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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  November 25, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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recognize this is not just an issue for ferguson but this is an issue for america. >> unrest a across the entire country after a grand jury decided not indict officer darren wilson but president obama a hoping people will see that they have a picture and breaking down effects of this decision not just in missouri but across the country and here in the delaware valley. but fall out continues for lincoln university president whose remarks on sexual assault put him in the spotlight, big changes coming now. looking live, at the big
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storm heading our way, could it mess with your holiday travel plans? we certainly hope not. we will do everything we can to make sure that it doesn't. what you need to know before hitting the roads or heading to the airport. it is tuesday, november 25th, 2014. >> sue serio is smart, she's staying home for thanksgiving, doesn't have to travel, right sue. >> right. >> we will see if any of the other people are coming, that is right. >> absolutely right, brilliant. >> we might be eat ago lot of turkey. >> we will have have an eight out of ten. every family facing this issue with bad weather in store for tomorrow with you today is an eight. so perhaps, today would be a good travel day, sunshine, seasonal temperatures just a few clouds around. it looks like a decent day. for temperatures we're in the 50's. 57 degrees in philadelphia, 48 in mount pocono. it is 60 in trenton and 62 in millville, 59 in wilmington. already the the national weather service issued a winter storm watch for
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southeastern pennsylvania, the watch does not include count ace cross the way in new jersey or down in delaware either and thinks for the entire day for a couple of inches of snow accumulation after the rain changes over to snow and this comes on the heels of yesterday when we got to 72 glorious degrees. the it was lovely yesterday. today our temperatures will stay in the 50's, mix of sun and clouds, and, breezes, much more lighter then they were yesterday, about five to 10 miles an hour out of the west. we will tell but the mess for wednesday, coming up in just a few minutes, but what a difference, bob, roads are dry today. >> yes, they are, good morning everybody. 5:02. off to a good start but we will see unusual traffic patterns today, today could be the getaway day as follow accounts look at sue's forecast and they say lets see where we can adjust. live look at south jersey, no problems at all working your way from route 38 to the
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airport circumstance until towards philadelphia good shape up and over the bridges. live look at i-95 in northeast philadelphia where there is that new traffic pattern southbound between cottman avenue and bridge street to look out for. good morning to conshohocken live look at 476 coming out of the mid count any problems or delays working your way down toward the schuylkill. major roadways in good shape, double five's on the speedometer reading, we have one accident on game farm road at hokel road. no problems out of pottstown. working your way north on 202 as we go for i ride watch out for left over construction crew is approaching that schuylkill expressway. west on the schuylkill a disable off to the shoulder at henderson road. all bridges, speed restrictions back to normal and mass transit looking good at the moment with no reported delays. >> for those in ferguson there are ways of channeling your concerns constructively and
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there are ways of channeling your concerns destructively. >> president obama trying to persuade protesters to keep things calm in ferguson and across the country, however, violence and fiery protests quickly followed. in fact you can see they are still going on live right now in ferguson. the this is of course following the decision to not indict officer darren wilson for shooting of 18 year old michael brown. >> jennifer joyce is now live in the news room with what is going on right now in the st. louis area, good morning, jen. >> reporter: lots of fire and fury in ferguson after this decision came down. we necessity there have been at least 29 arrests, we also know that police have used tear gas to subdue the crowds there. the st. louis county police chief says about 12 buildings were set on fire. cars in the used car lot are burning one by one, even a couple police cruisers were set a blaze from some pictures it may look like the entire
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city of ferguson is on fire. reporters on the scene have reported extensive amounts of gunfire. the chief says he personally heard about 150 shots fired. fortunately no one has been killed but people including police officer have sustain injuries. officers and reporters on the scene have hat rocks thrown at them. entire scene is disappointing to the many who live there and st. louis county police department. >> i'm disappointed in this evening. i really don't have any hesitation in telling you i didn't see a lot of peaceful protests tonight and i'm disappointed about that. i'm not saying there weren't folks out there for the right reason but i'm saying unfortunately this spun out of control and what i have seen tonight and i have been out here all evening right in the middle of it a along with captain johnson, what i have seen tonight is probably much worse then the worst night we ever had in august. >> reporter: here is a view
