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tv   Fox29 Weekend  FOX  November 15, 2014 8:00am-10:01am EST

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>> instead of using money from mom and dad to buy food, and books, some college students are using campus cash to get a tan. should parents be mad? and for lost dogs to lost relatives, social media is go to place to find just about anything. how has your life changed with facebook, twitter and instagram. get ready to weigh in.
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>> and from old city philadelphia on a chilly november morning. welcome to fox 29 weekend it's saturday. it's halfway through the month, november 15. thank you for joining us. >> i'm karen hess. >> and i'm lauren johnson. >> we have so much to get to. a human earthquake off the coast of indonesia. >> and already open rolement for the federal healthcare act. obama administration hopes for more luck than last year. first to interactive weather and live look at center city sky line. catlin is here with weather including a personalizeed forecast. >> i'm from delaware county, and my birthday party is on saturday. fox 29 weekend what will the weather be like. >> well we would be happy to help you with your birthday party request. it's a beautiful look day for birthday. but it's chilly. that request from a smaller but wonderful viewer in delaware county, starting off this morning it's very chilly.
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temperatures in the 30s. by 10 a.m. you're into the mid 30s. low 40s by noon and later this afternoon also still in the low 40s with high of 42 down in delaware county. at least it's a nice looking day. let's give you the big picture satellite and radar a lot of snow showers. mainly lake in hands off lake eary and ontario and eary pennsylvania which had several inches of snow earlier this week and down into the state college area we'll see the penn state temple game take place earlier this moon and starts at noon. they have snow showers, and cold and keeping wind chills colder. temperatures outside right now back to aarr area. 24 mount pocono, 0 pottstown. 33 in philadelphia. this is third, chilly weekend a row. coldest we've seen yet. 31 millville w enough of a breeze to keep wind chills in the tens for the poconos. 20s pot town and 25 in philadelphia, fields 25 millville and 24 in dover. so fax cast for today the first
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look at it. sunshine, very cold, well below normal. into tonight clouds increase 32 will be the low temperature. your 7-day forecast, cold into colder. a system that comes late sunday night to mop mainly looks like rain. snowflakes late. i'm not looking at big chance for any snow. we turn arctic begin. 39 wednesday, stays chilly. we'll keep you updated with the latest on mop's rain as we go throughout rest of the show. >> we're following a developing story strong under sea earthquake hit philadelphia the 7.1 quake was felt strongly. no report of major damage or injuries. >> this morning police would like to have temple university students on high alert. >> last night a student was robed on campus and police tell us this was fifth robbery in two days. sabina has more. good morning. >> that latest robbery happened
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here at the corner susquehanna and 11 street this is just on the boarder of temple university campus. it was quarter past 11 last night when police got the call that a temple university student was robed. now central detectives spent the night securing the season an investigating. they tell us it was a big job. no new information on what wept down. we know police are looking for one suspect, 5' 10", dark sweatshirt and pants. temple students got mnl alert shortly after robberies on their phones. as you you mentioned this is fiveth robbery on temple campus in two days and it comes on the heels of a 19-year-old student shot in the leg last weekend when he fought back against an armed man trying to rob him. that happened on the other side of campus outside of a party neighbors told us that was full of temple students. cops have a warrant out for the suspect in that arrest coming up at 9, though, we'll tell you how a recent robbery in this string of robberies actually happened
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on that same block just days after that student was shot. karen back to you. >> all right. thank you sabina. more bad news for atlantic city. another casino will be closing its doors. owners of trump taj mahal say the resort will be shutting down december 12. trump entertainment said the board approved that decision and they're going to be closing because they have not received the state and local tax breaks they were hoping for. taj mahal will be the 5th casino to close in atlantic city just this year. >> our cover story this morning deals with philly schools specifically school safety after several violent incidents at one city high school. had you seen this video playing behind me yet. bartram high school teacher out cold on his back after assaulted by a student. the violence prompting outrage on social media. john reading third assault on staff bartram high, philly. this teacher was knocked cold. suki sid just heard about bartram high, a student knocked
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out a 60-year-old teacher. i swear i mate kids today. we will read one more tweet from matt. he ciz i know one scale won't be teaching at #bartram high. this creates fear among everyone. what you have found out is going on there. >> bartram struggled for the past -- second year they have struggled. there's a new principal this year. and things apparently have gotten better. but still obviously there are problems with three staffers assaulted in the last month. and teachers say it is a problem of resources and that the school because of the district's budget cuts lost numerous folks especially support staff who helped keep building safe district says resources are not the problem and they added resources to bartram since they've been having trouble. it's clearly not settled yet. >> has the school come out and
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said anything about this incident or any incidents that happened so far. >> principal has acknowledged the incidents. and all of the incidents and said they're unacceptable and students that have violence will be dealt with if an appropriate way and frankly changing a school takes a long time. and that it will take time for the tide to turn at bartram. things were dire there. there was a teacher who was actually knocked out last year as well. and after that happened it was brought to the public's attention there was a lot of resources and you know this new principal was brought nx the new principal's message is we'll work at it and it will take time and parent involvement. he said school doesn't even have a school parent association. for things to get better you have to have everyone in the community. >> we have a video we want to show you posted to social media look at this clip.
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>> that is sylvia sims be rating a group of students. kristin what happened in this video that we saw here? >> last month was parent involvement month and commissioner sims who was former -- in the district and involved with parent power hosted a movie screening at the school district headquarters, won't back down. viewed by some as anti-teacher, pro charter school movie. and, you know, students from the philadelphia student un gone an organizing group were upset video was being shown and they came to the training and they basically attempted to you know sit down and in nonviolent protest and shout over the video and this clearly made commissioner sixt ms upset.
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she says that she originally said she did not say to the kids you all go to -- school clearly we can see that on the video that's what she said. her spokesperson said her message was not clear she was not trying to be rate the students she was saying guys you probably go to schools that are failing and we're trying to fix. >> we had a chance to talk to one of the students. here is what he had to say. >> i would like to say why? why do you say we go to southern schools if you're supposed to be helping schools and you're philadelphian. and if so we're going to these schools why aren't you doing something about it. >> you answered the question saying she denied you are going to failing schools. but what is she going to do about it. >> that's something i can answer for her. but it's clearly you know i think folks of the school reform commission would say they're
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trying to get more money for the district and that's something folks in the community agree with. they said their methods, they're going about things the wrong way and try to take things away from the teacher's union. it's the one thing that is clear is they're really difficult -- it's a difficult task and one not resolved overnight. >> totally understand that. we appreciate your insight. students think it's disturbing and they're troubled by. it let us know what you think. send a quick video like the students it use us #fox29weekend29weekend. >> changing your life one step at a time how a new jersey woman is making her mission help you get back to healthy and stay there. >> one fast food manager fed up with the way workers talk and the rules he put in place to cleanup the conversation.
