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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  November 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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alarms the firefighter do's have it under control now. and this is what it looks like right now. skyfox lack over the scene live. thankfully no injuries reported. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page that market was part of a thanksgiving tradition for many local families. let's get out to dave kinchen live near the scene tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain still very active scene here with several fire companies let me step out of the way you'll see the flashing lights and you'll also see one of the buildings here at the columbus farmers market one building damaged by this fire. and we'll go to video from sky fox and you can see haptenes the flames were earlier now here's what we know. the fire chief just wrapped up a press conference he told us the four alarm blaze the damage confined to one building. the fire walls playing a big role in helping to save much of this complex here but several businesses in this one building believed to be destroyed there's a produce market in there.
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there's also a business called basically it has bagels and it's called not just bagels we spoke witness owner of that business and they're trying to get a better look at everything but the owner tells us she's really worried that she lost everythi everything. >> we do know at this point that from fire investigators they tell us that no one was injured. that's the good thing here. no injuries here but, again, a four alarm fire and the fire department tells us that they actually had to deal with the cold and wind and really hampered their efforts to knock the fire down. but they were able to get it down. a couple hot spots that they're looking fire is under investigation. there's no word of a cause but good news, no injuries and some business openers hoping they can get a look at their property but as you said, this is a big area for thanksgiving and a lot of business owners are really worried that they're just not
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going to be able to help out lot of people as they get ready for thanksgiving dinners next week. guys, we'll zen it back to you. >> dave, thank you very much. >> of course we've got continuing coverage of the farmers market fire for you on our website it's right on you'll find the latest information through a link on the home page along with a slide show of the fire crews response. >> developing right now along the banks of the schuylkill river, a woman has died after her car plunged into the water along kelly drive. it took more than an hour to get that vehicle out of the river. really tough going for emergency crews and this harsh weather. fox 29's dawn timmeney live at the scene in fairmount park. dawn, do they have any idea what might have happened? >> reporter: they they don't lucy still trying to piece it altogether but you can see exactly where it happened. this is the wall that the woman slammed into before her car flew into the water blow. >> she was going extremely fast obviously something was wrong. >> reporter: police now trying to figure out why a woman
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driving at a high rate of speed plunged into the schuylkill river. witnesses telling investigators volvo stationwagon came flying down hunting park of a crossed kelly drive crashed through a stone wall before flying through the air and landing face down in the water. >> immediately the philadelphia fire department, deployed zodiac rafts with firefighters in mortar gear followed quickly by philadelphia police marine unit who got divers in the water. >> reporter: divers were quickly able to locate the car despite working in freezing water and poor visible. police say the driver was unconscious but unfortunately they were unable to get into the car and pull her out. >> you can see how badly damaged that car was and then went in nose first and it compressed the entire chassis of the car, so they tried very hard to get a door open but it just wasn't possible. >> reporter: emergency crews had to bring if in a tow truck to pull the volvo from the murky
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water and then remove the victim from her car. fire medics pronounced the 41 year old woman dead at the scene just after 1:30. >> there's no indication that there was any application of the brakes. but we at this point do not know whether she had some type of a medical emergency, me can any failure or whether it was intentional. >> reporter: now police are not releasing the victim's identity as they are still notifying family members. we do know that she's a 41 year old african-american woman. coming up at 6:00 tonight more on the extreme conditions that divers and emergency personnel faced as they tried to get the woman out of the car and pull her to safety. unfortunately, again, she did not make it. iain? >> just so tragic. i got it dawn, thank you very much. well, you heard dawn allude it to there. bitter outside. the cold. it's biting at least it's writ to look at when you're sitting inside. fox 29 weather authority is on top of all of this. today's freezing temperatures
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combined with the wind makes it feel like we're in the low teens. hard to feel prepared for that and i'm very sorry to break this one to you it will stay frigid for while. chief meteorologist scott williams look at you outside in old city tonight. i'm really sorry you're out there, bud. i'm sorry about it. lucy, it is cold even for fall standards. winter still about a month away and if it was january, or february, this would still be cold. folks are bundled up out here in old city. temperatures are dropping. let's talk about the numbers. our afternoon high today was 30 degrees. so right around freezing across the philadelphia area. but you factor in the wind hour your body reacts you can see those feels like temperatures are in the teens right now. so that's how you should dress. take a look at the current wind chill in the pocono mountains. zero. it feels like 10 right now in lancaster. 17 degrees what it feels like in atlantic city. so the coldest air of the season continues to move in. wind chills in the single digits and teens. record lows are possible when
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you wake up wednesday morning across the area. the record low in philadelphia is 20. the forecast is 20. in atlantic city it's 18. the forecast is 18. so this cold air is here for several more days. but there is a warmup on the way. i'll tell when you with that seven day forecast coming up. iain and lucy. >> all right, scott. not soon enough for me. thank you. >> you can always stay a head wet any time of day. just head to and click on the weather tab. it just became official another new casino is coming to philadelphia. this one will be at the south philly sports complex and we've got team coverage tonight starting with fox 29's bruce gordon who was at today's gaming control bore meeting. bruce? >> reporter: iain, specifically i'm at ninth and darien virtually in the shadow of citizens bank park here at what is now the holiday inn at the stadium. the choice of live hotel and casino had been rumored for some time. now it is as you say official. a place where folks to spend more time and more money here at the stadium complex.
