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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 14, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EST

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>> what is this one. >> this is one i just showed to alex. a french cheese. i asked people at dibruno brothers. thinks all expired cheese. i don't know the name how would you say that in french >> look at that. >> yes. >> i don't know if that is right at all. >> but they give me the smelly cheese that they got. >> isn't it terrible. >> i was wondering what that smell was. >> i thought it was you, kerry. i'm just kidding. >> so kerry, you are thinking about the holidays. >> yes. >> i know. >> merry christmas. >> i messed up on this one. >> i know. >> way to go eagles fan. >> i don't count. >> by the way. >> what is going on.
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>> what happens if these bolt come unsipped. >> this is what we will do. >> we will take pictures of the packers, put bre on top of their faces and crush them as soon as this guy gets his steam role tore work. he is working on the engine right now. >> we will crush all the cheese in their faces. >> yes, trying to root on our eagles. >> yes. >> plus, your kids like to cook. studies show, it is having a casting call. they are looking for new talent. we will tell you you secret if your kids want to do this. what they need to know. >> producers of this show are in our studio because they are having a big casting call tomorrow. we will tell you where to go and what you need to bring with you. >> yes. >> speaking of the kids. >> legos, master builder, jen is now a master builder. >> check this out. >> this is my new chair good
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we will get her mike fixed and take you back to connecticut. this master builder shop is in connecticut. we will show what you she has made. they are making i giant liberty bell. it is huge out of legos. can i just brag about my co-worker alex holley, last night we were at an event, the ribbon cutting grand opening of the beautiful women's clothing store right there at 19th and sam sop called el laurie. >> yes. >> so now they have their flagship location in center city. for some reason they asked me to walk in a little fashion show. >> yes. >> that is beautiful. >> she looks cute. >> look at how many people are in that new store. >> it was pack, body to body. >> did you walk down the runway in front of them. >> yes. >> that is nerve racking. >> she did a great job. >> there she is. >> hey, dance a little will bit. >> is that jacket from there. >> the whole outfit was from el laurie.
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>> yes. >> but it was so great because it was cold outside so just come indoors and it felt like a heater. the the whole place, so many people. >> great job. >> thanks, mike for coming. >> great video. >> the great photographer was there. >> what do you think about this a yale researcher is blaming our digital distractions, all this kind of such for physical injuries to children, more than ever before. >> his study found that children under five are the most at risk for being injured when their parent supervision is pulled away by a smart phone. research reveals non-intentional yours to children went up about 10 percent between 2006 through 2012. he compared those stats with 3g roll out data in various cities. he found when 3g networks came injuries increased for children who needed supervision the most. children most vulnerable at playground, pool and stairs. at the playground you let your kids run off, you are checking
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your e-mail, texting, don'te what is going on. >> don't do it a at the pool. >> that is one place you cannot look away. >> you cannot, you have to stay focused. >> be distract. >> you know speed dating, have have you ever done that. >> no. >> you ever done it. >> nope. >> no, no, a lot of people do it. one speed dating company has found a way to take the awkwardness of when you first sit down at speed dating table. >> yeah you are like hi. >> it is weird. >> this is less weird and less awkward. >> you don't have to have eye to eye contact. you put a sack over your head. it is called paper bag speed dating, this is happening in london. >> it is better then plastic bags. that could be a bad thing. >> this eliminates the shallowness of physical attraction because looks alone are not best foundation in the relationship. put a bag over your head so people cannot see what you look like.
