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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  November 20, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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we're just starting to learn what happened inside that home. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm he yann page. authorities have been on the scene all day. let's get straight out to fox 29's dawn tim money knee. she's live in tabernacle tonig tonight. dawn? >> reporter: i can tell you there are still a whole lot of unanswered questions tonight. we do know that a total of nine family members lived inside this house and it was one of those family members who was home at the time who made the 911 call. it was a very gruesome scene. so grizzly in fact that counselors are being provided for the first troopers who responded. >> we believe all four shooting victims including the adult female and the children were shot with the same weapon which is a handgun which has been recovered from the scene. >> reporter: what troopers discovered, horrific. a boy an girl found shot to death inside this home on holly park drive in tabernacle this
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morning around 9:00 o'clock. another boy and a woman believed to be the children's mother both airlift to do cooper hospital in camden in very critical condition. >> all i can say to the adult woman's wounds at this point she sustained a gunshot wound to the head. at this point i can tell you we are far from making a determination if this is a murder/suicide. that is a long way away. >> reporter: police say all the victims were found in the same room. it's believed the shootings happened late last night or into the morning but none of the five other family members inside this home at the time heard any gunshots. >> we're not going to get into reasons why right now. >> our troopers are trained to expect the unexpected but however, you know, crime scene like this is impossible to prepare for. >> reporter: state police major crime detectives along with forensic investigators and new jersey state troopers pouring over the scene for hours. investigators say neighbors, however, should not be alarmed or feeling threatened in any w
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way. >> at this time we are not looking for any particular suspects. >> reporter: now the department at the of the two children killed and the two surviving victims are not being released. the mother and the boy are in very critical condition tonight at camden -- at cooper hospital in camden. coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock, this is a very close it in community here in tabernacle and we will hear from some of the neighbors who are having a hard time with this news. lucy? >> all right, we'll talk to you then, dawn. pennsylvanians are helping new yorkers dig out from an epic snowstorm and it is still snowing, 6 feet and counting right now. the pennsylvania turnpike commission and penndot are lending a hand to road crews in the new york state through way in buffalo and it's not just roads that are a problem. some roofs are creeing even collapsing under the weigh of all of that snow. all eyes are now on an expected weekend warmup along with rain and that could flood some areas. a live look now closer to home. that's blue mountain from our
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pocono mountains camera. see this is much nicer down here but it's still very cold. chief meteorologist scott williams, all righty, when are things going get better? >> reporter: lucy as we move toward the second half of the weekend a warmup but in the meantime colder air is moving in. as we watch another arctic front approach our area believe it or not. 50 degrees was the high in philadelphia. but take a look right now. already into the mid 40s. 46 degrees but 30s north and west as that colder air continues to head in our direction. you can see it's 26 degrees right now in pittsburgh. we have 16 in minneapolis so that colder air continues to head in our direction after a brief reprieve this afternoon. so tumbling temperatures bundle up if you're stepping outdoors. by 11:00 o'clock we're looking at 30 degrees in the philadelphia area. we'll talk about how cold it gets tonight and also believe it or not had we'll likely hit 70 degrees that's coming up with the seven day forecast. iain and lucy. >> scott, thank you. garnet valley middle
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schoolteacher accused of of having sex with a 15-year-old appears in court today and only fox 29 news was there as william barber appeared in a glenn mills courtroom. the deputy district attorney waived his right to preliminary hearing today on most of the counts. the health and phys. ed. i they are which you arrested back in september accused of of having sex with a student. victim was also in court today. >> she was the victim was here today ready to testify if need needed. she is available and certainly ready to testify if and when that time comes unless some other resolution to the case occurs. >> barber is out on bail a judge is allowing him to see his children but he's not around any other kids. he became a familiar face after he hadn't his wife started that lemon shot challenge to help their daughter and others battling cancer. he'll be back in court next month. >> developing story right now, the sex assault allegations against legendary comic bill cosby aren't going anywhere. the former prosecutor who
