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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  November 26, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> bad day for you, mike, can't believe it. >> i can't believe this. seriously? it is the day before thanksgiving. this is the day we travel, as we have nor'easter? >> it is here. >> who book this? >> didn't look at the calendar, because this is the worse day of the whole holiday weekend. >> once we get through today, dry through the rest of the weekend. but we have to get through some day. today, three out of ten, all right, i'm symptom wiping and just get to t just rain to start, with what we're experiencing, south and east, stays rain, but heavy wet snow for the rest every us, accumulations will be greatest north and west, of the city, bus stop buddy dress in the his little pilgrim outfit in the thanksgiving play temperatures upper 30s, who's, at the moment. >> winter storm warning in effect for 10:00 p.m. for all of the counties highlighted
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there. then, for the rest every us, at least north and east of philadelphia, including philly , winter weather advisory, only couple of inches of wet slushy accumulation, and thanks to the 72 degrees we had on monday, the ground still pretty warm. so, a lot of slush around today. 43 degrees, way too warm for any snow yet. but we will keep an eye on there is the ultimate doppler radar picture, heaviest rain north and west of the city chester county, montgomery, bucks, further north of there see the yellow and orange. thirty-eight the afternoon temperature, obviously, already warmer than that. >> by the way, the wind will be gusting up to 30 miles an hour, there is the cherry on the cake, winnie, too. >> 7:01, this turkey day. a live look here, good morning to maple shade. for the shaders here, live look at route 73, again, all
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of the roadways in our viewing area all wet. we have the spray coming up off the cars, and the trucks in front of you there. we go take live look at the schuylkill expressway. where we are leaving south philly headed in toward center city. there is an accident at the bottom of that south street onramp. so that's causing a delay for the gang down in wilmington, delaware, again, wet roads, slower than normal this morning. an accident west on the pennsylvania turnpike, between valley forge and downingtown. yes, the fellow with the blue sweater on in the back. >> bob kelly, schools, i forgot to mention, so many schools closed alreadiment look at the bottom of the screen. >> i know, had school closings, already, can you imagine getting up and ready to go to work? now the kids are home. >> now, if you like, drop the kids off here, keep them with mike for the day. >> please, bob. >> great babysitter. >> sole school closings, maybe even some early dismissals depending upon where you are going to be sending the kids like up into the pocono area. they could get out little early. water main break here in the great northeast, at whitt
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letter and who have street. morrell park we call. that will another one in norristown, at david and crooked lane. and an accident north on 95, coming up from delaware, at church man's road. one over here on the levick parkway, vansciver. septa regional rail line, little hiccup this morning, the lansdale doylestown line running with 20 minute delays all because of switch problems, the rest of the mass transit system, looking good with no delays. mike, back over to you. >> okay, we have a developing story out of st. louis, county missouri, but not what you think. two f.b.i. agent were shot early this morning, about five hours ago, while executing an arrest warrant. one agent was shot in the shoulder, and the other agent was shot in the leg, neither injury is life threatening. police say, this shooting is probably not related at all to the ongoing protests in ferguson, miss your. >> i and 7:03, back here at home, pending storm one more headache for locals preparing to get therefore thanksgiving tomorrow. >> well, you better have done
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your errands yesterday or get out there and do it before 10:00 this morning. we got some urgency here now, jenny joyce live in west chester outside a giant's store. >> yes, where they have lots of shovels for anybody who needs one, we don't need one just yet. spin around,. >> out the last couple of days, checking equipment, making sure all is good to go, as soon as that snow starts to fall. >> 444 penndot trucks on state roads, and 100,000 tons of salt, exceed that amount last winter due to the 68 inches of snowfall, penndot is urging people to prepare ahead of time, and be extra careful traveling today, many people rushed to supermarkets last night stressed ahead of the storm and the holiday.
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>> snowstorm made me rush. yes, i want to be sure that i had all of my shopping done hine me today. >> after what we had last year, what they had in buffalo, can't touch it. >> these people aren't alone. wegmans in cherry hill says several people who have pre-orders, have been calling in, asking if they can pick up their orders ahead of time so that they don't have to battle mother nature today. >> we talked to one shop here said she had to park several stores away, because people were not only out buying the turkey and stuffing but also salt and shovels. live look at the giant food store, see people in line checking out, in early, that's something that penndot is urging people, if you do have to run out, run to the store, do so ahead of time, if you are traveling, you might want to delay your travel until
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after the storm passes. and within the last 15 minute or so, we actually saw a man with a plow truck, coming through here, taking a look, scoping things out. so people are ready when the snow does start to come down. >> you got it, thanks a l good news for new jersey travelers. >> system-wide cross honoring in place, allows travelers to use ticket for both rail and bustlines across the system. officials say they're taking steps to help minimize delays from the storm. but they advise travelers to check their websites for up-to-date information on schedules, so you are warned ahead of time. planning on flying today, well, you better pack your patience. >> now everybody is saying it. >> okay, more than 400,000 travelers are expected to pass through philadelphia international airport over the
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next few days, steve, what are you seeing? >> i'm seeing among all of the hundreds of thousands of travelers, first of all, no problems for the phl departures, but of all of those hundreds every thousands of travelers, i have found the two most hated travelers of all our viewing area here in philadelphia. >> two souse jet i guys, born and bread in south jersey and despite that, they're going to spend their thanksgiving in dallas. and look what they're wearing to fly out of philadelphia today, these guys from here, they hate the eagles and love the cowboys and they said the heck with their families for thanksgiving, their true family is tony romo, and tight ends whitton, and the cowboys. all right, luckily you'll get out of town before anybody can drive over here before anybody can do anything to you. here with jeff and bill, a prison guard, so tough already. >> no, no, no, i just work there. >> oh, works there, not the
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guard, maintenance, not that tough then i guess. all right, so you're taking ooh life in your own hard hereby agreeing to do this live interview with us package deal, going out there for the game, not just packers fans but ravens fan. >> growing up here monkeying else fans? >> tough, very tough, very tough, especially when we're losing. >> what did your family say when you said i won't spends thanksgiving with you folks, i'm going to dallas for the cowboys and eagles? >> thank god i let my wife know in advance. she let me slide this time. dream come true. >> did she call a lawyer at all? >> not yet. >> she married you knowing you like the cowboys? >> yes, she did. >> who does she like? >> she likes the cowboys now but was a saints fan. >> crazy marriage right there. what about you? what did your family say about this thanksgiving? >> again, we plan this about two months ago, and my wife gave me the blessing, we're going down, and once in a lifetime.
