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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  November 24, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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at 5:00 o'clock this morning search is on for a miss would go man out of northampton county and what police need you to know. sue serio tracking a mid week storm to halt your thanksgiving travel, that is in the what we want to hear, sue. >> forget about today, that is a in mess, but we are all concerned about what will happen on wednesday. we will give you our best estimate, the early call, coming up, kerry? hopefully a little wiggle room. all eyes are on ferguson missouri as we await to find out if the grand jury will indict police officer in the shooting death of michael brown. how this process is keeping the entire nation on edge. >> he goes up the identify line. huff, can he out run the last tackler in he will. touchdown, eagles.
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>> the eagles nailed yesterday's game a perfect way to start shaking off last weeks nasty loss in green bay. he so how did they pull it off? we will break it down with the experts coming up. big daddy graham will be in the studio at 5:45. >> of course, we're thinking about thursday. >> in dallas thanksgiving day. >> it is monday, november 24th, 2014, rainy, windy but at least it is in the ridiculously cold, sue. >> well, that is right, and we may end up with record warmth by end of the day. we will give you a six out of ten. it will go up to seven by even of the day but we have sunshine emerging later, very, very mild but wind are gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour this morning and we still have a lot of messy rain around and look at this camera which really tells the tail from the airport looking towards the city sky line, so, it is in the like we have an earthquake going on but it is just that the wind are making the camera shake a lot. 64 degrees. 23 miles an hour wind.
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and 6:56 is your sunrise time. eventually we will see some sunshine but not this morning. it is all part of the warm front coming through the area giving us those milder temperatures but also giving us a lot of rain. so, it was a weekend where things warmed up yesterday. yesterday ended up being a beautiful day. today we are calling for 72 degrees, rain eventually sunshine but those gusty winds, later on. owe that takes care of today? we will look ahead to the middle of the week ape our tricky travel day, on wednesday, it is all coming up in the seven day forecast, but right new bob kelly, we have a lot to deal with traffic wise. >> yeah, you know what already a couple accidents and they keep racking up they are. jammed north bound lanes of i-95, approaching 476, an accident, been with us since we started at 4:00 this morning blocking all, of the northbound lanes. you can see the brake lights. it is kind of tough too because we're seeing heavy rain through that area as
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well. heading north on i-95, it is closed right before the ramps for 476, anyone from say the the south heading north this morning, that is your choke point trying to get up towards the airport. best betties to use 291 to get you back on at ridley park interest change again. northbound i-95 all lanes blocked right here near 476. an subsequent west on the schuylkill expressway, this is a at belmont avenue, it is right under that manayunk railroad bridge to give you an idea there in that left lane. police are on the way there. another accident we're getting a report of out near king of prussia on the schuylkill west out near 20 two. an accident down by the sure, sue just mentioned some heavy rain still falling here down along the shore towns. south on the garden state or northbound on the garden state parkway right the before the the atlantic city expressway, there is a local power outage outside of lansdale that has all lights out and power as well along the bethlehem pike there, and then a accident northbound on the extension right here near quakertown
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interchange, and because of the high wind, all of the bridges have speed restrictionness place this morning. chris, back over to you. >> no doubt, bob as you are driving you'll see this amber alert from new jersey this amber a alert has been issued for steven rest nick, the three in old was taken by his father jonathan lawrence from their new york home, police believe that the two could be headed to new jersey, so that why is an amber alert has been issued for this entire state. he wases last seen driving 2001 blue dodge minivan. police looking for a woman in northampton county, missing now since friday. this is three three-year old yes, sir contact paget of white hall township. she was last seen leaving duck, duck goose child care in northampton where she work. she was supposed to return a short time later but did not. police found the car that she was driving. if you have any information about this case you are asked to call state police. at 5:04. man convicted in the series of tire slashings in philadelphia's mayfair section
