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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  November 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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no. uh-huh-huh! also new this morning, a fire rips through a home in east germantown killing one man and sending four officers to the hospital. will l and i look into this or why they are. a miserable day outside today. take a look at radar, rain, rain, more rain, poconos may in fact see a wintry mix, so more than rain there sue serio standing by with your full forecast and bob kelly keeping an eye on the roads. a need. and he has got it. >> yeah, a lot of that.
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horrible, right. what a disappointing night for the eagles. quarterback mark sanchez had to say about the team's horrible performance, and what that means for this coming sunday. finally eagles back at the link for a day game at 1:00 o'clock. cheer them on, right. >> it is monday november 17th 2014. hi guys. >> good morning. >> yeah, you look outside the window and say why can't i go back to bed. >> pull those covers backup over your head. >> we all wanted to but it wasn't an option. >> with all this rain, meteor shower to happen and we cannot even see it. >> when does it happen. >> just your imagination. >> and tomorrow as well. >> okay. >> anyway, wednesday morning, will be better but no meteor shower then. we will talk about possibility of record low temperatures on wednesday morning but lets get through today first and give you your number. ready, ready for the number of the day.
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>> no, it is a big old two. >> just what i thought it would be. >> two rimes with egh, rainy but it is milder then it was over the weekend so that it is only rain that we're dealing with, unless as we told you earlier you are up in the pocono mountains. bus stop buddy a has his rain gear on, temps in the 30's and 40's. winter weather at vicary in carbon and monroe counties only. everybody else is well above freezing so we don't see anything other than rain but that is causing a a lot of problems as bob kelly will tell you momentarily. it looks like the rain has eased up in a a lot of places so we're going to be in a lull for the next couple of hours. that would be fortunate for the the morning rush. we won't have deluge that we had overnight and what we will have later on today. south jersey we have a break in the action. aim for southern delaware. we will just take this while it comes, 41 degrees in the city, sunrise happening at 6:48 this morning but no
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sunshine today. high of 55 degrees with periods of heavy rain. that is your forecast from the weather authority. wait until you see roller coaster ride we will take in the seven day, that bob kelly is coming up. >> good morning, everybody. you know what i say first one out of the house gets the best umbrella and you will want to make sure you are the first one out of the house this morning with you you will not go anywhere fastest specially using i-95. here's a live look at an accident with the vehicle fire, the north bound i-95 ramp to head north on the blue route, 476 in delaware county, fire fighters are on the scene, and we had some big plumes of smoke coming from the vehicle here the last ten minutes or so, but traffic is bumper to bumper north on i-95, approaching the the ramps for 476, so some of the other problems, west on the schuylkill expressway, an accident right at the montgomery drive off ramp and depend ing upon where you begin and end your trip there is ponding on the roadway. be careful in the construction zones because the construction zones like i-95 those drainage grates are actually a travel
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lane. so all of that ponding gets in that left or right lane and that causes some extra accidents a along route 202 between frazier and malvern and then in olde city here the front and market street ramp to head south on i-95 is blocked. overturn tractor trailer anywhere from olde city using i-95 to go to the airport use the seventh street ramps to get your self on i-95 and a fire location at 17th and west moreland some local detours there. watching us down the shore same deal some ponding and slower than normal speeds on the garden state parkway, atlantic city expressway. here's your speed meter reading southbound i-95 slow in towards girard. bridges slower than normal but so far so good on mass transit, chris and kerry, back over to you. bob, thank you. prayers for thanksgiving this morning as philadelphia learns that pope frances is heading this way. lets go to fox 29's steve keeley live at the archdiocese with details on this. good morning, steve. >> we're down here in center
