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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  November 24, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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waiting to hear what that decision s it's expected sometime tonight. after the violent protest we saw after the august shooting authorities are preparing for the worst. good evening arc i'm yann page. >> i'm luce nolan. live team cover coverage in ferguson and right near philadelphia. we begin tonight we are get denny. >> grand jury has reach a decision in the case of officer darrin wilson you now officials are hoping to avoid the same kind of unrest we saw back in august after michael brown' shooting for days public officials and protest leaders called for peace ahead of the grand jury's decision. law enforcement officials are now working with community leaders to ensure any protests taking place remain peaceful. >> the character of this community will shine through but we're not going to let anyone intent on changing that character or causing disruption to this community to have that chance. >> reporter: some protesters say they're not only demanding justice for mychal brown, but also improvements in police
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conduct and race relation. >> we will not stand for this. >> grand jury decision does not matter to me with all that stuff the grand jury decision or not i'm still going to be here. >> at the white house press secretary josh earn never says president obama is monitoring the situation in ferguson and left the door open to a possible presidential statement later today. >> if there's a need for the president to make a public statement today we'll obviously let you know as soon as we make that decision. >> reporter: white house joining countless others asking for non violent protest following the announcement. >> those individual that would to do so should do so peacefully. >> one thing is for certain, officials here in missouri have been preparing for months tour any unrest that can follow. in ferguson, missouri, garrett tenney, fox news. >> this case of course has been playing out over several months. it was saturday august 9th when michael brown was shot and killed by ferguson officer darrin wilson a candlelight vigil the next night turned violent assyria yachting broke
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out in the community the first of several nights of violent protests in ferguson on wednesday august 20th st. louis county grand jury started hearing evidence on this case five days later funeral services are held for brown. last week governor nixon declaring a state of emergency letting him call up the national guard ahead of the grand jury's decision and closer to home here in philadelphia, police are beefing up their presence as the nation awaits this decision. >> you head out to city hall and love park you'll see a lot more officers. our dave kinchen is live at city hall. dave, you are definitely not alone. what's going on? >> reporter: definitely not alone indeed. police here over my shoulder. they are actually standin standy there watching and waiting really like the whole city watching for the ferguson grand jury announcement to come down tonight here and it's all because of this. this has been really floatin flg around social media ever since friday. if you can -- if you can see it here. it is an announcement essentially called the emergency
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response rally for philadelphia. it was supposed to start at 5:00 o'clock depending on the day of the announcement it likes like that will be today and that's why as we go to some video here you'll see that police are all over city hall. we saw them here not too long ago. took some pictures put them online. they're not just here at city hall. they're at love park as welch lots of officers in uniform. some officers even in plain clothes as well. they're trying to make sure that things are civil. if there is a pop-up recall until takes place. we know that the grand jury in the ferguson case has reached a decision. we also understand that prosecutors in st. louis county will make that announcement tonight. they will decide whether or not officer darrin wl son the white police officer who shot michael brown unarmed black teenager will be charged in the case. again, everyone watching for that verdict and a rally that is set to take place here at city hall on the day of the announce many that's why police are out here geared up and they are
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ready to make sure everything is peaceful if there is a rally here at city hall with everyone watching this. lucy and iain. >> dave, thank you. missouri governor jay nixon scheduled to speak at the university of missouri st. louis tonight at 6:30. we will carry that live right here for you on fox 29. we'll continue to follow the situation in ferguson all night long. when there's an announcement you'll see it on air and on our website at >> turning to the weather now. record breaking heat today and now snow is on the way. we are getting ready for a storm system that could drop several inches of snow on our area. on one of the busiest travel days of the year and you know what that mean. we could have problems in the skies and on the roads. let's get straight to chief meteorologist scott williams. so what are we looking at, scott. >> lucy, wednesday we're looking at rain changing over to wet snow. heavy snowfall at times. so if you have travel plans, you'll probably want to leave early wednesday or wait until the system pulls out of here late wednesday night. so right now, it's dry, and quiet but the rain will be moving toward the middle of the
