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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  November 12, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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suspicious. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. investigators spent the day at the fire scene and so did shocked neighbors. fox 29's dawn timmeney is live in egg harbor city tonight with the latest on the investigation. dawn? >> good evening, iain and lucy. investigators are being pretty tight lipped right now. police have been on the scene here for some nine hours. you can see the police tape around the house as investigators try to get to the bottom of a deadly fire that may have been deliberately set. >> i didn't think it was the little boy that died. oh, my gosh. and a mom. >> reporter: neighbors are shape aft learning a mother and her young son are dead after a suspicious fire in their home on the 200 block of washington avenue in egg harbor city. >> terrible. i was just crying. >> reporter: the call coming around 8:00 o'clock this morni morning. police telling us a third victim who was in the house was taken away by ambulance. neighbors telling us he had stab wounds and investigators confi confirming he told investigators this is more than just a fire. >> he was telling investigator
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that is somebody broke into the house. >> reporter: the atlantic county forensic crime scene unit, the fire marshal, arson investigators and egg harbor city police all pouring over the scene. canvassing the yard, removing evidence and looking for clues as to what happened inside this house on a quiet city street. >> i'm always outside with her and just look over. i always see a little boy playing. >> reporter: police had a white honda towed in front of the house as evidence arson dog also brought in to look for any accelerants that could have been used to set this deadly fire. >> there's lot of damage to the house. we can't say where it start the yet. >> reporter: now police have not yet released the names of the woman and her little boy. neighbors tell us the child was only in second grade, of course, we're going to stay on the scene here and bring you the latest developments to night at 6:00 o'clock. iain? >> all right, dawn, thank you. two people are in the hospital tonight after a fire at a home in hunting park. skyfox was over the scene right after it happened this afterno afternoon. on the 3700 block of north franklin street.
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we're told one person is being treated for second degree burns. there's no word yet on a condition for either victim. investigators are working to figure out what sparked the fi fire. >> a heart-stopping rescue at the brand new world trade center just one week after it opened. now, it doesn't get any scarier than this. a couple of window washers got stuck way up there. 69 floors up there skyscraper in lower manhattan. it happened this afternoon. they only way to get them down was cut through the glass of the new building. it took firefighters more than an hour. the trouble reportedly started when a cable snapped. one world trade center yes indeed opened last week. the cold blast arrives in your fox 29 weather authority. people across the country are battling an early shot of wint winter. snow, ice and major temperature drops with more than a month left to go in the fall season. we're not expecting snow like this but things are still about to get a little uncomfortable especially for me like me. let's get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams for an early look at what to expect.
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right now that front we've been talking about all week is moving in as we speak. temperatures right now in the low 60s for philadelphia. but look at the winds out of the northwest at 14 miles per hour ushering in some of that colder air. it's 37 degrees toward pittsburgh right now. we have 28 in chicago. look at desmoines and minneapolis in the 20s so that colder air continues to move a little farther to the east. so grab the jackets and sweaters if you're stepping outdoors this evening. that cold air invasion takes over and by 10:00 o'clock, look at the temperatures. upper 40s along i-95. look 40s north and west and when you wake up tomorrow morning we're looking at temperatures in the upper 30s in philadelphia. low 30s right around freezing north and west. so blustery and colder tonight. 30s by day break and coming up we'll talk about highs tomorrow only in the 40s and, yes, the threat of some evening wet snowflakes with that seven day forecast coming up. iain and lucy? >> all right, scott. we may have some cold air moving in, but hay at least it's not
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snow. parts of the midwest got blasted by an early shot of wintry weather. icy roads on several streets in and around omaha, nebraska and parts of northern wisconsin. residents digging out after some ate 18-inches of snow blanketed the area. the early winter weather influenced by a powerful storm that hit alaska with hurricane force winds over the weekend. >> this is pretty bad. i seen cars sliding. i was sliding. >> i'm glad i bought a snowblower. first year brand new second day out was out yesterday for a little bit. subfreezing temperatures are reaching as far south as texas. at least one hardware store in austin is already selling winter supplies, and you can track our tumbling temperatures any time by heading to our website click on the weather tab for the most up to date forecast to see an interactive radar. >> skyfox over a tragic scene in millville, new jersey. police say a 15 month old boy
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drowned at his daycare center. he somehow ended up in a gold fish pond at the sunshine daycare on the 900 block of scharr lane boulevard tuesday morning. the woman who runs the daycare says she was helping another child came back and noticed he was missing. police say medic rushed the boy to the hospital but doctors could not revive him and tonight police are investigating. sky fox also in delaware county today where a school shut down after a suspicious package is found. police say a box of bullets were sent to the jack hebrew academy on the 200 block of south bryn mawr avenue. you can see officers surrounding the campus. a k9 unit was there as well to check the grounds. nothing else was found. tonight police are still trying to figure out who sent it. school will be open tomorrow. >> a developing story from federal court in philadelphia. delvin barnes the a man accused of of kidnapping woman off a germantown street has made his very first federal court appearance. the fbi found barnes in car dee is a freeland gaither three days later in maryland.