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city, mute around here already started, and, bob kelly just talked about and pope frances, is coming to philadelphia. and, and, everybody cannot believe. >> it would not surprise us to have upward of 2 million plus people. it will be an incredible event. this pope is so popular. as you know he is from south america. many planes that can get here many times of the day. super bowl is film in one country for three hours. we will have 150 countries here for a five day period. it is a very big event. i asked him, in his wildest dream, what do you estimate the the crowd side to be on the parkway for that mass for the masses, 2 million people,
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and that was close to the estimate when pope john paul the second held mass there in october 79, 35 years to the day almost, have of our next pope, visit coming to philadelphia. boy, how lucky for philadelphia not only to to get two most popular popes ever. this guy already is off the charts in popularity, and he has only been a pope for a little bit of time, imagine what he will do throughout time here. so, one other thing i can tell you this guy, the reason he is so popular is he gets rid of all of the other stuff that the other popes liked. don't be surprised whether he they book a room at four seasons and they say no, i will stay with the home less in love park. >> that would be amazing. >> steve, thank you. >> you can see he had has donna way with the extravagance, that usually goes along with this. breaking news out of east germantown a fire turns deadly in a business and boarding home. >> lets go to fox 29's jennifer joyce on the 800 block of east chelten avenue with more on this, jen, good
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morning. >> good morning, kerry and chris. sadly this marks the 28th fire fatality of the year which is more then we had this time last year. fire crew where is dispatched here to the 800 block of east chelten avenue just after 11:00 o'clock last night. we are told that the fire was on the second floor of the building, which was being used as a boarding home facility with at least four units. police arrived on the scene before the fire department and used extinguishers to put the the fire out. the four officers, sustained minor injuries. they were treated at a hospital and three people were able to get out safely. they are now being a is ted by the red cross, a fourth person, as we mentioned later found dead in his room. this morning, the philadelphia fire department is putting out a remind ber fire safety saying everyone needs to have an escape plan and have working smoke alarms, in this case, it appears that the building did have working smoke alarms but sadly one person did not make it out alive. kerry and chris. >> jennifer joyce, live, thank you. in the meantime it is 6:08
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on this monday morning. in north philadelphia, four people rescued from a porch roof when a fire broke out along the 3300 block of north 17th street, three of those people, went to the hospital, for evaluation, no word on a cause of that fire. the eagles game, we're talking about that now, with the packers,. >> i don't want to talk bit anymorey hesitate each time i see it. aaron rodgers, of course, and the rest of the packers dominated the birds from start to finish. >> mark an chest and rest of the team never got on track on lambeau. aaron rodgers was pin point accurate, it is unbelievable. he hits these runners in stride every single time. they never even have to reach for a pass. fifty-three-20 was the final score. eagles played tennessee next week, aaron rodgers isn't the greatest quarterback of all time i don't know who he is. state department doing something it has never done before, shutting down its entire e-mail system. the security we have been looking for for this unprecedented move.
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planning to go to mexico bring some cash, we will tell you why officials there are charging americans, to cross the border.
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peter kassig has become the fifth werner to be executed by bee heading in isis captivity. white house confirmed former army ranger was confirm by militant in the video, violent one at that released yesterday.
