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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  November 20, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EST

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>> baggage handlers and other airport workers planning a strike at 7:00 a.m., one week before thanksgiving. we'll tell you more about it coming up in a live report. chris? >> police cruiser gets into an accident overnight with two other cars, that officer driving was sent to the hospital. the details unfolding right now. then our sue serio tracking, yes, another cold day, sue? >> no records broken today, but it is still cold out there. we'll see a warm up in site when we see the seven day forecast, it is all coming up. make sure to stay with us. >> very good, sue, thank youment imagine being at work, all the sudden getting a shipment of 90 pounds of pot? how much do you think all of that right there is worth? cops on the case of who sent
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it. it is a marijuana mystery on this thursday, november 20th, 2014. thank you for joining us. >> so the pot sent to work. >> yes. >> 90 pounds of it. >> do you keep your job at that point? are they grounds for being fired? sue serio, this is the kind of morning where you want an actual bowl of cough tee warm up your hands so that everything else seems to be warmed up, as well. >> what else needs to be warmed up? >> stop. >> welshing you know, we all got through yesterday, record breaking cold, now, today, we still see cold temperatures, but relatively speaking, it is not quite as bad. we have 36 degrees in fact in philadelphia. we have seen temperatures go up throughout the night actually with some milder air briefly moving in, 26 in pottstown, 29 in lancaster, it is 34 in wilmington, 39 degrees in wildwood. these are temperatures that are as much as 13 degrees miler than they were yesterday at this time.
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so yeah, it is not quite as brutal orbiter. but it is still cold out there. you factor in the winds, you see many of these winds coming in from the southwest, that's where the warmer zaire is. so 9-mile an hour winds in philadelphia, 15 miles an hour in wildwood gives us windchills that feels like 29. so yes, it is 36 degrees, but feels like 29. so our feels like temperatures are in the 20's this morning, dress for temperatures that are in the upper 20's, maybe remove one layer from yesterday, but don't forget the gloves and hat. we see little pink showing up on the satellite radar picture, none of this as far as we can tell is making it to the grounds. there are some clouds around. that's part of the reasonable why we weren't quite as cold. and that lake effect snow band still setting up around buffalo, there just getting pounded again. they had break in the action yesterday, now it is fired up, again, so 36 agrees, feels like 29, 6:51 our sunrise time. today's high, 43 degrees, sunny skies, not quite as cold
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as yesterday. we'll get one more shot of really cold air and wait until you see what happens over the weekend. we've got the seven day forecast just ahead. hey, bob kelly, morning. >> good morning, sue shall morning, everybody, 4:03, this thursday morning, starting off fairly good shape. we begin over here in south jersey, live look at 295, right near the cherry hill mall. that will joint will be jumping with the sales this weekend, then doing construct son on the pennsylvania turnpike, couple of spots, working westbound, with two different patterns, right near that willow grove interchange. then there is also an eastbound between ft. washington and bensalem, usually until about 5:00 or so they'll be out there. watch for the slow downs and the lane restrictions as you roll through the turnpike. of all of the bridges looking good, benny, whitman, commodore barry, no problems coming into the spans in downtown philly h couple of problems again yesterday throughout the day on a lot of the regional rails. new day where we set the clock and off to good start. manayunk, warminster, paoli
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line, in problems there. here is your travel times, coming inbound on the schuylkill, so far so good, just couple of deer and the storm and bread man rolling in with me. south on 95, no problems out of the northeast, the schuylkill leaving town also in good shape. south jersey also looking good on the at atlantic city expressway and route 55. >> we do keep bakers hours, bob. breaking news at 4:04. philadelphia police officer and two other recovering in the hospital after colliding in germantown overnight. this accident happened just before 1:00 at haines street and chew avenue. police say none of their injuries is life threatening. the cause of the accident is now being investigated. but police say a civilian suv was the initial striking vehicle. >> breaking news out of florida for this morning, police have shot and killed a gunman, that opened fire, florida state university, early this morning, suspect wacked into the campus library and shot and injured three people, prompting an university alert for student to take shelter and stay away