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live hotel and casino was a $425 million project built to offer slots and table games along with a resort hotel and a bevy of restaurants and shops. all within easy walking distance of the sports stadiums. >> commissioner fight. yes. >> commissioner ma call yes. >> the vote was quick and it was unanimous but the winning partners barely containing their smiles. >> what can you bring philadelphia? in the way of this facility? >> um, certainly jobs, economic development, significant capital investment. >> reporter: gambling has become a multi billion dollar business in pennsylvania. with slot and table game revenue at a dozen sites mostly on the rise. but critics including those at this meeting believe the industry has done more harm than good preying on gambling addicts. >> it's just not good public policy and at some point our government is going to realize
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that, and we'll have a board that makes decisions accordingly. >> reporter: the live site at ninth and darien was blasted by at least one vanquished competitor he wanted to build at the old inquirer building on north broad in center city which he says would have reinvigorated that neighborhood. >> you believe this location does nothing for the city? >> absolutely nothing. there will be no economic development spin off because there can't be. it's land locked. it will be another crappy slots in the box. >> reporter: strong words there from bart black steen the folks at live say this project will begin to produce about 3,000 temporary construction jobs when it gets underway and about 2,000 permanent jobs when it's open. they hope to break ground about six to eight months and open for business somewhere in the 15 to 18 month range but of course all of that timing depends on the number and the veracity of the appeals and the fights that are sure to come. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. this casino of course will join at least 12 others operating in pennsylvania.
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those casinos employ more than 17,700 people. during the last fiscal year the state gaming board reported close to one point $4 billion in revenue. officials say that money went to several areas including property tax, economic development and tourism. a lot of people in south philly don't support this casino deal. they say it's just not a good idea for their neighborhood. our chris o'connell is live in south philadelphia tonight. chris? >> reporter: well, iain, i spent the last couple of hours down here in the south philadelphia neighborhood bordering this south philadelphia sports complex. i talked with about 10 residents and not one of them is happy about this decision about the casino and this is why. you see where people live? look how close they are to the gaming haul. it will be just a couple hundred yards away from this new casino from this gambling hall. here's one group in particular not happy with the decision. parents of students who go to stellar maris catholic school at ninth and bigler.
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the school is in the shadow just across 76 and packer avenue from the new casino. the biggest concern frankly traffic especially on game days when there's phillies or eagles games. neighbors around here already complain of gridlock. they already complain of unruly fans. they fear casino will make matters worse. >> i'm really shocked especially like i said with all the children around this area and everything. it's just not good idea. >> i think it stinks. i really do. i think it's a family enabled, and i think that it's just going to be really congested. we're already couldn't jeffed with all the sports stuff. it's just -- a terrible decision. were had no input on it. >> reporter: and the casino developers have already addressed this parking issue. they say 2500 space parking garage will help alleviate that. but when ground breaks is anyone's guess, because there is already talk of many of these residents filing a lawsuit to prevent construction from starring. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, chris.
