by anti-syrian news agency, anti-syrian regime news agency. >> on the rebel side. >> don't say where it is, just obviously in some sort of courtyard, in a syrian town, we'll trite try to get more information as we get more details, more video of this comes out. but just unreal. >> i'm sure fire anwar, all they've known, their young lives. 7:43, can doing yoga help you have a baby? how this class claims to help women with their for till at this. not after you're pregnant. this is before. uh-huh. you get pregnant. >> and jen is showing us that you don't need to spend a lot of money to look good.
7:44 am
just -- >> here is the question. which one is the more expensive one? which one is the better one? probably about the same. we will talk to the guy that -- really, you think it is this
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
glimpse looks pretty nice out, there back here, sue, in philadelphia, and other areas, my gosh, can't see a thing. >> socked in. everything started at the coast, kind of moved westward, but the fog hasn't made it to the poconos at all, visibilities, great up there. not so much at philadelphia international, trenton, wrightstown, and we move down, it is really bad in millville, wildwood, and dover. wilmington, i can't see much down there, atlantic city, same kind of deal. so, the fog is still with us, and will be, probably, for couple of more hours, you see your dense fog advisories, in effect, mostly along the coast for the advisories but as we mentioned everything has moved from the coast, westward, temperatures are still mile, though, 58 degrees in philadelphia. fifty's everywhere, seven day forecast, has 65 degrees for high temperature today, and that's it for the milder than average weather. average high 58. we will be well below that
7:48 am
tomorrow, friday, saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday, even colder so no improvement with the temperatures, have it woman the situation sunday into monday with a little precipitation in the forecast. so things are getting interesting, bob kelly. >> i hope i get my fox 29 long johns issued today here, so i'm ready for the cold temps. morning, everybody, 7:48 on this wednesday morning. live look, at i59, we've been telling with the fog all morning long, and it continues to get thicker as we roll. live look here, 59, we had accident near girard, bumper to bumper from woodhaven all the way in, barely make out the skyline, typically see the big skyscrapers there in center city, accident in glen mills, valley brook and chester heights, a lot of little fender benders in the neighborhood, so just watch it as thing it plays havoc on us, south on the 42 freeway an accident on the jersey side, of the walt whitman bridge. updating breaking news, we've been dealing with all morning long, cottman avenue remains closed between algon and
7:49 am
somerdale. an accident right in front of northeast high school. and that has both the 70 and the 77 bus, on a detour, through the neighborhood, this morning. fatal crash here along route one in langhorne. right near old lincoln highway. that will happened earlier this morning, at the height of the fog rolling through bucks county, and because of the fog, philadelphia international has ground stop program in effect, means instantly about 36 minute delays on arrives and de tar pures, probably getting worse through the rest of the morning many alex, back over to you. >> thank you, bob. co-author of book some people call the beauty bible. newest edition of don't go to cosmetics counter without me. the guy behind the book here and with jen this morning. >> yes, isn't this cool? he has flown all the way in. good morning. fishes we loft book. i know you are already working on the next edition, but need to buy this one snow. >> this one now, or if you want the most recent recent go to beauty pediatric ya.
7:50 am
com. tenth edition comes out next spring, the ninth edition for sale now, top 100 brands. >> why the most people go to the book? >> what are they looking snore people like me, i have so civilian, none make up artist. >> people go to the brook because frustrated with all the confusing misleading hype out there. and so one of the first thing tow do when they find the book they look up the products that they're using. >> okay here's what i am. i am a mascara junkee. >> yes. >> what we do, we do little drug store double, meaning, these products all have very similar ingredients. >> very similar ingredient, very similar performance, what we've learned over the years, again and again, is that expensive done mean better. >> stay isn't so. >> industries where it applies, i would much rather have nice expensive cadillac than toyota prius with all due respect to prius owners, both get from point a to point b, but go in little more style in the cadillac. >> tell me about this. this is mass car, a where we begin and what do we have? >> al may intense volume color
7:51 am
rising, great formula at the drug store, 7.99, or could you spend 28-point ooh on dior dior iconic extreme. >> people love dior. that's amazing that the al may is very similar. >> and have great mass car arc you just don't need to spend that much. >> i always get this in my freebie at the store. >> right. >> the lan comb make up remover, classic, regular size right here, sells for 28.50. lan comb is zoned pipe lore yell. >> yep. >> lore yell is not selling you the cheap stuff at the drug store, again the clean to waterproof and long wearing make up remover for seven-point ooh. >> yeah. give-me's these two? >> port filler nicks cost meant innings, $13, or go to sephora get benefit for three; they both work to smooth large polls. also, work to fill in fine lines around the eyes and mouth. >> that's good. >> a lot of people swear by vitamin c. >> wonderful antioxidant, brown spots, firming,
7:52 am
brightening, c15 booster, 48, or we also like skin ce, but that's $157. >> okay, as we wrap it up. give me your last one, foundation. >> stain mat muse foundation, beauty bargain for oily skin, $6. or you could spend 55 for hour glass immaculate liquid. both great. how much you spend, your face is not going to know the difference. >> thank you so much for coming in. we totally love it. please come back. he's awesome. so there we go. mike, no need to be buying yourself the hundred plus skin stuff. >> i had no idea -- >> mike has the natural glow. >> this was like not even anyone, like -- >> but the essentials. >> co-write nine books about make up. >> nine. >> stunning to me. >> 7:52. man did you see this? the navy seal who shot and killed osama bin laden. there he is. that's the guy. he is speaking out to only fox
7:53 am
news, why he thought he would never return from the mission, said good-bye to his family limit talk with a man who interviewed him, peter deuce
7:54 am
i love the bacon on this sub. i love bacon so much, i'm launching a line of bacon jewelry. aw, i've seen those online, but-have you ever seen bacon brows? what was that? i was just putting the finishing touches on my bacondor. everyone loves bacon at subway. try it on a bacon egg & cheese. subway. eat fresh.