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you cannot see how awkward it is. >> you old bag. >> you can say whatever. >> so everyone wears a paper bag with a 140 character fact just like twitter, about yourself, and then you speed date like you normally would. what would you put on your bag. >> i would have have 140 letters, what would i put . >> i don't know. >> let me work on that. >> you can go hello, my name is. >> it is friday, they will do an event in new york on november 19th. you know it will come to philly. >> yes. >> when dough take the bag off, is it at the end when you think you have a connection. >> i like you. >> you pick the bag and characters and at the end you yank the bag off and go oh, god. >> then you just don't ever go out on a date. >> you have so hallow what if they are nice person inside and you have a great
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connection. >> there is also another dating app we found that wants men to agree to a gentlemen's code of conduct, prior to joining this particular dating service. >> so by doing so the the men will agree to commit to romantic dates and not use pressure tactics on president first date. it is called dapper. it launches this weekend. according to dna the app will get men $19 for a date and women will pay $9 for a date. each user will be given a free drink at restaurant or bar where ever this app sends you. after the date woman will rate the match. if it is a male you went on the date with gets three red flags she's out of there. >> she flags him because she doesn't like something he did or said or whatever and it goes on his on line profile and if you get you three are done. >> it is like yelp when you are rating restaurants you can rate guys and look him up. how many flags does this guy have before i go to the date with him. >> oh, god. >> i just have a smell and i
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turn and i look at you and i realize it is this right under my nose. >> should we cut the cheese. >> have you been doing that for the last seven minutes. >> are we making the dating thing too complicated. whatever happened to meeting somebody in the restaurant. >> everybody is on their computers and smart phones now, people are not going out. >> they are in the out as much. >> that is true. >> you are with people you don't know or whatever you are in your little group. people don't even date, they go out in a group with people rather than one on one. >> plus we are in the middle of of holiday season. >> yes. >> when sit over, before thanksgiving. >> spring. >> when march comes around, st. patty's day. >> someone during the the cold weather. fans are getting a few more pieces from the 50 shades of gray film. now it is a second trailer. here is a little bit of it.
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>> you wouldn't understand. >> enlighten me then. >> why are you trying to change me. >> i'm not. >> it is you that is changing me. >> i don't know if i can with him. >> it looks like a lame movie. >> if the dialogue is as anywhere near as bad as the book. >> how do you compete with the book. >> brutal. >> i love beyonce, she agreed to do the sound track that is her voice on the trailer there. >> it is her song haunted. >> just a different rendition of it. >> slowed down. >> oh, i am so demure and i don't know anything and i'm's so innocent. >> my inner goddess, my inner goddess. >> you guys should just do the
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movie. >> the new cast right here, on good day good let me bring out your personality by tying you up. >> well, i have heard that before. no, i'm just teasing. >> like your husband. >> oh, ouch. >> let's get a preview of is what coming up on fox 29 weekend. one of the stars of fox 29 weekend lauren johnson is here. >> it smells over here. >> i'm just kidding. >> it is cheese. >> are you mortified right now. >> it smells. >> i will put that one on aaron rodgers face and run over it. >> you should. >> what is going on fox 29 weekend. >> we are trying to get viewers to send in videos. they are on quiet, instagram, facebook but you not showing their faces. i want to see people yesterday how to do it. so i hit the streets of love park. so check it out. >> so this is my life all day every day face planted in all
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these devices listening to what you have to say and i have to say thank you so much for your social media love. we love it on fox 29 weekend. so far tweets, facebook posts, instagram pictures but we want to ask you for one more thing. >> if you shoot your individual yes this is how would you do it. >> we want you to have a bigger voice in the show. what does it look like? video. >> maybe do it on my phone good we take good, bad, ugly, whatever is there. is there anything around the city that you are like why, what, when? we need more of those. we want your opinions, your reactions, your questions, whatever you want to say good or bad we want to hear from you. >> you will hold it. we don't want me in it. >> fox 29 weekend i have a question. >> why is the septa buses in the city, so over populated. >> it is so easy too. just pick up your phone, shoot your video and post it. don't forget hash tag fox 29 weekend. >> do you think you can do that. >> i think you can. it will be really easy.