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from doors and windows. police say they arrived on scene and shot that suspected gunman, after he opened fire on them. >> more trouble in atlantic city. the shore resorts troubled gaming industry taking another very big hit. the toronto company that was planning to buy the revel casino has backed out. the reason is a disagreement among company bondholders. you may remember that the revel shutdown in september. four atlantic city casinos have closed this year with another set for next month. it is costing thousands of workers their jobs. in a statement about this, atlantic city mayor don guardian says although brookfield would have ban good fit for atlantic city, we'll continue to attract new investorsment atlantic silt is he a resilient city. better days are still ahead of us. >> hundreds of ac casino workers marched on the boardwalk, in protest of next month's planned shutdown. the trump taj mahal, trump entertainment resorts, plans to turn over the rains to
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investor carl icon, in return, forgive nearly $300 million in debt. icon says he'll invest $100 million into that casino, but only with substantial financial help from the state. the taj mahal on the cusp becoming the fifth atlantic city casino to close this year alone. >> 405:67:89 more than 100 baggage handlers at philadelphia international plan to hit the picket line. >> prime flight employees are striking for what they call low wages. they say they've unfair working conditions, as well. fox 29's lauren johnson live at the philadelphia international airport with some of the details. so thee guys are set to walk off the job in a couple of hours? >> reporter: yes, 7:00 to be exact, kerry. so travelers who show up here at terminal b and c flying us airways will notice a strike underway when they get here. air pork work he is saying prime flight, airline subcontractor that overseas baggage handling, has novelly targeted workers for engaging
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in union activity. baggage handlers, other airport workers planning to strike one week before thanksgiving. we know this is very busy time of year. last month the philly office of the national labor relations board issued formal unfair labor practice complaint. the trial in that case set for january, then on monday, of this week, new charges were filed after a worker was allegedly let go after she was organize ago protest against low wages. so, again, this will not just affect the airport here, apparently 145,000 members at 11 different airports including washington, d.c., will be going on strike this morning, chris, kerry. so of course travelers will notice something different when they get to the airport around 7:00 this morning. see how it affect all of the airline travelers that show up here today. >> and right before the busiest travel time of the year. interesting time willing, g -- timing market, thank you. >> farmers market is opening to the public after devastating fire wiped out part of the building. meanwhile, investigators are
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still work to go find out what sparked those flames earlier this week. skyfox over the market yesterday to see what was left of the columbus farmers market in burlington county, about dozen businesses are gone, destroyed, right before their busiest time of year, obviously the holiday season, 150 firefighters battled the flames with high winds blowing, as well. indoor businesses are now closed. but the outdoor stands are still open. thankfully on normal schedule. >> federal judge will hear arguments over the legalization of sport betting in new jersey. governor chris christie, state lawmakers, hoping may revive the struggling casinos and some of the horse tracks, but many professional sports leagues support the ban on sport betting. recently, however, nba commissioner adam silver spoke out in support of sport gambling across the country. >> a preliminary hearing for william barber the garnet valley middle school teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a 15 year old, will happen today. police say 38 year old william
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barber used his twitter page to direct message a former student and sexually assault her. starting with she was in just eighth grade. police also say the victim can -- victim sent barber nude photos, he in return sent inapropriate twitter messages commenting on her physical appearance. >> delaware county store is check its packages very carefully after saving illegal delivery this week. >> 90 pounds of pot, now police obviously would like to know who sent it. two shipment were delivered to the clothing store, city blue in upper darby. police say it came from california delivered we fed eggs. the street value of this high grade marijuana is $300,000. the manager, who asked not to be identified, says that while the two deliveries were marked with the store address, he didn't recognize the recipient on the package. the store manager did not want to be identified. >> i did what i was supposed to do.