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first degree murder charge is not going anywhere. the philadelphia man accused of of killing his wife as she was out jogging went to court today looking for a lesser charge. his argument he did not intend to kill his wife. 46 year old connie mclane murr murray. passerby found her body in pennypack park in august and police say christopher murray strangled her. murray is due back in court next month. mainline drug dealer sentenced to time in state prison. neal scott plead guilty inside a norristown courtroom today to multiple felonies. the judge immediately sentenced him to five to 15 years. he and timothy brook the so called ringleaders of that mainline takeover project operating in lower merion township. the pair were charged with bushing cocaine, ecstacy and marijuana to several high schools and colleges in the ar area. >> happening now, israel is retaliating after a deadly attack on a jerusalem synagogue. three americans and a british man were killed in what is the deed will he yesterday attack there in three years. two palestinians with meat
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cleavers an gun carried out the crime in an ultra orthodox neighborhood. suspects died in a shoot out with police. prime minister benjamin netanyahou ordered the homes of the attackers be demolish. hamas prayed the violent incident. >> with holidays right around the corner, a grinch has stolen toys from a local community. incredible and all caught on camera and what's worse, the guy had a child with him while he was committing the crime. >> and she wanted to buy her daughter is car for her 16th birthday but now she's scared to death she put her teen's live in danger. fox 29 investigates how this rust bucket of a car ever made it on the road. and philadelphians don't kill the messenger. someone says you're not look too hot why national magazine said we've got some of the most unattractive people in the country. >> no way. >> howard? >> and there are more than a few players that seem to have lost their minds with something that went on theirs weekend but connor barwin tells me why
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♪ >> pennsylvania's highest court considers reinstating a criminal conviction against a local catholic church official. monsignor william lynn's conviction was overturned on appeal last year but prosecutors today asked the state supreme court to reinstate it. 63 year old is under house arrest and served about 18 months of a three to six year sentence. lynn was the first church official ever convicted over the happened link of sex abuse complaints.
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>> central bucks west looking to night for a new head football coach. the school district released its own investigation today in the hazing allegations made last month. the district canceled the team's season with two games left to play. it now says head coach brian hensel and his assistants did not do enough to supervise the team. that's why hensel won't be back on the side lines next season but he can stay on as a teacher with the school. superintendent dr. david wheat celery leased a statement saying "i can assure you that every step taken throughout the process has been taken to ensure the safety, welfare and dignity of every student in our schools" he added "none of the students face any further punishment". >> a camden woman is charg charr attempted murder for attempting to establish a caseworker. coleman is in critical condition but stable now. the attack happened just after
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1:00 o'clock yesterday at the division of child protection and permanency office building in camden. union members of the communications workers of america say there needs to be better safety for workers. >> we want our members protected whenever they are in these buildings we want human service police when they go out in these fields they can be protected. >> the attack comes just two days after the last armed police officers assigned to d.c. f offices were eliminated by state budget cuts. >> in less than 24 hours, after his last fire call, a firefighter passed on and tonight we know the veteran new jersey firefighters funeral will be later this week. 38 year old lieutenant christopher hunter passed away on saturday. he fought his last fire friday. a spokesperson says he died from cardiac arrest. his viewing is thursday night with his funeral the next morning. at the cinnaminson firehouse it was a 22 veteran of the department. >> happening now police are hunting for ooh christmas crook
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in the suburb. cops say a man with a baby is caught on video snatching a delivery right off someone's front porch. here it is. the happened on monday on the 7,000 block of greenwood avenue in upper darby. investigators say surveillance video shows ups dropping off a box. the box contains christmas toys worth more than one hun dead dollars then copses think guy with a baby comes up and takes off with the delivery. neighbors say they cannot believe someone would do something like that. >> absolutely shocking. like would somebody do that? kids need toys. buy toys for my son all the time. it's just amazes me what people do now a days. it's not right. >> police say thieves target holiday deliveries and it's best not to have packages dropped off when nobody is home. >> saved up for those toys, too, that's terrible. >> i don't need to tell you the bitter cold has arrive. your fox 29 weather authority is all over it. chief meteorologist scott williams, welcome back indoors. i got some hot cocoa waiting for you. thanks lucy because i need
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it i'm still trying to warm up. feels like temperatures across the area in the teens even single digits right now but thankfully as we look at ultimate doppler it is dry. we're not dealing with any wintry precipitation, however, toward the lakes, buffalo, take look at this ultimate doppler loop. this is the last 12 hours. do you see a change? no. we're looking at that fetch over the relative many warm lake waters, and that cold air creating some of the that lake effect snow. up to 4 feet of snow has already fallen just to the south of the buffalo area as we take a look at ultimate doppler just impressive there. temperatures for us in the 20s, but feels like temperatures in the teens. record cold as we move toward the overnight by 11:00 o'clock we'll be in the 20s, but look at the actual wind chills right now. zero in the pocono mountains. 17 is what it feels like in millville as well as atlantic city. so is this a sign of things to come? as we take a look at future feels like temperatures, you can see, by tomorrow morning, it's going to be more
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of the same. but i'll talk about a warmup with that seven day forecast coming up. iain and lucy? >> all right, scott, thanks. illinois dad finds out his daughter is being bullied so he jumps on the schoolbus and confronts the boy whose doing it. what he allegedly did next landed him behind bars. >> and missouri homeless shelter under fire tonight for whom they will not allow april side. we'll explain. plus, 19 puppies and counting. the pennsylvania dog that just counting. the pennsylvania dog that just create add very crowded house.
