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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 18, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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been hurt. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. that mark holds very special place in the hearts of the a lot of families in the area. let's get to dave kinchen live near the scene. dave? >> reporter: lucy, it's still an active scene here with fire investigators here. they're trying to figure out the cause. they're also lookin looking at potential hot spots but this is devastating for burlington county because of how many people come here especially for the thanksgiving season to prepare their meals with multiple businesses damaged or destroyed tonight. sky fox over the scene of a four alarm fire at the historic columbus farmers mark in burlington county. fire officials say most of the damage was confined to one building on the complex at least 10 different shops inside including some that house produce. holly new well owns not just bagels and worries she lost everything. >> well, i found out who my friends are. got a lot of texts and calls trying to get up here.
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we walked up from the wawa. we are just waiting to see what's going on. >> about 150 firefighters from multiple departments work to knock down the flame. fire investigators say the weather played a big factor. >> cold weather and winds were really a big issue on this. give the fire a good head start one it started in there. fortunately, the building was built with fire walls in place which helped us to confine the fire to one section. >> reporter: and still awaiting game for business owners hoping to get a look at the damage at some point. if there's any good news here, no injuries. that's the word from fire investigators. they still don't know how this fire started. another bit of good news the fire started when the business was closed so everyone here says this could have been much, much worse. iain? >> dave, thank you. we do have continuing coverage of the farmers market fire for you on our website. just head to you'll find the latest
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information through a link on the home page along with a slide show of the fire crews response. >> the brutal cold blast continues. your fox 29 weather authority is on it at times today, man, i got to tell you felt like it was only in the teens, scott. it's what, going to get colder? it really is lucy. in fact we still have feels like temperatures in the teens. but we're looking at record low territory overnight and early on wednesday. but look at what it feel like right now in philadelphia. 17 degrees. it feels like 18 right now in atlantic city. a lonely 1 degree is the burnt wind chill in the pocono mountains as we go into time tonight, it will continue to feel pretty bad if you're stepping outdoors. bundle up. by 10:00 o'clock, we'll have feels like temperatures right around 14 degrees in philadelphia. and then by tomorrow morning, 13 degrees is what it will feel like. so the bottom line, dress appropriately if you're stepping outdoors. dress in layers single digit and teen wind chills. record lows are possible much what's the record low tonight in philadelphia? it's 20 degrees. the forecast is 20.
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in atlantic city it's 18. the forecast is 18 and reading the record low is 18 the forecast is 16. but if you're not a fan there is a warmup ahead with the seven day forecast. i'll tell when you iain and lucy coming up. >> all right, talk to you then, scott you can always stay ahead of the weather any time of day, just go to and click on that weather tab. >> also developing to night, another casino is coming to the city of philadelphia. it became official earlier today the. new gaming spot will go near the sports complex in south philadelphia. we've got team coverage for you tonight starting with fox 29's bruce gordon who was at today's control board meeting. bruce? >> reporter: iain, right now i am at the stadium holiday inn here at ninth and darien in the shadow of citizens bank park. but imagine, if you will, and lots of people are, a major casino and hotel here. it's called live hotel and casino. the plan was approved for it today the state's gaming control board. the new facility will be called live hotel and cass soon know. and will include shops and
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restaurants in a $425 million project set at the northern edge of the south philly sports complex. >> i would entertain motions to approve an applicant for licensure. >> reporter: gaming control board's decision comes several years after the city's first attempt at a second casino was buried by neighborhood opposition. the vote for life was unanimous. >> commissioner mow scott tow. >> yes. >> reaction from the winners, mooted. >> we're humbled by it. and as citizen of philadelphia for 25 years we know what philadelphia expects. >> reporter: casinos have become big business in pennsylvania. a multi billion dollars business from slot machines and table games at a dozen current sites four of which are already in the philly region. but critics including those at this meeting call casinos a bad