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week. changing over to wet snow and take a look. winter storm watches in blue. i-95, that includes trenton, philadelphia, north and west. we're talking about accumulating snowfall primarily on the grassy surfaces but the timeline wednesday, wednesday morning rain begins. changing over to that wet snow in the afternoon. then tapering off in the evening. i have new information on how much snowfall to expect but we're looking at impacts and once again several inches included in that philadelphia. iain lines see. >> scott, hard to believe i was playing golf this morning. stay on top of the weather by goss going to click on the weather tab at the top of the home page for the latest forecast information and live radar images. >> a developing story now. a young child has died in a fire. it happened on wyoming avenue in philadelphia's feltonville section. skyfox as you can see over a very active scene. sadly this is not the first tragedy like this in philadelphia this year. >> fox 29's bruce gordon is live at the firehouse in logan that was one of the very first to
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respond. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, this has been a particularly deadly year in philadelphia in terms of fires more on that just a moment. i'm on the side medic 24 engine 72. they were as you said among the fir responders to a noontime fire that killed a four-year-old little boy. his body discovered in a third floor rear bedroom of a gutted row house on the 200 block of west wyoming. a witness to the midday fire summed up the tragedy with a simple observe. >> it was nothing but pitch black smoke. all of them came out except for the four-year-old little boy. >> reporter: savvier ventura capture the chaos with his camera afternoon when this three story row home went um in flames. he says a horrified father rescued one child but could not save his own. >> he was going panic. went back to see if he could get his son. my son, my son, he went back in. he couldn't rescue the baby. >> fire officials say 15 family members lived here, nine were at home at the time.
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the blaze began on the second floor and quickly traveled up the stairwell to the third. passers by rushed to help. this man did not want to be identified. he climbed up the back of the flaming home. >> second floor roof. >> what did you hear, what did you see? >> kids screaming. flames. smoke. glass busting. popping sounds. >> reporter: carl johnson toll us he went inside the house to see if he could rescue the four-year-old boy. >> i went to the second floor at the top of the stairs and went to turn to go up to the third floor, and all the debris was falling down. lucky that it didn't fall on me. >> reporter: fire officials say they had installed smoke detectors in this home back in 2011. and that the alarms were sounding when they arrived. in the chaos of the events, the small child did not make it. >> i keep saying that fires everyone's fight. i say that because we install smoke alarms to protect famili families. we need them to have a plan to get out so we don't have anyone
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die in the fire. >> the cause of this fire still under investigation at this ho hour. two civilians and two firefighters suffered minor injuries. the death of the four-year-old represents the 29th fire death in philadelphia this year. so far. that's five more than all of last year. with the month of december still to come. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, bruce. very sad. >> the obama administration loses another top official. defense secretary chuck hagel has resigned and senior u.s. official tells fox news make no mistake, secretary hagel was fired. meanwhile senator john mccain says hagel had become very very frustrate that the his post. hagel has had a rocky two years in the obama administration and he is stepping down as multiple foreign policy crisis escalate worldwide including the rise of the islamic state. however speak dag both hagel and president obama had nothing but good things to say. >> thanks to chuck our military is on a firmer footing engaged in these missions and looking
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ahead to the future. >> i believe we have set not only this department, the department of defense, but the nation on a stronger course toward security, stability and prosperity. if i didn't believe that i would not have done this job. hagel says he'll remain as defense secretary until a successor takes over. >> now to the eagles getting ready for the cowboys. the birds and the boys in dallas thanksgiving day on national tv and all that's at stake first place in the division. fox 29's howard eskin in the newsroom. no time to bask in yesterday' win. >> they can play this game in the school yard and it would still be all out war. one thing about the eagles team under chip kelly they don't let a bad loss like they had green bay bother them or a nice within like they had against tennessee after them going into the next game. they don't let that happen. it doesn't happen to the eagles. so now, okay, they go on to play against dallas cowboys in dall dallas. it will interrupt your dinner a little bit on thanksgiving.