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has been arrested, again for the same crime but this time in a new neighborhood. >> yeah, fox 29's steve keeley live at police headquarters with the very latest on this so, okay, same crime once again. we all know this guy's face. we recognized it as soon as we saw it. >> reporter: police say david toledo is in to rubber, really into it, a tire feddish, tire damages where his s and m is slash and mouth traps. slashing tires before nail puncturing with mouse traps new, on probation instead of in prison for tire slashing free in mayfair two years ago that had police on extra patrols there and neighbors in debt, some with two sets of tires wrecked. even commissioner ramsey our every day viewers will remember coming out to the scene himself where we were live on the air one good day morning for our fifth follow-up, toledo moved to a different northeast philadelphia neighborhood that had the same problem. tires flattened with nails that were stuck with the
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pointing side sticking up, and the heads of the nails stuck down, with those glue cardboard mouse traps. at least 12 septa bus drivers parking near the comly bus depot for septa got their tires on their personal cars ruined and then one last week sleeping in his car, getting to work early, notices toledo putting the nails stuck up on another mouth trap and walk into his house. police found him inside and they tlso found more of the same nails and mouse traps. toledo found himself back in police handcuffs and his new neighbors outraged, learning that the guy who moved into their neighborhood was the mayfair tire slasher. >> i'm fed up. i have had it. screws, nails all around my truck. >> this guy has got to have problems, you know, to come from over there and to do it from over here. >> he is sick. something has to be done. it was him, a arrest him. >> reporter: one man says his girl friend's car was hit
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three different times. toledo was just found guilty back in february of 15 counts of criminal mischief. should he be found guilty again from these latest cases doing it while on probation for previous ones he may finally get one of the same philadelphia judges who just let him go with a probationary slaps on the wrist to send him to one of those traps humans cannot get out of, prison, where only rubber things full of air are basketball and puncturing one of those in prison may anger his new neighbors who won't call police, this time. >> it is impressive, steve keeley, thanks. >> really, s and m. thanks, steve. burlington county woman that police say shot and killed her two children this week has died. forty-four year-old jeaninne lepage died three days after a self inflict gunshot wound. police say she shot three of her children in their tabernacle home before she turn the gun on herself. two died, another remains in extremely critical condition.
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sunday night, hundreds of people in tabernacle came out for a candle light vigil to pray for the family. police have not announced a motive but friends say jeaninne le page recently lost her job and she was dealing with financial issues. according to a philly magazine story, pennsylvania governor tom corbett has signed the execution warrant for the man convicted of killing a female philadelphia police officer. christopher roney, also known as rapper cool c, was convicted in 1996 of killing office are loretha vaird during a bank robbery. she was the first philadelphia female office tore die in the line of duty. roney is scheduled to be executed january 8th. grand jury investigating the police shooting death of michael brown in ferguson, new jersey is expected to reconvene later today. >> lets go to jennifer joyce in the news room following what people are doing there to sort of prepare. everybody is a little bit on edge, good morning, jenny. >> reporter: protests have have been ongoing in ferguson in anticipation of the
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verdict. many people thought it would come on friday but still nothing and people are getting frustrated, police arrest are ted three protesters on friday night and the fbi confirmed that it arrested two men accused of buying explosives that they reportedly planned to use during local protests. police have have stepped up their presence in recent days. they have set up a command center at a local shopping center and posted barricades around the justice center. a grand jury is currently deliberating on whether or not to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson on charges after shooting and killing a black unarmed 18 year-old after a confrontation in august. since the shooting people in ferguson and across the country have been demanding justice. >> many of us have boarded up our windows just to be safe and not sorry. we're hoping for the very bus but we're prepared for the very worse. so we're on pins and needles waiting to see what the grand
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jury desides. >> when shooting happened in august rye iters and looters took to the streets, police used tear gas to calm crowds. while people are still protesting daily, others in the st. louis area have turned to prayer. they are hoping a verdict comes down and all remains peaceful. grand jury is expected to meet again today but who knows if today will be the day we will see a verdict, kerry and chris. it is 5:10. twelve year-old boy with the fake gun dies from his injuries after being hot by a cleveland police officer. the officer was responding to a 911 call regarding a person waving a gun at a play ground. this happened saturday. deputy says the boy didn't listen to the command of the officer and cop fired twice after the boy pulled the fake weapon, police say obviously they did in the know it was fake. the child was taken the two hospital where he died yesterday, the officer is on administrative leave. it has happened again and again in california, a tour bus crash has killed one person in northern california,
