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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 13, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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and more could be on the way. the rest of us could see rain and some very cold temperatures tonight. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm karen hepp in for lucy. it will be a very very busy night for chief meteorologist scott williams. he's got a look what will be happening over the next couple of hours. scott? >> hi, karen and iain. right now ultimate doppler lit up we're looking at the rain also the wet snow. so mainly now through about midnight north and west we have the potential for a coating on the grassy surfaces as well as the car tops. but take look at the green that's the rainfall where you see the pink and the white, that is the wet snow coming down. western sections of chester county. lancaster, berks county right now seeing some of those makes. pretty dry and quiet as we move into parts of south jersey around millville, atlantic city, down the shore. we're not looking at any precipitation. but take look what's happening around ephrata, reading, elbertson, honey brook, coatesville looking at some of those flakes. the temperatures are dropping there as well as that snow continues to fall. toward parts of the lehigh valley in particularly pocono
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mountains right now looking at wet snow. look at the temperatures. upper 30s in wilmington. freezing as we move north and west toward the pocono mountains at 32 degrees. so cold enough for snow and as we roll the clock, you can see that mainly north and west we have that potential for a light coating with the temperatures dropping now through midnight north and west looking out toward the grassy surfaces and the car tops. much more on when the system moves out and how long that cold air will last coming up. karen and iain. >> all right. scott, thank you you can stay prepared during this cold blast by heading to our website just click the weather tab at the top of the home page for the latest forecast information and all your life radar images and you know we want to see your weather pictures so tweet them to us at fox 29 philly. >> happening right now the search for a killer in south philadelphia. police say someone shot two people last evening on the 600 block of witten street. we know one person has died and then a septa bus driver was critically injured. tonight investigators are looking for surveillance video
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from that neighborhood trying to see if the cameras caught a glimpse possibly of the gunman. we got our jenny joyce right now loafer at police headquarters with what we know. jennifer. >> reporter: karen, homicide detectives are actively working this case. as you said we're weighting that see if surveillance video can provide any clues after one man is dead and a second remains in critical condition at jefferson hospital. people in the area say the violence in the neighborhood is getting really bad. >> it could have been anyone of us last night. me, her. >> reporter: but instead it was their brother 56 year old craig washington an off duty septa bus driver who was caught in a fire storm of 26 bullets on this south philadelphia street. he was shot in the stomach and remains critical at jefferson hospital. his brother greg also a septa bus driver of 29 years talked to him today. >> he's just very lucky here by the grace of god. he's very sad about the other gentleman that got -- didn't make it.
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>> he was an innocent just like my brother was. >> reporter: 35 year old wayne jones was shot in the head and killed. the double shooting happened on the 600 block of witten street sometime before 8:00 p.m. >> he was great kid. wonderful kid. went to neumann-goretti, played baseball got a scholar to go to temple. >> people in the area say the violence is getting bad. >> most of thus live here we're basically 50 years and older and we've been all our lives and now we ducking and dodging. >> reporter: jones was well known and well liked by people in the area. >> wayne is a family -- he's a family guy. when you see him, he's always with his children. >> reporter: family friend rose wallace says jones moved out of south philly to get away from the street violence. neighbors say he was visiting a friend last night when he was shot. washington was on the block checking on his mother's house when bullets began flying. >> i'm glad that my brother is okay. yeah, i'm angry. yeah, because he was going to see about his mother. almost lost his life. >> i hope they fine the suspect
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and arrest him. >> reporter: and police have been interviewing witnesses who described the shooter as a man about 6 feet tall with a light complexion was wearing a brown leather jacket. he apparently took off running down schneider avenue. if you have any information, you're you were to do call 215686 tips. that's (215)686-8477. iain. >> jennifer, thank you. the family of a woman found dead in her west philadelphia home wants justice tonight. police say the 62 year old woman was beaten and found naked early this morning. her roommate told police robbers barged into the home but police have a lot of questions tonight. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live outside police headquarters. dave? >> iain, electrical cord, a bat an story that just doesn't add up. that's what homicide detectives have tonight. they are questioning the house mate of the victim in this case here at police headquarters tonight. they say she's a person of interest. >> she's very important.