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there was nothing else to do but hand it over to the authority. >> it is now that holiday season where numerous packages are coming through. and you can't tell me that drugs are not being shipped, because we know they are. >> this is the second big drug shipment pick up by upper darby police in the past month. in fact, in october, police seized $50,000 worth of pills, steroids, crystal methamphetamine. the drugs were delivered by the postal service. coming up on 4:11, this morning, bill cosby is on video dodging questions basically is what he is going into this mode. of course this is all around the sex abuse scandal. and it is only building around him right now. >> it is. in fact, he sat down to talk about his art collection with the associated press, but couldn't escape questions about some of these renewed allegations. >> there is no response. >> can i ask you, with the persona that people know about bill cosby, should they believe anything differently --
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>> there is no comment about that. >> so the ap interview aired on inside edition last night. cosby's lawyer has continued to say all of these allegations are lies. and earlier this week, said the comedian would not be commenting on any of it. in fact his lawyer said journalist who is were asking these questions should quote proceed at their own peril. yes. okay, well, that all said, temple university, the reaction to the sex abuse scandal is mixed. cosby continues to serve on the board of trustees, and school administrators are declining comment for now. >> i feel like it is his matter, but at the same time, he represents temple in a way. the outfits he wears, he comes, he speaks at welcome week, he sometimes comes to commencement. but i feel like it is an issue that temple needs to address. >> the biggest thing we all need to remember, these allegations, innocent until proven guilty, that's what
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america is all about, that's what our justice system is about. so until he is proven guilty about these accusations, that's all they are right now. >> meanwhile, former montgomery county da bruce castor said yesterday he believed cosby should have been arrested at the time a case against the comedian was originally brought to him. however, castor says, evidence was not strong enough to prove the case. 4:12. president obama will make his executive action speech on immigration today. what he is expected to put in place immediately to fix what he calls a broken system. >> we talked about the busy travel season, right? if you fly jet blue, get ready for big changes, what casino of ticket will get you stuck with baggage fees.
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all right, sue's been showing this to you all week. epic snowstorm in western new york, has dumped more than 6 feet of snow in the buffalo area. more snow expected today, in fact, a lot more. forecasters say another two, 3 feet will hit an area, where people have already been slammed, as you can see from this video. the storm is blamed for at least seven deaths so far. and the governor has declared a state of emergency. >> it is really really tough up there. and it just doesn't stop. it is in the letting up. >> so, sue, this lake effect snow, is this the same dynamic in place? >> still cranking up, yep. and i will say that a lot of the people who did die was because of heart attacks while shoveling snow. and we tell you all the time,
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we don't have snow in our forecast, but do you have to remember to take frequent breaks, and you just can't over exert yourself with that. i mean, this is tons of snow in buffalo. meanwhile, we were dealing with low temperatures yesterday. we are saying oh, well will we tie a record, break a record? we did tie the record yesterday at 6:02 a.m. we briefly reached 20 degrees. now we have two records for november 19th. we also broke a record in reading with 17 degrees, and in georgetown, delaware, with 19 degrees. wilmington, and at atlantic city, it was still cold, but the record still stand. that's recap of yesterday. yes, see pink on ultimate doppler radar, but i can't find any indication that anything is falling on the ground. so, berks county, lancaster county, mostly what we're seeing are clouds, that's helping us actually stay not too cold. there is the lake effect snow band. it took a break for awhile yesterday. and now it is cranked back up again around those buffalo suburbs. so, the place that is have 57,
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65 inches of snow on the ground, already, are seeing more right now this morning. temperatures, 36 degrees in philadelphia, not nearly as cold as yesterday, 24 mount pocono, 29 in lancaster, for us, the winds is enough to make it feel like 29 degrees. but let's get a look at the seven day forecast, because there are some miler temperatures in it. 42 degrees today, milder than yesterday. but back to another arctic blast tomorrow. thirty-four is the high, and it will be windy. forty-one on saturday, but then the change begins, and we get into the 50's on sunday, some showers possible during the eagles game, monday we are approaching 70 agree territory, that's crazy, but will be kind of rainy throughout the day. tuesday, we are back to autumn temperatures, wednesday we're colder, again, as we get ready to get away for the holiday on thursday. yep, bob kelly, a week from today, gobble gobble. >> gobble, gobble, you got t good morning, everybody, 4:17.