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from above. because of all of this chaos schools in ferguson are closed to day. we also know that the faa has planned to divert nearly a dozen planes headed toward st. louis because of the gunshots fired in the sky. they did not feel it was safe to land. county police chief says he and his captain and other members are devising a plan to restore peace and prevent problems as we go into today, later today, we are expect to hear from 18 year-old michael brown's family, kerry and chris. with that said michael brown's parents release aid statement expressing disappointment in the grand jury decision. >> at this point they are asking community to help make changes within law enforcement agencies. their statement reads in part we are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face consequences of his actions. they asked the community to express their frustration in constructive ways, their statement going on to say join with us in our campaign to ensure every police officer working streets in this
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country wears a body camera. in the streets of philadelphia police are calling protests largely respectful. there were a couple of arrests but they say by and large they have been peaceful. >> fox 29's steve keeley live outside city hall with how things are going, steve, good morning. >> reporter: there was fear because it was so nice and warm out, we would have a big crowd and some of the scenes we saw in ferguson but this police department knows a thing or two about handling big crowds and the crowds here in philadelphia know a thing or two about respect. the two added up to a very a plus kind of a grade for the night, even though protest lasted with six hours and just ended 3:00 o'clock this morning. female bicycle officers had to go up ramps and pull a guy off so he didn't get hurt and cause any cars to swerve or crash. that guy and one other trying to get past the police blockade to go up ramps of the i-95 and vine street expressway 676 only two arrests among hundreds of
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peaceful respectful protesters and all of the police out to keep marchers safe and keep the peace here in philadelphia both groups showed restraint and respect and in a night of resentment in this country they showed a lot of resilience in this city. >> very appreciative of the fact that it was peaceful law abiding crowd. we understand people feel very emotionally invested in this issue. we respect that. the philadelphia police department respected that tonight and that is why we facilitated the protest and did nothing to inhibit it. >> i would anticipate one individual being charged because that individual did enter on i-95 and in the running lane of i-95 and created an extremely hazardous situation where a female bicycle officer had to herself enter the running lanes of i-95 and pull that person to safety. it is a night that the city of philadelphia can be proud of. the police department can be proud of and protesters can be
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proud of. >> reporter: the protest, going through the streets starting a at city hall down to the delaware river and the shops along south street. broken hopes maybe from the decision but no broken windows or broken bones here in philadelphia the fore fat hours met at independent hall a few years ago and talk about free speech would be mighty proud this morning here in philadelphia, chris and kerry. >> thanks, steve. 5:09. new 911 tapes detailing moment witnesses thought they saw a man with the gun at a ohio park. that man was really a 12 year-old boy with a fake gun who was shot and killed by a cleveland police officer. cleveland authorities a announcing yesterday from video from saturday's scene clearly shows what happened between the officers and tamer
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rice. cops say they asked him to put down his weapon before shooting, he died, that boy did, sunday from his injuries. two police are on administrative leave pending an investigation. amid criticism top official with the obama administration steps down. >> defense secretary chuck hagel has resigned but a senior u.s. official tells "fox news" make in mistakes, secretary hagel was fired. hagel has had a rocky two years in the obama administration and he is stepping down as many foreign policy crisis have now escalated worldwide including the rise of the islamic state. hagel will remain as defense secretary until his successor takes over. no word on who that might be. pennsylvania university president has just resigned, weeks after a speech went viral about him making comments about rape. >> former lincoln university president warned women begins making false claims and also gave them some advice on how to avoid being exploited by
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men >> robert jennings had been speaking at a september all women convocation. critics say that his speech appeared to blame the victims for their sexual assaults. jennings eventually apologized following backlash, meanwhile, lincoln university general counsel valerie harrison has been selected as acting president after the board of trustees accepted his resignation, yesterday. it looks like it will stay a charlie brown christmas in reading, why residents foot to keep this tree around
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we are looking live at the scene in ferguson, missouri. you are seeing protests, leading to fires after a grand jury decide that had they wouldn't be dieting officer darren wilson in the shooting death of 18 year-old michael brown. people threatening molotov cocktails, there have been several police cars that have been set on fire. we know that a a police officer in fact was shot in the arm, non-life threatening injuries. we are not sure if it is related to this in particular but we are looking into what happened in that situation, and officials every where
