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worry about making sure i'm all right, and making sure that, you know, i'm not going to get, you know, robbed. >> i didn't know it was five. that's allotment. >> reporter: on wednesday three female students were robbed on the 1700 block of diamond street. the same day another student was struck in the face and robbed at 15th and jefferson. two blocks from where a student was shot outside a fraternity party last weekend much police have warrant out for the arrest of a 45 year old man in that case. the student is home recovering. >> it comes with the territory, you know what i mean. >> i know it's part of north philadelphia. >> reporter: students like seniors peter, and nate berry reluctant the taking the latest violence in strive. they've taken added steps to protect themselves especially walking home late at night. temple is quick to point out they don't think these incidents are related. now, in response to safety concerns, temple police say they're working with the city to try to improve safety and that includes adding more blue lights
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on campus. sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. >> two delaware men are behind bars right now after a month long multiple burglary three spree. the two men are now charged with these crimes from the tags worry area. they were arrested thursday. police say they committed about 20 crimes by breaking into garages and sheds and utility trailers and investigation recovered more than $15,000 of stolen property which included power tools. >> persistent hard feelings are reopening a wound resulting from the jerry sandusky scandal. pep state president is promising to study the lengthy free report and plans to do it fast. president eric baron posted a statement on the university's website this morning about the report in 2012 the former fbi director concluded that university leaders concealed key
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facts about jerry sandusky' as abuse of children to avoid bad publicity. baron says the report has divided the penn state community and he does not want anyone to think that the school is hiding anything. he says "for this important reason and since i was not here during this its completion i'll conduct my own review and i assure the board i will move with all deliberate speed". now it's not clear what action, if any, would be taken. a doctor with ebola arrives at a hospital in nebraska hoping to receive life-saving treatme treatment. he's 44 years old. his name is martin sa lia he landed in omaha this afternoon much he's listed in critical condition. 10 people who treated for the disease in this country all but one have recovered. >> and today mark the start of open enrollment under the second phase of the affordable care act.
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americans get another opportunity to sign up for health care or to change from the program they already have. the opening of the health care enrollment was marked by a ribbon cutting ceremony at a community center in northern liberties. mayor michael nutter is there. he says more than 60,000 philadelphians took advantage of the health care plan during the first enrollment. still, 17% of people who were eligible have no coverage. if you want to have insurance by january 1st, you have to enroll by december 15th. >> all right. get on it. how about world leaders having a little bit of fun in australia just before the start of the g20 summit but not everybody is having a good time. vladmir putin is feeling a lot of pressure as fox's dominic dinatale tells us he's threatening to leave. >> reporter: g20 summit gets underway in australia security concerns around the world are threatening to overshadow talk of global economic growth. >> as you look around the world
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there are many problems. there are problems in the mideast and there are problems in eastern europe. >> reporter: one of the high profile security issues involves a summit participant that's ready myhr putin the the rtion rug president facing fire storm of criticism. he reportedly plans to leave the summit early. >> saturday meeting between putin and the david cameron was described as tense as the prime minister warned president putin i was risking relations with the west. and speech at the university of queen land president obama named opposing russian aggression against ukraine as one of the united states most important responsibilities. >> which is a threat to the world as we saw in the appalling shoot down of mh17. a tragedy to took so many innocent lives among them your fellow citizens. >> reporter: meanwhile the violence continues in ukraine. artillery fire hit a resident held in a rebel held city destroying buildings and killing at least five people.
