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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  November 13, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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casino out of their neighborhood. success, little filet probe lands on moving comet. what this historic landing will mean, there morning, we will show you a first of a kind. >> hunter game fans, listen up. primrose, in the studio, this morning, actress willow shields here to take us behind the scene every mocking jay part one. >> live from the fox 29 studio. this is "good day philadelphia". >> hey, straight up 7:00 this thursday morning, good morning to you, or as bob kelly likes to say, good morning. >> good morning, everybody. >> speaking of jammo, that is our big story this morning, as we all have purple on, there are two things, epilepsy
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awareness, also pancreatic cancer? right. >> one of the most dangerous cancers, but we will talk about that little later, now, we've got to get to the ben franklin bridge, a mess. >> overturned truck, let's get right to the maps there. this will impact everyone coming into philadelphia, now, the benny, of course, probably one of the most traveled bridges, especially, during a morning rush hour, coming into philadelphia. the overturned truck is on the down side, coming into center city, at eighth and vine, now, here's a shot from our center city camera, here's where the truck took out that concrete barrier that kind of goes up the center, these are the headlight, coming into philadelphia, again, everybody pushed over to the right, looks like we only have the two right lanes open, going to another shot here, is a look at the bridge it s stack and pack, all four lanes, barely moving coming into fit i. shear look at the toll plaza. the ben franklin toll plaza.
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>> once you commit, best bet, right now, is to use either the walt whitman bridge, the betsy ross bridge, both get new philadelphia, and connect you with i-95. again, the ben franklin, that's going to be with us for most of the morning, the new jersey turnpike, northbound, a crash approaching exit number six. mass transit, this morning, we had some problems getting out of the gate, with the river line, we got about 30 minute delays, and now we have septa's cynwyd regional rail line suspended at least for the first part of our morning, but that colds hitting you hard sue when you open up the front door. >> boy, shock to the system. specially when you discover that we got to 70 degrees yesterday. today sick out of ten, early like now, but clouds take over, and later on we will maybe get precipitation. talk about it coming up, but 20 degrees temperature drop in some cases, more than 20 degrees, so take a cue from bus stop buddy, bundled this
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morning. 39 degrees right now, we head to high of only 49 today. remember i said 70 yesterday. so, rain, maybe couple of wet snowflakes mixed in, especially north and west of the city through the overnight hours. 34 degrees, in the city, overnight, we'll detail that precipitation coming up little later on, give you the seven day forecast, as well. mike? >> thirty-four for low, my goodness. first on fox, following breaking news, woman found dead this morning, in west philadelphia. >> let's get to steve keeley, live at the scene, with details, and steve, learning she may have been beat to death? >> detective say it looks like extremely rare case of two older women fighting to the death and hand to hand combat. and one cop told me that any rookie cop about five minutes out of the academy, would have called this woman a suspect. dead woman found naked with
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bruises all over her body on the first floor, of this rowhouse, that police believe turned into a rooming house, family tells us, section eight housing, and family members of the victim tell thus abuse has been going on non-stop, for at least two years. the younger of the two called 911, telling police, three mask men broke in, in this middle of the block row home, in the middle of the night here, just off market street, by about 50 yards, but police extremely skeptical of the story right away since there was no sign every any break-in or forced entry, and she told police that the men didn't take anything. so, as we do these live shots out here, family seize the house, recognize the ages of the two, realize, it was their aunt, who is the victim here, and they said, that the younger woman broke her arm, in past abuse cases, also talk to their next-door neighbor who said he can't remember how many times he called police. that is how many times he had called. and he heard the latest round of arguing, just yesterday, before we all arrived here.
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>> yesterday heard whole bunch of arguing, and the younger one was telling the other one stand up, stand up, stand up. and, you know, the police have been here several times, and just don't understand why, you know, something wasn't done sooner, you know, their families have complained about the lady living there. so i think that she did something to the lady. that's just my opinion. >> living room next to my living room. so when they argue and fight, it is like i'm right there in the middle of it. >> well, scott small, the chief inspector, told us when we got here, just past 4:00 as
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he did, that the two women had separate bedrooms on the first floor, but likely shared kitchens and barmes, and since the woman was found naked, they were wonder if it was over something as trivial as arguing about one spending too much time in the bathroom, and the neighbor on the other side, after we reported that, said that's exactly the argument she heard, she was complaining about the lady, being in the bathroom, and that she wanted her own bathroom. now, we have the latest murder victim, here, in west philadelphia, over something simple, as that almost ridiculous. >> clues were able to get this fire under control in about a half hour on florence avenue. fortunately, no one injured. no one injured at this other fire, popular northern liberties lounge.
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judge apartment above it, and so far no word on cause of corpse. still investigating. >> and here we go again, derailed at fifth and allegheny streets in north philadelphia. after a bok car, one of the boxcars, struck an under pass. >> two boxcars knocked off the track, but no one was hurt. septa says none of the service in the area will be affected with it, though. >> okay. >> police are looking through surveillance video this morning, to finds clues in a double shooting in south philadelphia. police say the suspect shot 26 rounds, in 600 block of winton street last night killing one man, and critically injuring an off-duty septa driver. neighbors say the driver may have been just an innocent bystander, he usually visits the area to check on his mother. >> and police say they've now found a man who dragged philadelphia officer down the street, with his car. >> yes, the driver showed up to the hospital, with a gunshot wounds in his arm. this all started around 9:00 last night, along the
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2,000 block of oxford street, police were responding to a report of a man with a gun. office he approached the driver, he said they yelled to them, wasn't doing anything wrong. >> and then he sped off. the officer trying to stop him, was then dragged for several feet, but he was able to fire one shot into the car. can you imagine this scene? the car was later found abandoned, and police were not sure where the suspect was, until he showed up at the hospital, the officer, by the way, is okay. but that one shot, able to hit him. >> police searching for woman and the man they say recruited her to rob seven businesses, in just the past month. >> this woman has been busy. >> police call her shaky, unsure, not stop the woman from hits up businesses all over philadelphia, including markets like this one here though say the string every
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rob ribs started back on october 3rd at 7-eleven, in that incident, she flashed a knife, able to get away with a hundred bucks, just week later, 16 year old was her victim when she place add knife at her stomach. the victim had nothing to hand over, so the suspect let her g well, late their same day, the female showed up here, at angela's mini mark. went straight behind the counter, snatched $400 from the register, so in four incidents, she pulls a knife that police say is the size after michetti, also flashed a gun in two other stickums, police say, she terrorizing these business owners. >> she came with a knife. >> then she got a knife, she was pointing at him. >> the gun, cases, see the video where holding the gun at the employees, and clearly see that she is holding it real hi, she doesn't know what she is doing. >> say seen in at least one of the videos, they think that he recruited this woman, to commit these robberies, and they say that he is involved
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in one, she involved in all seven, if you recognize her, or you think you know where she is asked to call police, mike being al next. >> my good next all right. almost 7:10, in fact it is right now. >> hearing for delvin barnes, the manna cured of kidnapping a woman off after germantown street, will continue tomorrow. >> he told a judge he doesn't have enough money for an attorney, police found barnes and the victim, in the state of maryland as you know by now, three days after she was abduct bad 9:30 sunday night. >> well, delaware county official say the first person sentenced under the new brad fox law, will spend the next six to 12 years, in prison, for making a straw gun purchase. >> new law's name after plymouth township police officer brad fox. he died two years ago, when a man, he was pursuing, shot and killed him, with that i will
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legally purchased gun by stacey. fox's parent say his name lives on through this new brad fox law. >> brad lived and died proking it g his country and his community. and he is still working today. >> in addition to his work as a plymouth township officer, brad was a marine vet, who served in iraq, the new law toughens penalties for those who buy guns for femme ons, illegally. >> and, by now, you have probably seen the video of a bartrum high school substitute teacher out cold on his back. after being assaulted by a student. after three similar incidents, in one month, at the high school, school leaders are pleading for help, student class president, bartrum high, needs more money to equip student for base he can tools like textbooks, paper, when a child act out, it is clear that he or she is just not getting the help or support
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that's needed. >> well, i was -- >> these incident could have been avoid philadelphia we maintained from lags year. >> we want to learn. we don't have everything we need to actually learn. >> it is frustrating for the school district, says three new staff members started at bartrum high monday thanks to additional $15 million after changes were made, the teachers benefits packages, the school district says violent incident at the school down last year compared to last. >> last year they had 166 reports of violence inside the halls. but the principals, says he's stay there, not runoff from all of the problems, stay there and try to help the kids. >> and student spooking out saying what they need, good for help. well, leaders in atlantic city trying to figure out how to save the economy there a mid series of casino closures. >> so, new jersey governor chris christie, attends add second economic summit meeting yesterday, in ac.
