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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  November 14, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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ordeal. a local woman endured after she was snatched from the street. good evening everybody. i'm jeff cole. >> i'm karen hepp. both iain and lucy are off this morning. barnes was indicted on federal kidnapping charges yesterday and he went before a judge today. our dave schratwieser was there and he's live right now outside the federal courthouse in philadelphia. dave? >> reporter: karen, just two words from delvin barnes in court today, not guilty. that was followed by a couple of words from the judge, no bail. so barnes will remain behind bars here in philadelphia until his trial on kidnapping charges which is now set for mid january. 24 hours after he was indicted on kidnapping charges by a federal grand jury, delvin barnes was back in a center city courtroom friday afternoon as prosecutors pushed to have him held without bail until his trial. >> he stipulate toddy tension and so he'll be held without bond and he'll be held until his trial date and that trial date
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has yet to be scheduled. >> reporter: barnes plead not guilty after a three-day east coast search surveillance video yo and a gps tracker on barnes car led police to maryland. barnes was arrested and carlesha rescued prosecutors described the 22 year old victim's 72 hours with barnes. >> there was a period of time during her abduction where she was forced to remain in the trunk and she was also restrained. >> reporter: investors say barnes tied up carlesha using plastic zip ties and put her in the trunk of the cars while he made stops from philadelphia south to maryland. he later confessed to the kidnapping he stands charged in the attempted murder, kidnapping and sexual assault of a 16 year old girl in virginia. >> unfortunately a lot of people still are on the street just like him with lengthy record. >> i'm glad they caught him. hopefully this time he will remain behind bars for the rest of his life. >> reporter: fbi means up and
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down the east coast are now trying to determine if barnes may be linked to other unsolved crimes. >> he's clearly by the fact of this case danger to the community. >> reporter: now, carlesha's family says she is improving. barnes by the way waived his miranda rights when he was captured and confessed to the kidnapping. he faces a possible life in prison sentence if he's convicted on the charges. coming up at 6:00 why fbi profilers are now interested in this case. karen? >> all right, thank you, dave. look forward to that. following breaking news coming in right now. we've got skyfox up over the scene of a bus crash. this is on i-295. you can see the bus off the road. this is right in florence which is in burlington county. this is right by the southbound lanes where the bus is. we have confirmed that one person has been taken over to the hospital. we'll stay on top of any updates and we'll bring you the latest information throughout our newscast. >> princeton police just charged the driver of bmw for causing
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this crash for the schoolbus on tuesday. investigators say 26 year old justin thomas crossed the center line while rounding a curve and hit the bus coming in the other direction. a teen and two adults on the bus were taken to the hospital. they were all wearing seat belts. thomas is charged with careless driving. ♪ >> to your fox 29 weather authority. it is cold, but that's okay. because ice ring is open. we're having a lot of fun receipt over at dilworth park. live look at the ring right now. it is fun. you just want to bundle up a little bit. that's right, scott. >> perfect timing for that ice ring, karen. drink some hot chocolate, some tea, whatever you need to do to stay warm, because it's a cuddle alert night. cold air continues to funnel in to our area. 40 degrees right now but look at the actual. it feels like 34 degrees so that's how you should dress if you're stepping outdoors. maybe to catch that new movie or head to that new restaurant we're looking at temperatures right now in the mid 30s in pottstown. 37 degrees in millville as well as atlantic city. upper 30s currently in dover.
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so bundle up. that's the bottom line for tonight. jacket and sweater weather. 34 degrees in philadelphia by 11:00 o'clock tonight. but look at the temperatures overnight. 22 degrees in the suburbs. even in the upper 20s for the philadelphia area. we'll talk about that upcoming weekend forecast and also when to expect even colder air moving in. jeff and karen? >> thank you so much, scott. you can track the falling temperatures any time of the day, day or night, just come to, click on the weather tab. warrant is out for the man police say shot a temple university student, 45 year old derek hand cock is wandered for aggravated assault and robbery. it happened saturday morning on the 1500 block of 17th street in north philadelphia. witnesses say hand cock approached the 19 year old student demanding he hand over his money. the vick testimony was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. >> pretty scary incident for teenaged girl in haddonfield, police say a man tried to grab her right off the street but she managed to run away. our jenny joyce is live there
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now and jenny, here the thing. we just had an attempted abduction there a couple of weeks ago. and now this. people are afraid. >> reporter: karen, it was about month a half ago. the latest incident happened on tuesday knife night on wane and haddon avenues. police say that a 70 year old girl was approached from behind by a man and grabbed. she confronted him. he let her go and she was able to run to her car. it happened on wayne avenue, again, near haddon around 8:45 p.m. tuesday. police say this is about a month and a half after an attempted abduction in town where a man approached a teen as she was walking home from work. police say he got out of his car on tanner street and grabbed h her. she struggled with him but was able to get away. people who live in the area say two incidents of men approaching and grabbing teenaged girls is concerning. >> that's frightening. i mean that's frightening and it's shocking as well.