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and 4:30 start will change a lot of times to eat that turkey. a couple of nice things yesterday. let's go to the linc. one of things that the eagles need is this guy. now it helps some more when lesean mccoy runs like he did yesterday. watch coming at linebacker, wow, put your shoes back on. 130 yards and 21 carries. they need that to win a game ease your but it's all about dallas and even with the new players to this team they know what it's all about. >> you hear fans talk about it all the time. people you meet on the street and coming back in june, hey, man, we got to get dallas. what? we haven't played game yet. just sign here. what are you talking about. >> you start to see how important that rivalry. >> it's fun playing division opponents in this division it does that seem, you know, philly doesn't like anybody. it's easy to get acquired to that. >> i know the eagles fans don't like the giants, they don't like
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the redskins, and they don't like the cowboys more. big for all of us and cowboys are slight three-point favorite. iain and lucy. >> howard, thank. a lot of prayer and anxiety at a local community where a woman has been missing for days. >> the last time her friends or family saw her was when she was leaving work. her car is back but they have no sign of her tonight. the questions where is jessica? >> a man crashes noose several cars then tries to take off. but people in the neighborhood were not about to let him get off so easily. dramatic video of the confrontation. >> plus next chapter in space exploration much nasa setting its sites on asteroids in mars with astronauts talking thus. how people h
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>> happening now the search for a missing daycare center worker. 33 year old jessica pageant has been seen since leaving work on friday in northampton, pennsylvania. she is a mother of three. searchers found her car. but three days have come and gone and they have no sign of pa jet. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in northampton borough. dave? >> reporter: lucy, jessica pa jet's car was found right here in this parking lot hours after she disappeared. state police say they found her cell phone and other personal items in the car. to night searchers are out handing out these flyers and looking for her and the police continue to search as well. state police helicopter circle the area around the duck duck goose daycare center in northampton borough monday
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afternoon. this is where 33-year-old jessica padgett was last seen friday before she disappear. >> we hope she's found. that's all we ask at this time. keep their eyes out. that's it. >> co-workers say jessica left the daycare to run an errand just afternoon. she never returned. >> she was going to take care of personal issue and she just -- that was it. looking back now i wish we would have just taken couple extra moments to talk to her and see what she was okay. >> we were going to expand on the area that we've already searched in. >> search crews were outlooking forgers today monday just as they had all weekend long. whitehall township mother of three's white subaru out back was found in this dollar general parking lot on main street a short distance away. state police say her cell phone and personal belongings were inside. >> you know there's a lot of, you know, unknown things that are perplexing everybody the way the vehicle was left and where it's at. >> friends say padgett was head
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to do her other job at a nearby fence company to fax a document. she never got there. >> we were all very close to h her. we're very close knit job. we're more like a family here. >> reporter: co-workers are friends are wearing ribbons. they say it was unlike her to just disappear. she recently married her long-time boyfriend and deeply loved her two children and her stepchild. >> i want something to surface. i want that clue. i want that break. i want -- i just want to find her safe. >> she's my world. she's everybody's world. >> reporter: now the district attorney's office has joined in this investigation the state police continue to go over jessica's car for forensic evidence. at this point they say they have no signs of foul play coming up at 6:00 friends and searchers want to know what her car was doing in this parking lot miles away from where she was supposedly headed. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. archbishop charles chaput
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back from a trip to rome and talk bowing the pope's upcoming trip to vat cab. pope francis will visit the city for the world meeting of familiar unless september. news of the pope' coming was a surprise to many, some people got big clues months ago. >> i've known probably for six or eight months that he was planning oncoming. but hoping to come and actually committing to come are two different thing. i was there when pope whispered in the ear. >> archbishop chaput says the world meter meeting of familiar also is open to people of all faiths. more than a million people are expected to turn out for the papal event alone. >> she claims local contractor took her money and ran. now she's trying to keep her small business a float. fox 29 investigates has been tracking the movements of this contractor with a criminal past. jeff cole is live in the newsroom tonight with look ahead to his investigation airing
5:18 pm
later tonight at 10:00. jeff. amy west of ambler was trying to grow her tanning business by moving to a big we are and better locate. but she claims hiring this local contractor was big mistake. the small business woman says she needed the contractor to turn her new space into a functioning tanning business with booths and flooring and brightly colored walls and some electrical. but she claims he grabbed the cash, a little bit of work and never finish the job. our investigation finds criminal past amazingly a valid state contractorred registration form and no interest at all in talking to us. >> listen, listen, list where is aim wee west' money. vincent! >> that's the an we got tonight at 10:00 hear what the attorney general plans to do now that we've raised questions about this contractor's registration with the ag. more and that conversation we
5:19 pm
attempted with him. that's all tonight as fox 29 investigates. wee hope you'll take a look. >> we'll see you then, jeff, thank. >> warm weather real nice surprise to lot of people out in center city today. here's a live look outside our studios at fourth and mark this is actually a live look at center city but this is not going to stay this way for. by this time tomorrow we could be bracing for snow. so has it created an urgency for people getting ready to host this thanksgiving. fox 29's joanne pill leggy finds out. >> no patrick you just can't cry about this weather. it's near the end of november. holiday decorations adorn the park and it's perhaps too nice for words. >> it's almost spring weather. it's so nice out here. >> it's great to be out here at the park. pa trick is not that happy about it though. >> what's wrong, patrick? >> it's supposed to be cold. >> talk to most people and this taste of spring is special. with record breaking warmth. >> i didn't look past today. >> reporter: why would you?