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declined to bring charges in a case against cosby nearly a decade ago is now talking about what might have been. more than a dozen women have now come forward publicly accusing cosby. but the first formal claim was made in 2005 in montgomery county. and our bruce gordon spoke today with the prosecutor forced to make a very tough decision. he joins us now in studio. bruce? >> reporter: iain and lucy, each new day brings new allegations and frankly more silence from the comedy legend and philadelphia icon. but the man who says he wanted to put cosby behind bars is speaking out. for years most of us have viewed bill cosby as america's favorite dad. you can still see clips of his iconic sitcom on youtube. but former montgomery county district attorney bruce castor sees cosby as the one who got away. >> certainly disappointed that we were not in a position to be able to arrest him. >> reporter: back in 2005, a temple university staff named andrea couldn't stan came forward to claim cosby had drugged and groped her while the
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two were at his cheltenham mansion a year earlier. castor says the long delay in reporting killed chances for a criminal conviction. >> obviously if we had known about it right away we could have checked her body for hairs, fibers, dna, things that might of value. and at the same time we could -- we would have fresh information to seek a search warrant to look for the same sorts of thing at cosby's house. >> reporter: castor recalls county detectives interviewed cosby about the allegations. then reported their findings to him. >> i thought it was evasive. i thought he was trying to do everything he could to pigeon hole only things that we knew and things that could potentially be incriminating he avoided or evaded. >> reporter: cosby threw his attorney denied any wrongdoing, he later settle add civil suit filed by the woman. >> my gut told me we had a criminal activity, that he had done something wrong. >> reporter: november 6th interview now surfaced in which cosby is asked about sex assault allegations. >> no, no, we don't answer that.
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>> okay. i just wanted to ask if you wanted to respond at all about whether any of that was true. >> there's no response. >> reporter: moments later cosby asked that his no comment be erased. >> now can i get something from you? >> what's that? >> that none of that will be shown? >> public relations specialist susan bueller says cosby is doing himself no favors. >> the trouble with that when you refuse to comment is that you automatically make yours look like you've done something wrong even though there are no criminal charges and they're all allegations. >> reporter: the scandal has prompted netflix and nbc to scuttle projects with cosby and tv land has stopped airing his sitcom. temple's reaction to the allegations made their most famous alum, no comment. except to say remains a member of the school's board of trustees. iain. >> all right, bruce, thank you. developing now, the deadly shooting at a college library. authorities say the gunman who shot three people at florida state university before being
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killed by police thought the government had targeted him. the gunman shot three students as hundreds were studying for exams inside the library. two people are still in the hospital tonight. the third was released. police confronted the gunman outside. they say he would not drop his weapon and and fired at officers who returned fire killing him. >> i heard a sound that everyone -- every student here thought it was a textbook getting thrown to the ground, and i just hear someone like yelling in pain. >> police say the gunman who was a lawyer who graduated from florida state before attending texas tech university's law school. we are less than three hours away from hearing president obama's case for bypassing congress and taking on america's immigration problems by himself. but republicans aren't waiting for his big speech to speak up. fox's mike emmanuel is on capitol hill. >> reporter: even before president obama's prime time explanation republicans are pouncing on his plans to side
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step congress and protect more than 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation. their counter pitch includes using the president's own words against him. >> sometimes when i talk to immigration advocates, you know, they wish i can just bypass congress and change the law myself. but that's not how democracy works. >> if the president truly follows through on this attempt to impose his will unilaterally, he will rebuked his own stated view of democracy. >> reporter: democrats are challenging the house to move on the senate's immigration plan that passed last year adding the president would then consider crumbling up those executive orders. >> we can't sit idly by waiting for republicans to act while homes are being broken up all across this nation. we waited 511 days. all the house would have to do is take up the bill and that would pass. >> reporter: part of the president's plan would focus more on deporting criminals instead of families improving security at the border and ex
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tense tending visas for high tech workers something he believes is vital to the econo economy. >> part of staying competitive in a global economy is making sure we have an immigration system that doesn't send away talent but attracts it. >> reporter: days after the mid term elections the president said he is responsible for trying to make washington work but republican congressman paul ryan says, instead of doing that, the president is choosing to toss a quote partisan bomb on capitol hill, mike emmanuel, fox news. >> the president's speech is scheduled for 8:00 tonight. we'll carry it live on tv and online at a federal judge in new jersey is expected to decide tomorrow whether to lift a ban on sports gambling in the state -- the judge heard arguments today. governor chris christie has signed a law that would allow sports betting at casinos and horse tracks. the ncaa and four sports leagues have been fighting to keep the ban in place. >> quick reaction to a story we brought you earlier this week. a local mom wanted to buy her daughter a car for her 16th birthday.