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video also shows mass beheadings of dozens of soldiers. >> president is calling these act pure evil. he has seen so many in the past couple months. kassig's death comes have after he was kidnaped a nearby in eastern syria. he is 26 year-old from indianapolis and he return to the middle east to provide aid for displaced syrians. his loved ones say they are very proud of his humanitarian work. >> every day, to, you know, save the life of the people, who he didn't have any relation to. >> he chose to go back, and to help with all of the suffering from syria caused by the civil war. >> a familiar figure, appeared in the execution, of the rid ohio that was released yesterday. this man speaking with an eveningish accent and fits the same description of a militant from other videos shown beheadings of westerners. 6:12. warning for ships on the high seas, why this cruise ship didn't want any other boat
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sailing nearby. bob? 6:12. here's a live look, at a car fire along, i-95, good news, bad news they are allowing one lane to squeeze through. bad news we are backup bumper to bumper heading north on i-95 through delaware county. to bumper heading north on i-95 through delaware county. iwe put all the apps you love... inside a car designed to connect you
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some people with shingles will have long term nerve pain which can last for a few months to a few years. don't wait until someone you love develops shingles. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk. let's talk about wednesday morning the 19th because this is a morning where we could break some low temperature records, lot of them in linger, we are forecasting temperatures in the teens and 20's, this is wednesday morning, at this time on wednesday, and, some of our records, like i said are in danger, out in reading, and
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maybe, atlantic city and philadelphia. pretty close to record temperatures. if you have not gotten parka out from last week you'll need it for sure last couple of days. behind that cold front, cold air dumping snow in ohio and western pennsylvania but for us it is rain, ahead of it. temperatures are mild enough, ape rain hazlet up, down in new jersey and lighter rain. still raining here in philadelphia still need your umbrella but getting a little break of that heavy rain that will come back later on. winter weather advisory until 9:00 a.m. in carbon and monroe. temperatures air above freezing, it is 37 in allentown. chilly rain but it is just rain. forty-one in the city, 38 in chester and limerick. forty-two bridgeton and millville, 46 degrees in cape may. temperatures over the past five days came down from that wednesday high of 70 degrees, we have two days with 70 last
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week and it will be until spring before we see that again. relatively speaking it is a mildish kind of day temperature wise with 55 degrees and then arctic blast, rolls in, and we will see temperatures plumet, high of only 38 degrees, tomorrow, and only 33 on wednesday, and that is morning where we have those record lows and then not quite as harsh on thursday, still chilly on friday and saturday and then, seasonal temperatures return are, with little bit of rain on sunday. and that is when the eagles will play again, right bob kelly. >> i could not imagine what we would be dealing with if this rain was coming in two days from now with the lower temperatures. we will count our blessings there. steve keeley said we will consider this holy what the they are morning. live look at what is left of the vehicle fire, on the ramp to i-95 the to the northbound lanes of 476, fire fighters, still there, you can see in the middle, it is still smoldering but we have one lane squeezing by. lets get to the next camera, which will show us the backup
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at 95 northbound jammed from k. rland to 476. in this mix folks trying to get to the airport to catch a flight out on time, north on the blue route, you have to sweat it out, the the one far right lane, squeezing past that earlier vehicle fire. crash in king of prussia, willits road in front of the king of prussia mall, overturn truck in center city olde city front and market street ram tops head south on i-95, is block from center city, olde city you have to use the seventh street ramp to gain access to i-95, this morning. fire location at 17th and west moreland and the major roadways, slow go on the schuylkill expressway from conshohocken to downtown, south on i-95 heavy a as well, watch it true the work zones like i-95 and 202, that ponding could be even worse, because those drainage grates in the construction zones are all kind of moved around and most likely a lot of them are in the actual travel lanes, and mass transit though, looking good, with no delays.
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president obama is back in washington. he was visiting the g20 conferences where he taughted progress in both, trade and climate change. in fact in the united states he will save bottles from the republicans who criticized his agreements from proposals announced over the coming days and he is peck to meet with advisors regarding executive order regarding immigration policy as well. the state department is taking an unprecedented step in shutting down its entire unclassified e-mail system. this is after the feds detect quote activity of concern, in the system. so this activity, also happened at the same time of another incident that targeted the white house computer network on friday. so far, they have not found any damage but technicians are hard at work, making security improvements to the
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department's main computer network, they don't know who carried these attacks out. fellow workers dead after a chemical leak at a suburban houston texas industrial plant. the chemical, began leaking, early morning, saturday, on the du pont plant. plant officials say release was contained to two hours later, a fifth worker is in the hospital but is expect to be okay. company says the community around that plant was never at risk. a police radio call shedding more light on the michael brown case, and this recording comes just as a grand jury prepares to release its decision in the shooting death, of that unarmed black teenager in ferguson, missouri. based on the timing of these calls, officer darren wilson to counter with brown, appeared to last less than 902nd.