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>> right. right, right, right, beautiful out here. >> reporter: you're even sweating there. >> quite a bit, right. >> enjoy it because up north, there's no joke. >> i figured i had to come outside to enjoy it report roar mother nature's piled mood swing is obviously going to change and we have to be prepared. >> we get a 70-degree day here in november getting work done on the highways. we're monitoring the storm coming up the eastern coast and wawa it may bring to the philadelphia area. >> at penndot traffic command in king of prussia, the exper expee monitoring the roads and of course the weather. >> right now we're at least 48 hours away from it. obviously we can have mixed precipitation, rain, snow. >> in the ideal world, folks traveling for the holiday could get a jump start and leave sooner as in tomorrow. to avoid what may be a wild weather ride on wednesday. i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. >> you can keep track of the
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latest radar and how much snow we could get as the winter weather heads our way. just head to our website and click on the weather tab. >> apartment building collapsed in chicago. firefighters pulled two women to safety but that wasn't the only rescue they made. >> the weather won't be the only concern during one of busiest travel days of the year. officials are worried something else in the sky could create a dangerous situation for airline passengers. >> it's not something a lot us look forward to right before thanksgiving those holiday crowds at the grocery store. but we've got supermarket secrets that will make all of this a whole lot easier for you.
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>> news breaking in ferguson, missouri as we await a grand jury's decision. that jury has indeed decided if officer darren wilson will face charges in the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. we're waiting what the decision is. garrett tenney joins us live in ferguson where the announcement is expected at any time. what do you know, garrett? >> reporter: lucy, we're hearing later this evening possibly around 7:00, 8:00 o'clock st. louis county prosecutor will hold a press conference to announce what that grand juries toes decision is. this is what the entire st. louis region has been waiting on for more than 3.5 months ever since this grand jury began
5:25 pm
hearing evidence in this case. over the last few days, there's been an increase both on police and protest side in the presence that we've seen. protests have been louder. they've been larger. they've been more intent. police presence has been growing across st. louis and especially here in ferguson. there are more police cars both on the state, local and county levellevels we know the fbism ao has sent in more than 100 ages to assist local law enforcement with any unrest that may arise. they're eight awaiting the decision. it's a few hours iowa. >> you talked about the increased police. (. fbi have their police officers there as well. atf has police officers as well. but what about the average citizen and shop owners and such what? what are they doing? are they boarding up? what's happening right now? as soon as word came down the jury reached a decision in clayton where the courthouse,
5:26 pm
lots of those businesses shut down right away. several began putting boards up. several already had boards up even and many business there is have said they will close tomorrow. that's because over a week ago protesters said after this decision was made, no matter what it was, they were going to shut the city of clayton down to make statement here in this ca case. >> clayton of course is where the courthouse is where that decision is coming. fox's garrett tenney, thank you very much. we'll continue to follow the situation in ferguson through this evening. when an announce many comes you'll see the on air and on >> a man crashes into several cars and then tries to take off but people in the neighborhood were not about to let him get off so easily. drama video of the confrontation. scott? >> iain, a record high today of 72 degrees but get ready for temperatures in the 30s and
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>> decision from the grand jury looking into the michael brown case ferguson, missouri sorey has been bracing for this news for week. announcement of a decision should police officer darren wilson face charges for killing an unarmed teenager michael brown last summer? the teen was killed in a confrontation with officer wilson back in august and protests erupted in missouri and around the country. grand juries do their work in secret going through testimony and evidence trying to determine if there's enough to pursue charges against darren wilson. joining us live ken rotweiler and defense attorney chaka
5:30 pm
johnsson. thanks for being with you much this case a white cop killing a black suspect divide not ferguson missouri but all of america. ken, let's start with. do you think they will indict? >> i do not think they will indict and i'll tell you why. i think that the forensic evidence they heard, there's been leaks from the grand jury even though there's not supposed to be there was a leak that talk about the shot in the car where there was actually a bullet fired inside darren wilson's car, and there was also a leak with regard to the autopsy that was done and both of those things could support wilson's story it's self-defense from that as spec i don't think there's going to be an indictment but let me just tell you iain i think because the jury wasn't sequestered that is they were home during all of this three months and they heard all the news reports and they saw all of how this played out on television there could be potentially violence that was pressure for them to indict. so i wouldn't be surprised either way but if i had to make call on it i would think they're not going to indict officer wilson.
