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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 14, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ >> right now a dose of winter hitting the region. just look outside. on the left a live look from collegeville, montgomery county. a mix of snow and freezing rain coming down. on the right here in center ci city, it has stayed rain for n now. you've been tweeting us pictures all night of the falling covering cars and yards. it's not a site some of us are ready for. too soon. >> good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. chief meteorologist scott williams kicks off our team coverage with live look at what's on your radar right now. it looks active, scott. it really is lucy. hard to believe yesterday's high temperature in philadelphia was 70 degrees.
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right now wind chills are in the 20s and we are looking at some of the snowfall right along i- i-95. also, moving into places like voorhees, glassboro, salem down in south jersey north and west still looking at some of that snowfall, too. so zooming in a little closer around willingboro, mt. holly, down to deptford washington looking at wet snow mainly if it accumulates it's going accumulate on the grassy surfaces as well as the car tops. we're talking a coating mainly north and west of the i-95 up to an inch toward the higher elevations in the lehigh valley and also the poconos. social media has been lit up. take a look at this picture from paul out of coopers burg. shshowing you that snowfall on e grassy surfaces as well as the car tops. so that is a familiar sight this evening across the area. scattered showers. some wet snowflakes continuing to mix in over the next couple of hours. but temperatures falling into the low 30s. wind chills in the 20s and once again that light coating mainly north and west up to an inch
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toward the pocono mountain. 35 degrees right now in philadelphia. wind chill of 28. it's a cold wait at the bus stop and you can see take a look at that light some of that rain micking in with a little bit of wet snow across our area. so out the door tomorrow morning, this system it's going to be history. we're looking at a cold start though 20s and 30s so bundle up and of course sue will have the latest at 4:00 a.m. and bob kelly with traffic. guys, back to you. >> scott, the first flakes of the season already flying across our area this evening. this is collegeville, montgomery county earlier tonight. happy holidays and that is where we find fox 29's shawnette wilson live and shawnette, apparently some folks need add listen to scott williams they were caught off guard? >> reporter: lucy, most people were. i was, too. i wasn't dressed for it. but you know the snow the rain pretty much washed it away within the past 30 minutes. most people say it was okay as long as it doesn't get much worse than this. >> we reason ready for it.
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it is awesome. >> yes, definitely way too early. way, way, way too early. >> reporter: unexpected snow in november. >> a it's a quick change it would have been nice if it sad warmer. >> people could see white stuff but not too many people believed it. >> we thought it would be a little rain it turned out to be sleet instead, right. >> yeah. >> it started out as rain but soon enough the mix set in and it wasn't long before you could actually see snow putting a light coating on grass even cars. at providence town center in montgomery counsel too. out for a bite to eat with mom -- >> wee ! >> five and half year old colton and six year old sister avery were excited to see snow flurries. >> because it always snows on christmas and it's never happe happens. >> wow! >> this snow reminds you of christmas? yes, it does. i want a christmas tree today. >> mom not so much. >> hopefully it will just be a really cold winter instead of a lot of snow like last year.