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especially with us living here in haddonfield. we wouldn't expect something like that to happen here. >> reporter: police say it's unclear if the two incidents could be related. while they don't want to scare people, they do want people as always to remain alert and call police if you see anything or anyone suspicious. jeff. >> jenny, thanks much philadelphia police meantime want to find a man who exposed himself to a woman in the popular park in the city around 4:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon in peen knee pack park. the man jumped out from behind a tree and approached the woman along the 8500 block of very street. the man is between 20 and 30 years old. exposed himself and made a harassing gesture. cops say the woman ran away. >> teenager wanted for tacking a 17 year old and stealing his cell phone. we've got surveillance video. it all happened at a subway at broad and erie in philadelphia last thursday. there was a 17 year old boy who was jumped by three other kids
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it all started when one of the teens wouldn't let him get through the turn style. then another started an argument and all of a sudden he was knocked to the ground and attacked. the victim says when he got up, his $400 phone was gone. all right. strap on your skates as we told you at the top of the newscast. the rothman institute ice rink at dilworth park that's the official name is open. our dave kinchen is out there. the last time you were there it was a little icy dicey. so will you be skating this evening? >> reporter: yeah, you know what, it's not bad right now. actually a lot of skaters are out here. they brought the zamboni out and then cleared the ice. so i'll step out of the way. you can see some of the folks making their way through the rothman ice ring here testing it out, and you've got a lot of young people here. a lot of older folks here an lot of people simply just showing off in my opinion i guess i'm just a frustrated skater. don't listen to me. any way, quite a few people here lacing up their skates and taking to the ice this ring part of a $55 million facelift for
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dilworth plaza here at city ha hall. of course they've been working on this for over three years. it's great to see it's in place right now and many people are here on the ice for the first time and many brave souls at that. listen. >> not so nice. >> not so nice? >> no. ' because i don't know how to skate. >> reporter: you have the railing right. hanging on to the railing. you'll be okay? >> yeah. i'll be okay. >> reporter: you've never done this before. >> no, i'm from brazil. amazing experience. enjoying it a lot. >> reporter: yeah, enjoying it all indeed out here, and some folks actually just wiped out right there. some friends helping them up. i tell was, here's my official rule. i'm just going to stand here with my hand out so i can help people cross as they come by. the ring is open until 11:00 o'clock tonight. four bucks for adults. it's $3 for kids under 10 and renting skates $8. you can come on down until
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11:00 o'clock. a lot of fun out who are. karen, back to you. >> it look like so much fun. thank you, dave. we'll check back in with you a little later. absolutely. >> dilworth park looks nice now. if you'd rather thing about the beach here's a story for you. cape may county is getting 56 mel i don't know federal bucks to widen its beaches. the money is coming from the u.s. army corps of engineers. beaches and dunes will were constructioned in ocean city, strathmere and sea isle city. work will begin this winter. >> a huge turn around the nba commissioner is now calling for sports betting to be legal. adam silver was published in the new york times this comes as the major sports league including the nba are suing new jersey for its law to allow sports betting. cellarer would like to have a federal law saying new jersey shows the appetite for fans to have a safe and legal way to bet on events. >> how about this bombshell? secret service now taking a
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major hit. investigators put together a long list of problems the day an intruder jumped a would it house fence. what agents are accused of of doing and not doing on that now infamous day. >> plus, students absolutely terrified. parents are fuming after police burst into classrooms wither guns drawn. what the officers have to say about a drill that seemed all too real. mounting medical bills for this retired south jersey police dog had his former partner in did he say prayer then social media came to the rescue. a community says thanks for your service. >> you know it's supposed to be around 20 degrees come game day in green bay but the cold is not the issue. how do they stop the hottest qb on the planet? we'll tell you coming up in sports. >> speaking of 20 degrees part of our area will dip low tonig tonight. colder air is on our radar. i'll tell you when it arrives next.