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>> instead she got a rust bucket of a car. she was scared to put her teen's live in danger. the quick action the state of delaware took after our report aired. >> bracing for possible violence in ferguson, missouri. it hinges on grand jury's decision expected any time now. we're on the scene as authorities prepare for a worse case scenario. >> plus a new type of dating that takes the stress out of trying to look your best. everyone is wearing a paper bag on their head. why this growing trend works. >> howard? >> we all know there were many mistakes in green bay last week, and mark sanchez talks today about what he needs to fix. that's coming up in sports.
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♪ >> a fox 29 investigation leads to fast action by delaware's department of motor vehicles against an auto dealer. on monday investigative reporter jeff cole told the tale of the rusty bucket sold to a delaware mom and now jeff you've got the fall out. certainly was a rusty bucket. delaware dmv says it sent what it calls intend to suspend notice letters to the newark car dealer who sold that rusted out chevy and that's not his only problem tonight. delaware dmv opens its investigation of juan and american dealership after fox 29 investigates began asking questions about the condition of the car he sold to tara hilton. she bought it for her 16-year-old. the vehicle was heavily rusted and the brakes were failing.
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the dealer carries a wholesale dealer license which does not allow him to sell directly to the public. the agency claims that juan ran hilton's purchase through a georgia car dealer. now, the dmv wants to suspend his license to run the business. here's what he had to say when we asked him about all that rust. >> reporter: she said you told her it was in very good condition and it was a very good car. >> that's what she said you told her. how did you know that? the car is all rusted out. >> how did i know? i'm not a mechanic. >> reporter: you have to know what you're selling. >> i know what i'm buying and i know -- i'm selling -- i'm buying car and selling car. i don't go under the car and look at the car. >> reporter: now mr. juan seen right there has 10 days to request a hearing on this decision before that license is pulled. so he can appeal within 10 days. he hung up when i called him for comment today.
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the car passed inspection actually in the state of delaware. the dmv there says its inspector never saw just didn't notice all those problems. in the newsroom, jeff cole fox 29 news. iain. >> jeff, thank you. the da has dropped charges against a teenager accused of of terrorizing his blind neighbor and her therapy dog. a year and a half ago maria cologne told police her dog yolanda saved her by barking and using her paws to call 911. she claimed her neighbor mcduffy broken into her home and tried to kill her by turning on the gas on her stove. she said she knew it was him because she recognized his voice. mcduffy was charged with attempted murder but philadelphia prosecutors now say the story just didn't add up and they've dropped the charges. delaware state police are upping the stakes to find the person who shot one of their own. the delaware state trooper's association is now offering $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of anyone involved in the shooting of corporal richard, he was hit in the arm
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by a bullet at 24th and market in wilmington a year ago today. the corporal says it was difficult but he's doing well now. he wants the shooter behind bars for everyone's safety. >> it will be nice for i think everybody in the city of wilmington down there, because, you know, it could have very easily have been a citizen that got shot that day and they live down there and they have to deal with this type of activity almost unfortunately on a daily basis. >> he has served with the delaware state police for about 17 years. he was investigating a theft when someone about a block away opened fire. if you know anything, give police a call. >> a boost tonight for striking workers at philadelphia international airport and pretty much it's just that, a moral boost. philadelphia city council has passed a resolution supporting the workers at today's rally. porter who's work for subcontractor called prime flight hit the picket line. prime flight has contracts with some of the largest airlines at the airport. porters help you with your luggage at the airport.