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>> reporter: zoubeck kerr and geraldine says the snow puts them in the mood for the holidays. >> thanksgiving ready to get shopping. yeah. >> they watched it fall while eating soup at this plane trying to stay warm. >> we saw all the white snow falling. it was beautiful. i'm already listening to christmas music. >> reporter: even kids who love it notice winter may be coming a little too soon. >> kind of water and snow mixed together but i think it was really -- we didn't know because the weather people don't really like tell you -- they don't really know. they guess a little bit. >> reporter: so you know how the story goes right. if you need somebody to blame, forget about mother nature. you can blame the weather team. iain, make sure you tell scott i have nothing to do with that. >> i'll pass along the the message, shawnette. thank you. >> prosecutors file terrorism charges against a man accused of ambushing a pennsylvania state trooper. 31 year old eric frein appeared before a judge by video link today. authorities say the new charges stem from frein plans to start
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an armed revolution against the government. police say frein shot and killed corporal brian dixon outside the blooming grove police barracks on september 12. trooper alex douglas was shot but survived. frein then alluded police for seven weeks hiding in the pocono mountains before being caught on october 30th. he now faces the death penalty. >> man accused of of kidnapping woman off germantown street is now indicted on a federal kidnapping charge. the fbism says delvin barnes grabbed 22 year old carlesha freeland gaither on novembe november 2nd and forced her into a car. federal agents found them three days later in maryland. if convicted, barnes faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. has a bail hearing tomorrow. >> and carlesha's family was at city hall today thanking the local heroes who helped save her. among them the officer who promised to bring her home and the man who called 911 when he saw another guy snatching her off the street. he picked up her cell phone,
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picked up her glasses. that fellow -- that fell in the struggle. her family says she's a surviv survivor. >> she's the kind of person, i mean, she hit him with a hammer and more or less convinced him to be her friend. >> she's doing well. she's still a little distraught. but she's doing well, and i just wanted to thank everybody for what they did. the police depth, fbi, other agencies. >> her family of course very emotional about her return. they say she's been getting out here and there and she has even been comfortly neighbors who have been worried about her. a west philadelphia family is grieving after 62 year old sandra barley was found dead in her home this morning. right now, police are questioning her roommate who they say has some loop holes in her story about what happened. fox 29's dave schratwieser reports. >> she's very important. she was the glue. she was the glue. they would help anybody.
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>> reporter: relatives say 62 year old sandra barley was the glue that held her family together. a woman with a kind heart who always looked out for others. >> it's sad that a person that was so kind hearted that would have to go through this because she was just a nice person. >> she was beautiful person. >> reporter: she was found naked and beaten inside her home on north 53rd street. police arrived on scene and met by another woman who lives in barley's house. she told police threesome masked men in hoodies broke in during home invasion and beat barley. >> the crime scene is not consistent with that story. we're talking to her picking her story apart. >> nobody break in the house. >> 57 year old woman suffered some injuries and was taken to the hospital under police guard. she's now in the homicide unit being questioned. >> we did get an extension cord we think was used and some type of,/type of bat was recovered as well. >> because she was homeless and my aunt let her in and then ever
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since she got there she been abusing my aunt. >> reporter: family members insist they called police several times about the abuse. >> they didn't make her leave. every time we come here she say nothing wrong. nothing wrong. >> there's been a lot of violence between the two of them and the female we have upstairs has been the aggressor. >> she took a life. she got to give a life. >> reporter: dave schratwiese schratwieser. >> evesham new jersey police conducting an information checkpoint tonight looking for clues in the death of a man along braddock mill road last thursday afternoon. the 53 year old man was found dead on the side of the road during the height of rush hour. if you saw something that might help in the investigation, call evesham police. >> a man is dead and investigation is on trenton police say they had to shoot him. he was not only armed but he was firing at their patrol car on the wilson street right around 7:00 this morning. it started thed as a call about a man with a girl. witnesses couldn't believe what was happening right outside
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their home. >> it was right after 7:00. i was sleeping and i heard gunshots, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow -- 20 gunshots easily. >> police say the shooter died at the hospital. they are not releasing his name. investigators say no officers are hurt. what would make a man so angry at a philadelphia mcdonald's he'd establish a worker in the back? police say the mere fact that it was closing time. last week at the mcdonald's on the 2800 block of grays ferry avenue, police say employees told the guy they were closing up the dining area, it was time to leave. they say he got irate. started arguing and followed an employee outside. police say that's when he stabbed the employee then ran away. that man is doing okay tonight and police are still looking for the attacker. >> uber x the popular car service app can be used in parts of pennsylvania. the pennsylvania public utility commission voted today to allow it in places across the state
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like pittsburgh, but you won't see it here in philadelphia. the city was excluded from uber's application. the philadelphia parking authority has been impounding uber driver cars and issuing hefty fines say it considers them unlicensed cabbies. uber spokesperson says they give people more choices and that's decade old regulations need to be updated. >> alert in southwest philadelphia. eastbound platt bridge is closing tomorrow from 9am to 3:00 in the afternoon. you are for warned. penndot is doing overhead bridge repairs on i-95. but that road work is entirely dependent on the weather. taj ma shall says it's closing in month if its employees union does not end its appeal of a court order to save the casino money. the taj says it has notified state gaming officials the doors close december 12th if the union continues to fight the court order terminating its contract. casino says the union has to withdrawal its appeal by the end of the month to avoid the shut
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down and loss of 3,000 jobs. >> take look at your screen. that is a three year old girl in a jail cell and tonight police say it was the right call to lock her up. why this toddler landed behind bars. and what is going on here? a guy parked at a local mall surroundeed by mobile phones? when mall security walked out he took off. we're digging for answers. was he up to something sinister. >> is your morning routine about to blow up getting your young kids to school even earlier? the new push in the garden state that could completely throw your day for a loop. >> and new hope for millions of women dealing with hair loss. what doctors say may get your hair growing again. plus -- >> okay. i have kevin on the line. he's stuck in a corn maze. >> you heard that right. massive maze so huge several people are calling 911 to find a way out.
