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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 14, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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♪ >> a brand new park, a decade in the making. all so kids could enjoy it but no one had that in mine. how they ruined it just a month after opening. also a lottery angel divine fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. >> right now you better break out the winter blanket. we are in the middle of the coldest night of our season. we found everybody bundled up.
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super cute like that little girl down in south philly heavy coats and hoods. it is going get to get colder from here. good evening i'm karen hem. lucy and iain have this evening off. scott williams, night on our radar. it really is cold. certainly feels like the dead of winter, karen, as opposed to mid to late november. 37 degrees right now in philadelphia. 27 in pittsburgh. 31 right now in charlotte. um per 20s in the music city. we have teens in minneapolis. single digits right now in rapid city. but take look at the current temperatures. 37 degrees. it actually feels like 30. that's the wind chill in philadelphia. but watch the clock as we move toward 6:00 a.m. on saturday. upper 20s philadelphia. 20s north and west. low 30s in parts of south jersey. so it's going to be a cold start to your saturday and then saturday afternoon we're looking at temperatures only in the upper 30s to low 40s across the region. so the bottom line, it's going to be chilly tomorrow in the
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city. high of 43. 36 in the poconos. 42 down the shore. we'll talk about the entire weekend forecast even colder air and plus there's a threat of more snow in the seven day. karen? >> all right, scott. egg harbor city man now charged with murdering a mother and her very young son and then setting their house on fire. investigators say 38 year old joseph palmer the third killed seven year old gavin packs the he also killed the child's mother police are not identifying her yet. this all happened on tuesday morning on the 200 block of washington avenue. police say palmer lived at that home as well. >> philadelphia police are on the hunt this evening for a pair of vandals. investigators say two teens did extensive damage to property at the brand new venice island park over in manayunk. the damage totaled more than $20,000 to that rec center. just opened last month. our jenny joyce right now live in manayunk where people are really upset about this one. this is bad news, jenny. >> reporter: it's bad news after only being open for a
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week, and as you said, one teen in particular is accused of of kicking and breaking the led lighting that's here in the mull are and then coming over to the railing and using a tool to rip out the rope lighting that's underneath the railing here. karen, as you mentioned, it is a stunt that city police say will cost between 20 and $30,000. a park that was 10 years in the making took only one month to mess up. police are looking for the teens who spent their saturday night vandalizing the brand new state of the art venice island performing arts and recreation center in manayunk. we blurred the boys faces because they're underage. while one teen smokes a cigarettes police show us how a second teen gets to work breaking city park property, light by light from the ground to the stairwell causing between 20 and $30,000 worth of damage. >> he just kicks them over. >> reporter: marie shore works at a store on main street. >> they did such a nice job with the park. i mean it's really nice.
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>> reporter: she saw the video for the first time tonight. >> i don't recognize them. yeah, that's bad they're doing that. >> reporter: business owner brandy, of little apple says area businesses have been concerned about vandalism from the start but didn't expect it so soon or so costly. >> it's a shame. it was made for the community and there's even parts for the kids to be shade skateboarding and the basketball court and already people are choosing to vandalize and destroy something made for the community. it's really a shame. >> reporter: that business owner is hoping that the community can find a way to prevent something like this from happening, again, in the meantime if you know these vandals call police. karen? >> all right, jenny, thanks. skyfox over the scene earlier this evening after a trooper shot a suspect this happened in claymont, delaware. we have learned late this evening that the suspect is 41 year old william mcnulty who died at the hospital. the trooper shot him just after 4:00 o'clock this afternoon right here harvey road and
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garfield avenue. delaware state police are not releasing any other details. no troopers were injured. really scary incident for teenaged girl in haddonfield. police say a man tried to grab her on the street but she managed to get away. this all happened on wayne avenue right near haddon about 8:45 on tuesday evening. police say that a 17 year old girl was approached from behind by a man who grabbed her arm. she was able to run to her own car. police say now this comes a month and a half after another abduction in town where a man approached teenager working home from work. police say it's unclear if these two incidents could be related. >> five delaware county people now under arrest accused of sexually abusing five children. 23 year old william wade, 31 year old shakia jackson -- 22 year old danielle hammond facing damage of charges to night. five children ages one to 10 were subjected to horrible abu
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abuse. it all happened in inside a home on seventh street on cedar avenue in dash beach the children are now staying with relatives. >> and we're learning more details about that three day abduction of a philadelphia woman. her accused captor delvin barnes was in court today. police say it was delvin who was caught on camera taking that woman right off one of our streets. our dave schratwieser has a lot more. why this case is getting attention from other law enforcement agencies. >> reporter: just one day after he was indicted on kidnapping charges by a federal grand jury, delvin barnes was back in center city courtroom friday pleading not guilty as prosecutors pushed to have him held without bail until his trial. >> he's clearly by the fact of this case a danger to the community. >> reporter: barnes is charged in the brutal abduction of twenty two year old carlesha freeland gaither off a germantown street 12 days ago. after three days on the run, surveillance video and gps tracker on barnes' car led police to maryland where barnes was arrested and carlesha
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rescued. >> there was a period of time during her abduction where she was forced to remain in the trunk and she was also restrained. >> reporter: investigators say carlesha was tied up using plastic zip ties and put in the trunk of barnes car while he made several stops during his escape from philadelphia to maryland. he later confessed to the kidnapping. barnes also stands charged in the attempted murder, kidnapping and sexual assault of a 16 year old girl in virginia. >> i'm glad they caught him. hope this time he will remain behind bars for the rest of his life. >> unfortunately there's a lot of other people still on the street just like him with lengthy record. >> reporter: fbi profilers are working on the case and police in at least two states are comparing notes with fbi agents. >> i just want to thank everybody for what they did, police department, fbi, agencies forgetting my daughter back. >> dave schratwieser fox 29 ne news.