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>> all the windows shattered and then after 15 minutes, there was another explosion and it hit here and came through the building. there were two children in their parents all four have been killed. >> reporter: fragile cease fire in ukraine has effectively hra* collapsed. g spent submit in australia continues throughout the weeke weekend. dominic dinatale fox news. >> and still a head on fox 29, a massive tree comes crashing down on top of a teenager, and she walked away from the scary scene. now, she's talking about it. >> next. >> we have a puppy stolen from a busy pet store and it's could be in serious trouble. why workers say they need to get to the puppy and fast. karen? >> also be sure to fox 29 weekend we have our show beginning at 88m we'ring talking about this really smart guy what many people think is a really dumb shirt. take look at this. this is a scientist celebrating the landing of a comet. now he's facing so much
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criticism over his clothing, joyce, take a look. can you see what people are talking about? should he have rethought that shirt? is it sexist. use the hash tag fox 29 weekend. are we fickle fans. big game tomorrow. a lots of folks have jumped on the mark sanchez band wagon. but for how long. >> let's talk about that. use had hash tag fox 29 weekend and we'll all share when we
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♪ >> take look at this. a massive fire completely destroying a million dollar ho home. this in the dallas area of tex
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texas. the flames broke out about 6:00 o'clock last evening and as the firefighters balanced the fire, it quickly spread engulfing the entire two-story home. luckily nobody was injured. police say they're not sure how it started. >> also, caught on camera, a massive tree crashes down it happened in salem oregon. and landed right near a teenag teenager. the tree also blocked the entire street. fox's andrew padula spoke with that teen about what she heard moments before that tree toppl toppled. >> i like looked up like for like a tiny second and i turned around and started running. >> reporter: cell phone video captured the mommy the giant tree snapped and came crashing down. standing blow was macy. >> i was like standing right next to the trunk and then i like heard it cracking so i like moved because it looked like it was going to crack forward or backward to the house. >> reporter: macy was waiting for her dad to pick her up from her usual spot after school within a few minutes she was toppled by the tree.
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>> i just started running and then it look fell and then i remember looking down and trying to hold my head back i didn't want to hit the on the settlement. the tree hit it and i smack it. >> reporter: this man pulled out his cell phone when he started to hear the cracking sounds coming from the tree. >> it just came crashing down and ended up hitting three people. i was shocked because there was screaming and just very nerve racking moment. >> reporter: macy ended up going to the hospital with a deep gash to the top of her head that required seven stitches. she also got a sore back and scratches on her head and legs. >> i had a good day that day, too. i had a really good hair day and i was mad because i had blood in my hair. >> reporter: they can jock about it now because she's okay. the two other people had minor injuries. ice was melting from many of the trees in the area and neighbors believe it was all that ice that played a role in snapping the giant tree. >> and fox's andrew padula reporting for us tonight. flooding in northern italy leaves at least five people de
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dead. towns all flooded out, river banks overflowing and evacuati evacuations are in place. new reports say one man was unaccounted for after his car was swept away. many of the hardest hit regions are still recovering from flash floods from last week. so far damage is estimated at more than $140 million. >> puppy napping caught an camera it happened down in florida. police say there was a pet store customer walk right out of the shop with one of the dogs. the owner of the pembrook pines pet store is opening this surveillance video will help police identify that woman as she is stealing an eight week old maltese puppy. it all happened last night. owner says the store was very busy couldn't keep track of everything going on and all of a sudden the woman manages to sneak out with the dog without anybody noticing. >> unfortunate but we really hope that the puppy can be found because lord knows where that puppy is at. >> puppy is so cute.
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the pet store says they're very concerned about the dog's safety because the puppy is so tiny and so new. also, some of the biggest names in the music business all lending their voices to a charity song remember when they did this in the past, they're doing it again to raise money to ease the ebola crisis. >> one direction, chris martin from cold play and u2 front man bono are part of today's recor recording. they're recording a new version of the classic band aid charity single do they know its christmas much it's an effort to help get resources to the three countries impacted by ebola mo most. >> i wish in a way we didn't have to do this, and there will come a time when we won't and that will be great. it will be great not to see ebola. >> every penny of money raised will go to char r more than 5,000 people have died from ebola in africa. and the power of social media helps south jersey
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community say thank to you a veteran police officer down on his luck. >> not just any officer. no. >> this is a fun one and it has a happy ending this police officer is a dog and our bruce gordon has the story of a partner's devotion. >> reporter: retirement has not been kind to judge the nine year old german shepherd who for seven years served alongside corporal mike franks. so what should come as no surprise that franks would do whatever he could to help his k9 companion in judge's time of need. >> this dog is my best friend. um, he's an unbelievable partn partner. >> reporter: judge aided in more than 150 arrests during his stint on the force and helped get a mountain of illegal drugs off the streets of west deptfo deptford. but tooth problems forced his retirement in 2013. much more recently serious health issues threatened his life. just days ago, a mass was discovered on the dog's liver and another on his testicles.