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the bus drifted off a major highway, yesterday morning, and rolled. a three three-year old man was killed in the crash while two dozen others were taken to the hospital, three are in critical condition. what makes this story even more bizarre is that earlier in the same day, just about 50 miles south, that bus hit a restaurant. in one was injured in that crash. investigators say the driver's fatigue may have been a factor. in word if any charges will be filed. two women and a talk have been rescued after a building in chicago's south side collapse last night, both women suffered serious injuries. authorities believe there was only one person inside at the time of the collapse but they are continuing to search through the ruble anyway. they say the collapse pancake all floors towards the basement, a causes unknown. 5:11 right now. eagles and cowboys both eight-three now heading in to their thanksgiving showdown in dallas. >> so what time do you put the bird on the table, right for
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thanksgiving day? kick off, bad idea, eat early. bird picked up their eighth win over the titans, josh huff finally did something, 107 yards for the touchdown. lesean mccoy finally did something, he had a great day, this was the old shady from last year as we showed him here running up the left side. watch this move, oops. oh, yeah, 130 yards for shady. mark sanchez, threw one touchdown, but two interest exceptions though. we roll over titans final score 43-24. planning your meal for thanksgiving a new eating disorder could be on the rise, how healthy eating can take an unhealthy turn and irons
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we have a lot of interesting weather today in the forecast, winds are such an issue all coming out of the south, so temperatures are warm. 26 miles an hour sustain winds in philadelphia, 18 miles an hour in wilmington. 21 miles an hour in wildwood. that is not the whole will story. we have high wind gusts a 41-mile an hour win gust recorded here in philadelphia at the airport. that is tropical storm force, even higher wind gusts in wilmington, and in millville, and in atlantic city and wildwood. so it is very, very, windy. and then on top of that we have he got the rain.
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so temperatures at least are mild at 63 degrees here in the city. sixty's every where. fifty-five in mount pocono. fifty-six in wilmington. here is the rain all associated with a warm front coming through giving us milder temperatures but we still have a few pockets of heavier rain in chester, montgomery, and northern part of bucks county, heading up towards the lehigh rally, that area rain. it looks like most has cleared out for now, a say for now as warm front comes through but we will still have have left over showers throughout the the rest of the morning. and until around nine or 10:00 o'clock but those winds will be an issue all day longest specially this morning. sun does come out but we will reach a record high today, our record is 71 degrees, and we will get to 72 by the end of the year. stray shower or two tonight and then we will tart to deal with wednesday. tuesday looks dry. wednesday rain begins. day starts with rain. it is when we start to get
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chillier at night and we will get an overnight low into thursday morning of 31 degrees. it is all about the timing, track and temperature of this storm moving through on wednesday. we could see some snow milk in with that rain wednesday night and bob, that is a whole new set of problems, people traveling then but you've got your share of problems right now. >> yes, rough go sue, here on i95, all north bound lanes remains closed right before the blue route a nasty accident. i am getting word it will be closed for a lit while now. we told but this right out of the gate at 4:00 o'clock. northbound lanes of 95 approaching 476. here's the next camera back, it is the the blue route, actually right before you get to 476, it is coming up from say delaware, wilmington, heading north bound on i-95, right before you get to the blue route, there is no access to 476 right now, because of this accident. your best bet this morning is going to be an exit, exit one of the numbers, exit four or
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exit number six and work your way over to 295, 291 will get you backup to 95 at ridley park interchange, all northbound lanes are closed on i-95. there is an accident west on the schuylkill, right here near belmont avenue. that is in the left lane at manayunk railroad bridge there just to give you an idea. all of the bridge these morning, because of the wind and weather, knocked the speeds down to about 35 miles an hour, and weather conditions knocking the power out, local power outage out along the bethlehem pike at keystone drive. traffic lights are out as well. and then an accident north on the extension right here near quakertown interchange that one involves a tractor trailer, chris, back over to you. on this money was known as mayor for life, new people in the nation's capitol who loved him, through thick and thin, are mourning his death. yes, marion barry, former mayor for four terms and current city councilman in washington d.c. died saturday night. he had been suffering from heart problems and other medical issues.