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7:56 am
>> let's bring in preston and steve, that time of the week again, hi, guys. >> hello, how are you? >> you know the sport dude called sean brace? >> yes. >> he said that if mark sanchez takes the eagles to the superbowl victory, he will tatoo mark sanchez's name onto his body, sean will. what do you think that far? >> well, hang on, kacie says he want to say something. >> yes. >> i actually, i just texted sean brace about this. because he didn't say they take him to the superbowl. i think it had to be a superbowl win. i texted sean brace on, i said, if mark sanchez wins a
7:57 am
superbowl this year, i'll get a cowboys tatoo. and i'm not lying. >> you're not -- >> wow. i would get a cowboys tatoo if the eagles won. >> why do you that? >> because i am -- because i'm an idiot. >> wrong theme. >> because he is an idiot. >> yes, listen, that is a bold statement, kacie. and i think bold statement on both parts. >> right. >> you know? a loft times, a lot of people will shoot for something, they secretly don't suspect will happen. >> you're permanently getting this on your skin, and, you know, i mean, do you have live with it. listen, we do mike every day or every tuesday, we have been doing this for, i don't know, years, seven, eight years being something like, that we have listening in come by here, get a tatoo that says preston and steve on t we thought we would get two, three people when first started doing it, have been doing it for years. >> and waiting list before three years. >> weird et cetera place on
7:58 am
the body we would see preston and steve? >> oh, you don't want to know. >> well, i don't know if we can say it. >> oh, my goodness. >> a region you might find in your underwear. >> is that right? >> i'll try it. >> speaking of down south, pizza truck operator in texas offering a slice a day for the rest of his life, and then he would have a tatoo of a pizza, pizza slice, on his body, if had he pizza every day for free the rest of his life. >> okay. people go for that stuff. you know, if you're in the biz, i wouldn't do it, i'm on the preston and steve show. i wouldn't get a preston and steve tatoo. so i don't know. >> if you can get long as amongst other, unless you put it on your face, or something like that. >> we've seen a few mishaps there. >> would there be any amount of money or something i could give you every day that would you want that would make do you a tatoo?
7:59 am
>> well, no. >> i love a well done tatoo. but it has to be -- something i wanted, possibly, but if you said, hey, would you get a huge slice of pays in -- >> avenue tatoo of a woman, i used to date, her name is wendy. well sometimes it says welcome to jamaica, have a nice day. >> hey, congratulations, guy, today at noon, at the sheraton, society hill, you're being honored by what the philadelphia public relations association? >> yes, and thank you, for you're going to show up. >> we'll be there. >> yes, we appreciate that. as preston says, sort of excepting the award on behalf of all of the people that made the various charities that we've run throughout the years work. >> blood drive, campout for hincker, so for the, award receiving for helping out the community and so for thement doing this we just rally the people there is dough the real
8:00 am
work. excepting this on behalf of our listeners, it will be great. >> when is camp thought year? >> december 1st through the fifth. at xfinity live once again. >> yes. >> thanks, guys see you at noon. >> see you today. >> straight up 8:00 good tai to you, wednesday, november the 12th, right? 2014. here we go. >> see that guy right there? there is peter deuce i, interviewing the man who shot osama bin late end. yep, speaks exclusively with fox. >> first time spoken on camera about this. did he do the right thing by coming forward? >> i was on this dirt road. >> this guy admits to fox 29 he drove his wife's corvette into the delaware river. >> oh, boy. >> why he says their divorce went from mess toy criminal.
8:01 am
>> "black friday" deals, thousand get hot prices on the holiday ads get to your house and those flyersment talking 50, 60, even 70% off. and. >> she had her appendix taken out yesterday, chelsey did your kin, little chelsey. i think it was yesterday morning, but i think she is watching the show again today. she was watching it as she's getting ready to go no surgery yesterday. hope you're feeling better, chelsey. okay, we've been showing you antique toys, auction off friday, saturday, in new jersey. >> what's it called? >> mechanical bank. >> does it move? put the monday knit wish bone. >> speaking of money. >> change? >> how much do you think that toy from the 1800s is worth?