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sue, problems downtown philly, a live look here at the vine st. expressway where the ramp from the vine expressway to go out of town on the schuylkill is blocked, with an accident, now, that's one of those ramps that can get a little slippery. i came in this morning, i saw the icicles hanging from above. as you roll on that vine expressway; how much, right now see the tractor-trailers all traffic leaving town, trying to go west on the schuylkill expressway, blocked right now. they have couple couple of alternates, leaving center city or coming through center cr city, you can go east on the schuylkill, flip the u-turn at 30th street, best bet, though, since leaving the house right now, forget the vine expressway, head out of town, using either the kelly drive or the martin luther king drive, as long as that ramp is blocked, the kelly drive maybe even the martin luther king drive would be two good options leaving center city headed out of town on the schuylkill expressway. another accident, roosevelt boulevard, it is northbound,
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at holme avenue, right there, pennypack circle, nazareth hospital, in the outer drive. so headed north this morning, stay to the inner drive to avoid any delays. otherwise, we're in good shape up and down the blue route. no problems on the schuylkill expressway or i-95. as we heard lauren mention, down at the airport, air travel will not be impacted today. we will get you there on time, take off on time, and getting your bags could be totally different story. keep that in mind if you are headed down to the airport. we checked the tote board. all flight so far so good running with no delays at the airport. chris, kerry, back to you. >> keep our fingers crossed. >> 4:19 right now. temple police arrest add man they say tried to rob a student near cam pulls. >> this makes the seventh student targeted in a week police haven't arrested anyone unless those previous robberies. >> former president bill clinton says president obama is on, quote, pretty firm legal ground, over immigration. his comment came last night as
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the president prepares today to announce executive actions to fix broken immigration system. the president's orders will shield about 5 million people from deportation. republicans warn, this could be an over reach of the president's constitutional authority. so, they're preparing to fight this, by possibly slashing funds tide to the president's plans. we'll of course keep you posted on this one. >> secret service meanwhile arresting a man after finding rifle ammunition and knife in the trunk of his car. prosecutor charged this man from eye we with having unregistered firearm. he grabbed the attention of the secret service when he walked right up and told them that somebody in iowa told him to drive to the white house. this of course follows series of high profile security lapses on the white house grounds over the past few months. >> sentencing scheduled for today for soldier convicted every killing his girlfriend yesterday. military jury convicted sergeant of killing sergeant
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kimberly walker in colorado. prosecutors say walker wanted to break up with mayo. mayo now faces life in prison without parole. >> jet blue making some big changes to their service just in time for the holidays. great. jet blue, one. few airlines in the strip, that didn't charge extra for checked luggage, now it will be adding a bag check fee for flyers buying their lowest priced tickets. if you opt to buy one of the top tear ticket, you can check even a second bag for free. they announced plans to add 15 seats to the airline a23 jet, meaningless leg room. so west now the only large us airline let passengers check at least one bag for free. >> almost cheaper to travel without bags. fly whenever you get there. new details in the central jersey football hazing scandal. and it is big news for four of the assistant coaches.
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the nears playing for the first time since saturday it, looked like they had no offense. claude giroux back with bruised foot. didn't matter. let's go to madison square garden, last night rangers up one-nothing. on the power play against steve mason. rangers win it two-nothing over the flyers, flyers have lost three straight. >> sixers horrible basketball
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team, to the wells fargo center, this is what they do, they turn the ball over a l just not a good basketball team. they're a bad basketball team. michael carter shooting poorly. not good. sixers lose it 101-906789 brett brown still trying to keep it together. >> we have to keep the lockerroom tonight. we have to keep our guys, if they come in, invest in what we're selling, then we believe we have a chance of finding some wins, of keeping the group together, to continue to develop our young players. that's all we have. >> and that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> all right, so, we have to talk phillies. why? in this off season? slugger ryan howard is no longer an in a legal battle with his family over management of his finances. court documents in st. louis show that howard and his twin brother, cory, agree to dismiss the suit late last
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month. so what happened here? well, cory apparently entered a consulting agreement to manage ryan's affairs. when ryan went to end the agreement, his brother sued, and then ryan counter sued. so it has become this ugly mess within the ryan howard family over billing bucks -- big bucks. we'll have much more on that still to come. meantime, four new jersey high school football assistant coaches suspended a mid hazing and sexual assault scandal, now they get to keep their teaching jobs. >> this is interesting. the say err ville school board has decided to reinstate these guys, as teachers, but the school board did not make a recommendation about their suspended head coach. all of the coaches have been suspended with pay since last month. prosecutors have charged seven players with hazing and sexual assaulting four teammates inside the lockerroom. no coaches face charges. >> ♪ 4:26. terrifying moment as florida state university is put on
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lockdown. a gunman on campus now dead. so what happened? plus we're taking you throw atlantic city. major below dealt to the casinos. why the cards were not in their favor.