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barry started out in d.c. as a community activist creating jobs and lifting up generations of african. but then in 1990's he was caught in the sting operation showing him lighting up a crack pipe but that didn't stop him. he came back to work on the political scene until the moment he died, marion barry was 78 years old. >> it is 5:20. in your health headlines we're told healthy eating is a way to go, but some become so focused what they eat they have in time for anything else. national eating disorders association say it is similar to anorexia and balemia, it is called other rexia. >> as opposed to the traditional eating disorder where one is driven to be as thin as they possibly can be, that is sort of the motivation, in this disease metvation is to be as clean and as pure and as natural as possible. >> well, it is not a diagnosissable condition by the mental health community
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help is available for people train to the deal with eating disorder. according to new evidence, from experts and human rights group islam he can state militants in iraq and syria are recruiting kids for bat. they say teens can be carrying weapons at checkpoints in busy intersectionness iraq's second largest city mosul. in the syrian towns, boys are attending training camps before heading off to fight. u.s. is telling meantime iran it is time to consider extending nuclear talks. this is first formal recognition by washington that last minute diplomacy may not be enough to seal a deal by tonight's deadline. senior u.s. official say secretary of state john kerry has proposed to the iran foreign minister that the two sides start discussing post deadline talks. a local bidding arena is coming up with a great response to sports betting getting denied in new jersey. what they are offering instead. one local town will have a
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bit of a charlie brown christmas, but it turns out that most of the residents there actually like it that way. i cannot speak. now the plan to stop the town from bringing that charlie brown christmas tree down.
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good morning, it is just about 5:24. in your money news u.s. stock exchange opens up on a high today. s and p500 rose nearly 11
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points to close at 2,063. dow jones laned at 17,810. nasdaq composite added 11 points and in friday ending up at 472. is there a new study that says a a lot of americans are shoppers according to credit three out of four americans have made impulse purchases. researchers say 88 percent of millennials have made that type of purchase, as compared to 56 percent of senior citizens. the most common emotion at the time of this impulse purchase is excitement. a new jersey race track says it will offer fantasy sports betting. monmouth park officials say they plans in the statement on saturday this comes one day after a federal judge ruled that lawmakers cannot partially lift the ban on sports betting, it is a decision that state officials plan to appeal. track officials are reviewing the ruling but say that it doesn't appear to block their plans for fantasy sports betting. let's stay in new jersey, trump taj mahal is offering to restore health insurance to
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the workers. 3,000 workers could get their health insurance back for at least two years. that is only if the union will drop its appeal of the court order that canceled health insurance, pension plans for casino workers. company president told the union that the hut down process will accelerate this week if the union does not withdraw that appeal. if it does, the taj will remain opened. backlash to president obama's executive actions on immigration heating up now in washington. >> g.o.p. lawmakers took to the sunday shows, some calling the president's plan to delay deportation of 5 million illegal immigrants illegal, and unconstitutional. >> the constitution gives congress the the authority to establish our immigration laws and what the president announced this week is a wholesale refusal to follow our immigration laws. >> this man house speaker john boehner says he is worried that the humanitarian crisis at the border last summer will be likely worse next summer after the president's move.
