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tv   FOX 29 News Special  FOX  November 15, 2014 3:30am-4:01am EST

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♪ >> hi and welcome toonies fox 29 special report. you got to try this i'm iain page. >> i'm scott williams. every week on "good day philadelphia" we feature a local food or beverage you gotta try. >> this has to be one much your favorite segments after weather because people you're a real foodie. >> my mouth is watering because we have great segments tonight. we'll look at some of our favorites. >> first off comfort food. morrow motto has the perfect dish. serving a seasonal special that's unlike any unconventional chicken soup served in a bone.
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♪ >> i am what i believe a lot of people believe beautiful restaurant in philadelphia. certainly one of the tops. morey motto on chestnut street between seventh and eighth and i've never met this guy before. he's fairly new. but a year here. chef ben good to see you my man. >> thanks for having me. >> welcome to philadelphia even though you've been here over year. >> yes. people are raving about your food. okay. so i've come here for the femur. well the bone marrow, right. >> right. bone of a cow. the marrow is all underneath there. >> yes. what's all the other stuff. >> so we have smoked trout which is the orange. the eggs. fish eggs. >> okay. >> that is benito which is dried fish to give eight smokeyness almost like a barbecue flavor. and this green goo.
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>> green goo is the like a nice vegetable component to the dish. i got you. the marrow itself is under all of that? >> yes. before we get to that -- how about this. now this,, what do you call th that. >> sack key. flight. >> we have it from the lettuc lettuce -- >> what's that mean. >> how many times they filter the sack key. >> which has the most alcohol kick. i would say the 60% polished at the very end. >> i would say start with the bone marrow and then cleanse your palate with a little sak. to i put it on this little crustini thing. >> yes. okay. here we government dig down in there. >> gosh, it's kind of gelatino gelatinous. oh, jeez. what do you call it, meat -- >> meet butter. meat butter. all right. i have a bone to pick with you. ♪ >> he's a bone picker.
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that is good. it's really rich. i really love saki. is it okay to drink saki warm. >> some are made to training warm and some are made to drink nice and chilled. i like the one with the biggest hit. this is really good. good invention. morey moto, chestnut street. congratulations. i like it. ♪ >> it looks good. all right a popular south philadelphia restaurant recently added brunch to their menu. >> mike jerrick takes look what's new at nord. i am at a hot corner, 11th and tasker in south philadelphia. look at this. you got cheiral lows on one corner. the park on that other corner and now you have nord-n-o-o-r-d
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on this corner of 11th and tasker and the owner and chef john carlos here. >> hi. how are you. >> good to see you man. >> noord is dutch, right? >> it is. you dutch. >> i am. you grew up where? >> in southwest philadelphia. southwest filly. >> yeah. i love the place because it's so simple. almost amsterdam isth. >> is that the idea. that's correct. >> it's all about the food and the service. >> i love goat and so that's what she's made for me. goat stew. what's in it. it's called a -- it's a traditional netter land antilles goat stew. we're serving it with brown beans to make eight little bit more traditional dutch. slowly brazed with beer and curry and just vegetables. >> whoa, man. >> house bread on the side from jonathan. >> you make it like brunch from putting an egg on it. we put eggs on to it to make it into brunch. >> it's not unusual to keep the bone in goat recipes. it adds flavor. >> you have to be careful.
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yeah. ♪ >> so get the egg. >> there you go. >> get the goo. >> watch the bones. i got bone. this goat stew not baaad. >> oh, deer. oh, deer. good to see you my man. congratulations. welcome back to filly. >> thanks very much. i'm so glad you came home. are you going to be a part of our you gotta try this tasting event. >> yes. october the second thursday. come around 6:30, 7:00 o'clock. we'll go for a few hours there. you know the idea. we're making money for the second chance foundation. it's just going to be a great, great event and you can have some goat. are you going to bring the goat? >> something different. >> yes. >> surprise us. >> we'll see you there. >> thank you. you gotta try this. >> goat. mike gotta bone. >> it looked good. it did look good. the egg on top. i'll try it. vetri family opened a new restaurant in philadelphia and
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it's all about the low spit. >> it features accustom made 72-inch rotisserie which churns out slow roasted meat, seafood and even vegetables. no surprise here mike went to sample the food. ♪ i am basically in the shadow of giant navy ships. also, i have a view of the linc so where am i. >> i'm right at the front gate of the navy yard and believe it or not there's a restaurant sitting right neck to the gate. you can eat at the navy yard. look who it is. chef brad. good to see you. >> thank you. >> he's been fighting to open this place. what happened? >> i got he will body in the face on saturday. how do you say the name of it. >> lospitaro which means the spit. >> that sounds sound from appetizing. >> that's the way he rolls. it mean the one that goes around and around? >> that's correct. look at all that meat spinning around.
