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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  November 19, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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now, the fire started from what we understand at about 3:45. we still, of course, don't know what starter it. that was will come later. now, the house as you can see is very large. it's about three stories. we don't have any reports of injuries very active scene right now. we are on top of this. we will keep you posted as the news continues to develop. right now at 5:00 the aftermath of a devastating crash. skyfox was over the crash right after it happened this morning in maiden creek township, berks county. a tractor trailer slammed into a line of stopped cars. >> and that wreck killed two people. several others are injured and the truck driver is in serious trouble. good evening, i'm lucy knoll lapped. i'm iain page. >> let's get right out to fox 29's dawn timmeney who's life in berks county tonight. dawn? >> reporter: well, that truck driver is in whole lot of trouble tonight. he's identified as 50 year old steven berne yea of reading he's already on parole for sexual offenses now he's charged with two counts of mom sid by
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vehicle, 10 counts of aggravated assault while driving. the list goes on and on. you can see route 222 here is now open. the dunkin' donuts opened as well but a whole different scene early this morning. skyfox capturing the hour hick seen on route 222 in maiden creek township berks county around 6:30 this morning. cars on the side of the road on their roofs. three vehicles wrapped around a dunkin' donuts sign after a tractor trailer plowed into a line of traffic stopped for light. >> basically you could feel the impact, you know, sounds of things smashing. >> reporter: officer robert wood just happened to be in the drive through line at the dunkin' donuts when panic hit. the tractor trailer barreling down the road slamming several vehicles right into the sign. >> when i got out, everybody was kind of going crazy saying call 911. they didn't realize i was right there. >> reporter: wood called emergency responders the fire and police departments and then went to work helping the many victims at the scene. >> two good samaritans came out
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of one of the vehicles, um, and we were trying to assist female operator, and we realized there was a third vehicle underneath. >> reporter: nissan mangled so badly it was difficult to see it in the twisted wreckage. the male driver killed. the woman driving the silver suv also killed. nine others injured. the berks county district attorney says this accident did not have to happen. that the driver fell asleep at the wheel. >> the defendant started work this morning at 1:30 in the morning. must have been tired causing him to doze off. when he woke up, he laid on the brakes. >> reporter: but too late. da says he was driving too fast for conditions and could not stop. the whole thing caught on dunkin' donuts surveillance cameras which the da says enable to file charges against the driver of the recycling truck right away. >> we were able to view this accident to give us frankly an
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almost live picture of this incident as it took place. >> reporter: now police are not releasing that video at the moment. they say it is very graphic, and very telling. they're also with holding the names of the two people who were killed. we're told that the nine people who were injured did not suffer light threatening injuries and they are in various hospitals in the area. coming up at 6:00 o'clock tonight, more with the police officer who is hugging his family a little bit tighter tonight. the police officer, iain, who witnessed this whole thing as it unfolded. >> dawn, thank you. see you again at 6:00. >> a car plunges down an embankment and into a pond near delaware's christiana mall. skyfox over the scene. six people including a child went to the hospital. several bystanders ran to help before rescuers got there. the driver lost control on mall boulevard off route 1 and drove into the retention pond. >> bitterly cold here and record breaking amounts of snow just to our north.
