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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  November 19, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EST

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>> after this crash on the new jersey turnpike, why he believes tracey may not get back to work. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, november 19th, 2014. >> all right, so you've been far warned, just so darn cold out there. sue, a record potentially set today? >> there is a very good chance, that at least tying the record, which is 20 degrees, and it was setback in 1936. we're calling for 20. we could get to 19 and break that records. the records in wilmington is 15 degrees. record low in atlantic city is 18. same number in reading, 17 the record low in trenton, watching all of these temperatures all morning long, let's see where we are, we are at 23 in philadelphia right now, with couple of hours before sunrise, still have a chance for the temperatures to get lower. it is 18 degrees in lancaster, 12 mount in mount pocono, 23 in wilmington, and 23 degrees in dover. these temperatures are lower even than yesterday, when we had a shock to the system with
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how cold it was, 11 degrees colder today than we were yesterday at this time. now, you factor in the winds, 14-mile an hour sustained winds, in philadelphia, 13 miles an hour in wildwood, but we have 19-mile per hour wind gusts, 29-mile per hour gusts up in the mountains, at the shore, so these are your windchills. dress for 11 degrees, if you're wacking out in philadelphia, it feels like six below, in mount pocono, feels like nine in trenton, and seven in lancaster, and windchills are in the teens just about everywhere he will. satellite and radar picture nothing to show you, there but they continue to add to those impressive snowfall totals, buffalo, record snowfall totals, some in the buffalo south towns got 60 inches of snow since monday. ya, not kidding. i look at the weather service observation this is morning. 23 degrees right now as we said in the city. take a look at what's going to happen over the next seven days. at least we will see by the
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weekend temperatures rising a bit. just going to stay cold throughout the rest of the work week, so today, high of 33 degrees. sunny skies, but still cold. at least, bob kelly, the winds aren't gusting as high as they were yesterday. but you got problems already on the roads, don't you? >> yes, some problems this morning, a lot of left over problems from the truck fire that we had to deal with last night. we'll tell you more about that, show you video in jaws moment, live look at the 42 freeway for the gang coming in from south jersey, from 55, 42, up and in toward philadelphia. you're good to go at the moment. but here is the latest on this new jersey turnpike accident. it occurred last night on the northbound lanes between exit number six, which is that turnpike connector bridge, up to exit number eight height town, all contained in the outer drive. so the inner drive open this morning, but that's the new stretch where they just wide ends the whole stretch of the roadway. so for the morning rush hour right now, instead of six
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lanes, down to three. that's naturally going to cause problems if you are going to be headed north up into north jersey this morning. left over crews still working along i-95. northbound right near the bridge street interchange, down to one lane. hopefully they'll be out of thereby 5:00-5:30. rough on the septa regional rail lines, combined cents of down tree, down wires, person hit by a train. at least we start the morning off normal on buses, trains, trolleys, no problems up and over the area bridges. chris, kerrey, back to you. >> 4:04. new this morning, one person is dead following this fiery tractor-trailer crash on the new jersey turnpike. this accident happened tuesday night, in cranberry township. state police say this involved three tractor-trailers, and forced closure every all northbound lanes, the cause under investigation. also, some shocking new details surfaced about the death of cooper health system ceo john sheridan, jr. and his wife joyce. as you may remember and steve keeley talk about their bodies
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pulled from a fire at their summerset county home back in september. now, originally, authorities thought that their deaths may have been a murder suicide. >> so evidently, that may not be the case. fox 29's steve keeley as kerrey mentioned joined us live from cooper university hospital watch are family members saying? >> reporter: the information void filled not by officials, still not saying anything about this case, but instead, by a rem tiff -- relative, un name by the courier post newspaper of john and joyce sheridan, who told the local paper that the family members all know gruesome details of the couple's violent deaths. what they still though do not know is the motive. the relative is quoted as saying no one has any idea why this happened. but what the relative did give us for the first time details of what what happened. joyce sheridan stabbed at least eight times, described as savage and done with rage. the cooper ceo john sheridan stab wounds on his left side
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and penetrating wounds to his neck. the knife that did that to him, not recovered, or identified; however, the knife used to stab mrs. sheridan was found at the scene along with another knife. mr. sheridan also had a huge antique arm our pushed on top of him. that was douse in the gasoline, and set on fire in the bedroom explaining why the fire department was at the scene right away first before anybody new anything was wrong. a gas can from the couple's garage was found nearby up on the second floor of their house, that they had lived in since 1977. earlier in the day, before the courier post broke this right around dinnertime, they had reported that the couple had an antique business down in mullica hill, in our area, in gloucester county, a place that they went almost every sunday until that sunday morning where they were found in their burning bedroom, and people new something was wrong when they didn't show to up their business. >> steve keeley, gruesome details, thank you.