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reminding people that these protests need to remain peaceful. they understand emotion and they understand their thoughts the and emphasize with them but they need to remain calm and peaceful. >> sue serio, good morning to you. >> morning. great day yesterday. hopefully you enjoyed it. record warmth. we broke a record in philadelphia with 72 degrees. we tied a record in trenton with seven 16789 we have new records in reading and allentown with 71 degrees respectively. that was great. it is still pretty nice out considering it is in 25th, 57 degrees in philadelphia, 60's to the south of us, and we have a little bit of rain down to the south of us this frontal system that came through last night stalled just off shore, so what we have is some rain that may be starting to move into delaware beach areas, ocean city maryland get something rain at the moment. future cast we will jump ahead to tomorrow morning. we will start with rain then
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around late morning early afternoon we will see change over to i-95 corridor to mixed precipitation with the bull's eye of the storm off shore and heavy rain at the jersey shore accumulating snow begins up in the mountains and lehigh valley. these lines will waiver depending how close the storm comes to the coast but expect messy weather throughout the afternoon men to 9:00 o'clock in the evening accumulating snow up in the poconos and least high valley where we have greatest chances. still tricky around i-95 corridor but expect cloudy skies and all of it is out of here by thanksgiving day. we will give you the accumulation predictions next time wanted to show you the seven day forecast, temps in the 50's, dropping throughout the day-to-day, we will get our high temperatures in the the morning, 39 degrees tomorrow with that travel trouble but it is cloudy and cooler for turkey dane and will be dry so families just coming across town you should be fine and then gets chilly for black friday with
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temperatures probably in the 30's. that is a look at your seven day forecast, gets better by sunday and monday. >> they should put snow boots and ice scraper with that turkey on there for the day. live look, hello to bellmawr 42 freeway. roads are dry what a difference a day can make here working your way towards walt whitman bridge and philadelphia speaking of philadelphia here's a live look the at airport. put your trays in the upright position and we are good to go for take off no problems with delays on arrivals and departures at the a airport. looking good on i-95. downtown we will go live look at center city vine street expressway their broad street interchange. speedometer readings right where they need to be in problems like this time yesterday out of the gate. one accident game farm road off of outside of schwanksville. they will practice tonight for the parade. here's the deal, tonight at 6:00 o'clock they will close the circle in front of the art museum. anyone leaving the city via the parkway or kelly drive,
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major mess trying to get out of downtown later on tonight for the evening rush hour. so just keep that in mind. today put sticky tab on the dashboard so you remember to work your way away from the kelly drive and on to that vine street expressway if you are leaving town, later tonight. the bridges are fine and mass transit is young no delays. >> speaking of traffic this morning we know identity of the woman killed in the crash bob, was reporting on i-95 yesterday morning. police say six three-year old dorris ann goldwire was killed after being truck by a delivery truck. two others were hurt. when the collision happened the victims had been surveying damage after they hit a barrier. crash closed a stretch of i-95 in delaware county for four hours yesterday, again as bob was covering as our breaking news, kerry. 5:19. in your health new you research find a link between yogurt and lower diabetes risk. according to the study public in the journal bnc medicine eating ale daily serving of yogurt lowers risk of type two
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diabetes bye 18 percent. researchers could not figure out exactly what component of the yogurt was providing the health benefits. they say more research is needed. also a new study suggest cause of sudden infant deaths syndrome could be a brain abnormality. a team of researchers found 43 percent of infants who dies of sids shared a brain abnormality that effect is his the area have the brain responsible for basic functions like breathing and heart rate. however they say more research needs to be done. new study shows lunches brought from home are less healthy then those served in your school cafeteria. according to the national school lunch program, thinks true, chris, most u.s. lunch boxes are missing vegetables and they are full of sodium. while school menus has more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. they have change since we were in school. school lunches in cafeterias have under gone a drastic make over, as they face pressure to redue their menus and stock
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their vending machines with berth choicees from helpful food advocates. >> pizza and deep fried burritos were on the school lunch when i was a kid. many people avoid food with gluten for allergy reasons but it is hid men other things such as make up. now more women are using gluten free make up and noticing a big difference in their skin. women says for years new dermatologists told them trust was causing scaley patches or break outs but they have gonna way with the help of gluten free products showing that they may play a rel in another household item with gluten you may want to avoid, toothpaste. >> really. >> that is interesting. >> yeah. >> charlie brown looking christmas tree in reading berks county was almost replaced. >> almost. >> but a change of heart happened and now staying. mayor's office says its phones are ringing off the hook with calls all across the country ever since the trees unveiling. half wanted it replaced calling it ugly and pathetic.