8:02 am
>> i am going to tell you exactly 8:15, and you better be seated for the price tag on this sucker. >> it can be yours friday and saturday, or saturday. seriously. 8:15, hang around for it. >> you'll want to hear it, trust me. >> it is actually light out. >> right. but you know what, the fog so thick, folks are using umbrellas outside our window. because it is misty ♪ that's right, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be here all week to your misfortune, temperatures in the 50's right now. areas of fog out there, it is a mild morning, the last mild morning we'll see in a while, bus stop buddy, .3 after mile at philadelphia international, sock p with fog in trenton, it is not getting much better out there, folks. it just seems like the further east you go, the worst the fog; and the further south you go, look at wilmington, dover, wildwood, all sock in, can't
8:03 am
see much in front of your face, dense fog advisories are official, along the coast, but, a lot more people are getting the fog. this is, i don't know, something, 58 degrees, what we're looking at with zero visibility at philadelphia international now. and 65 degrees, is our high temperature, that will come early in the day, but then once the cold front comes through and the winds pick up, whole new weather pattern will talk about that in the seven day forecast coming up, bob. >> good morning, everybody, 8:03, rough go all morning long, so foggy, come on, it is so foggy. >> how foggy is it? >> we can barely make out the cars here on the schuylkill expressway. take a look at this, live look at the schuylkill expressway, out near the king of prussia interchange. if you look real close, you can check some of the headlights, now, bumper to bumper on the schuylkill. so there are cars stack behind the fog here, just an example whatever is ahead of you as you roll out of the driveway. crash in bryn man, slow going from ends to end, on the schuylkill expressway, leave some extra wiggle room between
8:04 am
you and the bumper if front of you. that fog does come up on you think in spots. hundred g ton valley, den croft road. watch for crash. also cottman avenue in the northeast, still closed right in front of northeast high school. this has been with us all morning long, in addition to that closure, the route 70 and 77 buses are on a detour, they are using somerdale over to st. vincent. so, the kids will be head today high school this morning, probably going to be little late for that first period, and if you have to use cottman avenue, use rhawn or tyson as the alternate. also route one here in langhorne, early morning fatal crash, a pedestrian struck at the height of the fog time up here along old lincoln highway, so we still have detours there. and philly international checking in with ground stop program at least 30, 40 minute delays, due check with your airline before you head down to the airport. not just this morning, but will have one of those domino effect on air travel throughout the rest of the day. mike, alex, back to you. >> 8:04. a lot of people are guessing on that toy.
8:05 am
one says to up $250,000. and somebody else said the same thing. $250,000? really? >> really? >> almost like the darn thing is even a properer at much less -- >> questionable. >> all right, 8:05. the man who killed osama bin laden is telling his story to fox news, part one of the two part documentary airs last night. >> the first time navy seal roberto kneel has spoken on camera about firing those shots. one of the shots hit osama bin laden in the face. kneel says at first he and his team didn't know who they were targeting when they flew into the come pawn, but quickly figured it out and wondered if they would come out of this whole thing alive. >> the more we trained on it, the more we realize in the would be a one way mission, we would die when the house blows up. we will die when he blows up.
8:06 am
>> get arrested by the pakistani's, and spend the rest of our short lives in pakistan prison. >> the man interviewing him is young man by the name of peter deuce i of villanova graduate. welcome back to recalled if, all it be by saturday light. hi, peter. >> he even wrote letters, to his children. >> what up do do if your boss tells you do you have do something important for the country, it will be really hard to get ready for this important thing, and you are probably going to die. and rob explained us to, he had that conversation with his bosses, and he told us who he talk to, what he said, and it was so compelling, and that's why we've got second night tonight. because there is a plot more stuff like that in there best
8:07 am
and worse decision he her to make. >> he means that instantly after he fired the shots, that killed osama bin laden, in his bedroom, it click. he said okay. this is really good because we just finish the mission, rob actually said that he felt that in some way they ended the war like. that will but it is the worse thing, because he realized right then that if and when people figured out who he was, and what he did, he do have a big target on his back. but, he eventually after couple of years decided that this is what wanted to do. >> we saw the helicopters, we have to remember, that one of the helicopter crashed, and they had to pile into the one remaining. so, he said it right there. there has to be a target on his back for sure, but also the other side of the story, you know, some people in the military would say, there is, you know, code of behavior, code of honor, and spoken rule that you don't talk about this. he has taken little risk. co-be prosecuted by the
8:08 am
pentagon? >> you know what? tonight we ask him if he's wore bid. that will we also get into why he decided this is the right time to come out and the shooting starts tonight. tonight we go through the moment that he meets osama bin laden very quickly and fires those shot. soap, please, watch if you can. >> yes, do you second by second. peter, nice job, and very thank you, villanova graduate there. nice job. peter has known this guy for couple of years, have become very close friends. but it is risky what he did. >> very risky. >> many shoppers plan all of their big buys around "black friday". don't have to wait any more. "black friday" deals are already out there. >> so time to plan ahead. we'll bring in consumer reporter steve, some sales we need to know about. >> yes, good morning to you guys. headline deal, that also what to watch out for, some of the best, just hit the internet. story we red here, best buy,
8:09 am
real interesting stuff they're doing this year, opening 5:00 p.m. thanksgiving day staying open until 1:00 a.m. friday morning. closing then re-opening friday morning, at 8:00 a.m. with a whole new set of deals. let's look at the video we have for you. i want to talk about tv's. 199 bucks, for panasonic 50-intel vision. sounds like pretty good deal, and actually is. but here's one of the things you need to do. read the spec here. notice that the resolution is good. the re fresh rate though, 60 heard, into high action or fast moving sports, the re fresh rate on the television might not be the best. notice 4kt vest have dropped whole lot in employs. that's honestly because there is not whole lot of content. last year heard about 3d tv. this year really no mention of it at all because nobody is watching anything on 3d, which is exactly why the 4k sets is so cheap. don't be fooled by that cheap price port. real quick, talk about sears, opening early 6:00 p.m.