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>> i'm superintendent michael chetworth with a video that is [bleep] me off this week. how low can you do. a man caught on camera doing unthinkable moments after a woman is tragically struck and killed by a train police say the man spots her cellphone on the ground hover around it and then covers phone foot and looks to see if anyone notices then picks it up and puts it in his pocketsch the guy who takes this woman's phone is a heartless sleaz ball. the woman is tragically struck and killed by a train. and he goes and steals her phone. hopefully he gets stuck in a place like this and they throw away the key. place like this and they throw away the key. in all probability he'll get
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>> there's a delaware county grand mother. her daughter-in-law goes into labor in backseat of the car. ana clayton was taking her dust to the hospital and the baby started to come. she was in the backseat and felt urge to push and told the mother-in-law pull over on concord flowed aston. the proud grandmother said before she knew it she was delivering her grandmother and calling 911. >> she said pull her out, mom, i
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thought, i can't. i don't know how to pull her out. i don't want to hurt her. so that's when she just turned her little head and i put my hands there and she just slipped right out and into my arms. >> look at how cute she s look at that yawn. i'm in love. they named the baby kalyn middle name of grace because she delivered her bit grace of god. wonderful story. college cash. dining dollars. mom and dad's alourns going to college kids to get tans. a new study says despite cancer risk tapping beds are easier than ever for kids to access. campus cash cards you loaded for child to buy food and maybe books used for something totally different. researchers looked at top 100 u.s. colleges almost 50% had indoor tanning beds on campus or set up at off campus housing. doctors are completely worried about it and want to ban this
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friend. joining us now on skype the author you're of the story sherri delgado university of massachusetts medical school, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we reached out to people on our social media sites. here's what they are saying about this marcus writes if you don't want skin cancer don't use them. stop protecting everyone by limiting what they can do if it doesn't harm another person it's not an issue. what do you say to that, sherri. >> well, you know people start indoor tanning when they're young. usually when in teenage years. these are the years that we make bad decision and don't really consider the future and you know our brains are not developed enough to think about long term consequences and i think we need to protect minors from the dangers that are available to them in the same way that we protect them from cigarettes and alcohol and i think tanning should really be on that list. >> and we have a different reaction from david he writes you have the foolishness of
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having dan tanning beds and possible profit motive of colleges to change to allow salons to set up on campus. truly colleges are more about money than education these days. who do you think you point the finler at sherri when you look at the reseveral. colleges, students or parents. >> well you know, i think what is it is is that people sometimes don't -- there's a lot of people that don't realize risks taken to door tanning or tanning in general. it is actually really dangerous practice. so some extent we really need to educate the public about the fact that this say dangerous behavior. it is linked to melanoma. and to get rid of miss con septionz people believe they can be safe sometimes. that's the first step. once university and parents and public is on board with that then i think we would be doing better about availability of tanning to young people including young adults.
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>> okay, sherri, question for you for our viewers wondering here in pennsylvania and tri-state what did you guys find in research for us specifically. >> so we did look at several pennsylvania university ones we found to have problems include penn state. now penn state campus cash card can be used to pay for tanning and we found tanning beds in off campus apartments. when we found tanning in off campus apartments it was often offered for free to residents that's a concern at penn state. we found lehigh university that their campus cash cards could be used to pay for tanning. clean bill of house for university of pennsylvania, temple and drexel. we did not find tapping on campus and any evidence the cash cards could be used to pay pour tanning that was good news. >> that's great news. your final thoughts on this what do you want view others to take away from this. >> i'm hoping parents are aware of the trend and this the their
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children who are students may have access to tanning and may be even paying for it with campus cash cards. it's something to look into when looking for khej colleges for young teenager this is the year we're doing that and to be sure that they don't have access to things that are not safe for them and not healthy and could increase their risk for cancer. >> your research helps us open our mind and eyes and be aware of these things, thank you so much for that. >> thank you. >> let us nose what you think campus cash cards for tanning sounds crazy to me. give us your opinion. use our #fox29weekend29weekend. >> major changes taking to the vatican and a cardinal stripped of his rank. why he was removed from his post and what this could mean for vatican. >> check this out, a christmas tree already up. it's what, november, what's today? i cannot keep up. november 15, some year at fox 29
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has christmas tree up already. lights on, no ornaments yet. i know waw think. erin and i want to hear from you. we want you to accepted us videos. erin yesterday i went or a couple days ago i went to the park. it's easy. you and i know can do this you just push here's our video, record, it's way too early for christmas tree, hello, too early. >> it's that easy we'll show you how to do it in the show. >> accepted us videos and music request it's weekend jukebox let's start out now with listening to one of my favorites thank you bill withers lovely day thanks for sendsing in this request. day thanks for sendsing in this request. use the
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>> one of the students, lauren dugans from villanova is in rome and reporting this week there's a major shakeup in the catholic church. >> it's a short time after the meeting with bish opens and the pope has made changes. u.s. cardinal berk stripped from rank and some say in response to very public criticism of the progressive discussions.
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>> pope francis has demoted raymond burke if his position ahead of vatican supreme court. before removal cardinal berk was highest ranged official at the u.s. vatican. reasoning for his removal was not released from the vatican. but the traditional cardinal is known to be radicily out spoken, criticizing pope's reformative agenda. during the 2014 bish opens berk emerged as leading opponent to the proposal to allow divorced and civilly reunioned catholics to receive. >> when the midterm report that was published welcoming language of same sex and civil unions a statement from pope francis affirming the state doctrine was long overdue and his public criticism was continued when he said they're a ship without a
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rutter. they're feeling sea sick because the church lost its compass. >> and although it is hard to ignore the timing of berk's criticism and removal from hovs officials confirmed no direct relationship and in his new position berk plans to continue to confirm daily life and tradition. i'm lawsh lauren, fox 29 news. >> this has usual talking in the newsroom. school children may need toe grab at large clocks and make big changes. it doesn't make sense to ship high school students to a little later in the morning and up and adam grade schooler send them out earlier. law makers in new jersey are electric considering this. schedule has been the same for as long as we can remember. 7:30, middle schoolers 8, little ones come in 9:00. new jersey is thinking about
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switching it all up. teenagers have a hard time getting sleep before 11:00 at night. so that's why starting at 7:30 is tough for them. legislation specifically calls for study of health, academics, safety benefits associated with all this and pushing the start time back. but, already, more than 1,000 schools across the country have made the switch and it seems to be working. there's mreptsty though of logistical hurdles, after school activities, bus hurdles, teacher contracts that have firm start times. >> we've posted this all over the face. steve said no reality starts early in the day not when you want it to start and mark says i graduated in 2003 we had to have home room at 7:20 in the morning which meant being in the building 6:45 to get through security. we had six lunch periods starting at 9:50. student body of 4,000 kids. i was lucky my worst lunch was middle of the day 10:48. >> that's break sglaingt so many
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kids are eating first thing hungry later and don't well. a lot of studies show that's why they're not performing as good on tests and everything else. it makes sense to switch. it they'll study. it it's about time. >> see what happens. >> a fast food restaurant under fire after an on-line post to social media response after a chick-fil-a store seemingly bans slaying from stores. is this discriminatory or just a desire to use proper english. >> and another music request. this is excuse me miss by chris brown. thank you to miz for that one he's always up and watching. thank you to miz for that one he's always up and watching. send in your request
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fox 29 weekend we're here for the rocky challenge. it's a little cold, catlin. i wish you could warm things you up for us. it's a great day for a run. great day to celebrate rocky balboa. fox 29 weekend back to you guys . >> catlin, got to ask chris o'connell from jamaica and now a shot at the art museum. that video is easy to make. tell us what you're doing. >> there's a live look outside
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old city philadelphia. beautiful looking day. lots and lots of sewn ship. as chris said cold out there. it only looks to stay cold as you go through the next 7 days. let's start off with ultimate doppler snow shower off the lakes. we have cold enough air obviously pouring in. what happens when that moves over a warmer body of water the lakes relatively warmer you get snow sometimes heavy at times in western new york and even portions of central pennsylvania seeing snow showers now. we won't see snow showers today. more snow from actual system not like lake effect moving through northern planes suffering through days of cold. they had worst of this cold. single digit high temperatures some places in colorado and wyoming only see high temperatures in the negative values. that snow will move east ward and even flurries in green way bay, wisdom martin where eagles play tomorrow under frigid conditions. back to our area, fox future cast showing sunshine today. clear skies, it's a nice looking day. blustery at times.