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>> alive despite inches a plane crashed through their home. this morning a twin engine cargo plane slammed into a chicago home. the pilot did die in that early morning crash. fire officials say the plane plunged into the living room and went all the way through the basement of the home. they say it ended up just 8-in 8-inches from where two people were sleeping. investigators say the pilot had just taken off when the plane started having engine trouble. >> minnesota vikings star running back adrian peterson has been suspended without pay for
5:24 pm
the rest of the season. the nfl cracking down on peterson for violating the organization's personal conduct policy. nfl commissioner roger goodell says peterson quote shown no meaningful remorse for the charges of child abuse against him. back in november, peterson pleaded no contest to a felony charge of reckless assault on a child after reports surfaced he was disciplining his four year old son with a switch. the nfl's players association says it will appeal the commissioner's decision. >> illinois man in a lot of trouble tonight after police say he confronted a small child on a schoolbus. >> the man says that child was bullying his little girl. police say 33 year old melvin crane of granite city grabbed the six year old boy by his jacket and pulled out his belt and threatened to attack the child if he did not stop bullying his daughter. some parents want to know why the driver let crane get on the bus in the first play. >> i said sometimes parents do
5:25 pm
step on the first rung or two to ask questions or deliver information. so they didn't think that the parent was going to, you know, get out of control or do anything. >> crane has turned himself in to police. no word on exactly what the six year old did that set him off. he's facing charges of battery and aggravated assault. all right. so apparently, magazine like a whole magazine it's a well known one i might add actually thinks philadelphians don't look too hot and we're not talking about our cold weather either. nothing to do with that. >> we've come up in the ranksings. one national mal magazine said we've got some of the most unattractive people in the country. if you can believe that. stay tuned for that and also in california, a woman falls 70 feet off a cliff but surviv survives. crews just hoisted her to safety the mistake she made to lead to the big fall. >> first though rust, wall spackle, bad brakes much that's what a delaware mechanic when he
5:26 pm
put this car on the lift. it was falling to pieces. put this car on the lift. it was falling to pieces. yet it passed state i
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ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you. inside a car designed we pto connect yous you love... to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. ♪ >> developing right now, a devastating fire at one of the oldest and largest farmers marks in the garden state right before thanksgiving. skyfox over the columbus farmers market. the flames engulfining it. 2900 block of route 206 by the way. firefighters say it began right around 3:00 o'clock.