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>> so, did you guys both grow up or did one influence the other? >> i've been a fans since 74, 75, we've known each other since the 80s. yes, just luck that we both, both ranger and cowboy fans. >> flying out of terminal d, big d. i know who you are predict to go win. here is my second question. do you predict that you'll survive the weekend after you get back here? >> funny you say that, my band has a concert, i took monday to sleep in and recuperate. >> we have a lot of viewers, they remember face. >> that's good. >> loud and proud. >> we wish you a safe flight. i can't guarantee safety beyond the flight home. >> how about that? >> yes. >> two guys proud and dallas fans. >> wait. >> amazing that you'll find this here. piece out. >> not taking their
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girlfriends? wait a minute. all right, 7:09. >> wives are at home. >> terrible. we're going to remember those faces, they're brave, probably why they're leaving at 7:00 in the morning. >> darn right. get out of town. go away. days away from "black friday", that would be the day after tomorrow. >> we found this dude, is it manor woman? >> i need to see what this person looks like. they are camped out at the best buy in cherry hill. >> already. >> the loan ranger. >> this customer doesn't know the best buy, and other companies, have kick off "black friday" early on line. >> and this person, really, doesn't have to be out there at all. so, we guess going into the store thing. for the love of, do you think we could knock on it, and see who this person looks like? manor woman? >> i would say man. >> i go man. yes. >> vote man. all right. >> 7:00, so the death of new
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jersey hospital executive's wife has been ruled a homicide. but the cause of her husband's death has not yet been determined. those findings were note and recently filed death certificate of cooper health system ceo john sheridan and his wife joyce, according to several published reports, have not said what caused the couple's death, though, but said fire at their home that morning was set intentionally, there are also reports both had multiple stab wounds. >> yes. >> and the owners of the closed revel casino are trying to block atlantic city from getting $32 million in unpaid property taxes. they filed an appeal and bankruptcy court, trying to prevent ac from holding tax sale that far unpaid debt. so here's what happened. if the city sells that debt to an investor, that investor could for close on the whole property. >> wow. >> if they don't get paid back. now, just last week, a deal to sell the property to canadian firm for $110 million fell apart.
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>> fall off from the grand jury decision in ferguson continues for second night, not add bass, hundreds of additional national guard troops were there. about 2200 national guards. the protests were far less destructive than the previous night. however, officers still use tear gas to contain some of the crowds. and 44 more people were arrested. meanwhile, ferguson officer, police officer, darren wilson, says he could not have done anything differently in his confrontation with michael brown. now that's been thinking about it for quite a few month. he says nothing would have pro event his team's death. >> well, made his first public statement naiant view abc news george stephenopolis. >> he grabbed the top of my gun, he said too much after beep to shoot me. coy feel his hand trying to come over my hand and get inside the trigger guard and try and shoot me with my own
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gun. that's when i pulled the trigger for the first time. >> wilson also said he has clean conscious about the incident because he says he did his job right. >> clock 13. >> driver plowed into a crowd every people protesting this ferguson missouri grand jury decision, and the guard dragged several people before coming to a stop. >> de sigh dollars to run through the crowd, back up, hit more people in the crowd, went forward again and hit the crowd, then went ahead and hit really harmed this young lady, you can see, probably only like 80 pounds. >> that 0-pound lady was taken to the hospital but not seriously hurt. luck. >> i and protesters in philadelphia have been relatively peaceful. for the second day several hundred protesters you can see them there marked in center city. police say there were no arrests yesterday. meanwhile, mayor michael nutter coming un fire by some for what he said about the grand jury's decision in
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ferguson. so we sent our own dave kinchen, he challenged on those comment, that many say, just went too far. >> if the grand jury have all of the evidence, as the prosecutor says, you didn't have all of the evidence, then, how do you come off that strongly when they did have all of the evidence? >> you tell me what the selfed why the officer shot michael brown ten times, where is that evidence? where is that explanation? >> the president of the philadelphia fraternal order of police ripped nutter's words. >> yes, in a letter to membership posted on his facebook page, john mcnesby said quote it is a very disappoint to go learn that michael nutter has chosen to publicly pants err to a lynch mob mentality instead of displaying the courage and integrity required by a public official. also said nutter needs to make a choice, he can join the lynch mob or be the mayor.
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he can't do both. lynch mob, nice. >> almost 7:00 czars here's sue, big weather story of the day. >> a lot to get to. including, why we take a quick look at the records for snowfall for november 26. no danger, i don't think, in breaking the record in philadelphia. which was 6 inches from 1949. but wilmington, .10 of an inch, could break that one, allentown, 1.7 inches, don't see any accumulation in the forecast for atlantic city. here is a look at the rain streaming in from our nor'easter, which is still down to our south, now, here in the philadelphia area, north and west of us, we've got lot of rain, and we go further up toward scranton, and we see a little bit of pink starting to mix in there, as em temperature goes down, colder air will be moving southward, and when that changes the temperature, then we change the type of precipitation. around west depford in new jersey, seeing some pockets of heavy rain there, jersey shore, it has been steady rain all morning long montgomery
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county, phoenixville, swenksville, heavy rain at the moment. we take you through this future cast real quick. looks like by 8:00 many of us are still just getting rain. but up toward the higher elevations, it is changing over to snow. then you see by 9:00, 10:00. we're now seeing more snow, north and west of the city. right along i95, a line of demarcation, between rain and snow, and maybe a little bit of sleet inbetween, by 11:00, 12:00. by 1:00 in the afternoon still tricky, what kind of precipitation we'll get, which will affect of course the amount of accumulations, but most concerning of course is are the roads luckily, still warm from monday's high temperature, so, by five clock, piling up north and west of the city, in the places that have the winner storm warnings. there is 6:00, 7:00. still see snow around by 9:00 according to these computer models, likes like by midnight, it is out of here. so, winter storm warnings,
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north and west of the city, until 10:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., winter weather advisory for philadelphia, and there you go. the accumulations, expect the heaviest up in the higher elevations, six or more inches, and depending on where these bands set up, the further north and west of philadelphia you go, the more accumulation, but, again, it is mostly on grassy surfaces, this accumulation, still at 43 degrees in philadelphia, way too warm for snow. but temperatures will just go down into the 30's, throughout the afternoon, and then we get that wintery mix, tomorrow, dry, for turkey day, high of 41. very cold on friday. we got that temple game saturday. dry for. that will and for all of your football games on thanksgiving, back to the 50's by sunday and monday. so there is your seven day forecast, just got to get through today, bob kelly. >> one day, got to do it. >> 7:17. live look, 42 curbside, coming in toward philadelphia, again, this is live look, route 42, the freeway, headed in toward the walt whitman bridge there
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in the background, pocket of volume. i think as the morning goes on, as the rain continues to impact the roadway, things will get a little tricky. we hit the maps there. an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, between valley forge, downtown, water main break in the northeast up in morrell park off whittler street, and norristown, couple of water main breaks popping in the city. north on 95, coming up from wilmington, crash right at church man's road. now, septa having some switch problems this morning. so the lansdale-doylestown line running with 20 minute delays. new jersey transit, they're cross-honoring system-wide. get ready for the big pardon aid. parade tomorrow. turkey part will come later on tonight. because they're going to shut down the parkway, and the kelly drive, leaving center city, at about 6:00 tonight. so, anyone leaving town, trying to get out toward city line avenue, you want to use the 676 vine expressway, over to the schuylkill, instead of.