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fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at the federal courthouse in center city. dave? >> reporter: lucy, today's hearing lasted just five minutes long enough for the judge to tell delvin barnes he has to be back in court on friday for a pretrial detention hearing. federal prosecutors want him held without bail until he goes on trial on kidnapping charges. >> one week after leading authorities on a frantic search up and down the east coast, accused kidnapper delvin barnes faced a judge in federal court where he stands charged in the abduction of 22 year old carlesha freeland gaither. >> continue to friday for detention hearing as well as probable cause hearing. other than that i have no comment. >> reporter: barnes was given a public defender after he told the judge he couldn't afford an attorney. he faces charge that is he violently abducted gaither off the street in germantown, 10 days ago. and then fled the area. he made stops to use her atm card at a maryland bank and this nearby gas station convenience
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store. surveillance video went out across the country. last wednesday night, federal agents nabbed barnes in jessup, maryland and rescued gaither. >> i'm not going to comment at this time because it's an on-going investigation. >> reporter: prosecutors refused comment. none of gaither's family members were in court. this case is now expected to go before a federal grand jury which could return indictments against barnes within 30 days. gaither has already met with prosecutors to be debriefed. barnes they say has confessed. >> only thing we got today was a complaint and warrant. i have no information about that. >> reporter: barnes lawyer won not comment about specifics of the case. sources say so far police have not yet linked barnes to any new abduction or sexual assault cases. he stands charged in virginia in a kidnapping and sexual assault of a 16 year old girl. sources say barnes is dna and other evidence is being run through state, local and federal databases looking for links to other crimes. as far barnes being on a suicide watch -- >> i don't know anything about that. i really can't answer to that.
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>> reporter: now, late today attorney general eric holder was supposed to do a conference call with all of the investigators in this case to thank them for their work in rescuing gaither and arresting barnes. coming up at 6:00 where this case goes next and will barnes remain here in philadelphia? iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. the man who admitted he drove his soon to be ex-wife's corvette into the delaware river surrenders to police. john kramer surrendered at the 15th police district this afternoon. kramer spoke exclusively on camera with our dave schratwieser yesterday. telling him the classic car was the center of a lot of problems between he and his wife. kramer drove that car into the delaware river near the tacony-palmyra bridge monday and took off asking a witness not to tell police. >> happening right now, scientists are rejoicing after sticking a nail biting history making landing that is simply out of the this world. space craft has just landed on a comet. the feat pulled off by the
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european space agency. i tell was it was high fives and cheers all the way around. the complex mission has been years in the making. fox's phil keating explains what scientists are hoping to learn. >> reporter: celebrations at the european space agency as the lander becomes the first space craft ever to touchdown on a comet. >> we are there. talking to us. sitting on the surface. >> reporter: historic moment 10 years in the making. the rosetta osh bitter carrying the lander arrived in august and immediately started a detailed mapping process. the comet 2.5 miles wide traveling at 84,000 miles an hour. researchers hope the comet will provide us all with valuable information. >> it's aim to of course to unlock the secrets hidden win treasure chest. 4.6 billion object.