6:21 am
officer wilson can return to active duty if not indicted by this grand jury. the officer is reportedly on paid leave. and a cruise ship is under investigation after more than 170 people on board became infect with the noro virus. crown principal sense dock in los angeles after traveling to hawaii for 28 day cruise. and four other crew members came down with that virus, a few days into that trip. there were so many people walking around, and buckets of sanitizer and wiping down walls and every time someone got up they were wiping down the table and wiping down the chairs. >> cdc is conducting a thorough cleaning of the ship and, before the ship embarks on the next voyage, this is the second time, this year the crown princess is at a out break of the noro virus. >> after 28 daisy would be sick of something else like all these people in the cabin. new problems for a new jersey school at center of the hazing allegations, person
6:22 am
school officials were looking at, who may have sold students steroids. an old allegations back in the head lines for bill cosby but one person close to the comedian isn't buying the it. buying any of them i should say all 14 accusations. the interview you will see
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we knew it could happen and it happen. a as hard as it is to hear eagles were out of the game in the first quarter. mark sanchez hit hard in the first half, and this game was never, neck and neck. first quarter, eagles down ten to nothing, with nine offensive touchdowns for a change, eagles fine themselves on the other end. no one is catching his hide. seventeen to nothing before you can even blink. aaron rodgers pick on bradley fletcher all day. his 21st half touchdowns, both came against fletcher. thirty-six at the half. second half was not any better. sanchez didn't want that. he didn't want this. eagles minus seven on take aways, well, guess what, give away take away. eagles lose 53- 206789 tied
6:26 am
with dallas at seven and three. >> hats off first off to the packers, they played 0utstanding in all phases, and we did quite the opposite. >> got to bounce back against tennessee i'm keith rust well your sports in a minute. 6:26. the march of dimes and the pearlman school of medicine will announce launch of the new, prematurity research center, ten million-dollar multi year investment. >> yes. >> retired philadelphia eagles darwin walker will be on hand for today's announcement at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. walker is father of a preman mature baby so he will discuss his role as an ambassador dad for the march of dimes n pennsylvania more than 16,000 babies are born every year prematurely, and internationally renowned baby photographer ann getes is also involved. she will be in our studio. you know those photos. they are iconic. she will be in the studio
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later this morning. they are so cute. >> so if you are planning to go to mexico make sure you bring some cash. why mexican officials are charging americans, to cross the border. grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. ♪ you're daddy made this when he was a little boy. ♪ this is your dad in my house,
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where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here, mom. me too. ♪ look who's here!
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pope fran zest is announcing it is coming to philadelphia next year. steve keeley is standing by live with the latest on his
6:30 am
trip. also new this morning, tragedy in east germantown, one person is killed in a late night fire, four officers taken to the hospital, why l and i is investigating. >> lets take you live to blue mountain in the pocono mountains, messy morning throughout the viewing area. here in the delaware valley. but boy, it could be nice and snowy. sue, we will get to that in a minute. bob kelly is keeping an eye on the roads as well. pack pennsylvaniaers get by with a little help from their friends while the eagles are licking their wounds. that will keep them busy for a while. the the low lights from last night's game. we stayed up to watch. you are wishing you didn't a at this point. >> depressing. >> good day, it is monday, november 17th, 2014. rainy days and monday and a eagles loss always get you down.