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5:25 right now. a sexual assault scandal rocking the university of virginia and now new jersey is taking steps to prevent something like this from ever happening at one of our local schools. plus bob kelly tracking some breaking news on i-95. >> good morning, everybody. i-95 least mains closed, here's a live look at the accident scene that occurred an hour and a half ago all north bound lanes remain closed and this will impact your trip heading to the airport i'll
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it is rainy and windy out there this morning but you think this weather is that isty? wait until you see the forecast for the middle of the week. your who will take outlook is coming up, kerry. >> all right, sue, thank you. plus what do you think of this christmas tree, some in that town, in which it is located are saying it needs to go, others are embracing the irony why all of that could change today. >> charlie brown christmas. >> it is kind of what some folks are saying, hi sue. >> hi. >> she's a hall of famer now. >> yes. >> she can do whatever she wants. >> whatever she wants. >> can i get you a drink. >> no. >> how burr slippers. >> i could use a drink, actually, but it is that kind of a morning. >> on a serious note we do need to head to bob kelly because i-95 is just a mess right now, bob. >> yes, good morning. we will go right outside to our live camera, this accident
5:30 am
happened at 4:00 this morning. it is northbound lanes of i-95, approaching the ramps for 476, and again, you can see the accident off to the right side of your screen there. and then it involved at leads two cars and a truck and we have word this could be with us a little while. this is northbound lanes of i-95, and it it is right before you get to the ramps for 476. traffic is stacked and pack here on the northbound side, and some folks are even jumping off at a the the ramps for commodore barry bridge. again, heading north this morning, the accident is between the commodore barry bridge, and the ramps for 476. so folks have been stuck here for the last, i'll say hour and a half, barely moving. if you are getting ready to step out the front door and heading north this morning you will want to jump off at either exhibit four or five, work your way in to chester and take 291 up to stewart avenue and that will put you back on the i-95 at ridley park interchange.
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all north bound lanes closed off i-95. we have word of a jackknife tractor trailer here in center city. this is on the ramp from the vine street expressway, to head east, in towards 30th street and philly international airport. so, we have it the in one of our other camera and we will folk thaws and write that to you next time around. it is ramp from the vine expressway to head east on the schuylkill expressway. i just got word what i thought was the case and that they just confirmed that accident on i-95 is a fatal crash this morning. that is probably the reason that it has been closed for quite sometime. probably at least another hour, hour and a half on that i-95 accident until they get that investigation cleared up. west on the schuylkill expressway an accident at belmont avenue. just a rough morning. be careful. there is ponding out there. there is that spray coming up off the cars and trucks in front of you. walt whitman, ben franklin, commodore barry bridges running with speed restriction this is morning all because of the weather and high wind.
5:32 am
put coffee down in the coffee cup holder as you come across that bennie, sue, a rough one today. >> it sound like if you could delay your trip at all by an hour or two that might be a good idea. in the the case for kids that have to go to school, bus will come for when it comes. bus top buddy, have the rain gear with you. you will need it this morning. you won't when kid come home from school. one thing you don't to have do is bundle up because temperatures are already, in the 50's and 60's this morning. in your weather by numbers we will go at a six. sunni merging later on and it will be mild but wind gusting to 30 to 40 miles an hour and we are off to that rainy, windy start there. 63 degrees at the moment. warm front coming through, bringing milder temperatures in, and that is unfortunate actually for folks in buffalo still dealing with all that snow on the ground. new they are dealing with snow melt and flooding. for us we don't have flooding rains but we have messy rains, so to the north of us especially that is where it is still raining this morning.
5:33 am
so 72 degrees is our high temperature today. rain does give away to sunshine but it will be windy all day long. tonight we're down into the 50's. so for this time in november, it is a mild night, but wait until you see changes coming up in the seven day forecast, we will call them, chilly changes for sure. >> chris. >> we have to get to this breaking news from new jersian amber alert has been issued for little boy name steven ristic, he is three months old taken by his father jonathan lawrence from their insuring state home. police believe they could be heading to new jersey. there is an entire statewide amber alert for the state of new jersey. here is boy and dad in these pictures. lawrence was last seen driving a 2001 blue dodge minivan. state police investigating the did it appearance of the woman in northampton county. this is three three-year old jessica paget of white hall township last seen leaving her job in the day care center in north hampton on friday. she was supposed to return just a short time later but