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foreign object was blocking his stomach and intestines. surgery at the university of pennsylvania's veterinary hospital removed the masses, and the piece of cloth causing the stomach trouble. >> right now judge is eating, he's drinking, he's in good spirits and he's more playful than he was initially after surgery. report roar but that care for a now retired partner left franks with $11,000 in medical bills. he and his department went to go fund and helped for help. what happened next, well, donation pledges big and small began pouring in. in just over a day, more than $12,000 from friends and strangers, companies and just plain folks. >> it's been overwhelming the support that judge has received are. >> reporter: you see those numbers rolling and you realize they're doing this to help your dog and what's you go your mind. >> overwhelmed with emotion. it's amazing how generous people are. >> reporter: that's not all. this clinic the st. francis
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veterinary center has offered to treat judge from now on free of charge. >> i think the message is just that. we're here to help. >> reporter: make retirement a little easier. >> that's exactly right. >> he's had successful career, um, and i think that people realized what he did for the community and now they're willing to, you know, help him out when he needs help. report. >> so nice of a story. helping out an officer. great news, the biopsy results are in they show the mass on the dog's liver benign but the mass on his testicles cancerous. doctors removed it and they believe they got every bit of it. judge may be in for a long and healthy retirement. he has earn it. >> absolutely. speaking of doing also i think the dog show in montgomery county. yes. >> that is going on right now this weekend. that's an indoor event for all the folk outdoors, though, it's been cold. it was nice. we had sunny day. it's like any other day you'd have in january and be like it's a nice looking afternoon.
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>> then when you go out there -- i know. i had to break out the big puffy winter coat today. >> me too. it was pretty early but the cold air sticking around through the seven day. >> thank you many we needed to know that. >> i know. we're just warming ourselves up forgetting ready. so to speak for the whole season as it comes on in. >> it's coming. it is comin coming. we've had our share of ups and downs over the past week. our temperature trend showed it was just a few days ago, can you remember this, 70 degrees. felt great. that was last tuesday and wednesday. we had a nice little warping trend coming off last weekend before the bottom really fell out. high temperatures went from 70 degrees to just 47 and then the low 40s yesterday and saturday. so this is the well advertised polar air mass that moved in across the northern planes and eventually into the northeast the southeast almost the whole country seeing this very chilly weather and temperatures far below normal especially just back out towards our west. so ultimate doppler showing some clouds streaming in at this hour. that is out ahead of a system that's spreading some snow
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across portions of iowa, up through minnesota, wisconsin including chicago and that's moving into ohio, too. that snow should stay west of us but it's some snow further back towards the west along the rockies across portions of colorado and kansas that's going to dive southward bring snow to northern texas and oklahoma tomorrow if you can believe it. it will move across the southeast and bring us some rain which could be heavy at times but it does look like just rain and that will be on monday. today's high temperature just 44. you can see how far below the normal that is. 56 is where we should usually be for mid november. 32 with the low temperature this morning but many of us started in the 20s. temperatures outside right now, 33 in philadelphia. we're looking at widespread 20s north and west. 28 in allentown. just 19 up at mount pocono. 22 in millville and 26 in atlantic city. winds are light not really dealing with wind chills at this hour. got enough chilly weather to contend with and all across the midwest and northeast you see those cold temperatures single digits. six up at international falls.
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21 in minneapolis and it will be a cold afternoon in green bay for anyone who traveled up to the eagles game there tomorrow afternoon they may have flurries it will be cold and wind chills in the teens. fox future cast back home here, though, it is colder up in green bay but it will be chilly here tomorrow. we'll have clouds most of the day going to lose that sunshine although it does stay dry and high temperatures should rise into the upper 40s. here's the system that's going to start to bring us rain you see a lot of green. that is indicates the temperatures will be warm enough for falling rain. the only issue we've had the cold weather in place through the ground is cold and there is a little bit of a concern as this system wraps up and colder air moves in on monday night for some freezing rain. that's where it looks like it's raining but as it hits the ground it freezes upon contact and can cause very icy conditions. so the biggest threat for that will be up in the mountains further north and west. that system pulls out out on tuesday and allows a fresh shot of cold air to come in on tuesday. for tonight, 30 in the city.
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22 in the suburb. partly cloudy, mostly cloudy it's a chilly looking day tomorrow. 48 degrees with the light southwest winds. let's check that seven day forecast for you. i certainly seen better seven day forecasts. temperatures remain above -- below average, you can cues me all seven days. so 48 cloudy and chilly tomorr tomorrow. it turns mild as that system comes in on monday. we want it to stay milder. that will bring rain and not frozen precipitation. 55 degrees. maybe flakes mixing in again on the back side of that. you can see how cold it gets and how quickly by tuesday. you're looking at high temperatures only in the mid 30s. sunny and breezy and then slowly see temperatures moderate. that's blow normal as we head into next week. there are sign that is maybe by thanksgiving temperatures will start to rebound a bit but winter has come in in such a hurry and it's not even winter yet. it's not even close. more than a month out before winter officially begins. >> is the party over already? i don't know about a party. we're just getting started. >> i'm talking about the party -- >> the warm weather.