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>> $1.6 billion mission was never easy. engineers designed the lander not knowing what type of terrain they would eventually find on the comet's surface. pictures from rosetta show it is dusty, porous and not nea nearls smooth as initially hoped. scientists also had to successfully detach the lander from the rosetta orbiter at exactlily right time and speed and it landed on that fast-moving cam met at just the right time. >> to get to a comet is really an mazing adventure once in one's life. >> the plan is for rosetta and filet to accompany the comet as it hurdles towards the sun becoming increasingly more active. in miami, phil keating, fox news. >> it's just really cool. the latest tonight scientists were concerned about the harpoon system. we talked with the frank institute chief astronomer dr. derek pits who tells us the harpoon did deploy and three screw anchors holding filet
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study my brother who's airplays at a physicist this is his biggest day. >> it is a big day. >> it is. so a driver is in big trouble in south jersey tonight. not only do police say he hit a guy but he allegedly kept driving with the victim still on his windshield. how this dangerous ride to came to an andy. >> families in pain begging for justice. the deadly crime trend targeting women the family says breaks an unwritten code on the streets. >> a group of guys stops for a photo op an at odd sight. a truck in a creek. it didn't take them long to realize that the driver was still inside that truck, though. how they saved his life coming up. howard? >> game against the packers on sunday, it's going to be a tough game but it's more than just green bay. i will explain much mor
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>> horrific story out of little egg harbor a driver hit a man walking on the shoulder of route nine and then kept going with that man stuck in his windshie windshield. police caught up with marcos ortega on main street in ocean township. the man he hit was still in the windshield. ortega now faces charges including drunk driving leaving the scene of an accident. the victim is in critical condition. >> a rally for school safety right now after a third assault on teacher in southwest philadelphia within a month. the teacher was knocked down and left with a concussion. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live at bartram high school tonight where a lot of people are concerned.
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jennifer? >> reporter: iain arc lot of people like you said are concerned because they say all of this violence is a clear indicator that these students are not getting the resources that they need to succeed. it was a local councilman be, a school principal, teachers and students who spoke up at the rally all say the same thing. this school needs help. it needs more teachers, staff and security. it needs more help from the parents to get involved and set the example for students that education is important. and they need the support from school district officials and city and state lawmakers school administrators say they have maxed out their wallets and their own resources. the cuts have made it very difficult to help these students in dire need and one teacher says, yes, this violence is a sign that we are failing these children. >> we only have two counselors. two counselors for 900 children, you know when there are kids in crisis, what do they do? so in
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terms of asking me, do you think that the violence is impacted by the lack of resources? my answer is absolutely yes. yes, that is a fundamental reason why a lot of the things happen here at bartram. >> reporter: now this is the principal' first year at bartram high school. he says he will not give up on these students. i also talked to the school district of philadelphia spokesman says he's actually seen a downward trend in violence here at the school in september and october of this year compared to last. iain? >> all right, jennifer, thank you. huge reward offered for information on an arson that destroyed a redevelopment project in berks county. the fire tour through the former reading outlet center last month. there is now an $85,000 reward for an arrest and conviction of the person who set the fire. the site was in the middle of a redevelopment project and some of it was only few weeks from completion. the fire caused more than $12 million in damage. >> former philadelphia police inspector is back behind bars
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after getting released early by mistake. daniel castro walk out of prison two weeks ago even though he had two more years left on a five-year sentence. he's serving time for an extortion plot. officials say a clerical error led to his accidental release. castro is scheduled to walk free in april of 2016. the father of an nba player shot and killed in philadelphia. now that player is taking a leave of absence from basketball. la lakers 57 year old wayne ellington was shot and killed as he sat inside a car on sunday. it happened on the 5200 block of marion street around 8:00 o'clock at night he's the father of la lakers guard shooting guard wayne ellington who was granted an indefinite leave of absence while he mourns. police say they have made no arrests in the murder. >> first person sentenced under pennsylvania's brad fox law will spend six to 12 years in pale jail for making straw gun purchases. delaware county officials held a news couldn't friend on the heels of sauce tee dawson's