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4:06 right now. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire at a burlington county landmark. >> the his historic columbus farmers market caught fire, at least dozen businesses were damaged and all of this just before thanksgiving. merchants say that's the market's busiest day of the year, too. >> we have bagel store not just bagels it is called, cheese steaks, french fries, on the far corner, and i believe it is called. >> you don't know what's going to transpire from the fire or anything. outside, whether we will open or not, because we have a location outside. >> no one was hurt. largely because that fire started when the market was closed. >> deplorable, hard core, graphic, those are the words the pennsylvania attorney general kathleen cane is using to describe the government pornographic e-mail scandal. >> in a interview, she said the emails involved videos and pictures every children in violent acts against women. the scandal came to fire four employees, suspends 11 other
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without pay, for their involvement. it also prompted state supreme court justice seamus mccaffrey to step down after it was disclosed. he had center received 234 of those emails. >> central bucks west now looking for a new head football coach after allegations of hazing rocked the school's football team. the school district releasing its own investigation saying head coach brian hen sell and his assistant didn't do enough to supervise the team. that's why he won't be back on the side lines next season but can you can stay on as teacher. they canceled west bucks football season with two games left to play. >> bucks county man now facing charges in the death of his toddler. police say the boy had an enormous amount of the prescription drug oxycodone in his system. prosecutors have charged 38 year old cocoa wallace with homicide and recklessly endangering another person. investigators say the amount of drug that this two year old has in his system was more
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than three times above what would have killed an adult. >> he may never be the tracy morgan he wants once, those words coming from the comedian's lawyers as he described morgan's battle to recover following the highway crash back on the jersey turnpike. >> he suffered a traumatic brain injury, in addition to broken leg, nose and ribs. morgan's lawsuit against wal-mart, wal-mart truck driver slammed into the back of the limo van that was caring morgan and several friends. morgan's friend, comedian james mcnair, was killed in this. morgan's now suing for punitive and compensatory damages. >> controversial casino wins it bid to open up in south philadelphia. >> you will see soon the new live hotel and casino near the sport stadiums in south philly. fox 29's lauren johnson there, good morning to you, lauren. >> reporter: good morning to you, chris, all bets are on for this new casino. it will come right here to south philadelphia. it was after a huge fight both for and against it.