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♪ >> police are searching for a killer after a double shooting in south philadelphia. we first brought this to you as breaking news last night at 10:00. it happened on the 600 block of witten street. police say one man died and an off duty septa bus driver was critically hurt. fox 29's jennifer joyce explains why the driver may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> it could have been anyone of us last night. me, her. >> reporter: instead it was their brother 56 year old craig washington an off duty sets septa bus driver caught in a fire storm of 26 bullets on this south philadelphia street. he was shot in the stomach and
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remains critical at jefferson hospital. his brother greg also a septa bus driver of 29 years. talked to him today. >> he's just very lucky here by the grace of god. he's very sad about the other gentleman that got -- didn't make it. because he was innocent just like my brother was. >> reporter: 35 cereal wayne jones was shot in the head and killed. the double shooting happened on the 600 block of witten street sometime before 8:00 p.m. >> he was a great kid. wonderful kid with -- went to neumann-goretti. played baseball, got a scholarship to go to temple. >> we've here all our lives. we're ducking and dodging. >> jones was well known and well liked by people in the area. >> wayne is a family -- he's family guy. when you see him, he's always with his children. >> reporter: family friend rose wallace says jones moved out of south philly to get away from the street violence. neighbors say he was visiting a friend last night when he was
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shot. washington was on the block checking on his mother's house when bullets began flying. >> i'm glad that my brother is okay. yeah, i'm angry. yeah, because he was going to see about his mother and almost lost his life. >> i hope they find the suspect and arrest him. >> reporter: jennifer joyce. >> witnesses say the suspect took off running down schneider avenue. if you've got any information, call police. >> new information coming in on the day cooper hospital's ceo john sheridan and his wife joyce died in their home in september. we now know police arrested their son on drug charges that same day. they picked up 40 year old matthew sheridan for cocaine possession on september 28th. that is the day fire tour through the sheridan's montgomery township home. firefighters found the bodies of john and joyce sheridan inside. investigator it's are still waiting for test results no show how they died. authorities say someone set that fire on purpose but they say
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there's no connection. >> new jersey assembly passed an assistant suicide bill. the state senate has not taken up the bill and it's unknown whether governor christie would sign it if it reaches his desk. the issue could become a test of christie's conservative credentials as he considers a run for president three u.s. states allow assisted suicide. >> tv's cake boss buddy has been arrested for drunk driving in new york city. police say buddy was driving erratically when he pulled his 2014 corvette over on tenth avenue in lower manhattan around 1:00 a.m. he failed a breathalyzer test and was taken into custody. he released a statement saying that he looks forward to sharing what happened today at a later date and quote i appreciate your support and understanding as we handle things privately as a family. he just opened a bakery in south jersey on route 73 in marlton. >> new jersey school children may need to grab their alarm clocks parents too and make some
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big changes. >> it doesn't make sense to shift high school students to later morning start time and have elementary student kids get up earl. fox 29's bruce gordon live in cherry hill tonight. bruce that shift would shake up a lot of families. >> reporter: it sure would iain. the schedule has been the same since heck i was in school. high school kids going around 7:30 start time. middle school getting underway about 8:00 a.m. and elementary schools students hearing the first bell about 9:00 a.m. here in new jersey, that could all change and with good reason. 3:30 in the afternoon the kids at cherry hill's clara barton elementary school are heading for home. their day begin at 9am but if some lawmakers have their way young students like these might some day start as early as 7:30 in the morning. it's an idea that has parents and grandparents talking. >> if not always agreeing. >> i kids are early birds. they're in bed at 8:00 o'clock every night and up at 6:30 every morning. >> they would be able to ain't