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she was the glue. she was glue. she would help anybody. >> reporter: relatives say 62 year old sandra barley was the glue that held her family together. a woman with a kind heart, who always look out for others. >> sad that a person that was so kind hearted that would have to go through this because she was just a nice person. >> she was a beautiful person. >> reporter: barley was found naked and beaten inside her home on north 53rd street. police arrived on scene and were met by another woman who lives in barley's house. she told police three masked men in hoodies broke into during a home invasion and beat barley. >> the crime scene is not consistent with that story. we're talking to her picking her story apart. >> ain't nobody break into that house. >> 57 year old woman suffered some injuries and was taken to the hospital under police guard. she's now in the homicide unit being questioned. >> we did get an extension cord. we think was used and some type of -- some type of bat was
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recovered as well. >> because she was homeless and my aunt let her in and then ever since she got there she been abusing my aunt. >> reporter: family members insist they called police several times about the abuse. >> they didn't make her leave. every time we come here she say nothing wrong, nothing wrong. >> there's been a violence between the the two of them and the female we have upstairs has been the aggressor. >> she took a live. she got to give a live. >> no charges have been filed at this point police say there was no signs of forced entry or of a robbery in this case. we'll keep updated on this investigation as police continue to question that person of interest. karen? >> thank you dave. developing right now from trenton, police there have shot and killed an armed man. investigators say the man opened fire on their patrol vehicle this all happened about 7:00 o'clock this morning on wilson street in trenton. it started as a call for a man with a gun. police fired back at that suspect. witnesses say they could not believe what was happening right outside of their homes. >> i was -- it was right after
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seven. i was sleeping and i heard gunshots pow, pow, pow, pow pow, 20 gunshots easily. >> police say the shooter died at the hospital. they are notary loosing that person's name. no officers were hurt. and this is just happened. terrorism charges filed against the man accused of of ambushing a pennsylvania state troopers. new charges stem from letter they found written by 31 year old eric frein to his parents. they also say he told police he wanted to quote wake people up. police say frein shot and killed corporal brian dicks outside the blooming grove police barracks on september 12th. trooper douglas was shot, survived and is back home. 14 alluded police for several weeks before he was caught on october 30. >> delvin barnes was in indicted today on a federal kidnapping charge. the fbi says the 37 year old grabbed 22 year old carlesha freeland gaither on
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november 2nd and then forced her into a car. it was all caught on surveillance video as federal agents found them three days later in maryland. prosecutors initially charged barnes the day after he was captured under federal law most cases cannot be prosecuted without a grand jury indictment. if convicted barnes faces a maximum life sentence. barnes is in federal custody in philadelphia tonight. a bail hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. >> also, today, sources are telling fox 29 investigators in at least two states have made inquiries about barnes for similar cases. fbi profilers are now looking at this case to create a profile for investigators up and down the east coast. several heroes honored at philadelphia city council in center city today. among them the men who helped bring carlesha freeland gaither home. her family never giving up home thankful today for those who saved her. >> i want to thank the police department and also i want to thank the hero of my daughter the one that told her everythi
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everything. >> it's overwhelming. you give somebody your word, they're entrusting you and then thank god, thank the citizens, thank everybody that everything just clicked. >> detective jim sloan promised carlesha's family he'd bring her home and as you heard he is grateful he was able to help make that happen. her father says she's continue to go recover tonight. >> new jersey assembly passed assistant suicide bill. the state senate has not taken up this bill and is unknown whether governor christie would sign it if it does reach his desk. this issue could become a test of christie's conservative credentials as he considers a run for president. >> a bombshell decision in new york city. >> we showed you the incredible video last week where a man winds up and slaps a woman who was taunting people on a new york city subway. what prosecutors just decided about his fate.