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buffalo, new york, bracing for even more snow than they're already dealing with. that is 6 feet on the ground right now. the next round could drop an additional two to 3 feet of snow. one hun 32-mile stretch of the state's through way in western new york is closed for obvious reasons. look a the that right there. authorities are blaming the storm for five deaths in new york including three from heart attacks. and a group of women's basketball players from niagra university were trapped on their bus for nearly 30 hours. the driver could not get out of a snow drift and rescuers could not get to them. state troopers final dollar make it to them this morning. now, compared to that it is great to be in the delaware valley. though it's a little unusually cod who are. chief meteorologist scott williams, wow! record cold here, lucy, this morning temperatures bottomed out right around 20 degrees in the philadelphia area. no snow thankfully but take a look to the north and west. we're still dealing with that lake effect snow toward the western part of our state, also, moving toward buffalo. another little clipper like
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system is bringing additional snowfall there away as we take look you can see that latest frame. talk about being snowed in right now. just to the south of the buffalo area, some locations, yes, over five, even 6 feet of snow. that's more snow than we typically see on average for three winter seasons in the philadelphia area. but back to this morning's low, 20 degrees tying the record low set back in 1936 of 20. reading saw a record this morning of 17 degrees as well as georgetown, delaware, dipped down to 19 degrees. 31 right now in philadelphia. winds out of the south southwest at 11 miles per hour with the wind chill of 22 degrees. so it's cold but not as cold as it was yesterday thanks to those wind out of the south and west we'll talk about a brief warmup with the seven day forecast coming up much lucy and iain. >> thank you very much, scott. for live radar 24/7 and what's right around the bend any time head to of course the weather tab at the
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top of our home page. >> happening now a marijuana mystery in delaware county. upper darby police are trying to figure out who sent 90 pounds of pot to a 69th street clothing store. two packages showed up at the store worth pretty big bucks. fox 29's dave schratwieser live in upper darby tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, this happened twice in the last 24 hours. yesterday two packages with about 60 pounds of high grade pot worth couple hundred grand showed up at the store. today another 30-pound package showed up worth about 100 grand. now, the packages were addressed to someone using the address of that clothing store, but no one at the store knows that person. so the upper darby police were called by the owner of the sto store. the packages were opened. they found the pot and began investigating. they have a full fledged investigation going on both here and on the west coast trying to find out what this is all about. superintendent michael chitwood told us this afternoon that with the christmas season upon us, he's concerned this will happen more and more.
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>> it's now that holiday season where numerous packages are coming through, and you can't tell me that drugs are not being shipped because we know they are. whether it's heroin, cocaine, steroids, marijuana. so the odds of getting shipments through is exacerbated or enhanced greatly. >> reporter: now, chitwood says the packages were shipped via fed ex and delivered to the store. how did they get through? we'll tell you about that coming up at 6:00. i'll give a hint. it has something to do with the smell. iain. >> all right, dave, thanks. look forward to that. strike is looming for some workers at philadelphia international airport. the airline subcontract prime flight plan to strike tomorrow. prime flight has contracts with some of the largest airlines at the airport and their employees serve as back catch porters for some of the airlines. porters help people with luggage after they've gotten to the airport. the porter site unfair labor practices unsafe working conditions as their reasons for
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walking off the job. u.s. airways and american flights use prime flight employees they say they have staff ready to cover if employees don't show up. >> a tough day for the acting director of the secret service. he was back on capitol hill today and thing got heated. the director said moral is so low in the agency it could lead to quote potentially dire consequences. here's fox's mike emmanuel. >> reporter: the acting head of the secret service offering no excuses to a skeptical house judiciary committee telling lawmakers the agency suffers from a serious moral problem as the investigation into a number of embarrassing incidents continues. >> recent incidents give me great concern that the policies, procedures and training at the secret service are not entirely up to the task. >> reporter: topping the a jenn dark the september 19th fence jumping incident. when army veteran omar gonzales was able to make it past multiple layers of security into the white house. >> the level of training for
