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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 17, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the rain stops get ready for the bitter cold. let's get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. >> yes, that's the bigger story, iain and lucy. the rainfall moving out but the arctic blast that is going to be moving in. some of the coldest air of the season some of the that cold air moving south from canada. southward from the great lakes headed right toward the philadelphia area. so the rainfall moves out but we still have a flood advisory for the the next 15 minutes right around the i-95 corridor points north and west as well as south and east. but the arctic air, it's moving in. below freezing temperatures expected area wide tonight. there could be some patchy black ice in spots where that water doesn't evaporate. but the wind will pick up and feels like temperatures will be in the teens and even single digits tomorrow morning. ultimate doppler right now drying out along the i-95 corridor north and west still some leftover showers down the shore but the heaviest rainfall is now out into the open waters of the atlantic. low temperatures tonight, 29 in the city. 22 in the suburbs. and take a look at the future
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feels like temperature with the wind chill. by 10:00 o'clock we'll be in the 30s and 20s. and, yes, teens, single digits north and west by 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. we'll talk about how long this arctic blast will last coming up iain and lucy. >> scott, thank you. after seeing this you'll probably opt for rain over snow any day. the snow making for dangerous drive of driving conditions in texas. there were crashes with an ambulance semi trucks and whole lot of passenger cars. no word on if there were any serious injuries. as the rain picks up and eases off and things get really cold, you can stay prepared by head to go our website click the weather tab at the top of the home page for the latest weather information and live radar images. >> a landmark day for philadelphia. pope francis has confirmed he is heading to the city of brotherly love for the world meeting of families next september. >> it will be pope francis' first visit here to the us. >> a lot of people are very happy. fox 29's bruce gordon is live overlooking the parkway tonight. bruce? it's the news the city has been waiting for. >> reporter: absolutely, lucy.
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the parkway is where some of the biggest events will take place. the world meeting families is held every three years since the first event back in 1994, but never before in the us. popes have attended all of these meetings with one exception, that was pope benedict for medical reasons and so no great surprise that pope francis would announce his pats parents paying in the 2015 philadelphia event that did not make today's formal nouns many any less special. >> he's one of the most karas mat tech and influential leaders on the world stage. and he's coming here. the news has catholic young people in particular fairly buzzing with anticipation. >> oh, my goodness. pope francis one of my favorite people ever. i'm such a fan. >> reporter: pontiff made the announcement midday in rome he spoke in italian but the most important word was easy to translate. >> philadelphia. >> reporter: hours later, midday in philadelphia, local officials repeated the announcement in front of an enthusiastic crowd at the art museum on whose steps the pontiff will preside at the
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world meeting. >> philadelphia the big city for big events and we could not be more excited. >> reporter: news of the pope's intention to visit philadelphia had been a poorly kept secret since march. when the local delegation visited francis at the vatican. governor tom corbett formally april fifty eighted the pontiff during a brief outdoor audience. >> and the holy father answered our invitation by whispering three words in tom's ear. i will come. >> reporter: pope is expected to leave the festival of families on the ben franklin parkway saturday septembe september 26th. and celebrate mass in front of perhaps a million worship per on the parkway the neck day. huge crowds will overwhelm the region's supply of hotel rooms meaning individuals will be asked to open their homes to out of town visitors. like milan in 2012, the world meeting 2015 will get lots of coverage add to that papal visit to the us and you got a publicity bonanza. >> huge significance for philadelphia. you know, for philadelphia to
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have this type of a win just quantum leaps us into a global city. >> reporter: but for the kids it will be all about the man. and his significance to their life and to their faith. >> the idea of being able to see the pope face to face in person. >> that would be great. if that ever happened for me that would be great. >> reporter: even for from a distance not so bad. >> even from a distance that would be good, too. >> reporter: planning for security and traffic and lodging has been underway for quite sometime now with the assumption the pope would be in attendance. fundraisers tell us they're about half eau halfway to their goal of $45 million needed to stage this event. today's news obviously will give that effort a great enthusiastic boost. lucy? >> you know it will, bruce. big events and big crowds are nothing new to philadelphia. hundreds of thousands show up regularly for the city's fourth of july and made in america events. but the pope's mass could draw much more than a million people to the parkway. so security it will be elaborate and expensive.