5:29 pm
they're still putting out hot spots. we will have a live report coming up at 6:00. she bought car for 16 year old hoping to give her a special gift for her birthday but now she fears she put her child's live in danger. >> how did this dangerous rusted out vehicle ever get the clearance to hit the road? fox 29 investigates found out and jeff cole is in the house. >> reporter: got interesting reactions to this. when the me canning in put the car on the lift he was stunned by its condition. what was more shocking is that the vehicle actually passed a state auto inspection. candy apple red, a sporty chevy two door. just perfect thought tara hilton for her 16 year old daughter. >> she loved it. hugged me a thousand times. we just excited to get driving. >> reporter: but the single mom's dream of giving her child a special gift on her 16th birthday has now crumbled. >> it's falling i was par as i touch it here. >> into a frightening nightmare. >> you now believe that the car
5:30 pm
you bought for your 16 year old is a death trap? a death trap. it was basically just waiting to fall apart and any little accident probably would have taken her life. >> reporter: it was fall of last year when after searching high and low for an end skins seven car, hilton found the 2003 cavalier at a american dream dealership in newark. >> how are you? >> great. how are you. >> i'm good. are you mr. juan? >> yes. >> to dion juan is the owner. more from him in a moment. hilton says, they settled on the price of 1800 bucks and juan demanded cash for what he said was a good car. >> he told you this car was safe? >> he told me it was safe. >> it was perfect. >> perfect. >> it was ache to put your 16 year old daughter in this car? >> definitely. >> and now you know -- it's complete opposite. it was probably the worst thing i could have put her in. >> reporter: here's why. the car is riddled with rust.
5:31 pm
>> as you can see, you barely touch it and it falls. >> reporter: and in the worst places. throughout the main supports on both the driver and passenger sides which hold up the vehicle. >> it gets worse up here. >> reporter: it's not just all that rust. what is that? >> it's wall spackle. >> reporter: wall spackle. >> yeah. >> reporter: you heard right. wall spackle used in houses and paper, plastered on to the rust to hold it in place before sale. and covering all of that, a piece of red plastic called a spoiler kit placed over the rust to make the deception complete. >> this car should have never been put on the road. >> reporter: mechanic tito rosa found the car's many problems when he put it on the lift. >> it's very rusted like it's been sitting either a swamp, underneath water or even a damp area. this car is death trap on 16 year old just learning how to drive. >> reporter: this line the way
5:32 pm
they did this means the brakes could fail and you cannot stop this car. >> exactly. >> reporter: he discovered a quick fix brake job that had already begun to fail. >> so when you applied the brakes -- >> the brakes didn't work. >> every day it would get worse and worse. >> tara hilton says after buying the car last november she parked it in here driveway using it sparingly until her daughter's probationary license period ended. when her daughter began driving the car this fall, and the serious problems started, she says she called the dealer for answers. to dion juan carries a delaware issued wholesale dealers license. the delaware dmv tells fox 29 investigates wholesalers may not celery tale or directly to customers like tara hilton. >> i'm a wholesaler. >> juan ran hilton's purchase through a georgia based car dealer. they're investigating. it also looks like he sells cars right in front of his newark
5:33 pm
condo. it's where tara hilton says she found the chevy. >> are you familiar with this car, this 2003 red chevy cavalier? i forgot the forgot etch let me show you pictures of it. >> we showed him video of the rust, spackle and questionable brake job. he says hilton bought the car as is and he didn't know about all of that rust. >> it's not your fault? it's not my fall. >> you don't any you have any obligation to make sure the car is safe. if i knew as my family i cannot put any person in dangerous situation. >> you would not do that. i weren't do that. >> but did you it. but i did not know about it. >> you have to know about it. it's your obligation as a merchant to know about it. i said i did not know about it. >> she came back to you and said i got a problem car i want my money back you told her to pound sand. i'm done with you. >> you told her to get out of here. she couldn't get her money back. i said i'm done with you. >> i don't care. i'm still doing to ask you
5:34 pm
questions. >> juan refuses the five grand hilton's lawyer demanded. he says she took too long to alert him to the problems and should have had a mechanic take a look at the car. but juan who demanded he be allowed to put on a suit jacket before speaking further does not appear to have taken a close look at the chevy either. >> she said that you told her it was in very good condition and it was a very good car. that's what she said you sold her. how did you know that? the car is all rusted out. how did i know? i'm not a mechanic. >> you have to know what you're selling. i know what i'm buying and i know -- i'm selling -- i'm buying car and selling car. i don't go under the car and look at the car. >> hilton's lawyer says, they will sue. >> we'll claim fraud. this is pure and simple situation where she was sold something with assurance that is weren't correct. statement it's that needed to be made weren't made. and when you get ripped off,
5:35 pm
that is what happens. >> reporter: but there's another problem. stuck on the license plate of the chevy is a valid 2015 state of delaware inspection sticker. that's right. it passed at a state run inspection center like this one. the dmv spokesperson says, its inspector looked at the brakes, wipers, lights and emissions. >> making sure that it's in save running order. all those things passed. >> reporter: we asked about the vehicle's major problems. rust and plaster. >> right. >> reporter: passes? >> yes. >> reporter: that's okay? >> yes. >> reporter: rust falling down on to the floor? >> yes. >> reporter: in a garage. that's okay? >> the car is still a drivable car, yes. >> reporter: had your inspectors scene that they still would have said it was okay? >> yes. >> reporter: stunned by that answer, we pressed again. >> and your argument to be will be,.