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uniformed division officers likely cribbed to gonzales' ability to breach the white house interior. >> reporter: lawmakers grilling clancy on no agents were disciplined for misleading the media where gonzales was apprehend glad we've got to do a much better job of communicating within the internal -- >> i want to know if there's any consequence. did anybody face disciplinary action? you have a major moral problem, and this is why. >> reporter: ultimately chance see says the moral issues will have potentially dire consequences if they're not addressed. while stabbing new procedures and improving training will be part of his plan for reform, ultimately he says the biggest changes need to come from the top. >> i also see an urgent need to re-establish what i view as one of the most basic tenants of well fingering workplace. trust your boss that he will stand up and do the right thing. >> reporter: external review of white house security procedures is also underway. on capitol hill, mike emmanuel, fox news. >> more than a thousand atlantic city casino workers are protes
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protesting right now. the workers are marching against a plan december 12th shut down of the trump taj mahal. trump entertainment resorts plans to hand itself over to billionaire investor kyle -- carl icon in return for him for giving nearly $300 million in debt. he says he'll invest $100 million in the casino but only with sub sun stall state aid. taj mahal would become the fifth of the atlantic city's 12 casinos to close this year. >> not even thanksgiving and already we're seeing a parade of grinches at our front door. >> specifically thieves targeting packages left behind by carriers. it's happened again and again. it's on camera. we're talking with the victims and we've got ways we can beat the bad guys. >> even more allegations of sexual assault against bill cosby. the famous face now saying the iconic comedian victimized her and why she didn't come forward sooner. >> and the schoolbus driver accused of of driving her route with dozens of children on board and she certainly appeared under
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the influence to police and what police say she said that made parents even more upset. howard. >> the eagles still getting ready for their game sunday against tennessee and lesean mccoy responds to the
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♪ >> sky fox over a water main break in doylestown, buck county. never a good thing, of course, with freezing temperatures. that much worse. repair crews north street between east street and david road. all of that water a lot of it turning to ice. tonight the good news is,
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everything is back to normal. it happened again. another package stolen right off the front steps of a home in our area. the boom online shopping means nor boxes and bags delivered to our homes and left when no one answers. our bruce gordon live in the newsroom tonight with video of the latest theft somebody tips on how to beat the crooks. bruce. >> iain, tiz the season for crooks to watch for packages left on doorsteps. they pounce and you're expensive gift is gone in heartbeat. this story comes from south philly and it is all caught on camera. friday afternoon and this woman apparently decides do a little christmas shopping at the pack home on the 500 block of reid street. she wants the five finger discount, and she gets it. she showed us the video cap heard on her dad's elaborate security camera setup. >> i was furious. >> reporter: the package was delivered by a postal service carrier at 40:00 7:00 p.m. and stolen less than 40 minutes later. >> it was very upsetting because someone was home at the time. they just scan it and leave it right behind the storm door.
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no attempt to knock or ring. >> reporter: sin the theft she's post add sign asking any carrier to ring the bell when they deliver a package. but back to the story, look carefully. the woman glances over her shoulder as she approaches the door to see if anyone is watching. the camera is and she would love to see the thief caught. >> we all work hard for the money we earn for things we buy with it for someone to just steal that it's not right. >> reporter: monday similar theft occurred in upper darby this time a man carrying a small child walks on to this covered front porch on the 7,000 block of greenwood avenue. he makes off with a big box of christmas toys. police say the holiday season is open season on packages left visible at the front door. advice from philly's top cop -- >> try to coordinate with the various carriers so that someone is home to receive it if it's at all possible, or be able to put it in a place where it's concealed and not out in the open. if you know you have a package coming. if you have a neighbor that you know well and trust, maybe the neighbor could get it for you. >> reporter: interestingly
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postal rules do not require carriers to knock or ring the bell when they liver deliver a package. usps tells me you can post a sign detailing your wishes. we showed you that or go to your nearest post office and let them know in writing how you want package deliveries handled. on a happy note she says the store express was willing this time only to replace the stolen jacket without an extra charge. nice of them to do that. lucy. >> indeed it is. thank you very much, bruce. a robbery at a barbershop in philadelphia's chestnut hill neighborhood has an employee recovering from a establish wound and police looking for three men. police say those men walked into sharpeys' barbershop on stenton avenue on saturday. they had knives and investigators say they took a laptop, $95 in cash from an employee and the customers that were there. another employee tried to fight back. they stabbed him. so if you recognize any of these guys, call philadelphia police. montgomery county stages a huge crack down on dead beat parents.