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♪ >> welcome back. three men who robbed a mc donald's this morning in north philadelphia they're still on the loose this evening. workers say the masked gunmen held up that restaurant on the 2100 block of lehigh avenue just after 5:00 o'clock this morning. they got away through a nearby park. nobody was injured. >> mayor nutter gets his say on the future of pgw. philadelphia gas works. nutter wants to sell it to a connecticut based company, city council says no. state regulators were in town friday to look at utility's future. the public utility commission says it's concerned about pgw's
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financial standing. it says last year it costs the utility million and a half bucks just to replace a mile of pipe when nearly 2,000 miles are actually at risk. the mayor says his deal to sell it is good for city taxpayers. >> they said that it was the best price. they said they were the best terms and conditions for the city. and that this is actually a good transaction by industry standards. can we today or from yesterday move forward. >> the mayor making hess pitch. city council held its second day of hearings on the utility today as well. nutter's plan to sell the utility appears in trouble tonight. the power of social media helps south jersey community say thank you to a veteran police officer down on his luck. >> this isn't any police officer. very special one. our bruce gordon just back from woolwich gloucester county and life in our newsroom with the details of a great story. partners devotion, bruce.
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>> reporter: absolutely karen and jeffly we met up with corporal mike franks of the west deptford police department at a medical clinic this afternoon. his retired partner of seven years was in for an important check up. those medical problems and the community's reaction has left franks with new appreciation for the power of compassion. retirement has not been kind to judge the nine year old german shepherd who for seven years served alongside corporal mike franks. >> judge. >> reporter: so what should come as no surprise that franks would do whatever he could to help his k9 companion in judge's time of need. >> this dog is my best friend. he's unbelievable partner. >> reporter: judge aided in more than 150 arrests during his stint on the force. and helped get mountain of of illegal drug off the streets of wept deptford but tooth problems forked his retirement in 2013. much more recently serious health issues threatened his life. just days ago, a mass was discovered on the dog's liver and another on his testicles.
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foreign object was blocking his stomach and intestines. surgery at the university of pennsylvania's veterinary hospital removed the masses and the piece of cloth causing the stomach trouble. >> right now judge is eating, he's drinking, he's in good spirits. and he's more playful than he was initially after surgery. >> reporter: but that care for a now retired partner left franks with $11,000 in medical bills. he and his department went to go fund and asked for help. >> what happened next? well, donation pledges big and small began pouring in. in just over day, more than $12,000 from friends and strangers companies and just plane folks. >> it's been overwhelming. the support that judge has received. >> reporter: you see those numbers rolling in and you realize they're doing this to help your dog and what is going through your mind? >> overwhelmed with emotion. it's amazing. how generous people are. >> reporter: that's not all. this clinic the st. francis
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veterinary center has offered to treat judge from now on. free of charge. >> i think the message is just that, we're here to help. retirement a little easier. >> that's exactly right. >> he's had a successful career. and i think that people realized what he did for the community and now they're willing to, you know, help him out when he needs help. >> reporter: some great news within the last couple of minutes. biopsy reports are now back and they show the mass on the dog's liver was benign. the mass on his testicles was cancerous but doctors removed it as we said and they believe they've got it all. so judge may be in for long and healthy retirement. he has certainly earned it. karen. >> that's the truth. great great story. thank you, bruce. to pretty surprising move the post master general and also ceo patrick donahue says he's retiring in february after four years in the top spot. he had been with them for nearly 40 years, 39 year veteran of the agency took the position while postal service was in a financial crisis. now things had gotten slightly
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better but the agency still experienced a $5.5 billion loss last year. the current chief financial officer meghan brennan will be the first female in that position much this news comes as the agency plans to shut down 82 facilities in january. >> president obama on his way to australia for the g20 senate that's the meeting of the cup trees with the biggest economies in the world. the president wrapped up talks in burma with southeast asia leaderleaders in as australia te spotlight will be out on russian president vladmir putin and his support for pro russian separate tift in ukraine. who could forget this a a man jumps a fence ends the white house back in september. now a new report is listing a whole lot of mistakes made by the secret service on that day. fox's molly henneberg takes a look. >> reporter: the coveted address at 1600 pennsylvania avenue may not be as tightly guarded as expected. this according to a scathing new