5:21 am
others say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. keep it. city workers started to take off denning racials yesterday and then they got order to stand down mayor says this norway spruce will serve as a circle of the true holiday spirit so yes, it is staying. >> i'm really just disgusted by the whole thing. as i mentioned pretty much from start to finish. >> philadelphia's mayor michael nutter getting emotional about the deis in ferguson where the the chest not to indict that officer who
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two record closings yesterday, s and p500 closed six points higher to close at 2,069. that is the forty-sixth time it closed at a record level, this year alone. dow jones closed a bit higher, to land at 17,817. that is the 29th time that the dow jones set a record. nasdaq ended up the day up 41 points at 4754, kerry. >> i love that you give me money news. honda is admitting it failed to report more than 1700 injury and death claims about its vehicles. u.s. safety regulators. company detailing lapses in documents to the ntsp yesterday. honda says it noticed the omissionness 2011 but it took three years to take action.
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ntsb says honda failed to report incidents related to air bags and other defective parts. more than 5 million honda vehicles have been recall in the united states, since 2008. it has been a year since a sign's tack compromised credit and debit card information of millions of target shoppers. now there is new data that suggest it could happen again. retail experts say cyber criminals necessity that they are likely to get away with more hacks around the holiday and more shoppers are spending more money. they don't notice it. retailers relax their fraud controls to make sure these extra transactions go through without a hitch. shopping is expect to go up by 50 percent this holiday season compared to last year. this could be a dream come true for philadelphia democrats, as we may get the dnc to come in 2016. yes, city is on the very short list for the 2016 democratic national convention, congressman bob brady made the announcement yesterday, that
5:26 am
we are among the final three cities. city of influential city democrats have been working to bring the convention here. hosting the convention could be a historic moment for the city. decision on the location will be made in just a couple of months. it is coming up in january. the other contenders are columbus, ohio, the capitol of that state and brooklyn. you want to have it in brook lynn? that is not right. we deserve our rights. >> 5:26. sentiment shared across the country for many that are upset with the decision in missouri how philadelphia is reacting this morning but first, bob kelly watching the roads. >> hey, good morning everybody. 5:26. we will go for a ride for gang coming from south jersey up and over that walt whitman bridge rolling through south philly heading in towards center city getting ready for big parade on thursday will impact tonight's commute.
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i will have
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> we are a nation built on the rule of law. we need to accept that this decision was the grand jury's to make. >> president obama is speaking right after the decision by a grand jury to not indict the the police officer who shot and killed an unarmed teen in missouri. despite his efforts protests
5:30 am
erupt add cross the country. sue serio tracking the tricky thanksgiving forecast. hi sue. >> we use alliteration, tricky travel but it is not going to be any fun tomorrow. we have a tranquil day to day, so far, i think you'll like today's forecast. there is a positive thing, guys. >> i'm on board. >> frantic search for a missing mom where is she, where was she last seen, the investigation continuing this morning. it is tuesday, november 25th, 2014, thanks for being with us. >> we will get to this morning first and foremost people talking about what it will be like when they hit the road and when they helped to the airport tomorrow, sue. >> scarlet o'hara theory isn't going to work, i will think about that tomorrow. you have to think about that today in making your plans. i often use scarlet o'hara method. >> gone with the wind. >> i love it.
5:31 am
here's bus stop buddy. temperatures in the 50's and 60's walking out the door and it is a quiet morning. we have a eight out of ten. we are expecting sunshine and seasonal temperatures today, just a few clouds around, today's nice, 57 degrees in allentown and philadelphia, 62 millville. sixty-three wildwood. but look at tomorrow, winter storm watch already issued for tomorrow, for the counties, including philadelphia and north and west of us. we will talk about that possibility tomorrow, and 72 with our record high yesterday, and today we will stay in the 50's, it will be getting cooler throughout the day, that is your forecast for tuesday, the rest of the holiday weekend is coming up. whether we like it or in the bob kelly. >> ready or not here we come. 5:31. good tuesday morning. we are off to a good start. what a difference a day can make. live look at 476, no problems at all between plymouth
5:32 am
meeting all the way down toward i-95, heading down to catch a flight out of the philly international airport. double five's on the speedometer readings. looking good on the schuylkill. in problems on 202 as you work your way through chester county. in chester delaware county a car fire at ninth and tillman just off of the ramps for commodore barry. crash up here in schwanksville game farm road at hok el l road. accident eastbound on the pennsylvania turnpike. we will go for a ride in toward downingtown interchange. that is all east bound coming from say morgan town into downingtown. watch for lane restrictions. if you are leaving northeast philadelphia this morning remember a new traffic pattern here southbound on i-95 between cottman avenue and bridge street. penndot moved the barrier around over weekend and caught folks by surprise yesterday but maybe with the rain you didn't even realize that we had a new traffic pattern. just be a aware heading southbound out of the north east this morning. mats transit looking good with no delays.