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the earlier start time. they could. >> the younger kids need to start later. they like to sleep till at least 8:00 o'clock. >> legislation specifically calls for a study of the health, academic and safety benefits associated with pushing back the daily start time for middle and high schools. but the sponsor understands that would mean starting elementary school earlier. pediatric studies show teenagers have a hard time getting to sleep before 11:00 at night and that makes starting school at 7:30 the next morning very tough. our dr. mike says, listen to the science. >> they need nine hours of sleep on average a night to perform well on tests and to avoid medical problems like obesity, diabetes and overall health problems. >> reporter: okay. so high schoolers would benefit from later start but could young students handle an earlier bell sure says dr. mike. >> you get the younger children to start earlier because their biological clocks and biology
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fits that schedule. >> reporter: no schedule is a perfect fit for all kids and the adults who have to handle their transportation or at least be home when they arrive. one grandmom suggests letting all the students sleep in. >> i think they all should go at 9:00. >> reporter: everybody? >> everybody. everybody at 9:00. >> reporter: this legislation to study a schedule change is pending in both chambers in the legislation in trenton. they'll guarantee it will pass. the medical science may be sound but there are logistical hurdles to overcome like after school activities and schoolbus schedules and teacher contracts which govern their daily start time. having said all of that the sponsor of this legislation notes a thousand schools nationwide have made the switch flipped their morning in times and there's some evidence to suggest it's working. >> you enjoying the snow, bruce? >> reporter: absolutely. can't beat it. >> all right. >> no school tomorrow? >> thank you bruce. in springfield, delaware county tonight, our very own sue serio
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was out in the flurries emceeing a great event. it's the first delaware county freedom medal awards given to amazing local veterans and community leaders at the springfield country club. of course, we thank those veterans for their service to our country. >> it's that time of year. forget black friday. couples are shopping for a new car. we'll tell you the hottest car on the market right now with the best bank for your buck. >> crazy scene inside a convenience store a robber armed with a machete but the clerk fights back. i tell you what he went all obykinobe on him. the battle that looks like a scene right out of star wars. >> the dirtiest germy yesterday thing in your house right now. this one had us all surprised.
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♪ >> check this out. would be thief tries to rob a shop with a in sheet tee but the shopkeeper fights back with a scene. the scene caught on surveillance cameras. the clerk pulls out a metal pipe and starts hitting the guy. the robber. the two go back and forth until the robber decides he's had enough and runs away. the shopkeeper suffered a minor hand injury. police are still looking for the robber. >> tonight we're seeing the very first picture of a comet taken from space as in from the comet. check the out. that comet is 311 miles from earth and unmanned european space craft made of the row when it lapped on the comet yesterd yesterday. the european space agency says
3:24 am
the lander bounced off the comet's surface but is now holding steady and collect invaluable date tam scientists are hoping every new day brings new pictures and comet samples. up in the sky but not quite as high. crews have bun repairing a broken window at one world trade center in new york city. firefighters had to kit open yesterday to rescue two window washers. the men got stuck after their scaffold collapsed and for two hours they dangled 68 stories in the air. police say they're recovering from a case of mild hypothermia tonight. >> police in ohio put a toddler in jail cell then say it was the right thing to do. you can see the three year old girl only this wal*mart surveillance video with her mom. they were surrounded by security when they left. the store last month in stron strongville ohio because the mom was accused of of stealing and then taken to jail. the child went with her and played in the cell until her dad could pick her up. officers say they felt it was better than separating her from her mom. the child's parents are not
3:25 am
commenting. >> a new school lunch policy leads to a food fight. >> it's called frozen friday. a school district in missouri let decide to let kids buy ice cream at lunch only if they bought a meal from the cafeteria. letters about it went out to parents and many were not happy at all. so the district has now pulled the plug on frozen friday. >> it's unfortunate. good people well intended probably made some mistakes in what went out and it didn't get the proper level of review. >> just made me really upset, mad, disappointed in our school district. >> the superintendent says frozen friday was moment to increase lunch room sales but the food management company that run the cafeteria apparently forgot to ask the school district for approval. the question all over tonight. where is richard simmons? the iconic fitness guru hasn't been seen for most of the year. why friends say there's serious problem. >> something silly or sinister?