5:19 pm
report by homeland security that found faults with the secret service in nearly a dozen areas. including communications, training and intelligence. those errors allowed gonzales to jump white house fence with a knife, run across the north lawn and e the first family's home. the september incident led to the secret service director resigning. >> it was a series of failures that led to one catastrophic failure and thank god thank tragic occurred but it could have. and that's unacceptable. >> reporter: new report has stunning revelations including that the secret service is harm systems and radios did not work properly and many of the officers on duty did not see gonzales as he climbed the almost 8-foot high fence. in part due to construction. the fence also was missing an other than in a mental spike which might have slowed him down one of the most striking breaches in the report a secret service agent with an tack dog was allegedly talking on cell phone instead of listening to his two-way radio when gonzales moved in. lawmakers on both sides of the
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aisle quickly responding to the findings one house lawmaker call eight quote comedy of errors and called for immediate improvements in secret service staffing. at the white house, molly henneberg, fox news. >> here's something for you. imagine dangling 68 stories above the ground. it's enough to make you sick. but the guys actually stuck in this dangerous spot say, it wasn't so bad. what their saying about it next. >> and also two kayak kearse say they've seen sharks before but nothing ever like this. what this hammer head did that left them terrified. parents in the garden state may soon be losing sleep. why? the school bell may ring much earlier. coming up. >> a live look back outside today. dilworth park where people are skating and having so much fun. good turn out for this time of year. pretty chilly out there. your seven day forecast coming up. ♪
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>> we have breaking news out of atlantic city right now. the owners of the trump taj mahal say they will close on december 12th. trump entertainment says it has board approval to shut down. now just yesterday they come out and said they were threatening to close if the main union did not drop an appeal of a court
5:24 pm
ordered cost saving package but now they are saying this closing is going to happen because trump entertainment has not received the state and local tax breaks that it was seeking. the taj hal ma hal will be the fifth casino to close in atlantic city this year. >> bad news for the city. the two window washers who dangled 68 stories from the world trade center say they were terrified at first. juan and juan lopez say the cable snapped and left them hanging vertically from the skyscraper on wednesday. while it was scary instinct and safety training kicked in. >> we were prepared before the incident for any incident like that. so it was calmness. everybody was safe around us. beneath us. like i said before, it was just a matter of time. >> wow! both men plan to go back to work. but may stick to ground jobs for just a little while. their union is still
5:25 pm
investigating what actually went wrong. >> all right. update to story we told you about yesterday. bail for the man known as evil elmo has been reduced. following his arrest last month. san francisco judge lowered adam sandler's bail known as danny sandler from $250,000 to one hun 50,000 yesterday. pretty notorious as a street performer in san francisco and new york city. he's known for making obscene outbursts to tourists whom he believes haven't tipped him well enough. he's charged in california for threatening to kill a store manager at the famous fisherman's wharf. >> really taking this beyond aggressive panhandling. in this case he made a very frightening specific threat to woman to rip her thrown out. >> this culminate in there alleged threats which mr mr. sandler denies totally. >> the prosecutor objected to the bail saying sandler is not only a threat to the public but also a flight risk as well.
5:26 pm
they have a problem in france. a wildcat alludes french authorities near disneyland in paris. a two-day search turned up nothing more than 200 french police so they've been looking around and members of the armed forces are looking for the animal as well. it was spotted earlier today but so far no one has been able to catch it. the feline's origins also remain a mystery tonight. there were early reports that it was a tiger but now it appears to be another kind of wildcat. disneyland paris remains open. officials there don't believe the animal is a threat. >> angry parents say a high school biology teacher went way too long in class. what he's accused of doing with a rabbit that got him in trouble. >> and also a police officer shoots a drunk driver. the woman survives and now she's using the law to fire back. what she has to say about the whole ordeal. that time of year. forget black friday. couples are shopping for new cars. we'll tell you the hottest car on the market right now with the best bang for your buck.
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♪ >> we've got two men caught on camera pulling off bold theft in south philadelphia. police say video shows the men loading computers into a car from a fire exit at the wal*mart on columbus boulevard.