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>> and he's known for creating sweet treats on reality tv. you know him as the cake boss. he just opened a store down in south jersey but he got into some trouble in new york city. the behavior police say landed him behind bars. >> i wonder if brought a cake. >> with the eagles getting ready for their game sunday in green bay, chip kelly has an interesting take what makes connor barwin so good on defense much that's coming up in sports. >> coming up in weather we've been talking about it all week and right now we're looking at some rain and wet snow, in particular around western parts of chester county. more on the timing of this mess and when it moves out coming up. >> and what was supposed to be a fun family outing turns into pleas for help a dad and his kids lost for hours. tonight at 10:00 the maze so big people are calling 911 for a way out.
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♪ >> tv's cake boss buddy vo lasso arrested for drunk driving in new york city. police say he was driving erratically when they pulled over his 2014 corvette on tenth avenue in lower manhattan around 1:00 a.m. he failed a breathalyzer test and was taken in to custody. his bakery is in hoboken, new jersey. he just opened one in south new jersey on route 73 in marlton. >> subway slap heard around the country. a man caught on camera slapping a woman on a new york city subway after he was ridiculed for let's face eight pretty out of style jack. tonight the charges have been dropped against the slap per. fox's chang complains why that -- explains why that man if any file a lawsuit against new york city. >> i love this jack. i'm going to use it because it's
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my jacket. my friends, alex, i love him like a brother. he gave me that jacket. i don't even have the jacket for -- >> pena had no winter coat when his friend alex gave no longer fag annal leather eight ball jacket last week. but his jacket caught the attention of some obnoxious some women on the f train 5am saturday in lower manhattan. they ridiculed his jack and him. he tried to walk away one woman struck him in the back of the head with her high heels. then -- >> oh bleep. the resulting melee with three women an man mr. pena was caught on the nose and ears from several high heels strikes. one woman has been charged with felony assault. >> this is the man much this is
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the man. they don't treat me this is a man who tried to protect himse himself. >> on saturday the 25 year old pena was on his way to the bronx after working a security at a club. he avoids confrontation he says. >> i'm really strong. i don't want to get in trouble, you know. because you may kill somebody. >> mr. pena 6-foot six once played minor league baseball with the oakland a pitching a 98 miles per hour fast ball. his career ended when his knees gave out. what would he say to the woman who gave me the trouble. >> i apologize to her. no man should hit a woman. >> mr. pena's lawyers are considering a lawsuit against the city for holding him for four days in jail and not holding his attackers. >> it would depend largely upon whether or not the video was in the hands of the police. >> the manhattan da dropped all charges against mr. pena. he says he just wants to work and support his toddler son and mother in the dominican republic.
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he's not been back on the subway since saturday. >> people walking around love park given surprise today. flowers part of world kindness day in what better place to celebrate that than the city of brotherly love. there was just one thing everyone had to do. promise to pay that kindness forward. >> scott williams show us some love and get rid of this snow that is fal falling over some people's heads. >> the weather is not that kind right now karen and iain. i'll be kind after the broadcast because it's kind of chilly i'll buy you hot chocolate maybe tea or coffee. how does that sound. >> as we look at ultimate doppler it's lit up with green. we're looking at snowfall mainly north and west. south jersey right now pretty quiet. it's dry actually down the shore. we're not looking at any of that chilly rain. but zooming in a little closer you can see western sections of chester county around coatesville, honey brook, moving into berks county, lancaster county, ephrata down to around lancaster looking at some snowfall. temperatures they are critical and they continue to drop.