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four applicants were under consideration at four different philly locations, live hotel and casino came out on top. let's start with the good news that will come out of this. it is a 425 million-dollar project out of it comes nearly 2,000 jobs, both construction and permanent, and a brand new hotel. the mayor says this is the latest major development adding to the more than $8.5 billion in construction activity since 2013. now, for the bad news, location is just few blocks away from people, in a south philly neighborhood, who say the sport complex is already too much for this area, many of the people that we talked to say traffic and parking already bad on game days, but a casino creates more permanent problems, but the developers promise to be good neighbors. they say they will build a 2500 space parking garage to ease the congestion, but still people living hearsay it is too big of a gamble. >> all the news, humble, and
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as a citizen of philadelphia for 25 years, we know what philadelphia expect. >> crime, drugs, prostitution, my house getting robbed. >> i don't care for it. i think it is already, you know, when we have events, the stadium, already a nightmare down here, then you add to that the regular scream of people at the casino, and i am not looking forward to that. >> and if that is not enough, what about the kids? parents who have student at nearby charter school also wore bid this construction, other local casinos also not too happy about the competition they say it is going to over saturate an already big business here with casinos in the area. chris, kerry? >> live report from inside the lobby perhaps, and stay warm, lauren. >> i hope. >> welcome to philly from orlando. >> 4:11, happening today, speaking of casinos, hundreds of casino workers in atlantic city scheduled to participate in a protest today on the boardwalk. they are demanding the taj mahal casino not be closed,
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that casino of course set to close in about three weeks t would make it the fifth atlantic city casino to shut down this year. today's march scheduled for 5:15 tonight. toys for tots needs your help. the company says donations are lagging this year, down to 11,000 toys from 34,000 this time last year. today the montgomery county commissioners will visit the toys for tots warehouse in horsham. and then invite the public to join them. the warehouse holds toys for more than 431 drop off site, they're stored and packed later. tour begins at 9:30, toys for tots hopes it will not only spur donations, but give the public ways to volunteer their time and talent to the cause. >> so sue mentioned this earlier. it is unbelievable amount of snow hitting buffalo, new york. 60 inches i think she said in what a day, sue? >> since hyundai. >> good grief. but what's with the freezing cold temperatures here? how long they're sticking around. >> then questions remain this morning, after search and
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rescue effort finds a woman had plunged her car into the freezing cold schuylkill expressway. but what was she doing right before the crash? that's what investigators a
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it is quarter after 4:00 right now, good night. it may be fall. >> and good luck. >> holy cow. winter weather is leaving its mark for sure. check out these pictures from western new york. snowfall rates approaching one to 3 inches an hour.
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white-outs, drifting snow, they declared a state of emergency already, matter of fact up there, new york governor andrew cuomo said he is deploying the national guard to help with this snow removal. 60 inches since monday. >> and this guy's name tells it all. >> what is it? >> kevin beers. just stay inside and enjoy a few of those. >> sounds delightful. >> you have to warm up some way, sue. >> listen, i worked in television in buffalo. jenn fred worked in television in buffalo. steve keel dishes as well. >> and you're all saying brr, we remember. although that's record territory even for buffalo. >> i want to take you up to the area, let me see, if i -- yes, i should be able to take you up to the area. >> things are not moving right now. i have drama to tell but and everything. here we go. >> looking up toward buffalo,
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lake effect bands setting up just south of the city. need to move again. >> observations this morning, suburb of buffalo, they had two observations, they had south, since monday night, 57 inches every snow, north, 2 inches every snow since monday, all in the same area of cheektowaga. that's the sharp cut off if you're not in one of the bands, they tends to drift up and down a bit, but that's what's going on with that. >> changing the maps here, thank you, 23 degrees, in philadelphia, right now. still watching for that record of 20. watching a lot of other areas as well. twenty-seven in wildwood. twenty-three in wilmington and we are predicting wind chills in single digits and teens this morning, they'll probably be in the 20's all day long, although will not be quite as windy as it was yesterday. so, our temperature trends
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over the past five days, certainly gone down. yesterday's high was 44, but it never felt like 44. we expect to be 33 for high temperature today. so, that's what's going on with the seven day forecast. we do have at least a warm up scheduled for late in the day on monday, rain scheduled, and bob kelly, we have dew point diana to thank for the assistance there. >> dew point diana, exactly. good morning, working the clickers and we are looking live, the schuylkill expressway here. right near university, no problems from ends to ends on the schuylkill expressway, we begin our trip on this wednesday morning. speedometer readings, slow going out here along 202. they're working out near chesterbrook boulevard. otherwise double five's on the schuylkill expressway. looking good up and down 476 this morning. no problems up and down i-95. the big problem, though, is northbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike.