5:34 am
never did. her car was found, in a parking lot in the local store, if you have have any information, about this case, please call state police. man on probation for slashing tires in mayfair two years ago is back behind bars this morning for the very same crime. >> steve keeley at police headquarters with the very latest on this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: of course, london had jack the ripper and philly has dave the slasher, as in tire slasher. convicted and on probation for damaging the tires of at least 50 of his neighbor's cars, two years ago and new arrested again for doing more damage to at least a dozen cars this time. now, before he was convicted and sentenced to only probation in february, and in her closing statement to the jury david toledo's assistant prosecutor, in that trial for slashing those tires told the jury toledo did it because he wanted a attention and fame. philadelphia police say he is getting more attention now this morning and the only fame public scorn, hatred and demand for more than just
5:35 am
probation, and a new neighborhood this time. toledo was just popped again over the weekend for the same thing in a different neighborhood since he could not move back to mayfair where he put dozens of neighbors hundreds of dollars in debt over and over. he moved near septa a comly bus depot near northeast philadelphia where neighbors and septa bus drivers parking their personal cars going to work will have their tires punctured and ruin. last week a septa bus driver saw toledo put cardboard mail strips under a car with the heads of nails stuck to the trap in the up position. so pointy side was sticking in the air. anyone driving over it would get nails in their tires. police arrested toledo and in a search of his new home found more of the same mouse traps and nails, the kind police say flattened tires of at least a dozen septa worker cars and many of his neighbor's cars. so, if you come down the street, or down the driveway, you get this, in your tire and
5:36 am
everybody is really over it, septa drivers come to work, they get it. the neighbors get it. so, you know, give me a break nobody wants to live like this. it has to stop. >> i wish he would move. >> he may be moving again, only to prison this time a cysttent d.a. tracie gaither told the jury in february in his previous case that while toledo was seeking i thrill his neighbors were terrorized just so he could have his 15 minutes of fame. hopefully his new neighbors and police say hopefully he will get more than 15 minutes of jail. >> yeah, those tires aren't cheap to replace. steve keeley live, thank you. a group in reading pennsylvania residents standing up to the town's christmas tree today. >> this 50-foot christmas tree in downtown reading which is set to come down is at the center of the protest. it is being called by some pathetic, ugly. >> sad. >> city officials say bad weather kept them from getting the tree they wanted and they
5:37 am
ended up with this one. efforts are underway to replace the tree and some people say you know what, let's embrace the not so perfect tree. here, here. >> all right. >> so yes, means yes, it is constant debate that is rocking the country just as the university of virginia takes drastic steps after sex assault scandal. how new jersey is ♪ there's confidence... then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology, and high quality parts means your peace of mind. it's no wonder last year we sold
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so, it is 5:40. it is not a nice day to be out. look at that wind blowing that rain across the streetlight. anyway, we will be back with another check of your weather and traffic, moment trily. bobbies doing traffic. anyhow, new jersey is latest state considering requiring college test define when yes, means yes, in an effort to stem the tides of sexual assaults. the policy known as affirmative consent, requires conscious volume will try agreement between partners to have sex. whether the policy will reduce the assault remains unclear. but states and universities are under pressure to change how they handle rape allegations. this of course coming after the university of virginia announced that it is suspending all fraternities on campus following a shocking rape allegation that surfaced, in a report by rolling stone magazine. in that article a uv a student described being sexually assaulted by seven men in a party at the phi cappa
5:41 am
fraternity house in 2012. the victim tells the magazine that she reported the rape to school administrators but they never took any action. the suspension of the fraternities is currently in effect, until january 9th. there are good people in greek life, i have friends in greek life but at the same time it cannot continue like this. >> the president of uva says board of supervisor will meet tuesday to discuss these allegation as long with the university's policy, and procedures, concerning, sexual assaults. the school has also asked that charlottesville police to investigate at alleged rape at that frat house. fly eagles fly... yeah, fantastic day from the start, right from the start, here it was, josh huff scored a touchdown. it was a big come back. we needed it after what happened last week, big daddy graham from wip radio will join us to talk about the eagles and how they shrugged