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>> more bad news for atlantic city. another casino closing its doors. owners of the trump taj mahal saying the resort will be shutting down on december 12t december 12th. trump entertainment says it's board approved this decision just yesterday. casino was threatening to close if the main union didn't drop an appeal of court ordered cost savings packages but now that was they're saying they'll have to close because trump entertainment has not gotten those state and local tax breaks they need. the taj would be the fifth casino to close in atlantic city just this year. >> got real important traffic information if you're planning on traveling through center city on sunday. several streets will be closed from 6:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon around one south broad street because the owners of the old pnb building are finally taking down those letters that are still there. for more details come to mock.k. >> and it is a perfect evening to take a twirl on the ice. hundreds turned out to christen the new ice skating park in dilworth plaza the latest jewel as we like to say in center ci city. our dave kinchen spoke to some of the folks taking a spin on the ice.
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>> reporter: across the street from the closed penn and in the shadow of philadelphia city hall, sits the all mark of the new dilworth plaza even former mayor frank rizzo waves in approval. >> first time skating ever in my life and i'm loving it. >> reporter: rothman institute ice rink is in its first weekend of operation and people say it's pretty slick. >> i like it. it's really pretty and everything. they did a nice job. >> reporter: ice rink is part of the $55 million facelift given to the plaza and most say it was money well spent. >> the plaza, it's great. it's unbelievable. i can't believe, you know, how good it came out. >> there's going to be skating ring near hour our house. >> reporter: that's what members of the may family said. three years later, they like what they see. >> what's it like seeing this coming into development? it's great. because during the construction we had to really just stay clear of the area. now it's very convenient. >> reporter: it's four bucks for adults $3 for kids under 10. drop eight bucks if you need to rent skates and you can have at it until closing time.
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the center city district oversees the ice ring. they say it's a an integral part of the new plaza. >> the idea of the ice skating rink is to keep the park active. 365 days a year. >> reporter: if you're a beginner like me, don't worry about it. they have ice skating lessons so you're covered and you have all the way up until february 22nd to get all the practice you need. in center city, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. >> love the music. mew millionaire in the garden state. wayne o'keefe and his family they came out in claimed the prize in lawrenceville today. he believes it was his wife's mother that is their lottery angel much on the dave her memorial service wayne check his ticket and found out he'd won. he's the first winner of the monopoly millionaires club. his prize $21 million. >> me and my wife will stay at the same house. my son lives with us, and we're not going to -- want to give
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donation charities. my neighbors say you going to move, i said no. >> why would you move? great guy. monopoly game features iconic places in atlantic city. he says, he's never even been there. well there is a group of guys sprinting through a septa station accused of beating a teenager to the ground. what police say they swiped from that victim while he was down. >> and -- >> i'm panicking because i'm thinking that you know legitimate shooter is coming. >> we actually thought someone was going to come in here and kill us. >> kids and teachers absolutely terrified as police burst into their classroom guns drawn. what police forgot to tell the school that has the parents fuming. plus also a local woman goes into labor and her mother-in-law races her to the hospital but there's not enough time. >> as soon as i got to the back seat i knew. i'm like, the baby is coming.