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last night's tractor-trailer fire leaving with us delays this morning, here is the deal, northbound turnpike, the outer lanes are still closed between exit number six, that's the turnpike connector bridge, all the way up to hightstown. so if you are heading north this morning, up in north jersey or headed to up new york, your best bet, 130, 295, to at least get you up past the hightstown interchange, talcony palmyra bridge, crews working until about 5:00 o'clock or so, mass transit, regional rails off to good start, everybody's back in business, and the buses, trains, trolleys, also running so far so good with no delays. chris, kerrey, back to you. >> fate of lakewood new jersey rabbi one of the victims killed in the synogogue attack in jerusalem yesterday. according to nj.come. rabbi one of 3us born victims killed in that attack. the attack claimed five lives in all. police say two palestinian cousins went on rampage during
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morning prayers tuesday. now the attackers killed by police, the incident comes after weeks of religious have i lens. palestinian president did comdemn the attack, but israeli prime munster netanyahu accused abas inciting recent violence. >> grand jury ruling on the police shooting every ferguson teenager. governor has now appointed independent panel to help heal the community. jurors deciding whether officer darren wilson will face charges in the death of 18 year old michael brown. that shooting set off weeks of protest, sometimes violence, in the st. louis suburb. grand jury decision whether to indict or clear officer wilson could come any day now. >> controversial keystone xl oil pipeline fails to approval in the democratic control senate by just one vote. the final vote, 59 to 41. they needed 60 vote in order for it to pass. the measure is identical to the one that passed the house on friday, republicans note the project expected to create about 42,000 jobs, but critics
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oppose it saying it will be bad for the environment. >> a bill that would have rained in a nsa surveillance program fails to move forward in the senate. legislation would have ended the nsa collection of american phone records, tan would have required the agency to obtain a court order to analyze records. president obama had been pushing for the collection practice to end. >> philadelphia police and fire, ways nothing time to recover to a fire plunged into the schuylkill river yesterday afternoon. >> woman driving at high rate of speed when she came down hunting park avenue, crossed kelly drive, then crash through a cement wall and then landed in the frigid schuylkill river. despite the frigid conditions, divers located the car but it was fully submerged, the diver was unconscious, the rescuers tried to rescue her but died at the scene. >> tourists in puerto rico will have to pay for a freebie, a distillery in san juan had long been known for it free drinks and free tours.
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>> but officials say the distillery plans to revamp their tours and offer souvenirs to visitors instead. drinks will now cost 12 bucks. >> price. >> i not going. >> no official word on why the change is made. >> money? >> ya. fighting for chance to play. what's next for football, adrienne peterson, suspended for the rest of the
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>> so here is the deal. we'll do sports in one minute here, and kerrly time me. >> ready, go. >> at this point it is not the secret that the phillies will move ryan howard in a trade and fox 29's howard eskin said he hears the phils will buy him out if they can't trade him. sources telling him that ryan howard's family has brought legal action against howard. his mother, father, and brother were part of his corporation in his -- which his earns were paid, since howard got married he moved his family out of the corporation. his family was supposed to move into his 35,000 square foot mansion in florida. but that never happened. >> 252nd. >> all right, sports in a minute in 45. meanwhile, the eagles are trying to brush off that rough packers game. the birds started practice yesterday, focusing on the future, saying they can't carry the weight of the lost into the next game. >> the emotions can be pretty bad. i said to them, most important thing about that, you are
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you're not caring those emotions forward. it is a new week. you learn from it. you move forward. and you just car a better attitude into the next game. >> spit it out. you're reaking up all my time. the eagles play the titans sunday. that's sports in a minute. >> in a minute and 12. >> not the same ring, does it? here's howard eskin with sports. >> next time, howard, please, record that for us. thanks, howard. >> minnesota viking star add re ann peterson can kiss this season good-bye. >> suspended the running back without pay for the rest of the season. nfl commissioner roger goodel saying peterson showing no meaningful remorse for the charges of child abuse. >> this month he pled no contest to wreckless assault on a child, after reports surfaced that he had disciplined his four year old son with essentially whip. the nfl player association says it is appealing. coming up on good day at 73 legal analyst kevin
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rotweiler will be onto talk about this case and what's next for peterson. >> meantime, did your car fall under that big airbag recall? well, even if it didn't, and you're still worried, there may be a solution in the near future. >> and just as bill cosby's former mistress speaks out to inside education about the accusations against him, another woman comes forward. i think this makes 16 now. hear her shocking