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>> there still appears to be in explanation as to why the police officer gets out of his car, confronted potentially by michael brown who there is no dispute had no weapon, why officer wilson shot him at least ten times. >> mayor michael nutter reacting to the grand jury decision in ferguson and right now we are looking live at the scene there in ferguson. the smoke is clearing from some of these fiery protests. in the streets of philadelphia police calling the protest largely respectful. there were a couple arrests but on a whole things were very smooth. >> fox 29's steve keeley live at city hall with what is going on here. steve, good morning. >> reporter: miss sure five states a away from pennsylvania but world away in terms of difference in reactions to the decisions,
5:34 am
hundreds of protesters and hundreds of police and only two arrests here in philadelphia despite lots of outrage, zero damage. >> this was a very intense very large crowd of protesters and a very energetic crowd. they walked several miles through various parts of the center city, starting out at city hall and ending up down on columbus boulevard but again very appreciative of the fact that it was peaceful, law abiding crowd. we understand people feel very emotionally inn rested in this issue and we respect that and philadelphia police department respected that tonight and that is why we facilitated the protest and did nothing to inhibit it. the street do belong to the people and we understand that and we wanted to make sure they were able to transverse through the streets of philadelphia in a safe manor and we have accomplish that.
5:35 am
the exception was at tempt to enter i-95 and it has to be understood that is a public safety perspective we simply cannot allow that to happen. >> reporter: so day after philly marathon a second marathon of marchers, lasting about six hours until 3:00 o'clock in the morning, probably just resting up before they begin a second march planned for today, meeting again here at city hall at 3:00 this have afternoon and intending to go straight up north broad street to temple university with kids, already out of college for a fall break. so there is only two arrests, chris and kerry happening when marchers tried to go up ramps to i-95 and vine street expressway. female officer having to go up there and get a guy off of i-95 before he got hurt himself or any cars swerved trying to avoid him and caused an accident. so very safe, very secure, here in philadelphia at least for day one after ferguson.
5:36 am
>> i thought chief inspector sullivan put it well there. you cannot go up to i-95. other than that let them peacefully protest through the streets. coming up next hour, we will have much more about the decision in ferguson as well as the latest on protests there. you can also fine more information on our web site at my fox meantime police say they will continue to search today for a miss would go man in northampton county. >> three three-year old jessica paget was last seen friday, leaving her job at a day care center in northampton. she was supposed to return just a short while later but she never did. her co-workers say that things seemed fine when she left. >> looking back now i wish we would have just taken a couple extra moments to talk to her and see if she was okay and it was just a regular day. >> paget is recently married with three children. police found her car in the parking lot of the dollar general. her purse and her phone were inside. investigators are also
5:37 am
looking for surveillance video to shed light on her disappearance. 5:36 right now. hear that voice? sound familiar, um. he is back as eagles face cowboys, the trash he is talking this time.
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5:39 am
i'm howard eskin. flyers let their goaltender
5:40 am
down last night. steve mason stopped 46 shots but not in the shoot-out. john tarvarez scores. flyers lose one to nothing. the eagles playing thanksgiving, in dallas, and their eight behind three. cowboys are eight-three. it doesn't matter. for fans it is all about the cow business and players know it. >> you hear fans talk about it all the time, hear it on the street, and back in june, hey man, we have to get dallas. it is like what, we don't even play the game yet. i just signed here. >> the sixers stayed perfect zero and 14 because they stink defensively. did i say that loud enough. 114-104, sixers lose it, zero and four. sam hinkie is a happy guy because they will be the worst team in the nba. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. tanking continues. >> so sad. >> let's think of something happy, eagles, they won their last game.