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sentencing. the chester woman bought two guns for her boyfriend who's a convicted felon. the law is named after plymouth township police officer brad fox. a man he was pursuing after a hit-and-run shot and killed him with an illegally purchased gun. fox's parents say his name lives on through this law. >> brad lived and died protecting his country and his community, and he's still working today. >> and that new law toughens penalties for those who buy guns for felons. we know what will happen to the shuddered showboat casino in atlantic city. the richard stockton college will buy the former casino and plans to use it as a satellite campus. caesars entertainment and the college announcing the purchase plan today. they did not announce the sale price. showboat of course closed back on august 31st. one of four atlantic city casinos to shut down so far this year. >> the recent casino closings and how to save atlantic city with a hot topics of a second
5:19 pm
summit held by governor chris christie today. he says political arguments need to stop to improve things for everyone. christie says mistakes were made by local government in the private sector forcing four of the city's 12 casinos to shut down this year. 8,000 people are now unemployed. christie is recommending an emergency manager to help with the situation. but has not given any specific details on what role they would have on revitalizing the city. >> it just got easier to hop on septa's market frankford line on 15th street. new elevators, look at that's correct open for business tonight in center city, and that gives you easy access to the line and trolley stations. you'll find these three new elevators at dilworth park, september tack the city of philadelphia, the organization disabled in action of pennsylvania joined forces to make all of this happen. you know what will be happening real soon we're bracing for a cold blast in your fox 29 weather authority. chief meteorologist scott williams, we knew it had to
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happen sometime. >> yeah, get ready to crank the heat, lucy. break out those heavier coats as well. temperatures already dropping into the upper 40s in the pocono moutains. 51 right now in lancaster. 61 in philadelphia. upper 50s in atlantic city. but take a look at the wind direction out of the north and west. over 10 miles per hour so that cooler air is coming in with the winds of change. upper 40s by 9:00. mid 40s by 11:00 o'clock tonig tonight. but overnight, lows dip to around freezing in the suburbs. upper 30s in the city as that colder air moves in. we'll talk about it potentially linking up with some moisture as early as tomorrow night even some wet snowflake in the forecast, iain and lucy, coming up with the seven day. >> all right, scott. thank you. >> he's the only person to die from the ebola virus in the united states. tonight thomas eric duncan's family is talking about the future. their plan to make sure he is never forgotten. >> and how to move a 126 year old mansion, very, very carefully. the multi million dollar effort
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now underway in chicago to move this piece of history. plus does age really matter in a marriage? maybe more than you think. when an age difference really says about whether you'll stay together. ♪
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>> 2us soldiers attacked in istanbul turkey. it happened near a dock where that are war ship was stayinged in the black sea. 10 protesters began shouting at the sailors telling them to leave turkey. they threw red paint at them. u.s. nave confirms the incident says both sailors are safely back on board uss ross. >> federal judge struck down south carolina's ban on same sex marriages. the judge's decision won't take effect for one week which allows time for the state to appeal. the attorney general says he plans to do so immediately. same sex couples could start getting married on november 20th. >> a texas hospital reaches a settlement with the family of the only person to die from ebola in america. the lawyer for the family of thomas eric duncan won't say how much texas health tress we
5:25 pm
tanner is paying the family. he believes duncan was the victim of medical malpractice if the relatives sued they could have won. the hospital turned duncan away when he force went there for treatment after arriving from liberia he died a few days after being admitted and diagnosed with ebola the s the settlement will compensate his parents and four children. >> juicy love letters from hollywood icon are hitting the auction block and you can't bet they're going to get top dollar. next month an auction house in beverly hills is offering up intimate letters between marlon monroe and two of her ex husbands playwright arthur miller and baseball legend joe dimaggio. actress left the letters in her will to her mentor and acting coach lee strasburg. gave them to friend and his friend's decedents are auctioning them off. the auction house says they give a very intimate look at the private lives of american legends.
5:26 pm
>> there was a fantastic letter my favorite actually from joe dimaggio and joe did you match joe is san francisco and he's in a friend's house and he's watching tv and marilyn comes on tv and she's standing on the steps of her home and she's announcing she's getting did you veried from joe did you match joe and he's truly upset by the news and he's very upset to seamail little lynn crying. he deeply cared about her. he wasn't an accomplished writer but he wrote a wonderful heartfelt letter. >> the owner of the auction house thinks the pieces could fetch at least $1 million. monroe died of a drug overdose in 1962. she was 36 years old. i read about her and joe that love spanned many, many years even after their divorce. there's that great love there. >> yeah. >> all right. you've seen them. you read about them, maybe you tried a few but do any of those so-called fad diets work? one group of scientists thinks they've got the answer and it may be hard to swallow.
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a group of men discover a truck submerged in a creek with the driver still inside. why these guys were well prepared to come to the rescue. >> first families in pain and just begging for justice. the deadly trend targeting women just begging for justice. the deadly trend targeting women fwe put all the apps you love...