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>> very few that want to look at playing the blame game and racial nail eyes what's happened here. everybody understand that the situation is grave. and with rare exception, everybody's committed to not looking backward, but looking forward to what we need to do. >> so, naming an emergency manager, at private development corporation, to spur new business, are among the recommendations floated by leaders, but the governor has not decided on any of these proposals as of yet. and staying in atlantic city, we now know what will happen to the shutdown showboat casino in atlantic city, river hard stockton will buy the casino and plan to tuesday as saturday light campus. sewer's' and the college announced the plan yesterday. did not announce the sale price. showboat closed august 3; 1 of 4 atlantic city casinos to shut down so far this year. >> well, they call it showboat u? showboat university in can you imagine, casino turn college? >> i can't imagine the
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partying be being light having a college in atlantic sit. >> i 7:14, here is a look, oh, my gosh, there is the first picture, wow, now, that is the little module, the modular unit watch do they call it? module. >> module unit. >> dropped from roseetta the rocket ship. so that's a picture. >> filet. >> filet. european space saying siree leasting this, scientists checking data that could unlock. how was our planet formed? that thing is sitting on a comet that's going 85,000 miles an hour. >> yes, and that thing is the size after washing machine. and it was zipping through space, at nearly speed of nearly 84,000 miles an hour. >> that's the comet's moving that fast? >> yes, now the lan g was just historic, precise, like no other, and providing data that's never been seen before. scientists are learning more about the surface of the comet saying it is not as smooth as they thought it would be. it is actually soft.
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>> which may have caused some landing issues. >> apparently the comet bounced, so soft, then it drilled holes down thereto stabilize it. >> it is 250 degrees below zero on that comet. >> now, that's cold. >> so, everybody get over the temperature here. okay? seriously. >> yes, we'll try. >> 84,000 miles an hour, what is it, 350 million miles away? it is so fascinating. and it took ten years to get there. >> so we will learn more about how it is functioning today. but for now, there is a loft celebrating going job yes. >> so we're there, and talking to us, we are on the compliment. >> it looks very easy, but it isn't easy. it is, in my point of view, a miracle. >> what he said. by the way, our country had something to do with this, too. nasa has contributed three of the instruments being used to take images, and data to the mission. also provided its deep space network of giant radio antennas.
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which has been key so far, communicating with roseetta. welshing communicating with filet. they called it seven hours of terror when the little spacecraft here separated from the big roseetta missile. because anything can go wrong there, after ten years, holding their breath. but filet's harpoons deployed into the soft surface of the comet anchoring it in there. took those clause down in there, anchored into the comet now. the cool thing, pristine refrigerator cents pristine museum of the early solar system, look at the pristine material and learn so much more about how our solar system came into existence. >> it is basically a big floating dirty chunk of ice. no one knows how long the lander will survive on the
7:17 am
commit. could go on for years. but scientists hoping it will last through march of next year at least, and hoping its spacecraft rosetta, will stay with the comet for a dozen years from it closest point to the sun through it journey back toward the outer solar system. >> it is remarkable. >> how do they do that? >> one giant video game. you know those guys had to be excited when joy sticks trying to land that like a video game. >> seven hours of terror. >> new ride. >> overturned truck, this tractor-trailer choiring lumber, flip over on its side. still shot of the ben franklin, coming into philadelphia, bumper to bumper, headlines all across the span truck flipped on it side right around the curve before the traffic light there
7:18 am
at eighth and vine. so, there is lumber all over the roadway, here's a shot, from the jersey side of the ben franklin, where we are just bumm for bumper to bumper all the way across the span, and here's the toll plaza. if you haven't left the house yet, don't do it. >> the ben franklin is not the way to go. this will be with us here for the rest of the morning rush hour. setting the tone, from south jersey, if you are from the lower side, like south jersey, i would use the walt whitman bridge, that can connect you with i-95, boom, you're in certain city. over wise, from mt. laurel, voorhees, i would use the tac-pal or the betsy ross bridge. that will put you onto 95, and 95, always a jammo is he bottom line, give yourself extra time. he will could the right at pennsylvania avenue, some problems on mass transit, the cynwyd line, service suspended, because of some amtrak switch problems. and those pictures i showed you, the ben franklin, guess what? >> what? >> all the new jersey buses
7:19 am
are stuck in that delay. >> oh, no. >> coming into philadelphia. so, if you typically use the bus system like new jersey transit, septa or greyhound, you're sitting for awhile coming in on that ben franklin bridge. but hopefully the heater is working in the car, sioux? >> it better be, it is about 20 degrees colder throughout than it was yesterday. but, it is pretty, at least to start the day. we take a look at our headlines, because we want to outline some of the changes coming with the weather, the sun that we have now, will give way to clouds, by late morning, and the 20 degrees temperature drop, it is out there, now, start with scattered showers, then later on, maybe after 10:00 p.m., a couple of wet snowflakes, mixed in, it is a possibility there. it all depends on the temperature, which will be pretty close to freezing, but north and west of the city, you may see little coating on the grass tonight. now, for the weekends, it will be continued cold. late sunday, weaver the possibility of some more
7:20 am
precipitation, possibly a little mix of rain and snow. we'll see what happens with. that will but these are the temperatures. i told if you would be cold. 30 degrees in pottstown. thirty-two in lancaster, and allentown, 39 here in the city, 37 wilmington. you get the idea. it is at least 20 degrees in proof, lake effect machine starting up, buffalo, starting to get little snow this morning, for us, no precipitation yet. but quick look at the future cast, shows, we're talking about for later today. here's 4:00 little bit of rain, berks county, up there, and maybe a little bit every wet snow, up there in the pocono mountains. then, by 6:00, 7:00 starting to get a little closer to us, really not until later at night in the philadelphia area, it is light rain, you may end up just sleeping through it, because it is between ten p.m. and maybe 2:00 a.m. that we have an issue if there even is one in the philadelphia area t simms out of here by 2:00 a.m., we
7:21 am
won't even see anything tomorrow morning during the rush hour. so, for today, yesterday we got to 70. today, 49. and 44 for tomorrow, and saturday, 47 degrees on sunday, and if that wasn't bad enough it, gets even colder by early next week, rain monday, colder air moves in behind it. so this cold air must really like us. it will stick around for awhile. >> sue, reminder, on the comet, 250 degrees below zero. that -- >> that's really coal. >> that makes it feel better. >> that's nothing. >> oh, ya ya. >> big whoop. >> thirty-nine, big deal. hey, neighbors in south philadelphia making their voices heard. they don't wand, a lot don't want a casino in their neighborhood. >> you heard the announcements of stores opening early thanksgiving day. one store backtracking on plans to open up on thanksgiving. radio shack. >> yes, are they really listening to what consumers
7:22 am
are saying? other stores follow suit? >> and bob kelly, following that mess on the ben franklin bridge, a truck, flips over on its side, heading into philly. this is a mess, this is back up way way way way way back into jersey. buy is one thing.