8:10 am
thanksgiving day. beg price point, washer dryer deal, a 5% off when you save both of themment don't feel pressured to buy both. because the sale, if you only buy one, only saving extra 50 bucks by buying two. target talking about new technology, new ipad two is bundled. we talked about this couple of weeks ago. incentive the sale free target gift card. j.c. penney 9.99 for counter top appliances started out at $70. which is the price, but here's the catch. you have got to send in a 10-dollar mail in rebate. so the value is there, if you are too long do the work. real quick of course, a lot of these stores starting early in the week with hon on line deals, even "black friday" deals, will be available on line. so be sure to check that, that way you don't have to worry about getting to the store at all. >> read the fine print, do it this time. steve, thanks so much. hey, earlier we told you about the guy who drove his wife's corvette into the -- into the delaware river. now she is speaking to us about this bitter divorce.
8:11 am
there he is. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know genies can be really literal? no. what is your wish? no...ok...a million bucks! oh no... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more car insurance.
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8:14 am
>> weep asked to you guess the price on this once they are asking up to $100,000. >> for that -- for that toy. man, got couple of tweets going. you all just put that toy on tv? >> yes. >> upset, back in the 1800s, i apologize, if you finds that offensive, and many of you do. so, let's get rid that far one. but we'll show you some better ones coming up. $100,000. the man who admits he drove his wife's, assuming ex-wife, classic corvette into the delaware river. his name is john kramerment expected to turn himself into police today. but first he came clean, came to up our camera and talk all
8:15 am
about it, he's going through a birth divorce. >> kramer told us that the corvette has been the center of a lot of problems with he and his wife rice lent endly. he wanted one of the five cars back, just couldn't get it. >> i wanted the van. okay? i've been begging my wife for over three months to just give me the van. i said if you need it back, i'll give it to you. i didn't want to put a car in the river, but everybody is fighting over this damn car that i paid $3,600 for two years ago. >> so apparently they have like five cars. but oddly he want a mini-van over a classic corvette. >> and i guess the wife prize in the corvette, so he put it in the river, bales, took off, asking an eyewitness that was there, saw it all, not to tell police. now, we also caught up with john's estranged wife. she is still in shock about the whole ordeal. but she happy nobody got hurt. >> her foot is hurt. >> i just pray that he is okay, and that he turns himself in. we're concerned, very, and
8:16 am
just trying to keep the doors locked and do what we have to to keep safe. >> any indication she put that left foot up his -- well, never mine. police are expected to charge mr. kramer, kramer versus came, violating protection from abuse order, possibly wreckless endangerment, because police entered cold and murky waters in the delaware river to get after this car. right, so they risk their life. and whole thing, not only reminds me of the movie kramer versus kramer but war of the roses including the red vehicle. >> get out of the car. >> i can't remember how it ended but i don't think anything left of any of their possession. >> michael douglas, kathleen turner. >> maybe the inspiration? >> wow. >> the corvette thing? >> yes. >> oh, man. ugly. >> all right, we've got a look at the wet they are morning.