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>> hi, bob. >> hi, mike. >> so tomorrow, we watch "good day" live philadelphia because we have a feast. >> exactly. >> then we dot parade. >> parade. >> then do you have squeeze in the dinner. >> right. >> then the game. >> busy. >> geez. >> what do we have here? >> this is great. >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ >> bob, do it. >> ♪ come on, everybody. fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s! >> ya! bob kelly! >> oh, the old gang's back together again. i'm not used to being with the
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pep bands without a beer in my hand. >> oh, hey. >> well, that's true. >> thanks for coming in, guys. >> yes, will you guys stick around for little bit? >> yes. >> come on back! go! >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ fly eagles fly ♪
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♪ come and get it. >> ♪ >> einstein's pipe. >> do you know what that is? >> i bet it is a smart pipe. >> probably. >> i got a pipe. outwent see it? >> hundreds of planes grounded today. you know, but only about two flights have been canceled at philadelphia international so far. probably going to get worse. i think it is much worse up in
7:24 am
new york. >> yes, but don't worry. because if you have to change your flight, may not have to pay. lauren joins us now, with the details, hey, lauren? >> did they wave the me? >> yes, many of the airlines waving the fee to change the flight. as you know that could be $200 in some cases, so the number of canceled flights already today, fresh number, 512. most of them are out of newark, 50 concellations, and you want your latest number out of philadelphia international? ten concellations. >> that's always -- >> according to flight aware. >> just with rain. it will get worse. >> it is going to get worse a loft people not going to get to grandma's house tomorrow. today is the busiest travel day of the year, right? good news, you can make some travel arrangements, and changes, but i hope up get to your thanksgiving table in time. >> well, it is good. i think they this yesterday. they waived that fee, because any time you change, and have to re-book. >> $200. >> yes. >> yes, so it will save us some money. but always of course on days like this, the sooner do you it, the better. because when you call the line, you're on hold, trying
7:25 am
to get everyone trying to change the flights, and you want to get the last seat. >> some people might just say it is better off to just take care of this ahead of time, casino of get out of the mix of people, and just get on another flight. >> too late now. but how about tomorrow morning? >> lauren, where are you going for thanksgiving? >> right to my parent, about 20 miles away. >> that's it? where did you grow up? >> staten island, new york. >> staten island. >> staten island. >> just like, you know, the show, the m tv show the jersey sharp, that's my hometown. >> oh, look at that. are you working tomorrow? will we see you tomorrow? >> no, business network bark tomorrow, markets are closed, so working on "black friday". what about you guys? >> oh, we're here. so come on down. >> sore. >> i happy thanksgiving. >> you get done early? >> ugl. h. >> it is okay, we're happy to be here. >> you cooking? >> we're here for the people, the people we love in the delaware valley. we want to share thanksgiving
7:26 am
with them. >> bye, lauren? bye, see you guys friday, enjoy. >> awe. >> so sweet. we like her a l taking a look at ultimate doppler what we call it, right, sue? the ultimate doppler. not many doppler. that's ultimate. covered rain, we got some slush in there, oh, there is white stuff already now. >> oh, oh? >> how many inches per area of the delaware vale, sue has the tow as. >> with all of this weather going on pouring make it to your thanksgiving day destination, jen is showing us thousand make some awesome thanksgiving day desserts, my favorite part of the meal. >> here is the thing. doing desserts, also doing something for breakfast, because if they come in early, let me tell you something, alley might be ready for the desserts. charlie is ready for the game tomorrow, yes, we're rid, thanksgiving around the corner. we'll make it happen. corner. we'll make it happen. you look good, man, you
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>> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ hit them low hit them high ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪
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e-a-g-l-e-s! eagles! >> oh, i like the ending there. we love having the eagle pep band here. we're going to have a win tomorrow, guys. yes, i believe it. okay, sue, do you believe it? >> i believe it. >> of course. i feel energized. all right, let's talk in our regular voice, about bus stop buddy. what he is wearing today. the pilgrim outfits, because that's the part he's playing in the thanksgiving play. the umbrella is necessary today, for now. later on, it may be the snow boots. weather by the numbers, has us as a three out of ten today. here comes, that's because we've got rain, and only rain for some places, and the rest of us will be in snowy mess. so it is 43 degrees at the airport right now, easterly wind at 12 miles an hour, relative humidity at 80%. it is a mess out there. wet mess right now. ultimate doppler, showing, we're starting to see little change-over in carbon, monroe counties, up in the higher elevations, so, we're starting
7:31 am
to see that change-over to snow up there. and then it, will gradually happen to the rest of us. 38 degrees, this afternoon, as the rain changes over to wet snow. we'll have the greatest accumulations north and west of city. we'll break it all down for you coming up. bob kelly, what a mess. >> he can actually, live look, sue, the schuylkill expressway the rain already starting to cause some slow downs, live lock behind me here the schuylkill expressway right near spring garden street. we go to the next camera, will show us the accident on the pennsylvania turnpike. it is westbound between valley forge and downingtown, like the third accident this morning, that we've had to deal with on the schuylkill. now, problems on mass transit. the lansdowne doylestown line running with 20 minute delays this morning because of switching problems. i just heard from patco, they're running with 15 minute delays as well this morning, that's in addition to the construction delays we typically see from patco. new jersey transit good news here is they are cross-honoring their passes
7:32 am
system-wide throughout just today, not tomorrow, just today. mike, alex, back over to you. >> this is the day woe need it. okay, i'll say one word for you, make you feel better. buffalo. >> that's true. just think of buffalo, eel awe feel a lot better. >> they had what 80 inches of snow, 8 feet? >> a lot of snow. >> but all melted there. but we are going to get some inches of snow in the delaware valley. so let's brush up on our driving. >> let's get to jen from triple a. good morning. >> hey, jen, good to see you again. >> hey, good morning, alex, and mike. >> before we take off in the car today, oh, a problem maybe tomorrow. what should -- i never agree to put in my little safety kit in the trunk. >> ya, probably the most important thing as you head out to make sure you've got enough windshield wiper fluid in your reservoir, in case the salt and brine that gets on your windshield. but in your car, you should have things like blankets, reflective try ankle else, flashlights, also you want to make sure that you have jumper
7:33 am
cables, and maybe some smacks, some things if you are traveling with kids or elderly adults, some of the things they may need, as well. >> and of course like when on the roadways, right now there is a lot of rain, but will switch over to snow. what do people need to remember when they're out on the highways? >> most important thing is to increase your following distance between the car in front of you, triple a would suggest make that about ten seconds, the other important thing, don't accelerator don't brake quickly when driving in icy or snowy weather, be very deliberate about what do you and exercise a loft patience, we expect a lot of traffic today, especially the big get away day. storm couldn't come at the worse time. >> jim, let me reveal something to you, my man. , triple a, the woman september g next to me, alex, she grew up in texas. i want to ask you something i've never asked you. >> oh, goodness. >> have you ever driven in snow or ice?
7:34 am
>> we get to snore or ice in texas, but i went to school in missouri so yes. >> what do you do with the wheel? >> no, opposite way. >> opposite way. isn't that right, jim, the opposite way of the skid? >> you turn, no, no. >> he is a terrible teacher. >> what? >> the correct way is to look and steer in the direction that you want to go. >> really? >> so i was right. >> the direction you want to go. >> you turn into it? >> okay, she is spinning off to the right. the car is spinning out every control to the right. >> yes? >> should she turn to the right? >> even it out? >> okay. >> jen, so glad you're here, obviously mike doesn't know what he is talking about. >> jim, have great thanksgiving. >> we all know the classic christmas carols. but maybe you don't know
7:35 am
really what the words are. >> yes, a lot of people, these are the songs that a lot of people are sing, as you know, well, they're wrong. you're singing it wrong. so we will tell you what the real lyrics are to get you red. >> i i got one that people screw up. chestnuts roasting on an open fire. i think it is called the christmas song. >> the christmas song. >> mel tore may wrote it, thank you. >> and don't forget when the weather starts in your neighborhood, we want to see pictures. so you can tweet them to us with the #fox29goodday. you can also post them on our fox 29 facebook page. >> ♪ ♪ [instrumental music] ♪
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♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪ ♪ by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> christmas carols we mess
7:39 am
up. so, at number three. >> yes, we hear it will go first. show the wrong version, show the correct version. >> winter wonderland. >> yes, number three. >> so now we will show you the right way to do it. >> later on ... >> trying to get all cozy with somebody. makes sense. >> let's go to number two. the christmas song. >> written by mel toremay. >> version by nat king cole. and is this what you have been singing all this time? really? >> ♪ chestnut roasting on an open fire.