6:31 am
>> yeah, yeah, boy, it is just one of those days and it happens to fall on a monday where we had rain, rain and lots of it on the way, even if you are getting a break from it, take a tip from bus stop buddy and bring that rain ger with you. temperatures in the 30's and 40's at the moment but we expect rain on and off to be with us all day long and we expect, more heavy downpours as well. it is a two out of ten. only positive we can find it will be briefly milder then it was over the the weekend. we say briefly because tomorrow the chill comes back, but with the colder temperatures in the higher elevations winter weather advisory in effect until 9:00 for a mix of rain, plus, maybe some snow or sleet. but for us, it is only rain and as i mentioned we are getting a a break right now with lighter rain and still around the rain, and the the deluge that was there overnight, it is not here right now, in any other place even ones that have rain, but it is coming back i can promise you. we will show you future cast in a few moments, you can see
6:32 am
how reduced visibility is at philly international airport. 41 degrees at sunrise time at 6:48. that within daylight dawning because we, and we don't expect sunshine, high of 55 degrees. so again, briefly milder and just in time because it is a good thick precipitation isn't frozen. if it was snow it would be piled up already. it is 55 degrees today, wait until you see the plunge we take tomorrow, bob kelly. >> that is one good way to look ate. 6:32 is the rain and not snow causing a major jammo on i-95. thinks north bound i-95 stacked and packed from kerland from 476, bum per to bumper because of an earlier vehicle will fire on the ramps to the northbound side of the 476. there is one lane opened on that ramp. and these folks are trying to get through that stretch and trying to get up towards philly international. heading to the airport via i-95 north, i'd get a move on. lincoln drive at gypsy lane
6:33 am
you'll find an accident. watch for lincoln drive, construction zones, more slippery than normal this morning. is there your speed meter reading on the schuylkill expressway running slow from city line out towards conshohocken. out bound lanes of i-95, heavy through the work zone down in toward girard avenue. overturned truck blocking ramps from front and market street to head south on i-95. anyone from old city to center city trying to head south. you will want to use that seventh street ramp and fire location at 17th and west moreland and expect delays at the airport today, because of the weather conditions because if we have a flight scheduled out of philly international would i check with the airline and slow go here a along 295, corridor as well from mount laurel down to the freeway. >> bob, thank you. prayers have of thanksgiving being sent up as philadelphia learns pope frances is in fact coming to the city of brotherly love. >> pope made the announcement from the vatican this morning. letters from school children along with prayers and
6:34 am
pilgrimage to the vatican by mayor nutter of philadelphia and other local dignitaries, may have contributed to the pontiff's deis to visit the city of brotherly love. fox 29's steve keeley spoke with official this is morning, to say that news comes just the right time. >> after the eagles game yesterday, the rain this morning, it is a joyful morning. when i first heard, back earlier when the pope was possibly going to come, i started to pray right away. i believe that. joyfully, thoughtfully, prayerfully, this has been a magnificent morning. >> it is almost we had practice by getting that made in america concert the last few septembers by having big crowds but this guy will be bigger than jay-z and bee pan say together. >> you talk about a rock star the man is a rock star. i mean i just want to be in his presence. as close as i am to you, i don't know but i would just love to be there to see him, to feel his presence. it is going to be
6:35 am
overwhelming. jay-z, look out. >> the pontiff, of course, scheduled his visit in philadelphia in september, staying for three or four days for world meeting of families. some breaking news out of east germantown. fire turns deadly at a business and boarding home. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce is live at 800 block of east chelten avenue with more on this, jen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. one man is dead, three other people were able to escape the fire, get out safely there. they are being assisted by the red cross. fire crew where is dispatched here to the 800 block of east chelten avenue, just after 11:00 o'clock, last night. we are told that the fire was on the second floor of the building what we have seen used as a boarding home facility to at least four units. three people got out safely, a fourth was a announced on scene and police arrived on the scene before the fire department did. they used extinguish tore put the fire out, the four officers sustained minor injuries, this he were treated at a local hospital, this
6:36 am