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15 sheriffs deputees fanned out across the county early this morning looking for 67 parents who owe back child support. nine dads were arrested and three more turned themselves in after learning they were being pursued. the sweep is all part of on going effort by the county to hold dead beat parents responsible for their security children. >> security gets stepped up where a state child welfare worker was stabbed. human services department police are now working the building. caseworker lea coleman was stabbed on monday. she's recovering in the hospital. 30 year old tieesha edwards charged with attempted murder and other offenses. >> comedian tracy morgan is still recovering from a severe brain injury five months after an accident on the new jersey turnpike. that word now from his lawyer. in june a wal*mart tractor trailer slammed into a limo van carrying morgan and others coming back from a show in delaware. one person died. morgan and three others were injured. and his lawyer is now saying
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morgan may never quote be the same tracy morgan he once was. morgan has filed a lawsuit against wal*mart. lawyers from both sides were in new jersey court yesterday to settle on a schedule for the trial. >> a judge is now hearing a new jersey family's claim reciting the pledge of allegiance is schools in disclaim nary. at issue is the phrase under god the family is suing the aberdeen matawan school district. the district says state law requires school to recite the pledge daily but individual students don't have to participate. some mop students helping those less fortunate today. they donate to support -- chesterbrook academy elementary schools collected food and school supplies to support the police athletic programs. >> pre winter blast not letting up just yet. it will be april or something like that. chief meteorologist scott williams tracking how much longer this time. >> everybody tal talking about o soon lucy to be dealing with
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these temperatures. well below average for this time of year. it's below freezing or at freezing area wide right now. 32 in wildwood. 30 atlantic city. we have 31 in philadelphia. upper 20s in pottstown. 20 currently in the pocono mountains. you factor in the wind how your body reacts how you should dress you should dress for 22 degrees right now in philadelphia. that's how it feels. it feels like seven right now in the pocono mountains, but take a look at the wind direction. it's more out of the south southwest anywhere from 9 miles an hour in wilmington. 12 miles an hour in philadelph philadelphia. so temperatures won't be as cold and won't drop as rapidly. they'll likely be pretty steady. we're talking low 30s pretty much for the balance of the evening. if you're stepping outdoors. but off to the west there is a little bit of a front that will actually help to warm our temperatures into the 40s for tomorrow. but i am timing some colder air with that seven day forecast again. iain and lucy coming up. >> scott, thank you. it is bone chilling here but people to our north dealing with a lot worse. it got so bad in new york state
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this basketball team was stuck on a bus for 24 hours. who came to the rescue? >> also schoolbus driver caught on camera seeming under the influence while driving dozens of children. why police say this was even more dangerous than it looks. women aren't the only ones look to go bust the wrinkles these days. call it bro tock. why more and more men are going under the needle to roll back time. ♪
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>> lake effect snow pump ripping western new york. more than sick feet of snow have fallen in the buffalo area. a fierce snowstorm is being blamed for the deaths of at least six people in new york, new hampshire and michigan. the snow totals are still rising with more snow on the way. the snow has left people stranded in cars for hours. some drivers were trapped for nearly an entire day. as we mentioned earlier, the team bus for the niagra university women's basketball team was among the stranded. the players and coach tweeting photo updates while they were stuck on the new york state through way. after more than we are hours the thankful head coach posted this picture of the men who rescued
5:24 pm