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>> be kinds to each other today, like i am to alex, every day. >> hey. >> but at least today he's going to try, but if you come down, to our studios, fourth and market. >> right snow. >> yes, we will be giving away hugs. we're going to take shifts. each anchor will go outside, you can come give us a hug. be kind. >> fourth and market until 10:00 o'clock this morning giving out herges, not kidding either. >> 7:25, forgive and forget. new survey says, 24% of millennials believe student loan debt will be forgive glenn seriously. >> millennials again, give me, what age group is that, the
7:26 am
millennials? >> basically in your 20's, if you're a millennial. i for gothem exact years, early 30, a most of your 20, a so this end tight entitle generation, lazy jen recommendation, once who can't get jokes r still live in the parent basement, some of that is true, some unfair. anyway, new survey out says about quarter of those entitled people, think that when they graduate college and mind you average debt upon graduation is about $27,000, quarter of them think will be for given, poor, gone, just like that. >> just evaporate? why do they think that? >> survey first time they ever asked that specific question it, does not get into why. if you look entire too far work forbes a lot of people work in the public sector as it is, president and white house, have a lot of plans where they'll let you, you know, if you take a certain career in a certain department, for instance, they'll forgive your student debt after set peer periods every time so maybe some optimism? >> or maybe millennial
7:27 am
mindset? $27,000, they're probably like i can't think about this now, i night to get a job, i have so many things to worry about. >> right. >> yes, could be that. here is something that's very optimistic. last year, this survey asked all people, all graduate, all ages, you know, do you think that upon graduation you'll be able to pay off your debt? and 40% said absolutely no problem. they asked the same question this year, 50% said absolutely no problem. so, getting more confident in the economy and the job market. >> millennials, snap out of it see you tonight on fox news network. >> all right. >> she is prep. >> i yes, she. we like her. >> march width kids. 7:27. people in south philadelphia, are not happy with plans to put casino down in the neighborhood. we've been talking about this for 15 years. >> one of the stars of the hunger games is going to be right here in our studio. getting sneak peak of the newest movie, part one.
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>> it is 7:30, this thursday morning, let's call it ben franklin morning, bob? >> definately, jammo on the ben franklin bridge. coming into philadelphia, this overturned tractor-trailer, here's the deal, tractor-trailer, caring lumber. looks like two-by-four's, actually, and as it came over the ben franklin bridge, right at the curve there, where you
7:31 am
come into eighth street, where it flipped on it side. so here is a picture, of the cars coming over the ben franklin, headlights bumper to bumper, everybody pushed over to the two right lanes here is a look what it looks like mid-span. >> the ben franklin bridge stacked and packed from the jersey side, up and over, into philadelphia. here's the deal, if you typically use the ben franklin this morning, forget about it, come on, we go for detour, put new south philly, betsy ross, south on i-95 where the talcony palmyra old school. >> an accident right at route, mass transit problems it morning, cynwyd regional rail
7:32 am
line, is her just suspended because of amtrak switching problems, they're blaming it on amtrak, and the buses, coming into philadelphia, mass transit, septa, buses are all jammo, but at least hopefully the car heaters are working this morning. >> right. and usually the weather gets blamed for a lot of that stuff. so, that's a change. now, take a tip from bus stop buddy. warm coat today. if you are going to be out for awhile, waiting for a bus, hat isn't a bad idea. shades as well, because it is kind of bright, at least to start the day. but, temps instead of yesterday's 50's, are in the 30's, and lower 40's, mostly the 30's, so we give you six out of ten today. should have had higher number yesterday. we did get to 07 degrees, 39 right now, in the city, north-northwester wind at six of miles an hour, and it is a clear morning, no more fog, like we had yesterday, we've traded the fog for a whole new set of problems, and that's the cold, so 49 degrees, today, sun early, clouds take
7:33 am
over later on. this evening in the city we'll have some precipitation. mostly the very light rain, but few wet snowflakes, could be mixed in during the overnight hours. here and there. so travel say between ten p.m. and 2:00 a.m., you may encounter little bit of that. but it will be tricky. because it will be above freezing, but barely above in the city, and little chillier, in the suburbs. our first taste of winter weather, tonight. >> sue, did you really mention the s word? >> i've been trying not to make a big deal out of it. >> four letter word? >> snowflakes. >> little bit. just little. scene? south philly, huge turn out, parents, neighbors, they want no part of a casino, in their neighborhood, at least this group of people. so there again, new casino, proposed to go up at ninth and packer, concern, well, school safety for their children, let's get to kerrey barrett with more on this.
7:34 am
>> master i -- y thomas. way too close for comfort, and the casino would compromise the safety of these student, their children, they stay could also make their kids targets. >> children would be coming to school, children would be coming home from school. and they are going to be prime targets for criminal. >> worried about the casino causing more traffic, as well. and tying up things, and congesting the roads, which, in and of itself; a danger to kicked as well. so we'll follow that story very closely, continues to develop. >> goes on and on and on. where is that casino going to land? all right, 7:34. we're following developing story this morning, 62 year old woman, found murdered, and
7:35 am
police believing 57 year old roommate woman did it. the police believe two may have been fighting to the death. >> this was all over their living arrangement. family members, neighbors, say their violent exchanges have been going on for quite some time. >> police called out there many time, looking through surveillance video to find clues in a double shooting in south philadelphia. police say the suspect shot 26 rounds, killing one man, critically injuring an off-duty septa driver. >> usually visits the area to check on his mother. >> crews investigating fire, at empty row home in southwest philadelphia. this morning, it broke just after 2:00 in the morning, in the 5500 block of florence avenue. crews were able to get it under control, in about 30 minutes, fortunately, no one was injured. and, no one was injured at
7:36 am
this other fire. but popular northern liberties lounge was damaged. officials tell us, fire broke out around 2:15 this morning at the our lounge located 628 north front street. the 3-story build something apartment above it, so far, no word on this cause, still under investigation. >> oh, so apartment above the bar basically, yes. here is something to get excited about, i think. the dog show. this is big every year. back in town, but it is not all just nice grooming and stuff like that. these dogs do that. they do a lot of tricks. and guess what those dogs are live in our studio, and we're so into this eagles game, right, chris? against the packer? got to do something for good luck? >> packer fans are cheese heads. now, we wouldn't smash a cheese head we're not violent here but would smash some cheese, right? give it a wack! >> yes! >> come on down to fourth and market, and help her and other smash it. give another wack! boom.
7:37 am
>> we'll be right back. >> it didn't even make a dent in it. >> that's a flat hammer. we need a pick. >> this world kindness day. be kind, mike watch kinds thing will you do today? do something for other. tweet us your answers and we'll read them on air. also, we'll have our anchor outside of our studio, all morning long, just give us a hug. we will be giving out hugs later this morning, we want to be kind to you. meet us at fourth and market in old "america's next top model."
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> most say the pack lister beat the eagles sunday. we have to go to lambeau, about 20 degrees, so trying to do something to get back at these darn cheese heads. that stadium will be filled, people with stupid cheese hats. >> oh, that all of the fans wear? >> so we took one of those wedges, real wedge of cheese, and we're beating the heck out of it with hammers. if you want to see that, if you would like to get some aggression out this morning, come on down, worlds kindness
7:41 am
day. >> that's what we want the eagles to do, beat those packer. >> let's go. chris, what are you doing? >> thank you. >> what's your name? >> chris. >> so we'll smash the cheese. we might get a knife -- oh, you know what? chris, you're on tv, could you just hit the darn thing? >> we have jesse here guys, i asked him if he is a greenbay, he said no, eagles fan. jesse, want to smash the cheese? >> absolutely. >> not hitting cheese heads, we're hitting cheese, budd. >> i that's pretty good. >> another one? >> go ahead. >> now, oh, look at. that will now the polar opposite whatever we just did. it is world international kindness day. >> bring it in. >> you did -- there go. >> hey, how are you doing? come on over real quick. i know you go to school. what's your name? >> ivan. >> ivan, dude, how about smashing the cheese? you know why we're smashing the neice. >> no. >> who are we playing sunday? who are the eagles playing, do you know? >> greenbay packers. you know what they call greenbay packer fans?