5:31 pm
all right. how about chaka, a grand jury of course as we know are secret if wilson is not indicted everyone is talking about this evidence want we'll see. evidence brought before the grand jury may not be disclosed to the public for sometime, isn't that right. >> typically if there is no true pass or no indictment, obviously those grand jury transcripts the testimony will be made public at that time. >> all right. ken, let's go back to you for second. you just talked about all this uncertain we've seen all the unrest. they didn't have to go the grand jury. the prosecutor could have charged him or appointed a special prosecutor. why do you think they did the grand jury? >> because i think they wanted the citizens themselves to decide. i mean the grand jury they empanelled 12 people, nine of those 12 have to vote to indict. so i think they wanted to make it as open a process. this is a racially charged case much this is a case that everybody is talking about across the country they didn't want to appoint to special prosecutor it would be just one person and some people could orgy that person would be biased having 12 people decide seemed to the prosecutor to be the fairest and most open way to do it.
5:32 pm
>> ken and i tend to agree on lot things on this one point we do disagree. i think this was an opportunity for local officials to sort of take hands off approach with respect to this particular iss issue. i think that the racial tension that obviously infusing in the heart of this case made it a little bit of an easier decision for local officials to say we're not going to make a decision especially involving one of our own. look if we choose to prosecute officer wilson, obviously they're going to say we're being influenced by the community at large and being influenced by the court of public opinion. if we don't prosecute officer wilson i think we know what will happen here in our community. let's take it to grand jury in hopes after three months, this would have died down a little bit. frankly, the citizenry of ferguson has kept that from happening. they have kept this thing alive and well on front and center stage. >> all right. attorneyattorneys ken rotweilerd chaka johnson thanks for joining us tonight offering your insight on this case. >> we're monitoring the events in ferguson and across the country 24/7 on
5:33 pm
click on our page for the very latest coverage any time. and governor jay nixon supposed to hold a news conference at 6:30. we'll stay on life and give that to you the moment that happens. turning back to your fox 29 weather authority right now. tell them what did you today. >> i played golf in shorts. >> i'm glad you got in it. >> i know. i can't believe we'll be talking about snow in less than 48 hou hours. >> unbelievable. record high today's, 72 degrees. that was the new record breaking the old one set back in 1979 of 71 degrees. if you have travel plans, travel tomorrow or travel early wednesday or perhaps just wait until early on thanksgiving to travel. i'll tell you why because right now it's 68 degrees. no airport delays due to weather right now at the philadelphia international airport but as we approach the busiest travel day of the year get ready for rain changing over to wet snow. temperatures right now in the low my, mid and upper askings across the area feeling like spring. i hospital you got outdoors and enjoyed. yes, we're looking at winter storm watches all day wednesday.