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they are a cushion the company of unfair labor practices and safe working conditions. the city council says it's hoping the workers can return to their jobs without the threat of losing them or any retaliation. >> a liquidation hearing set for the trump taj mahal in atlantic city. trump entertainment resorts plans to close the casino on december 12th. the liquidation hearing is set for week before that. the judge says he will consider whether the bankruptcy case should change from a chapter 11 reorganization to a chapter seven liquidation. that's where the operations end and whatever remaining proceeds are distributed to creditors. taj mahal would be the fifth casino to shut down this year. >> a devastating fire at a new jersey farmers market is not stopping its stores from doing business. the columbus farmers market in burlington county has more than 65 businesses inside. tuesday's fire destroyed about a dozen of them. firefighters say high winds made battling the blaze very very difficult. but the indoor and outdoor shops
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are open. and shoppers today say they are supporting that landmark 100%. >> everything that you can imagine was -- was inside, and they had it real organized. the prices were nice, and great, great place. >> we were planning oncoming here for few weeks. now we're here. >> and that is a good thing. vendors say this is a busiest time of the year especially on the weekends leading up to the holidays. still no word on how that fire started. things are warming up. if local until your fox 29 weather authority. scott relatively speaking it feels balmier out there today. >> iain the high temperature today made it up to 50 degrees. so i hope you enjoyed it because a reinforcing shot of arctic air is moving in tonight, and then we'll gradually warm up as we move into the upcoming weekend, but as we look at the satellite and radar, dry, no snow. but look to the north and west. once again, buffalo dealing with that lake effect snow band continuing an additional one to
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2 feet on top of 6 feet in some locations. 46 degrees right now in philadelphia. wind chill right now 42 degrees. as we look at the clock, you can see those temperatures will be dropping rapidly by midnight. 30 degrees in philadelphia north and west we'll be in the 20s an area wide tomorrow when you wake up bundle up, temperatures will be in the 20s so friday is going to be a cold day. we talked about that lake effect snow band. it has set up shop continuing to dump snow just to the south of the buffalo area. we'll talk much more about this system and also talk about 70-degree temperatures for us, yes, in the seven day forecast coming up. iain and lucy. >> now that's what we like to talk about. thank you very much, scott. historic snowstorm or not, one baby was coming into our world but her parents couldn't get to a hospital. yet they did make it to what turned out to be the next best place. cute little girl. >> a woman finds out she's lowing her site but she doesn't despair. the big plan she put into action
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to make sure every second coun counts. >> and in kentucky an accused burglar didn't get very far. how the weather helped make the manhunt a short one. ♪
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>> one person is dead and two others are hurt after an illegal drug lab explodes in california. it happened overnight in san bernardino. marijuana, butane and other evidence of a drug lab were found at the scene. >> heard it and felt it. just like literally shook the whole house. >> my neighbor told me that they heard the guy said don't -- don't smoke that in here and then i guess when the guy turned on the lighter the explosion went off. >> sheriffs investigators say the blast stemmed from illegal drug activity but did not explain any further. torments night hollywood is mourning the death of mike nichols. he was the award winning director of iconic films such as the graduate. nichols was married to abc's diane sawyer. he passed away last night from an apparent heart attack in new york city. his career spanned more than 50 years and he became one of the
5:25 pm
few entertainers to win an oscar, an emmy, a tony and a grammy. the stars worked with include dustin hoffman, merrill streep, jack nicholson, harrison ford and julia roberts. mike nichols was 83 years old. >> parents you may want to check your stroller tonight. there's massive recall involving 11 different strollers. the consumer product safety commission says there's a problem with the folding hinge on them it could seriously hurt your child's fingers. these are a few of the graco strollers known to have the problem. graco says it's gotten 11 reports of finger injuries with six children having their fingertips amputated. over 4 million strollers sold at target, toys r us, wal*mart and are affected by this recall. we have posted the entire list for you and what you need to do if you've got one on our website. just head to and click on the on seen on tv tab. >> even a monster snowstorm could not stop baby from entering the world. >> that's right. lucy grace, good name, decided
5:26 pm
to arrive just as buffalo, new york, was digging out from feet upon feet upon feet of snow on tuesday. your worst nightmare iain. >> my gosh. >> storm made for dangerous at times impossible driving conditions. when her mom went into labor, they couldn't get to the hospital. dad, however, found a fire lieutenant and two off duty nurses also stranded in their cars between them all lucy grace was safely born at the fire department. >> the contractions started getting closer and more intense. and around 9:00 o'clock, i thought, oh, i feel like i might have to push. so we went to a little back room that had a bed in it fortunately that was all set up for us. >> i love babies. they're so cute. mom and baby finally made it to the hospital after delivery and everybody is just fine. okay. so it's still a week away. >> right. yes. >> but already people are looking forward, of course torque their thanksgiving dinn dinner. but if you don't have to give up a healthy diet while you indulge some switches you can make in