7:42 am
they call them cheese heads. you want to take out everything on a cheese head? go. >> there go. >> oh! >> nice young student. >> you want another one? he made the most indentation here. also world kindness day. what are you going to do for your buddies for world kindness day? >> be good. >> be good, okay. >> are you his budd. >> i 7:42, one of the stars of the hunger games is going to be right nerve in our studio, maybe take a wack at the cheese. willow shield is her name. but, this is a big, big shot for her. >> yes, and giving it a sneak peak of the newest movie mocking jay. part one. >> and then she is helping us survive saying thank you to the things we need to know before people come on over. >> sit on the couch, get a glass of wine, let somebody else do it. >> here is the thing, she is an event planner. she will tell us what to do, five things you need to do today. two weeks to the dad before thanksgiving. i am not worried. i can have drinks, because i'm
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> updating breaking news, overturned tractor-trailer on the ben franklin bridge, coming into philadelphia, here's a picture of the benny, stack and packed, here, all four lanes, all bumper to bumper there is tractor-trailer was caring lumber like load of two-by-four's, when he flipped over on his side, right at the
7:46 am
curve, coming into center city. right now, there is only the far right lane open. here is another picture from above the toll plaza. as you can see, just stacked and pack, all the way into town, here is a picture of the toll plaza, itself. again, the ben franklin not the way to go this morning. if you are getting ready to step out the front door, couple of options, walt whitman bridge, will put new south philadelphia. because folks detouring from that benny, 295, is extra heff think morning, coming in, up and over the whitman, betsy ross or that tac-pal would be two other good alternates. crash out here, in wilmington, greenville, route 141, just off route 100, crash on the schuylkill expressway, as well this morning, eastbound, right near the conshohocken curve and put about 40 minutes on the clock columning in toward downtown. north on 202, accident route 401, where construction zone comes no play. as far as mass transit goes, septa cynwyd regional rail line, bussing between cynwyd and overbrook, because of
7:47 am
amtrak switch problems. once you make it to overbrook, you can take the paoli line into downtown, and all of the new jersey transit buses, that come into philadelphia, running with delays, stuck in the traffic jam because of the overturned tractor ill, but what a difference a day can make, knew. >> deceptive sunshine, so much colder than it was yesterday at this time. we only have 26 degrees in mount pocono, 30 in bethlehem, 32 in allentown, and they are right at freezing, where little bit above in philadelphia with 39, 36 in warminster, 35 down in chester, and in delaware county, we have 34 degrees in atlantic city and 42 in cape may. in some cases, more than 20 degrees colder than it was yesterday. winter weather, for us, we got quick moving storm coming in
7:48 am
out of the southwest, tonight, and then it will reinforce the cold air that's already here, so let's jump ahead to about six, 7:00 tonight. we see, rain, and it is very light rain. moving through the area as it moves through, toward the later hours, say, 11:00, midnight, there is a slight chance it could mix in with couple of wet snowflakes, if you are traveling very late, have to worry about, that up in mount pocono, might get coating on the ground, though, for us, though, it is all out of here by about 2:00 in the morning. we have to mention it, because it is a possibility, after little bit of winter weather in the overnight hours tonight. little bit earlier, in the higher elevations, so, high of only 49 degrees, today, and 44 tomorrow. we get possible late mix, rain, just rain with 49 degrees on monday. you think it is warming up. oh, no. by tuesday, the high temperature is only
7:49 am
39 degrees. that's normal high, guys, for january. you know, sue, what are we doing two weeks from right now? >> eat turk. >> i eating turkey. >> thanksgiving. >> and if you're hosting well you need to put a plan together. so student helping us get red. >> i help. >> two weeks from today, ren say a wedding planner, but you do all kind of events, right? >> okay, so. let's go through the top five thing. first of all you have your stuff out, casino of prepared that way, made all of your lists but so much more. the first thing you say is know your stat. what's that mean? >> so, know your stats. know how many people are coming to dinner, how old they are, kids, versus adults, you know, if it is teenager, they might eat little bit more. also, be prepared for people that aren't necessarily invited. thanksgiving is casino of an orphan holiday. there is people that may not go homement and your invite dollars guesses may bring a guess. >> next thing, what can you make ahead? key, especially, talking about
7:50 am
two weeks ahead of time. so what kind of things can we make ahead? >> so make your stuffing ahead. chop the celeriment make the sausage, do your sweet potatoes ahead, all of this can be made ahead, thrown in the frig, and just warmed up that day. you can also do pies ahead, we second dessert made ahead of time. >> okay, this i love. make sure that every guest has a place, because even though it is an orphan holiday, if you have invited me to your house for thanksgiving, i want to know you wanted me there. >> exactliment we want the guests to feel like we're thankful to have them. so two different options. you can do something elaborate, spray painted gold pumpkin with a leave and monogram which we love monograms, or these simple place cards, that i invited you to my dinner today. i got those at target. >> i love. >> he is eye peas i. >> sort whatever we talked about make ahead. you want to what you want four by versus make. everyone, homemade, but different versions of homemade. >> exactly. so, homemade and tradition
7:51 am
huge for thanksgiving. we want you to go and buy your cheese plate or your appetizers, or your rolls. we don't need you slaving over these things, when the homemade things should be the stuffing, the sweet poe tail owes, turkey obviously. >> i love. that will then the last thing is, we talked about it, to go. you want stuff to go. >> so let's go green little bit. have your guests bring this, with them, hoping they'll be leftovers shall or provide these for your guests so you can be here go. not using tin foil. >> people delegate, something you know you're kind of overwelmed about? it is okay to ask someone to do it on thank giving. >> absolutely. >> if you hate making desserts, why would you slave in the kitchen over making dessert when you can say to your sister-in-law or friend, hey, can you mark the pie or bring the pie? it is all good. >> so, here is the last thing. it is 8:00 hour guys. we will talk about this. how to know if you need to hire someone.
7:52 am
if you are still freak out. >> totally into that. >> about what happened to 2013. a sign you might want to hire someone to help out up. >> remember when i burned the turkey. i would hire somebody in a second. is that weird, like a thanksgiving nanny for the turkey? >> thanksgiving nanny, is that what we are calling it? >> should be. thanks, jen. we will continue to follow this breaking news from overnight. woman found dead in her west philly home beaten to death, looks like, very suspicious. we have new details. >> and one school district decides to get rid of all of it religious holidays. the group who says it is not their fault. >> all religious holidays? >> every single one. the holiday season is here,
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta and the well-crafted all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. >> imagine 350,000 miles away into the interspace.
7:56 am
>> today from rosetta. see little filet, moving comet, that comet going 84,000 miles an hour. >> landar truely historic, but never before seen. >> do we have the animation showing all morning? >> no, well, if we don't have it -- who needs it? right? who needs it, we're going to for the very first time good day philadelphia players going to re-enact rosetta, the rocket, and up the lander. >> i'm filet. mike jerrick, alex holley, filet. >> houston, weaver a problem.