8:17 am
want to show you first of all this tweet we got from jenny penny. it is a picture of atlantic city. jenny, we have to take your word for it, because that is how thick the fog is, in ac, this morning. thanks for waking outside and taking a picture that far. looks like the fog stretched over to lancaster, half mile visible, still pretty bad at philadelphia international in write town, trenton, and yes, atlantic city, a .10 after mile if anything, wildwood, millville, dover, wilmington, all socked in, still, it will be a little while before we get rid of this fog. and the dense fog advisories continue until 10:00 a.m. but the fog actually extends into other areas besides the advisories, so here's a look at the frontal system, which is poised to move through our area. around midday today, after that, well, let's see what happens in the future cast. for the rest of the day today i think we're fine with precipitation, just see the winds pick up later on, now we check tomorrow. because once that cold air starts moving across the great
8:18 am
lakes, we will see accumulating snow, and north and west of us, cleveland, buffalo, erie, all those places, going to start seeing the snow pile up. will any of it extend here? probably not. could see few spring the, maybe flying around snowflakes tomorrow evening keep that in mind. maybe through into the really early hours of friday. but it shouldn't and big deal. nothing that will accumulate or measurable at all. and then we see that coal air continue into the foreseeable future, note's, philadelphia, all of the surrounding areas, headed to high later on, of 65 degrees. it will actually be early high coming around noon, and then the bottom drops out. we get temperatures that do not leave the 40's, the case of tuesday of next week, the 30's, so this will be an extended cold snap, next storm system will have to watch. is possibility of little something, sunday, into monday morning. we will see how cold it is, and what happens with that,
8:19 am
but, first we've got to get through the fog this morning, right, bob. >> rough one, 8:18. live look, bucks county, southbound lanes of route one, bumper to bumper to bumper all the way into oiled lincoln highway, early morning fatal accident. roadway still closed. southbound side is still closed. your best bet, work your way over to 95 as alternate. all of the bridges this morning, have speed restrictions, socked in with fog, as you cross the whitman, the ben franklin and the commodore barry. an accident westbound, on the pennsylvania turnpike, right near the philly bensalem interchange. and no matter where you step out the front door i think this morning at least at this hour you are going to have to deal with the fog and the jammed conditions, so south on 95, up in laurence, the off ram top route 206 an accident. and as sue mentioned, even though the fog is out there, that damp mist is causing the roads to be little wet. philly international. ground stopping in place here, 36 to 40 minute delays on arrivals and departures, probably going to hold true if not get worse, as we roll into the rest of our morning rush hour.
8:20 am
mike, back over to you. >> okay, thank you, woe know that robin williams was suffering from parkinson's disease when he died. but, we're learning more about a trouble condition that he had. i've never heard of this condition. plus let's put up another toy. there is a big antique auction this friday and saturday. >> this little toy called the centennial bell toy from 1876, send ten yell bell. >> reminds me of the liberty bell. i like it. >> i believe it is supposed to be the lib early bell. >> how much do you think this will go for? >> ain't got no crack in it. >> no, no crack in it, if traffic and weather 18 -- 18 p six, then it should be a crack it. >> here, let me put a crack on it. we'll draw it in with a magic marker. i mean, how much could this be worth? well, how much is it worth? that's what we're guessing on twitter right now. you know our handles, come on twitter right now. you know our handles, come on what's possible today?
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
wi-fi access in more places then ever before. all your favorites in the cloud and on every device. a home you control with the touch of a finger. news and entertainment that informs and delights in ways you never thought possible. comcast nbcuniversal bringing media and technology together for you.
8:24 am
>> it is called the centennial bell toy, made in 1876. you know the 100 anniversary of 1776, send ten yell bell. now there is one we can get for you. >> would you buy this for me? >> yes, about 1500 bucks tops, probably go for about a thousand dollars. no, i'm not getting -- get that for you. >> why not? >> because when you buy you powerball tickets, you only give me 10 percent. >> but it rings its own bell, right? so the kid is supposed to have a string right in front of it, and they pull it, then it makes it ring. >> you know this flags, all tattered, i think i will ' just rip that up. >> i'm sure that would go over well. >> at the auction house? 8:24. >> divorce trial ended almost three decade marriage between actress steven collins and wife starts today. >> oh, man, is this going to be interesting trial. trial will focus on how to split up the couple's assets, and spouse reports seventh heaven actor right
8:25 am
there lost roles after his wife accused him of molesting under age girls, 40 years ago when it happened, and when "tmz" posted audio, where steven collins reportedly admits to it on tape, collins' wife fay, fay grant, is asking for $13,000 per month in spousal support, but stevens' lawyers says his carrie was damaged when the claims came out on "tmz", and he want all future spousal payments eliminated because his wife, ex-wife, gave the tape to "tmz". >> and released it, yes, and i think that same day cut from the movie ted two, that was a big move that i co-have been in to make money. only hurting herself if she want that spousal support. >> well, yes. just going to be a nasty trial. 8:00 tax robin williams his battle with dim schenn, depression, might have played a role in his suicide. >> court document show the actor had louie body dementia. according to "tmz", williams wife told authorities after his death williams had been
8:26 am
complaining about his medication, medications used in treatment can thread severe side effect, hallucinations really common. sources tell "tmz" the disease was a key factor, they believe, drove him to make a decision to kill himself. >> they said he would be tossing -- talking out loud, but wouldn't be anybody around. so they think that part of this disease you believe you hear voices, especially voices of dead people, casino of asking you to join them. >> so sad. >> 8:26. quincy, all about the chocolate. >> more kids. >> i'm eating chocolate. this is really good. >> where is this place? >> all about chocolate here. academy of natural sciences, so good. >> are you going to share? >> come on back, all about chocolate. "america's next top model."