7:40 am
>> now, cold weather i could get nip at your toast? >> that's true. >> what would make more sense? >> nose. >> nose. >> chestnut roasting on an open fire ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, my gosh. >> okay, so, this next one, is one of my favorites. i have to hear it specially every new years eve. >> oh, this isn't christmas carol. this is what you do on new years eve. >> holiday. old language sign. take a listen to lea michelle's version. >> oh,. >> ♪
7:41 am
>> in the land of old man time. who ever sang it that way? >> apparently more than 20% of people, ya. >> ♪ >> scottish poem, which translates, times long past. >> oh, i love it. and never brought to mind. >> right. >> and then should auld acquaintance ...
7:42 am
>> you know what i do when people are singing? i hum, just start singing it. >> ♪ >> nipping at your nose ♪ >> i never really understood. >> never will. >> yes? >> and i like it, to me a tradition. >> makes me sad. >> yes, last year, i didn't get to hear t i look it up on youtube. >> i have to hear it in the new year. >> oh, that's nice. >> you have good traditions, love your stories. >> it could be a white thanksgiving by the end of the day f that makes sense. some people could see half foot of snow or more. sue's on this big weather story. raining heavily now. >> jen is going to show you to make some awesome thanksgiving day desserts. >> alley and her blog making a moment, so perfect, but she will kiss-and-tell. show us some easy ways, to trick the in-laws to think you can really bake.
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>> looks what's happening in the pocono mountains, change-over is occurring, just as predicted, the rain has changed over to snow, and blue mountain, and many of the other higher elevations, we will look at that on radar in just a second, but as far as travel is concerned for you, if you're going anywhere from
7:46 am
pokipsie to hat forwards to concord, to bank or, maine, you've got problems today winter storms warnings in effect, traveling to boston, snow in the forecast, as well, so could you possibly have a flight delay there checking dry, cold day, dallas, boston, of course, we've got those problems, there, as well. >> nor'easter up the coast, by the end of the day places where you see the darkest blue, where you will see the heaviest snow, and that's our places where it is already start dollars to snow, even areas that just get rain, a lot of rain, co-have ponding on the roadways, there you see, on ultimate doppler the change-over happening to our north. >> green becoming white, so that's going to continue to move to the south. it will be a while before it changes over here.
7:47 am
>> on the grass where it will accumulate between one to two, two to four, along the i95 corridor north and west every us four-six, six or more in lancaster, reading, and maybe. >> 42 degrees, not cold enough for snow. freezing at mount pocono, why the change over has happened. still in the four's south and east of philadelphia, as well. >> four; degrees out tomorrow. friday, 38 degrees. and very cold. >> bob kelly the trip home, will be a lot better weather wise than the trip today. slow downs, live look here at the 42 freeway, headed in toward philadelphia. you got that spray, popping
7:48 am
off the cars and the trucks, pennsylvania turnpike, between valley forge, and the downingtown interchange. >> also running with about 15 minute delays, on the patco high-speed line. >> first, thanksgiving day parade tomorrow, right? >> up front, open car for you? >> you wrote a song to go with the traffic report? >> five minute ago, guys. >> can we put this together? here we go. >> ♪ >> bob kelly go ♪ >> nice! >> pep bands in the house!
7:49 am
>> bob kelly you haven't bean here a month and you have your own theme song. >> wasn't a redo of chip kelly, was it? >> i thought they were sampling a coach song. okay, we know all about the fixing, the turkey, i want something different for dessert shall not just pumpkin pie, even though i love it. >> lifestyle expert, jen in harleysville, where some thanksgiving flavor on these desserts. >> i'll take that, what's that? >> okay, here is the thing, not doing dessert just yet, doing breakfast, this is alley, good morning. >> bake ago moment. com. you have fancy stuff. but i said, look, with the werth people are coming in early, we want your easy stuff
7:50 am
>> ill. >> don't be afraid of the yeast, no rising. >> this freaks me out. we are not using it like that? >> i'll be honest, i'm afraid of yeast, i casino of try to avoid it at all cost. but this one just so just so easy you don't ad need to be scared. >> in this thing you have what? >> just little warm milk. >> okay? >> some oil, when the mill social security warm, spinning tell on top. you have your shoeing and san salt going in this bowl. >> give it little whisk. >> so far looks pretty east. >> i it is. >> i won't be doing it if it wasn't. >> that's what i love about you. when it comes to yeast, i don't take any chance. >> this is like the cinnamin roll filling, brown sugar cinnamon, butter, mash them together with a fork until
7:51 am
they're crumb blip. we sprinkle it all over the top of the cake. there is your batter. that's all there is to it. >> so i pull this over here so we can see it. this is a non-stick pan you spray with a little non-stick spray. and you just -- >> you got non-stick pan? >> better safe than sore. >> i okay. >> i mean, i guess if you want to live on the edge. it is non-stick spray. >> okay,. >> but little added insurance. >> take your brown sugar cinnamin mix mixture. >> i have to say, even if you had maybe a knife ninth grader, not that this is the most difficult thing you've done, could you delegate this? >> even not hosting, just an awesome house guest, could you bring this and have your host just warm it up.