8:32 am
and overnight, tonight, into sunday we'll see the clouds increase. we'll see it also at 8 a.m. talking about the incoming rain and clouds come first sunday and then into monday morning a storm system south starts to combine with the snow system we saw out west. bringing in rain and heavy at times on mop. that includes all areas of the delaware valley and lehigh valley and on the back edge maybe seeing a few flakes. stay tuned. temperatures now in the 20s and 30s. 30 allentown and 33 philadelphia and 30 chester and 30 atlantic city and 38 cape may. your foxcast for today a lot of sunshine. 40 noon. we'll hit high temperature of 43 later today and 7-day forecast still ahead, erin. >> thank you so much. catlin. let's goat news now. how much did it cost to bring in our crane turns out $11 million. thousands of officers from several agencies held in a 48 day manhunt. freen is charged with killing corporal brian dixon and
8:33 am
wounding another trooper in ambush in september. >> it's open rolement millions of americans can go to health to select insurance plans for 2015. open rolement for obamacare or affordable care act for those already covered they renew automatically any changes need to be made by december 15. one restaurant manager is fed up with the way his workers talk. in fact he's so irritated with staff's use of slang his workers say he compiled a list of words employees are forbidden to use while on the clock. his action creating a buzz on social media. one worker posted a list of banned words on read it. some words include bra, bay, cuz, chill, felicia, ra rachet and salty. he told them they're employees and need to speak professionally did this go too farch the worker that posted this did not say where he works and only his manager's name is eric. joining us now on skype,
8:34 am
professor of race relations university of penn. thank you for joining us we appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me good morning to you. >> we posted this on facebook page and received hundreds of comments, marlin writes good for the manager most young people are hard to understand when they speak and as older american i'm tired of it. your thoughts on that, chad. i think she's right in workplace young people need to stop acting rachet and turning up as adults we cannot allow them to take us zero to 100 where we lose our mind. manager needs to stop being salty everyone needs to chill we're all cousins and i guess i'm felicia. >> another comment, ricky tweeted that chick-fil-a list is discriminatory and manager should be fired. what do you think about that? it's not discriminatory youth on all sides of the collar line use those words. he's not being unfair.
8:35 am
>> he's saying simply there's a time and place for everything. >> absolutely young people need to display with professional decorum and demeanor and disposition at all times. >> especially at chick-fil-a. >> finalal comment from jamie writes you should not be able to use slang around customers or manageser but if just talking to co-workers it should not be a problem. >> i would say to jamie bye, girl. jamie is absolutely right. in fronts of customers it's inappropriate. >> chad thank you so much for your time we appreciate it. >> thank you and have a great morning. >> all right. and, of course, when chick-fil-a doesn't have a banned word list cows, doburgers, beef, angus. keep the conversation going. tell us what you think. use #fox29weekend. >> how about this one. many expecting parents big question is always what will you name your baby. we know it's hot now. what will be the most popular
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names in future. we have trend on hottest names zipping up in popularity. what do you think about some of the names. use #fox29weekend. >> the tweetsw are still coming in. look at this one. fox 9 weekend we love the show. we appreciate that and look at this guy, buddy says go flyers. lol, thank you kathy. send us your videos. we'll show you how to do it coming up. >> and be sure to join us tomorrow on "fox" 9 weekend here's a look at what we'll cover it all starts at 8 a.m. "fox29". lots of great stuff. hey! welcome home! hey mom!
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woah, this kitchen looks beautiful. it's bigger! it's great, right? give him the tour. let me show you! quartz countertop, soft-close drawers, farm sink, under cabinet lighting, look at this spice rack. um... where's my room? right there where it's always been! we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. just slide right in! ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens. >> back in action last night
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looking for first one of the season. it was a nail biter. they tested close. guess what they came up short. they lost by one point. drafted to 0-9. last second. i was like what, we're watching the game last night. almost -- like watching like they kept going up and they been -- it was exciting. >> especially when you get first wing. >> we'll try to hang in good. >> good for you watching the game. >> we know popular baby names jackson and isabel william and emma. what are hot baby names of future. >> she's schooling because
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because we don't have kids yet. >> this a thing called nameberry they predict hot new names. let's go down through top ten girls and boys state lynn start. >> this is girls they're predicting good names to be violet. >> there's boys. >> they would be ashier, sawyer, august and declan. >> i like that too i'm trying to think if any are famous kids or famous people kids names. >> sawyer is irish names became big and ashier top one because of biblical., >> violet is jennifer garner and ben affleck's. . tell stella, adeline and lixt
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la. juliet, beatrice, elsa. >> it's a cute name. >> cora. arora, ivy, think of blue ivy beyonce. >> i think violet and beatrice sound too. >> beatrice is a name popular a million years ago. >> old school traditional names coming back. >> like edith. >> it's come back to some traditional buy gone error. >> so funny how many elsa's we'll have. >> let it go. >> let it go, people. >> really. >> a truly inspirational story a woman losses weight one step at a time. >> coming up the secret to her success and how you can become part of her social media movement to get healthy and stay fit. >> also time for another one of our music requests. i'm gonna be, 500 miles of fun ones. the proclaimers. keep them coming. the proclaimers. keep them coming. #fox29weekend
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>> i'm tom with this week's around the house. today's question is from diane sepderi i have a palm tree in my yard. can i twrap or bring in it. >> you have the bring the palm in the house. it's a tropical plant and wants tropical temperatures. it will activate down to cooler
8:45 am
temperatures but can can't freeze. are you lucky it has not growsen already. by all means bring it in as soon as possible. check for bugs before you bring it in. give it sunny location and do that as soon as possible it's like palm springs it's a tropical plant. we grow some for christmas. it's tropical. you can not put it outside. if you want a question answered tweet us #fox29weekend around the house #around the house. all right let's take a look at interactive weather now. take a live look outside. they're getting reason for a run. honoring fallen heros in gloucester, new jersey. look at all the people bundled up out there. it's chilly. but it's a great morning for a run. it's absolutely gorgeous day. i think school williams last night gave it 6 for this day. what due think about that.
8:46 am
>> i agree i bumped it up to 7 believe it or not. it's beautiful looking outside. we had a lot of sunshine. it's cold. feels like january. but it will be nice looking day. one of our twitter viewers wants to know what is in store for saturday. she'll be celebrating retirement of friend on big bus tour and casey murphy and lucky nice. totally bundle up weather. that's a great tour we do here in philadelphia if you can keep yourself warm, get out there. >> plenty of snow showers moving across the lakes. this is one of those lake effect events that happens a lot in the fall when you have cold air oohing over warm are lakes. you get snow in buffalo and eary pennsylvania which saw snorlier this week. 24 mount pocono. 31 bethlehem. these are current morning temperatures. cold, chilly weekends. seems to get colder. 33 in philadelphia, 30 chester. with a bit of breeze. wind chills in the 20s in many spots.