them and then another picture at 4:30 this morning with the caption reading we are safe at the toll plaza making our way to police station and then to campus. >> crazy stuff for them. all right. allegations now against comedian bill cosby and they are mounting. the most recent coming from model and tv personality janice dick ken zone son. she is telling entertainment tonight cosby raped her in 1982 in california. she says she wrote about the assault in her auto biography which came out in 2002. now, if you read the book you didn't see it and she says that's because cosby's lawyers pressured her to take it out. dick ken son's allegations are the latest in series against cosby dating back decades. cosby has never faced charges but did he settle a civil suit with a woman in 2006. and now on the heels of netflix canceling its comedy special with cosby, nbc has just scrapped it's cosby project coming up later in this newscast, a closer look at what's going on with an entertainment expert.
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new surveillance video is released of a texas schoolbus driver accused of being inn tock indicated with kids on the bus. police say you can see kathy will he brand grand popping what looks like some kind of pills in her mouth on her but route last month in austin texas. she was driving with nearly 30 kids on board. police say a number of them told their parents about the bumpy ride they had and several of them even got off after lagrand hit a mailbox, a curb and then a tree branch. >> this incident was very concerning. as soon as it was brought to our attention, we immediately notified the authorities. we took every step possible to ensure the immediate safety of our students. investigators sea will he grant has admitted to taking multiple pills that day including anti-depressants, painkillers and sleeping aids. she's been charged with driving under inn tock indicated with children on board and leaving the seen of a crash. >> jason collins nba first ope openly gay player is now retiring. the 35 year old played 22 games with the brooklyn nets last year
5:26 pm
but he's not on the roster this season. he says, it has been an exhilarating 18 months since he came out as the first openly gay men in one of the four major pro sports league. he hit the hard court in the inform ba in 2001. by most measures water conservation is good thing. some folks are whether one community in southern california may be taking things a little too far. plus a happy update for a dog we first told you about earlier this week. he had to have surgery after eating his own foot. things are looking up for this little guy. scott. >> iain, parts of the area have already received some snowfall, even the arctic blast during the fall season. is it going to be a bad winter? details
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>> ocean county toms river police have found the guy who exposed himself to a little girl in a dollar tree store. they have busted 73 year old guy staff have a moran today. he exposed himself to an eight year old girl in one of the stores aisles. his bail set at $75,000. for new jersey high school assistant football coaches suspended in the middle of a hazing and sexual assault scandal will keep their teaching jobs. the sayreville school board decided to reinstate the men as teachers. but the school board did not make a recommendation about suspended head coach george, who was a physical education teach teacher. the coaches were suspended with pay last month after seven players were charged with hazing
5:30 pm
and sexually assaulting four teammates inside the locker room. no coaches were charged. school district canceled the football season. >> with temperatures like these a lot of you including me may be getting worried about what's in store for us this winter. >> i'm right there with you. chief meteorologist scott williams is on top of it with his winter outlook so what do we have to brace for, scott? >> hi, lucy and iain. temperatures already well below where they should be for this time of year. so it looks like the cold air, the polar vortex, it's going to make a come back. here's my exclusive fox 29 winter weather authority forecast. ♪ >> winter is still about a month away but the first flakes have fallen. >> way, way, way too early. >> recent below average temperatures have folks reaching for heavier coats. >> it would have been nice if it could have stayed warm a little bit longer. >> after the brutal winter we saw last year, just saying the word snow will get you lots of looks and raised eyebrows around here. >> hopefully it will just be a really cold winter instead of a lot of snow like last year.
