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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  November 13, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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it shows more could be on the way behind it. the system could create some more problems well into our morning hours. whether or not you see the snow this time around it certainly is wet. it will be a very cold evening. good evening to all of you i'm karen hepp in for lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. chief meteorologist scott williams has been telling you all about of this for days. he's here for a look of what we're in for. >> doppler is lit up precipitation. the green and white in chester county, around coatesville, honey brook looking at some of that snowfall. so the colder air is rushing in and things are changing over. also, toward the lehigh valley and the pocono know mountains you can see we've already begun to find some white and pink showing up on the map soothes temperatures continue to drop and also that rain is going to mix in with the wet snow. pretty quiet in south jersey but you can see around philadelphia starting to see some of that rainfall moving in. north and west, that's the best chance with this fast-moving disturbance to see some of the wet snowflakes.
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so keep the rain gear candy. jackets and sweaters as well. the main window for snow north and west 6:00 o'clock through about midnight. this is a rapidly moving system and light coating of snow is possible especially north and west. take a look at this computer model and you can see we're talking reading, allentown toward the pocono mountains, mainly on the car tops and grassy surfaces. we'll talk about more snow chances in that seven day forecast coming up. karen and iain. >> thank you so much scott. let's take live look right now up at the poconos. you can see it up there. this is blue mountain from our pocono camera. the snow was in that area really obviously that's going to be the area that will get the most amount of snow this evening and stay prepared for this cold blast and all the others in the future. come to our website click on our weather tab right at the top of the home page. that's where you can get all the latest forecast information and latest radar images. also send us your pictures as well. we love to see them. tweet us if you've got weather in your backyard and use that
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hash tag you can tweet them at fox 29 philly. we are learning more tonight about a woman found beaten to death inside her west philadelphia home this morning. the victim a 62 year old woman police say was found naked with bruises all over her body. tonight, family and some neighbors say they're saddened but not shocked by the crime. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live outside police headquarters tonight. dave? >> reporter: the house made of murder victim sandra barley is here being questioned by homicide detectives to night. they're calling her a person of interest after investigators say her story about this case just didn't add up. >> she was a beautiful person. i mean she help anybody she could. >> reporter: for the familiar of 62 year old murder victim sandra barley news of her brutal death early thursday morning sent shock waves through her family. >> sad that a person that was so kind hearted that would have to go through this because she was just a nice person. >> reporter: barley was found naked and beaten inside her home on north 53rd street right off
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market around 3:00 a.m. responding officers were met by another woman who lives in barley's house. she told investigators three masked men in hoodies broke in during a home invasion and beat barley. >> the crime scene is not consistent with that story. we're talking to her. picking her story apart. the 57 year old woman suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital under police guard. homicide detectives are still end raffling the motive for the murder. the roommate is now at the homicide unit. >> we did get an extension cord. we think was used and some type of,/type of bat was recovered as well. >> she was homeless and my aunt let her in and then ever since she got there, she been abusing my aunt. >> reporter: family members insist they've called police several times saying the other woman in the house was abusing barley. >> every time we come here she say nothing wrong, nothing wro wrong. >> there has been a lot of violence between the two of them and the female we have upstairs has been the aggressor.
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>> reporter: police say there was no sign of forced entry to the home and nothing appears to be missing. there were signs of a struggle. barley's family is devastated. >> for her to be abused and to be killed, i need justice. >> to go out like that it's just sad. it's really sad. >> reporter: now no charges have been filed at this point. coming up at 6:00 the very latest on the investigation and the family's call for justice. iain. >> dave, thank you. we'll see you at 6:00. one person is in the hospital after an accident in montgomery county. skyfox over the ben franklin highway in limerick. it happened around 2:30 this afternoon. the person hurt is at a hospital in west reading. the cause is still under investigation. >> happening right now, a murder mystery in south philadelphia. investigators are looking for surveillance video trying to figure out who shot two people last night on the 600 block of witten street. police say one man died and an off duty septa bus driver was critically hurt. they may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. let's get out to jenny joyce at police headquarters.