5:36 pm
>> let me answer that. >> reporter: only this time the dmv's chief of vehicle services sitting in the room interrupted to say this. >> had something noticeable whether it's rust or another structural deficiency the inspector had had saw it we don't let unsafe vehicles on the road. >> get her to and from work and local travel. >> reporter: tara hilton says she still struggles with the fear of what could have happened to her daughter. >> i was shock, mortified, angry, i was upset, guilty, sad that i pottinger it. i feel like i failed her. >> new castle county delaware says wan inform's car business in an area zoned residential not commercial. it's already told him once not to sell cars there. they'll go back for another look. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> lucy. >> thank goodness, jeff, they were able to find that out before anything happened. you know. that's a big deal right there. >> so heart disease alone is dangerous enough. >> coming up, though, the effect the condition could have on men in the bedroom.
5:37 pm
an missouri homeless shelter under fire tonight for who they will not allow inside. we'll explain. >> all new at 6:00 a woman under arrest. police say she led her dog do in a new jersey store left behind thousands of dollars in damage and thing apparently only got worse when police showed up. scott? >> right now we're looking at some of the coldest air of the season moving in. when record lows are possible
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>> early stage heart disease could lead to impotence for men later in life. researchers look at which measurement of vascular disease was the best predictor for erectile dysfunction. after factoring in age, race and traditional risk factors like diabetes, smoking, high cholesterol and obesity the team concluded men with higher levels of calefied plaque in think their heart art cease 53% more likely to dreft erectile dysfunction. men should eat a heart healthy diet get regular exercise and
5:41 pm
not smoke. >> here in the city of brotherly love we are not looking so hot. i don't believe that. but that's what a national magazine says. >> yeah, i give it no credence whatsoever. i think it's shallow and silly but i have to tell you about. our city ranks fifth on list of most unattractive people in the country. see, i'm telling you so you can write into this magazine and say really? this is what you do. the list comes from travel and lease sure. it ranks cities for all types of qualities it considers a city's residents attractive if they get a lot of sun. they haven't talked to my dermatologist. also if the people smile a lot. and are known for their style. you know what, i know a lot of great philadelphia designers. i mean it's great stuff. anyhow philadelphia did not get high marks in any of those categories. if it makes you feel any better and you shouldn't feel bad because this is silly, here's a look at who the magazine considers even less attractive. baltimore is number four on the list. oklahoma city is number three.
5:42 pm
memphis misses the top spot by a hair. number one for the city with the least attractive residents according to travel and lease sure is detroit with all of your tweets. >> i know you lived there and you liked detroit. >> i loved detroit and the people of detroit and this is silly. >> i'm just saying. >> do you need to go to church but you don't have the time? a problem. don't worry about. the church that just installed a drive through prayer lane. plus 19 puppies and count counting. the pennsylvania dog in just created an extremely crowded house. howard. >> by the way i would never live in detroit. never. howard? >> the guy is marschon lynch and he's doing ridiculous things. not making his coach happy but connor barwin tells us why the
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>> friends inn dull junk in too much alcohol almost cost a california woman her life. she fell down a 70-foot cliff near san diego early yesterday morning. helicopter had to swoop in to make quite a daring rescue. pulling her from the rocks. she's expected to be okay. a homeless shelter in missouri is causing some controversy tonight after refu refusing to allow gay couples in during these bitterly cold days. the city union mission in kansas city says it's not helping gay couples because of religious beliefs. the organization provides food and shelter to hundreds of people in need every night. it says even if a couple is legally married it still going to refer them to other shelters in the area. shelter has been around for 90 years. the executive director says this has been a policy for a long time now.