7:57 am
>> now, we fly for ten years. more than 4 billion miles. >> that's right. >> i'm still with you. i'm hanging on. >> we're trying to find a moving comet. it is going 84,000 miles an hour. and we're going to troy to land on it, while it is moving that fast. ten years, we're locked together. >> but i like you, rosetta. >> oh, filet. where i see the comet. >> oh, the name of the comet. >> all right. >> time for me to leave you, ten years has been too long. >> good bye, filet. >> good-bye, rosetta. >> oh, mama comet, i'm locking down down, we did it. >> good bye, filet,. >> good bye rosetta.
7:58 am
>> live from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". talk about a tough act to follow. but we can shock you with the temperatures, that are 20 degrees colder than they were yesterday. and, if you were with us earlier you did hear the s word in the forecast. >> look at this, one of the stars of the hunger game. this is a lovely young woman, she's in our studio this morning, we'll talk with her, about the big movie she knows jennifer laurence, very well. >> and, it is fox fursday, national dog show is coming to the greater philadelphia he can poe center. and we will introduce to you some dogs though are participating, they can do all kind of trucks, and they'll be doing them right here in our studio. >> also world kindness day, be nice to people, but don't be nice to cheese, right, kiss?
7:59 am
>> you know why we're cutting the cheese? >> why? >> we'll tell in you just a minute, mike, alec, but this will be fun. >> only showing america cut the cheese. >> we've got to beat the pack on sunday. >> lambeau. >> we will do it. >> i straw on the tweeter,. >> boom. >> there is a big jammo this morning, isn't there? >> major mess on the ben franklin bridge, for anyone who comes in from south jersey, take look at one of the cameras that we had on the top of the ben franklin, actually, on top of center city philadelphia. coming into downtown, overturned, imagine a tractor-trailer. >> you be the tractor-trailer.
8:00 am
>> ben franklin bridge, coming into philly, stacked and pack, that overturned tractor-trailer, flip over on it side, caring two by four's, a load of lumber, coming into philly, and there is another picture of the span itself, just bumper to bumper to bumper, from the toll plaza, look at the toll plaza, these folks are barely moving, and just an absolute mess, for everyone coming into philly. so, we will go alternate wise this morning,. >> 130, 295, down toward the walt whitman bridge, come in that way. betsy ross, talcony palmyra two other options, again, by all means avoid that walt whitman bridge if you can. >> we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway, it is eastbound, right around your conshohocken curve. then put half hour into and out of the city, and again, that ben franklin bridge, causing a delay, also, on a lot of our other bridges, and all of the other roadways, heading to those alternates. crash here in center city philadelphia, this on the vine
8:01 am
st. expressway, approaching the schuylkill expressway. and mass transit, septa's cynwyd regional rail line, service was suspended for little while. now they got shuttle buses, running from cynwyd to overbrook. and then from overbrook commuters will be able to transfer over to the paoli thorndale regional rail line. and all of the buses, like new jersey transit buses, that use that ben franklin, to come into town. they're stuck in the traffic delay. so there is going to be a lot of folks who use mass transit, going to be late for work, this morning. otherwise, the rest of the mass transit systems are in good shape. >> this is why you should always use the rest room before you leave the house? rid? >> exactly. >> not kiddingment been stuck this traffic and i are great philadelphia. anyway, six out of ten for your number of the day. >> 20-degree temperature drop from yesterday. and the possibility of a couple of snowflakes, mix in
8:02 am
with rain in the overnight hours. much chillier today, take a tip from bus stop buddy, wear your warmer coat today. much warmer than what you needed yesterday. mostly about the 30's, 41 in the city, with northerly breeze, at 9 miles an hour. >> 49 degrees will be your high temperature, keep in mind, yesterday was 70, normal high for this date, is 58. so now we're well below average. and then, later on this evening, we expect light rain to move in, possibly mixing with a couple of snowflakes in the overnight hours, gone by 2:00 a.m. overnight low in the sit, 34 degrees, colder in the suburbs, so, here we go, it feels like winter already. it is too early. >> way too earl. >> i way. >> thanks, sue. >> now we will be fine. 8: 02. tough my for philadelphia officer police say a driver drags him down street with a car, it happened last night
8:03 am
along the 2,000 block of oxford street. police have been responding to a report after man with a gun, when the confrontation occurred. during the incident the officer did fire one shot, at the drivers car. the driver then abandoned his vehicle, but later showed up at the hospital, with an injured arm. the officer though just had some bruises. >> police looking through surveillance video right now to find clues in a double shooting in south philly. police say the suspect shot about 26 rounds in the 600 block of winston street last night killing one man, and critically injuring an off-duty septa driver. neighbors seem to think the driver may have been an innocent bystander, because he is usually in the area visiting his mother. >> and the hearing for delvin barnes the manna cured of kidnapping carlesha freeland-gaither off a germantown street will continue tomorrow. yesterday he told a federal judge he doesn't have enough money for an attorney, so now, he's a public defender, police found barnes and the victim three days in maryland, three days after the abduction.
8:04 am
now listen to something that happened overnight. we have been following this story after woman found. >> officers think they are roommate had something to do with this. >> so arrived on the scene earlier this morning. steve, what do you know now in >> a suspect, and it was in this rowhouse here, where the two live both on the first floor, and the neighbors on both sides, said the walls are super thin, and they heard arguing, fighting maybe even beating before and we saw the crime scene unit take out a broken broom handle. we don't know if that was nerd this murder or evidence of previous beating or just they're going to wait and see if it is evidence. fifty-seven year old told police initially when she called 911 at seven minutes before 3:00 this morning that three mask men broke into the house in the middle of the night and right away they new that story was very, very questionable, because there was no sign after break-in. she even admitted nothing was
8:05 am
taken. sadly, victims, sandra barley, nobody to help her this time. and they had called police, both the family and the neighbors, several times, told us with police, her daughter right now, along with latoya, and felicia you live 11 belongs from hook. you guys feared this would happen? you called police repeatedly. >> repeatedly, and she just kept saying, you know, nothing wrong, nothing wrongment and sad that a person so casino heart that would have to go through this, because she was just a nice person. and like i said, i pray, i pray, you know, i new that if she didn't come forward, that this was going to eventually happen to her. we couldn't make her leave. we say nothing wrong, nothing wrong. i just want to see justice for my family, you know, daughters like all she had was her daughter, had he grandkids,
8:06 am
and us. and, you know, to go out like that, is just sad. it is really sad. >> we're very sorry for your lost, thank there as best you can. i'm so sorry. let's listen more from the police, and some of the neighbors, and other family member, who we talked to all morning out here today. >> appears to be a homicide. we're not sure if the 57 year old roommate, her story is completely accurate at this time. so she is at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania, in stable condition, with minor breezes, she's being held and watched by police, as suspect at this time. >> broke her arm before and all of that. >> yes, and then my aunt told us, she said, she said she going to call the cops. but she didn't call the comes. she said that she was abused. >> when they were arguing yesterday, could you hear what they were arguing over? >> no, but walls are so thin, their living room was right next to my living room. so when they argue and fight, it is like i'm right there in
8:07 am
the middle of it. >> she need to go to jail. she needs to go to jail. that was murder. >> well the police are with her at the hospital. and i'm sure it will be straight told us within an hour of getting the 911 call this woman labeled a suspect, because she had just minor bruises on her and her story in his words just didn't add up. >> alex, mike? >> the roommate, talking about a woman, 57 year old woman. neighbors, they new something was coming. >> yes. >> this mess on the ben franklin bridge, a truck overturned, my gosh. >> so, lauren just got there, on the scene. i mean, traffic is just really back up.