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see you this weekend, waiting to hear saturday and sunday 8:00a m fox 29 weekend. >> okay good one of the things we are asking people to shoot video about we found out kids are using their money that their parents give them to go to college to go to tanning beds. >> yes. >> you are in school. >> yes. >> so i'm out of cash. >> and then there is tabbing beds working on your tan. >> would you be angry if jill did that. >> yes, blowing money i'm end ising you by tanning yourself which is no the good for you in the first place. >> so we are trending videos about that. >> so, explain yourself, students, we want to know why you are getting tans. >> we will talk to the research their found out about it, tomorrow too. >> my dad would have never gone for. that hey day i have blown the money you sent me. they called dad ape say i'm out of money you are admitting you cannot handle your budget. >> i'm sure they show up for
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college visits. >> they go to college like this, and they come back like this. >> yes. >> it is weird. >> can you punch up her tight shot. >> and they are zazi. >> yes, they are. >> sexy. >> zoom in. >> i wanted black and they didn't have black because good fall dark color. i said just give me something fun. >> gold. >> that is fun. >> hash tag something fun. >> we love the hash tag. >> that is what his hash tag starts. >> something fun. >> yes. >> perfect. >> all right, stop it. >> tomorrow morning at 8:00 o'clock. >> boom. >> we will be watching. >> fantastic. >> i really do like the the show. >> we had our big event, you've got to try this raise money for second chance foundation. so we had a silent auction. one of the auction items was you can do weather with sue and our auction winners.
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>> right here. >> candy there she is. >> thank you so much for helping out, with the auction, of course. >> and now you get a chance to do the weather. but first tell us where you are from and what do you do. >> i'm from sicklerville in south jersey and i work at lasalle university here in the city. we have a big home coming tomorrow. >> they are playing colgate. >> but we're number one. never stop exploring. >> proud graduate of lasalle as well. >> yes, i am that is great. >> you are there with your husband. i met your handsome husband as well. >> we had such a great time. y'all make sure you come next year because you can get a chance to do this. >> yes. >> candy, here's the big question, what is the weather today, i will be right here. >> the weather today is cold, cold, cold. >> it is windy, it is 44 degrees, the the low will be 34, am i doing this good. >> perfect.
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>> what about tomorrow. >> and tommy needed it to be good, so. >> home coming, so 45 degrees. still so cold. bun will up, all my explorers coming out to lasalle bun will up. low 29. hey, 29. fox 29. i set that up. >> we love you, candy. >> weather will be a seven. that works. >> sunday, okay, pajamas day, cloudy, late mix. >> i love pajama day. >> right. >> wake up, get showers and put on new pajamas. >> forty-eight, but low is 34. so that is better than your fox 29 day, right good what about monday. >> monies a hair bun day, okay. so everybody who necessary what it means, it will be a hair bun day, 47 degrees, rainy, anal oaks you know what i'm talking about, right? >> yes. >> so my fro will be in the bun and low is 39. we are getting better what
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happens on tuesday and wednesday. >> tuesday and wednesday i'm going to call out from work because it is too cold to be out, high tra, you didn't hear that. it will be 36 degrees and the low is going to be 33, arctic blast. it will be one of those cuddle up with your honey day, call in. >> and then it will feel like january, it is november on wednesday, 25, it will be the low and a bit milder on thursday at 47 with a lose of 29. how did i do. >> go, candy. >> yeah. >> you were too good. i'm nervous. >> thank you. >> i love thaw put labels on the day. >> yes. >> good day to call in. >> hair bun day. >> you have to remember that in the future too. >> thank you so much. >> it is like candy, i love that song. >> thanks for coming in. >> kerry, did you know saturday is mercury ike also
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day. >> difficult in the know about that. our friends from sea, company that produces sustainable paper product is joining mike outside. >> yes, diane is here. what is fca. >> we make products like these torque napkins made from 100 perfect century cycled material. >> you know what we screw up, you have trash and throw tonight one bin. you are supposed to separate it. >> we have develop a game. >> let me get out of the way as george goes in the playing field. >> we have one minute recycling drill. we have a competition just one minute, however gets the most correct will be name the recycling champion. >> is what in the trash can. >> we have compost continuing trash and it is hard because there are some tricks in there. >> so they have to separate and then come over to the bins, okay, explain them to me. >> we have trash. these are things you cannot recycle. we have things like food waste accounts things you find in nature. regular recycling like glass,
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plastic things like that. >> lets go over, referee how many time do they get. >> 602nd. >> ready. >> ready. >> ready, go. >> no, paper. that is paper. >> violation on chris, already. he put paper in bottles and cans. >> cardboard. >> okay. paper is okay if there. >> that is a pizza box. that is a trash. you see those plastic bags, yes, they are not recyclable. you should take those, or bring them back to the super market. >> there is no place to put it. >> i think that bob won. >> wait a minute. >> handily.