morning, the philadelphia fire commissioner is putting out a a reminder about fire savety. >> talk about and point out, one is that you have to a home escape plan. they did have have smoke alarms. smoke a alarms, and he got everybody else out of the building. but he a had to have a home escape plan to make sure you have two ways out. make sure you check the smoke alarms and make sure they are working. >> reporter: police say fire remains under investigation, and it is unclear unclear how fire started at this time. it is 28th fire fatality, this time out year, but we are told that licenses and inspections is investigate to go try to figure out whether or not this building had proper licenses. kerry and chris. jenny, thank you. 6:36. in north philadelphia, four people were rescued from a porch roof when a fire broke
6:37 am
out along 3300 block of north 17th street. one of those people went to the hospital for evaluation, no word on what caused the fire. more than 500 e-mails revealed new details about a football hazing scandal at sayreville war memorial high school in new jersey. e-mails were obtain by a public records request according to nj to the come and they reveal teams head football coach was earning additional compensation from the school district, and another e-mail reveals that investigation into whether an assistant coach was selling steroids to the team. days after these e-mails school officials would learn of a police investigation into those hazing allegations, seven student are charged in connection with those allegations. persistent, hard feelings are reopening a wound resulting from the jerry sandusky scandal. penn state's president is promising to study the lengthy freeh report and he plans to do it fast. president eric baron placed a statement on the university's web site over the weekend,
6:38 am
about the report. in 2012 the former fbi director conclude that had university leaders concealed key facts about jerry sandusky's abuse of kids to avoid bad publicity. he said the report divided the penn state community and dose not want anyone to think that the school is hiding anything. it has been a scary week for temple students, several targeted by robbers and latest incident happened over the past weekend. a 22 year old student was held at gunpoint with 2100 block of 12th street, the robber wanted the students cell phone, victim got away, police were able to call police, i hud say but rash of robberies has others on a leather. >> i'm just minding my own business and trying to go throughout my day and i have to worry about making sure i'm all right and making sure that i'm not going to get robbed or
6:39 am
anything along those lines. >> other incidents, included violence, one student is now recovering after being shot outside of a fraternity party last weekend. temple security says that they are working with police to address the problems. meantime the board of trustees at lincoln university is now conducting a internal review of the school's president have after he made those controversial remarks and speech regarding sexual assault on campus. in his remarks back in september, which were posted on you tube the president robert jennings claimed women lied about rape when quote, it didn't turnout the way that they wanted. last week he a apologized for those comments according to the philadelphia inquirer, the board says after a two hour meeting saturday the review of jennings would be referred to an executive committee. new jersey senator corry booker is meeting with workers in the garden state today. u.s. senator's first stop will be at lock heed martin in moorestown. later on he is heading to
6:40 am
camden with the campbell's soup company. will philadelphia be getting another casino. >> that is the question pennsylvania gaming regulators will decide, when they meet, the board which convenes tomorrow will also determine who will get the license and a new casino could mean new tax revenue and thousands of new construction abe permanent jobs. bill cosby is refusing to talk about rape allegations, i think there are 15 of them now but recently coming back to light but one of his friends is speaking out on his behalf. it is interview you'll see only on fox, sue? we have more bad weather, on the way but in different form we will go from rain today to chill tomorrow we i'm sheldon yellin, and i started my career rebuilding homes for one family at a time. today, our companies help build something more. for 28 years, belfor has been restoring homes and businesses destroyed by fire, flood, or any disaster. and even though we've grown to over 6,000 dedicated people
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you know there was hype, before the eagles fame with the packers. >> you didn't boot hype. >> unfortunately for eagles fans, only the packers lived up to all that pregame buzz. >> i joke because you really could careless. >> i was all pumped for this game. that is why i'm so depressed. >> we all had a thought. >> here's low lights. packers 53 -20. aaron rodgers with as good as ever, ties this guy with just pin point accuracy with every pass. packers are the real deal. a lot of question about whether or not eagles are the real deal as we could not
6:44 am