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could they have been incident bystanders, jenny? >> reporter: well, karen, the head homicide detective won't be in until later this evening. but people who live on the block tell us that they believe both of these victims were minding their own business when they were caught in the crossfire. >> just very lucky, yeah, by the grace of god. >> family members shared this picture and say their brother 56 year old craig washington is in critical condition. 26 gunshots were fired on the narrow 600 block of witten street last night. washington took a bullet to the chest. another man identified by neighbors as 35 year old wayne jones was shot in the head. police say jones didn't make it. >> i'm afraid to walk out here. i'm telling you now i'm afraid to walk out here. >> me too. >> reporter: washingtons sister say their brother is a septa bus driver of 31 years and the father of three children. he and his siblings were raised on this south philadelphia block. last night sometime before 8:00 p.m. he stopped by to check on
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his mother's house. she has did he men shanahan been able to stay there. >> my brother did four years in the navy. his son is in the navy right n now. and nothing has happened. you going to die on your own street? >> reporter: rose wallace says she's known victim wayne jones since he was a child. >> wayne's mother called me and said, did you hear anything? i heard wayne got shot. >> reporter: jones were you a goodman who moved out of south philadelphia to get away from bad crowds. >> wayne is a family. he's a family guy. when you see him, he's always with his children. >> reporter: neighbors say jones randomly stopped by witten street last night to say hi to old friends and happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> it's sad. it's really is. we got to try to pull together and, um, try to straighten this world out because this young generation got to get awake-up call. >> reporter: and police are talking to several witnesses
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tonight. some who describe the shooter as a man about 6 feet tall with a light complexion who was seen wearing a brown leather jack. if you have any information about this homicide and double shooting you are asked to call 215686 tips. (215)686-8477. >> iain. >> jennifer, thank you. >> new information tonight in the investigation into the deaths of the cooper hospital ceo and his wife. we have now learned john sheridan's son matthew sheridan was arrested for cocaine possession on september 28th. that's the same day fire burned the montgomery township home where john sheridan lived with his wife. the couple was found dead after crews put out the flames. investigators are still waiting for test results to show how the sheridans died. authorities say the fire was set on purpose. john sheridan lived at the home with his parents. officials say there's no connection between his drug arrest and the death investigation. >> the man accused of of done are gunning down a pennsylvania state trooper is in court right
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knowledge eric frein is appearing via video link. there are reports that investigators introduced news evidence including a letter from him to his parents and also added two new charges. police say frein shot and killed corporal brian dixon outside the blooming grove police barracks back on twenty three september 12th. trooper alex douglas was also shot but he survived. frein alluded police for several weeks hiding in the pocono mountains before he was october on october 30. >> delvin barnes the man accused of of kidnapping a woman off a germantown street indicted oh and federal kidnapping charge. fbi says the 37 year old grabbed 22 year old carlesha freeland gaither back on november 2nd and forced her into a car. all caught on surveillance vid video. federal agents found him three days later in maryland. prosecutors initially charged barnes the day after his capture under federal law most cases can't be prosecuted without a grand jury indictment. if convicted barnes faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. barnes is now in federal custody in philadelphia tonight. a bail hearing is scheduled for
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tomorrow. >> also, today, sources telling fox 29 investigators in at least two states made inquiries about barnes for similar cases. fbi profilers are now looking at this case to create profile for investigators up and down the east coast. several heroes honored at philadelphia's council in center city to today and among the men who helped bring carlesha free daps land gaither home. her family never giving up hope. thankful today for those who saved her. >> just doing it from the heart. i'm glad she here. and this just opened the doors like for people like me to let them know we may come from a troubled background we still have kindness in our heart and we not who we used to be. >> amen! (applause). >> she's doing well. she's still a little distraught but she's doing well. i wanted to thank everybody for what they did. the police depth, fbi, other agencies forgetting my daughter back.
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>> detective jim sloan who promised carlesha's family he'd bring her home was also honored. >> also at city council today lawmakers honored two young men who pulled a philadelphia police officer from that burning squad car last weekend. 17 year old joe chambers from ridley park and 24 year old dante johnson of south philadelphia they saved that police officer mark kim see from that after his cruiser crashed with a pickup truck. >> someone needs to be helped, help them, don't stand and watch and video tape. that's the problem with young kids now a days. they like to video tape and get publicity over the internet. so, just act instead of watch. >> great kid. chambers says he would do the same thing any day of the week. >> taj mahal is threatening it's union it will be closing in a month. that union does not drop its appeal of a court ordered savings package. casino notified the state gaming officials of a date. they say december 12th that's it. they'll shut down. if the union does not drop the
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challenge of a court order that's terminated the contract and canceled health insurance and pension coverage benefits for that union. the taj says the appeal must be withdrawn by the end of the month to avoid the shut down and the loss of 3,000 jobs. >> pretty dramatic scene. a gun battle on the streets of trenton. >> you can see the bullet holes in this police vehicle. tonight all of the officers are okay. the suspect is not. why police say they had to open fire. >> take a look at this one. a mom locked in jail and a small figure there as well. her toddler. we've got the video to prove it this happen. why police say keeping the two of them together behind bars was a good idea. >> and later take a dip into this relaxing new trend. ease your muscles, get better sleep, even spark some creativity. this thing called floating really work? we'll tell you coming up. howard. >> eagles run back lesean mccoy not getting a lot of numbers running the football. we hear from mccoy. why he's not concerned.