8:27 am
i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. so i talked to my doctor about my condition and my treatment options he told me about stelara® in a medical study, 7 out of 10 stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin at 12 weeks. and 6 out of 10 patients had their plaque psoriasis rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. [ male announcer ] stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections some serious infections require hospitalization before starting stelara® your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase ur risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection,
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8:30 am
>> in is the camera we have at adventure aquarium, looking across the river, penn's landing, do you have trust me on, that because we sure can't tell photographly. barely see bus stop budd which temperatures in the 50's, have areas of fog, continuing through the neck couple of hours, mild temperatures, though there is morning, don't get used to that. .3 of visible, pretty bad trenton, wildwood, wilmington, lancaster, half mile visibility. so you will have to allow a lot of extra time, or, just delay your trip if you can, until this fog is gone. dense fog advisory continues, and the highlighted counties, most of them the coastal counties, through about 10:00 o'clock. there is your 58 degrees, and believe me, this is what around philadelphia international. but all a have to trust us on that one, as well.
8:31 am
56 degrees the high temperature today. eventually we get some sunshine. once the cold front passes through, winds will pick up, gusting as high as 25 miles an hour. but to the dollars last mild day we'll see for quite a while. chilly changes ahead, details coming up in the forecast. >> 83:00; good wednesday morning, everyone, still dealing with the fog stepping out the front door. here is live look, route one, up near the oxford valley mall where we're at visibility pretty much under a half mile. you can see the headlights casino of coming toured our camera here. so bucks couldn't socked in. going to south jersey live look one of the other cameras here, this is the 42 freeway, not only do we have to deal with the fog, but now that fog sort of like a mist, that's causing some wet roadways. bridges socked in with fog, down to 35 miles an hour, causing delay, naturally, coming into philly on both the benny and the walt whitman. will take you little longer to get to the office this morning
8:32 am
than it did yesterday. out here blue bell, the blue bell pike, crash at lantern lane, delays south on the mid-county interchange, as you come down the northeast extension, and because of the fog, the new jersey turnpike is kicked in speed restrictions, between exit seven and 12. cottman avenue and the great nor east still blocked in front of northeast high school. police investigate earlier accident. philadelphia international running anywhere from 35 to 40 minute delays on most arriving and departures, will have domino effect on the air travel. so do check with the airline before headed to the airport today. back to you. >> bob, do you like chock flat. >> oh, ya. >> who doesn't like chocolate? chocolate $83 billion a year business, according to researchers, so it is fair to say a lot of people like t what do we really know about this sweet treat? chocolate, answering a lot of those questions, quincy harris is there. is there a science to it?
8:33 am
>> definitely science. we ate a loft chocolate, the kids are running around here being and i have jen. good morning. >> good morning. >> you guys are doing big exhibit here. learning all about chocolate here at the academy of natural science watch will we learn about chocolate if we come smear. >> i can tell -- i can tell you the chocolate i eat every day, take for granted, has a long and incredibly amazing history. start being 4,000 years ago. >> wow. you said sugar wasn't add today chocolate until recenty? >> that's right. chocolate as we know it, as a chocolate bar, wasn't even conceived of really until the middle of the 1800s. so chocolate bars themselves only invent in the 1847. chocolate with sugar was just as recently as the spanish, so, we have milk chocolate coming in 1875, my favorite. >> me and some of the kids we
8:34 am
were tasting some of the chocolate earlier, took us about five seconds to taste. this is like the history of chocolate right here. what do we have? like old school cannedy? >> that's right. once chocolate became more available to everybody, the marketers got a hole of it, decided that the best way to sell it to make beautiful continues, really bright colors, and really make them available to everybody. so that's what you are looking at here, loverly area ray of vintage continues and canisters. >> you guys, more exhibits over here, jen. >> yes. this is the chocolate makers really got wise. and what they realized was that children love chocolate. and so all the inventions that were made to make chocolate easy for people to get, the marketers really realize that they needed to make the sweets available to children and appealing to children. so colorful packaging, as we know it today, all developed. >> now some of the chocolate that's here is exclusive. correct? you can only get it here? >> that's correct.
8:35 am
we are working with mars, and some of their american heritage brand is here. and it is the same chocolate that would you have had just about the 1800s cents. >> okay, now, right here, this is the actual coconut tree? >> model after the tree that chocolate comes from. those pods contain the chocolate beans, which are roasted and grounds into the chocolate we know today. >> okay. >> amazing. >> next hour i'll taste some more chocolate. you want to taste some more chock flat. >> ya, ya, ya. >> that's what we're excited about, we are like, ya. yes, we will eat it. >> shout out to my fans, mom and dad. >> we'll eat chocolate. coming up next. >> real. >> i how much candy did they have? >> right? you guys ready for some chocolate? say yeah. >> yeah. >> i can't imagine. >> chocolate consumption. why not. >> hey, still ahead, don't spends a lot of pd a on the
8:36 am
upcoming season of downtown abby. the reason why the characters won't be all touchy-feel i. >> mike, ready for the next toy. toys from the 1800s cents, look, these guys are playing soccer. >> oh, and the ball goes back and forthing. >> two toys set for auction right now. so how much do you think this is worth? >> the last thing we had, well one thing worth $100,000. >> that is a big ball? >> the answer after the break. >> you know soccer invented 2500bc? egypt,
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> welcome back everybody. now showing you these antique toys, all of these toys come from the 1800s cents. >> this 12 sock sore players. >> yes. >> with the ball that mike is playing with. >> first on sale cost a pen. >> i yes. >> a penny toy. now -- >> that's a hint?