5:41 am
we're in first place. there is a big showdown that is thursday, thanksgiving day, begins cowboys in dallas. >> oh, yeah 4:00 o'clock. >> 4:30. >> you said four. >> kick off at 4:30. >> well, the whole thing starts at 4:00 o'clock. new rid ohio from the birds featuring some trash talk from bradley cooper. >> this is american a who will take, this is actually is a holiday. this is a fall festival festival, may flower matinee between our birds and those lasso tossing rodeo heads from dallas. hey get your sweat pants red he because it is not thanksgiving without turkey and turkey. >> make it a wish bone, fellas, this year there is more than ever to be thankful for. it is time to show the world how hungry we really are.
5:42 am
>> all right. now time is coming up on 5:42. bill cost bye controversy continues, the woman's allegedly paid off in hush money is speaking out about why he gave her the cash. >> the fact is that in too many parts of this country, a deep distrust exists between law enforcement and communities of color. >> despite the final decision in ferguson to not indict officer darren wilson president obama says a lot needs to be done about racial tensions.
5:43 am
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we are taking a live look in ferguson, missouri, that appears to be an ambulance, and some sort of fire truck, leaving the scene of some of those fiery protests that we have seen, today. >> this was all over deet situation not to indict police officer michael brown in the death of the teenager. darren wilson. michael brown was the one shot. much more of the arrest in ferguson coming up throughout the morning. >> right now heading over to sue, big story locally, the protest have been very peaceful here is big story locally is the weather tomorrow. >> it is, we have a lot to get to. we have temperatures on the mild sigh this morning, upper 50's around philadelphia, 60's in south jersey, this morning. so that would be pretty
5:46 am
pleasant if it would stay that way. front that came through yesterday had stalled off shore. we saw rain in ocean city maryland earlier. down in the delaware beaches, you may get a few sprinkles around but we are watching a couple computer models, we have talk about all the time, as we consult different computer models with what will happen with this weather and we see it best along i-95 corridor. accumulating snow north and west of us. this model verse the next one, verse the european model has this one has a little bit more as in the way of snowfall and has the snow, coming a little bit further south. what we usually do is forecast a blend of all of that and what we have to factor in are the warm roads from the 72 degrees yesterday. where those bands will set up with this coastal storm and amount of cold air that will mix in. we will all start out with rain because it is timing, track, temperatures as we always say. rain begins tomorrow in the morning and it should continue through about noon time. it is anywhere after 12:00 noon we can expect change over to wet snow.
5:47 am
depend on how soon that cold air comes in and tapers off by ten or 11:00 at night. it will be a different story in the lehigh valley and poconos where snow will start pretty early in the morning and continue throughout the day, making for messy conditions. but the ground is warm, so it will be lush slush on the roadways tomorrow. winter storm warning in effect for philadelphia north and east. these are our expect snow tall accumulations.
5:48 am
we're seeing pockets of volume. we will see unusual traffic patterns today especially with the forecast that sue just threw out there, travel times and travel days could be adjusted on either side of our turkey, of our turkey dinner here. and keep in mind that penndot, they have postponed all construction, active construction, through the holiday season. we will still have lane restrictions on route 202 or up and down i-95 if you haven't been to grand mom's house or relatives in quite sometime, be ready for some new construction patterns here like here on 309. no construction at all, as we roll through thanksgiving holiday. eastbound on the pennsylvania turnpike though, disable right here near downingtown interchange, that is causing delays, also a car fire in chester, delaware county at ninth and tillman. it is all about practice. practice tonight for the big parade and this practice is going to tie us up big time this evening, leaving the city, because they are closing the art museum circle right in front of the steps here at
5:49 am
about 6:00 o'clock for all of the groups that practice, so anyone leaving center city via parkway or kelly drive it will be a hot mess so put a little sticky tab on the dashboard or reminder in your phone that when you are leaving work tonight at 6:00 o'clock is when shut down occurs. you may want to stick with the vine street expressway and use schuylkill leaving town. chris and kerry back over to you. it is just about 5:50. happening today, two men accused of killing a couple in their strawberry mansion home are expect in court. preliminary hearing expect for terry ballard and justin smith. police say they killed 79 year-old roofus perry a and his wife gladys back in july. they are charge with murder, conspiracy, robbery and related crimes. also today, philadelphia's mayor michael nutter thanks local businesses for their efforts to keep people healthy. later this morning at city hall, he with health commissioner james buehler will recognize philadelphia businesses that have stopped selling tobacco products.