3:26 am
this guy parked at a local mall with a slew of mobile phones just hanging from his car. he took off when mall security took off. why investigators say it could mean bad news for shoppers. scott? >> lucy, snow tonight but there's another chance in that seven day f
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>> right now silly or sinister. >> you asked us what was going
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and we're trying to find out. man was parked at a local mall with a bunch of cell phones hanging from his car. he took off when security showed up. >> so what was he up to should customers be worried. >> fox 29's chris o'connell is live in springfield, delaware county tonight. chris? >> reporter: so many people starting their holiday shopping this next story may have you thinking twice about the next time you use your credit card, your debit card or smart phone. an observant fox 29 viewer tipped us off to what cops say may be a high-tech case of identity theft. what is going on in this picture? a fox 29 viewer wanted us to investigate. the photo taken in a parking lot of the springfield mall shows a man sitting in a white suv behind him not one count them eight different smart phones all turned on hanging all over the car. the question is why? >> it's a little shady
3:30 am
especially out in the open like that. >> he's not the only one that thinks so. we showed the picture to two forensic investigators. nearly can confirm exactly what's going on in the photograph but say there is a chance it's electronic hacking. using a cell phone to steal your information like bank account and credit card numbers. these days, thieves can use what's called near field communication or simple blue tooth devices to skim vital information from your smart phone or wireless imbedded credit cards. >> i actually just recently had my credit card compromised. >> tracy notice the threat all too well. she just had her credit card information stolen twice in more than $10,000 in charges were racked up. it seems banks and phone companies are now playing a technological game of cat and mouse with hackers. the prize, your personal information. >> i rely on what's in my cell phone and the companies that ideal with to do the best they
3:31 am
can. >> reporter: do you feel protected? >> no. but that's the age we live in. >> reporter: the viewer who accept us the photograph did not want to be identified. she says, the suv sped off before mall security arrived. she then reported the incident to springfield township police to investigate. in the meantime, this holiday shopping begins some will be keeping their credit cards close to the vest. >> i actually said to my hospital maybe this christmas we do cash. >> reporter: just in the last two months there have been seven cases of identity theft reported here in springfield township. experts say especially during the holiday season it is a very good idea to check your bank statements, your credit card statements at least twice a month. iain? >> all right, chris. good advice. a jury awards a multi-million dollars settlement to a victim of the philadelphia dungeon case. 33 year old tamara brie don awarded $45 million against
3:32 am
linda wes tin and two other defendants. she's one of the mentally challenged victimschallenged ofa dungeon case. she and several others were subjected to more than 10 years of horrible abuse by the did he haves. she was moved numerous times and found in basement in a tacony home in october of 2011. >> philadelphia police are after four people for a jewelry store burglary in center city. they say the group hit bar ski jewelers on the 700 block of sansom street last week breaking a security gate and a window and gone are a whole bunch of rings. if you know anything, give police a call. corn mazes supposed to be fun, right. >> supposed to be but one in california is proving so daunting people are getting lost and actually kale calling 911. >> my kids are lost inside the corn maze. >> okay. i have kevin on the line. he's advising he's stuck if a corn maze. >> we can't find our way out. >> i don't know what to do any
3:33 am
more. we've been in here like four hours. >> massive maze holds the guiness world for largest in the world. it covers 63 acres, 9 miles of trails and 400 dead ends. >> how did they get out? chopper in and lift them out. i'm sure they had gps on their phone. >> that would have been horrifying to me. kind of like the snow today. that's also horrifying. >> oh, my gosh. >> it really is. 70 degrees yesterday. and right now wind chills they're in the 20s. >> guys. >> we wept from spring to winter in just a matter of hours across the area but look at ultimate doppler. we're looking at that snowfall. light snow north and west, flakes falling in willingboro down to mt. holly voorhees looking at some of that snow. mainly rain though once you continue on down the ac expressway. piles grove pitts grove looking at wet rain. this is a fast moving disturbance a couple more hours