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>> live look outside of our old city studios tonight. pretty clear. pretty nice but things they are going to get cold and really
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fast. chief meteorologist scott williams tells us when we'll need to dig out the gloves and scarves and how long we need keep them handy so long as we don't have to dig out of snow i'm okay coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. a scary and sick attack in kensington is caught on camera. police say a woman in a chinese restaurant on allegheny avenue was approached by a man with a blood filled syringe who said, i have aids, give me your money. she through $200 at him and the man took off. if you know anything that might help catch him call philadelphia police. >> it is a deadly crime trend in the city. breaking the unwritten rules of the street. women, children and the elderly once thought off limits are now often targets and that has left many families pleading for justice. >> our dave schratwieser shows us what's behind the new rise in crime. >> very devastating. >> reporter: 22 year old carlesha freeland gaither wa was
5:31 pm
abducted off the streets it was a big headline in philadelphia this year. >> they rescue carlesha gaither. >> carlesha was rescued and her accused kidnapper was captured. >> after 72 frantic hours on the run, carlesha didn't know her abductor, her mother told fox 29 her daughter was clearly targeted. >> he knew what he was doing. it was like he was targeting h her. >> the streets have been broken. before it was no women, no kids and now -- taking the lives of women. >> reporter: carlesha escaped with her life. she returned home traumatized but safe. that wasn't the case for friends and family members of women gunned down on the streets of philadelphia this year. their pain is overwhelming. >> they took somebody that's precious to me, took somebody that cared for me, that loved me, that did things for me. they took her away. >> reporter: police department
5:32 pm
statistics obtained by fox 29 show 30 women have been murdered so far this year. that's up from 23 women killed in all of 2013. women have also been the targets of 87 shootings so far this year compared to 79 for all of last year. >> please, catch the killers. >> reporter: crimes against women have been in the headlines all year starting in january. with a 49 year old woman was robbed and shot just two blocks from her home after she left a store at 39th and popular. >> walks in front of her. points out a gun points it in her face and tells her to give him his purse. you're not getting my purse. he starts to walk away and he fires one shot into her left leg. >> reporter: two weeks later 26 year old amber long was gunned down right in front of her mother as they walked to her car parked along front street in northern liberties. the suspect tried to steal her purse then shot her. >> senseless. it was absolutely pointless. >> she didn't put up a fight at all. no reason in the world this
5:33 pm
individual had to shoot her. >> reporter: amber long's killer still hasn't been caught. neither has the suspect who robbed and shot the 49 year old victim on poplar street in west philadelphia. the man who shot and killed pamela campbell's daughter melissa thomas after he stole her backpack hasn't been caught either. >> all of our hearts are bleeding. all of our hearts. >> reporter: police agree that the unwritten code of the streets which used to protect women, children and the elderly has gone by the way side. >> never attack those three categories. >> reporter: these days it seems anyone with money is a target. >> people want what you have no matter how small the amount. >> when i turned around, he was already running towards me. >> reporter: some crimes against women have declined this year. >> he kept saying, just don't scream and i won't hurt you. >> reporter: the number of rapes so far this year 919 is down significantly from 1,189 rapes reported for all of 2013.
5:34 pm
this there's also some other good news. police department statistics obtained by fox 29 show that robberies, aggravated assaults, burglaries and thefts involving women victims are way down for the year as of mid october. but that's of little relief to those who have lost loved ones. >> that could be someone's mother, someone's grandmother. >> reporter: dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> well age really nothing more than a number? >> what the difference in age between you and your spouse really says about your chances of splitting up. and a man sets out to prove a point to his ex-girlfriend by sending her live chicks in the mail. her reaction is even more. >> coming up at six jewelry heist in the middle of the afternoon in new york city's diamond district. how the thieves pulled off the violent robbery and why they chose perfect time to strike. scott? >> iain, temperatures are dropping and it looks like it will stay chilly for awhile. i have the details with the seven day forecast and the
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♪ >> no sign of lava flow stopping on hawaii's big island. lava from the kileaua volcano destroyed a house yesterday and has now hit a large fish pond they're an evacuation advisory for people living in the path of the flow. lava has been spilling out of the volcano since june. >> historic 126 year old chicago mansion is on the move. new entertainment complex is going up right on its site. so the harriet f. reece house is picking up and moving on. the three-story house weighs more than 700 tons. imagine the logistic behind this one, iain. crazy. it is. >> no one ever moved a house that big in the u.s. the price tag, ooh, it's hefty, too. we're talking $2 million. wow. in your health tonight diets how long do they really work? not long at all really according to canadian researchers. i know you don't want to hear that. they reviewed several popular zone diets like atkins and even weight watchers and found they all had modest results over the course of a year but most people gained back some of the weight