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a chain reaction. one car hits another, which then hits a cop car. that officer driving was sent to the hospital, the details
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unfolding right now. >> and a horrific tractor-trailer accident in berks county. two people have died. driver facing now serious charges, and a police officer saw it all happen, and almost ended up in the mess himself. >> plus, the cars are not in atlantic city's favor. protests outside of the taj mahal. another casino delta terrible blow. just as things seemed like they were beginning to look up. what this means for that struggling city. >> good day everyone, it is thursday, november 20th, 2014. thanks for being with us. >> and the hits keep oncoming as far as the weather goes. i'm looking forward to monday, sue. >> even with the rain, we don't care, right? >> no. >> because it will be in the 60s on monday. so, not yet. you got some more cold to live through between now and then. we've got 36 degrees, though, in philadelphia, that's a lot milder than yesterday. twenty's, north and west of the city, 34 wilmington, 37 in dover, 39 degrees in wildwood. the temperature change from 24 hours ago, 13 degrees milder here in the city.
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15 degrees milder in atlantic city, and millville, so the winds, got to factor those in, but coming from different direction now most from the south. that's helping keep us a little bit miler, tan will get us into the 40's, instead of the 30's today. but, you factor in the wind, tan does feel chillier. so you still have to make sure you have your warm coat on today. 29 degrees, is the windchill in philadelphia, right now. feels like 30 in wildwood. watching little bit of pink showing up on saturday light radar picture, really reflection of the clouds, and the colder, upper levels of the atmosphere, so we don't see any precipitation there. we do still seymour dumping on buffalo, new york, we will talk about that in a little bit. so, 36, feels like 29, 6:51 is our sunrise time. breaking down the day for you, we will be in the lower 30's by 9:00. we will probably reach early high of 43 degrees today. maybe around lunchtime. and then a colder air moves in again, so we get another
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arctic blast for tomorrow. more details on that, and the eventual warm up coming up in the seven day. good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody, 4:32 exactly. looking live downtown philly. problems coming through center city, this morning. and an accident has the ramp from the vine expressway to head west on the schuylkill expressway blocked. here is a live look at the vine expressway. this would be the ramp if you are crossing town, everyone on the left side here all jammed solid. the only ramp open at this point, kind of forced to go east on the schuylkill over toward 30th street. so you have couple of options. if you are coming from 95, and crossing town, you take the westbound schuylkill and do the u-turn laverne around 30th street station, or before you even get to the jammo, jump off at the ben franklin parkway, you can use the kelly drive or martin luther king drive to leave center city, and avoid that ramp blockage. again, that's the sharp ramp that takes you from the vine street expressway to head west
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to the schuylkill. >> more details here, one car crash, driver fled the scene, northbound outer drive approaching ryan avenue. crews are still working this morning, on the pennsylvania turnpike, as we go for a fly, they're working westbound at willow grove, and then there is another crew that's working eastbound, at ft. washington, as we mentioned earlier, lauren's down live at the airport, philly international, no delays on arrivals and departures, but as the morning rolls on, we could have some delays at the baggage department, and we'll have more on that coming up in just a couple every minutes the otherwise, mass transit looking good. chris, kerry, back to you. >> just waiting in the colds for mass transit. >> exactly. 4:33, breaking news, philadelphia police officer and two other are in a hospital right now after colliding in germantown, this accident happened just before 1:00 at haines street and chew avenue. police say none of the injuries is life threatening. the cause is being investigated at this point. >> breaking news for you out
4:34 am