9:18 am
>> wait a minute. >> i got the pizza box there. >> philadelphia style magazine in there. >> i didn't put that in there. >> wait a minute my picture is in here. >> what was that in good that is in the compost bin. >> that is where my career will go. >> okay good champions, bob, congratulations. >> biggest mistake is you don't stop and look. biggest mistake is you don't stop and look or research with your local municipality to find out what you need to do in the market. >> this cardboard here would i think that is paper, but it is not. >> anything with food on it maybe take out container, or pizza box it is trash. >> so don't eat pizza. >> do you have you anything this weekend. >> it is american recycles day. thousands of events happening around the country to encourage to you get involve. think about recycling, take action. >> you the man. >> or woman. >> lets get this other thing
9:19 am
going. we have big game with the eagles and packers. george, come on down here, brother. this is what i will do. i will major a collage of faces, like this you you know here is aaron rodgers. help me here. >> wind is blowing so put a piece of cheese on each one of their face is. >> disgusting that that will keep it down. >> so, we will make this out here with all of their faces and roll over it with that then trying to bring eagles some good luck. kerry
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it is in the prettiest pie. >> it doesn't matter it is all about how it taste. >> are either of are parents on sales or in politics. >> my dad is in politics. >> is owe? there you go. >> will you nail this. >> i think i will. >> i'm trying to concentrate
9:23 am
can you move. >> wow. >> i love her. logan's cute too. chef ramsey is so sweet with these kids it makes you cry. look for the master chef junior, i have been watching this, really good. >> really good. >> casting call is hell tomorrow for this popular show. if you have a kid who likes to cook pay attention to this. we have a casting producer for master chef junior here stephanie lewis. >> hi stephanie, welcome to philly. >> thank you very much, glad to be here. >> so how does it work. audition is when. >> audition is tomorrow, our big open casting call in philadelphia a. it is taking place from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 at holiday inn stadium on 900 packer. >> right by the stadium. >> yes, right by stadium good some of the kids on the show are amazing what they can do. what are you looking for. what kind of level are we thinking about here. they are not master chefs in the beginning of the show but it is about the journey for all these kid. we are looking for kids with a passion for cooking. as long as they have that true
9:24 am
passion and potential to be a great chef that is what we're looking for. >> it doesn't hurt to have a personality. >> it does in the hurt to have a personality, of course. we have a short amount of time to get to know these kids. so we are hoping they can talk about themselves and let us get to know them. bring your personality with you. >> how does it work do they bring food or you guys have food there for them and they go at it. >> they are in the required to bring a dish. it is best thing. we say main bring your favorite apron because we will have kids doing on cooking. they will do some measuring, chopping and cook an egg. just to show off their cooking skills to get a sense of where they are and how they approach it good do you get nerve with us kids coming in. >> you would be amazed, most on the kids can do it better than i can. >> is what age range. >> eight to three and they have to be that range by march 9th of next year good eight to 13. >> okay. >> how many kids usually come out this is a popular show. we hope to have in the hips
9:25 am
come out will get scene. very positive experience. nobody goes home upset. >> we do not break their hearts we just want to get to necessity each and every kid that goes through the door. >> first come first serve show up and wait. >> show up and wait. it is an open call, is there a check in process but we try to move it as fast as possible. >> when would the taping be you have to go to los angeles. >> taming is in los angeles and since kids have to be the the age range by march 9th that is when filming begins. >> do they do this in the summer kids have to go in the sum are. >> we have teachers on site and all that but in filming it business a month reported six weeks. >> is there a guarantee that somebody from the philadelphia will go or no. >> no guarantee. we never necessity where the next master chef junior will come from but we do try to hit major cities throughout the u.s. to get a wide variety and give kids a chance. >> you have a hit on your hand. >> i agree. >> i'm sure someone from philly will be going.