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definitely a big team evident. in fact archbishop charles chaput said today he's overjoyed by what's going on here and that the pope in fact has focused on the challenges that families face today for this particular meeting it's a big big deal. you know the world is going to be watching. dave schratwieser is live on the ben franklin parkway with part of the story that regards security and all that it involves. dave. >> reporter: i talked to police commissioner charles ramsay this afternoon he says this is nothing philadelphia can't handle. this city is used to big events like the world series parade for the phillies where a million people flooded into center city. the fourth of july events here, big concerts on the parkway. lots of planning goes into that. those events, and lots will go into this. police chief tom nestle from septa police says, his folks will be ready to handle all the transportation stuff. they'll be a million people coming in on subways, buses, trains, all kinds of thing like that. both nestle and ramsay told me
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this system is up for the challenge. >> logistics of it it real sal challenge. i mean, where do people come when they either come by train or come by bus or they drive? what kind of shuttle service we'll have into the main venue. all those kinds of things will be worked out so that we can provide clear instructions. >> any time you have an event where there's a large gathering of people, we're always concerned. the fact that the pope is at the center of that, um, triples that concern. it's something that we'll be planning for and have been pla planning for. this isn't, you know, this -- we weren't waiting till today to start getting ready. we've been getting ready. >> reporter: in fact they've been getting ready for months now. they've had multiple meetings about this. all to work on the security plan the logistics to bring this altogether for next september's meeting. they both expect that this will go off successfully, tom. nestle said he'll look back on
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that sunday night after the pope leaves town and says philadelphia really stepped up. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you very much, dave. we have continuing coverage of the pope's historic announcement on on the home page you will find full details of the pope's announcement and his visit and you'll find the reactions of local leaders to the big news conference at this morning, n happened this morning. >> papal visit to philadelphia is not only major event in the wings tonight. city leaders announce dag that philly is on the short list to host the 2016 democratic national convention. seven's chris o'connell live tonight with how the city is already preparing for another major event. chris? >> reporter: iain first the announcement that the pope is coming. now there's some people who think philly has become a front runner to host the democratic national convention in 2016. party leaders say that winning bid is now a matter of money. inside the closed door city hall meeting -- >> philadelphia is a city of big city with big events and we do them very very well.
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>> reporter: the sales pitch was on. >> no city in the country is more prepared to host a great democratic convention than philadelphia. >> reporter: whose who pennsylvania democrats and business leaders announcing a full court press to land the 2016 democratic national convention. >> they've asked to us raise significant amount of money for this convention. we submitted to them a dough tailed financial plan which they said was the best financial plan they got from any city former gov non and chair of the d inform c ed rendell says philly is poised to win especially after hosting a successful republican convention back in 2000 sand. the competition, burping ham, columbus, new york and phoenix. the host committee visited all of the sites including philadelphia this past summer complete with cheesesteaks from pat's and a visit to xfinity live. >> they were very impressed. we got feedback very impressed with the building, with the logistics, with the city. >> reporter: more than 60,000 delegates, guests and media expected a convention would pump
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hundreds of millions of dollars into the city. >> this meeting was really about mechanics, about putting together the financial support that we need to make this final part of the package real. >> reporter: host committee is required to raise $85 million. business owner from bethlehem gave them a jump start bringing with him $100,000 check. >> i think the democrats have a better chance of getting the next presidential election so it is very important that's why i'm here today. >> reporter: the final step democratic national committee will whittle down the list of finalists the final selection should be made in january. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, chris. a philadelphia prison on lock down tonight after three guards are rush to the hospital following a prison fight. arrested right now 49 year old fred avery, jr. this happened this afternoon at the philadelphia industrial correctional center holmesburg. authorities say the officers were responding to a fight between inmates when avery
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assaulted the guards. they say he stabbed one guard with a sharp homemade object several times. another in the hand. a third in the face. all are expected to be okay. now, a fight last week left four inmates stabbed at the very same facility. despite all this rain, a fire made for tense moments at the society mill towers in philadelphia earlier today. this is on the 200 block of locust street. we're told the fear started on one of the upper floors. thankfully everyone got out safely. there's no word yet on what caused the fire or how bad the damage is. >> fighting back against the number one killer of american newborns. >> the leaders of that fight are right here in philadelphia. and they made a big announcement today. the brand new center giving the most vulnerable babies a chance at life. and internet gambling hasn't even been legal in new jersey for year and someone has hit a big jack. what the garden state newest millionaire plans to use the money for. >> green bay beat the eagles by 33 yesterday. at least one eagles player still
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thinks the eagles are the better team. that player speaks coming up in sports. and right now, ultimate doppler still showing some of the rainfall in south jersey, sections of delaware. but once the rain moves out, arctic blast is moving in. how cold it gets and how long it lasts coming up. >> and she wanted to buy her daughter a car for her sweet 16th birthday but now she's worried she endangered her life. tonight at 10:00 fox 29 investigates how this rust
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♪ >> she is heart broken and a lone tonight after somebody stole her beloved dogs. foley says it happened last night right around 6:00. the dogs were in a special enclosure behind her second street home and she thinks the dog thief came up her neighbor's driveway, ripped down part of her fence, hopped over and stole her french bulldog louie and her pomeranian zoe.