7:52 am
>> water, sugar, cranberry on top. >> that's your cranberry mixture. my hands are all gun. ky. >> we literally make? >> throw this in cold oven. >> you can use canned cranberry sauce, just take a knife, or, you know, askew, and just swirl it together. pop it in a cold oven. amazing, right? >> right. >> so 45 minute, and you have cinnamin roll cake. >> your family very lucky to have you. my family doesn't have me. my family has you that tells us what it do. here is the other thing, guys, we wrap it up. you can ask alley any question. go to my twitter, if you have any baking questions, any last minute thanksgiving questions, she your girl. >> ask away. >> starve tyler perry's new he
7:53 am
show is in philly. that's because he is a philadelphia native. i bet he's back tore thanksgiving. >> you must be talking about tyler leslie. >> oh, crashes the ladies love tyler leslie. >> ladies, he'll be life in our studio. coming up. >> see that white stuff? snow already falling in the pocono mountains, this is blue mountain. sue serio keeping an eye on the weather in your neighborhood, of course bob kelly has your roads covered, we'll be right back. kelly has your roads covered, we'll be right back. >> covered in
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> just gives awe horrible day. the worse day that we can have this, the day before thanksgiving, now, there is two hour delay, at the airport. minimum. two hour delay. >> all because of this weather. and only getting started. >> i know. >> problem bye going to get worse. >> not even snowing yet. okay, no doubt, one of the -- anyway, you know, a lot of people travel. >> yes. but everyone you run into at
7:57 am
the airport, unfortunately not all on their best behaviors with the delays, you could be spending a lot of time at the airport, worst things people can do on plane or in the airport, and beef ' ranked them. >> i would say let's confine it to inside the plane. >> kids are crying, you've had it, you say something to the parent. >> pretty much any time on a plane, i see family come, in young baby, oh, no. >> i'm a magnet for those kids. >> always sit next snow. >> right there. >> i'm sure they bother you, too? >> here's another one, four, somebody that constantly get up. >> i love the window seats, my favorite, and i'm always like okay, i have to make sure to use the rest room, i don't want it annoy people. >> you're a good person. >> just annoying, i'm sure. >> it is. now, i get this all the time. people taking their shoes and socks off. and putting up on the bulkhead
7:58 am
or on the seat back. >> a no no. >> oh, here is one i get, too, kick ago passenger seat. you feel the bump, like seriously? >> seriously? >> i just look behind, give them nice little look, hopefully they feet guilty. >> evil eye. >> the stair. >> i've done. >> this it is horrible. you're waiting you're late, and they decide they're going to stay and wait for you because you're late, you walk on, everybody is staring at you. >> oh, man. here's one, no ever one ever held the plane for me, but in the security line, one day i was so late so i heard them say last call for my flight. i had to go in this long security line, please, can i get ahead of you, please, my flight is leaving, please, please. i felt terrible. but i made my flight disbelief actually done that, too. >> and everyone gives you girth i looks, i have a flight
7:59 am
to get too. >> they say get two hours before. what have you been doing? >> i have this game. i hate waiting in airports for some reason iamb aim it, to the time boarding starts, so i can just walk on to the plane. dangerous but fun game. >> i've lost tons every flights for sure, but fun when you make it and do it perfectly, great thrill. >> one time flying from los angeles to new york i went out there with a lady that i was seeing. >> lady friends? >> aid lay. and we talked so much the plane took off. >> while sitting there. >> red eye, just took off. >> i came wacking out, there is no -- no one in the airport. >> just missed? >> where did it go? >> look at all of the quality time you guys had together. >> good day to you, the day before thanksgiving, here we go, wednesday, november 26,
8:00 am
2014. >> you know, what it is starting the rain over from rain to snow. here we go. nor'easter, is here, and it is going to get nasty. we'll break it all down for you. jen? >> i think it is steve maybe. >> here's the situation. we are now putting our yummy yummy breakfast bread in the oven, but we're getting ready for no bake cheese cake, you will love there is something document. >> jen, here is my situation. i'm at enon church mt. airy, we're preparing food for the homeless. >> anna? >> going good. seasonal must. >> okay. >> okay, weaver some people over here. where -- getting the food ready. back to you guys.
8:01 am
>> they do this every year. this is great. >> awesome. >> great to see. >> specially on day like today. >> i like that apron, too, because you can still see your outfit. >> i was wondering? >> show offer your outfit. >> shiny shirt he's snaring. >> good outfit, but you got to wear an apron. >> yes. >> by the way check the -- oh, where did it go? do we not have the crawl? >> already had few school closings, and early dismissals, so, if you don't see it at the bottom of the screen log on to for all of the details. >> shocked, early dismissals aren't pretty uniform? >> the day before the holiday anyway. a loft times this school you don't really get -- >> kids get into school, only to get the phonecall, they're coming home early. >> what do i do now? pick them up. >> all right, let's get right to radar. i want to show you what's going on. look up to the north of us, on this picture of ultimate doppler, and there you see the very end of the loop there, it is an hour-long loop. the change-over in the higher elevations from rain to snow, and we've seen some live
8:02 am
pictures from the pocono mountains, showing that, as well. that will eventually happen tomorrow of us, especially north and west every philadelphia. and continues to warn you about what is going on all day long, there is little zoom in, mount pocono, get that snow right now, as well, as scranton. now, winter storm warnings in effect until 10:00 a.m. for all of those counties, plus, the northwestern parts every bucks, montgomery, chester, lancaster, berks, and lehigh, the rest of us, and in pennsylvania, anyway, delaware count any philadelphia, and the other party every those counties, winter weather advisory, for lighter accumulations, it is a three out of ten, today. nasty travel, pilgrim buddy, he's going to school to be in the thanksgiving play, but it is only rain so far now the mountains it has changed over. so 41 degrees, winds are starting to pick up as well, that will be another factor today, will stay in the 30's, all afternoon, and eventually, bob kelly, winds will be gusting up to 30 miles an
8:03 am
hour. >> well, definitely going to feel the wind, coming across the bridges. 8: 02, good morning, everybody, live look, the turkey trot underway here, route 309, up and downed, highland avenue, pennsylvania turnpike, wet roads around the board here. that's naturally going to slow us down. here is a live look at five points. 309 at 202. where it all comes together. we've had handful every accidents this morning, mainly in the neighborhoods. a lot of slip and sliders, here is a live look, this is actually the ramps from 676, headed in toward the ben franklin bridge, into the toll plazas, an accident west on the pennsylvania turnpike, between valley forge and downingtown. and we're looking at 20 minute delays this morning, on the lansdale-doylestown regional rail line. mike, al inning, back over to you. >> no matter how much we talk about it, you know you put it off to the last day sometimes, getting all of the food that you need, for the turkey day tomorrow. >> or sometime you just forget. >> yes so let's get to jenny joyce live in west chester outside a giant this morning.
8:04 am
>> rain coming down sideways, still getting little wet here. it has been pouring for the last couple of hours, despite the fact that this grocery store is all set for the winter weather, weaver the shovels, weaver the winter melt, we have the nice fire logs set and ready to go. penndot crews on stand by, too, over the past couple every days, penndot checking its equipment, making sure all is good to go, as the snow starts to fall. >> 100,000 tons of salt ready for this winter. we exceed that amount last winter due to the 68 inches of snowfall, penndot is urging people to prepare, plan ahead, and be extra careful while traveling today. >> we are asking people to adjust or delay their travel plans if possible, very good idea. >> might delay your plans until the storm has passed.