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>> two words. bundle up. we could hit a record low today, sue serio's tracking the freezing forecast for you. >> then, to new details in the death after prominent hospital ceo and his wife. what reportedly happened before a fire consume their bedroom. >> they said don't move or i'll shoot, i'll call the cops. >> never rifle in hands, a 18 year old comes to the rescue of his father. hear how he stops a burglary inside his home. >> plus, 92 year old man says he got stuck with a red light ticket that's not his. and he has the proof. but this story gets a little more twisted when you find out what happened when he tried to have the situation cleared up. we'll get to. that will. >> good morning to my brother's family in reading, pennsylvania. >> okay. >> stay warm. sue, i just looked at your map, 16 degrees in redding? >> well, that is the forecasted low temperature. so we could indeed reach
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16 degrees. we'll check in in a moment. we want to show you the records from 1936 in philadelphia, is 20 degrees, but we will be watching all of these records this morning, to see if they're tide or broken. now, we're at 23 in philadelphia, 20 in reading, so they're getting close to their record low temperatures, as well. 18 degrees in lancaster, 22, millville, 23 in dover. the 24 hour temperature change, it is even colder than it was yesterday at this time. so 13 degrees colder in the case of wildwood. 11 degrees cold nerve philadelphia, winds speeds are still casino of up there. making it feel colder than it is. 14 miles an hour sustained in philadelphia. 20-mile per hour wind gust. and wind gusts that are even higher in other places like millville with 27 miles an hour. soap, this is what it feels like outside. single digit windchills in lancaster, pottstown, allentown, trenton, 11 is what it feels like in philadelphia right now, 17 is the windchill in wildwood.
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no rain or snow to show in you our area on ultimate doppler. record breaking snowfall just south of buffalo, new york, we will look at that in a little bit. 23 degrees feels like 11 as we said, and over the next seven days, at least we can look forward to some higher temperatures, but we have to wait until the second half of the weekend for. that will so today get ready for 33 degrees, windchills in the 20's, so plenty of deceiving sunshine, because it will still be cold today. that is your tuesday forecast from the weather authority. here is bob kelly. brr. >> brr, good morning, sue, morning, everybody, 4:32, bundle yourself up stepping out the front door this morning. give yourself few extra minutes to warm the car up, make sure the car heater fan is turned off when you start that car, because of that first burst will be all cold air until the old puppy warms up. live look here, 295 over in cherry hill, new jersey, no problems up and down the 295 corridor. we will take a trip out toward ft. washington, right near the
4:33 am
309 ft. washington interchange. there you go. nice pretty lights there. headed into the toll plaza. no problems up and down route 309. the rest of the major roadways, we're in good shape to start it off on the schuylkill, the blue route, little slow with construction at 202, but the big problem is on the new jersey turnpike this morning. left over from last night's fiery crash, northbound lanes, the outer lanes are closed, right near exit number eight. so if you are headed north this morning, you want to get to that inner drive at exit number six. so you will not have any problems once you get up toward that crash scene if you are headed north this morning, give yourself extra time. remember, the inner drive is the way to go. westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike, crews out near the willow grove interchange, i just got off the phone with septa, they said all of the problems with the regional rails yesterday, especially that west trenton line, have been repaired, and they're ready for a morning rush hour. chris, kerrey, back to you. >> bob, thank you. meantime authorities thought it may have been a murder suicide, but shocking new details are coming out about
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the death of the cooper health system ceo and his wife that indicate something else may have happened. >> yes, fox 29's steve keeley joining us now live from cooper university hospital with a little bit more on this mystery this morning. this is a pretty gruesome case. >> well, strangely, we've got even more new news since our last live shot, just 25 minutes ago, just getting an e-mail from our friends at the courier post, brand new development over night, the relative that has been telling details of the couple's deaths for the first time is now letting his identity be known, publicly, and letting public officials have it for not putting out information, and not getting the most important answers so far since september 28th when this happened, and that's why they were killed. peter miss co-his name, the brother, he said the family knows gruesome details of what happened to his sister, stabbed in the neck and chest at least eight times, and what he called savage and done with rage. his brother-in-law, the cooper ceo, john sheridan, also stab
4:35 am
wounds to his left side and penetrating wounds to his neck near his jug ooh lar vein, then huge arm our pushed on top of him doused in gasoline, and set on fire, which explains how anyone first had any idea anything was wrong that sunday morning, at the sheridan's nice home on that sunday day, september 28th. says the somerset county prosecute is her quote totally incompetent, no one has any idea why this happened, i've got no information, i'm tired of it. now, one of the sheridan's four sons seeing his uncle comments has also come out publicly, and he says his sung he will doesn't have his facts straight and putting out information piecemeal is not going to help thin. so wow, whole lot of new developments in this case. again, still stirring up a murder mystery of why this happened, that even though people are now talking publicly, when it comes to the family, still, nobody's hinting about what the motive may have been here. chris, kerry? >> either way it is just gruesome.