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>> i want my kids home. because they're my family. i live alone and that's what i have with them. they are my family. >> foley and her friends put up flyers throughout the neighborhood. reward goes to whoever can get those dogs back home. no questions asked. if you have any information, call trenton police or animal control. >> a huge announcement today and the fight to stop premature births. the leading cause of newborn deaths in our country. the big news is happening right here in our area on world premature are the day. joyce evans has the details avenue new approach to saves of lives of babies and prevent serious long life health problems much joyce. >> this is huge and proof we live in a region in the cutting edge of medicine and science in this country. surprisingly this time we're way behind on the world stage. unfortunately s ranks among the worst in so-called high resource countries in numbers of premature baby. just in pennsylvania alone, 16,000 babies are born too soon every year.
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>> one in eight babies are born prematurely at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania every day. >> reporter: but that's going to change according a diverse team of penn doctors scientists -- >> i love it. >> retired eagle and fox 29 game day regular a famous baby photographer, a world famous non-profit and $10 million. >> their primary mission is to find the cause of pre term births. >> reporter: under the umbrella of a brand new premature are the research center, coming to chop, and that's not all they'll offer. >> we need to be able to identify women at risk for pre term births. so that we can offer them perilized care, counseling and treatment options. >> reporter: photographer a inform n ged dees volunteering her services to the project stopped by "good day philadelphia" this morning on her way to the big announce ma many. she told why she's thrilled to be a part of it. >> being able to create an image of a tiny little baby called
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alfred who was born eight weeks too earl and he weighed 2 pounds 6-ounces much he's doing really well and all i can hope is that the image i created gives families who are now in nicu units around the world a strength stress of strength and hope. >> so cute. so precious. the $10 million investment from the march of dimes will fund five years of research and work. penn says there are some other sources of funding coming in and helping out the mission as well. including money from the national institutes of health. iain. >> joyce, thank you. internet gambling has been legal in new jersey for less than a year. already someone won a jackpot worth $1.3 million. a morris county woman was playing millionaire jean 93 on the harrah's casino website. her familiar l use the non pay off their mortgage, set up a college fund for their son and go on winter vacation. with this winter that's where you want to go. >> go some place warm. we're about to fall off the cliff. chief meteorologist scott
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williams, my goodness. it's not so much the air temperature tomorrow. it's going to be the wind chill. what it actually feel like lucy and iain and that's going to make it feel just down right bone chilling across the area. right now we're watching some of that colder air move out of canada away from the great lakes and toward our area. temperatures right now not that bad. but tomorrow morning, it's going to be different story. so the rainfall is moving out. watch for wet roadways out there. the arctic air moves in below freezing temperatures overnight. there could be some patchy spots black ice especially some of the elevated surfaces where that water does not evaporate. just keep that in mind much otherwise wind chills in the teens and single digits tomorrow morning. as we look at ultimate doppler you can see dry in trenton now, philadelphia down to wilmington north and west looking pretty good. but around tuckerton moving down the shore atlantic city, down to cape may still looking at some of the light to moderate rainfall as most of the heavy rainfall with that cold front is now in new england as well as offshore in the open waters.