8:47 am
34 bridgeton and 38 cape may. won't be windy today. it takes a breeze in this cold weather. 43 high temperature today. sunny, cold, few clouds and falling back to 327 tonight. the 7-day forecast shows if you can believe it turning colder next week. here's why. 48 clouds coming in sunday. that's rain. mostly just rain on mop. chance for flakes to mix in especially north and west that's late. but again not looking at real snow event more of rainy vept we clear out arctic air powers in 37 tuesday we're looking at 39 on wednesday. all right. your news now. penn state is adding six new members to board of trustees a student, faculty member and immediate past president of alumni association as well as three people they will also pick themselves. >> and center city newest landmark is open for business and just in time for the cold temperatures. the roth man institute ice range is drawing thousands in the first weekend of operation. it's part of of a 55 million dollar upgrade for dilworth
8:48 am
applause aat philadelphia city hall. >> and in your health news we're heading into the holidays. let's help each other stay on track when it comes to weight. we got a big response last week when we brought you carri e's weight loss story she lost 147 pounds in three years. congratulations she looks incredible and healthy. today we have another inspirational local woman, peggy webber brad ford. just a few years ago peggy was size 18, had hysterectomyy and was deeply unhappy about her weight. with one small step started a new life. started walking in place and lost 75 pounds in a year with simple goal try to walk 10,000 steps every day. she made it her mission to help so many other women by creating facebook support group steps to good healthment all right got more than 19,000 members and peggy is nu not nutritionestist
8:49 am
but expert but she's a woman that's been there joining us by skype. peggy how did you do it good morning. >> good morning how are you? >> basically i walked in my house one day and said to my husband, i'm going to get the word die out of vocabulary and made a lifestyle change. purchased a pedometer and started moving and watched portions that's how the whole thing startd i love support on your facebook page. let me read you a comment one from facebook from crystal that writes i remember last year i could not touch the back of my armpits because that's how huge my arms and body was. today i can touch underty still am under cution and have a long way to do this is not as easy as looks. >> there's so many people with success stories and they find out they're really getting help. why does it work to have a group of women encouraging each other? >> because you can be yourself in my group. nobody will ever judge you. we're there for ups and downs and it's positive support.
8:50 am
and a lot of my members like that. they don't go to a gym. some are intimidated by a gym it's a place you can go and we cheer you on every step of the way. >> any rules about the group things people are allowed or not allowed to stay. >> we don't allow any negativity in the sense that you come in and be positive and give positive support. everyone is welcome, we have young, men, old, women, seniors, tweenz, all we ask you give it a try and be positive that's all. >> another comment from mona if you can hear the yelling from southeastern part of the united states it's me i'm so excited i can't stand it i hit 31 pounds lost. second i've gone beyond that into the 130s for the first time in 8 years. started back 22 weeks ago. 171.2. today i'm 139.8 almost as excited as i will be to reach my nineal goal i cannot believe. it. >> do you have so many people reporting success stories like
8:51 am
that. >> i get these all the time. i have to tell you, karen, i set at my desk and cry. that makes me so happy. because all i ever wanted to do was share my story and help others. i'm just every day woman who is sharing her journey. but i always say my group is real inspiration and real courage. they all inspire me on daily basis. i'm so thankful to all of them. >> peggy, we appreciate. it your group is free they need a kind heart, pedometer and motivation to get it done. we appreciate your time. >> of course if you want more information we'll put more information open our web site about the steps to good health facebook page my fox >> we love you sent us all these tweetsw, facebook messages, inis >> we love you sent us all these tweetsw, facebook messages, inis it a grams using your devices
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>> you were so great at tweeting and facebooking you comment on your stories. this comes from jen saying we named our 4-month-old nor a. she wanted something not open the popular list. thank you so much for giving your opinion and sending that in we love the baby's kiss all over her face. >> we want you to get involved in a different way. >> i hit streets and went to love park to get people interactive in the show. check this out ♪ >> this is my life all day every
8:55 am
day face planted in devices listening to what you have to say i want to say thank you so much for your social media, love, we love it "fox29" weekend and so far tweetsw, posts, instagram pictures we want to ask you for one more thing. if you take a video this is how do you. it give you a bigger voice in the show. how does that happen? what does it look like? videos. >> maybe we can do it on my phone. >> we take good, bad, ugly, anything around the city in your life, you're like, why, what? when? we need more of those. we want your opinions and reactions and questions. what's you want to say good or bad we want to hear from you. here's what you do. hold. it you don't want me in. it hey, "fox29 weekend". i have a question. >> why is septa in the city so over populated it's easy to pick up phone shoot video and post wherever you want. don't forget #fox29weekend so we can find it. >> and so as we've been doing all our shan an begans and hul
8:56 am
beganisms, she's going to to post it. she's good at facebook and upload hit photo. we'll do more of that. please join us in our conversation we appreciate. it how about this one political correctness or war on religion on is just the law. the reason one group is removing religious holidays from the school calendar why they're religious holidays from the school calendar why they're doing it and why one group is so >> this is jen frederick another edition of mama log. when i city want to sit in a chair. what are these women doing when sitting in carolines, it's 45 minutes, hour, waiting for kids. i know you don't have kids. you seen women in car lines. you're a makeup artist. two things you can do if parked you. >> may want to get out tweezers and tweez a few browse lighting is probably better than in your bathroom.