of florida. where student went into high alert, after a shooting at florida state university, this morning, this is video, posted on facebook inside the campus library where the shooter attacked. police say he shot and injured three people prompting of course an university alert for student to take shelter, and stay away from doors and windows. police say they did shoot and kill that suspect, when he fired on them. >> 4:34 the time. piece of local history goes up in flames. >> i know, talking about historic mansion in chester county, and as it turns out, major attraction of this building, actually has been the downfall. skyfox overhead burned around 3:45 yesterday afternoon. everybody got out safely, but this home, built in 1884, by famed philadelphia architect, frank furnace, was the greatest casualty. it is one of the oldest buildings in kennett square. the kennett square fire chief says the balloon-style design of this house caused the smoke to rise quickly and create
4:35 am
extensive damage. >> i lived in kennel square for 45 years, and this house has always been a fixture of kenneth. and it is registered historic house. it is a shame for the damage. >> so beautiful, as well. one of the tenants tells us this local landmark is dividend multiple units. he actually had an apartment and an art studio inside. he is hoping to save his work. the home is now boarded up and the red cross is assisting. >> so more trouble in atlantic city, troubled gaming industry taking another big hit. toronto company that was planning to buy the revel casino has backed out. the reason, a disagreement among company bondholders. you may remember that the revel shutdown in september. four atlantic city casinos have closed this year with another set for next month. it is costing thousands of workers their jobs. >> in a statement about it, atlantic city mayor done guardian said although brookfield would have been a good fit for atlantic city, we'll continue to attract new
4:36 am
investors. atlantic silt say resilient city. better days are still ahead of us. >> let's stay therefore. >> this hundreds march and protest along the board walk. now, this is next month's planned shutdown at the taj mahal. talking about trump entertainment resorts now plans to turn over the rains to billionaire investor, carl icon. he's renounded, of course, for hostile take-overs. in return, icon would forgive nearly $300 million in debt. icon says he'll invest $100 million into that casino, but only with substantial financial help from the state. the taj mahal's on the cusp, becoming the fifth atlantic city casino to close this year alone. >> 4:36 the time. tis the season for grinches, another package stolen right off a doorstep in a local neighborhood. victim speaks to fox 29 about what was inside that box. who she is upset with besides the thief. school bus driver accused of being drunk with a bus full of kids. those kids sharing what
4:37 am
happened during that riot, new surveillance individual joe
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♪ >> early, early pink floyd. >> this is absurd did i day. >> oh, that's what it is, isn't it? >> music, kind of crazy,
4:40 am
absurd. all right, how about this now? another home package delivery is stolen right off a doorstep. this time, in south philly. the victims fumingment security camera caught this middle age woman stealing a box from behind a storm door, on the 500 block of reed street last friday afternoon, so, mo, what's had your name? >> my moany? >> waiting for the package, $200 jacket for a friend. she is disappointed the letter carrier didn't ring the bell or knock when the person left the package, but she's even more angry at the thief. >> it was very upsetting. because someone was home at the time. they just scan it, leave it right behind the storm door. there is no attempt to knock or ring at all. we all work hard for the money we earn, and for someone to just do that, just not right. >> so monday there was similar theft in upper darby. man hauling a baby, as we showed you, walked onto porch then took off with a big box of christmas toys. >> what?
4:41 am
bahumbug. >> that's not the spirit of the holidays. >> no, it isn't. 4:40. few heavy hitter joining the list of candidates running for philadelphia's next mayor. >> former d.a. attorney lynn abraham was surrounded by mummers playing the rocky theme, as she announced her mayoral bid yesterday. the general election for mayor comes next november, and right away, local experts say she could be the frontrunner, given her name recognition, track record, of fighting crime and making the cities failing public school system a centerpiece of her campaign. >> too many young middle class families, who love the city, leave it, because they can't afford private school, and public schools are simply not an option. >> and, another political heavy hitter running as well, long time philadelphia state senator, anthony williams, made the announcement at independence mall yesterday, joking about his true loyalty to the sit and sport teams before setting high priorities for what would like to do as mayor. >> and in spite of sunday ...