8:08 am
right here at the teleplays arc back up just moment ago, as soon as you guys talked to us. mike and i came over the bridge from the philadelphia side, and you could see that lumber truck was back upright. it had overturned around 6:30 this morning, lumber, spilling all over the bridge, they had got ten into a secure area, there are cones up over at the end of the base of the bridge. so, traffic is being kind of like pushed into two lanes. back up over, there i'm sure we saw one lady, completely turn around at the toll plaza on one way street to be sure to avoid this area at all costs, so i'm sure long waits getting across the bridge this morning, if you are coming this way, might want to take amount that the route. i know bob talking about it all morning, but back here on the ground, from our vantage point, traffic on this side is not as bad as it was about ten, 15 minutes ago, so could be clearing up, quicker than we thought, since it has been about an hour and a half since this happened. >> looks a lot better than it was before. that will was completely jammed an hour ago.
8:09 am
>> one school district removes all religious holidays from the calendar. >> this at this time of year why the decision was aimed at pleasing one group, but had the opposite effect. now, everybody's mad. >> but first, one of the stars of the hunger games is live in our studio. we'll talk with actress and get sneak peak of the newest movie mocking part -- mocking get sneak peak of the newest movie mocking part -- mocking jay pwhat's possible today?
8:10 am
8:11 am
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>> we'll show you someplace it is worse, whole lot worse f that were to happen, i guess it would be happening right now. should be happening. and there it is, okay, here we go. eleven below zero, rapid city, south dakota, eight below in billings, montana. 19 degrees in omaha, nebraska. twenty-seven in dayton, ohio. now, we can check our temperatures, 30, mount pocono. still below zero though. thirty-three pottstown, 41, here in philadelphia. thanks to little bit of sunshine. remember, though, all of these
8:13 am
temperatures were in the 50's, at this time yesterday. so, that's first thing. now the second thing is the precipitation situation. we don't expect to get any of this lake effect snow that is starting to get going around cleveland, buffalo this morning, thanks to the cold air moving over the great lakes that haven't frozen over yet, and are far from t fox future cast, jump ahead later, around 2:00, see little light rain in harrisburg, then this area of rain moves through, from northwest to southeast, and any time after 4:00 maybe some rain way out to the west, a little bit of snow, up in the poconos, probably just a coating, if anything at all, and then it, moves through, hit our area, probably, anywhere between 9:00, 10:00. and 2:00 in the morning. mostly light rain. but if the temperature gets cold enough, could see little wet snow mixing in, out late traveling tonight this could be an issue for you, but still does look like for most every it is will be light rain, ground still though very warm.
8:14 am
>> still cold tomorrow. that's the deal with the precipitation, expect it to be dry on saturday, and even on the good portion every sunday, even though we see some clouds moving in on sunday. we will talk about that a little while later. now, temperature trend had been going up so niceliment look at that two days in a row with 70 degrees, tuesday, and yesterday. still chilly late nicks sunday, rainy day monday. still, jury still out on that mix precipitation sunday night. but, with the sun shining on tuesday, and wednesday, it is even colder, it is january temperatures, bob kelly. >> next week. >> yes, definitely, good morning, everybody, good news bad news here on the ben franklin situation that we've
8:15 am
been watching all morning long, as we saw from lauren's cam camera, jersey side of the ben franklin, from the toll plaza, that big back up that rolled all the way back on to the admiral wilson boulevard is gone. once you make it through the toll plaza, pretty much the lent of the bridge is still a parking lot from south jersey, all the way over to where the overturned tractor-trailer sits, on the philadelphia side. what i think happened here, is that folks are watching, they saw the situation, and just pick another bridge. and that's real yes we have big delays now, on both route 73, headed over toward that talcony palmyra, two the a, and 130, headed in toward the walt whitman. yes, young man in the back? >> bob, avenue question here if the back? >> yes? >> where is the truck itself? is it off the bridge in philadelphia? >> yes, the truck itself is at the bottom of the ben franklin bridge, when you come into philadelphia, that sharp curve, just around the lightning bolt, the truck went to the right and all the lumber went to the left. >> oh,. >> that's the deal. that's where we are, the actual overturned truck is on
8:16 am
the philadelphia side here, coming into downtown philly. and again, stack up lent of the ben franklin, talking about it for about an hour, anyone who was watching us made planning, and leaving the house right now, head for the whitman, head for the betsy ross or head for the talcony palmyra. eastbound on the schuylkill, an accident right near the conshohocken curve causing delays. septa using shut the buses between cynwyd and overbrook. from there you will be able to use the paoli thorndale line to come into downtown philly. >> i never wanted any of this. is he want to save my sister and keep peep an alive. >> the things we love most.
8:17 am
>> clip from the hunger games mocking jay part one. >> it is open theatres november 21 so getting sneak preview today. and who better to tell us about it than one of the films stars, willow shields is here, place prim roast. >> thanks for having me. >> welcome to fill. >> i first time in philadelphia. >> yes, first time. >> did you come in last night? >> did i come in last night. >> what did you do? >> i went to sleep. oh, my goodness. so exciting. i'm such an exciting person. i will try and do something interesting today while i'm out. >> okay. >> go to the liberty bell. >> exactly, i'll do that. >> get a cheese steak, stuff like that. >> definitely do you. >> do you mind if i say your age? >> totally. >> she's 14. she is traveling the country. promoting this major picture. >> yes, it is fun. >> when did you learn you got the part? >> i was ten. >> wow. >> yes. that was crazy. yes, i was ten, and basically i'm still living in new mexico, i just got random
8:18 am
audition for the hunger game. i guess they wendt casino of everywhere looking so i meant audition tape instead of going in. >> what were they looking snore whose primrose supposed to be? i know -- >> in the beginning of the story she is supposed to be this symbol of like innocent, like i feel like just like an innocent loving caring person. they were looking for someone who just portrayed that in the best way possible, because throughout the whole series like this continous thing where you see, you know, you see the common theme of that throughout this whole series own though it gets kind of dark, you see prim is the light of it. >> yes. you say jennifer laurence, what's it like having jennifer laurence as a big sister? >> my gosh. crazy at times, but develop, i mean, it is amazing, she's like my mentor now. she is obviously extremely talented. and so to witness her working
8:19 am
first-hand onset is so wonderful for me. because i just learn so much from her. >> look at her, she was out in new york yesterday. >> yes. >> oh, man. she is something. hi, j-lo. i call her j law. >> i call her jen. >> jen? >> i find it weird when people say jennifer laurence because it has become like this huge thing, like her name? and no, no, no, she is not jennifer laurence, she jen. she jen. no. >> ac a any award. >> she does. >> silver flank. >> yes. >> made that in fill. >> i they did. >> bradley cooper's from here. >> awesome. so cool. >> yes. >> you said it is crazy. what's craze bye it? >> oh, god. she hilarious, she crazy. i mean, we're all crazy. she is the best crazy you could ever, ever see. i mean, we're onset and it is just every second we're laughing, until they say action, and then we're serious, then cut, we're all laughing. it is like there is moments when nobody can even work, it is like francis laurence our
8:20 am
direct or has a very hard time wrangling us. >> oh, that's great. so you're funny, you have a great little laugh. >> thank you. >> what is it like when you go back to albuquerque and you're piers, 14, 16 year olds, how are they handle you? you're a star now. >> i have a lot of friend before i started the series, and they're like super good at adjusting, like i don't even care. so that's kind of cool to have friends like that, that are just like oh, well we're real happy for you, then i have friends that are just like, you know, same but all very supportive. that's good. >> good. >> yes, nobody's freaking out. i mean, they're excited for filth many which is great. >> we are too. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> now don't go back to the hotel began to bed. >> nope. i got whole day to do stuff. and then go see the liberty bell. >> cheese steak. >> exactly. >> i think it has a crack in and they never fix philadelphia. still has a crack this it. >> interesting. i bonds year?