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your menu without even tasting a difference. and no need to really worry about your appearance with this type of dating because everybody is wearing a paper bag on their head. >> why this growing trend is working. >> first the waiting game in ferguson, missouri. all eyes on grand jury. its decision expected any mome moment. we're on the scene as authorities prepare
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>> live look at old city right now. it's going to be another cold night but i got good news for you. things are warming up slightly and that warming will keep oncoming well into next week. chief meteorologist scott williams he's the weather authority. he's got what we can all look forward to coming up very very soon. >> all right. six-year-old boy who lost his little brother to just unspeakable violence is himself getting new help tonight. the crime victim center of chester county has set up a trust fund for ryan mcmillan. police say his mother and her boyfriend tortured and killed his three-year-old brother scotty. investigators say they abused ryan as well. jillian tate and gary fellenbaum are both in jail on murder charges and the community has pulled together to set up that trust for ryan. so if you would like to help, and donate to his trust fund, we have post add link on our website at, click on the as seen on tv tab. ferguson, missouri continues to brace for possible violence. experts say it looks like police officer darrin wilson will not
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be indicted in the shooting death of michael brown the unarmed black teenager. we all remember weeks of violent protests right after the shooting happened. officials are worried the grand jury's decision could spark the same chaos or even worse. >> fox's charlie leduff is in ferguson tonight trying to get a read on the police and what they're preparing for. ♪ >> reporter: that's ferguson police officer darrin wilson will not be indicted in the shooting death of michael brown who was unarm. that's important to say. that's why authorities are bracing for violence and that's why the media clown show has come to town. we talked with the business managers of the st. louis police officer's union for some perspective. >> well, it's pretty much a for gone conclusion what's not being talked about here is officer wilson is not going to be
5:32 pm
charged probably because the young man puts his hands on k you can't put your hands on the cop. is that about right? >> sure this is a killer be killed situation. the forensic evidence ballistic evidence demonstrates in my mind that michael brown went for the officer's gun, tried to disarm him and was going to try again when the officer used deadly force. >> okay. let's go here then. but the officer dropped him 100 feet from the car so a lot of people are like, wait a minute, it wasn't kill or be killed. it didn't have to go that far. i don't know that that's true. you know there's information about the forensics and ballistics that i'm not privy to. we'll know more after the grand jury deliberates. >> in your professional opinion, professional opinion, why are black guys arrested more than white guys? well, you know, we have a lot of urban neighborhoods plagued with crime. the natural response for law enforcement is to heavily patrol those areas. >> you're saying as a proportion black guys do more crime than
5:33 pm
white guys. no, i'm not saying that. as we -- >> they're arrested more so it must be. patrol those neighborhoods more intensely than we do neighborhoods like this where we don't have a high crime problem. >> we're in a white neighbor right now. right. we are in a white neighborhood much this a mixed race neighborhood but predominantly white and there's not a lot of crime in this neighborhood. we see less -- >> we see more crime in black neighborhoods? sometimes. >> these riots are no laughing matter. it places police officers lives in danger. places citizens and even places the people that want to see violence happen in danger. >> is it going to happen. ? it's going to happen. yes, violent protests or violent celebrations. whether we have an indictment or not, there's an indictment there will be a violent celebration. if not they'll ab violent protest. ♪ >> if they don't come within a foot of the officer i think it will be a whole -- indictment
5:34 pm
for the officer they'll be a lot of emotion. they're not going to burn they plan on making their voice heard. >> have you talk at the officer? >> yes, i've talked to officer wilson. >> how is he doing. i think he's got his head screwed on pretty straight for what he's been through. he's been through a lot. it's not easy to take a life. even if you fully believe that it was absolutely necessary in the performance of your duty. >> is he going to come back to ferguson? he's not going to do that. i don't know. that's possible. >> that's not possible. doesn't seem like it would be. >> of course, as we've told that you grand jury decision could come down at any given time. serving thank thanksgiving dinner will cost more this year than ever before. >> how much the price is rising want you'll be spending more on. a family admits they're dog bit someone but after getting slapped with a huge fine they're saying the punishment just does not fit the crime. >> coming up at 6:00 a delaware driver accused of dui. when police took a look at his
5:35 pm
record, things got quite complex. scott. >> lucy, the high temperature 50 degrees but it's going to be dropping again tonight. 50 degrees but it's going to be dropping again tonight. hwe put all the apps you love...