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>> spinning around and around. you have the meat on there, chicken on there i heard and i love this, you can also grill. that's what we have in front of us here. that is one fat octopus. >> it's a big one. meatier, texture is a little bit more like meat as opposed to little ones are a little bit not as meat tee. how do you do this differently than other restaurants? >> you know we just try to buy the best quality octopus we can get. where did this one come from. >> this is from actually the med derr rain yann. that far. >> that far. this little sucker was from the mediterranean. >> it was. it has that meat tee texture and that smoke that hits it. sometimes you get this and it's rub brrr reach that's not at all. >> no, that's smoke and slow heat from the spit. how long would it be on there yes. >> it takes about an hour depe depending. octopus comes in tender rise as it cooks slowly it continues to tender rise. i would say that it's all about the spit. everything kind of, you know, we
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get the best quality meats we can find, best quality fish and we just cook it over wood. really simple. salt, pepper, olive oil, wood smoke, good ingredients. look at the view. i can see the linc. i can see the wells fargo center. you can look at ships. you can see water. >> got it all. i love the way you kept the exposed ceiling. the staircase and all of that. >> really rustic feel. right. congratulations. >> thank you. be careful at the gym. >> i will. you gotta try this. ♪ >> man, spit sounds like it's the truth, right. exactly. it really does. i think i'll head out to that place. all right. still ahead thanksgiving meets breakfast. you can now enjoy some holiday dinner favorites in the morning. where you can grab a thanksgiving waffle coming up next. >> and also mike jerrick takes on a new role. coming up he plays gordan ramsay in the fox 29 version of master chef junior. ♪
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♪ >> welcome back to the fox 29 special report you gotta try this. let's talk about the holidays. thanksgiving is almost here. and a south philly restaurant is in the spirit. chi ya cafe is turning a thanksgiving dinner into a breakfast favorite. you gotta try this. ♪
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>> i'm back down in south phil philly. back on east passyunk. i spend a lot of time down here in between moore and mifflin at a restaurant called chia i'm standing here with the owner and chef vi. >> high chef vi. >> good to see you. >> hi. >> this woman has been -- i'm going to get down to your size here. she's lived all over the world but went to the university of pennsylvania decided to stay in fill. i'm glad you did. how do you describe the place. >> sometimes like a coffee shop. sometimes more of a french restaurant. you can't decide who you a are. >> we try to make room and accommodate everybody. what's chia means it. >> epps means a shelter. usually from the sun but in general it means a shady quiet tranquil place. >> you know by now watching these segments i'm obsessed with thanksgiving din are in in a different form like all in one bite. >> yes. i've had a hamburger arc burrito you name it. you called this like a thanksgiving waffle. >> waffle yes. i see there's the shape of a waffle there. but what's it made out of?
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>> it's actually made out of stuffing. so we make a sausage and sage stuffing with stale bread and we bind it together with eggs and cream and cook it on our waffle press so it is a waffle. eighths waffle. >> yes. made of stuffing. and then what's on top of it? >> oven roasted turkey which we cook in house and homemade gravy, homemad home cranberry sd little bit of chives. how do i go after it? how would you attack that? because i want to get it all in one bi bite. >> i would just stick your fork in it and go. go like that? >> yeah. get little bit of that there, too. this is going to be gross. so like a -- look a way. ♪ >> what do you think? i love you. i love you, vi. eye i'll squat down any time you want much that's fantastic. >> every time. you know what gets me is the cranberry. you've got salty and -- >> and sweet and tart. and sweet and tart altogether. >> it's so easy to make
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cranberry sauce fresh. she also is going to be at our you gotta try station station event coming up, folks. it's thursday, october 2nd. a few tickets left. go to our website and you can buy the tickets. we'll link you to where you can buy the tickets of course we're trying to make money for the kids of the delaware valley w wh second chance foundation. thank you. it will be great. >> yes it is. >> glad to know you. >> you too. can i stand up now? >> yes. okay. we gotta try this. ♪ >> man, i could eat thanksgiving dinner every day of the year, right? exactly. how come he gets to do all these. you should get to do some of these. >> maybe i'll try some out later. coming up mike jerrick puts young chefs to the test. >> it is master chef junior fox 29zwñw
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>> master chef junior is one of hottest shows on fox right now. >> that's right. our my jerrick plays the goal of gore ran ramsay to put some local junior master chefs to the test. ♪ >> i've come to collingswood, new jersey to the pop shop one of my favorite places. isn't this place cute for our version of master chef, jr.