knock off this team. things would have been different if we had won this game, everyone would have said, we're the best team in football. >> i thought we had some momentum going. we could never tell, looking at players, you had had to look at the officials how cold it actually was in green bay yesterday. that cold air is making its way east. it is not here yet. we have precipitation ahead of the cold front bringing us rain on and off throughout the day. if you see pockets of rain, wilmington delaware here in the city we are getting very light rain right now, it is eased up for the the moment in mount pocono and a other parts of the pocono mountains, and then for them and even later on it will be a mix of wintry mix of weather. we have rain in burlington county, gloucester county this morning and down to our south, we will take a break for the moment, winter weather advisory continues until 9:00 for carbon and monroe counties and a here's some temperatures, 36th -- 36 in
6:45 am
bethlehem. rain hazlet up for the moment. 41 degrees in bensalem and in philadelphia. upper 30's just about every where else in the city. around the city i should say. bridgeton and millville, have temperatures in the lower 40's or mid 40's in wildwood, that is why precipitation is rain and only rain for us. we have light winds out there, but poor visibility in plenty of places as we look back before we look a head, we took a nose dive with our temperatures last week and we thought it got cold when we went from 70 degrees last wednesday, to 47 on thursday and then it stayed in the 40's over the weekend. that is nothing, compared to what we will see here in the seven day forecast, are you ready. fifty-five today. a brief warm up. and then 33. that is a high temperature. that is not a mistake for tomorrow, and wednesday. not quite as harsh on thursday and then another blast of cold air on friday, starts to moderate a little bit over the the weekend but we really have
6:46 am
to get ready for arctic temperatures coming up, bob kelly. good morning. 6:45. rough go so far this morning, already major jams expect steady heavy rain, i-95 southbound disable at girard avenue we are bumper to bumper to woodhaven in through center city. we just got word of an hour and 40 minute delays now at philly international. heading out to the air port this morning do check with the airline, again, once we saw delays in laguardia and typically it just goes down hill from here. we have an overturn truck blocking ramp from front and market to south on i-95. use the seventh street ramps to gain access to i-95. this fire location at 17th and west moreland. is there your speed meter reading on the schuylkill expressway we have i in and out of the city. just watch for that ponding on all of the major roadways this morning. patco now checking in with 20 minute delays because of the weather conditions, and i'm
6:47 am
sure septa a may have minor delays hit and miss on the regional will rail lines and we still have that problem on i-95, i-95 northbound the ramp to the northbound side of 476, still blocked because of that early morning vehicle fire. traffic backed up for 2 miles approaching the ramps for 476. kerry, back over to you. bob, thank you. 6:47. it will cost you some cold hard cash to cross mexico's border. americans will to have pay a 28-dollar fee for a permit, that is similar to a vees a fee is part of the pilot progthram at only applies to people crossing on food. i suppose not many of us would want to cross on foot but just in case mexican officials say the program could be extended on vehicle. decades allegations of sexual assault are coming back to haunt bill cosby. >> and only on fox, a long time friend, excuse me, of cosby's, long time friend is
6:48 am
speaking out to fox 29 about those allegations, attorney for the alleged comedian cosby posted a message on facebook saying cosby will not respond to these allegations. fourteen women have made assault claims begins cosby but, he was never prosecuted and always denied the accusations. >> they did file a civil suit against him and she settled. >> he a has done some settling out of court evidently. claims re-surfaced after hanibul burris called cosby a quote rapist, during a reese's experience in philadelphia a so we caught up with a long time friend of cosby's who defended him. >> i hear that word rapist associated with bill cosby. >> no, no. >> reporter: what goes through your mine. >> i don't think he has to rape anybody good one of the more absurd things i have ever her anybody said. >> he said i dent think he has to rape anybody. >> nobody has to rape anybody. >> so last night cosby made his first appearance since
6:49 am
allegations resurfaced in erie, pennsylvania. he made no comment regarding the scandal. legal analyst ken rottweiler will be joining us at 7:30 to talk about the accusations abe what man means all these years later with the statute have of the limitations. >> dead is reporting another woman who has come forward in just the past day so perhaps that is a look at what is to come. more on that as it continues to develop. beyonce's sister tied the knot. yesterday solange knowles married yesterday. >> beyonce posted photos of this gorgeous affair on instagram. they wore white including solange's groom. her son and beyonce's husband jay-z. they went together. they looked pretty happy, affectionate. everybody appeared to be getting a long. >> there was a groom on the far left with the beard. he is 51. she's 28. there is an age difference but they seem happy. they rode up on a bicycle.