4:42 am
i still bleed green. for all that makes us great, city compete not simply on the national stage, but we need to think and begin to compete on the world stage. >> williams says he want to create more jobs, improve schools, create better future for everyone. still undecided darryl clark would also be among the frontrunners if he decides to run. seth williams' name did not come up. >> right. i know. >> how about this? 4:42, horrific tractor-trailer crash, two different drivers killed, while another driver is facing charges. and bob kelly watching the roads for us at 4:42, hi, bob. >> good morning, not bad at all if you are coming in from south jersey the we go for a fly, rolling along route 73 from voorhees, rolling through mt. laurel. hello to the shaders there, as you work your way into the talcony palmyra bridge. update on that accident downtown, and sue with the
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>> 4:45, we were on record watch. could we tie the records from 1936? we did briefly at about 6:02. we almost missed it, really, because it was such a brief visit to 20 degrees. anyway, we got new records in red withing 17, and 19 degrees down in georgetown, delaware. but it was cold everywhere yesterday. and that cold persisted of course throughout the day. well, cold air is still with us, but clouds have moved, in and the winds have changed
4:46 am
direction. so we are seeing slightly milder temperatures today, nothing is helping those folks, though, up around the areas of western new york, which have been hammered with snow, and they're getting more cold air moving across the lake today. that machine is cranking up again with another one of those snow bands that's moved back south again. but this time the city of buffalo actually being affected. they hadn't got answer very high snowfall total up until now. 36 degrees in philadelphia, that's better than yesterday at 29 in lancaster, 24 in mount pocono, we have 37 degrees in dover and 39 in wildwood. but you can factor in the winds, most of our temperatures do feel like they're in the 20's to around 30 degrees, so you still have to bundle up today. seeing cold but not as cold. as we look at our temperature trend, and check on that temperature from yesterday, we got to 36 degrees, but that 36 degrees came at about 11:30 at night. during the day we did indeed kind of top off at about 33. fifty-three is where we should be for kick off time for the
4:47 am
eagles game sunday against the titans. but you got to trade off with a few showers here and there. so that's the deal with that. so, we do have our ups and downs, in the seven day forecast, we have are the up today from yesterday, 42 degrees, back down tomorrow, with 35. back up on saturday with 42, and then up from there until we top off in the 60s monday, with some showers. so that's your seven day forecast. bob kelly, i believe you have little bit of good news for us? >> yes, good news, we kick off our thursday. the ramps from the vine expressway to the schuylkill expressway have been reopened. so come on down. no problems at all crossing town, that delay quickly went away. looking live here, one for the shaders, between maple shade and pennsauken, route 73, working your way in toward that talcony palmyra bridge. nice and quiet as we begin our morning rush hour. otherwise, we go to the maps. there speedometer readings, double five's on the schuylkill expressway, no problems coming in on 422, or
4:48 am
route 202, where we zoom into a problem in northeast philly, the roosevelt boulevard northbound approaching ryan avenue. here is the deal. one car crash into the tree. then a driver fled the scene. so it is blocking the outer drive as you head northbound on the boulevard, just above cottman avenue there. philly international, no delays on arrivals and departures, but as we've been mentioning, our own lauren down there at the baggage claim area. there could be delays getting your bags after you arrive. but arrivals and departures this morning, not going to be affected by this possible work stoppage thereby the baggage handlers. so we're in good shape if you are flying out of philly, maybe take the car i on bag instead of checking the bags. whitman, benny, commodore barry all looking good coming in toward philadelphia. manayunk, warminster line, paoli line, warminster about ten minute delay on the first train out of the gate. i think the cold weather really taking its toll on some of the older trains in the system. otherwise, the rest of the mass transit system looking
4:49 am
good. chris, kerry, back to you. >> excellent, 4:48 right now. this morning the berks county coroner will perform autopsies on two people killed in this horrific tractor-trailer crash. the driver of that big rig facing long list of charges. this deadly accident happened yesterday morning, on route 222 near route 73, it is right in front of the dunkin donuts, entire thing was caught on camera. >> clearly see on the video, from the dunkin donut, all of the vehicles come to a stop, tractor-trailer just doesn't. >> nine people this morning are recovering from injuries after this. the district attorney says the driver of the recycling truck, 50 year old steven ben yeah of reading, caused this horrific wreck after falling asleep at the wheel. >> did you she? you have to see this. new surveillance video released of texas school bus driver. there she is. accused of being drunk behind the wheel. oh, ya, with kids on the bus. now, police say you can see cathy le grand popping what