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investigators say the men drove off when they noticed that security was approaching them. police say the pair were also spotted on surveillance video wandering through a wal*mart in vineland two days later. >> how far would you go to be the first in line to get the best black friday deals, karen? how far would you go? >> not that far. but if you were in florida you know how folks in florida are. yes. >> they're already lining up for the record black friday of course two weeks away. let's take look at this scene. derek down there. derek deer mon claimed the top spot at the front of the line for the best buy in fort myers. not alone. other people with tents out there as well. he's got a friend helping to hold the place in line. so his goal why would you wait out there? he wants to get a big tv50-inch flat screen tv for just $200. he says he's been getting food donations from people who have already seen him on tv. >> we need this adrenaline rush me coming out here being the first one in line. you guys are crazy.
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god bless you. i couldn't do that. is it really worth it? um, get a job. we've heard everything. >> he's a good sport seriously. if everything goes as planned he may even camp out even earlier next year. i think that's okay. i don't think he has to. he shouldn't. it's one of the most popular times of the year to buy a new car and we have a few trick of the trade to make sure you're getting what's best for your budget. fox's chris chmura takes us in the driver's seat. >> auto dealers are the first to celebrate the new year. they have reason to celebrate and maybe so do you. ♪ >> reporter: looking back, car sales plumet in the recession falling from 17 million in 2005 to just 10 million in 2009. well now they're bouncing back and the big success story of 2014 is the small suv.
5:32 pm
>> the small suv segment is the hottest segment in the market right now. >> reporter: jessica caldwell writes for the car website she predicts across the board manufacturer close outside on left over 2014. wheeling and dealing on popular small suv. >> they increased production they're out there with really good deals. >> reporter: caldwell points another direction for deals. toyota salesman alan steers us some place surprising. >> this is the prius. >> reporter: hybrids. the way it was. not too long ago you'd wind up on awaiting list for a hybrid like this one. >> they were selling over sticker every dealership couldn't get them. >> reporter: but not any more. gas prices are stable for the moment. and fuel efficient hybrids are on the back burner for the moment. so you'll find wiggle room, plus financing offers as low as 0% on hybrids. because dealers are sitting on 2014s. >> we have got over 50 in stock.
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>> reporter: in 2015 americans will buy about 8 million new cars. and even more new trucks. >> trucks are back. >> reporter: scott finger owns hyundai, mazda and chevy dealerships. he's stocking up on trucks as well as large suv's for two reasons. first, modern gas guzzlers are less of a turn off because they guzzle less gas. >> today the big suburban gets better miles per gallon than it did five years ago. >> reporter: and second, toda today's buyers simply want more room on the road. >> you've got three or four kids, it's hard to put them in a sedan. >> reporter: 1.99 a month. our overloaded air waves. and crowded new car lots. tell us new car sales are rebounding but what about used cars? ♪ >> reporter: pre owned prices have soared 21% the past few years. >> used car market is 2.5 times
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the new car market in terms of sales. >> reporter: of late buying new has sometimes made more financial sense than buying used. especially when new cars qualify for 0% financing. but caldwell sees used car prices turning a cost conscious corner. >> you're seeing more inventory on used cars and that translates into better prices for the consumer. >> reporter: here's your new model year's resolution. compare close outs. >> working models are still around. >> reporter: and negotiate. >> until you drive home with the very best deal. chris chmura, fox news. >> is your morning routine about to blow up? >> you may need to get your young school children to school even earlier. there's a new push in the garden state that could completely throw your day for loop. new at 6:00 a local family hits it big. their instant millionaires. why they believe they got little help from a lot of loved one. scott?