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no snowfall moving in behind the system so that's good news. the high today upgraded to 50 that's our current temperature right now in the philadelphia area. so with that rainfall moving out temperatures trying to recover a bit before that arctic air moves in. upper 50s in atlantic city. we have 39 degrees currently in the pocono mountains. 43 in allentown. but you can see a way from the philadelphia area temperatures below freezing pretty much area wide. 31 in pittsburgh. 22 cincinnati. 29 in nashville. teens right now in desmoines. minneapolis as well as chicago so that air mass headed in our direct. how cold will it be tomorrow? the high temperature in philadelphia only freezing. 32 degrees. how about that? the poconos 20s, mid 30s down the shore and then what it actually will feel like, single digits tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. in allentown, reading. 14 degrees is what it will feel like in philadelphia. it will feel like 16 degrees in atlantic city. so that's how you should dress. dress for the dead of winter tomorrow across the area.
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we're looking at 3:00 o'clock, feels like temperatures right around 20 in philadelphia. and then as we look at the record territory, by wednesday morning, the record low is 20 in philadelphia. the forecast is 20. atlantic city the record is 18. and the forecast is 18. so you get the drift. it is definitely going to be below average. that front moving out, the cold air is moving in behind that system. so we're not looking at any snowfall moving in. that's some good news. and you can see sunshine tomorrow. but deceptive sunshine and that will continue into wednesday as well with temperatures only in the theirs. so bundle up and just get ready for that cold air that is moving in across the area. 20s for low temperatures but feels like temperatures in the teens. 32 degrees. that's it for the high temperature tomorrow. what is iain going to do? forecast by the numbers on a scale of one to 10, tomorrow it is a two with bone chilling wind chills and temperatures mod. 44 thursday.
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right around 40 friday and saturday and then the big thaw comes sunday. mid 50s. mid 60s by monday of next week. >> that's what he yann is shooting right there is monday. >> just got to get ting in monday g cold weather builds characters. >> i had a lot of it built when i was in alaska for nine years. >> that's right. i had a lot yesterday. >> you did at lambeau. >> some fans can be out right nasty and mean. well, all right, i'll show you what i mean coming up in sports. green bay wins yesterday against the eagles. so who is the better team? one eagles player is still in the ready to say
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♪ >> no disrespect to green bay. they played great today. with the way we played today we wouldn't have beat anybody. >> i agree with jeremy maclin. and green bay, you can have it. i'm out of there. very clear what happened yesterday. green bay is a good team. really good. maybe better than the eagles. but with what happened yesterday the eagles gave themselves no chan. there was defensive errors, offensive errors. which fans may not see those kind of errors but there's something they did see. to green bay. the turnovers are killers. now, they charged sanchez with the fumble there. but they said it wasn't a clean handle off. nonetheless it's an exchange between the quarterback and the
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running back. that pass was just flat out brutal by sanchez. 52-yard interception julius peppers for the touchdown. now even with what happened at lambeau field eagles running back lesean mccoy still believes best team did not within the game yesterday. >> i don't think they are a better team than us. they were today. that's all that matters but no reason to talk about it. they were the better team today. i think overall we're a good team. we really are. >> some fans are just mean. they're rotten and one new orleans saints fan where else just a creep. let's go to new orleans. now cincinnati is playing at new orleans. cincinnati player jermaine gershon -- greg actually wants to give the ball you see the cincinnati fan in the stands wants to give the ball to that lady. >> right the. >> the fan he's a jerk and a creep and i'd come down there and straight then out. but in the end new orleans came by and gave her a football.
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>> see there you go. >> that guy is a creep. >> that's it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you at 10:00.
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a new bill cosby accuser comes forward. >> he's a very, very, very sick man. >> what she's saying the embattled legend did to her when she was young. >> plus cosby's shocking moment of dead silence. >> there have been seriously a gaitionz raised about you. you're shaking your head no. >> he shook his head and shook his finger. then, the woman locked out of her own home. >> open the door this is my house! >> what happened after the accused squatter was evict and she finally got her house back. senate's disgusting. plus, dancing in the streets. beyonce and jay-z at her sister's wedding.


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