5:47 pm
>> can't seem to find the time to head to church? a church in california is trying to make it as convenient as possible. holy spirit church in freemont is launching really it's search al drive through prayer service every evening for an hour 25 prayer ministers will help anyone who drives up to the church. they'll walk right up to vehicles and pray with people. it's open to all faiths. a new york county family can truly say their brood is growing by leaps and bounds. their great dane surpassed the usual amount of pups which is seven to 10 and gave birth to 19 puppies all at one time. the owners knew their great dane snowy was pregnant much the vet told them 15 pups but they had no idea they were getting this many. >> they told us she'd probably have two more weeks and she came a week early and we were not prepared. >> it's a shocker but i'm glad they're all here and the kids are experiencing stuff and we're teaching them how to tend to animals and stuff. >> the puppies are now three
5:48 pm
week old and just starting to open their eyes for the very first time. >> so cute. i know. you know those of you who know me well know that i don't cook. >> not even toast. >> because i can cook but at the philadelphia free library this morning i did cook sort of for a great cause. >> so fun. it was so inspiring we were there together. we partnered with a cancer survivor here was our mission. look at you there cooking. i was dicing. >> that's kind of cooking. our mission was to cook the most delicious thanksgiving side dish we could and it needed to be healthy since the cancer treatment centers of america and the culinary literacy center thought of this even. my partner five time lipo car so many ma rhonda, love her and her recipe. vegetarian southern style collard greens. delicious. we won you see that huge ribbon right there. so did the hunger relief organization of my choice. a thousand dollars check from cancer treatment centers i chose the bridesburg community food pantry. the folks there i can't tell you
5:49 pm
how badly they need help. 325 families have been hoping for a thanksgiving meal but it only had 30 turkeys. $1,000 will help even beyond thanksgiving. >> i'm ecstatic. tollly. we couldn't ask for anything better because we're just trying to provide for others. >> the director at the food pantry couldn't go on because she was crying she was so happy. it make me cry. any way bridesburg says the money will buy groceries for 325 families for two weeks. it's a year round operation that has seen more need this year than ever before. the volunteers of bridesburg say today'ings check is an answer to many a prayer if you'd like to help head to and click on the scene on tv tab for more information. you'll also find rhonda's southern style collard greens which were off the hook. >> you said you weren't going to like them. i didn't think i would. i grew up in oregon. they didn't have them there. i eight a lot of vietnamese
5:50 pm
food. >> i grew up on collard greens. >> see. delicious. they would be good right about now as well. soup, anything to stay warm because it's down right cold out there. some of the coldest air of the season record lows are possible but look at ultimate doppler. thankfully we're in the talking about snowfall. our friends to the north around the great lakes, they are looking at feet of snow. we're talking take a look at this lake effect snow over the last 12 hours. look at ultimate doppler. just south of the buffalo area, they picked up over 4 feet of snow and counting. so it could be worse. but look at the bone-chilling feels like temperatures right now. zero in the poconos. 14 in wilmington. 17 degrees is what it feels like in atlantic city. so as we roll the clock, we'll continue to find that bon bone-chilling cold air temperatures only feeling like the teens overnight. single digits and then tomorrow morning, it's going to feel like 13 degrees in philadelphia. single digits north and west so dress appropriately. record territory likely.