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bet for the city and the state. >> we just don't need another predatory business open 24/7 that has highly addictive slot machines, that offers free drinks, that offers easy credit on the gambling floor. >> reporter: before four finalist applications included two center city proposals from developer bart black steen would have gone up at the old inquirer building at 400 north broad street. he called the ninth and darien sight crappy. >> they chose craps in a box product that will create more congestion. it's very short sighted by the gaming board. >> reporter: the folk at live hope to put 3,000 people to work building this casino and another 2,000 folks to run it once it's open. they hope that will happen within the next year and a half or so but that timing may be greatly ill packed by any kind of appeals and legal challenges that are almost certain to come. iain? >> bruce, thank you. of course this casino will
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join at least 12 others operating in pennsylvania. those casinos employ more than 17,700 people. during the last fiscal year the state gaming board reported close to $1.4 billion revenue that went to property tax relief, economic development and tourism. a lot of families in the area say slot machines and schools, well, they just don't mix and a lot of people are not so excited about this deal. our chris o'connell live in south philadelphia tonight with that reaction. chris? >> reporter: really, iain, a lot of people are disappointed over to today's decision. i've been down here the past few hours talking with residents of south philadelphia. not one of them is in favor of this casino. that's because many of them are literally in the shadow of this casino. we're about three blocks where you saw bruce gordon report from. i'm at ninth and bigler. this is where people now live. there's actually also a school across the street as well.
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now, as plans were announced for today's -- the new casino today, residents who live near the sports complex devil reactioning. we visited some of those residents. some of them will be looking at the casino right out of their front window. major issues are concerned about, traffic especially on eagles and phillies game days. 70,000 fans flock to the complex. they're also concerned about drug use, prostitution, one local resident we spoke with lives a couple hundred yards away from the site. he was not happy with today's decision. >> i don't care for it. i think it's already, you know, when we have events at the stadium it's already a nightmare down here and you have add to that the regular stream of people at a casino i'm not looking forward to that. >> reporter: now the casino tells us it will have a 2400 space parking garage but that's not good enough for some residents including the guy who lives right here. he says the day construction starts on that casino, is the
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day he puts his house up for sale. you'll hear from him tonight at 10:00 o'clock. lucy? >> all right. talk to you soon then, chris. a developing story now that we've been following all afternoon. a woman has died after her car plunged into the schuylkill river and no one knows why. fox 29's dawn timmeney is live at the scene in fairmount park. dawn? >> reporter: lucy, police are still trying to figure out exactly what went wrong here. you can see the wall that this female driver blue through here along the banks of the schuylkill river. the bitter cold conditions today making this very challenging for emergency crews who are hoping for a much better out come. philadelphia police and firefighters waisting no time after getting a call just before noon that a car had plunged into the schuylkill river. witnesses telling investigators a woman driving at a high rate of speed came down hunting park avenue, crossed kelly drive, crashed through a cement wall
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and landed in the murray water blow. >> she was going extremely fast obviously something was wrong. we at this point do not know whether she had some type of a medical emergency, mechanical failure, or whether it was intentional. >> reporter: almost immediately, the police department marine unit was on the scene a zodiac raft in the water and divers in the river searching for the vehicle. >> once they go into the water, on top of the extreme temperature, they're operating with zero visibility. everything they do is by touch and by feel. i don't think you can really understand the impact of even when they're wearing their cold weather suits just how difficult it is. >> reporter: despite the extreme conditions, divers quickly located the car that was fully submerged. the driver was unconscious and rescuers tried frantically to free her. >> they did their very best to get into the car but you can see how badly damaged that car was and it went in nose first and it
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compressed the and tire chassis of the car. so they tried very hard to get a door open but it just wasn't -- wasn't possible. >> reporter: a tow truck had to be brought in to pull the vehicle out of the water and then extricate the victim from her vehicle. we know that she was a 41 year old african-american woman but police are not yet releasing her name until all of her family members are notified. but, iain, a sad day along the schuylkill river. >> absolutely, dawn. thank you. man police say was lodged in the windshield of a drunk driver who kept op driving after the accident has died. ocean county prosecutors say 33 year old march kiss ortega will probably face more serious charges soon. the 61 year old victim died last night a week after he was hit and then carried more than a mile by the car. ortega facing several charges including duism. >> reputed former mob boss joey merlino will spent the holidays with family. january 5th he heads back to prison.