8:57 am
you'll get ambiance without looking weird. >> and we do our makeup in the house come outside and see ourselves in the mirror. it's a good time to. >> fix what you screwed up because sometimes you have too much blush on you can't really tell you're n indoors. that would be a good time to take a tissue and even it out a little bit. >> reason number 562,000 why i like you girlfriend you're helping us use the time in car lines. ladies now we know. should you find yourself in car ladies now we know. should you find yourself in car lines for an hour a
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> this hour "fox29" weekend removing relimingon from the calendar one school district not recognizing any religious holidays. is this war on religion on just playing fair. love it or lose it? as winter weather arrives the
9:00 am
fashions you should keep or dump. grab tablet, smart phone, computer, let's get interactive. >> this is "fox29 weekend". >> old city philadelphia on a chilly november morning. welcome to "fox29 weekend". saturday, november 15. thanks so much for joining us and lauren johnson and so much to get to including amazing story a local woman deliveries own granddaughter on side of road. >> i love it she was like i didn't know what to do. >> no one does at that moment, do they. >> heart-warming story sisters back together again back to that emotional reunion. >> let's get a check of the forecast for this day. because it's cold soccer games ended. we had a lot of rain-outs saturday catlin maybe there will be makeups and people want to get out, pocono mountains look nice. >> beautiful sunshine up there
9:01 am
icy start to the day. poconos and all around the delaware valley headline all week long is cold weather and guess what it will continue to be not just for the weekend but well through next week. winter arriving early for us. it is after all still fall. ultimate doppler showing northern planes this is decent snowstorm that brings couple inches i 80 out west and green bay. for those traveling to wisdom martin tomorrow afternoon very, very cold and maybe flurries flying too. baca long here a lot of sunshine today, high pressure in place. good looking day. that dereceiving sunshine through 5:00 we're clear. and we'll see clouds move in later tonight. so, clouds are around for tomorrow. and this time tomorrow morning when we're "fox29" weekend news from 8 to 9 a.m. we'll talk about incoming rain. that doesn't look to start until late sunday night early monday morning. it might be slow to get going. at some point we should see decent amount of rain poof through. soggy start to workweek and
9:02 am
temperatures fall once the rain comes in and that's when we can see a few flakes fly on back edge of the system as it clears out. this model not showing much higher elevations north and west and we see frozen precipitation mixed in and we'll keep you updated monday morning. temps 20s and 30s. these are air temperatures out there. 36 millville and 36 dover and 36 philadelphia. wind chills even lower. now it's not a really blustery day. winds 10 to 15 miles an hour later today and that's enough to knock the wind chills back to the 20s. that's what it feels like. 43 today, sunny, cold, clouds increase ahead of next system. tonight low of 32. your 7 day forecast ahead. karen. >> thanks, we are following this developing story it comes to us this morning from overseas a strong undera earthquake hit eastern indonesia triggering small tsunami magnitude 7.1 quake felt strongly in cities and no reports of major damage or major injuries. also, police want your help in
9:03 am
temple area an want to have students in high alert. >> a student last night was robed on campus and police tell us this was fifth robbery in two days, sabina is live with more on this story. >> good morning, guys, we got an update from temple officials and they tell us it was 2-year-old student a block away from here robed at gun point he was able to run here 11 and susquehanna where able to call police. now this morning that suspect is on the loose. we're sold the student had his cellphone taken but otherwise he was unharmed. now as you mention -- >> we're having a problem with live shot. there we'll get back to sabina in a moment. lots of other news to get to. >> police at west chestier investigating a possible sexual assault. >> it happened overnight 1:30 in the morning university campus. investigators say they believe suspect is west chester student. >> and another atlantic city casino closing doors.
9:04 am
owners of the trump taj mahal saying the resort will shut down on december 12. trump entertainment is saying the board approved that decision and they'll close because they have not seep received state and local tax breaks. this would be the fifth casino to close in atlantic city this year. >> our cover story this hour pretty appropriate as we get closer to the holidays. there's a school district in par maryland decided to remove all religious holidays from the calendars which means no christmas, easter, rosh hashanah, yom kippur, it started when muslim community tried to recognize eede and they said they cannot close for religious purposes and the only reason they can close is because of high absentee rates. they won't be called religious holidays. lots of you responded, 2700 of you. christie wrote give me a break
9:05 am
our country, cools, our rules, leave if you don't like it. jacob responds our country and rules also say you cannot favor one religion over the other. here to weigh in bill anderson how are you. >> i'm great karen how are you today. >> restopped to comments i want to get to this one from e. catariana. everyone is tying to argue over something christmas has been a holiday forever and muslims don't have to celebrate christmas and christians catholic don't have to celebrate muslim holidays. good grief people it's that simple. >> the district made it more complicated than it had to be. there's blame assigned. to be clear muslims did not ask for anyone to stop recognizing any other holidays they asked theirs be recognized as well. the district pubtsed they could
9:06 am
make a decision and they do have discretion and say they only close cools because of high absentee rate and go back and acknowledge that was set 40 years ago, that just doesn't pass the sniff test. you have a diverse community you have to do some things to acknowledge that community is diverse. >> it's the community you live in. if you happen to have a high muslim population you're going to wants to give people the time out for that. it makes sense to reflect the community you're in. let me get to another comment. brandon says this is united states of america where people are free to follow any religion they would like. those americans of islamic faith are just as american as everyone else. what do you think of that septemberment. >> i think it's true. and again this speaks to the fact we have ever growing diversifying society. you may remember a couple years ago philadelphia had a similar problem an we recognized black history month and hispanic history month and gay and
9:07 am
lesbian community wanted to recognize gay and hispapic month. the district is being insensitive to the fact there's growing communities out there and they have a right to be heard and respected. >> let me get to this comment. sandy. i just don't understand why every holiday cannot be celebrated or observed by those that celebrate believe in it why not add in instead of taking religion out of christmas your thoughts? >> 100% i agree. what's interesting what was happening montgomery county district is the particular holiday they wanted acknowledged eed in this particular case the school was already closed next year. they wanted to be acknowledged as part of it. it falls in line with jewish holidays also. they said put us on-call der as part of remember anything in addition as well. disstrkts refused to do that. now all holidays are ignored which is silly. the school will be closed anyway. they really think people won't
9:08 am
call it christmas because you call it winter break. >> sometimes it's just common sense police in a lot of these things. let's bring more people to the table and let more people feel acceptd this comment comes from somebody oh, i'm glad i'm atheist i don't have to fight in a country where all religious beliefs should be accepted. all parties at the table whether you believe or disbelieve, bill. >> you have to respect people. i've been piling on the districts a little bit. in fairness to the district they said anyone who wants to stay out to celebrate their real religious holidays can do so and have excused absence. they tried to make some sort of accommodations for individuals that wanted to recognize it. that was not enough. they wanted it recognized in line with so many others. >> thank you for joining us by skype we appreciate your time as always. >> thank you very much. love the show. >> love your show. love you. okay so what do you think about this whole debate about the religion taken out of school
9:09 am
calendars let us know and could be tin the discussion calendars let us know and could be tin the discussion #fox29weekend . >> social media we use it for so much it's go-to place for anything these days. we want to know how has your life changed since twitter and facebook and instagram came on the scene and amazing picture from outer space from a comet hundreds of millions of miles away. hundreds of millions of miles awaydeciding between buying food and health care
9:10 am
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is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, visit to learn more.
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>> i'm jeff cole it's time for fox unfirltd where we restopped top complaints and concerns right here on the air. first up, a story. we're very proud of and apparently so are you. when the camden county animal shelter made a plea for help our producers jumped into action. no hesitation in our editorial meeting. >> we knew we had to do something. there was absolutely no hesitation. >> this wonderful place was schemely low on food. so we september a reporter and crew and when our story aired that evening it was our viewers who showed the love for these wonderful pets. >> i'm heading there today. jamie, what can we do to help, linda, i'll drop off food and blankets, cynthia, i donated. thanks a lot, cynthia and so did hundreds of other people that saw the story first on tv and then on web site and on the
9:13 am
facebook page. shawn, donated even though i'm broke. michelle, that is what life is about. love this. ment bee, using social media for good not evil. awesomeness. and this from those wonderful souls who run the place. colleen, thank you so much fox 29 for airing this story. we had to use abandoned building. jess for overflow of food. don't thank us colleen the real heroes here are the viewers. >> now, to a quick complaint from one of our viewers. andrew. i like your station. i enjoy your local news. but can you please short ep your commercials. sometimes they are longer than the shows. andrew let me let you in on a little secret our producers of news agree with you. but listen, in order for you to see all the programming you like and all the news we cover it takes money. lots and lots and lots of money and that's where our sponsors come in. luckily we think the advertisers are creative some of the most
9:14 am
creative in the business and the commercials are compelling and sometimes entertaining. and timely another complaint from one of our viewers unhappy with promo running on our tv station. >> come on look at this graphic. >> that guy. >> major jam right now. >> when we introduced bob kelly as new traffic anchor good day we took unique approach to promoting him. we shot the promo outside of the old tv station. that did not sit well with david. get real, good day philly, that's a slap in the face. you should have picked up bob somewhere else. david. bob is household name for past radio and tv work and we think all we're doing is paying tribute to that and having a little fun at the same time. now some of the friends at the old tv station told us they like the promo we're having fun good natured poke good natured competition. that's it for this edition of fox unfiltered. we cannot wait to hear from you
9:15 am
next. e-mail us. text us. call us or go to the window and shout it out. i'm as bad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore. >> i'm jeff cole. >> we had a baby shouting out. i'm ready. it's time for me to come out right now. a delaware county grandmother that made that special delivery when her daughter-in-law who was pregnant went into labor in the backseat of the carch the grandmom thought she was going to baby sit and she said i have to go to the hospital right now and anne clayton taking her daughter-in-law to the hospital wednesday when the baby started to come. there she smalana the mom was in the back when she felt the urge to push and they were in aston and the mother-in-law got the baby and she came out absolutely cute as a button. >> she just said, pull her out, mom. ape thought, i can't. i don't know how to pull her out. i don't want to hurt her.