5:42 am
off last weeks big loss. and been kelly tracking impact of that fatal crash we have been talking about on i-95. >> good morning. here's a live look at i-95 northbound we are barely moving from approaching the commodore barry bridge all the way to approaching 476, as you mentioned a fatal accident, investigation underway, we will have the rest of the
5:43 am
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eye fatal accident has closed all northbound lanes of i-95. it happened about 4c this morning in the northbound lanes right before 476, so that is the blue route. so we will go back to one of our cameras that now shows us the traffic jam. this is i-95 northbound bumper to bumper to bumper approaching the commodore barry all the way up to that accident scene. now, your best bet this morning, if you are heading out the front door from say south of the scene, or maybe from wilmington, head north on i-95, exit at number four or five. four or five. then use 291, that runs parallel with i-95 and will put you back on at ridley park interchange. folks are jammed solid stuck in that traffic jam. if you are heading north this morning your best bet, jump off and use 291 as the alternate. here's a jackknife tractor trailer in center city on the ramps from the vine street expressway to head east on the schuylkill, also, impacting
5:46 am
folks trying to get over towards philly international. your best bet here you will to have go out of town on the schuylkill, flip u turn laverne at montgomery drive and then come back in towards the city, or from center city trying to get down towards the airport, would i go over to the i-95 side of that vine street expressway and that will give you better access there all of the bridges because of the weather conditions this morning, walt whitman, ben franklin, commodore barry all have reduced speeds and certainly with the wind this morning you will want to make sure you put your dunkin' donuts cough east cup in the holder there because it will give you a run for your money. nice pumpkins back there, sue, are you making pumpkin pie for the holiday. >> oh, yeah, sure, it will be enough for me to get the turkey in the oven. but i know it is a mess out there this morning. but let's cut to the chase because you want to know about the weather for holiday weekend. we have a lot of pretty picture but may not be so pretty, on wednesday, rain changing over to snow, at nighttime. so by thursday we are sunny
5:47 am
and chilly, and then we're quite cold on black friday, with a high of only 39 degrees. so definitely a cooling trend as we get towards the weekend. the tricky time is late in the day on wednesday, and wednesday night. so, for this morning back to now we're dealing with wind speeds that are pretty high 21 miles an hour sustained in philadelphia. 15 miles an hour in wildwood. 25 miles an hour in dover. look at these win gusts, 41 miles an hour. that is a a tropical storm force wind gust and higher in millville, atlantic city, wildwood and wilmington. these wind are serious stuff out there but we have had mild temperatures, thank goodness not too cold because we will be dealing with a all different kind of mess this morning but it is because a warm front has come through. we have 63 degrees in philadelphia right now, still left over drips and drabs as i call them as the rest of this system exits. that will be with us throughout the rest of the morning rush hour but none of that heavy, heavy rain, still as bob mentioned ponding on
5:48 am
the roadways this morning that could slow you down, so we will go from 27 today to 55 tomorrow. we have tricky travel on wednesday, child turkey on thursday and very cold temperatures by black friday. so definitely, not improving, it is the opposite of that, coming up, in that seven day forecast but guys, get you through it. >> speaking of opposite, what an opposite result we had this week from last when it came to our beloved eagles, yes. we have beat the lowly tennessee titans 43-24. everyone saw this coming. big daddy graham is here to talk about this first off big daddy, i will let kerry do all of the x's and o's this week. i have a bone to pick with your wife. >> what? >> and two, i need advice about thanksgiving day so take ate way, kerry. >> we will get to the titans and talk about the game coming up on thursday momentarily. >> by the way pleasure to talk football with somebody who knows football. >> because i have been watching football and really like delving in the analysis
5:49 am
for years. >> absolutely, yeah. >> at this point i have to talk about that sketch from odell beckham junior. probably best i have ever seen. >> it might be the best i have ever seen. the problem is it came in a loss, you know, it is in the like david tyre catch in the super bowl but yeah, my god, i talk to our very own mark, who is in the video truck, why this is going on up there at the stadium and he said, everybody's mouth, people covering the game, filming it could in the believe what they just saw. he got interfered with, secondly, he is falling down, third it is a touchdown. it is one of the amazing catches, the kind chris used to make in the play ground all the time. >> we need him on our team with a couple of the balls mark sanchez threw yesterday. >> wait a minute, are you down