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>> temperatures continue to drop, jeff. 40 degrees right now but it feels like it's in the 30s. find out about the even c - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪
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>> talk about a close call. kayak kearse run into a hammer head shark and have hard time shaking that baby off. the two friends were off the coast of port st. lucie when she shot this video they say the shark circled them for 2 miles. the men say they've seen shark in the water before but have never seen one stalk them for so long. the shark eventually grew tired of them and swam away. >> did have a sad passing to tell you about a star of reality television has died. brown lost her battle with cancer she passed away this morning in new york city. she been fighting ovarian cancer about a decade. she rose to prominence on mtv real world. she was just 32 years old. >> taking a look at health and the importance of getting those routine eye scams. underlying issues can lead to
5:39 pm
blindness if eyes aren't examined regularly especially for diabetics. researchers from the university of alabama gathered pictures of retnas from nearly 2,000 people across the country with diabetes and one in five of those patients had diabetic rhett know path thee. it puts the vision at risk. half of the patients screened in the study also showed other issues that can threaten vision including glaucoma and cataracts. >> fightin' phils celebrating a 30 year partnership with the als association of greater philadelphia. hundreds came out for the big party today. there they are clapping at the lose hotel in center city. the team works with fans to raises money at row grams such as the phillies festival. organizers say donations helped with more than 850 people living in our area by providing them with in home care and wheel chairs and treatments. >> all right. how about this. young school children terrified and their parents furious. what police are saying about
5:40 pm
training that was way too realistic for some. >> and police officer shoots a drunk driver. she's recovering and wants the department to pay. what she has to say about the dangerous encounter. >> jeff when aaron rodgers told packers fans to relax. he wasn't joking. how can the eagles be relaxed facing him sunday. >> take a live look outside once again at the dilworth park. the ice skating rink is back home. the ice skating rink is back home. that time of year once again.
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so you can see like right here i can just... you know, check my policy here, add a car, ah speak to customer service, check on a know, all with the ah, tap of my geico app. oh, that's so cool. well, i would disagree with you but, ah, that would make me a liar. no dude, you're on the jumbotron! whoa. ah...yeah, pretty much walked into that one. geico anywhere anytime. just a tap away on the geico app.
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>> a drunk driver is suing a utah police officer for shooting her when she wouldn't pull over. we've got some dash cam footage from two years ago and it shows the sergeant there fires his gun at the woman after she refused to stop for police and crashed her car into his cruiser. her name is christine biggs johnson she survived the shooting and went to jail for a month but also lost her left eye and she's soon going to be needing a second $25,000 reconstructive surgery. her attorney says that officer went too far. >> that's the consequence of the improper use of deadly force. the unconstitutional use of de deadly force. >> there was no reason to fire that weapon. he was trying to kill this woman. and there was no reason to do it. >> johnson says she's got no memory of the incident but she is sorry for her actions. >> an active shoot drill at a florida middle school terrifies students and leaves parents fuming it's because neither teachers, students nor parents
5:45 pm
knew the drill was actually just that, a drill. it happened yesterday. parents say they received frantic texts from their kids saying officers burst in to the classrooms with guns drawn. police say they wanted to assess the school's preparedness. >> i'm panicking because i'm thinking that it's you know legitimate shooter coming. >> we actually thought someone was going to come in her and kill. >> police have since apologized and re-evaluated their p.m. cease and future drills will be performed by uniformed officers without weapons. >> biology teacher in idaho is in trouble for killing and ski skinning a rabbit in class in front of students. he says it was teaching the tenth graders where food comes from. school leaders say students were allowed to leave the classroom before the teacher snapped the animal's neck but they say this kind of demonstration isn't part of the biology curriculum and the teacher will be disciplined. >> well, new jersey school children may need to grab their
5:46 pm
alarm clocks and make some big changes. >> here's the question. does it make sense to actually have our tired teenagers or high schoolers start later in the morning and then have the elementary students get up a little earlier? as our bruce gordon tells us, state lawmakers would like to find out. >> reporter: 3:30 in the afternoon the kids at cherry hill's clara barton elementary school are heading for home. they're day began at 9:00 a.m. but if some lawmakers have their way young students like these might some day start as early as 7:30 in the morning. it's an idea that has parents and grandparents talking. if not always agreeing. >> my my kids are early birds. they're in bed 8:00 o'clock every night and be up at 6:00 their. >> i think the younger kids need to start later. >> i do. i just know from them. eye they like to sleep until at least 8:00 o'clock. >> reporter: legislation specifically calls for a study of the health, academic and safety benefits associated with pushing back the daily start team for middle and high schoo schools. but the sponsor understands that would mean starting elementary school earlier.