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but keep in mind it was 70 degrees yesterday. so most of this will not stick. if it does it will stick to the car tops and grassy surfaces lehigh valley, pocono mountains looking at that change over as well in particular toward mount pocono. so mainly dry right now. south jersey sections of delaware. most of the rainfall north and west of i-95. mixing in changing to some of the wet snow. now through about midnight. here's 10:00 o'clock. some of the the rain moves into south jersey by 10, 11:00 o'clock but most of the snow again is going to be toward the lehigh valley and the pocono mountain with that light minor accumulation possible. this system is messing out of here rapidly so friday morning for the morning commute no problems. not dealing with any leftover showers or wet snow. sunshine to start on friday. dry, chilly a mixture of sun and clouds. we stay dry for saturday as well but once again temperatures well below where we should be for this time of year. so evening showers wet snowflakes north and west. from now through about midnight the main window for that snow
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north and west the light coating is possible mainly in the pocono mountains and as we run the computer model you can see we're in the looking at snow accumulating in philadelphia, montgomery, bucks county maybe upper bucks, montgomery county might see a light coating on the grass. moving toward lehigh valley and the pocono mountain that's the best chance. 40 degrees right now but look at the wind chill. it feels like 33 degrees right now in center city. so bundle up if you're stepping outdoors and have the umbrellas handy, too. 39 degrees was the low this morning. 47 was the afternoon high. 10 degrees below where we should be for this time of year. 1902 it was 74 that was the record high for today's date. so we have 39 in wilmington. 38 in trenton. freezing right now in the pocono mountains. low 40s in millville as well as wildwood. compared to this same time yesterday, it's almost 20 degrees colder area wide and take a look at the chill across the nation. temperatures below freezing now
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for many locations to our west. as far as those low temperatures tonight, 29 in the burbs. 34 in the city. tomorrow sun and clouds, staying chilly. 44 degrees. that's it for the high temperature. we'll go 48 on sunday. so a little warmer. but still below average. there could be some rain maybe some wet snow north and west sunday night. a cold rain on monday and then another shot of an arctic blast tuesday, wednesday high temperatures only, only in the 30s. >> feels like january. >> don't say that and smile. >> thank you scott. >> all right. >> smile. i'm smiling. >> it's okay. >> last year was the first year i was at lambeau field in green bay. so what do the eagles think who are playing there for the first time sunday? what makes connor barwin so athletic on the football field? there's other things beyond football much that's coming up in sports.
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with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the confidence to move forward. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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♪ >> the eagles, they played i pln green bay last year. there are some differences, however, between that game and sunday against the packers in green bay. last year, it was warmer. but the biggest difference was not weather. it's all about history as well.
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but this is a stadium that players want to play in. fans to see. many of the eagles are playing there for the first time at lambeau field in green bay. quarterback mark sanchez has never played at lambeau. eagles wide receiver jeremy maclin is playing his first game at lambeau as well. >> each game is a test, man much it's hard to win in this league. but we know we're going into a hostile environment. probably you know some weather conditions and then against arguably the best quarterback in the game right now. so we have to understand that and play our game. if we do that, i think the rest will take care of itself. >> the eagles defense may have to play their best game of the season for the eagles to win the packers have averaged over 37 points game in their last six. the quarterback is the best right now in the nfl. packers quarterback aaron oh verse was hurt last season didn't not play when the eagles wouldn't that game in green bay. now sunday rogers obviously will play. but the eagles have some players on defense that hope they can
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change his success. eagles player on d having his best season is connor barwin. he's playing out of his mind. last week he had 3.5 sacks. chip kelly look at barwin and reasons why he is so athletic. >> i think connor has great feel for, um, just the game. i think he's a very, very intelligent player but he's also got some overlap. he's a great basketball player. he's got an understanding, real good sports mind. he understands how things will develop and how try to stay a step ahead of where it's to do. connor was there to pick them up. >> sunday morning fox 29 "game day live" starts at 11:00. i'll be there with jacket on followed by fox nfl sunday at noon 49ers, giants at 1:00 followed by the eagles and packers at 4:25. and mike trout out of millville, new jersey s the unanimous winner of the american league mvp award and well deserved. terrific player. >> he is. >> yes. >> thank you how war that.
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will do it for us here at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up
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>> what happened to fitness guru richard simmons? >> oh, yeah. >> concern for the famous celebrity after he disappears from public view. >> then bono cheats death. >> how the singer survived a door blowing off his plane. >> and national uproar over the pregnant woman begging for money. why is she being driven around in a mercedes benz? then mall shootings. >> called an ambulance half an hour ago. >> they're on their way. >> just released video of the alleged killers. are they stalking for a victim? and first this. now full frontal kim kardashian. plus food


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