8:40 am
>> this auction friday, saturday, they're asking about 500 bucks. no, no, no, i think it is 500, isn't it? yes, four to $500 what they think they'll get for that. >> cute. you're having fun with it, playing with the ball. >> ya. okay, simple pleasures. >> oh, academy award winning actress, philadelphia native, princess of monaco, grace kelly, would have turned eight a today. yes, born right here in philadelphia. november the 12th, 1929. so grace is known for her roles in dial him for murder, to catch a thief, the country girl, win of my favorites. i think she was also in rear window, alfred hick koch. pretty sure. >> love that move. >> i she retired after just six years to march a prince, prince ren ear. the couple had three children, grace died in 1982, after she had a stroke behind a wheel of her car, went off a cliff, died. she would have been eight a.
8:41 am
that's why we have kelly drive. that's probably maple after her dad. have you ever noticed people on the hit showdown town abby. rarely touch each other. there was no touching back in that day. >> yes, not an accident. the cast of the show has been banned from touching each other, unnecessarily, because there was so little physical contact during that era. the show's historical expert says there wasn't a lot of touching or hugging in the early 20 century because antibiotics hadn't been pro duct dollars, so they rarely touch. >> just kiss. >> i wonder if they did the fist pump back then since trying not to get germs? >> boom. >> maybe an elbow touch oring? >> elbow? >> by the way, what do you think about that? in this day and age, when somebody comes up, refuses to shake your hand, gives you just the fist, does that make you feel weird? >> i sense it like people have oh, avenue cold. okay. >> but i know people that do it all the time. >> do they?
8:42 am
>> all the time. >> oh, jen. you're with a very cool guy. he heist written nine books about make up, then he has a friend, too. >> yes, ' as friend. that will guy had to go back to the hotel. look at this, this is the naughty basket. these are all the things you probably aren't using, and maybe you shouldn't have got in the beginning. so we will kiss-and-tell. do a little bit of what you should actually have not bought in the beginning, right? >> right. >> all for good cause. buy is one thing.
8:43 am
8:44 am
deciding between buying food and health care is something else.
8:45 am
healthy pa is now here to help, with name-brand health insurance that costs as little as a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, visit to learn more. >> ♪ >> before we get to usher, kelly drive named after john kelly? >> i said that, didn'ty? >> it wasn't her father, it was her brother, the the rower, olympic rower, kelly's brother. >> kelly drive along the schuylkill schuylkill river. >> usher. >> a lot of people went to the concert. they say it was so good. >> including one jenn frederick. how was it? >> it was awesome. he was very sweaty and very sexy. because he dances, right?
8:46 am
a loft moves? >> yep, it was like a lot of moves, and then a loft slow dance, very, very fun. and it was a good time. because i went with a great crowd. but, we have to do applicant up. here is the thing. i was out late last night, who dow put my face in front of? a make up artist. good morning. >> good morning, you look great. >> ya, you have to say that. >> no, i don't. >> all right. so let's talk about -- that's yes love you, high five. you have amazing event going on friday. and it is going to help you fill up the naughty basket. >> what's this? >> naughty basket. when women come to me for lessons they bring the stuff they don't use. what i do is he collect it in the naughty basket, then every so often i send off a package to an organization called terra cycle. terra cycle has a variety i have different brigades that people can sign up for to recycle different things. and i am part of their personal care and beauty brigade. which they partner with garn air for, and so, on friday, we're going to collect a bunch of this stuff from ladies,
8:47 am
sent it off, and to thank them for it, we're going to put some, well, flashes on them. >> because you are sassy and cool, it is bring me your trash, i'll give you some lash. >> that's correct. thank you for saying that. >> good. >> but i say to you, you know there is we've talked, there is all kinds of things that we're buying that we shouldn't by in the beginning. and you say a, number one, probably, thank you for saying this, the primerment people talk about primer in the news business, you have to have it, you say? >> i say you want something, some casino of product between your face and a pigment product like blush or foundation, but primers are mostly silicone, they make your skin feel real soft and lovely. but once the foundation is on, casino of all bets are off. so i say some casino of moisturizer. this is something called face primerite here. it is silicone free, more of moisturizer to me. >> so go moisturizer, ditch the primer? >> right. primer not so necessary. >> we have to say, very general, but some people need some stuff.