8:05 am
we'll be out there, clearing the roadway, of snow and ice, and like your cooperation, and make sure that when you are traveling, if you do see our snow removal operation, that you keep the safe distance in back of us. >> trying to beat the storm, packed in wegmans, cherry hill, yesterday. we were hearing that several people, who even had pre-orders there, they've been calling, asking if they can pick up the orders ahead of time, so they don't have to bet on mother nature today. we talked to one wegmans shopper last night, several stores away, because the grocery store was packed, with people, people who are not only buying turkey and stuffing, but also, buying shovels. so taking a live look now, at this giant, we are seeing more people pack the lines here. lots of people trying to beat the storm this morning, which is obviously a smart idea. >> why don't you but his there and see what they're putting in their bag. what are people buying? like that guy, what's he is buying? >> it look like that woman has just regular groceries, some
8:06 am
snapple, some napkins. >> no oh, eggs' got paper towels? >> he has paper towels. you know the essentials, you need it all. >> exactly. >> pie there, some desserts? >> of course we'll stay on top of all of the weather, thanks, jenny. so for constant weather updates go onto, tune into the "fox 29 news at 5:00", 6:00, and 10:00. >> it will be important to watch the 5:00 and the 6:00 today. of course the 10:00, as well, that's when it will be at its worse. now we check in with steve keeley, he's at the airport, what are you seeing out there, steve? >> reporter: seeing more concellations, believe it or not one of the flights being canceled, from allentown, who flies from allentown to philadelphia? is that must be the shortest flight in the country. i don't know. but that's among the concellations, other, as far as quebec, and grand rapids, so, only up to about six, still in the single digits, but started out with none at 4:00. that gives you a sense of the weather around the east coast,
8:07 am
getting worst. new haven flight, among the canceled, just there added as i'm talking to you now. so, weather not so bad just yet. and the next flight out of here, to dallas, and we showed you those cowboy fans last time, to be fair, weaver eagles fans. here's couple of the year from hamilton, new jersey, outside of trenton, this is chris, and jennifer price, not married yet, but wedded in eagles bliss right now whole luggage packed with eagles stuff. big game, flying with cowboys fans on the plane. >> oh, ya. >> that plane, it will be like the pilgrims, indian on the same plane. cowboys and eagles fans, on the same plane, flying out of philly, to dallas at 9:00. alex, mike? >> boy, you know what made the
8:08 am
biggest fopaux in my history every doing good day philadelphia? >> oh, oh? >> can you see what it is steve? >> you made a fopaux? >> yes, did he. >> now, i can't see. but i can't hear what your fopaux is. >> we've been playing eagles music. >> what you're snaring. >> yes, it is actually cowboy blue. i just completely screwed up. >> sore. >> i i knew it had to do with your sweater. >> oh, i feel horrible. >> he's always messing up. >> take it off, mike. mike, mike, you got to go shirtless for the rest of the show like -- >> oh, my gosh. he's really going to do it. >> oh, i have to take this thing off. >> mike, and paint an e on that chest, i know it is fresh in in black, but an e on your chest until 10:00 o'clock. >> okay, by 10:00 o'clock. >> look at that, blue and white shirt underneath it. >> i can't take that off! >> there, all right, it is off. >> what kind of tough phrase is the phrase, mike, fopaux? that's not a football phrase
8:09 am
by the way. >> just a mess over here, steve. >> it is okay. >> i didn't think we had the pep bands in today. i thought we were doing it all tomorrow. >> you know, trying to get ready. >> probably be good idea. >> picnic table! >> i'm going to let do you there is i have to run and some guests are coming in. >> all right. so, at 8:09. >> ferguson decision, people protesting the grand jury decision not to indict officer darren wilson in ferguson, missouri. so they took it the streets again last night. think burned police car through rocks at officer and broke windows at city hall. even though 44 people were arrested, officials said, last night's protests were actually much quieter than the night before. >> so there was some improvement there, also, three
8:10 am
times, out there, as well. >> and as far as the protest here in philadelphia, unlike ferguson, have been relatively peaceful. several hundred protesters march through center city again yesterday. they traveled around city hall, and also up broad street waiving signs, and chanting. many still angry over the decision in ferguson. and for the first time though since the deadly encounter august, police officer darren wilson is breaking his silence. and in a interview with abc news, wilson insists co-not have done anything differently during that confrontation with michael brown. he says he has a clean conscious, because, quote, i know i did my job right. wilson described the events leading up to brown's death in this interview. take a listen. >> he grabbed the top of my gun. when he grabbed it, he said you're too much of a beep to shoot me. while doing that i can feel his hand trying to come over my hand and get inside the trigger guard and try and shoot me with my own gun. that's when i pulled the trigger for the first time. >> wilson had been with the ferguson police force for less
8:11 am
than three years before the august 9th shooting. he said brown's shooting was the first time he fired his gun on the job. holiday season prime time for hackers, you can get ahead of the game. the three stems you need to take right now, to avoid becoming a
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> we zoom into the pocono mountains, places like hazleton, scranton haven't seen the change over allentown, but not too far away with colder air singing in. again, around philadelphia, it is pretty steady rain, but it is only rain, and we expect it to stay rain, for most of the day, in south jersey and southern delaware. big downpour by rehoboth a lot of heavy rain over the next couple of a hours, see the rain snow line, singing ever
8:15 am
southward, doesn't seem to go any further than i95, maybe across the river later on, by 5:00 still seeing rain, but now with the colder air wrapping around with the exit of the storm, everybody might see new snowflakes late tonight. that should be it by midnight. so the change over happening now, north and west suburbs between 9:00 and 11:00. philly metro i95 area, between 11 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., thinking that is when we'll change over to rain, from rain to snow, still will have time to get out and maybe get few errands done before the change over if you don't mind delivering any rain, expected snowfall totals, couple of inches, around the i95 corridor after you get through the day, rest of the weekend looks pretty good, chilly, colon friday, but it is warming up, and back into the 50's, by sunday.
8:16 am
bob kelly. >> get the poodle skirt out for sunday morning, everybody. 8:15 live look i95, near the stadium area, see the spray coming up off the cars and trucks in front of you, just one of those yucky morning rush hours. >> best day today check with actual airline? >> airline will determine the flight stat us, so do check with the airline before you step out the front door remember yesterday on the show, robert iron vine, after the show, we put him in the news ran and we went down to a. i. dupont whom for children, where last night robert cooked a thanksgiving meal for all of the kids that are going to be spending thanksgiving, in the hospital.
8:17 am
>> happy good way to kick off happy thanksgiving for all of the kids stuck in the hospital >> don't give me trouble. this is all i got. >> this is it? >> yes. >> of course, keeping it consistent. >> just this monitor? >> big monitor. don't worry. you do have on white. hate to tell you. >> let's get back to this. >> but thanks. >> blue zipper? leaf my alone. that's all i have. >> fox 29 has blue in it. what can we do? >> i'm going wear all green tomorrow. green, head to tow. >> you better. that's what i'm doing, i'm wearing green. let's get back to. >> this so thanksgiving of course is a time whether we give thanks for our many blessings, but also the perfect time oh, that's also a
8:18 am
good idea. >> no blue. >> you got it? really? >> i can't rip it. >> really? >> are you there? >> i'm out at enon. tabernacle, just getting my water ready as you guys can seement temperatures still, yes, still little too hot. gary here, how are you doing,er? >> all right, sir, how are you? >> you guys do a lot of great things here at enon. the ministry here, you serve children twice a month? >> yes, second friday,. >> so what are we cooking for the sleep. >> did you see my water? >> i saw. we like to have a rolling ball. >> you the man this morning.
8:19 am
you the man. >> what else do we have? >> we have string beans here. little vegetable, right? sister hanna here, she is fixing them up. also have gravy, and she's making them up, as well for the smut err chicken breast. >> what is your -- your recipe? >> i got little bit of season salt, and some onion salt, and some garlic salt. >> put my foot in it. >> hopefully not litter. >> i what are you making? >> sister tina. >> i'm just emptying the jar of gravy for the chicken? now, she just looks like she knows how to make grave. >> i gary, what do we have? >> now over here i have my sister serving, she is fixing up some vegetarian beans. now, we casino of of partial what people like, you don't have no pork or anything,
8:20 am
strictly vegetarian. >> over here? >> over here we have sister sylvia here, putting the rice here rice here, bullet nerve here, to make everything nice and loose and whatnot. >> so come down for the homeless. >> this guy right here, this guy right here. >> listen, we don't -- we don't want any cowboys fans helping us. we need the help but we don't need him. >> quincy, take over for him! >> i'm going to serve my chicken next. >> okay, we have a hot guy
8:21 am
alert apparently, boy, this looks stupid. >> no, at least you're wearing something green. >> i can't have this on with this guy neck. this guy is very attractive. >> uh-huh. >> his name is tyler letly. >> philly born actor is stealing some behind the scenes secrets, here in the studio. can't wait to meet him. >> now watch this. >> he turned this into a disaster, you won't believe what the bride and groom found out after this. >> he probably should h
8:22 am
- ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here.
8:23 am
♪ come and get it.