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that's coming up in sports. >> and coming up in weather, tracking some of the rain even wet snowflakes across the area. in particular chester county right now. the pocono mountains. right now. the pocono mountains. more information o
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fifteen minutes could save you right now. the fifteen percent or more moreon car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know certain cartoon characters should never have an energy drink? action! blah-becht-blah- blublublub-blah!!! geico®. introducing the birds of america collection. fifty stunning, hand-painted plates, commemorating the state birds of our proud nation. blah-becht-blah- blublublub-blah!!! geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ♪ >> all right. let's take a live look right n now. a little dark out there. you can see blue mountain from our pocono mountains camera. trust me there's snowflakes out there. north and west you'll see some snow tonight. it's snowing right now. a lot of you could snow three out the night.
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chief meteorologist scott williams will physical was to expect in your fox 29 weather authority. >> we go to a developing story come to go up from 10 we've been following this all day long. police shot and killed a man they say opened fire on a patrol vehicle. this all happened about 7:00 o'clock this morning. the scene is right on wilson street. it started as call for a man with a gun. police fired back at that man. they say he died at the hospital. police are not releasing his name. no police officers were hurt. pretty wild scene all of this was unfolding much the police officers are running from every single direction coming out to that call. and for some of the neighbors i mean it's just dramatic as it all happens. >> fox 29's steve keeley smoke with one woman who witnessed what happened right after the shooting. >> reporter: trenton police officers in this marked suv responding to a call of a man with a gunfought got that call instantly confirmed just as they arrived and bullets hit their windshield. none hit them as they ducked behind a dashboard.
5:16 pm
getting up and getting the reminder why police target practice pays off. firing back at the gunman with accurate aim as adrenaline and training kicked into high life-saving gear. >> right after 7:00. i was sleeping. and i heard gunshots, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow. 20 gunshots easily. >> reporter: this small one way street is curbed much this happened just as police drove around that curb. and so likely only having a split second glimpse of the gunman and the reflex to return fire, as bullets and flying glass came at their faces. one they hit the gunman kick his gun away and felt save witnesses who heard the barrage of bullets look out their windows and saw one of the officers take off bullet resistant vest check it it for bullet holes and damage wondering how he wasn't hit and killed. >> one of the officer had realized the suspect was not moving any longer, because he nudged him with his foot, he took his vest off and they were looking at the vest and looking at possible bullet holes in the
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vest. >> reporter: trenton capital saw two officers shot 15 months ago. here another reminder for the second year in a row how these life savers can easily be put in a position of having to suddenly shoot to save their own lives. in the view of this police windshield one that tells you sometimes the difference between a cop coming home from his shift or other cops coming to another police funeral is just a matter of inches. >> in trenton, steve keeley, fox 29 news. the philadelphia police department gets a huge and potentially live-saving gift today. independence blue cross has donating $100,000 to the department. the money will be used to buy bullet proof vests for philadelphia police officers. it is the largest corporate gift ever made to the department for body armor. >> these brave officers put their lives on the line every single day to keep us safe. today we're doing something to help keep them safe.