3:34 am
of the wet flakes that's going to be out of here by day break tomorrow. but twitter has been it up. you can see around thorndale, looking at that little coasting on the grassy surfaces mainly. so if you have snow in your backyard tweet us at fox 29 philly. mainly north and west. we're looking at that light coating once again the grassy surfaces and the cars because the ground temperatures are still pretty warm above freezi freezing. 36 right now in philadelphia. still watching a little bit of light snowflakes across center city but look at the wind chill. 29 degrees. that's how you should dress. that's what it actually feels like. the low this morning was 39. 10 degrees below normal 47 degrees that was it for the high temperature we should top out around 57. look at the numbers right now. most of us above freezing. a few locations at freezing. pottstown, 1 degree below in the pocono mountain. 32 degrees freezing in wrightstown and we're looking at
3:35 am
37 right now in atlantic city. but north and west, we're looking at temperatures in the 20s for nashville. cincinnati 27 degrees. zero right now in rapid city. single digits as we move towards parts of the planes. so the arctic blast gripping much of the nation right now the coldest air well to the west. highlighted here's the disturbance that is bringing us the rainfall as well as that wet snow up and down the eastern seaboard mainly toward the northeast and new england. interior sections the highest elevations we're looking more at that accumulating snowfall so watch the clock. 10:00 o'clock right now we're looking at that mix along i-95. rain mainly in south jersey but starts to really dissipate as we move toward midnight. just leftover showers down the shore. toward the pocono mountains looking at a few flurries but look at the clock. you can see tomorrow morning we're talking sunshine. but it is going to be cold. scattered showers around the area continuing over the neck couple of hours. 29 the low in the suburbs.
3:36 am
34 in the city and then tomorrow a mixture of sun and clouds but it stays chilly. 44 degrees will be the high temperature that's it. below average saturday, 45 degrees. upper 40s on sunday. sunday night into monday another disturbance moves through. some rain maybe some wet snow north and west. temperatures, though, tuesday into wednesday of next week, only high temperatures in the 30s. iain and lucy, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much scott. robbers drag a customer down the aisle of a convenience sto store. the clerk forked to the ground at gun point but that is only the start. what they made the clerk do after they got the cash that could be their down fall. >> and forget your door handles or the toilet seat, even your cocoa or eggnog? toasty or frosty? exactly the way you want it... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire.
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enter the sleep number bed. right now save $400 on the c4 mattress set. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. silent night not so silent? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. where you'll find our lowest price ever on the c4 queen mattress-just $1499.98. ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number.
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>> breaking news in the ebola outbreak. just as doctors cured the last patient of ebola in the united states a new ebola patient is coming to america. federal government source says a surgeon working in west africa has indeed caught the virus. the doctor will arrive in the u.s. this saturday. the surgeon is a citizen of sierra leone but also a permanent u.s. resident. the associated press says the
3:40 am
doctor is heading to the nebraska medical center in oma omaha. >> store manager in florida is forced to take his clothes off during a robbery. police say two armed men stormed into this store on sunday night near daytona beach florida. one of them emptied out the register. the other force add customer to the ground and then started dragging him to the back of the store. the manager was force to do pull his pants down in a back room before the robbers took off. police are investigating nearly a dozen similar robberies. >> in your money a new holiday drink if you're a little tired of the pumpkin spice latte i'm not i just had one today we got something. >> starbucks is unveiling its newest seasonal flavor. the chestnut pay lean latte the first new holiday flavor in five years. starbucks hoping its latest flavor can prove as popular and profitable as the pumpkin spice latte. the new flavor a blend of espresso and flavors of caramelized chest nuts with freshly steamed milk topped with whipped cream and spiced praline crunch. >> the slap that went viral.