5:39 pm
they lost. the scientists suggested people who want to shed weight should choose diet changes they can live with for the long haul. >> make sure i got this. they spent money on researched to research on people gaining weight back after diets? we could have told them that. you're right. >> they would have saved a lot of money. age is just a number but if there's a five-year gap between you and your spouse could a divorce be more likely? speaking of research, researchers at emory university took a look at the stats. according to their calculations a five-year age gap means you're 18% more likely to divorce. divorce rate rises to 39% for 10 year age gap. 20 year gap 95% of a chance of a break up. no kidding part of the story. researchers say the age difference usually means different cultural reference points and values which can break a marriage. hey, relax your cares away while helping to get better sleep and even spark creativity. sound appealing? those are all
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promises from a new trend called floating. a new spot in phil until helps you dive right in. you line a tank filled with almost 300 gallons of water infused with 850 pounds of epsom salt. water more dense than the dead sea it is so popular people are driving in from out of state to give eight try. >> if you're a football player or if you're a ballerina it doesn't matter what your size is. you're going to float. it's not just to relax owner says it can help treat medical conditions even depression. tonight at 10:00 our jennifer joyce puts it to the test. what happened she didn't expect after just 10 minutes in the tank. >> now you got me. now you got me. tonight at 10:00. can't wait to see that. >> a man sets out to prove a point to his ex-girlfriend by sending her live chicks like peep, peep, peep, little chick in the mail. what's even more shocking her reaction when she gets the package an group of guys stops for a photo op at an odd sight. a truck in a creek. it didn't take them long to realize the driver was still inside that truck, though.
5:41 pm
how they saved his life. howard? >> sunday it's not just a game against the packers. there are a couple of other elements f
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♪ >> what is dish nation? dysfunctional. >> he was my size. >> dish derby. >> i'm kanye west in concert. >> i want the good old naughty lindsay bad. >> it's entertaining entertainment news. >> i got to be honest that. sounds awful. >> a lot of non english speaking countries that are just tuning in. one more time, guys. >> pan crack. >> dish nation! >> we do mean wild show we all love right here on fox 29.
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and tonight one of our favorite hosts head crack is back with all the dish you'll be talking about tomorrow. head crack, welcome back. always a pleasure. >> how you doing lucy? good to be here. >> excellent. and so miss kim kardashian all the talk once again and not surprisingly once again it's all about her back side grabbing the headlines. you know what, i woke up and these were the first pictures i saw this morning. so obviously for us to share them we had to blackout little bit of it. i'm guessing you really perused this magazine. >> you know it was a great thing to wake up to this morning when i got up because i didn't know that's what she was doing last night on the internet. i had an early night, but paper magazine and kim kardashian tried to break the internet and like these peau pictures were met with mixed results. >> here's my thing. isn't this kind of old news, because didn't she pose naked for like british gq and what about that sex tape? we've been there and done that, right? >> you know what, but this is a new and improved kim kardashian.
5:46 pm
all the after market parts. it's almost -- >> after market parts. >> post baby kim kardashian a lot of things have happened since the tape and the british gq spread. >> i guess so. air brushing is always good, too. it looks like she's got canola oil all over her. what is that? >> some people said it's armor all. canola oil is by row degradable. i'm going to go with that one lucy. >> it's earth friendly. earth friendly thing. here's my thought because i ad asked around the studio. did you hear about paper magazine? do you know paper magazine. >> nobody new paper magazine. of course we're talking about paper magazine brilliant move on paper magazine's part, right. >> it's household name now and i don't know if you've been on twitter in the last few hours, but there is a new trending topic that says, who is kim kardashian? because there's a new angeline jolie photo on the internet now that's not new. it's like -- it's not nude. it's tasteful. it's very classy. and it's just showing like four different shots of angelina jolie and the people are eating
5:47 pm
it up. >> you know what i'm going to have to look that up the moment we stop talking here. now, okay, from one diva to another pop star arianna grand day a lot of people buzzing about her i guess you can say diva esk behave yao and now her at the attitude almost smut down a recent music video. so what happened here? >> apparently she has 99 problems and a zit is one of them. like some people try to call arianna grand day a diva. she's so young and new to this business. niece her early 20's. she's kind of insecure and when you shoot a music video that music video is forever you want to put your best foot forward and you don't want to necessarily put that out there because everybody hd these days. >> i suffer with hd head craft. what was her problem? did chef a pip pep or something like that? what was going on? >> they are saying there was a pimple. our sources tell us there's a pimple right on her chin. when you turned certain angles it makes it looks like 3d.