9:26 am
>> you are darn right. >> we have great kids here. >> because we hold a grudge, stephanie, hoe kay. >> point taken. >> we philly people don't play. >> no. >> coming up, it is time to dance. i got ants in my pants and i need to dance. >> really. >> special fitness and wellness event happening over the weekend and we will tell you all bit. i have never zoomba. >> you will now. >> can you teach somebody like me. >> can you teach somebody like me. or is there a lot
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>> oh, see the winds blowing so much. oh, there is a giant piece of geez. >> at first i thought were you leaving a trail? >> trail of cheese. >> darn wind. anyway, so, we have cheese on each of the packers place faces. and we're going to steel roll them like the eagles will steam roll the packers at lambeau field sunday. oh, we have something special this weekend. our friends over at word 9:00 a.m. radio, kicking off the holidays, by trying to get us in shape and talk about a specially to the guys out there, you got to stay healthy. sometimes you have to go to the doctor. >> and it is still an interesting time of year when a lot of people are just stuffing their faces, but this station celebrating the season by hosting wellness 101 and dollars and cents economics of wellness forum. >> hi, sarah. >> how are you doing? how is everything over at word? >> great. >> who are your friends? >> these are my friends from my zumba class. >> good morning. >> they're going to be ,
9:31 am
wellness 101, like you said, looking at yoking, a zumba, nutrition, and how to stay healthy and what helps me, in materials of your bottom line, that's what the economics and wellness is all about. >> mike telling me all about this event, because do you have do free things for people? >> yes, yes, we have a lot of great information, the affordable care act, open enrollment happening, start on november 15th, so, there will be a lot of information about the open enrollment, thousand navigate, continue to navigate. >> a lot easier this time, you have the website. will you take my blood pressure if i come over there. >> we will take your blood pressure. >> i don't know lou to zumba. my daughter jill zumba every weekend, all i can do is the white man over bite. >> what do they teach you right now. >> eights less do it. >> i don't think i've zumba either. >> oh, where are you going? come on, seriously? >> i'll get in the back.
9:32 am
>> there you go. >> here we go. ♪ single, single, double ♪ doctor you go. >> common, mike. >> i feel like -- >> where are you going? >> no, come back. >> i'm scared. >> oh, gosh. >> oh, okay. that's it. >> how long do you do this? an hour? >> okay, we will do 45. >> forty-five minute of this? >> really? >> three minute, three minutes. >> ya, come back in here.
9:33 am
>> what's this mean? >> swaying. >> there go. >> swaying. >> yes, you got it. >> what time should we be over there? >> 10:00 to 2:00. >> where is the location. >> 4200, yes, wissahickon avenue. >> take it to the side. >> we are good, we're good. >> here we go. >> all right. so good. >> ♪ >> there go. >> the woman in the pink is a prison warrant? take me back. take me back. >> please, get him out of here. >> we got to go back out to
9:34 am
connecticut. that's where jen is, making leggo's. >> here we go. >> just so we're clear, our moves are so much better than those dance moves. know how to rock t okay, here are some of the holiday things, sets, and we have cool new video that we will show the people. first time ever. it will be exciting so yes, we're here, see in you 22nd.
9:35 am
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9:37 am
>> getting this ready, we'll steam roll the greenbay packer. >> al next. >> huge block of cheese. >> i should put that on aaron roger's face, don't you think?