3:41 am
a guy hauls off and hits a woman on subway sparking a massive brawl. >> brand new treatment that could help women st
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3:44 am
♪ >> what did you call me? >> oh, sleep. >> you heard it subway slap heard across the country. a man caught on camera slapping a woman on a new york city subway after she ridicules his out of style jacket and by the way she slapped him first. and that insighted three other women an man to tack jorge pena the man in the jacket. pena knows a man should never hit a woman but he did it in self-defense and today prosecutors dropped charges against him. he explained why the jacket is so important to him. >> i love this jacket. i'm going to use it because it's my jacket. my friend alex i love him like a brother. he gave me that jacket. >> pena was cut on the nose and ear by a high heel. the woman was charged with felony assault. his lawyers are considering a
3:45 am
lawsuit against the city. >> richard simmons has not been seen in months. don't worry he's just recovering from knee injury. simmons says i've had a tough time dealing with this injury as it's keeping me from doing what i truly love to do and that is to teach classes around the world. i know i will see you all soon. >> a scare in the sky for u2 front man bono. rear door of a private lear jet carrying the rock star fell off mid flight. the plain landed safely in germany and no one was hurt. investigators say there's a chance the door was not closed properly but the exact cause of the accident still is not clear and that door is still missing. >> this is one of most popular times of the year to head out and buy a new car and tonight we have a few tricks of the trade to make sure you are getting what is best for your budget. >> fox's crisic mew rah take u s in the drivers seat. >> auto dealer dealers are the o
3:46 am
celebrate the new year. they have reason to celebrate and maybe so do you. ♪ >> looking back, car sales slum in the recession. falling from 17 million in 2,005 to just 10 million in 2009. thou they're bouncing back and the big success story of 2014 is the small suv. >> the small suv segment is the hottest segment in the market right now. >> reporter: jessica caldwell writes for the car website she predicts across the board manufacturer close out on leftover 2014s even wheeling and dealing on those popular small suv's. >> they've increased production and they want to increase their mark share they're out there with really good deals. >> reporter: caldwell points another direction for deals. toyota salesman alan brodsky steers us some place surprising. hybrids. the way it was not too long ago you'd wind up oh and waiting
3:47 am
list for hybrid like this one. >> they were selling over sticker. >> not any more. gas prices are stable for the moment and fuel efficient hybrids are on the back burner for the moment. so you'll find wiggle room plus financing offers as low as 0% on hybrids because dealers are sitting on 2014s. >> we've got over 50 in stock. >> reporter: in 2015, americans will buy about 8 million new cars. and even more new trucks. >> trucks are back. scott finger owns hyundai, mazda and chevy dealership. he's stocking up on trucks as well as large suv's for two reasons. first, modern gas guzzlers are less of a turn off because they guzzle less gas. >> they, the big suburban, gets better miles per gallon than it did five years ago report roar second darks buyer's simply want more room on the road. >> you've got three or four kids
3:48 am
it's hard to put them in a sed sedan. >> reporter: over loaded air waves and crowded new car lots tell us knew car sales are rebounding. but what about used cars? ♪ >> reporter: pre owned prices have soared 21% the past few years. >> used car market is 2.5 times the new car market in terms of sales. >> reporter: of late buying new has sometimes made more financial sense than buying used. especially when knew cars qualify for 0% financing. but caldwell sees used car prices turning a cost conscious corner. >> you're seeing more inventory on used cars and that translates into better prices for the consumers. >> reporter: here's your new model year's resolution. compare close outs. >> and negotiate. until you drive home the very best deal.