9:16 am
so that's when she just turned her little head and i put my hands there and she just slipped right out and into my arms. >> they named that baby okay line and aup gave her middle name of grace she said because she delivered her by the grace of god congratulations to them. >> it is time for interactiontive weather catlin we took a live look earlier and will look again gloucester, new jersey run for the fall. and it's chilly. you can see 33 degrees out there. some love to run in this weather good actually people say this is ideal. 30s, 40s. it gets hot quickly when ur exercise. you don't overheat. so trying to find silver lining maybe it's for some of you who have to go for a brisk run today. temperatures starting in 30s. as you saw a lot of sunshine out there. how about perspective for this we saw some first flakes of the season in suburban spots thursday night to early friday morning. one of the twitter friends kyle
9:17 am
september this in. it's snow, #gets over it. >> i don't think anyone and concern get over it it's funny. considering we'll be seeing a lot more of that as we go through the winter. right now ultimate doppler showing far off to the north and west moving across the lakes, a lot of sunshine today, but it is chilly, 25 poconos, 34 allentown and these are the morning temperatures. we should rise into the 40s. 36 in philadelphia, 33 chester. bit of a wind. temperatures are in mid 30s. even with that slight breeze wind chills are running in the 20s. your 7-day forecast looking more like january forecast. 43 today, sunny and cold, clouds increase, sunday we're still dry. it will be a soggy start to the workweek. rain and possibly flakes mixing in late mop night and then our second invasion of arctic air and even colder high temperatures only in the 30s next week. >> after mop night big win our eagles fans gearing up for tomorrow's game birds taking on the green bay packers, quarterback mark sanchez we love them stepped up to the plate against carolina will he do the
9:18 am
same against green bay. joining us by skype we have shawn and john from 97.5 the fap attic good morning guys you. >> love sanchez for more reasons than we do, karen. >> he's bleable but you guys are talking and some listener ro sayinget getting a tattoo of sanchez if he takes us to the soorper bowl. >> it's something from "fox29 weekend" show. you know, look, rex ryan got a tattoo of mark sanchez. i didn't want to make him feel left out in philly. if he leads us to victory super bowl championship i'm sure we'll line up for sanchez tattoo. senior safer savior i think is his name. >> catlin said on twitter this morning that she is in and i heard that maybe karen might be in as well. >> if all the girls from fox 9 weekend do it i will also go along. i love him. do i love him. when he came to town.
9:19 am
we'll have to ask the viewers if they want to join in. hak fox i have something else to ask you refreshing everyone's memory. we have a the love comments we love the way you look. let's look at video last week. here was the show last week. viewers had this very important question for you. this question comes from still loving the show. big fap of john and shawn too why do they shoot from the janitor's closet. where were you what was going on. >> you can not see the mop back there we put it down today. we're in a production studio that probably is about the size of closet. if you take a look around there you go that's all the technical stuff right there and there i am and there comes shoe shawn. yes it's about the size of of a closet but not a closet. it might -- it probably one time was a closet. >> i actually slept on the floor before here yes, it works. >> you know it's a nice little back studio we have to get away from all the busy stuff out front. >> all the busy stuff. okay predictions for the game tomorrow.
9:20 am
>> i don't want to count out the egglees any week because they're that sdi namic team that seems to be able to win games no matter where they are. packers are tough. they're not really tough in lambeau i think they would lose double digits. >> eagles go there and upset the green bay packers eagles are a good football team. >> i love the enthusiasm. where does the tattoo go gentleman. >> i'm going tramp stamp on the baca long the spine. >> nice. >> above the buttocks area. i'll go tramp stamp. >> i'm hoping to cover up one of my horrible tattoos on my stomach area. >> show everybody. >> she has shawn above his belly button honest to god. >> you do not. >> it no longer says shawn it says beaten it says swhawn i was 16 it doesn't say that any more. >> gentleman you always get us lavring thank you so much we appreciate it. >> see you next week. >> thank you as always and out to you. if you think you're game maybe you get a sanchez tattoo and maybe you can use his number,
9:21 am
number three of course house that #fox29weekend. >>ing it conversation. okay. pictures have been incredible manmade object lands on comet and mission may be in danger. what's going on hundreds of millions of miles away and hilarious twitter trend started after the mission to space. what's going on over there? >> we're speaking of twitter and getting wonderful pictures. i asked what you are doing this day. happy little girl turning 2. look at good faces, good morning from annalease. good morning. enjoy everybody. look at sibling love. charlotte first christmas getting ready and the team thank you for sending these in selfie saturday. you for sending these in selfie saturday. keep them coming w??ççóo?óñçoñçwwññç
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>> that would be could be the last oui mariono rivera from the comet. they are up gbs a cliff and cannot get the sunlight needed to recharge the system. all right. after that touched down a new topic. trending on twitter. it is we can land on a xhet but can't. the thread became hilarious it's hilarious when with karen reads them i'll let her do it. >> we can land on a comet but we cannot make long flavor lasting
9:25 am
gum land on a comet but can't get our hair to do what david beckham's hair does or get kf droxt deliver. you can't get wifi in subways we can land on a comet but we can't. >> see why kids like the taste of sin man toast crunch. >> this is exactly how twitter works. one thing happens and people take off. >> i love when things take off like that. >> they're always few any it's fun. >> the thing is with social needia where we can find anything. you can find dates. you can find love. you can find -- you can find everything out there. >> we will have amazing success stories. things that go correctly. we want to know how is this all changed your life. twitter, instagram. >> it is is my life. >> facebook. >> absolutely. >> always. >> and also we have another music request coming in now. this is one of my favorites. >> who doesn't like pit bull. >> i love pit bull. >> this song is too much for me.