5:34 pm
i-95 north and west we're looking at impacts mainly on grassy surfaces with this syst system. we could have warm roads because of those temperatures that we saw today. so that will affect the accumulations on the roads primarily once again grassy surfaces. if we have banding that will bring down more cold air and also watching the track of this particular system. but 56 degrees was the low. the high well above where we should be this time of year in the low 50s with that new record. so by 10:00 o'clock tonight, temperatures still pretty mild. it's going to be mild overnight. numbers in the 40s and 50s and then tomorrow, cooler than today with high temperatures topping out in the low to mid 50s. but look at wednesday. we're looking at numbers in the mid to upper 30s across the area. rain will change over to that wet snow. and it's going to be a mess across our area for the busiest travel day of the year. so dry and quite tonight. tomorrow dry and quiet. clouds increase late and we're watching that rainfall arriving
5:35 pm
for wednesday morning. early. mainly rain across the area to start but that rain had start to change over to wet snow along i-95 north and west. even into interior parts of south jersey. by 5:00 o'clock, we're looking at rain and wet snow. area wide across the area. but the system will rapidly move out of here. we should be done with the rain and snow by 10:00 o'clock on wednesday and then thanksgiving right now partly sunny skies. so how much snowfall? mainly rain along the immediate coast interior south jersey up to i- i-95, one to 2-inches. philadelphia north and west two to 4-inches. once you move around west chester norristown, doylestown, right on the cusp of four to 6:00. and then over 6-inches once you move toward the lehigh valley and the poconos. once again, mainly on grassy surfaces. some of the snow could cling to road signs making things hard to see. if you're traveling. as far as the lehigh valley and poke necks timing it changes over to wet snow early in the
5:36 pm
day. continues as snow for the balance of the day in the philadelphia area that wednesday timeline mainly rain the first part of the day. but then rain changing oh wet snow as we move toward the afternoon and evening before it tapers off. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you tomorrow no problems. mild and breezy. rain and snow on wednesday. and then we dry out but chilly for thanksgiving. temperatures in the low 40s. staying chilly for friday and then as we move toward the upcoming weekend temperatures moderate a bit. so keep it tuned, of course, new information still coming in online, we're tweeting about it as well. so we've got you cover. >> sounds good, scott. thank you. >> our family is coming in. i'm watching all of this. >> thank you. >> whether you want to minimize the damage by thanksgiving dinner or you're watching your weight year round a lot of us are counting calories. >> on thanksgiving. >> i'm not really counting. >> why that may not make much of a difference and what you should
5:37 pm
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♪ >> in chicago a dramatic rescue after two people get trapped under the rubble avenue collapsed apartment building. the building crumbled last night. firefighters rushed to the scene where they rescued two women and a pitbull. both women suffered serious injuries and they were rushed to nearby hospitals. an investigation into why the building collapsed is underway. >> there could be new tougher regulations on drones. why? well there was a too close for comfort encounter in new york between a drone and an airplane. it happened near laguardia airport last week. officials say the drone's operator did not follow the rules and was above 400 feet and much closer than it's allowed to be to the plane. the faa and nbi are investigating how it happened. while lawmakers want strictor regulations on drones as soon as possible. they say it's to keep everyone safe during the busy travel
5:41 pm
season ahead. a man crash noose several cars, then he tries to take off. >> but witnesses weren't about to let him get off so easily. chase was on. news crew captured the hit-and-run on camera and the chase that followed it happened in glendale, arizona. witnesses say a man crashed into five cars and tried to run off, but a group of people you can see them all there chased the guy, and they actually held him until police arrived. >> we heard all of this screeching, and all of a sudden he lost control and, boom, he took out all of these cars. i said, hey, he's going to run. you know what? and a couple of fast steps and, boom, he kicked off his shoes that are laying right over there and he was go gone. >> police handcuff the man witnesses identified as the driver. no word yet on charges. in your health tonight, why counting calories may be misleading or even harmful to you. a new study stresses not all calories are the same and here's what we mean by that. it's the type of food you eat
5:42 pm
that can protect against weight gain and not the calories. researchers in new york say food that is are high in fat like nuts, olive oil, fish and full fat milk could keep you slim why supposedly health and low fat foods like potatoes and white rice they could be hurting your diet. researchers say the bottom line as always try to have a balanced diet with portion control. >> breaking news right there. balanced diet. all right. for e legal to renee' zellwege zellweger's face most searched terms on the internet ran the gamut this year. see what made the list and a necessary evil for a lot of you this week. heading to the grocery store. it doesn't have to be a completely miserable experience. we've got supermarket secrets that will make things a little bit easier. >> and asteroid mars even back to the moon. nasa has big things planned for astronauts. you know what? people in our area playing a critical, critical part of this mission. the next cha
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>> space is a grabbing headlines again the latest worldwide wonderlanding on com me. >> the next -- what nasa is about to launch little more than one week. the space shuttle does not mark the death of america's space program like so many people think. it mark the birth of an mazing new chapter and involves people in the delaware valley. nasa is a aiming for mars astronauts included. >> one, zero and lift off. >> orion is nasa' new space
5:47 pm
craft and about to blast deeper into space than we've gone since 1972 and apollo. >> zero, all engine running. lift off. we have a lift off. >> breaking free of earth's gravitational pull taking to us places that until now lived only in dreams. >> we're going to climb and the moon and planets are there and new hope for knowledge and peace there are. >> in 1962 john f. kennedy set hearts a blaze in america. the space race was on. mercury proved mankind could fly in space. gem minute night that we could walk in space. apollo, we touched the moon. >> the eagle has landed. >> spreading its wings again, despite shuttle's end nasa is now aiming for asteroids, back to the moon, even mars.