5:48 pm
one of those stick considers when you turn a. it's best they hold off. >> i gotcha. head crack it is always a pleasure. enjoy the balmy climate of atlanta we're about ready to get hit with big time winter around here in philly. >> bundle up. >> we are. talk to you soon. dish nation part of the best late night lineup on tv if we do say so ourselves. after our 10:00 o'clock news catch tmz, inside edition followed by dish nation at midnight and chasing at 12:30. >> a jilled ex-boyfriend does something incredible and really pretty cruel to send his girlfriend a message. he sent a package of life chicks to her house with a note saying there are a lot of chicks out there. 15 fluffy helpless baby chickens were piled in the box and delivered. what's worst ex-girlfriend toll the postman she was going to throw them away. mailman volunteered to take them to the human society with the exception of one chick with an injured leg. they are all healthy and in case you're wondering it is legal to
5:49 pm
mail live adult birds through the post office no details on the legality of mailing baby birds. man suffering a medical emergency drives his truck off a texas road but thankfully some good samaritans jumped to the rescue. it happened yesterday when the man drove his truck right into a dallas creek. luckily, a group of movers spotted the submerged truck and stopped to take a photo. they real life the brake lights were on and someone was still inside. they jumped into the water, one of them happened to be the man's best friend and used everything they could break the window. >> i had my hands wrapped -- one hand wrapping on him and another holding the door. it was so deep so i could hold him. >> the man was taken to the hospital. he is in stable condition tonight. >> thank goodness he's okay. i'm still worried about that one chick with the hurt leg. what happened to that chick? my daughter has a chicken with hur leg and she's a very happy chicken i have to say. yeah. she's a chicken that will get very cold very soon, scott. yeah. temperatures today, we squeezed out 70. >> wow.
5:50 pm
briefly. >> two in a row. two in a row. but bye-bye to 70-degree temperatures for awhile in that seven day forecast. there's the high temperature. 70 degrees above the normal this time of year which is 58. the record high for today's date 75 degrees. but look at the sharp contrast across the country. it's 11 degrees in rapid city right now. 22 in minneapolis. we have 28 chicago. 38 degrees in cincinnati. the western part of the state already in the 30s for pittsburgh. philadelphia still checking right now at 61 degrees. but those temperatures, they are going to be dropping this evening with that cold air invasion. taking shape. we've been talking about it arriving all week and it will get here tonight in especially tomorrow morning. look at the temperatures by 10:00 o'clock. um per fours along the i-95 corridor. low 40s mid upper 30s north and west but by 7:00 a.m. out the door, bundle up. we're looking at freezing in allentown. 36 in trenton. 39 in philadelphia. upper 30s in millville and high
5:51 pm
temperatures tomorrow in the upper 40s to right around 50 in philadelphia. blustery and colder for tonight, 30s by day break. high temperatures tomorrow well below average. a little disturbance will move through with some rain, some sprinkles and also some wet snowflakes especially north and west. moving toward the poconos. they could even get a coating by friday morning. so as we talk about that front, it's moving through much of the lower 48. out ahead of it still pretty mild but behind it, those below average temperatures. so rolling the clock for tonight, so it's a dry, cold front for us tonight as we advance through the day on thursday, sunshine, chilly conditions, blustery conditions and then by 5:00 o'clock, we're watching that disturbance move through with the sprinkles. you can see the green that's the rain. but toward the lehigh valley, the pocono mountains a little bit of some wet snow. mixing at times with that colder air north and west. 10:00 o'clock still looking at some of that snow toward the pocono mountains so there could be a coating there. but most of us just looking at
5:52 pm
that rainfall and sprinkles and definitely the colder air. temperatures tonight, 32 degrees in the suburbs. upper 30s in the city. 49 degrees for tomorrow. so a definitely shock to the system compared to today. and as we move ahead friday, 44. 45 on saturday. sunday 47. more rain perhaps even a wintry mix north and west again but not a whole lot of moisture and then the coldest yet. tuesday, 40. wednesday temperatures only in the upper 30s. and speaking of cold, howard eskin will be in it all lambeau field sunday kick off time 25 degrees, wind chills, single digits and teens. that's why they call it the frozen tundra, right. >> luckily howard has a ton of clothes. he can layer on up, howard. >> i'm layering up. that's all right. i'm a tough guy. >> you are. >> i'll see in you few weeks. >> all right. after you thaw out. >> after i thaw out. that is correct. the eagles winning that game on monday night but they weren't
5:53 pm
playing a team their playing this sunday it's a little tougher game. that would be at lambeau field in cold green bay. green bay tough place to play and the eagles are six-point under dog. they're passionate fans at lambeau field and there was a ton of packers tradition. it's historic place where many players really get into the stadium. especially the first time on that field. i remember when the eagles played there last season chip kelly as soon as he got off the team bus did not go to the locker room because he wanted to go to the field first, and stood there for about 10 minutes and admired the stadium with all its history. it's the first time also for mark sanchez. >> one of those populous things for sports fans and players to get an opportunity to play the there. that's writ i cool. >> i think there is. i mean, when you go in there and look at the stadium they got the bleacher seats. you know, um, it's so old scho school. but so -- it's awesome. you know, that's football. i love playing there.