9:26 am
>> and this was requested a mom request. >> dance party at the friend house. >> she is chatting with him. i mean pit bull, tomorrow in new york city. what? all right. what? all right. keep using the
9:27 am
9:28 am
>> welcome back we wanted to get back to comments because so many of you were influenced and certainly had comments and
9:29 am
opinions about what happened with taking religion out of christmas story. christmas signifies christ's birthday. it's about remembering the savior. alfredo says no. philadelphia school district already did winter break and spring break. and michelle simply says stupid. all right. lauren over to you. >> this morning police wants temple university students to be on high alert last night a student was robbed on campus and police tell us it was fifth time in two days. sabina is in north philadelphia with more, good morning, sabina. >> good morning, lauren, we got update from temple officials this morning and they tell us it was 22-year-old student rocking -- walking a block away someone approached him and held him up at gun point and took his cellphone. he was able to call police. this morning that suspect in the robbery is still on the loose. the student well of course is shaken up and is okay. we're told the student we mentioned had his cellphone taken but nothing else was taken
9:30 am
and that seems to be the theme among instances that you spoke of earlier. this of course is fifth students to be robbed within two days on tem p.m. campus. a group of three girls was robbed at gun point wednesday and later that same day another woman was robbed of her phone by two guys on bikes. it does look like police are able to make one arrest in that instant. that that of course happened where around a 19-year-old temple students was shot outside what neighbors told us was pratt turnty part last weekend. that student was treated and released. police have a warrant out for a 45-year-old man on -- in that assault. now in response to students' concerns temple university police say they're working with city to put in more safety enhancements they call it including more blue phones for emergencies and set autopsy round campus. now a lot of these robberies guys have been happening at the gun point or with some weapon involved and they've been happening late at night. temple now more than ever they're pushing campus escort
9:31 am
program for students to get them home saferly if you have to walk home or quawk to your car at night. -- walk to your car at night. students are taking advantage of that until it gets under control. >> thanks for the update. news now millions of americans have access to to select insurance for 2015 open rolement begins today. for those already covered everything will renew automatically don't worry any changes need to be made by december 15. >> and alaska air flight forced to make emergency landing because of possible bird strike. plane was headed from oakland to seattle and shortly after takeoff the plane hit what pilots believed was a birdch the plane landed safely back at oakland. >> and more amazing video showing a lava flow in hawaii officials say this particular flow near a trash transfer station has stopped and other flows are slowing significantly. the volcano has been erupting continuously for more than 31
9:32 am
years. >> now we count on social media to keep us up to date what is happening with friends and family and news and facebook and twitter and instagram can do so much more you can find dates, loved ones lost and pets. how to make the most of internet. the social media expert fromith ka thank you for joining us anthony. >> thanks for having me. >> we appreciate. it first off the bat this facebook page touched fat lives of thousands in our area. it's help louie get home. louie is 2-year-old lab mix inside his owner's car when stole anyone south philadelphia last month. louie is still missing. but more than 14,000 people have liked this page and are part of team #louie. they post messages every day including this one from theresa who says prayers and wishes. this is the someday louie comes home. think positive. chris writes hoping today is the day that the handsome louie is found. positive thoughts and prayers
9:33 am
we'll keep sharing until louie is home. stay strong team louie. >> and this is one of the many facebook page where's a dults turn to to search for birth parents they post their picture and information like where they were born and what year. and obviously not every story has happy ending some do find who they are looking for. it is amazing how social media became part of our lives. >> it really is right? so when you think about it social media is modern day bulletin board. you post it back in the day in a coffee shopch the main difference here is ability of those posts now reach hundreds of thousands of people sometimes you have ripple effect and that can have as we've seep a huge impact. >> what are the trends we see positives what are the trends you see that you're following that people need to be on the look out for as well. >> big thing is examiners, here's the deal. i've seen many, many cases where particularly when you're looking for your biological parents or
9:34 am
in situations you're turning on-line to social media apps and social media platforms to find love. a lot of times those folks doing that are in vulnerable situations and in vulnerable situations a lot of times folks are out there. the trolls i mentioned specifically are looking for folks with those posts and they think they're vulnerable i can perhaps reach out to them and say, ah, i can -- you can give me x amount of money for help finding biological parents. typically that's red flag if someone reaches out to you that way. keep that on top of mind. >> what you have found on internet. >> all sorts of stuff. it's really interesting with with my students in particular atith ka college. they give me a whole new perspective how they use social media they're digital natives this is engaged in them. this is first generation that grew up with internet and social immediate so it's amazing how
9:35 am
they're turning to social media not only for dating and not only for researching out to professionals and building networks. but also just keeping on top of news and politics and they're loving it. they're absolutely loving it. and it's really interesting how it's very changing and how we get information and how relationships are made and not only people we don't know but people we know now. >> thank you for insight we appreciate. it i bet your class is very, very interesting thanks for having me. >> how are you using social immediate house #fox29weekend what things you have found on the internet. >> everything. >> an emotional reunion captured on camera. how one girl reacted to seeing her sister for the first time in months. and karen? >> "fox29 weekend" some folks in new jersey are not help pi about the smell coming from pennsylvania they say it stinks in fact they're making a case out of it.
9:36 am
they're suing. who is responsible for all that trash? can they get rid of the stench. women helping each other. we love when we get each other's back. it's a great group that toughens folks here. women they need your help. also it's giving season time to give back. join us tomorrow 8 p.m.. first here's our dr. mike with fyi. >> when you come into the doctor's office, the big question is, do you need anti buy otic is it bacterial or virus. a new study shows c reactive protein blood test done with ping fingerprint if high will tell you it is bacterial as opposed to viral. this can help us eliminate unnecessary antibiotic use. >> in new study looking at sleep habits of young students it was found that as kids progress through high school they went to bed later. this leads to critical sleep
9:37 am
deprivation. it might be time to think about starting school a little bit later. maybe 8:30 in the morning. >> and for 18 million americans that have alcohol problem, the holidays can be a big, big challenge. a couple rules to live by. one, you want to be with friends at a party, keep an eye out blawz you're not binge drinking or drinking too much you want to make sure that you enjoy the holidays but don't get into trouble and certainly don't drive i'm dr. mike. trouble and certainly don't drive i'm dr. mike. have a great day.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> mostly for louie i know that because of the support and love and prayers and searching and flierring and the everything, that he will be home and he will be safe. and i cannot wait for that party that we're going to throw him. so thank you for everything. please continue sharing and spreading the word and pray for my baby to get home soon. >> that's a very easy way to send us a video. that was j.j. peters owner of louie we mentioned the last segment. >> her dog. >> right, louie was snatched from her car when she stopped at
9:41 am
home depot october 9. j.j. sent that in. thank you so much for that video. record something on your cellphone, post it, facebook, twitter, instagram, vine, whatever you prefer use #fox29weekend i have erin back there finding it. >> we'll play your videos and put you on tv and comments as well. >> how about heart-warming story out of florida navy sailor returning home and surprises her 7-year-old sister. >> lots of welcoming hugs for dajea woods home from navy and surprising little sister jeniah. as her big sister runs into the classroom and she runs into her arms you can see the look of pure joy and happiness on her face. she understands why her big sister nuch like a mom to her had to leave. >> don't cry. >> very exciting. >> how are you feeling right now. >> happy. >> happy? >> did you miss her while she was gone. >> yes. >> yes. >> did you have any idea she would show up today. >> no, i did not.
9:42 am
>> how cute is that. she has to leave again in 15 days. for few looking forward to doing some fun things together. so sweet. >> is that the sweet. keep your comments coming i'm laughing about we can land comet on moon and toilet space but #men cannot put the toilet seat down. >> fashions you should keep or dump. do you love it or lose. it we'll go through pieces you responded and we'll tell you what you should keep in the closet and what you should not. >> and more music, only girl in the world, by rhianna, get your last minute request in. we want to hear them. ♪ we want to hear them. ♪ #fox29weekend
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> welcome back. taking a look at news now. vandals two teenage knuckle heads in manayunk venice island on the water area over there performing arts and recreation center last saturday we blurred their faces because it looks like they're under age. one of the teens is smoking a cigarette and the other guy police say is kicking in some of of the led accent lights open the ground. and then later he comes over and uses an object and what he's doing is pulling out the rope lighting on the railing causing between 20 to 30,000 dollars worth of damage.