5:51 pm
the record low tomorrow morning in philadelphia is 20 to forecast is 20 the record for reading is 18. the forecast is 16. take look at some of the national temperatures right now. we're talking 34 degrees currently in atlanta. 37 in memphis as well as wichi wichita. so much of the nation looking at the cold blast. in fact take a look along the panhandle freeze warnings are posted in and that does include florida. as we talk about that cold arctic air mass it's settling in over parts of the lower 48. temperatures will continue to drop overnight but once again we're not dealing with any winter tree precipitation. we'll stay dry and quiet were you cold tomorrow. similar to today. the afternoon high temperature today only 32 degrees. we should be in the mid 50s for this time of year. so staying dry through thursday as well. our next chance for rain really won't come until the second half of the upcoming weekend. that's when we'll have to deal with some rainfall and no wintry precipitation. so coldest so far near record 16
5:52 pm
in the bushes tonight. 20 degrees in the suburbs. 33 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. cold but not as windy. but still you'd you'll need to bundle up. forecast by the number scale of one to 10 tomorrow it is only going to be a two. that seven day forecast shows 30s for highs tomorrow after record lows. 44 on thursday. back into the cold air mass friday. temperatures in the upper 30s. 40 for saturday. but look at the upcoming weekend as we move toward sunday. temperatures top out near 60 on sunday but some showers in the mix. mid 60s on monday. then back into the 50s for tuesday. middle and latter part of next week will be cold as we head into thanksgiving and if you want to know how the winter will shape up tune in tonight for 10:00 for my exclusive winter weather forecast at 10:00. >> can't wait for that. >> i'm building character with the cold weather. >> you are. >> character guy. it's time to move on for the eagles. they spent one day looking at
5:53 pm
the problems in the green bay game on sunday, and now it's on to tennessee this sunday at the linc. from what the players are saying, it's not hard to clean up. now it sure didn't look that way when you saw some of the plays that look easy for the packers quarterback aaron rodgers. the long passes are one thing. but the wide open receivers in the middle of the field are another. and that includes a crushing third down by green bay when they converted a third and 18. >> today the day we finally bury it. with that, you take what you can from the film. there's still good thing on the film. there's bad thing on the film we need to correct. >> the mistakes weren't glaring. >> minor detail stuff we can do. especially playing against a guy like that, you know, you got to be real detailed with everything, because, um, you know, he is. and yeah we just learn from that and, you know, a couple scheme things we can detail and, yeah, we'll clean everything up and move forward.
5:54 pm
>> we already put it passed us. once you go 24 hours passed, no different than a win. when we win big or we have a big win you come in the next day, you got 24 hours to enjoy the win, you go over the corrections and you move on to the next week. it's no different after loss. >> after that game the emotions can be pretty bad and most important thing about that you're not carrying those emotions forward. it's a new week. you learn from it. you move forward. and you just carry a better attitude into the next game. >> i think these guys do that. strange happenings with players around the inform fl this weekend. seattle running back marschon lynch decided to stay on the bench at half time of the kansas city game. he says he was tired. running back got released by the steelers today because he left the game early on monday because he wasn't getting enough carries. rgiii compared himself to peyton manning and tom brady and through his teammates under the bus but after a bad loss nothing
5:55 pm
negative came out of the eagles locker room. i asked connor barwin why? >> guys care about each other. i think we play for each other. i don't think -- people understand they don't want to get thrown unthe bus and they're not going to throw anybody under the bus. and we have a real understanding this is a team sport and sometimes people forget about that but i think we know it he here, and anything good we do, we're doing it because the other 10 guys. whenever something bad happens us it's not just our fault it's everybody else on the team's fault. we ride together and die together. >> and that's the case really. sunday we've got fox 29 "game day live" at 11:00 followed by nfl sunday at noon. at 4:00 the cardinals and the seahawks in seattle. wrap up the eagles game and week 12nfl season on fox 29 news at 10. i believe connor barwin because i don't see anybody like that in there and that's why desean jackson for people who don't understand, good player, that's why he's gone. >> all right. >> thanks, howard. >> you got it. >> coming up at six fire burns a
5:56 pm
south jersey landmark. the flames are out but no one is hunch the shock and sadness are just starting to set in. >> and newest pennsylvania casino is coming to south philadelphia. some people are not
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
♪ >> right now at 6:00 the aftermath from a devastating fire at a south jersey landmark. towers of flames and plumes of smoke as you can see stretching into the skies. skyfox was over columbus farmers market in burlington county today as crews fought a huge fire. tonight it is under control and we're happy to say no one has
6:00 pm
been hurt. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. that mark holds very special place in the hearts of the a lot of families in the area. let's get to dave kinchen live near the scene. dave? >> reporter: lucy, it's still an active scene here with fire investigators here. they're trying to figure out the cause. they're also lookin looking at potential hot spots but this is devastating for burlington county because of how many people come here especially for the thanksgiving season to prepare their meals with multiple businesses damaged or destroyed tonight. sky fox over the scene of a four alarm fire at the historic columbus farmers mark in burlington county. fire officials say most of the damage was confined to one building on the complex at least 10 different shops inside including some that house produce. holly new well owns not just bagels and worries she lost everything. >> well, i found out who my friends are. got a lot of texts and calls trying to get up


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