8:48 am
>> right. >> i have so many of these. the pallet. >> right. >> you say the reason behind the pallet we can see it? >> uncle see it. proof is in the pudding. really fancy brand. >> yes. >> here is a cheap owe brand, too, but always the same thing, consistency here as you can see. >> the thing is that we're only using one color? >> only using one color, but you want to buy it because it looks like so much fun, full of hope, property is. look at all of the pretty colors you use one, so you wasted your money and put more chemicals into the environment. >> the other thing i want to be a kardashian. >> cool saying it. >> and i buy the highlight ers, the contouring. you have some pretty highlight ers here. >> i do. >> you say? >> not in real life. unless you are walking around in a photo all the time, you really don't need to contour. now, that's not to say you can't use little bit of bronze err and so for the, just hint of contouring, but this crazy contouring, and highlighting; really for people in photographs. not real life, yes.
8:49 am
>> really. then the final thing, my mother has lip crushes all over the house. i don't know what she is doing with them. >> i don't either. i need to talk to her. >> but say is a lip brush something we probably don't need to invest it? >> i'm a make up artist, and i need it for artistic reasons, sanitary reasons, but honestly putting lipstick on, it is just like this. it is really easy, and i think women are coming out of the womb knowing thousand do this. so you can ditch your lip brush. >> all right, great. okay, so, coming up at 9:00 you'll tell us what in general we all need. okay, so again we've learned no primer, no lip brush, no pallet. and we've also learned take your naughty's to the basket. >> on friday. >> i like this. so pretty interesting, right, mike? you know there is we always tell you mike you shouldn't use so much primer. >> exactly. by the way, the cameraman you see in the mir there are was also at the usher concert. >> yes. >> show us some moves, mike.
8:50 am
>> yes, he does the same moves every time. >> side to side. we're with that. >> 8:50 exactly, still ahead, should you raise your children to be just like you? it might sounds like good idea, now expert say you probably shouldn't be raising mini me's. >> and tomorrow on good day philadelphia, actress willow heals will be live in our studio. if you love the hunger games, you will love this. she stars on the new movie alongside jennifer laurence, we'll talk with her in
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> some places the fog is getting worse, now spread up into the lehigh vale, allentown, reduced visibility, lancaster, half mile. still pretty bad at philadelphia international, trenton, wrightstown, wilmington, millville, dover,
8:54 am
wildwood, all with .3 of a mile visibility, even worse atlantic sit. so, another couple hours maybe before it get out of here, dense fog advisory continues along our coastal counties colds air waiting in the wing, code front hasn't come through yet, but his will happen around midday today, looks like, then after that, get ready to just settle in with cold air. >> starting tomorrow moving across the great lakes, see some lake effect snow. >> tomorrow night, few flakes, especially north and west of the city nothing to accumulate, but something to keep our eye on tomorrow night into maybe the early part of friday morning. so that's the deal with precipitation. we will watch another area of precipitation, sunday night no monday. but let's start getting used to the cold temperatures before any that far happens.
8:55 am
six a, long time, 49 tomorrow, in the 40's friday, saturday, sunday, maybe making it to 50 monday. with some flurries possible, early in the morning. by tuesday, gets even colder. this is wrong, bob kelly, just wrong. >> adjust those numbers. 8:55, morning, rough go all morning long, live look at the big jam in the traffic cam. southbound lanes of route one, approaching the pennsylvania turnpike, so coming from bensalem, all the way down to just south of the turnpike interchange, we had early morning fatal accident, the southbound lanes are still closed. >> this femme owe here, this tractor-trailer, disable and these guys trying to get around him, hopping over the concrete barrier here dealing with fog all morning long, right near the conshohocken curve school buses coming for class trip this morning put about 55 minute coming into philly on the schuylkill
8:56 am
expressway. accident north along 295, this is going to impact everyone that heads northbound this morning from south jersey, heading to just north of that 42 freeway northbound between 42 and the black horse pike, big yam, causing effect on the 42 freeway. all of the bridges are socked in with fog this morning. jammed coming in on the benny, down to 35 miles an hour, cottman avenue, still closed in northeast philly from the early morning fatal accident that occurred right in front of northeast high school. and then new jersey turnpike, between exit seven and 12, because of the fog, they have speed restrictions in play, and only about 40 minute, at philadelphia international because of the fog as well. mike, alex being back over to you. >> bob, did you know it is casino after national pizza day? what are they calling this? >> pizza with the works, except anchovy's. >> hold the anchovy's. >> so what's your favorite pizza topping reveal about your personally?
8:57 am
why you may love pepperoni if you get bored easily, and we'll go down some other. pizza with the works day. we'll go down some other. pizza with the works day. >we put all the apps you love... inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your
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needs or has recently received a vaccine. after 2 starter doses, i take stelara® 4 times a year, and my skin is clearer. hey talk to your doctor to see if stelara® is right for you. >> ♪ >> oh, isn't she adorable, that aerianna grande. >> and she wore her hair down. she never does that. >> good morning, november the 12th, it is some kind of national pizza day. what's the name of the thing again? >> pizza, with the works. except anchovies. >> that's the name of the hole. >> i national, yes. >> the people from over at steak them up, in south


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