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this time it's a four month stint for violating terms of his parole and failing to report encounter with a former mob co-defendant in florida. the terms of his release banned him from contact with former associates. per merlino says he's just happened to bumly into the guy back in june and forgot to report it. >> just ahead of the holidays grinch steals toys from a local community. >> camera caught it and what the video also shows makes it that much worse. plus the woman cued of letting her dog do something in a new jersey store that caused thousand of dollars in damage. and things apparently only got worse when police showed up. howard? >> what did the eagles do today to correct those problems last sunday? mark sanchez thinks the eagles offense really close. hear what the players have to say and that's coming up in sports. >> and temperatures continue to drop across the area. right now, it's only 29 degrees in philadelphia, and we're looking at near record lows. the details next, plus whe
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♪ >> here's hoping that surveillance video catches a man from delaware county because he stole a box of christmas toys just delivered and sitting on the front porch of a home. that's the guy. and that's not all. police say he did it while holding a baby. it happened yesterday on the 7,000 block of greenwood avenue in upper darby. police in toms river are looking for a woman they say allowed a dog to urinate on clothes at a lane bryant store. it happened yesterday cops say 35 year old theresa tumble son got angry with store workers when they asked her to leave. investigators say she sped off the police haven't been able to find. her workers say more than $2,000 worth of clothes have been ruin. >> take look at this guy. because police are after him for several robberies in a logan circle second of philadelphia. they say that the latest business he hit is a 7eleven at one franklin town boulevard last
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week, so if you know anything about this give a call to poli police. a woman who says bill cosby sexually assaulted her is speaking exclusively with inside edition. sean brown says the actor and comedian assaulted her and here's a preview. >> do you believe that bill cosby drugged you and took advantage of you? >> i believe that, yes, did he drug me and i know that after one when i woke up i had been taken advantage of. >> and you can see the interview tonighto at 6:30 right here on . the decades old allegations of sexual assault have been coming back to haunt bill cosby in recent week. he's never faced any charges. his lawyer says he will not comment on any of the allegati allegations. residents in montgomery county took time today to honor a hero who died in the line of duty. the hero cops program remembers the sacrifices of the men and women who were killed or died while serving. today a plaque was unveiled to world one army veteran and jenkintown police officer john
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plunkett. he died in 1957 after he had a heart tack responding to a call. his family and friends were on hand for the ceremony. >> perhaps you didn't realize today was all just about and your family. and i want to you look around this room before you leave and know that we are all here for you. >> patrolman plunkett served for 15 years until his death. this is the 25th plaque dedication in the county. >> turning back to your fox wine weather authority right now. chief meteorologist scott williams he's got couple words for you. >> yeah. brrr! >> it is cold stepping outdoors right now. temperatures right now in the upper 20s but feels like temperatures this is really what makes the difference. it feels like 17 degrees right now in philadelphia. so bundle up if you're stepping outdoors. but thankfully ultimate doppler is dry and quiet across the area. we're not dealing with the lake effect snow. take look at buffalo. this is ultimate doppler over the last 12 hours.