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>> getting any come backs. i don't see any but -- >> it doesn't look good this coming week. >> for that small minor game that's happening in green bay tomorrow, keith russell here to talk eagles. >> caitlin said it will be cold in green bay. we need the eagles to come out hot. can they separate themselves from the pack tomorrow and we don't just mean green bay? coming off a disappointing loss the flyers try to fight their buy is one thing.
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pa, five goals this year but two game tonight. flyers down four-two. but they would not go away without a fight. in the third matt read bring the flyers within goal. and the come back is almost complete but montreal shows why it has the best record in the even conference they score the last two goals. flyers lose six-three off until wednesday when they face the rangers. now we've told you everything you need to know about aaron rodgers he's great. we get it. the one thing the packers don't do well, the one thing eagles did better than anyone else last year, run the dag gone football packers are 30th in the nfl against the run. lesean mccoy ran over 150 yards last year in the win at green bay and tomorrow with the temps in the 20s he's going to have his chances to take over the game again. >> mccoy is a pro, and much like receivers have product in bunches, he comes out here and he's very steady with his approach. >> i think the best thing about
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this offense that we can get better and we make adjustments whatever the defense plays us. if they let us run the ball, we'll run it. if we need to throw the ball, we'll throw it. whatever it takes for to us win games, that's the good thing about the offense, you know, we do that, we he can cute that very well. >> you know the packers also don't care how they win as long as they do. but for the most par it's been there passing game that has carried them. aaron rodgers 25td's just three picks this season much his main target jordy nelson says eagles seven and two, packers six and three that's an amazing matchup. >> it will be a good game. it will be a battle. they got, you know, two offenses going at at it and solid defen defenses both sides and guys that can make play. >> one guy who knows about both teams. one of the great testify eagles of all time brian dawkins remember him? he made that key interception in the fourth and 26 play off win own green bay years ago.
11:25 pm
that was favre then much it's rodgers now. dawkins now an analyst for espn and he says these eagles remind him in way of his eagles. ready to roll if everything falls in place. >> you now have high expectations. that's great thing. you have expectation that this team is supposed to do things a certain way, offense picking back up steam after kind of struggling the beginning of the year. defense playing a lot better. last year, getting after the quarterback was something we were all -- we need to pass rusher but you have a lot of guys now taking turns kind of getting after the quarterback, takes a lot of pressure off the secondary. and sproles, man -- >> oh my gosh. >> did you bring in sproles? i like to thank the chargers and the saints for neither one of them taking a lot of onus in this guy to keep him on their teams an allowing him to get with the eagles. >> and brian dawkins we would like to thank you. now only 3nfc teams haven't lost at home, cardinals, eagles and that's right the packers. we break down the big challenge on "game day live" tomorrow morning at 11am.
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fox nfl sunday at noon of the 9'ers and giants at 1:00 o'clo 1:00 o'clock. eagles and packers at 4:25. college basketball just beginning. nova, temple land sal start with a win. giant joes drexel and penn lose their season openers. college football, penn state we are penn state! picked temple apart from the start. 30-13 makes penn state eligible for bowl game for the first time since that jerry sandusky scandal that rocked the university. >> what a turn around in happy valley. now villanova continues its great year they score 14 in each of the first three quarters they take the fourth quarter off. cats beatly a albany 48-13. now eight and two on the year. getting to the nitty-gritty of college football number one mississippi state undefeated no more. number five alabama turn the tide on the play off picture. 25-20 the finals. >> all time great moment in college football.
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melvin gordon runs forget this, ladies, 408 yards in one game. he does it against nebraska. the 408 yards a division 1a record breaking the mark head by la damien tomlinson. 408 yards in one game. you know, football field is 100 yards. >> yeah. >> he ran that thing four times. >> four times in one game. >> okay. >> i have trouble running from the sports department to the s set. (laughter). >> i heard you running. >> you know what i just saw -- >> i'm out of breath. >> our eagles jason kelce getting off the plane in t shirts. >> that's how he rolls. >> tough. >> i hope that cold doesn't work against them. >> all right. that's our news for this saturday night. thanks for joining us. >> be sure to join us for fox 29 weeken
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