5:18 pm
>> because of their constant use bullet proof vests have to be replaced every five years and funding is not allocated for the replacement in current city and federal budgets. >> police got so an grow philadelphi --police say a man t mcdonald's on the 2800 block of grays ferry avenue. investigators say employees told the man the dining area was closed. he had to go home. cops say he became so irate that he began arguing with the employees there he is with the woman obviously in pink. the man followed that employee right there outside and stabbed that person in the back. the suspect ran away. the employee is doing okay this evening. >> that man who admitted to driving his soon to be ex-wife's corvette into the delaware river is out on bail after surrendering to police yesterd yesterday. john kramer spoke exclusively on camera with our dave schratwieser on tuesday. telling him the classic car was just a center of so much
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problems between him and his wife. kramer drove that car into the delaware near the tacony-palmyra bridge monday and took off. >> cold temperatures not going anywhere any time soon. let's take a look at camelback mount fenn from our pocono mountains much it's cold up there. wet flakes tonight. i'm still in denial about all of this. it's not like we're getting a blizzard it's the beginning of the season a lot of could you see snow tonight. chief meteorologist scott williams now to tell us how much we're in for. scott. >> those first flakes have gun falling iain. hard to believe yesterday the high was 70 degrees. so i hope you enjoyed it because temperatures are well below average right now. will likely continue to stay below average over the next several days. but look at ultimate doppler lit up with the rainfall, even wet snow across the area. in before western chester county lancaster county moving into berks county right now. we'll zoom in closer. reports of snowfall around the hahn know brook area, coatesville as well moving into reading.
5:20 pm
ephrata down to lancaster looking at some of the light wet snow. now, keep in mind it was 70 degrees yesterday. so the ground relatively warm so if we have any accumulations it will be mainly on the grassy surfaces car tops as well toward the pocono mountains we're looking at that change over, too. temperatures right at freezing right now in lancaster. 35 in pottstown. we have 44 degrees in philadelphia. mid 40s in atlantic city. compared to this same time yesterday, it's 17 degrees colder in philadelphia. so light scattered showers in the city. we'll continue to find some of that rainfall once again the flakes north and west. but temperatures dropping into the 30s for philadelphia by 11:00 o'clock. so possible accumulations once again. a coating mainly on the grassy surfaces toward the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains. we'll talk more about the system when that rain and snow mixture moves out as well as how long the cold blaster will stick around. >> scott, thank you. stop what you're doing and take a look at this. a site you've never seen before.
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pictures of outerspace taken from a comet. the historic landing was made yesterday why this is just the beginning. >> unbelievable video robbers storm a store drag a customer an clerk and then ask them to strip. why police think it could happen again. he's called evil elmo and he's known for saying not so nice things in california. business owners want him thrown in jail but he says they need to lighten up.
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>> check out this one right there. first picture of a comment tape from -- comet taken from space. a comet 311 million miles away from earth. unmanned european space craft made history when it landed on the comet on wednesday. really not once but twice it bounced. european space agency says it bounced off the comet's surface but is now stable collecting data. that scientists hope to get some more pictures and rock samples. >> a scare in the sky for u2 front man bono. rear door of the private lear jet carrying the rock star fell off in the middle of the flight. the door fell 15,000 feet to the ground yesterday the plane landed safe until germany and no one was hurt. investigators say there is a chance the door was not closed properly but the exact cause of the accident still is not clear. the door still has not been
5:25 pm
found. >> a store clerk and customer in florida are terrorized during a robbery forced to take their clothes off. two robbers storm into a store sunday night. one empties out the cash register the other forces a customer to the ground then drag the customer to the back of the store where the manager was also forced to pull down his pants. a subway employee says the same thing happened during a robbery at his store. >> these guys they get the money and then escort us to the back with guns behind us. >> they're getting more violent, too. that's the mo. >> police say they are investigating nearly a dozen similar robberies where the victims are left naked and obviously totally afraid. the robbers are targeting sandwich shops, corner stores and gas stations. >> police in ohio put a toddler in a jail cell and they say it was the right thing to do. you can see the three year old girl on the surveillance video in wal*mart with her mom.
5:26 pm
they were surrounded by security when they left the ohio store last month because the mom was accused of of stealing and taken to jail. the child went with her and played in the cell until her dad could come pick her up. officers say they felt it was better than separating her from her mom. the child' parents are not commenting. >> as you get older there's a simple way to make sure your body's operating on all cylinders. >> this one is really easy one thank goodness. not complicated. something maybe you're doing it right now. and also, in case you haven't heard, it is world kindness day. you're giving out hugs this morning. we're hitting the streets of philadelphia to find random acts of kindness. >> but first how about taking a dip in this relaxing new trend? to ease your muscles, get better sleep, even spark creativity.