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do you see any change in the radar that persistent fetch over the relatively warm lake right now producing that lake effect snow will see snow drifts there up to 6 feet, yes, 6 feet snow drifts possible just south of the buffalo area. temperatures right now are in the 20s area wide. below freezing area wide. but factor in the wind it feels like 16 in millville. 12 degrees is what it actually feels like right now in pottstown. it feels like one in the pocono mountains. much of the nation right now looking at temperatures well below average for this time of year. 17 chicago. minneapolis 17. we're looking at temperatures in the 30s in billings. 31 degrees right now in atlanta. in fact take look at the deep freeze toward the south we're looking at freeze warnings along the gulf coast. really unheard of for this time of year. and record territory for us. philadelphia the low expected is 20. the record low is 20. so that's in jeopardy and look
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at reading. 18 degrees is the record set back in 1936. the forecast is 16 degrees. so that cold air continues to funnel in. not a whole lot of precipitation outside of that lake effect snow right now taking place well to the north and west of us so as we roll the clock, it's dry, it's quiet but it is cold. dress in layers if you're stepping outdoors tonight and tomorrow pretty similar to today. however, it's not going to be as windy tomorrow so that will make little bit of a difference when you factor in the wind and talk about those feels like temperatures but for tonight, teens in the suburbs right around 20 degrees in the city. if we hit that 20 we'll tie the record and then tomorrow we're looking at a high temperature in the afternoon of 33 degrees. that's 1 degree better than what we saw today in the afternoon with the high of 32 in philadelphia. so forecast by the numbers, scale of one to 10, tomorrow it is a two. the seven day forecast showing you we continue to find those temperatures below where we should for this time of year. but there will be a little bit of a warmup as we move into the
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upcoming weekend. sunday 58. 65 degrees on monday. but what about the rest of the season? as we move ahead. you'll want to tune in tonight at 10 for details on the snow, the polar vortex. we have you covered. >> i like polar vortex. >> oh, my goodness. >> sounds like a scary movie. >> all right, scott. >> vortex into football here. the players have had their meetings concerning the problems against green bay and they talked about how to move on. mark sanchez has to be better than he was against green bay but tells us it's not that bad. hear from the players coming up in sports. >> the race against time. a local mom and wife had dozens of surgeries but nothing could fix what's wrong with her stomach. today she got the remarkable call that could save her life. >> there is an end to this nightmare. i can restart living. >> tonight at 101 family's long fight that could finally have a
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innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. ♪ >> oh, yes, there are reasons that teams turn the page on bad games. the eagles say they will look past green bay. every team has a bad game. denver actually lost to st. louis this weekend maybe a goo example. the team just tries to correct
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problems. the eagles are still seven and three. now the players say today's practice was a lively and good one. getting ready move on to sunday against tennessee. so a little colder at practice but that didn't bother the players but today the meeting room sessions may have gotten more attention. >> it's everybody. the coaches take harder look. the players take a harder look at themselves. you can't -- nobody can deny but look at the mistakes and we lost by 30 points. and i don't think anybody -- nobody said anything to me. i don't think anybody needs to say anything to anybody. we all know we all took a hard look at ourselves and we'll make sure we get those mistake corrected. >> the eagles offense may say they scored only 20 points. numbers are misleading at times. eagles had only three less first downs than green bay were out scored by 33 points. now the numbers also said that mark sanchez passed for 346 yards. that's misleading when all they can do was pass to catch up. sanchez had 198 yards passing in the second half. so the numbers do lie.
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but in reality the turnovers were killers and playing catch up didn't help. but it won't take much to get where they need to be much that's according to sanchez. >> we're right there. i think, you know, a couple of plays here or there, we're right on -- we're so close. really breaking this thing open and we've shown flashes of it many we just haven't done it. probably as consistently as we'd like. so, um, you know, we'll clean those things up and hopefully hit our stride here coming this week. >> see that banner shaking that was from the wind. all right. fox 29 "game day live" starts at 11:00 on sunday followed by fox nfl sun today at noon. 4:00 o'clock, cardinals and sea hawk from seattle. we'll wrap up the eagles game on fox 29 news at 10:00 o'clock. >> i think they will smoke and crush tennessee next sunday. >> there you go. >> i like that. >> i said it. must be true. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00.
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have a great night. inside edition is up next. >> we have that farmers almanac thing
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exclusive. she was bill cosby's mistress. the woman that had a torrid affair with america's favorite tv dad. what she is saying today will shock you. >> why would he do this? to stoop to that level doesn't make sense. >> then. >> it's hard to walk through. >> imagine waking up to this. it's not even winter. >> and bride of manson. what woman would want to marry him? exclusive. what the bride's mother is telling only "inside edition." >> then, the home invader who made the mistake of his life. plus, the secret life of dogs. ever wonder what your pets do


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