9:38 am
>> drop it on his face. >> then cut the cheese. you have that knife there. >> i'm cutting the cheese now. >> will never get old, sorry. >> okay steam rotor ready. >> first station in the country tow you new video, you know, they have like tutorials? teach other kids how to build using those leggo bricks, maybe -- >> it is like a little complicated. with leggo master builders, these aren't the kids, these are the adults, right? >> even adult. >> he's tall size and's adult, yes. >> he is my size. but yes, talking about these kids but the thing is as a mommas a human, i can't do what do you, flight so these videos that are on youtube,
9:39 am
teaching kids how to build. >> yes, takes the whole process of the boxing set, pulling everything out, goes real well through every single phase. shows little kids playing with it, which is fun, gives the kids the instructions, actually goes step-by-step, shows you how to build the whole model, something new for leggos, but it gives this hook, engagement, little training that casino of takes away some of the maybe trepidation somebody might have opening the box. >> can they finds that piece from bag number three that i can never finds? kids come upstairs, no i just need this, can they do that? >> funny saw that i, they actually do go through the bag and tell you what bag to expect each piece from. leggos done real good job over the last, try do that. they can't find the piece for you if it fell on the floor, but i'll bring that to the team, see what we can do with that. >> king of prussia mall in philadelphia has what i think is one of the best logo stores in the leggo universe, right?
9:40 am
new holiday set, everybody wants to see what santa will be, so, it looks like darth vader there some of the bigger sets, cool, rain gear, people in philadelphia will see in our king every prussia store soon, flight. >> true. >> i think the brain child of my own device from my offers. >> i like it. i said to you, aim in the audience, avenue audience with a master build up. i want to know what your favorite piece is. >> all right. so so many pieces it is hard to pick out one if i had to do one. >> put them down here. >> i can show you right here, one by one with five studs the reason i like it, put it on the top of the list, most differs element in and of itself. ' laws you to put resolution, 360 degrees on your model as long as you know rules. >> you are talking nerd right now. >> i am.
9:41 am
>> some of the other ones, the brick, err link brick, first leggo, had studs building on the side. and with a little bit of knowledge, mix a thing that goes flush. the reason it is important, you can add resolution. >> so making a face, doing something that will take more detail than just standard building good way to get there, more simplified version, later of the brick. brick initially created to put headlights on cars and things. >> cool. so now actually taking system done really intentionally to make a head light, using it to add detail to model. >> love it. so people know, there are companies that call you, build us this, or build us that, or things go in here. so we opportunity see the final thing, again, we're doing this all holiday. so this, obviously, toy solder. >> yep. >> okay. >> so this is model we design for our colleagues, in australia. >> cool. >> and we made it in sections,
9:42 am
so we could get it shipped over there, nice easily. >> yes. >> as you see here, there is his head. then there is the famous hat which makes him the toy soldier. >> how many hours approximately did this take? few days to design, somebody 40 hours. >> week, week and a half all of these mini figures, with the access cyst. >> guys, if you weren't here on the 7:00 hour, this snow fantasy land so awesome. this is something where he is just adding. >> plan? >> we're trying to make more sculpturing impressive model. little more intimate. and the fan and adults, kids of all ages, will sit around the models for hours, and just casino of stare at them. >> thank you for having me in your home, your leggo home. and i'll catch you at the king
9:43 am
of prussia mall. >> yes, see me there, we can hang, we can talk. >> how cool is this? two weeks, we should go and hang, and build leggo's together at the mall, yes, two weeks "black friday", the things you need to getment i'm so thrilled that brody and landry frederick are in school because they don't know. >> reason they've been around for so long. kids love them. yes, they do, but i don't think i ever did that. forty hours? to build a toy solder? that's pretty cool. >> like mike says, squares. >> squares. >> what did i. >> also my little play station here. >> did you that? >> yes, did i that. compared to what they were doing, yes. >> pretty impressive. >> thank you. some people call them the modern day rat pack. you hear that? they're going to be performing life in our studio. >> ♪
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new music, company men. this guy grew up in what, jenkintown. >> wynnecote. >> grew up in la. >> travel the country your three kids. >> yes, three pop tour, closing here in just a few days, back to see our families. >> cool. you guys sounds great. now, we said that you're kinds of the new day rat pack. i say that's a compliment. >> oh, ya. we're please today fill that role. >> here is what is weird. i am a fan of harry hon -- aerianna grande. and she has this song, bang bang there goes my heart. i put them to the challenge i know you think standards, that kind of stuff. is there anyway you can cram bang bang into this little medically? >> i'll take it. >> you'll be aeriannagrande. >> can you get up high like that?