5:50 am
owners will also share why they decided to implement their own tobacco free policy. well, police said they have arrested a holiday grinch for stealing christmas decorations and lawn ornament. >> they have found them stashed in the woods and they busted janet. police say a neighbor got a partial license plate number off her minivan and she faces charges of theft from outside several peoples home in gloucester township. 5:50. temple university graduate is calling for her alma matter to cut ties new bill cosby. >> petition on was started on friday, it has got with 600 supporters owe far, the author of the petition writes that it is time for the university to recognize the continuing its relationship with cosby is damaging to its own reputation. in recent weeks at least seven women have publicly accused the 77 year-old comedian of sexual assault years ago, 17 in total now, and, have come forward, since these
5:51 am
allegations first surfaced many years ago. meanwhile though one woman who received money orders from cosby says that she was simply being generous. as we first told you yesterday a former nbc employee told the new york daily news that he arrange for monthly payments for eight women on cosby's behalf. he says they were up to $2,000 money orders. cosby did not want his name on them this guy says. cosby's attorney is denying all of this. now one of the women, says well, yeah, he was giving me money but she says these money orders were gifts to help pay for her son's boarding school. introducing your child on the family pet can be challenging and hilarious. lets look at what happens when this baby meets the family parakeet
5:52 am
>> eating out of the baby's mouth what is going on. >> i don't know, the daddies kind of weird too, i can tell. >> we need more on. >> that babies like to put a lot of things in this mouth ace this parakeet is no exception. luckily for the baby, the bird listened to the man behind the camera. wait a minute, the man had a camera. i'm assuming that is the dad. creepy. the video was on you tube last week and has more than 47,000 views so far. do you have questions about putting together your thanksgiving dinner? we will tell you, the right place to visit this morning, chef robert irvine will answer your questions this morning on good day. start sending your questions to fox 29 good day so the chef here can answer them live on air. >> very good. >> also an incredible moment as beach goers come to the rescue on of a dolphin. how they found him
5:53 am
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look at that, beautiful. 5:55 this morning. >> the carpenters. >> yes. >> okay, go ahead. >> group of beach goers rescued a stranded deep water dolphin, they did this, they held it, for 45 minutes, is how they did this until it got the strength to swim back out to sea. the group found tonight
5:56 am
shallow water lying on the side, they said the dolphin had a deep gash on its head. >> so sad. >> so rescue groups in that area have put out an alert in case that dolphin comes back to shore again. >> that poor dolphin looks like it has been beat up. it has scars on the back. we know big eagles cowboys rivalry can get heat add monk family members. >> there is a bucks county girl ava marie who decided to square off with her grand dad over who is the better team. >> go cowboys. >> go eagles. >> go cowboys. >> i'm saying eagles. >> i said cowboys. >> i say eagles. >> all right, you are cute but you are not right. your grand dad jimmies the within who knows what he is talking b eagles and cowboys meet thanksgiving day with nothing more than first place and a possible post season implication on the line but not much. >> she's cute at least. >> she is cute. >> lets look live at ferguson, missouri, the smoke clearing
5:57 am
in some spots after fiery protest lit night sky. our jennifer joins joining us from the news room. what is the latest. >> reporter: fortunately, no loss of more life in ferguson but that is little consolation to many after seeing riots building from fire, gunshots fired, all after a grand jury decided not to indict the ferguson police officer s
5:58 am
5:59 am
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this is not just a issue for ferguson but an issue for america. >> angry protesters take to the street of ferguson overnight. st. louis county police chief is saying the scene is there much worse than anything they have seen over the summer. a live look at ferguson, right now, it appears at least in this particular scene, that the crowds have cleared out in this area, although, we have seen many fires, fires set to police cars and host of violent actions overnight in ferguson. >> police cars were burned. >> back here at home, protesters much more peaceful i should say, people were still upset with that grand jury's decision not to press charges on officer darren wilson. what mayor nutter had to say about the whole thing and he is not happy. obviously keeping an eye on your forecast especially with that busy travel day tomorrow. it is snow


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