5:31 pm
>> i mean let's look at the numbers. last winter went down as the second snowiest winter on record with 68-inches of snow. that's just 10-inches behind the all-time snowiest winter ever for philadelphia. the repetition made it exhausting, too. there were at least 17 times with trace or more of snow. winter officially begins december 21st, but will it be as intense as last year. >> i've been analyzing the data to help you prepare and here's my exclusive fox 29 winter weather authority forecast. >> before we talk about the temperatures and even the expected snowfall ams for this season, there are several factors to consider. number one being the polar vortex. you heard it last year and you'll hear it again this wint winter. also, we'll discuss the el nino setting up the importance of the jet stream patterns and the type of events. will they be nuisance systems or blockbuster events? ♪ >> last year's buzz phrase was polar vortex. >> i'm meteorologists are
5:32 pm
calling the polar vortex. >> another polar vortex. >> polar vortex and unfortunately i think you'll be hearing more of this phrase this winter. >> so what exactly is the polar vortex? it's always there. it's locked up around the north pole much it's a cold arctic air circulating around the poles and some of that air typically will break off from that main circulation because of a jet stream pattern and dive a little farther to the south. what about the surgeon branch of the jet stream? i think it will be controlled this winter by a weak el nino yo pattern basically warming unfortunate eastern pacific waters and that will channel a strong subtropical jet stream our way which could set the stage for more nor'easters. i think we'll see at least two to three nor'easters head in our direction this year. now let's talk temperatures. for the rest of november, look for below average highs in the mid to upper 40s. moving on to december, look for temperatures right around the monthly average of 45 degrees. for january, temperatures will
5:33 pm
remain slightly below the monthly average of 40 degrees. i expect february to be our coldest month with temperatures below the monthly average of 44 degrees. now that we've covered the temperatures, here's my exclusive fox 29 winter wet authority snowfall forecast. the rest of the month features a wintry tease with a few flurries and wet snowflakes mixed in. december will feature one or two nuisance syste systems with ligt accumulations. january will bring the first real plowable snowfall to the region with six or more inches of snow likely from a mid to late month nor'easter. not only will february be our coldest but also snowiest month with a couple of blockbuster storms each bringing six to 10-inches of snow. snowfall will continue into early march with a few nuisance systems delivering an additional one to 3-inches of snow. to summarize for the 2014-2015 season, my exclusive snowfall
5:34 pm
forecast is between 29 to 33-inches of snow for the philadelphia area. while that's above the typical average of 21-inches for the philadelphia area, it's a little less than half of last year's record breaking 68-inches of snow. ♪ >> okay. last winter was relentless. are we in for that again with these just -- every five days? >> it was back to back to back. i think this year we'll have fewer systems but the systems that we have are going to dump more snow than what we saw last year. still less snow overall though. >> it evens out basically. what it is. >> you already planning where you'll go for warmer weather to golf. >> january i'm going to my am moo and february i got to make a trip and then march. by the time i kim back we should be good. >> all right. there's old man winter. you know what, more and more men are looking to bust those wrinkle. >> you can call it brotox. why so many guys are going under the needle and trying to roll back time,. all it will take is a short trip to see the largest
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♪ >> good news tonight about a dog named rocky who lost his leg after he nearly chewed off his foot. he has a new foster mom melissa already taking him for walks and he's doing so good with those three legs of his. getting stronger every day. and we now know why he chewed off that foot of his. the 11 month old was trying to escape from a chain that was wrapped around it. his previous owners turned him into a shelter saying they had no idea how it happened. >> after all he's been through and the cruelty that other people have put him through, he is so sweet and he's so loving. at least we can help to socialize him. we can help to teach him manners of an indoor dog. and we can give him all the
5:39 pm
snuggles that he needs. >> did you see him giving her kisses? so sweet. she lost her own german shepherd recently and rocky is not only one in recovery. she says he's helping her heal from her loss as well and she's hoping he'll eventually find a loving familiar who'll will give them tons and tons of love. >> in your health tonight botox has been popular with women but now it's gaining popularity with guys. it seems more and more men are trying to get rid of those wrinkles. some are calling it brotox. according to the american society of plastic surgeons, nearly 300,000 men got the injections last year alone. doctors say there are three types of men turning to the wrinkle buster. there's the younger guys who want to prevent the wrinkles before they even start. hubs of women that are already getting botox and work executives who want to remain competitive. >> helping to prolong the younger parents for as long as possible. we know it's not physically humanly possible to last forev
5:40 pm
forever. >> isn't that true. doctors say more than 10 million women got botox injections last year. >> tomorrow is the american cancer society's great american smoke out and it's hoping smokers will make a plan to quit and dr. oz is here with advice how how to kick that habit once and for all. >> ♪ smoking number one cause of preventible death in america. but it's not just your lungs that suffer. as a heart surgeon i witnessed first hasn't the devastating damage smoking wreaks on your heart. but the effects of quitting are immediate. win 20 minutes your heart rate and blood pressure drop. win two weeks circulation improves and in one year, the added risk for heart disease is cut in half. now, i'm saying quitting smoking is easy it's not but it's something that i know you can do. it starts with commitment to do this and once you've done that you get your confidence then your decision to quit becomes easier. here's what i want you to do to take the first steps towards quitting. grab a support buddy set a date
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one month from today. next 30 days replacing the habit with another one like walking 30 minutes each day. no matter what you'll walk. in one month when quitting day comes you'll feel strong and accomplished and ready to kick the habit for good. >> all right. you can watch dr. oz show here on fox 29 weekdays at 1:00 p.m. when it comes to conserving water you've got a lot of ways to do it. >> but the way some people in southern california may soon get their water might have you thinking really? plus, see the more allegations of sexual assault against bill cosby. closer look at what this could mean for one of philly's favorite sons. howard? >> lesean mccoy has good season, not a great season, but mccoy says it's about winning and
5:42 pm
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>> we are following breaking news right now. iowa man arrested near the white house. it happened just afternoon today. a 41 year old told officers that someone from iowa told him to go to the white house so he drove there. the secret service searched his car. they found rival. at least 40 rounds ammunition and sick inch 95 right now the man is facing charges of possessing unregistered firearm. but nor charges could follow. >> and big entertainment news tonight. the story topping headlines. philly's own bill cosby another rape accusation against the comedian this time from model janice dickinson and now the fallout first netflix put its cosby project on hold, and tonight nbc is cutting ties with the comedian. a lot happening quickly as we've told you these allegations come from many women across many decades. joining us now the host of dish nation head cracking and head crack i know you've got your ear to the ground when it comes to entertainment industry. oh yeah. >> what are you hearing?