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♪ >> here's life look at old city tonight. temperatures are dropping even further. soon we'll get some rain and some of you watching may even see some snow. yeah, that's right snow. find out exactly what will happen when in your fox 29 weather authority that's coming up in just a few minutes. new jersey lawmakers are set to act on a pair of measures coming from the lane closures near the george washington bridge last year that set off a political fire storm. the legislation port authority of new york and new jersey to the open records laws of both states. would also require an annual add did it lobing restrictions and the creation of whistleblower protections. proposals come after christie's administration faced scrutiny over the lane closures.
5:30 pm
the authority runs tunnels, bridges and major airports in both states. >> this is hottest thing long long time ago. now, making a major come back. it's just floating in assault water tank about five times more dense than the dead sea. >> philly's float spa opened in the springes seven's jenn for joyce tells us it is setted to wonders for both the mind and body. ♪ >> usually take the first 20 minutes or so to get relaxed. >> reporter: floating. what is it? >> in the tank it's you and your mind. >> reporter: your body buoyant. >> relaxation i'm ever going to be in. >> reporter: lying in 280 gallons of skin temperature water infused with 850 pounds of epsom salt. saul water more dense than the dead sea. >> if anything you feel like you're in outerspace. >> reporter: meet kerry. >> want to take you over to our float room number two. >> reporter: she's the owner of healthy and floats on girard avenue in northern liberties.
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>> this is our tank you'll see we have a shower as well. everyone showers before they get in the tank. >> reporter: she opened in march. she has two float tanks in high demand. >> we get customers from maryland, delaware, all over pa. >> reporter: relaxation fad hot in the '70's and pot yeses is making an aggressive come back in the northeast. >> if you're a football player or if you're a ballerina it doesn't matter what your size s you'll float. >> reporter: 22 year old mark donahue a recent drexel university graduate and an avid floater. >> the spine lengthen out and you come out and you feel kind of nice and loose. >> reporter: donahue was a college soccer player and says floating has helped his muscles and mind overcome stress. >> it totally helped me recover any time we had two day session or something like that and i can get up and float the next day i would feel great. >> so when -- >> she explains that floating creates sensory deprivation, typically floaters are in the
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nude to feel the full effects. >> there's no light. there's no sound. and you can't even feel the water because the same temperature of their skin. evenutally you don't feel anything. you lose sensation of your body. what happens dopamine and endorphins are released which create the state of euphoria. >> reporter: i had to experience this. minus the nudity. >> i just get in. >> as directed i showered first. >> hold on to the bar and then stepped in. i laid down and was immediately a float. the balls of light ease you into the pitch black tank. in the brief 10 minute test trial i did i could feel every muscle wandering to relax. within a few minutes i could no longer feel the water that was surrounding me. >> i could feel what i think you describe as deprivation. >> she says floating helped her sleep. one hour in the tank equates to two hours of z's. it's also said to spark creativity hallucinations during a float session aren't out of the question.
5:33 pm
>> when there is no sensory stimuli, there's nothing for your brain to process and it starts creating its own. >> reporter: she explains that floating can help people deal with depression and other medical conditions. >> we have customers with lupus, arthritis, have found they've had great results from floating. >> when you're in that tank, you're ab sashing the mass niece yum in the epsom salt. good for your bones, good for your muscles. anxiety and if you have sleep issues. >> reporter: kerry says float centers locally are not regulated. she didn't need a permit or even a health certificate to open up her business but she does have clients sign a consent form agreeing to the terms and conditions of the float. we had our own dr. mike weigh in. >> this is tantamount to meditation and there's a lot of research that shows that meditation is very good for you. >> reporter: so it's generally safe. but what about germs? >> nothing can live in that. >> reporter: kerry says the water is filtered and sterilized
5:34 pm
after each float. >> we also treat our water with food grade hydrogen peroxide. another question what if you fall asleep, could you drown? >> there's no way. you'd actually have to support yourself and flip yourself over. you'd get salt water in your eyes and wake up immediately. >> reporter: donahue floats at least twice a month. the day we hit him he booked a three hour float session. >> kind of this period when you come out -- i'm in maybe three or four hours. >> reporter: massage for the mind he says a holistic therapy, pure zen that keeps him and others coming back for more. >> we're bringing piece. we hear that a lot. we're bringing piece to the community. >> reporter: in northern liberties, jenn for joyce, fox 29 news. >> if floating intrigues you head to our website there we've post add link to the float spa. click on the scene on tv tab. >> the neck time you can't remember something simple or you can't seem to think straight, don't be too hard or yourself.