8:21 am
>> also world kindness day. >> i'll gave you a hug in the commercial break. >> thank you so much. coming up, listen to there is willow. who is the hardest person to shop for during the holidays? we'll be your mom or your dad? do you think? >> probably my dad. >> exactly. and we'll tell you why it is so hard to get a dad a gift. >> okay, and willow, can you guess who this is? this famous singer, sang the national anthem, at the sixers game. see what, just 12 years oldment don't say anything yet, tweet us who you think this is. using #fox29goodday. we'll tell you who it is in the next half hour.
8:22 am
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> ben franklin bridge, still jammed, because of the overturned tractor-trailer. heed our advice, take another bridge like the walt whitman, betsy ross or the tack cone if i you're coming into philadelphia this morning.
8:25 am
>> little early for this. >> you know what i would rather do? let's beat up some cheese. >> we don't want to hear about snow, snowflakes. >> trying to make cheddar look like swiss out there, beating on the cheese heads because weaver the eagles must win this at greenbay. tough tall task. >> oh, it will be tough one. >> g the cheese heads today. but we also have hugs. so, today, mike, alec, is hammer and hug, cheese melt hereby the way. >> yes, nice. >> and back here, the kind team from kind bars, these guys are all about world kindness, on this world kindness day, and they're handing out flowers. so, come get a free flower, and come smash the cheese at
8:26 am
fourth and market, during the 9:00 hour of good day philadelphia we're having a lot of fun. >> casino of ironic, isn't it? >> casino necessary day, we have a hammer that we're beating cheese with. >> well, maybe once you get the aggress out? then you can be nicer. >> i think kerrey out to fourth and market and start the hugs for real at 9:00. >> come down and get hugs, worlds kindness day. >> yes, also fox fursday. >> national dog show coming to the greater philadelphia expo center. so we introduce you to these guys, some dogs who are participating. guys, some dogs who are participating. >we put all the apps you love... inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities.
8:27 am
the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us.
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8:29 am
>> a sunny bright morning, but deceiving, bus stop buddy has his warm coat on today, because temperatures are in the 30's, starting to inch
8:30 am
into the four's some places about 20 degrees colder, than yesterday. so, we have six out of ten, we have the early sunshine, but clouds will take over, and we do have some precipitation, some of the frozen variety in the forecast for tonight. 41 degrees right now, in the city, head today high of 49, and late this afternoon, more toward evening, nighttime, we get some rain moving in, possibly mixing with some snow, specially north and west of the city, nothing more than coating expected, but it could get little slippery tonight. down to 34 degrees, overnight, so that's your foxcast. bob kelly the cold temperatures are here, but the problems you've had have nothing do with the cold. >> temperatures hot all morning long on the ben franklin bring, picture of the benny, still jammed solid, pretty much from the jersey side, fully across the span, coming into downtown at eighth and vine. overturned tractor-trailer, it is on the philadelphia side of the ben franklin bridge, right where you make the sharp turn,
8:31 am
to take you around the lightning bolt, and folks have been heeding our warning all morning long, been watching so when they pull out of the driveway, they're not head the to the ben lynn. >> expect a lot of unusual delays on route 73, on 295. to those other bridge alternates this morning, now accident north along i95, we go flying from the walt whitman, into center city, snow is causing jam from anyone say leaving the airport stadium area heading north in toward center city. the cynwyd regional rail line, using shuttle buses from cynwyd to overbrook, and all of the buses that have been coming into philadelphia mass transit, delayed this morning, all because of the big delay, sue, alex, back to you. >> bob, it is that time of the year again. pups prancing around the ring
8:32 am
for the national dog show. prancing around in our studio. >> that's right. we have laid how is actually homecoming, for this week, her name is gale maribell a, from hatboro? >> that's right, i'm if hatboro. >> welcome home. >> thank you. >> you will be at the greater -- expo center in observation coming up this weekend, right. >> dine my dogs. >> part of the purina performance. >> so what do we have here? have charlotte, one of the 18 dogs, i rescued her about six years ago. >> what is she? >> supposed to be a rat terrier. >> i was going to zajac russell. reminds me of my dog. so what will we me? >> dome on straight cool hoop tricks. i'm entertaining the patrons that come into to see the event show. >> we rolled out the red carpet for you. so open up. good girl. all right. we go lower, we go higher. good girl.
8:33 am
>> what a jumper. >> cool. >> it is pretty cool. now, check this out. >> smaller hoop. >> you think you can go through this? >> no way. >> here we go. >> alex wants to try. >> oh, wow, i'll hold it. >> hold it? your left hand. >> my left hand. >> there go. >> put this hand on this side. charlotte, look. >> okay. >> you are now a dog trainer. >> yes. >> jump through hoops.
8:34 am
>> oh, that's a big finish. >> bigger dog. you want little dog? >> let's dot little dog. i don't know if i can hanible the big dog. >> just bend over. >> charlotte, ready? make a flat back. >> flat back, okay. >> ben over. >> charlotte? >> there you go. >> okay, charlotte. >> look at that. >> nice little tower here. >> gale, you brought another dog. >> i did, let me put charlotte up real fast. >> all right. >> high, charlotte. >> all right. so the dynamo dogs will be he all weekend long. >> one performance saturday morning, where you will see agility, frisby, high jump, some dog diving, sunday three shows. >> must have the patience after saint to get the dogs to do this. takes a lot of training? >> but i gave up my corporate job in pharmaceuticals to do this, so this is my full-time job. >> you ran away with the circumstance us? >> i it, i went to school at
8:35 am
del val up in doylestown. >> better than a circumstance us? >> yes, kind of, yes. >> all right. show off now, common. >> ready? >> yeah! >> there go, budd. >> i all right,. >> welshing thank you so much. saturday, sunday, how much does it cost? >> about $14. >> come on up,. >> a school who want to get rid of all religious holidays. another group says it is not their fault k a guy ever be too good looking? what celebrity thought she thought her boyfriend was at the time just too handsome to date. "america's next top model."
8:36 am
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8:39 am
>> oh, isn't that preppy? >> all we need is life, kindness, and roses. >> you know what, it is world kindness day. we're supposed to be extra nice to each other today. >> supposed to be. >> hi, chris. >> good morning, guys. so, it is world kindness day. but everything is not all kind for us here in philadelphia. because we want to hammer the cheese. and if in particular, the cheese heads of the greenbay packers. not bad. all right, let's put away all of the anger, get it all out. talk about kindness, so every morning, from 4:00 to 7:00 kerrey barrett is so loving and kind to me, hi, baby. >> oh,. >> love you. >> you're so creepy. >> all right, i can't hog you all to myself. i'm going to have you line up and hug these gentlemen for world kindness day. pa g the love. >> happy world kindness day. >> thank you. >> all right, move it along. >> lining up. >> happy worldment look at them all. i know, i feel so popular. never felt so good about myself in my life.
8:40 am
happy world kindness day. >> oh, i love -- oh, i love him. >> is that for me? oh,. >> so beautiful. >> what happened to your -- >> (hugs). >> by the way, the kind company, kind bars, they're manning out flowers, roses, to anyone who walks down here to fourth and market. and if you come on down, mike, you, too, can smash the cheese. >> yes, you can eat a kind bar they are delicious. >> you know what i say, mike, better to beat your cheese than -- >> oh, good morning, 8:40, up in arms over maryland school district, their decision to change the school calendar. you know what they'll do here in the holiday season? removing all religious holidays. >> this has been ongoing debate because muslim community lied verse been push to go their their holiday
8:41 am
recognized going down no montgomery county school district outside dc. school board voted seven to one to remove the labels christmas easter yom cap you are, from the calendar, board says it is against the through recognize any religious holidays, but schools are closed these days because of the absentee rate. muslim leaders pushing for similar recognition for the holy holiday of eed. they say they never made request to have all holidays removed. now all upset with the school board decision. >> basically stripped any mention of christmas, rosh hashana, yom cup your, and as a member of the muslim community, knows not what i was looking for. i think they made a mistake. >> now everybody's mad. >> yes. >> so this muslim holiday, next time it will fall on school day, will be in three years so that's really when the rub letter meet the road.