9:46 am
>> it's a shame. it was made for the community. and there's even parts for the kids to be skateboarding and basketball court and already people are choosing to destroy it and something made for the community. it's ashame. >> makes me mad. business ep owners hoping they can prevent this from happening again. if you have information about vandals call police. >> center city newest landmark is open for business and just in time for chilly season. the roth man ice rink drawd thousands at city hall. now it's time to talk about weather since we're talking about ice skating, chilly outside. perfect temperatures for that. look at that picture near the airport. and you can see a bounce of the camera because we have a little bit of wind. >> it makes the cold even worse but wind chill there if you have a flight out not problems here hopefully you go somewhere warm erp and although have to go to florida to get warm weather and
9:47 am
all of this cold air is nationwide event all week long and we're still in the throws of it. temperatures chilly outside. and now there's a lot of sunshine and snow showers back to the west. lake effect snow showers so warm enough and cold enough air creates snow showers. and we're looking at 27 mount pocono and temperatures now 33 bethlehem and 34 allentown and down around philly thames turz are mainly in the 30s. we'll probably get to low 40s. that's it for tonight. 38 bridgeton new jersey and 40 cape may. we're talking about 4 3. sunshine today. that's day. might be the best it is in the next 7 days. clouds increase for tomorrow. then we watch the system come up from the gulf. this will spread rain into the area on monday. and rain is most likely scenario for everyone. i would not discount flakes mixing in late mop night to early tuesday. so stay tuned for that. we'll of course have latest for you tomorrow morning beginning 8 a.m. "fox29" weekend and evening
9:48 am
newscast too. but beyond that system even though it might not bring us snow it will bring us another shot of very, very cold air. 37 is it for high on tuesday. wednesday, 39, we keep reinforcing chilly air coming down from canada. sunshine and temperatures only in low 40s as we good go through the rest of the 7-day forecast. >> it is cold. and that means pulling out winterwear and while we're 1e6r7ing high and low in closet and draws we're finding items that may not make the cut. lose it or love. it here to help tough fashion decisions susie join us via skype. we asked people to send in picture of wardrobe #love it or lose it. we have video. check it out. >> i am from new jersey i love this blazer or should i lose it. >> all right what do you think about that one. >> i have to tell you i love kim the color of of her jacket she wears it well but the jacket is
9:49 am
out of style double praeingted huge lapelves she needs to lose it. >> #lose it. >> lose it on that one definitely. >> we have pictures also first one coming from@christina real m.j. she asked what to do with the skirt love it or lose it i don't know if you seen it well. one thing for shore her shoes are super organized skirt though what do you think. >> i thought the same thing lauren. this skirt is great snake skin that's very important now and going forward. there's too much going on with the skirt it's black, white, metallic, umbrey hints to it she has to lose it and go for snake skin. something in more tonal fabrication and color way. i think it would be more moden looking we have to lose that one. >> maybe she can get shoes to add to her collection. >> okay. at celine gobin says "fox29 weekend" time to love it or lose it with the old sweater. >> her sweater looks old but it
9:50 am
still looks good. it's gray. i think she can pair with leg ins, tight jeans, bootyes and work it for the next season, scarf, yes i agree with her a little old. but, i think she has a season or two left in it if she pairs it properly i would keep that one. >> there's hope. love. it love it. she would love for you to keep. it sxy ollie 23 asking love it or lose it she has boots maybe bootyes with the wedged he'll. >> she has to lose those. we need her to get rid of those right now. they look like workman's boots that will be way too heavy with the wedge and that look is better with a he'll. something that has more feminine to balance out the masculine boot of the shuey love her smile she looks adorable lose the boots. >> last question for you. is there something we'll splurge on this season because winter what do we get. >> well, many people you know
9:51 am
i'm a big fan of jackets right now jacket for me is huge dress it up, dress it down, wear it with blouse or tee shirt i love it i love it for all occasions day to evening. >> do you love it to get it in ledger or pleather. >> if can you do it get the leathery have both versions and both work well and give effect. so i'm a big believer in go pleather. if you can't spend ledge it will be warmen and last longer but they're both it's a style so important and great for wardrobe for anything that's my big you know thing for this season it moto jacket. >> we hash tag love you thank you. >> thank you. >> if you have questions for her send us your videos or pictures and she'll answer your questions. house #fox29weekend. >> this is the trend.
9:52 am
>> this week alex is all about that bass. >> kim kardsahian bass she almost broke the internet with this photo look at this thing you know what i'm interested in this one. look at champagne shooting up over her head into a champagne glass. >> perfectly into the glass. >> do you think it's photo shopped. >> balanced on something that rhymes with glass. that has to be photo shopped. yeah. >> pretty talented i don't know. >> if she can do that i would like to heat her. >> quick quiz for you mike you can do a little throw back this picture from db do you know who this is. >> taylor swift. >> that was easy. >> i see it right away. >> that's taylor swift. >> she looks so young and innocent. >> she's 12 that's db right they're at the sixers game and look at the background there see the guy with the sport code on that is matt with hair.
9:53 am
>> by the way we have a clip of when she was 1 singing national anthem. >> and the home of the brave ♪ >> taylor swift. >> time for web producer ryan dennis, what's up? >> what's going on? >> what's the video this week. >> this week another game show moment. pat sajack lost it. see what he did when a contestant got the answer wrong good driving a white horse [ laughter ]. good driving a white horse [ laughter ]. >> i think pat sajack startedw?ç
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> tomorrow "fox29" weekend excitement overlappeding on a comet. one scientist comes under fire during the celebration. joan the debate. do you see anything wrong with his shirt? and tips for your daily shower. what you're doing right and wrong when you lather up and clean off joining us tomorrow morning at 8 and get interactive with us "fox29" weekend. >> and speaking of being interest active you have bint active all morning christina thanks for sendsing me this bundle of joy being baby watching "fox29 weekend" adorable and then in the drought temple ends drought over temple and -- >> aw.
9:57 am
>> saturday selfie thanks for sending that in. what's this say. first time watching show. love it and i'm in with tattoo is sanchez takes us all the way. maybe eagles logo. number three baby. all right. cutie. >> this is cutey celebrating niece's first birthday adorable. >> minute left here. we have gotten so many comments about we can land on a comet but we can't. >> we have more of those. >> pop them up. >> we can land on a comet but we can't get no satisfaction we can land on a comet but we can't, still find waldo we can land on i comet but, we cannot sit with the plastic. >> mean girls reference. >> ah, we can land on a comet but we cannot invent something to peel an orange w i agree with that one smelley, juicy, gross, we can lands on a comet but we can't tear it down for what? and there was one more that came in, i don't have it. >> i'll give it to you set it
9:58 am
up. >> we can land on a comet but we cannot. >> send mike jarrett with it. >> there we go mike. >> send mike jarrett with it. >> there we go mike. >>
9:59 am
10:00 am
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