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♪ >> philadelphia police are looking for group of teenaged boys wanted for attacking a 17 year old and taking his phone. it all happened at the subway at broad and erie on thursday afternoon. the victim says he was knocked down and when he got up, his $400 phone was gone. how about this active shooter drill? it happened at a florida middle school and it absolutely terrified the students and left the parents fuming. because students, parents not even the teachers knew the drill was actually just that, a drill.
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and it happened yesterday. parents say they received frantic text messages from their kids saying officers were bursting into the classroom. there were guns all over the place. police say they wanted to assess the school's preparedness. >> i'm panicking because i'm thinking that it's, you know, legitimate shooter is coming. >> we actually saw someone was going to come in here and kill us. >> police apologized and have re-evaluated their policies. they say in the future, drills will be performed by uniformed officers without weapons. state police spent $11 million to track down accused killer eric frein thousands of officers from several different agencies helped in that 48-day manhunt. frein charged with killing corporal brian dixon and seriously wounding a second trooper in an ambush back in september. power of social media helps a south jersey community say a thank you to a veteran police officer a little down on his luck. retired k9 officer judge is his name of west deptford had not an
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easy retirement. his partner corporal mike franks says judge had pretty serious health issues. his medical bills a totaled more than $11,000. franks turned to go fund to get some much needed cash, and just today more than $12,000 came flowing in to help. >> he's had a successful career, um, and i think the people realized what he did for the community and now they're willing to, you know, help him out when he needs help. >> great news, just this afternoon, biopsy results came back and said the mass on the dog's liver was benign and a mass on his testicles was cancerous but the doctors removed it and they think they got it all. >> pennsylvania grandmother has quite the story to tell. her granddaughter about the very first meeting look at that face on the side of a road. it sounds like maybe a start of a joke but it was not. our shawnette wilson now live in aston, delaware county, with more on this quite amazing
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delivery. shawnette? >> reporter: it is amazing, karen. this baby was only a day early but mom says her other two children were a week past their due dates so she thought with this one she had more time. instead they made it as far as here on concord road instead of the hospital. >> she look pretty in her pink. >> reporter: she's getting much different look at her two day old granddaughter after she delivered her in the back of her pontiac grand am. >> by the time i got here, she was pretty ready to deliver. >> reporter: wednesday morning, her daughter-in-law called to say she was having contractions. ann rushed over to take her to the hospital. >> very cautiously and carefully got down the steps and into the car. >> reporter: her husband adam was leaving work to meet them at the hospital. their other two children aj and brianne went to neighbor's house. >> i'm driving with one hand here and one hand in the back seat just saying, it's all right, we'll get there. and i thought for sure we would until we turned on to --
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>> concord. >> concord road. and then the traffic. >> she pulled over along concord road and she told her to call 911. >> that's when i reached down there to see if she was crowning and i felt her. that's when i realized that all right the clothes have to come off and she's coming out. >> get out of the car. go around to the back seat and catch and i'm thinking, oh, my goodness. >> reporter: an inform says she planned on being in the hospital delivery room but never thought she'd be playing doctor. >> she just said, pull her out, mom. and i thought, i can't. i don't know how to pull her out. i don't know what to hurt her. so that's when she just turned her little head and i put my hands there and she just slipped right out and into my arms. >> reporter: they texted adam to tell him his daughter kalin grace was born in the back seat of the car. ann gave her the middle name grace because she says that is how she delivered her. >> i thought this is the grace of god. this is the grace of god.
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>> reporter: an inform says she's looking forward to writing down the story of what happened and she plans to make a scrapbook she hopes to one day share with her grander daughter. karen you know what i'm going to say, tonight mom and baby are doing well. >> did you get to hold the baby? >> reporter: i did. i did. i meant to tweet out the picture. i'll do that in a couple of minutes. i wanted to take her home. so adorable. >> i'll look for the tweet. thank you shawnette. you can see shawnette out there with the scarf on, scott williams. >> bundle up if you're stepping outdoors perhaps for that late night movie. we're looking at temperatures right around 37 degrees. but this is what it actually feels like. 30. so that's how you need to dress. like shawnette. bundle up. as we take a look at the almanac for today, 43 degrees. that was it for the high temperature. we should top out around 57 degrees for this time of year. but look at the record back in 1955, it was 76 degrees. wouldn't that be nice? temperatures right now at or below freezing in several locations. 32 in lancaster.