8:42 am
>> make decision about including it, as a future school holiday. >> why couldn't you just do that. >> add a muslim holiday. >> and why do it right now? i feel like the time to do this is during the summer or when trying to get things together instead of in the middle of the year. >> couldn't you just add one more? >> that would be simple from do they want to be out of school? i don't think so. just recognize it? oh, boy. that's going to go on for weeks down in maryland. that's a huge school district, too, that montgomery county, has so many people pack into it. okay, jen is trying to get us ready for -- is it okay to just hire help to put our thanksgiving meal together? >> it is okay. not to pup the meet together. talking about the helpful things. the question; mike, do they handle broken glass? what's the minimum? how do i know if i need one? but broken
8:43 am
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>> we're smashing cheese. we're smashing cheese, because i can't stand those cheese heads. this is going to be very difficult task for the eagles go to lambeau, 20 degrees, game time. most say we can't beat the packers. >> oh, bye think we k look at this, getting everybody excited about it. >> we may not beat the packers but we can beat cheese. >> that's for sure. >> well, the thought of last year's thanksgiving day failures already have you just stressed out, you might need to hire some help. but, how does that work? and how much does it cost, jen? >> yes. how much would it cost to bring somebody and do the whole thing? >> mike, these are host helpers. hey! cheers. these are people, rene, by the way, does all this, they just help ally bitment correct? >> yep. >> okay. and oh, hi, you're back. >> how do i know i need one of those heapers. >> okay, so this is how you
8:47 am
know you need a party host helper. you woke up the day after your last party, wishing that you got to talk to people, you were stuck in the kitchen. you didn't actually enjoy your own party. >> some of the ways you know? now, here is the thing, when mike combs over, he always breaks the glass, broken glass? >> we got it. >> this is the casino of things that they do. >> so we're there for you. we're therefore if you glass breaks, we clean it up, so you're not on your hands and knees fixing all of this stuff. >> so, i'm heep. by the way, i want her because she is adorable. what if i want someone like her to come up and clean up after thanksgiving is done? >> a lot are asking for, that want to wake up "black friday" with a clean kitchen so they go shopping with, you know, peace of mind. >> yes. >> so that's fine. there is no minimum at all. they can come for two hours, hide them away in your kitchen, clean up, just make sure that everything is sparkling. >> okay. so what if i don't want them hanging around when i'm trying to eat dessert?
8:48 am
they will come the day snatch. >> yes. so they'll come the day after. that's great point. if you don't want someone there maybe you feel uncomfortable, having guests there, and someone else in your kitchen, they'll come the next day and cheap up, so leave the turkey pan in the sing, dishes, no problem. >> okay, so here is the other thicker i feet get bye her having to work on thanksgiving, but the bulk of the people that work for you are? not her? you say they are moms and snuff. >> oh, ya. >> so, you know, can i say something real quick? make up artist here to do her make up. mike, we made her do this, that's why it is hal arias. >> jen? >> yes. >> it is double teaming. >> what's the name of this company? because i swear i'll do. >> this i'll have somebody come over and help me. >> it is event by rene, but helper company is call -- >> party host helpers, website host helper. com. >> we do any party with the
8:49 am
holiday season coming up, people love having us. >> brilliant. >> serve drinks, clear dishes. >> yes. >> and again, no minimum. i would pay $100 extra to have my make up artist/party helper. because look, exactly, from in-laws, that are there, you don't want it clean up. you want to talk to the people. you want to beat them at par cheese. >> you want to be a guest at your own party. that's it. we say behind every successful host is a helper. >> true. >> you know what she can do, too, jen, after you eat, and you're all bloated you go lay on the couch and they clean up. >> that's the best part. >> of course. >> someone else cleaning for you? >> and bringing you more food. >> oh, i love the idea. i'll go to that website. nice job. 8:49. i'll go out tonight on the town, because i have a very beautiful woman, who is going to be a model on runway fashion show this evening. >> and who could that be? >> that's you. >> oh, yes. okay, so there is this new store, l lori, shops at
8:50 am
liberty place, but opening this brand new flag ship store, in center city, but the best part about this event, grand opening tonight so 10 percent of the sales will go to helping with breast kearns, so at the asked me to come, take little walk, i will be walking the runway. i've been practicing. >> i hear they'll dot ribbon cutting at 5:30, then you walk at 30:00? >> yep. >> it will be open until about 8:30, 9:00. so come on by. >> let's see, 19th street, that would be between chestnut and samson. >> yep. that's right. >> and so, partnering with breast what i really love it, that money will be going to help with that. >> oh, do you have come and see, mining. you told me you're coming? >> i'll be there, yes i'll be there right at 5:30,. >> mice little outfit there. >> everybody guest. we put up this picture of this young lady, singing the national anthem at the sixer game, must have been about 2002. twelve years old. everybody figured it out instantly. but i'll ask one more time.
8:51 am
>> so listen, i've seen matt cord in the background. i has hair. the guy in the tan suit. he has hair. >> look at
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> cold air, quick moving system, come through, and maybe give us our first flakes of the season tonight. depend on where you are, if up in the pocono mountains looker see light snow, later on this evening, this is about 8:00, and it is all depends on the temperature, whether you get light rain, or maybe some wet snowflakes, mixed in, shouldn't really be measurable, maybe coating north and wets of the city on the grass. that's about it. it is all out of here by midnight, too, in the morning. so you may sleep through all of it, depending on how early you go to bed. then left with more cold air,
8:55 am
looking ahead to sunday, start clouding up. may get little something-something sunday night into monday. we'll see what happens with that. meantime, hope you enjoyed the temperature trend this week, we start off with 63 degrees monday, went to 70 tuesday and yesterday. today all the we manage is 49. we will be luck if i we can get to 49. forty-four tomorrow and saturday, possibility that far late wintery mixon sunday, changing to rain, on monday, so, just when you think it will start it get little milder, another blast of coal air, tuesday, and wednesday, we may not get out of the 30's, bob kelly, by next week. the coal air must like us, it will stick around. >> sue, morning, 8:55. on this thursday morning, a live look at much improved ben
8:56 am
franklin bridge situation. here is the toll plaza. which was jammed for most. morning to not that bad work through the toll plaza. however, we are still from mid-span, into downtown at eighth and vine, bumper to bumper, all because of that overturned tractor-trailer, that happened about an hour and a half ago. good news, is that folks have been watching is, so before they stepped out the front door, they wound up hitting those alternates, like, the betsy ross, talcony palmyra, south 95, extra heavy because of all of the extra volume. i-95, northbound, extra heavy from all of the volume for folks coming over that walt whitman bridge, and mass transit, just minor delays this morning, on the broad street ridge spur. and on the cynwyd regional rail line. alec, back over to you. >> thank you, bob. coming up: date mistake. the first date no no's that are guaranteed to not get awe second date.
8:57 am
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♪ >> i didn't recognize, looks so grown up. >> look at her. >> well, good day, it is thursday, november 13th. world kindness day. >> right. >> put mike outside. because, you know -- >> to test him? >> yes, to test him. so force him to be nicement look, look what he's doing. >> i broke the whole thing. >> oh, goodness. >> see, beating the heck out of cheese. let's go, greenbay, right? yeah! >> take a wack? take a wack at it? there you go. >> giving out hugs and also hammers. >> oh, ya. >> my goodness. >> he's braking the wood. oh, my gosh.


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