4:36 am
all right, steve, thank you. great new information. meantime, at 4:35, northern liberties teenager takes on a burglar. he catches red hand in the his home. >> yes, it happened early yesterday morning, this young man, wasn't having any part of it, so he reached for his gun. eighteen year old ivan told fox 29 that he was in a second floor bedroom, he heard a noise in his dad's bedroom down the hall. roman catholic graduate said a burglar was ransacking the room. he scrambled for his 22 caliber rem inning ton rifle. >> said don't move or i'm going to shoot, i'm going to call the cops. and he ran toward me, i took the safety often he pushed the barrel downward. >> the suspect ran downstairs and dove out a window, but ivan refused to give up. he chased him down the street until he finally tackled him, put him in a headlock. ivan said he kept the man in his arms until police got there. and they arrested 50 year old orlando dupla, police say has at least 29 prior arrest.
4:37 am
>> what's he doing out on the streets, with 29 priors? >> seriously. >> that time of year. people magazine naming their sexiest manna life. >> uh-huh. so who do you think it is? >> mike jerrick? >> we've got the answer. >> bob kelly, bob kelly has the sexiest hair alive. >> and his voice right now is insane. >> i'm going with bob kelly. >> my barry white? >> ya, babe. >> my barry white? >> ydeciding between buying food and health care
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is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, visit to learn more.
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>> good morning, welcome back, the airport is a cold day. good day to get on an airplane and go somewhere warmer. >> attempted murder charges filed against camden woman who police say stabbed a new jersey case worker. thirty year old tee osha edwards stabbed 29 year old lee coleman 21 times, and they say she did it at the division of child protection and permanency office building in camden, monday afternoon. coleman is in critical but stable condition this morning. the attack happened only dates after budget cuts eliminated armed officers assigned to that dcs office. >> we now know that a pilot of small plane is dead after crashing into a chicago home. we had this as breaking news for you yesterday morning. officials say now the pilot did report engine trouble, and requested return of the airport before crashing about a quarter mile short of the
4:41 am
runway. the couple inside the home survived this. the plane crashed into their living room, just one room away from their bedroom where they were asleep at the time of this accident. >> the federal government pushing the auto industry for national airbag recall. the national highway traffic safety administration is urging the recall of millions of additional cars, equipped with faulty drivers side airbags, previously, cars with inflaters made by t a/k/a ta corp. only in regions with high humidity. say delay for expansion based on a death in california, and injury in north carolina, which are both outside of the area covered by these earlier recalls. they agrees, if the airbags are to blame, the recalls should be expanded, but the current results indicate that a regional recall, they say anyway, is appropriate. >> real life grinch, boxfuls of toys for christmas swiped right off front stoop watch police say the man brought along for the crime.