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pottstown, trenton, wrightstown, 31 in millville, upper 20s right now in the pocono mountains we're not the only ones feeling the chill. it's 31 in charlotte. 28 in nashville. 31 in little rock. st. louis 31 degrees. teens right now in minneapolis. so this cold taste of winter gripping much of the nation. so as we talk about the overnight low temperatures, look at this. 22 in the suburbs. 29 in the city. so the coldest yet but there's even colder air ahead in that seven day forecast. so right now, we have a few flurries. well to the north and west. some of those streamers coming in off of the lakes that are still relatively warm with that cold air mass moving overhead. so as we watch the clock tonig tonight, there might be few flurries in the pocono mountains but otherwise, we start saturday morning sunny, it's going to be chilly. if you're headed to state college for the game, we are looking at cold conditions. so bundle up there for that temple versus penn state game. so saturday night, dry, quiet.
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sunday we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. but the rainfall is going to hold off until overnight sunday into monday. so as we watch the clock here, you can see by 7am, on monday morning, we're looking at some spotty showers in south jersey but most of the rainfall still off to the west. 1:00 o'clock we're looking at clouds and showers across the area and then as we continue toward monday at 7:00 o'clock, we're looking at rainfall across the area. some of it will be heavy especially down the shore. and if this moisture sticks around to link up with some cold air, monday night some of that rain could change over to some wet snow north and west. so once again, temperatures tonight, only in the 20s and then tomorrow, similar to today. bundle up, high temperatures in the low 40 40s so weather by the numbers on a scale of one to 10, tomorrow is a six because of the below average temperatures. clouds increase on sunday. 48 degrees. so a little warmer, full. that rain should hold off until
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monday during the day. 47 degrees. so mainly rain but once again monday night into tuesday leftover showers could turn into some snow but look at the colder air. 36 tuesday. 37 keith as we move toward wednesday. and, yeah, it will be cold in green bay. 25 degrees at kickoff. keith? >> scott, hopefully the eagles can heat things up. they tell us how they plan to pack a punch this sunday in green bay. the guy who packed a punch for the flyers for seven years makes his return. the flyers for seven years makes his return. bwe put all the apps you love...
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♪ >> seven years is a long time to spend with any team especially
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when you're the heart and soul. only to get shipped off in the off season. scott hartnell back with the columbus blue jackets he said he knew he would reminisce at points during the day even the jackets came in winness nine straight you can tell they wanted this one for hartnell. nick makes it two-one while the flyers tie the game at two. vorachek seventh of the year. two more points tonight. 24 for the year. column bess gets a two goal advantage when they score. flyers lose four-three. tomorrow night in montreal. on twitter i asked to you give me simple way the eagles can win the game. overwhelming answer run the football. a lot of pressure on the mccoy. make no miss cake mark sanchez also has to play well for the eagles to have a shot. one thing about sanchez we've already found out, he's been great in the red zone. seven trips, seven touchdowns. the birds are going to have chances to score, mark's job is to make sure they do. >> it all comes down to decision making. quarterback's got the ball in his hands on every snap, and if
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he makes good decisions, whether it's in the run game or in the pass game, then you get a chance to do what you want in offense. >> after watching the film i thought did he a good job. you know especially when he had pressure. he was able to step up and make some great throws. i mean he played really well. >> you know the sixers lost by 53 last night. worst loss in franchise history in dallas. what do you think would happen in houston? huh? ninety four lince noel trying not to lay down. sixers had the lead at time but the rockets have only lost once all year. three is all i go the. but rookie of the year michael carter williams not having a great shooting game. but he hits this shot to pull the sixers within two. and moments ago, henry sims going to work. right now, listen to this, folks, sixers and rockets tied at 84. with just over a minute left. villanova ranked number 12 in the country starting the year against lehigh.
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they've been known to have magic in march when they knocked off duke. no upset this time. hilliard puts the seat down when you're about to flush. and from there, nova would not look back. cats within 77-66. monday they face maryland eastern shore. temple starts with a win. st. joe's starts with a loss. >> all right. thank you keith. >> breaking news. just coming in right now. keep you on top of the zig. we have had a 7.3 magnitude earthquake it struck off the waters of the inn dough police ya. experts are warning now it could have the potential for tsunami waves. we'll have all the latest new information tomorrow morning on fox 29 weekend which of course from eight to 10:00. next you got to try this special. next you got to try this speciaa remote that lives on your phone.
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♪ >> hi and welcome toonies fox 29 special report. you got to try this i'm iain page. >> i'm scott williams. every week on "good day philadelphia" we feature a local food or beverage you gotta try. >> this has to be one much your favorite segments after weather because people you're a real foodie. >> my mouth is watering because we have great segments tonight. we'll look at some of our favorites. >> first off comfort food. morrow motto has the perfect dish. serving a seasonal special that's unlike any unconventional chicken soup served in a bone. ♪ >> i am what i believe a lot of people believe beautiful restaurant in philadelphia. certainly one of the tops.


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