5:48 pm
nasa as a group as pump now as they were with apollo. >> i think we're very excited and we're very excited dawn of new era in human space flight. >> back to the future for nasa and contractor lockheed martin. app pal low shaper if he can for screaming through earth's atmosphere from deep space at 20,000 miles an hour. >> the area around gets greater than 25,000 degrees. >> 25,000? >> heat shield gets about 4,000 degrees. >> half the temperature of the sun. ask any astronaut space flight is inherently dangerous and the orion is massa's leap into the future it's ilt on lessons learn from the past not only the space agency's successes but it's tragedies. >> my god, there's been an explosion. >> in 1986, the space shuttle challenger broke up 73 seconds after lifting off.
5:49 pm
killing all seven astronauts. >> this unedited film just rushed in. >> in 1967, apollo one caught fire on the launch pad. killing all three on board. so how do you get astronauts out of impending doom and do it fast? >> they're risking their lives to explore for us, and we want to keep them safe. >> meet orion's launch a board system. >> if there's an explosion down below, we need to get them out of harm's way. >> 400,000 pounds of thrust will blast orion within three seconds to 500 miles an hour. the astronauts will pull tg's and pull away from whatever just went wrong. >> this system has to work on the ground it also has to work hundreds of thousands of feet in the air. >> whatever might happen you're thinking it all out. exactly. you have to allow for a large number of couldn't tin jenn cease. >> getting there astronauts home is priority one for nasa.
5:50 pm
aerospace and defense company atk is deeply involved in orio orion's launch aboard system. it's just down i-95 in elkton maryland. >> into the rocket motor casing. >> which is here. >> which is here. >> more than a third of atk's employees live in the delaware valley, and they are pumped about this project. >> i have people coming up to me who want to be a part of this program. they want to be on this program because they know what it's about. >> this is a vehicle that will take humans to pioneer deep space. >> with earth in the rear view mirror orion will forge a path in the storied tradition of lewes, clark and magellan. nasa hopes reignite the fire jfk set in the '60s. >> on december 4th orion will launch from cape canvassing al. it will check out all kinds of things including heat shield, that launch will indeed take a
5:51 pm
crew module depth per in space than we've been since 1972. apollo, guess, what i'll there be. along with a whole bunch of people from the delaware valley working on the mission. it's super, super incredible. you'll see it live right here on fox 29. >> it will be a lot warmer down there. >> yes, it will. >> speaking of that the push of a button can now clear piles of snow outside your home this winter. guess what? it's come to go philly very soon. a new app called plows allows pebble to request a snowplow and the company is growing in popularity since it launched last year. plow social security 30 cities across the us like uber for snowplows. the plows app or website let's you request a plow, gives i was price based on your driveway size and the inches of snow you got and the driver comes and plows. >> i came across the idea when my mom actually was snowed in at her house and we called and tried to get a plow to her house but unfortunately nobody picked up their phone. meanwhile, there were plows, you know driving by her house. there's got to be a better way.