5:46 pm
um, i'm hearing it's not really looking good. there's been a lot of accusations an lot of accusors but this is the first person that came out that people could actually, you know, put a face and a name to like janice dickinson is a huge name. >> she is. she survived a lot of things. >> she has. in order -- >> i was just going to say -- in order for her to come out and say these things. >> she's been very candid. head crack, i know that you've been looking into what she has said in the past, because she tried to put this in her auto biography, you know, back in 2002. she said, didn't she say bill cosby' lawyers pressured her not to? she did say this, and the thing is i think once you -- you stand back and like you've been a victim of this type of crime and you see other people that have gone through the same thing that you went through, you just kind of put all that other stuff to the side. i got to say something. so in order for her to feel compelleed to it at this point n the game she obviously led her conscience go to the side and just want to come forward with it. >> this is what she is saying,
5:47 pm
of course. now from bill cosby's side he's never ever admitted to anything. in fact he's been -- he's vehemently denied these allegations. do you think that his lawye laws are he will come forward and say anything any time toon? you know he's been doing a great job of not saying anything. i don't know if you got a chance to hear that interview did he with npr over the week glenn we did. but like the guy put him on the spot and he was pre -- he was literally silent about that whole allegation. i don't think, you know, i think it's going take a court of law to make him speak out about, you know, these acts that he's being accused of of. >> we'll see what happens. a lot of fallout right now. now on the other side of things people magazine this year's sexiest man alive a lot of women going ah, chris hemsworth. chris earn the much coveted honor. i know him as thor, of course. he beat out lot of folks. who else on that list? i mean idris elba. people thought that this was going to be the year that neal
5:48 pm
patrick harris might grace the cover of people magazine. and even chris pratt, a guy who represents for all the formerly chubby dudes out there and showed them they can get it together. i thought he was going to be like number one on the list but, yo, chris hemsworth is the man. >> he is. at least this year. we'll see about next year. head crack, always a pleasure. likewise. >> and after a 10:00 o'clock news we've got two hours of news and info taken many catch tmz inside edition follow beside dish nation at midnight and chasing new jersey iain. >> san diego city council gave the go ahead to turn the city's waste water into drinking water. it will result in recycling enough waist water to account for 30% of san diego's drinking water needs by 2035. some people are worried about cost and toxins that could be left in the water. >> how do you stan out in new york city? well with the world's largest digital billboard, of course, it takes up an entire city block. and was turned on last night. the first company to buy ad
5:49 pm
space on it is google. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority a whole lot to talk about stuff like legwarmers and earmuffs. do people still wear legwarmers? i don't know. log john's. >> whatever you into he had to stay warm that's what you need to do because it's going to see another cold night. stepping outdoors tonight temperatures well below where they should be. the high today only 33 degrees. look at the morning low. 20 and look at the record, 20. so we tied it today. that record was set back in 1936. as we look at temperatures right now, you can see it's 30 degrees current until atlantic city. we have 28 in wrightstown. 26 in allentown. so at or below freezing all right area wide across the area. factor in the wind how your body reacts how it actually feels, it feels like 19 in lancaster. 7 degrees what it feels like currently in the pocono mountains much as we take a look at the current winds, the wind direction it has shifted. winds are coming in out of the south so that will do a couple of things, of course, it's going
5:50 pm
to be cold tonight but won't be quite as cold and temperatures will be steady if not rise a little bit as we move into the evening and overnight. so not as blustery. not quiet as cold. but still right at about freezing still by 11:00 o'clock tonight. so bundle up if you're stepping outdoors. so as we take a look at the satellite and radar, dry and quiet for us. still dealing with some snow around parts of the lakes. but this little system will bring a brief warmup our way during the day tomorrow. temperatures will top out in the low 40s. but behind it as we move toward the latter part of the week into friday in particular, we're looking at some colder air. so tomorrow morning, it will be cold but not quiet as cold because winds will still be out of the south and southwest. but during the day tomorrow, that front will move through. and then behind that front we'll look at those winds picking up out of the north and west with blustery conditions and colder air high temperatures only friday will only be in the 30s before we warm up for the second part of the weekend. so not as cold as we move tour the upcoming weekend.
5:51 pm
some milder air will be headed in our direction. so that will bring us a little bit of relief before another chill just in time for thanksgiving. so for tonight, mid 20s in the suburb. low 30s in the city. so 10, 11 degrees warmer than it was last night across the area and then we're looking at temperatures tomorrow making it about 10 degrees warmer for the high temperature. 43 degrees. so forecast by the numbers on a scale of one to 10, tomorrow it's a six. not as cold but still chilly and not as blustery. the seven day forecast showing you the return of the cold air friday's high 36. low 40s on saturday but look at sunday. we're talking mid 50s, mid to upper 60s even by monday. tuesday back into the mid 50s and then colder air 40s returning for wednesday and into thursday for thanksgiving and right now the forecast at the linc not looking that bad. not even that cold either. >> nice. a big switch for you mr. howard eskin from lambeau. >> perfect. three more cold games this year.