5:54 pm
i love playing there this week. >> all right. yes. i did say it was going to be cold. the forecast is as we saw very -- it's going to be in the teens for kickoff. i'm telling you. but it's unbelievable. i was told it will be really cold and because it's a 4:30 sunday afternoon game, the sun will be down at half time. i'm happy about that. it's really going to be cold. the last time the eagles played in the cold weather was here december 8. it won't snow on green bay on sunday nobody will forget that game in the snow but it was cold and what is the common thread among players in the cold? no long sleeves. these are tough guys. i think it's peer pressure among the team. no sleeves. seems like a macho thing but they're football players. >> well, i know we probably won't have any sleeves on, so you know but actually the cold it hurts your fingers a little bit, you know what i mean, you got to stay warm but there's so much technology in the nfl now with the heating benches and the
5:55 pm
jackets and so you stay warm on the side lines. then once you get out there and actually play shares so much adrenaline and you're running around your heart rate is up that the weather i don't think is never too building of an issue, no. >> i haven't decided yet. >> really? >> if i want to wear sleeves or a mini skirt i will. it doesn't really matter. it doesn't matter what you wear. >> it doesn't. maybe i can play football to stay warm. on sunday our lineup looks locate this. fox 29 "game day live" at 11:00. and i'll be there. fox nfl sunday at noon double header 49ers and giants at 1:00 followed by eagles and packers at 4:25. last night, the lakers kobe bryant became the all-time leader in 1nba category. let's go to memphis. the nba category for kobe bryant because he's played a long time and he's taken a lot of shots. that's a miss. because now he has 13,418 misses which is an all-time -- here's the records to forget in sports. kobe with those misses 13,418 most strike outs in baseball
5:56 pm
reggie jackson 2,587. the hockey the most goals allowed by goaltender mark tin brodeur 2764 and brett favre through more interceptions than any other quarterback three arthritic. the common thread among all those guys they played a long time. >> exactly. >> that's part of it. yes, i will be cold. (laughter). >> all right, howard. thanks. >> coming up at 6:00 armed and dangerous and hitting spots all over the city. the search for two suspected armed robbers police say one of them is a woman. >> and history in space. a space craft landed on a comet for the first time ever. a space craft landed on a comet for the first time ever. what doe
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
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the pre winter colds blast is on our doorstep across the country already. people are hunkering down tonight bracing themselves against unseasonable and the of snow and ice and major temperature drops. americans to our west are really getting the worse of it. we are about to see huge drop in our temperatures, as well. good evening, i'm lucy nolan. >> i'm iain page. there is a lot to talk b let's get right over to chief meteorologist, scott williams, with a look at what we're facing. >> right now that arctic blast, cold front, moving through our area. fifty-eight still in philadelphia, so pretty comfortable, the average high this time of year. we made it up to 70. thirty-seven in pittsburgh, 28 in chicago. take a look at rapid city, ten years, north platt checking in at 16. that cold air continues to head in our direction with that cold invasion. moving toward the philadelphia area, tonight, temperatures right now, pretty comfortable, 50's right now atlantic sit, as well


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