4:42 am
>> and, at 4:41 this morning, man gets a ticket, but not for any car that he's ever had, ever driven. so what's the deal? why he thinks there may be a scam behind this
4:43 am
4:44 am
>> we could soon seymour nasty scenes such as this one more often as winter is nearing. yes, it is still fall. this tractor trailer in kentucky flipped after losing control in a icy road, the trailer was caring cattle that
4:45 am
all got out. it took several hours to clean up the mess. no word on the driver's condition. sue, good morning, all about the wind. >> it is all about that wind, about that wind. here we go again. no snowflakes, yes, we sang that one yesterday. now, felicia wants to know, on twitter, when will the winds die down? brr. and i think that's the question we all want to know. well, it is already not quite as windy as yesterday, but still affecting our feels-like temperature out there. so here's ultimate doppler radar showing again that narrow band of lake effect snow, that has dumped as much as 60 inches, since monday night, in the suburbs of buffalo, new york, interestingly enough, the city has hardly gotten any snow at all out of this epic, and i mean, epic snowstorm. and there you see the south towns like west seneca, and there is a place orchard park, where the buffalo bills play, they're getting slammed, the city itself not so much. the characteristics of lake
4:46 am
effect snow. 23 degrees in philadelphia right now, once we hit 20, we will have tide a record for this date. reading at 20, so is pottstown, allentown, 23 in wilmington, 23 atlantic city. these are the actual temperatures. but these are the windchills. this is what it feels like outside. single digit windchills, trenton, allentown, pottstown, lancaster, 11 is the win chill in philadelphia, and atlantic city. it feels like 13 degrees in dover, delaware right now. so, how did we manage yesterday? we actually, with all of the sunshine, ended up in the four's, never felt like it was in the 40's, because the winds so extreme. today 33 degrees, because starting off a lot colder than we did yesterday. and again, watching out for record low temperatures, this morning, so, tomorrow 43 degrees, then another blast of arctic air, on friday, still chilled on saturday, with a high of 40. warmer air moves in, on sunday, in the mid 50's, but rain in the afternoon, raining on you, if you are going to the eagles game, with the titans on sunday, and that
4:47 am
rain will last into monday. but at least bob kelly will be in the 60s, by then. >> yes, get those temperatures up there. 4:47. good morning, everybody, live look at i-295. right near cherry hill, new jersey, no problems up and down 295 this morning. we will take live look at i-95, coming into center city philadelphia. i95 right near girard avenue. no problems up and down the i-95 corridor. looking good along the blue route, 476, even the schuylkill expressway behaving right now. but the big problem this morning will be on the new jersey turnpike, last night's accident involving that fiery crash, with the tractor-trailers, clean up still underway. northbound, one of the tractor-trailers was caring a truckload of rock salt. so the clean up will last through the morning, northbound, outer drive is blocked, up near height town. so if you are headed north this morning, hook up with that inner drive at exit number six, and save yourself a delay once you get further up near the hightstown interchange. talcony palmyra, still working for maybe another hour or so. septa said that we had some
4:48 am
problems yesterday across the board, some downed trees, some wires, all of the regional rail lines are getting out of the gate, without any delays this morning, and we will keep our fingers crossed there, and as sue mentioned again with the wind, expect some delays on the bridges, and both hands on the wheels, when you are coming across the bridges this morning. chris, kerry, back over to you. >> bob, thanks, 4:49. main line drug dealer is sentenced to time in the state prison. kneel scott pleaded guilty inside after norristown courtroom to multiple felony. the judge immediately sentenced him to five to 15 years. he and timothy brooks were the so-called ringleaders of the main line take over project oing in lower merion township. the pair charged with pushing cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana, to several high schools and column negligence that area. >> police are hunting for a christmas crook in the suburbs, cops say, a man with a baby is caught on video, snatching a delivery right off of somebody's front porch, starting early this year, happened monday the 7,000
4:49 am
block of greenwood avenue, upper darby. investigators say, surveillance video shows ups dropping a box off. the box contains christmas toys, worth more than $100. then, cops say, this guy, with the baby, comes up and picks up the box and walks away. police say thieves are targeting holiday deliveries, and it is best not to have packages dropped off when nobody's home. >> former mistress every bill cosby speaks exclusively to inside edition about the rape accusations made against him. cosby has admitted to having an affair with sean brown in the 19 70s. well, last night, she told inside edition, she is convinced that cosby drugged and raped her. she also says she believes cosby is the biological father of her daughter. >> i didn't think anything of it at the time because i knew him, and i trusted him. but i do remember being very drugged and i don't remember much after that.