8:24 am
>> oh, man it is a mess. >> whiteness, that's it. snowing out there in the pocono mountains. >> please, good luck everybody on this day we all want to travelment bob kelly just
8:25 am
brought me what we call chrome a key green. >> yes. >> that allows to you put anything. >> it is a throw back eagles green, right. >> yes, it can be any color. >> look at that. >> why are you wearing black? >> look at that green, black, green, black, we can change it up. >> okay. now, here you go. i think it is always a good idea, when you have somebody marry you, like a minister, it is always best if they casino of know you from church or something like that, but not everybody can do. that will sometimes a stranger has to marry you. >> that's true. and this minister turned one couple's wedding day into total disaster. take a look at this. >> spiritual bound, sue night two hearts in love and affection, the rings you he can kade all of your marriage to one another. let us pray. >> oh, my word.
8:26 am
>> so sorry. >> something went missing here. >> here we go. we'll i improvise. >> ladies and gentlemen, i give you great honor and great joy and privilege to announce to you, mr. and mrs. jessica o'donnell. >> (clapping). >> oh, my gosh. >> mr. and mrs. jessica o'donnell? >> can i not imagine how upset that bride must have been? >> oh, you know they're mad. seriously, she said can you just make something up? real toy have to tell the minister there? >> he's undoubtedly drunk, right? >> looks like it, under some kind of influence. >> dang. >> to top it off. the month after the wedding, the couple who lives in canada, and found the minister on line, found he's not legally allowed to perform weddings. >> oh, no?
8:27 am
>> so now they have to spend an extra $500 to go to court to make their marriage real. >> i'll be darnment somebody ask me to marry them in august, august 30th, next year. >> oh, so you better do better than that. >> ya, no drinking. >> i'm scared. 8:27. so look who is here this morning. >> are you sure? >> yep. i think he's coming. >> what in the world? >> this guy is going to be in our studio, he's a philly guy, too. >> who booked this guy? >> yes. >> so people already tweeting me. is he sing snell okay, we'll find out. >> oh, you'll find out. >> oh, look at him. >> oh, you'll find out. >> oh, look at him. >> you always seem i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most my life.
8:28 am
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there's ac. we're from pittsburgh. no boardwalk. no beach. no sand. it's beautiful twelve months out of the year. it's just a state of mind, it really is. you can't get this feeling anywhere. the ocean breeze and... the beach, the boardwalk, the restaurants, the casinos, music. you feel like you're on vacation when you come here.
8:30 am
>> welshing it is happening. not hire at philadelphia international, but rain changing over to snow in, as predicted, the higher elevations first, timing pretty much right. we've got the snow that is
8:31 am
falling, now, up in mount pocono, up around scranton, and other parts of the pocono mountains, up in parsippany, new jersey, we've got some change-over from rain to snow. but still steady rain here, in philly, and it is probably going to stay that way for few more hours, maybe change-over by mid-day, so winter storm warning, until 10:00 p.m. in the counties that you saw just there, bus stop buddy temperatures in the three's, 40's, only rain in the city so far. we are at 40 degrees, so we've seen the temperatures fall all morning, 14-mile per hour wind out of the east-northeast, and we'll stay in the 30's all day, and continue to see rain changing over to snow, especially north and west of the city. so, bob, it is still wet roadways, right now. >> yes, definitely pretty much all of the traffic cameras here, showing some jams, like here, the schuylkill expressway near south street, again, just that pocket of volume along the way, and the heavy rain causing the wipers to be working on a wednesday. live look from the ben
8:32 am
franklin bridge, toll plaza not bad. steve keeley has been reporting there are delays at philadelphia international. upwards an hour to two hours, check with your airline checking in flying out later this afternoon, airline will give you the best update as far as the timingment running with to minute delays, just got alert from septa, back to normal. just residual delays for the next ten, 15 minute or so. but the patco high-speed line, running with 15 minute delays. and the good news for new jersey transit commuters, cross-honoring system-wide today because of the weather. >> i kept him from up, because i didn't want you to be like him. >> what's wrong with him? >> what's wrong with him? he's selfish,'s player, a dog, a beep, a liar, and a dog -- >> you asked me. look, i didn't come over here to be insult the. >> what did you come over here? >> i called. >> i call you and you never came. >> come on, we're getting off track now.
8:33 am
>> he is good looking and has a heck of a boyde. but you know what, i've been working out too, lately. >> enough. >> let's see what you got. >> okay. (laughing). >> all right. >> wow, so quick. i mean, we ask to you take off your shirt, i had no idea what was throned. >> way to go mike. >> man, you look little wet over there. >> are you sweating? >> is that oil? >> hey, tyler, welcome to philly. you group up here? >> welcome back, yes, i appreciate it. >> welcome home. here for thanksgiving? >> i am here for thanksgiving. i was in new york making the round, i am the only child so can't go too long without seeing the parent, so i had to take a trip down here, took the bus last night. >> the us? >> the bus, what was that like? did people stop you, my gosh. >> like the bolt? >> like the coach bus. >> the mega bus? >> it was cool. i got couple of hours sleep. catching up on my jet lag. >> but you're a big star now. >> i wouldn't go that far, but trying to get there, yes. >> but working with tyler
8:34 am
perry and oprah. what's that like? >> man, so great, because they are super humble. one of the first things i notice about them, just how humble they really are. and it is a great really just a great example of how to teach you how to get there, just in term of your driving and aspirations and knocking off life goals. real had i to stay once you get there, because super humble, super down to earth, take lot of time onset to teach up the in's and out of ac great actor, but a loft time offset just in terms of life and as a person, so cool. >> do you know oprah? >> do you like hang out with her? >> i don't hang out with her, i've seen her here than. >> bar shopping. >> i've had the privilege. >> she on the bus with you last night? >> no, not on the bus with me. but she did come down surprised us onset for our first episode on our first season. >> with her new car? >> no, not new car. >> ya, you get a car, you get a car. >> i grab her, gave her big hug, big kiss. >> oh, kiss? >> oh.
8:35 am
one her favorite movies, baggage claim. >> this one right smear. >> this one. >> ya. >> it is hilarious. >> i loved it. >> it was fun to be onset with david and all the gray -- >> all of that. >> little bit upset as her accent, i didn't get a kiss from her. >> welshing she is sing. >> i she is snow. >> yes. >> so 19 year old news model. >> i can move on to you. >> i'm little older than 19. >> here is the thing. are you sing snell. >> look at this. look at this ring, though. you had me worried. oh, he has it on the ring finger. you know, not supposed to put anything on that finker. >> show it. >> huge, too. it is menacing. >> gargoyle right here. >> scary. >> gargoyle it, keeps me away from the bad spirit, yes? >> it is on his wedding ring finger. you don't want to get married? >> should i put it on the other fink nerve. >> yes, put it on the other finger. >> it doesn't fit on the other
8:36 am
finker. >> you have different ring size z- really weird. my right hand much bitter than my left one, weird. >> hmm. >> doesn't one have bigger foot than the other? >> ya. >> mine is the opposite. >> women? >> my gosh. >> really? >> good to see you. >> pleasure. >> what high school? >> central bucks west, yep. >> and you played football there. >> i was allstate, played football, got could scholarship to cut town university. >> dang. >> yep, pennsylvania, born and raised man. >> local boy. >> have a great thanksgiving tomorrow. >> nice meeting you. >> oh, is that going away? have you seen beyonce's video in i'm scratching. i think i have lies. >> oh, my gosh. >> guess who gave her all that jewelry? a philadelphia jewelry designer. >> oh? >> ya. >> i know you care. >> ♪
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> look at all of that bling she has on. guess what, ladies and gentlemen? local jewelry maker, and designer, an u pen graduate, the mind behind wxyz jewelry. that's the name of her company. >> the company designed the cap and jewels displayed in this video. so, this, might end up on zombie ansy fans wish list for sure, beyonce does it, then everyone will want to do it. >> we need to meet that woman, have her come in here, show us some bling. >> how cool is that, beyonce pick your gullery. >> and i don't think she new.