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>> you could have a virus. it's a special virus. it's the stewed did the virus. doctors say it may affect half of all americans. all right. more on that. also, a would be robber shows up at a store with a machete but the shopkeeper doesn't back do down. fights back. can't shake a stick at that one. and we showed you the incredible video last week. a man winds up slaps a woman taunting people on a new york city subway. coming up the at 6:00 the bombshell decision prosecutors just made in that investigation. scott. >> right now ultimate doppler is lit up. we're looking at rainfall. even wet snow across the area. more on the timing of this mess as well as how long
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if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. ♪ >> welcome back. brave shopkeeper in in england fights off a robber armed with a machete wacking at him. it was all caught on surveillance video. instead of handing over the cash the clerk gets a metal pipe and
5:39 pm
starts banging on the robber. the robber had enough. he runs away. the shopkeeper has a minor hand injury. police are searching for the robber. >> the stewed did the virus much that's right you heard me right. scientists say there is a virus that can make you feel like you just can't think straight. scientists at johns hopkins and the university of nebraska stumbled on it while conducting an experiment. 44% of the people who tested positive for the virus scored lower on ik tests and had shorter attention spans. so how do you catch it? >> it's a virus that comes from algae that we breathe in through our nose or our mouth into our throat and into our bodies. all right. scientists say when they injected the virus into mice, the rodents got lost in mazes and seemed perplexed by new to toys. >> there's just too much wrong with that one. >> the number of americans 65 expected to double in the next 25 hours. dr. oz here with a pretty simple tip to make sure your golden years are great.
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♪ when it comes to living well longer one simple thing i want you to do for your health. stand up. so simple. new portuguese reported simply standing up several times an hour may improve physical function in older adults. researchers measured activity levels over 200 people between 65 and 94. they found those who broke up sedentary stretches of time with short shifting periods standing for example faired better physically than those who stay cedared. how do you get more standing into your day. set an alarm on your phone to let you know when it's time to take a standing break. instead of asking for someone to pass you something you get up and you grab it. finally, when you are watching tv stand up for commercial breaks. and if i can say this, once you're up, try and stay up. physical activity is truly one of the most important things you can do for your health with benefits ranging from keeping your mind sharp to improving your balance and flexibility. >> you can always watch dr. oz right here on fox 29 every
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weekday at 1:00 o'clock. in case you have not heard it is world kindness day. >> we hit the streets of philly to discover that it's not hard to find random acts of kindness. even the city of brotherly love. he's called evil he will elmo known for saying not so kind thing. california buys owners want him to jail. >> howard. >> the numbers for lesean mccoy are one of the worst eagles running back in the last game. listening to mccoy he's okay with that. and a world record in the guiness book
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>> he's being called evil elmo and merchants at san francisco's fisher man's wharf want him thrown in jail. business owners say this elmo has angry outbursts and threat threatening tourists and locals. he's really a 50 year old man named danny sandler. one merchant put up a sign telling visitors they don't have to tip him after he poses for picture. sandler threatened her for refusing to take the sign down. sandler says i'm just trying to earn a living. >> and then he used an expletive and basically said, you know, criminal threatening way, i'm going to rip your throat out. >> businesses don't like people dressing like that. mainly the people that sell the cheap souvenirs. they try to demonize people. >> sandler is now charge the with making a criminal threat and misdemeanor nuisance and disturbing the peace charges. >> in case you haven't heard it is world kindness day today. this is how the cit city of philadelphia started celebrating
5:46 pm
giving out roses at love park. with one request to pay the kindness forward. so on a global scale world kindness day is designed to break down racial and ethic barriers. we may be in the city of brotherly love, but will this work in our area? our bruce gordon takes look. >> ready? here you go. >> reporter: what better place to find random acts of kindness at the park where visitors flock to capture the literal symbol of love. these two groups of young women made a deal you take our pictures, we'll take yours. mike didn't need a deal. he offered to snap a photo of these two original from moscow now of south jersey. >> why did you do that? >> i don't know. just a nice thing to do. they wanted to capture moment. so i just got a picture. >> it is so beautiful. >> it is so beautiful. >> reporter: not far away five-point fear 85 or old emery myers was hard at work with her mom amy. avery was busy writing a christmas song as a present for her mother.