3:49 am
>> chris chmura, fox news. >> in your health tonight hope for millions of women dealing with hair loss. doctors in texas say they're popping a relatively new procedure that may help preserve and thicken hair. it's not surgery nor a prescription. it's an injection therapy called a cell plus prp. here's how it work. doctors take your blood, separate out out your plasma and work that into your scuttle with a special powder and so far patients are seeing good resul results. >> it has been shown quite miraculously to help to stimulate stem cells to reproduce the similar types of cells in the area where it's placed. >> the procedure takes about an hour. patients are back to full activities by the next day. results they're not immediate but they are noticeable in four to eight months g what do you think is the most german festive thing in your home? >> maybe you'd guest door handles the remote.
3:50 am
toilet seat. >> i would have gone with my kitty litter box. researchers say it's towels because towels retain moisture which bacteria love to breed in and people use towels and most germ ridden areas of the home. university of arizona researchers found bacteria that will make you sick in 90% of the towels they scammed that includes e. coli in more than 25%. so what are you going to do with that howard? >> well right now i'm not going to do anything but i'll tell you afterwards. (laughter). >> tonight i spoke with former phillie curt shilling back in town. very outspoken about this phillies team and the fans in dallas had better thing to do rather than watch the sixers pl
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ >> baseball's mvp were announced tonight and not a surprise in the american league mike trout. kershaw within the national league mvp. some players made it into the phillies sports hall of fame. among the inductees eric allen,
3:54 am
flyer brian and pitcher curt shilling. i asked curt with a fire sail by the phillies, where is ryan howard? >> he can't play first. physically that's an unbelievably challenging injury for small light guy to come back from. he's a big boy. it's going to be -- i don't get gets him. i hope he gets better and comes back. he's never going to be a $20 million player again. >> i asked curt if you were the gm who would you trade? >> cole hamels and cliff lee first. because they're the guys you'll get your highest return on both of tm. i think cole hamels may require you won't need my money cole hamels is the guy that a team one player away from science. detroit, chicago thing they'll couldn't 10 this year. they'll be looking for a true must be one. teams will play for that number one. >> the best the phillies made in the off season might not be on the field. they won their the world series. pat gillick. he put that team together. ruben has to prove himself.
3:55 am
he hasn't proven hisself to anybody other than he can sign guys for whole lot of money. that's not what you want to be known for as a gm. >> guess not. you can see the entire interview on all right. the eagles play on sunday in cold green bay against their toughest opponent the packers have the hottest quarterback in aaron rodgers. many question the games where the eagles don't get the running game going. some question whether lesean mccoy lost a step. don't think its mccoy's thought but numbers and personal stats are not mccoy's concern. >> the individual i think goals and achievements are always second. we're winning games and we're being successful team that's all that really matters at the end of the game. sure i would like it different. i think every player would like it different, but, um, i mean, the main focus and the main thing that matters to most is we win. >> the 76ers boy they're embarrassing. sam minute key plan is working. it's a joke! we're laughing.
3:56 am
to dallas, sixers miss and they've done a lot of that tonight and what do the mavericks do? they run it up. they were up by 44 at the half. biggest deficit in franchise history what do the fans do. better things to do. 10 sick-59. sixers it's now 111-61 in the fourth quarter. >> the sixers here it is hash tag together we tank. >> unbelievable the score. >> i should get those peel anism pad. >> i didn't realize newspapers still skiffed. like that form. >> the sixers don't exist either. >> we're back here with the fox 29 morning news at 4:00 a.m. and "good day philadelphia". sue serio on weather. bob kelly will have your traff traffic. stay tuned. ♪
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♪ [ woman on p.a. ] now boarding track 6. ♪ do not leave bags unattended. [ male announcer ] maybe you see something suspicious. but you don't want to get involved. it's nothing, you think. can you be sure? ♪ if you see something, say something. report suspicious activity to local authorities.
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lawmakers in new jersey, could effect how much sleep opportunity are getting as they consider changing the start time to cool, we will tell you more about this coming up. man accused of abducting a woman off the treats of philadelphia is due in court today, what the judge will have to decide. sue serio tracking the first snow of the season. >> well, we did see our first flakes and for a change they weren't inside the fox 29 studio, they were out. >> wow, wow. >> yes, indeed we had a few snow flakes, it dependedded where you were. snowfall totals coming up. all right, sue thank you. the new details in the case begins accused cop killer


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