9:48 am
>> ya. she talks like this. >> so what are you going to do? >> on our show we actually do old and new together. we don't just do standards, we take hits from the last six decades, combine it with top 40's from today. >> don't they call that smashing mashing -- >> mash outs. america's first mash up group. now we're, you know, name of our first albumn called throw back pop. >> even have a cope for you. >> do you? thank you. >> yes, and we will be up in mt. airy casino resort tomorrow night. >> tomorrow night gypsy resort, 8:00 p.m. >> tomorrow night. so, yes, please come see us, fun show. >> lady and gentlemen, company men. >> ♪
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>> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> oh! (applause)
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9:54 am
>> all right, i've made a column and of greenbay packers, and we have stink i cheese on their faces. >> nice piece of art, mike. >> well, pieces of art. >> trying. >> look at this giant piece of cheese. now, i decided to take that on
9:55 am
aaron rogers one of the best quarterbacks ever. do you think that's the right choice? >> yes, yes, put it on him. >> okay? then we have stink i, gooey bee on most of the other stuff. here is the most stink i had young cheesier? >> put it on his face. >> yes, right there. >> there go. >> we've got the coach here joshed i have nelson, the frozen tundra. >> that will be lambeau when we get there sunday. >> this cheese stinks. >> it is horrifying. >> even outside. >> we got the greenbay logo. >> and candy, our guest today, high, canned. >> i high. >> give me a prediction. score on the 425 game, eagles,
9:56 am
packers? >> i think close, i think eagles 30, packers 24. >> oh, okay. >> okay, i disagree with that, he said we would lose, we'll win, former good luck charm, i say we'll win. >> yes. >> we'll score 55 points. >> ya. >> and they're going to get like ten. >> i go 28-ten eagles. >> twenty-eight-ten, all going eagles? >> eagles. >> twenty-eight-17. >> okay. >> mike? what's yours? >> are you going to watch the game? >> absolutely. >> i don't know, chris, let's go, stupid, i'm go like you, high core. >> yes. >> fifty-one-31. >> you get what's left of the cheese. come on here, brother. thanks for bringing your steel roller out. >> tell us the name of your company? >> kessler brothers. >> we see that here. we're brothers, going with our
9:57 am
theme today. >> we have clay matthews, going up against his brother, kacie matthews for our team. you know, we'll see what happens with the brother battle on sunday. >> everything going for the clues? come on, break it up. >> go! >> go roll it! >> there we go. >> oh, go, go, go. >> oh, eagles! >> road kill. >> look at that.
9:58 am
>> oh, ya. >> watch out, at perdue, we know fresh chicken. well, not that kind of fresh. but we do take extra steps in our farms, trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between... ... to bring you a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven
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to bring your family a fresh-tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. live from new york city. it's the "wendy williams show." today, what does jennifer anniston really think about all of the tabloid rumors. the superstar actress finally speaks her mind. and stars of the hot new movie of "beyond the lights", dpu gu mbatha-raw and nate parker are here. plus we're giving away more november cash in an exciting game that puts your hollywood iq to the test. now, here's wendy! [ cheers & applause ] ♪ >> wendy: thank you.


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