6:50 am
>> pretty cute. >> very far cry we should mention from that infamous elevator fight between solange and jay-z. >> this is back in may when she attacked him in an elevator at the standard a hotel following the met gala in new york. >> we throw that in there because it is fun to see again, and again. >> twenty years after the original hit theaters, sequel, to dumb and dumber tops the box office. >> speed it up. >> gotcha. >> wait a minute, you mean you have been faking for 20 years. >> um-hmm. >> and it was all for a gag. >> yep. >> that is awesome. >> i found him out in the alley. >> that is the way to explain 20 years. >> dumb and dumber, two opened up with 38 million-dollar in ticket sales, jim kerry and
6:51 am
jeff daniels repriced their rolls this marks one of the longest gaps between installments, the prequel was released in 2003. >> i don't even remember that. so today's jimmy kimmel's annual national unfriend day. >> i love this. >> it is time to evaluate your on line behavior. >> i'm jimmy kimmel. i'm here on your feed because one of your friend asked me to tell you you are getting dangerously close to being unfriended. charged with one or more of the following offenses, you post too much, you spell check too little, you won't shut up about politics, you won't shut up burr kid, how you slept last night. how your work out went what traffic was like, what the weather is, which frozen character you are. you claim to tag people. >> we want to know is what your biggest social media pet peeve, something do you, your friends do, something we do. we have the hash tag fox 29 good day and we will read your answers throughout the morning. now speaking of facebook and social media, your office may try to keep you off of facebook but you may have a
6:52 am
real reason to log on during work in the future during work in the future, the new social media site, facebook, is reportedly working on. >> do you have a sweet tooth. >> i don't. >> how about a cup cake in the middle of the day. >> yes. >> doctor oz will tell you what your food cravings will really mean.
6:53 am
6:54 am
look we're doing anything to forget that eagles game.
6:55 am
>> we were crying like babies last night. >> speaking of babies, come in here and one of the most famous photographers, when it comes to babies, is in philadelphia today. she will be on our show. we are trying to impress her. can we recreate, you know, the little baby scene. will she be impressed with this. >> i think so. >> plus we have to talk about the eagles. >> yes. >> my gosh it hurt, it hurt so bad. >> so jon and sean are coming from 97.5 the fanatic to talk us off the ledge. >> we are in blankets because it is cold this morning to wake up it is monday we have to deal with the rain and temperatures will just drop. >> yes, no question bit. >> the pope is coming to philadelphia, how about that. >> that is huge news. we will be covering this all throughout the show, yes. >> maybe he will confuse us for deciples. >> maybe so. we will be right back. we put all the apps you love...
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inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us.
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6:58 am
omg the pope is coming to philadelphia he made that official with an announcement overnight. we are live with the reaction. >> ♪ rainy days and mondays always get me down ♪ good
6:59 am
omg. >> rainy days and mondays, we have it both this morning and is there a major temperature drop just hours away, sue has details. omg. what is with the cosby. >> that is on stage. bill cosby makes a stage in pennsylvania as sexual assault allegations get new life. >> and omg. what was that. the eagles are blown out of green bay. we've got steam rolled, get it. now what do you think about the rest of the season. we have the trifecta, the eagles get steam rolled. we turn lambeau field into lameo field. it is a monday morning. the weather is miserable. yeah, baby.
7:00 am
>> way to start our monday, mike. >> is there a reason to get out of bed. >> you have to. >> so what we're looking for this morning is how will you shake this day off. how do you turn it around. you cannot roll up in a ball and cry. well, you could. >> yes, we did that last night. tears were flowing. >> my goodness good get on twitter, you you know our handles and how will you shake it off. i need help. >> taylor swift song will help and once that gets in your head, it will never leave. >> shake it off. >> shake it off. >> we have good news pope is coming, we will get to that in a second. >> you will not like the the number today. >> a one or two or three. >> if you think one it would be happy because it is a two. >> all right. >> we found one, it is briefly going to be milder today then it was over the weekend but times have heavy rain very slow go on the roads today, bus stop buddy in the rain gear at the the bus stop just soaking wet, 30's and 40's


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