5:52 pm
i've already marked them. >> that's my long range eagles forecast. >> perfect. >> all right. the eagles are coming off their worst loss under chip kelly. but the players and the coach say, that's behind them. now, interestingly listen to this last year the eagles had two teams score over 40 points in losses and the eagles won the next game both times. but one question that lingers each week is the production of lesean mccoy. now, mccoy in nine games has only two, 100-yard games. last year he had seven for the season. the expectations have been hire this year but in reality he's sixth in the league in rushing and second in total carries. not bad. but not the same. but neither is the offensive line. mccoy says he's part of a winning team and everything is fine going into the tennessee game on sunday. >> i think attitude has changed, um, you know, everybody was so down after the game which we should have been and the attitude today, very positive. you know, working hard and
5:53 pm
trying to trying to get ready for tennessee. that's all we can do. >> the numbers say he's having unlesean mccoy like season. last sunday was his third game in four week under 100 yards. but one thing he's not ready to do, call this season a learning experience. >> i'm just working, working hard. this year everything is -- that's happened as far as yardage and everything you got to earn it. i'm going to earn everything i get this year. um, it's hard. i know everybody about myself. nothing has changed in confidence, swagger. i don't think anything has changed. that will never change. >> but what has changed continuity on the offensive line much this union has been in flux all season. >> quite frankly the cohesion real until there and, you know, i think it was a good point that was brought up in our meeting room we don't feel like we've been as -- as energetic as -- we've been letting the mistakes
5:54 pm
and the stalled out run game dictate how we feel and dictate our mind sets rather than imposing our will on the defense which is what we did so well last year. >> an interesting cold look by lesean mccoy as well. the team in the nfc east that's imploding the washington redskin. they are done for the season. they're three and seven team and the players are pointing fingers and it started with the quarterback robert griffin iii on sunday. first of all he compared himself to tom brady and peyton manning which is a joke and throwing his teammates under the bus. he wasn't real chipper today being asked to respond to his coach jay gruden from monday. >> his basic performance just critiquing robert it was not even close to being good enough to what we expect from that quarterback position. >> do you need to make changes in how you go about things in order to correct some of his fundamental. >> jay wants me to play better. i want to play better. we're focused on san francisco. >> is there any thought to dialing it back and saying less and just not being in the center of it all?
5:55 pm
>> yeah, man, like i said we're focused on san francisco. >> how does a quarterback improve precision on his foot work and things like that. yeah, man, like i said focus on san francisco now. >> you know what i got good idea for him. he should focus on the off season a vacation. because they're done. how is that for focus? >> that's your long-term forecast for him. >> that's right. >> i gotta howard. >> work on his golf game. >> horrific crash in berks county. tractor trailer slams into inn loo of park cars. tonight two are dead. he we talked to a police officer who was already on the scene when it happened. >> and going in style. to fine the best public restroom in the country you don't have to go very far. the spot that flushed away the competition all new at 6:00. that's straight ahead.
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>> right now at 6:00 record cold blast as bad as it is here, it is worse up there. sick feet of snow has fallen in western new york state and more is on the way. a lot more. here the story is the cold temps we haven't felt in november for decades. >> good evening i'm lucy nolan i'm iain page. >> another extremely cold night. let's get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. >> cold indeed lucy and iain. record cold across the philadelphia area. this morning the low temperature was 20 degrees. tying the old record of 20 set back in 1936. so some of the coldest
6:00 pm
temperatures we have seen in decades. in fact reading a new record this morning, 17 degrees was the low. 19 in georgetown, delaware, as well as trenton. the atlantic city international airport dipped to a cold 20 degrees this morning. temperatures at or below freezing area wide right now. upper 20s in dover, atlantic city 29 degrees. 20 currently in the pocono mountains but this is the bottom line, how it actually feels. he we talk about this all the time the wind chill. this is how you should dress. you should dress for 18 degrees in trenton right now. it feels like nine currently in the pocono mountains but a little bit of good news. take look at the wind direct. winds are out of the south at about 10 miles an hour so that will keep us not quiet as cold as it was yesterday with those southerly winds temperatures in fact will hold pretty steady right around freezing through the balance of the evening. we'll talk about a warmup in the offing with that seven day forecast, and also preview thanksgiving next week. iain and lucy? >> all right. scott, thank you. another 2 feet of snow is poss


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