5:47 pm
mom was helping with the spelling. >> i want to do something nice for mommy. >> reporter: so writing a christmas song. you're going to sing it for her? >> yeah. >> reporter: what have you got so far? >> ♪ owe the christmas tree is very special. it makes me feel excit excited. it makes me feel happy ♪ >> reporter: what goes through your mind? she's just -- she's the best thing i've ever done. and she's the greatest gift i've ever gotten. >> reporter: across the street in dilworth park calvin lee and his friend angeline low watching workers put together the public ice rink that will open this friday. calvin is a top notch skater from new england. who promises to feature his friends how to make their way around the ice. >> i want them to enjoy it too much scooches i. to if they're not, f they can't skate and they're holdin holdine sides it's not that fun. >> as for angeline she want to do shows you the picture of her new friend a homeless marine she met monday as he guitar for ti
5:48 pm
tips. angeline bought him dinner. >> how did that make you feel. it literally made my day. i was having an okay day. i ended up listening to him play music and actually took picture with him and got his number. >> there is medical research to suggest that doing something nice for someone be eight family member or friend or a stranger improves the physical health and mental well-being of of the one doing the good day. as for me i think the ancient greek story teller aesop had it right some 2500 years ago. no act of kindness he said no matter how small is ever wasted. in love park, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> a japanese high school student is now the fastest man on four leg. the race imitates the movement of monkeys held every year in tokyo. 18 year old cat assume me finished first but set a world record. he ran the 100-meter dash in all fours in 15.8 seconds. >> find a sport that i can excel
5:49 pm
in. four limbs backwards upside do down. >> pretty impressive. >> you know what, it was 70 degrees the last couple of days. low 70s. now we're talking about snow. >> i think we're looking at snow right now coming in pottstown. >> part of the area. take a lock at this video it's proof we are looking at snowfall montgomery county. hard to believe like you guys said it was 70 degrees yesterday as well as the day before. but that time of year we're seeing the cold air and we're also seeing moisture and disturbances moving through. so it's just a sign of the tim times. take a look at the current conditions temperatures dropping in philadelphia down to 41 degrees and, yes, the wind chill. pulling that out this year already. 35 degrees is what it actually feels like in town. but i-95 we're looking at some wet roadways. mainly rainfall right now from trenton to philadelphia to wilmington. but as you move a little farther to the west, honey brook, london grove, moving toward lancaster berks county reading looking at
5:50 pm
some rain changing over to wet snow. pretty quiet right now in sections of south jersey, down the shore. dry quite but it is chilly. as we take a closer perspective. you can see around the honey brook area, coatesville, if you see some of that snow, send it to us at fox 29 philly and we'll kind of put it on air for you as we move a little farther to the north, the lehigh valley, the pocono mountains, also, seeing some of those first flakes of the season. so we'll time it out mainly now through about midnight. we're looking at that rainfall mainly north and west. mixing in at times here's 10:00 o'clock once again. the lehigh valley the pocono mountains with wet snowflakes and keep in mind it was 70 degrees yesterday. so the ground is relatively warm. if we have any accumulations, it's mainly going to be on the car tops as well as the grassy surfaces. but we'll continue to find dry weather tomorrow morning through most of the up coming weekend before another shot of rain perhaps snow by sunday. so here's the bottom line. evening scattered showers, the
5:51 pm
wet snowflakes north and west. the main window 6:00 o'clock through midnight mainly north and west. light coating of snow possible in the pocono mountains and take a look at this particular computer model showing you berks county moving into lehigh northampton and as we move toward carbon and monroe a coating on the grassy surfaces and the car tops. low this morning, 39 degrees. the afternoon high 10 degrees below where we should be this time of year. and look at the numbers. already at freezing in lancast lancaster. freezing in the pocono mountai mountains. 34 in pots noun. where you saw those first flakes earlier. 41 in philadelphia. low 40s in south jersey. much of the nation dealing with that is arctic blast. 30 in st. louis. we have 10 degrees right now in rapid city. low 20s in the twin sisters so that cold air impacting a lot of folks this time of year. so for tonight, the wet snow mainly north and west of philadelphia. 34 degrees for the low. temperatures tomorrow evening colder than today.