8:41 am
she new that somebody bought it, didn't know where it would end up. >> and then like millions of people watch the video. i'm sure she saw it, what, that's mine. >> hey, laura, come see us on the show maybe monday? okay,. >> avenue friend that works at tululu garden, her name is screen, a see her almost every night. she bar tend there. but she told me, you agree for the first time, of a lifetime, what are you doing right now? >> we are moment away from heading down to dallas, for the dallas eagles game tomorrow. thanksgiving. >> we're flying down. >> oh,. >> look at that. so there are cowboys on the ticket. >> the enemy of my enemies, my friend, so here's my friend, harris.
8:42 am
>> he's not cheering for dallas. >> we're all against the cowboys. >> well, have fun. >> so excited about this. >> looking forward to this for a movement you knee. >> i know. every time we go in there. >> you better river sent, okay? >> i have some questions to ask you. i need a list, i need a run down, of all of the places to hit. i hear you are the person to ask. >> oh, yes, born and raise in the dallas. oh, text next, the way to go. >> okay? >> fe -- texmex. >> two hour delay at the airport by the way. have a great trip. good to see you. >> take care. >> good seeing you. >> nice meeting you. go eagles. >> okay, jen, checking back in with you. are you making desserts now? >> how you get your kids involved in making this stuff. notice moms over there. we're going to be fine. we'll pay attention to the rules. we're baking no bake cheese cake. what a tool.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> look at that snow. really coming down. big bear in the pocono
8:46 am
mountains, it will be coming our way pretty soon. >> so, also getting ready to stuff our faces tomorrow with all of the thanksgiving classics, you have the turkey and the dressing and all of that. but even though most of lust consume thousands of calories, just remember, you always got to save room for dessert. jen in harleysville showing us great dessert tips. >> here is the thing. the kids who heard you talk about snow; there snow out there? go check it out? is it in there? let's see. >> snow? >> coming. >> here with alley. and she has this amazing blog. we put the thing in before. snow is our oh, my goodness, just amazing, our breakfast bread. i can't talk. >> so yummy. >> put that there. >> the other thing that we're doing this morning, making some dessert. doing no-bake cheese cake. >> yes, no bake brown sugar cheese cake. >> okay? >> so it starts with some ginger snaps. crush them up in the food
8:47 am
processor, if you have little mini chopper, or if not, then you can have your son bash them around in the meat tenderizer. >> show us how that works. >> go ahead, charlie. >> something to do. >> and they love to be able to help. >> make sure do you it on the flat side. >> otherwise, you know, in the baggy. so then just make some crumbs in the bottom of your jars,. >> and this rest pay makes four, but it doubles really easily, so if you have a crowd to feed, then you're good. could you even trip tell and it would be fine. snow is cream cheese, and brown sugar. >> okay. >> and get that all nice and creamy and then you're going to slowly drizzle in heavy cream. once incorporated turn up the speed a little bit. and let it go until it is fluffy. >> i love it. >> and that's your brown sugar cheese cake mixture. >> so take little of that. squirt it in the jars, just
8:48 am
using. >> i just cut the corner off of it, real easy. get that nice and even in the bottom. >> add in the pair topping, which is pairs, sugar, cranberries, ginger, and a little bit of lemon. you just chop up your pairs, you throw them in the pan, with all of the other ingredient, and you give them little saute until they're soft. >> if you had to guess, how long does the whole process take? step start to finish, half hour. get al you have your ingredients in a row, boom, boom, boom, you're done. >> bake ago moment, look at them, they're losing their minds right now. looking for the snow. so where do -- we will ' tell when you it get here, the snow. and more food coming up in the 9:00 hour. drinks actually.
8:49 am
>> drinks. >> doing drinks. >> booze, oh, that's next, thanks, jen. >> benedict is everywhere. he is so mysterious, and his proper english engagement, well, just went viral in minutes. now, he is typically seen in some serious film, but today you can see him in penguins of madagascar. steels the show as super agent. and jen, had the pleasure of interviewing him. >> a whole lot of confidence. >> all swagger, no brain? >> little over confident. you know? he's not the smartest guy in the room, but neither, neither the flight that's possible, ends up compromising, he learns chaotic, and professional can kids and his team and ...
8:50 am
>> so brit shall, we love it, mat gas car opened up in theatres tonight. also, pitbull in that movie too, so continuing to track this holiday storm. sue serio has your updated forecast. see some light stuff on that radar. it is coming. but first, take a look at this. >> ♪ >> center ella is here, brought her far i godmother to help some local girls. take a look, live look into the green room. they're getting ready for the ball, or i should say prom. fairy godmother, an organization, that helps junior and senior high school girls attend their prom. what a great organization. and they're hard at work in our green room. so we will check in on them and show you the thin he is product as they get all dolled up for the ball..
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> things starting to get dicey, seeing it on radar, hearing it from you, as well. so let's get started with ultimate doppler. you see the green, changing over to white in many areas north and west of the city. we zoom in to the poconos mountains, and it look like it is snowing pretty heavily around scranton, hayes elton getting some snow also the rain to show you here in the philadelphia area. cherry hill, some heavy downpours around there, west depford, as well. down into jersey shore, rain and only rain, same for the delaware beaches. slighting in sicklerville, new jersey, sleet mixed with some of the rain, and change to snow starting in allentown, thank you, mark, for that tweet. and another one to show you, snow and sleet mixing with the rain now in bensalem. bucks county, so we've got a lot of mixing going on goat
8:55 am
dicey out there. real quick, showing a lot staying north and west through the city through 11:00, 12:00. but you just might get some of that sleet mixed in, at any time. and this is on and off throughout the day. there you see about 6:00 some of that snow moving into new jersey, but not sticking around very long. because that's the exit strategy of this storm. by about 11:00, 12:00 it is out of here. so, these are the snowfall totals that are rough estimate, one, 2 inches in the metro area, maybe two, four, little further north of the city. up in the mountains at six or more inches, that would be a white thanksgiving, bob kelly. >> yes it, would, 8:55, good morning, everybody, wet thanksgiving eve. at least right now for a lot of the folks stepping out the front door. or maybe headed catching the last minute item on your grocery list, live look here at i59 northeast philadelphia, if you're out and about this holiday weekend just remember that the construction zones, could be new pattern in play,
8:56 am
since the last time you went visiting for that holiday dinner. all of the construction zones, like 95, 202 tendency to ponds, drainage gate, travel along 309, right at pumping station road, oust side of quakertown, also accident along route 130, pennsauken, right at 47 street. that's tying traffic up, watch for a loft extra volume too today around all of the area shopping malls. and some volume at the airport, philly international. reporting delays, upward of over an hour on some flights, best bet, check with your airline, before you put the bags into the trunks. back over to you. >> thanks, bob kelly. you know keeping the kids away from the phones is tough. how can you make sure they aren't texting away during thanksgiving dinner here we go. the five ways to create a cell phone free zone for the holidays. phone free zone for the holidays. i mean, about family,
8:57 am
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>> take a tour around the delaware vale, airport, two hours, two hour delays. >> yuck. >> so let's check in in the poke now mountains, look that the snow there. >> coming down! >> where snow should stay and be.


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