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>> giving thanks will give you few more coins this year according to the american farm bureau federation much the cost of putting thanksgiving dinner on the table for 10 people is expected to cost on average $49 and 41 cents. that's 37 cents higher than last year. they say you can blame the rising cost of dairy products for the slight increase. there is good news to drop in fuel prices won't make it cheaper to grandma's house it will keep costs down shipping other ingredients. >> thanksgiving is just a week away. >> i can't believe it. it goes by like that. the older i guess, man. >> dresses shares his favorite healthy eats that you might want to put on your family's table this year. ♪ the holidays are a joyous time to spend with family and friends. but they're also a time of festive feasts and abundant treats give your thanksgiving
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table healthy boost with these three seasonal super foods. up first switch out your mashed potatoes for mashed cauliflower get the same texture you grave along with the veggies cancer fighting properties. whip them up with garlic and your family won't know the difference believe me i've done this it works. next serve up pumpkins as part of your main course. don't leave them till dessert. these are fantastic opportunities winter squash are a mazing source of beta karo teens which have been shown to help protect your eyes and skin from dangerous uv damage. finally instead of sugar cranberry sauce go for the real thing. bright berries pack an anti-oxidant punch and loaded with fiber and vitamin c. add them to stuffing or salads and if you've got leftovers you're in luck unlike other berries cranberries can be refrigerated for up to two months. >> you can watch the dr. oz show here on fox 29 weekdays at 1:00 p.m. a minnesota woman has just found out that she's going to lose her sight and there's nothing she can do about it. >> but instead of letting it get her down she says she's making a bucket list of all the places
5:40 pm
she wants to see. mary says among them nashville and puerto rico. over the past nine months, she has had everything from steroid injections to chemotherapy but nothing is working to correct or even slow down her vision loss. doctors say she could go blind any day and she worries about things she'll miss the move. >> nothing seeing my family, yeah and my grandkids. i mean i want to see my granddaughters get married which i might not. >> she says she's operated to stop treatment letting nature take its course. her daughters have set up a fund hoping to give their mother a trip of a lifetime. >> in kentucky cued burglar didn't get very far. >> how the weather helped make the manhunt a very short one. and a new type of dating that apparently takes the stress
5:41 pm
out of trying to look your best. yes, everybody is -- they got a paper bag. remember the unknown comic. this is what it reminds me of. they're all wearing the bags on their head. why the folk hyped it say this works great. howard? >> i remember in new orleans when they wore bags on their heads when they were brutal. eagles quarterback mark sanchez one of the eagles players with a bad game last sunday and he tells us what he needs to ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪
5:42 pm
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>> crews in mississippi just rescued a farm worker who fell into a grain bin. the man was stuck up to his neck
5:45 pm
in beans and singing quickly. rescue crews lowered oxygen into the bin while they worked to get him out. they did finally pull him to safety. no words yet on how exactly all of this happen. >> a dog bite is turning into a $40,000 headache tonight for one family in wisconsin. meet emma. the develop 12-year-old dog is accused of of biting two dogs in accept of last your. emma's owners were issued a citation for having a vicious dog the city asked the owners to get in compliance with city codes several times. if they're not up to code by a december hearing that's where the heff fee fine comes in. >> they are fining me $100 a day for 400 days. >> that's what the law is? >> that's basically what the court said this is what you could be possibly facing is the $40,000. >> the owners say they're in compliance and they need to register emma as a dangerous dog with the police department. the citi' attorney says they probably won't press for the
5:46 pm
full fine. all right. snowstorm helped lead police in kentucky to a suspected burglar. >> police tracked down their man through the footprints he left behind in the snow. the snow will get you. it was early tuesday morning when tiffany young sz her dad noticed some of their stuff was missing from their shed. he couldn't see anyone nearby. what did he see was all the footprints in the snow. so police followed them and it led them to a car. inside a man sound asleep. >> got him out of the car and noticed the shoes also that he had in his car matched the imprints in the snow. >> it was unusual the way they caught him. but i'm glad they caught him the way they did because he didn't leave no trace around who are. >> police say they found the stolen goods in the car and they arrested 27-year-old michael cotton. so a first date can be interesting enough, but imagine having one with a paper bag over your head. we first told you about this concept last week and now a group of new yorkers is actually testing it out.