4:50 am
i just remember waking up the next morning in the bedroom naked. i know i had had sex. i don't remember any of it. >> the decades old allegations of sexual assault have been coming back to haunt bill cosby in recent weeks. he has never faced any charges, his lawyers say he will not comment on any of these allegations. even without comment, allegations as we said keep coming. the latest one from model and tv host janice dickinson. she, too, is accusing cosby of sexual assault. in a interview which aired yesterday, dickinson said the incident happened in 1982, lake tahoe, california where cosby was doing a show there. dickinson said she wrote about the assault in her 2002 autobiography, but was pressured by cosby and his lawyers to remove the details. >> what is that, 16, 17 women have come forward? >> i can't keep it straight. but a loft these stories are very similar in nature. >> we'll see of course this storely continue to develop.
4:51 am
4:50 right now. one word: bandwagon. that is the word that set justin timberlake off on twitter. he respond today fan who called him out for ac bandwagon fan of the grissly's, you know, like fair weather fan. >> timberlake had this to say in response: i'm from memphis, and i'm an owner, anyone else hashtag wick snatch. >> what's that? >> i don't know. >> sexiest manna life. >> chris hemsworth, apparently he and his wife, he is very attractive, couple of lawyers, avengers and star told people this bought him couple of weeks of bragging rights around the house. hemsworth joins long list of handsome men including adam levin, bradley couper. >> of all of the men, george clooney, brad pitt, who is the hotties. >> man, chris is pretty cute. >> you take him above all of the other guys? >> i think so. you see, if you warned. have you watched her to?
4:52 am
>> no. >> what do you like about it? >> he has that big hammer. >> an honor for john bon jovi. therefore his red carpet arrival for 2014 marion anderson award gal a legendary rocker was recognized for his musical achievement, ann philanthropic work. an elderly driver in florida said he is the victim of mistaken identity. >> he is fighting back against what he says are false claims. howard lilly of st. petersberg said he was getting angry letters from a collection agency claiming he never paid a fine for a red light camera ticket. the problem is he says, it wasn't his car that was cited on the ticket. he contacted a lawyer, but the nasty letters kept oncoming. some of them even threatened to have him arrested. and take away his license. >> i drop -- i drive a little bit. i don't drive a lot.
4:53 am
>> luckily, lilly says, a judge has finally tossed his case out. one mystery left now is the city where this ticket was issued, south pass dean, a said it doesn't even use a collection agency. so lilly obviously is wondering how the company got his information, and whether it is some sort of scam targeting the elderly. >> talk about incredible gift. one man is being called the lay away angel. how one-story was enough to get him to takings for the holida
4:54 am
4:55 am
4:56 am
♪ >> hey, christmas has come early to one florida community. >> yes, amazing day for 55 families with a lot of stuff on lay away for holidays, a business has stepped up and paid their tabs. so, jamesson labs and power clean corp. is based near tampa bay. jones sanders the president of the company, wanted to give back to the people that his company serves. so he paid off $12,000 worth of lay away accounts at an area wal-mart. he says that he figured if people had items on lay away, they were probably struggling for the holidays. and he wanted to help. >> lady walked up and said that she wanted to cancel her lay away because her husband had just lost his job and they
4:57 am
weren't going to be able to do it. so as far as we're concerned, that one-story alone was enough. >> wal-mart says that it has seen good samaritans pay offer lay aways in the past, but his company's gift is the biggest it's ever seen. >> see, if i was rich, it would be so fun to do that for people. >> wouldn't that be awesome? would love to do that casino of stuff. one day. >> person in america to fight the ebola outbreak in africa. how here in the u.s. can help those overseas. >> then, will tracy morgan ever be able to work again? what his lawyers revealing about the terrible injuries he suffered during that crash on the jersey
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> unbelievable fire on the jerseys turnpike, investigation underway. also, we could be hitting record lows today, sue. >> that's right. we're on number watch this morning. and it is cold, no matter what the numbers get to be, but, it sure doesn't feel like fall any more. we'll see if we hit that record low of 20 degrees coming up. chris? >> all right, sue. and some resident in south philly not happy, that a new casino is coming to their neighborhood. how the casino plans to help their new neighbors. >> plus, new details in the case of pornographic emails being shared on government computers. what the pennsylvania state attorney general is revealing about what was in those emails


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