5:50 am
on sanchez. >> well, he was a little inconsistent yesterday. >> he is inconsistent. that is who mark sanchez is. he is an inconsistent quarterback. it is what makes him an okay quarterback at the nfl level. what separates great quarterbacks from the unbelievably great is the consistency. that is him. he a had a beautiful touchdown pass todays i on the run, and then he just throws, turkies like that one, you're looking at right now. he is inconsistent. to expect him to get that much better than this, i think it is unrealistic. it doesn't mean you can't win games with him but kerry, do you know football compared to your partner. >> well, exactly. turf can you a question about shady, because he came back, 130 yards. is he back in it. >> as eminem would say shady is back, do i look like a rapper, yes, he is back. it was a terrific performance,
5:51 am
6 yards, over 6 yards a carry and it helped that darren sproles got six carries compared to the one he had had last week. >> that is what i say. >> two before. >> calm down. >> and then she is so on the money turf ask about thursday's game because we are already looking ahead. tony romo has a couple back issues. we have a good pass rush. if we take him out, we have a chance. >> kerry, you are brilliant. you should be calling games on a national level. it is all about the pass rush. difference between yesterday's game and packers game was the pass rush. they had none the week before, they had had plenty of it yesterday. you get a lot of pass rush on romo and eagles win on thursday, no question. >> stop talking football. >> it is so great to talk football with somebody who knows the game.i3 >> let me ask you a question, you mentioned on your radio show that your wife, spent the weekend, decorating the house with
5:52 am
christmas stuff. >> yes. >> it is too soon. >> he has been railing on it all morning. >> it is not even thanksgiving yet. >> it is a couple days away, cut her a break. i like the holidays, at least, you know, santa a now comes to the malls what november 6th. at least we waited until the 23rd, i don't believe that is out of line. >> i need one sentence of, advice, we're going to a friend's ouse for thanksgiving dinner. the game is at 4:30. how do i intimate what time we should eat. >> there is no intimating, i have taken care of this. >> what do i say. >> i call my wife's sister dinner at three, or i'm not coming. i hung up good game is a 49:30. >> dinner is not three. >> that is what i said. >> dinner at three. >> i'm not going to miss the turkey for the game and game for turkey. >> drinks at 12. >> big daddy, we love you. >> see you. >> happy thanksgiving. we will not see him.
5:53 am
>> big question, wow. insightful, deep, compelling. 5:52. still to come young boy is told he has to give up his favorite pastime playing on the basketball team but then a frantic call, to police, from his mother, changes everything, the amazing way he ended up back on the team. as we ripped big daddy graham for a lot of people putting up holiday decorations. market street has them in our studio. have you decorated yet? we want the
5:54 am
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his mother reported him missing popeless found him in the a elementary school where he was practicing for free. the officers discovered he could not make his school's team because his family could not afford the program fee. after hearing about their financial situation, these officers helped out. >> it is just something that these officers want to do because they care about the community. >> how cool is that. >> police raised more than $500. they bought boy new basketball gear, paid his registration fee and raised enough to put the boy's sister in the gymnastic program as well. convicted tire slash era allegedly add it again, but what police say he used, this time and we will talk to the victims and what they think about this. then jenny joyce live in the news room, jenny, all eyes are on ferguson, missouri. >> protesters are pushing for justice for 18 year-old michael brown, will ferguson
5:57 am
police office shore shot and killed unarmed teen be police office shore shot and killed unarmed teen be ow...
5:58 am
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] good morning. it is 6:00 o'clock this morning. just one week ago we were flirting with record lows to day we may break record highs but this warm weather is short lived, sue serio has your full forecast. i'm fed up, i have had it. >> i spent three or $400 in
6:00 am
the last three weeks. >> neighbors in oxford circle furious after finding nails, screws underneath their tires, but put there on purpose evidently and the person doing it allegedly has done something like this before according to police. >> touchdown. >> yikes, that was a close one. the the eagles shaking off last weeks loss to beat the titans. more highlight from the game and looking ahead to thursday coming up in sports. good day, everyone it is monday, november 24th, 2014. >> yes. >> usually monday we are back, but today we're a little bit excited because 70 something degrees. >> and an eagles win. >> yeah. >> i was excited until i got out on the road and free tractor trailers, sprayed my windshield. once you get where you are going, i think you can be excited about the 72 degrees. >> been will have a


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