5:47 pm
fox's liz donald was there to see what happened. >> reporter: meet friends adam and charlie. they decided to have a bro night and head to the new york hall of science in queens for unusual speed dating. >> i thought how khiry sift meeting 30 girls with paper bags over their heads. >> a lot of superficial swiping going on. we're trying to make things a bit more real and a bit more about your personality. >> reporter: he's co-founder of the london based couldn't september called love flutter. thousands of people have downloaded the app which allows users to write a funny story about themselves in 140 characters. if you like someone's story, then you can see their photos. >> this event is really bringing the app experience to life. >> reporter: 20 women and 20 men showed up for the first american love flutter speed dating event. they checked in and went off to separate areas to danny decorate their paper bags. >> tiger is my zodiac sign so, um, if he knows like all the
5:48 pm
animals and what year they're from he would be able to figure out how old i am. >> reporter: the girls sat their assigned spots while the boys were lined up and walked out. they have no idea who is about to sit across from them. through two small cut outs all they can see is the designs on the bags. with drinks in hand, or for some four legged moral support in hand, participates sat for two minutes for a brown bag one-on-one. >> i figure the type of people who would come to something like this had a good sense of humor and were up for just having a fun time. >> dating apps are really way people are meeting people. it's not what really we're looking for. i want to have interaction one-on-one so this will be different. >> reporter: of course at the end of the night the bags do come off. it's up to the participants to decide whether or not they want to get their partners numbers or move on to the next. from core rona queens, liz, fox news. >> that could be a blow to your
5:49 pm
ego. everything is going great and you take the bag off. i'm real busy, got to feed the cat. you'd be heart broken. because of the way i look? it would be sad. >> you've got to have great personality just to try that, right? >> i would think so. >> i don't know. it's thwart with danger if you ask me. >> just bizarre. >> yeah, it is. bizarre weather, up and down temperatures tomorrow highs will be stuck in the theirs today, though, not that bad. look at the high. 50 degrees. we were only 4 degrees away from the normal for this time of year and it really wasn't that bad. but it's going to be a shock to the system tomorrow because temperatures are going to return back to below average. an arctic blast moves back in tonight. the winds will pick up. the wind chill will return. yes, high temperatures for friday will be stuck in the 30s. feels like temperatures will be in the 20s and then take a look at this. we're talking 70-degrees by early next week. near record warmth. temperatures right now dropping into the 30s north and west. 38 in reading.
5:50 pm
38 in allentown. we have 44 right now wilmington. already into the 30s toward millville and take a look at the wind direction. still out of the south in sections of delaware and south jersey. but north and west, we have those winds coming out of the north and west and that is funnel link in some of that colder air. so watch how the temperatures will play out. we'll dip to 30 by 11:00 in philadelphia. into the 20s by tomorrow morning. feels like temperatures out the door tomorrow will be in the teens. so bundle up and take a look at high temperatures by 3:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. only 33 in allentown. 36 degrees, that will do it tomorrow in philadelphia. so the arctic blast is coming back. ultimate doppler right now not showing any snow or sleet for our area. dry conditions. but as we continue to monitor that lake effect snow, just to the south of buffalo, this is a loop over the last 12 hours. you can see that persistent fetch over lake erie continuing to provide that lake effect sn
5:51 pm
snow. some locations are closing in on seven and 8 feet of snow. so another additional one to 2 feet by friday night. so that will put some locations to historic and epic proportions with 8 feet of snow. can you imagine that? as we talk a little bit about what's happening tonight, we're watching that front. it's going to be moving through and that will bring the blustery conditions behind it as we watch high pressure move in slowly but surely but the wind direction tomorrow out of the north and that will pump in that that colder air from canada. so high temperatures will be stuck in the 30s. then as we move toward the upcoming weekend that same area of high pressure bringing us a cold air will bring a return throw so winds will come more out of the south and that will increase or temperatures especially by the second half of the weekend and as we move into early next week, the jet stream will move all the way to the north and we're talking about mild conditions moving in, 60s to near 70 degrees even for the philadelphia area.