5:47 pm
pediatric studies show teenagers have hard time getting to sleep before 11:00 at night and that ma make starting school at 7:30 the next morning very tough. dr. mike says listen to the science. >> they need nine hours of sleep on average a night to perform well on tests and to avoid medical problems like obesity, diabetes and overall health problems. >> reporter: okay. so high schoolers would benefit from a later start, but could young students handle an earlier bell? sure says dr. mike. >> you get the younger children to start earlier because their biological clocks and biology fits that schedule. >> reporter: no schedule is a perfect fit for all kids and the adults who have to handle their transportation or at least be home when they arrive. one grandmom suggests letting all the students sleep in. >> i think they all should go at 9:00. report roar everybody? >> everybody. everybody at 9:00.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: the legislation to study the schedule changes still working its way through trenton. the medical science may make sense but there are still logistical hurdles to consider. like after school activities and bus schedules and teacher contracts which govern daily starts times but a thousand schools across the country made the switch, flipped their schedules and there's some evidence it's working. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> now we've got breaking news to report in delaware. sky fox over the scene in claymont where trooper shot a suspect late this afternoon. investigators say the man is in critical condition. the incident happened on harvey road and garfield avenue but police aren't saying anything about the circumstances that led up to this shooting. none of the troopers involved were hurt. that investigation though is obviously underway. >> we have a weather story that happened. we had some snow on our roofs and on our lawns. scott, the bright side in all of this i think it puts people into that shopping mood. i was at the malls today santa is already there at some of the malls. really does, and thanksgiving, what, less than
5:49 pm
two weeks away. >> yeah. >> the cold air it's here. the snow it's out of here. the 70-degree temperatures we saw earlier in the week, yeah, i don't think we'll hit 70 again for the rest of the year. 40 degrees right now. but look at the wind chill pulling that out already. it feels like 34 degrees and when you factor in those west northwesterly winds at 9 miles per hour, so bundle up if you're head out maybe to do some shopping on this friday night or check out that new restaurant. look at the temperatures. watch out they drop overnight when you wake up tomorrow morning, 29 in trenton as well as philadelphia. 29 degrees. we're looking at low and mid 20s north and west. then high temperatures tomorrow only in the low 40s. well below where we should be for this time of year. so saturday here's the bottom line. in the city 43 degrees. 30s for the pocono mountains and down the shore we're looking at temperatures around 42 for the high. it was 43 degrees today. so tomorrow pretty similar to today. except it's going to be even colder to start tomorrow morni
5:50 pm
morning. it's 40 in philadelphia. 31 in pittsburgh. 34 in nashville. 30s in little rock. so yeah much of the nation right now dealing with below average temperatures feeling more like january as opposed to late november. take look what's happening on the satellite and radar. we have cloud cover passing clouds and a few flurries well to the north and west. as we roll the clock tonight, it's going to be dry, clear, a few passing clouds but those temperatures drop really rapidly overnight. so sunshine tomorrow, but it's going to be dee september seive sunshine. so dress appropriately tomorrow for outdoor events maybe soccer or football and as we move toward sunday, we'll call it mostly cloudy, but the rainfall should hold off during the day on sunday. but monday it's going to be damp, dreary and chilly. we're looking at that rainfall moving in from the west. it should just be rainfall on monday. but monday evening, we could see rain change over to wet snow north and west.