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because there are a lot of kids in our area that know how to cook and cook really well. hey, hi chef jessica. >> can i call that you. >> you may. so i'm going to be gordan ramsay. okay? and you're going to be chef. let's meet our contestants. first up -- >> hi, i'm carolyn. >> hi ashley and i go to allen school in medford, new jersey. >> hi, i'm victoria and i go to a elementary school in collingswood and i'm 10 years old. >> chef caroline what are you doing? i am mashing the guacamole and cilantro. >> what are you making. guacamole. >> guacamole i love gac. >> most recipes use cilantro i use parsely and lime and lemon and that means it from ox dieing a lot. >> how long have you been cooking? for about three years. >> chef matthew. y. >> what are you making? i'm making chicken parmesan. >> i love that.
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let's do it. i see you have the spaghetti down. the pasta is down. the sauce. >> yes. >> okay. piece of cheese, what is that ricotta? no, that is mozzarel mozzarella. >> i have been cooking for probably three years. three years? >> yes. how old are you? >> i'm 10. chef victoria what are you making. >> an easy apple crisp dessert. did you just pour butter all over that. >> yup. so this is a locale dessert. no. we don't care about that. it's going to taste good. >> yes. what's on the bottom. >> peeled apples. okay. what's this? >> sugar and cinnamon. you put it on top? >> yes. let's do it. you know what i call that? suite! >> all right while they're cooking tell me about your cooking school pop shop. >> okay. i run the happy plate club which is an organization devoted to teaching kids about healthy eating through hands on cooking. ♪ >> five, four, three, two, one,
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stop cooking. chef caroline. come forward with your guacamo guacamole. and don't forget the chips, please. it looks good. chef, would you care to join me? >> i would love to. >> it's fantastic. it's really good. >> is there lemon in there? >> yes. >> that's what i taste. i like it. what do you think of the cilantro? she used parsely which was very creative. interesting choice, yes. ♪ >> it's fantastic. >> thank you. >> thank you, chef. you can return to your station. >> spunky kid. >> for sure. >> chef victoria, please come forward. give me some of that ice cream. oh yeah. look at that. look at that. >> beautiful.
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>> kind of dangling. i don't care. oh, momma. >> what do you say? >> may i lick the plate? it all win. i'm never going to vote against a kid. are you kidding? come on up here kids. you know what i'm going to give you, how about something -- that's heavy. something to cook with. look. it's a kitchen aid mixer. >> wow! >> thanks for being on the very first edition of "good day philadelphia"'s master chef junior. okay? >> okay. ♪ >> all three of those kids actually got those great kitchen aid mixers along with hats and other fun items as part of a fantastic gift pack courtesy of master chef junior the show airs here on fox 29 each tuesday at 8:00 p.m. that food looked pretty good. did it. >> still ahead milk and cereal for dinner? this traditional breakfast can be turned into a fancy dish and you know mike had to try this.
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♪ >> when you think of milk and cereal you don't think of anything fancy, right. >> that's right. when mike visited sole vare at broad and spruce he discovered the cold breakfast staple can be transformed into a high class dish. you gotta try this. ♪
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i'm back here at kimmel center. i can't get enough of this place. it's fairly new. beautiful restaurant right off the lobby of the kimmel center. volvare. >> now, this is chef natalie. she went to drexel university learned how to be a chef and never left. >> never left. last time when i was here with jose garces who own the place -- >> right. he mentioned a dish that he and you kind of invented. >> yes. it's called milk and carry ya'll or cereal and milling. >> milk and cereals. this isn't going to taste like a bowl of cereals is it. >> a little savory, little sweet. nice start to the meal. ♪ >> a pan with butter chicken oysters -- what's a chicken oyster? >> it is the succulent piece of meat right between the thigh and the breast and mushrooms. okay. >> some bacon, bill lit of
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parsely. our flake. dehydrated marshmallows and white asparagus. mix it altogether with white asparagus milk. i pour the milk. >> pour the milk. how about these little cartons. doesn't it take you back to school days? that is cool. >> i don't want to do it because i don't want to ruin -- >> do it. do it. milk and cereal. >> milk and cereal. i can't imagine what it's going to taste like. do i stir it up? >> i recommend stirring it up, maybe breaking the yolk in that egg. just do it. i don't know how you figured out that that would be that go good. just experimentation? >> experimentation. playing around. never tasted anything like it. it's fantastic. >> thank you. come see her.
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kimmel center basically spruce and broad. >> spruce and broad. yeah. you gotta try this. >> do you know something unique and delicious we just gotta try. head to our website and click the good day tab. >> a lot of good food out there. well that does it for us. thanks so much for watching this fox 29 special report you gotta try this.
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