5:52 pm
44 degrees staying pretty chilly. that seven day forecast shows you cloud cover rolls back in. sunday into monday with some rain maybe some wet snow but then the coldest air yet by tuesday and wednesday of next week. high temperatures only in the 30s. so get the winter gear ready and keep it handy. >> i know. the next four or five months. all right. thank you scott. >> did you get a heavier coat. i brought my winter coat in today. i've broken it up before. >> two weeks ago. >> thank you scott. >> we think. >> all right. howard. >> it's where we live. >> i know. you'll need a winter coat. >> i'm going to need more than a winter coat in green bay. the eagles playing -- what i think is the toughest team they have played all season that will be sunday in green bay. and that would be cold green bay. it's a game against the best quarterback in the nfl right now. aaron rodgers playing better than any quarterback but the eagles also have to worry about what they do. and one player hopes the eagles can get their running game going.
5:53 pm
that would be eagles running back lesean mccoy hoping the r running game really does get going. mccoy had only 19 yards on 12 carries last week. but it was a big eagles win. now some question whether mccoy had lost a step. so it can get frustrating for lesean mccoy even though he leads the league in carries and sixth in the league in rushing. but there's something more important than personal stats. >> bottom line are we winning football games and we're winning football games you have to understand there are certain things are maybe not going your way. days where we have to run a lot and throw it a lot. we've got a team of unsettle fish players the ultimate goal at the end of every day they don't ask you when they see you they ask you what your record is. >> it doesn't really matter how i feel about it, you know, trying to win games and get to that ultimate goal that we've been playing this game for. you get the team ranged in the bottom four and run defense doing something to try to change it up a little bit obviously they put a big emphasis on that throughout the week.
5:54 pm
you get beat other ways. he understands that. he's out here every day. practices every day. he has a really i think when we can get him going in the games we have got him going he's been outstanding i'm very pleased with lesean this year. >> biggest for the eagles on sunday that quarterback aaron rodgers he's clearly really the hottest quarterback in the nfl right now. last week through for sick touchdowns against chicago. and that was in the first half. the packers started out losing two of their first three games this season and since have won five of six games. in those games rogers has 20 touchdown passes big job for the eagles defense. the eagles are always up for these challenges. >> let me put it this way. he's a great quarterback. he's one of the top quarterbacks in this league right now. i respect him. we have a lot of respect for him. we'll have to get their fast as we can. at least try to get him moving, doing some we can get him to -- i mean as a pass rusher to try
5:55 pm
to do our best to get him move off the spot. >> and sunday morning fox 29 "game day live" starts at 11:00. followed by fox nfl sunday at noon and 49ers and giants at 1:00 followed by eagles and packer at 4:25. the record broken in the guiness book of world records. it's the longest basketball shot but in a different way. backwards basketball shot. thunder long of the grown trotters. 18 feet 2-inches. he beats the old records by 10 feet. hit a little bit of rim. i'll give him a squish on that. it is just incredible that you can do that. but the thing that i don't know and i don't have an answer for it, how many times did he try. >> of course he'll say he did it in one take. >> exactly. >> thanks howard.
5:56 pm
>> coming up at sick what happened in this west philadelphia home. a woman is found dead and now tonight police have some questions for her roommate. >> this is the video we just couldn't believe. girls taunting people on a new york city subway before one of them gets slammed.
5:57 pm
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which means it's time thfor the volkswagens here, sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta and the well-crafted all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. >> right now at 6:00 o'clock, snow and biting cold temperatures. we are seeing some of the first flakes in a really long time. not even officially winter yet. let's check out some of the light wet snow already falling in pottstown.
6:00 pm
just a short time ago. and more could be on the way. the rest of us could see rain and some very cold temperatures tonight. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm karen hepp in for lucy. it will be a very very busy night for chief meteorologist scott williams. he's got a look what will be happening over the next couple of hours. scott? >> hi, karen and iain. right now ultimate doppler lit up we're looking at the rain also the wet snow. so mainly now through about midnight north and west we have the potential for a coating on the grassy surfaces as well as the car tops. but take look at the green that's the rainfall where you see the pink and the white, that is the wet snow coming down. western sections of chester county. lancaster, berks county right now seeing some of those makes. pretty dry and quiet as we move into parts of south jersey around millville, atlantic city, down the shore. we're not looking at any precipitation. but take look what's happening around ephrata, reading, elbertson, honey brook, coatesville looking at some of those flakes. the temperatures are dropping there as well as that snow continues to fall. toward parts of the lehigh valley in particu


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