5:51 pm
but look at the low temperatures tonight. 22 in the burbs. 29 in the city. so well below average and then low 40s bundle up tomorrow. what about weather by the numbers on a scale of one to 10, tomorrow, jeff -- >> it's a six. >> it is a six. you agree with that by the way, because it's going to be sunny. we'll see, you know, below average temperatures, bundle up. it's just too cold, too early for this time of year. that's why it's a six. >> one of the best calls you've ever made in terms of these numbers. that means a lot coming from you. >> thank you very much. >> sunday, 48 degrees. those clouds increase and then have the rain gear handy monday, 47. we're looking wet. it could taper off to some wet snowflakes as we move into tuesday and dry thing out but another arctic blast not a typo. 36 degrees that will be the high temperature on tuesday. 37 for wednesday. and then staying chilly below average temperatures thursday and friday. now what about lambeau field? howard eskin is up there and
5:52 pm
he's going to be bundled up. 25 degrees at kickoff. wind chills single digits and teens. there could be could even be snow flurries. >> yeah. >> frozen tundra. >> maybe he breaks out that snow coat throws it on top of aaron rodgers head. (laughter). >> and throws the ball away. >> might be the only way to stop this guy. >> oh, no. >> almost 100 players between the two teams will suit up sunday and even though tootle football is a team sport make no mistake this guy hinges on one guy. aaron rodgers wasn't there when the eagles won in grown bay last year but he'll be there this time. how good is he? he's the number one rated passenger in the league. but that doesn't really tell you. this does. since 2010 green bay has only lost three times at home with rodgers and not once this year. by far the best quarterback the eagles will face no matter how far they go. >> we need to get him off his spot and move him around. we want to get pressure to him early because like any
5:53 pm
quarterback like any realer you get confident and get in a rhythm. you're that much better. so for us, you know, throughout the whole game we'll try to be in his face but early in the game we don't weren't to let him get comfortable. >> brian dawkins has a history of the packers. his interception sealed the familiar muss fourth and 26 play off game but as analyst for epsn he knows about the current state of affairs witness birds. he believes if the cards fall the right way something that has never happened in eagles mystery and we all know what that is, could happen this year. >> it's going to take some work. don't get me wrong but they have the -- i think they have the framework of it. scoring points, they're not giving up a lot of points. and then they're scoring on special teams. recipe for success to get you deep into the playoffs. all right. so the defense continue to do what they're doing. got to -- running game still has to be there. we got to get that running gape right. >> we go deeper into the eagles chances this season and this week on "game day live" sunday
5:54 pm
morning at 11:00. fox nfl sunday at noon. 9ers and giants at one the biggest test of the year thus far eagles and packer at 4:25. he was loved in this town for his gritty play and long flowing locks. scott hartnell. he always did what was best for the teal even when it came time to wave that no trade clause so the flyers could send him to columbus. tonight he's back where he played for seven seasons and where he capture the heart and imagination of the city. things are different for hartnell. he has a new look and instead of playing on a competitive team he skates for the blue jacks who are winless in their last nine games. tonight will bring back memori memories. >> obviously circled this game on the cal length, you know, mid summer when the schedule came out and just really excited about playing again the guys. had lunch with bunch of the guys yesterday when push comes to should have this afternoon or tonight, we want to win those battles and we want to win every battle out there. >> hartnell with the clean look.
5:55 pm
>> yeah. i didn't recognize him. >> where did the locks go. >> can you believe it's college basketball season already? tonight temple st. joe's and villanova take the court. well the cats are number 12 in the country. 30 years since they won the national title. tonight they start with lehigh. temple takes on american and the coaches versus cancer classic and the hawks host fair dick kin sop. the sixers try not to embarrass themselves again losing by 53 points last night and dallas and tonight they play houston. this goes right to the heart of the argument about having a terrible team on purpose just to lose games and get better picks and hopefully, hopefully have a good team years from now makes no sense. guys guess how many sixers games i've been to this year. >> how many. >> how many i'm going to for the the rest of the year. same number. >> disappointing they haven't won yet it's frustrating. >> thank you keith. >> we have another half hour full of news straight ahead. all new at sick, watch what you say on your cell phone.
5:56 pm
someone you don't know may be listening. why secret spy may be picking and your call. >> a local family wins millions in a lottery game. why they believe a lost loved one a ranged for think big win. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right
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5:59 pm
>> right now on fox 29 news at 6:00 breaking news in delaware. sky fox over the scene in claymont where a trooper shot a suspect late this afternoon. investigators say that man is in critical condition. the incident happened on harvey road and garfield avenue.
6:00 pm
but aren't saying anything police aren't about the circumstances that led up to the shooting. none of the troopers involved in this gunplay were hurt. >> all right. now to the very cold blast. it was 70 degrees just two days ago but look at the scene right now. it is so cold, how cold is it? you can go ice skating in center city and even more colder air is on the way. how cold will will it get. it's going to get pretty cold because winter is coming. >> pretty cold. let's go right now to fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams. scott. >> jeff and karen, bundle up if you're stepping outdoors because temperatures already in philadelphia in the 30s. 39 degrees. but this is the deal. the wind chill what it actually feels like, how you should dress, it feels like 33 degrees right now. so if you're stepping outdoors to check out that new ice skating rink there at dilworth park, jackets and sweaters it's going to be frigid overnight 34 degrees by 11:00 and then temperatures tonight just watch the clock. watch what happens. we'll continue to drop even into the upper 2


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