5:52 pm
>> for the other seasons the app includes mows service for raking leaves and mowing lawns. >> good idea. the internet is right at our fingertips 24/7 a lot of us turn to it to get answers whatever we're wondering about, big thing, little thing one of the most popular questions as of late, what happened to renee' zellweger's face. rounded the most searched questions and that question actually is one of the top. some of the top entertainment search subjects the death of robin williams and joan rivers also whole bunch of stuff on kim kardashian. when it comes to news ebola, isis and malaysian airlines are all some of the most popular searches. >> it is a busiest time of year at the supermarket thanksgiving of course just days away from right now. yeah. >> we're going inside a grocery store to help you save money and eat health physical. >> it may be as simple as reading those labels closely. laura inn gill has supermarket secrets. >> reporter: in most grocery stores, the first thank you see is the produce section.
5:53 pm
the colors, aromas and displace are designed to put shoppers in a good mood as they begin their shopping experience. one of biggest well kept secrets of supermarkets are the service that is they offer. you can go up to any produce manager. they will actually cut open a fruit or vegetable right there, tell you all about it and give you a free taste. a lot of them are now putting in registered dieticians to give store tours to add personalized services, classes torque help you eat better and eat healthi healthier. >> looking for organic? check out the plu sticker. you want things that begin with the number nine. it's worth paying more for organic that is have a lot of crevices like berries you don't need to splurge for fruits like bananas with a thick and penetratable skin. >> people don't know what the difference is. they think organic might be healthier. not true. science say nutritionally it's about the same. what it does do is reduces the number of pesticides to about
5:54 pm
100 that are available to use in organics. however, keep in mind that organic produce can also use sewage sludge as a fertilizer. report floor addition to the dietician and produce manager service, meat and seafood counters are changing the way you shop as well. >> one of my favorite people in the supermarket is the fishmonger. people survey after survey say they don't know how to cook fi fish. they can teach you what to buy, the country of origin, how to prepare how to make the fool proof. fish is one of healthiest proteins and most inexpensive out there. same holds true for the meat manager. >> reporter: one thing becoming more common is label reading. consumers are more aware of ever of things they don't want in their foods. >> number one thing that consumers want to avoid today is sugars, and that's all kinds of sugars. corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup and sugar itself. look to see products that have lower sugar. usually rule of thumb is per
5:55 pm
serving 4 grams of sugars or less per serving. fat is always killer for people. so people want to get lower fat products as well. >> one of the biggest problems with labels product that is say all natural. >> all natural according to the usda and the fda means absolutely nothing. there is no federal regulation for the words all natural. if you see something that says all natural, turn the around. read the ingredients because it's stuff just voluntary regulation at this point. >> hope these are helpful tips for your holiday grocery stopping experience n new york, laura ingle, fox news. >> center city philadelphia has a new mural tonight. it honors fallen police officer daniel faulkner. it is on the 200 block of north 11th street. talker was shot and killed in the line of duty in 1981. today his mural moved his wife to tears. >> even though it's been 32
5:56 pm
years it brings back to me memories on what happened the night danny was murdered. my heart goes out to all of you and the city of philadelphia. you are the best. thank you. >> faulkner hugged one the artist you see right there. the artist and the philadelphia police department hope this mural will serve as a constant reminder of the sacrifice officers make every single day. philadelphia has 4,000 murals. >> and we are on top of breaking news in ferguson, missouri. coming up a 6:00 we're stay on to have the breaking news for you. a grand jury has decided to whether to charge an officer in the shooting death of michael brown. we witness to hear what they decided. >> the day's other big story absolutely crazy weather. record breaking heat today. soon as in really soon we could see snow. chief meteorologist scott williams has your
5:57 pm
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>> the news is breaking in ferguson, missouri tonight. grand jury has decided on whether officer darren wilson will be charged in the shooting death of unarmed teen michael brown. that announce many expected sometime tonight. here's a live look right now at the university of missouri in st. louis where governor jay nixon is expected to speak shortly. it's believed he will call for peace ahead of the announcement of the grand jury's decision. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm luce seal see nolan. a whole lot of eyes on ferguson tonight as the community and the nation really awaits the jury's decision. everyone from local leaders to president obama have been calling for peace and these days leading up to tonight's expected announcement


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