5:52 pm
but blustery tonight. bundle up, crank the heat. 36 degrees that will do it for the high temperature tomorrow and the seven day forecast as we take you into thanksgiving, showing you the roller coaster ride, 55 on sunday, but 70 by monday. back to the 40s but dry for thanksgiving. >> okay. i'm just looking at 70 on monday. i'm stun at that. >> mixefixed with that number. >> hey, howard. >> sunday will be fine and there's an he guess game on sunday which they will take care of business. even with the eagles losing the way they did last sunday in green bay you couldn't tell what the approach and attitude of the team this week at practice. it's business as usual. and i believe chip kelly and the players when they say it's 16, one week seasons. can't worry about the past game. only the game of that week. now, what the team will always do at practice is correct the mistakes they made the previous games. that's what the quarterbacks always work on and what the eagles call training segments. mark sanchez made some bad
5:53 pm
mistakes against green bay and that's what he has to work on. >> where did the incompletions come from? the second interception to maclin? i'm kind of throwing off my back foot. a desperation situation. did we really need it. we were in fourth down territory any way. we got to get this that are down but we're in fourth down territory even if i throw it in the stands or i take a sack we're coming back on fourth down trying to convert any way. >> all right. here's our lineup sunday. >> we'll wrap up the eagles and titans and week 12 of the nfl season on the fox 29 news at 10:00. if you live in buffalo, shame on you. i'm kidding. >> what? >> you better have lots of bread, milk and eggs in the house. that's what people get, that's why the supermarket sell them out during snowstorms most of the time. i guess they're making french tote. in buffalo they got 6 feet of snow and expected two more feet
5:54 pm
coming. buffalo bills had a game schedule at home again the new york jets on sunday. the bills players can't even get to practice. the inform fl announced it will not happen in buffalo and the game will be moved to another stadium on monday or tuesday. the stadium is under so much snow it would be impossible to remove all of that snow. here's another photo. maybe the biggest problem is when you remove snow where do you put it? that's an issue, too. now, they'll move that game. it might be in the jets stadium. the flyers coming off three straight losses including last night in new york against the rangers. play tonight against minnesota but a big night for another reason tonight. tonight the flyers will induct 88 eric lindh degrees and also john mc claire. obviously both big parts of the flyers history. the one thing that the two will not forget, they'll not forget the fans. >> they always made you feel welcome especially here. the support was -- it was second to none.
5:55 pm
you know, you always felt that support. they really believed in us. it was great. >> no one -- when things are going wrong. in some cases why. as vocal as it's great when things are rolling and it's a real, you know, pick up your socks when thing aren't going so well. they're true fans. >> that's one thing the flyers -- one area the flyers don't have. two really, really good -- they have good players but not at that level. that's what they need to get back. i don't know that they don't have them with the team yet. but that's right in the there now. >> all right. thank you very much, howard. all new at 6:00 the troubles that aren't going any way any time soon for philadelphia's own bill cosby. the former local da who says he wanted to charge the iconic comedian with sexual assault when he had the chance. why he decided not to do it. >> and we continue to follow developing story in burlington county tonight. two children found dead in this house. their mother and brother hurt. the sea
5:56 pm
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♪ >> right now at 6:00 the search for answers in the deaths of two children. police found them in this home in burlington county this morning after getting a report of a shooting. >> in addition to two dead work other people were hurt. tonight investigators are remaining tight lipped. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. let's get straight to fox 29's dawn tim men 93 in tabernacle right now. dawn? >> reporter: lucy and iain, police are calling this a homicide investigation. but they are not saying who they believe may have pull the trigger. investigators still inside this home right now trying to figure
6:00 pm
out exactly what went on here. the scene so disturbing that counselors are being provided for the first officers who responded. and i can physical that you neighbors here are heart broken. >> we know the children. the children were -- i knew all the children so i wonder which ones got killed. it's horrible. >> jean fights back tears after learning that two children a boy an girl who live right next door to her home on holly park drive in tabernacle were shot and killed sometime overnight into the morning. another boy and a woman believed to be the children's mother also shot. both air lived to cooper hospital in very critical condition. >> they'd always say hi mrs. s to me and everything it's terrible. >> reporter: police got the 911 call about 9:00 o'clock this morning. one of the five other family members who live here made the call. investigators say no one inside heard any gunshots.


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