4:50 am
looks like some casino of pills into her mouth, on her bus route last month. now, she was driving with nearly 30 kids on board, police say number every them told her parent about the bumpy ride they had. and several of them even got off after la grand hit a mailbox, and a curb, and a tree branch. >> this incident was very concerning. as soon as it was brought to our attention, we immediately notified the authority. we took every step possible to ensure that immediate safety of our student. >> so investigators now say la grand has admitted to taking multiple pills that day, including anti-depressants, painkillers, and sleeping aids. she has been charged with driving while intoxicated, with children on board, and leaving the scene after crash. >> little popsie a living tribute to a fallen hero in indianapolis. ren, three month old yellow goal end lab, retriever mix, she training with the indianna k95 cyst tans network to become a service dog. she is named after slain
4:51 am
officer perry ren of the indianapolis metropolitan police department. gunman killed him in july. >> officer ren was an after i had dog lover. in dogs this k9 to the team, it will be a powerful reminder of the work that officer ren did throughout his career. >> prosecutors would like the death penalty for the manna cured of killing officer ren. in entertainment news, we're learning today that u2 front man bono had a fall on his bicycle evidently reported this, it was more serious than previous reported. new york presbyterian hospital revealed the singer underwent not one but two surgeries repair his arm from the fall, which was fractured his arm in several places, he was reportedly under the knife for five hours and placed three metal plates and 18 screws into his arm. the bike accident forced bonn tow cancel his week long trip, i guess, with u2 on the tonight show. >> yikes, not good.
4:52 am
>> actor and investor ashton cup is her defend ago uber executive who suggested digging up dirt on the company's critics. in a tweet kutcher questioned why it was wrong to dig up dirt on shady journalist kutcher does not -- does invest in uber. his comments come after the company's vp suggested using researchers to find dirt on critical journalists. the vp was reportedly specifically speaking about an editor it, raising concerns on who uber drivers are, in fact. >> they had suggested i read little more about this they had suggested hiring, like escort issues, how they describe it, hiring super hot drivers, then hooking them up with male passengers, female drivers, so she came out and said this was -- she used other expletives. >> hence the word shade. >> i yes. >> so new average barbie out there, and it is actually not so ordinary. >> no, this is called the lamboli doll.
4:53 am
started at viral photo but became so popular she now for sale. the creator used measurement of the average 19 year old woman from cdc data, you can also buy a sticker pack, to add tattoos, acne, stretch marks, and cellulite. the doll cost 25 bucks. >> all right, a new class of firefighters graduates, already to take on their work. but for one of the graduates, this is all about her dad. why her new job means so much this is all about her dad. why deciding between buyingch food and health care
4:54 am
4:55 am
is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, visit to learn more.
4:56 am
>> momentous graduation in new york. >> includes the daughter everyone of new york's bravest, who was killed on september 11. for 34 year old josephine smith, this day was 13 years in the making. her dad, kevin, was a member of hazmat one, he was one of the more than 300 firefighters killed in the attack on the world trade center. smith credited the support of family, friends, fellow firefighters with helping to fulfill her personal mantra of make him proud. she choked up as she explained her emotions. >> just happy, excited, sad
4:57 am
that my father don't be here. >> among four women who graduated from the fire academy. this bridges the total number of female firefighters serving with the fdny to 44. that actually surpass cents their previous high. wish her the best. >> so imagine being at work and all the sudden you get a shipment of 90 pounds of pot? that's a lot of big boxes. how much do you think all that is worth? and how does that show up at your doorstep on your cubical? >> can someone help me out to my car with this when our shift is over? >> cops on the case. >> before go out and pick up toys for your kids this christmas, which ones are safe?
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
baggage workers and other airport workers here at philadelphia international airport planning to strike this morning, at 7:00 a.m., we'll tell you ball it coming up in a live report. >> breaking news from florida where shots were fired on campus, at florida state university, now the gunman is dead, and several others are in the hospital. >> plus, the immigration battle coming to a head today. president obama expected to announce what action he'll take to fix the system. we've got a preview of his speech. >> how much time do you spend on your phone a day? turns out, you could really be hurting your back just by texting. how much pressure, certain


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