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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  November 26, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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problems that the storm could leave behind in addition to those slick roads there have been delays at philadelphia international airport on one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> live ultimate doppler radar shows the end of the storm but not the end of the story. in new jersey, governor chris christie declared a state of emergency. we have got crews spread across our area in the aftermath avenue storm that could not have come real tal worst time. >> good evening, i'm lucy nola noland. >> i'm iain page. live team coverage for you tonight starting with chief meteorologist scott williams. >> good evening iain and lucy. still several more hours to get through of the rain as well as the snow but look at the temperatures above freezing and that's been critical throughout the day. 36 right now the philadelphia international airport. airport delays for arriving flights and departing flights. but look at this nor'easter. you can see most of the heavy snowfall and rain now moving into northern sections of new england. but we're still looking at several more hours of the rain and wet snow to get through. it's really been the story of the half and have nots. in south jersey we're looking at
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mainly rainfall but once you move north and west of i-95, it changes over to that wet snow. a little bit of a break in the activity right now around the philadelphia area, but we're still seeing some pockets of the wet snowflakes north and west. toward berks county also moving toward allentown and lehigh county and also as you move toward the pocono mountains. but expanding the view, you can see there's still some moisture back in maryland, so that's going to continue to head in our direction over the next several hours. so watch the clock right now. where you see the blue and the pink we're looking at rain and snow and also as we move toward 7:00 o'clock we're still looking at some pockets across the area but by 8:00 o'clock the system rapidly starts to move away. lingering showers and snow showers and by thanksgiving it's chilly, we're drier but we're not dealing with the rain and snow. look at those temperatures right now. 33 degrees in pottstown. 36 in wilmington. we're continuing to watch that mix rapid tapering from eight to 11:00 overnight watching out for
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some pockets of blank ice and slick spots. advisories and warnings caitlin are still up. but you have the latest on twitter as well as some of the totals come in with snow. that's right. thank you scott. snowing all day for some of spots towards or north and west and that's where we have some of the highest snow totals that came from earlier this afterno afternoon. let's take look at them right now. mount pocono 6.5-inches piled up there. allentown 4-inches. it was 3.1-inches earlier this afternoon. quakertown upper bucks county inches. becks ton 3.1. chris o'connell and horsham in montgomery an 1.5-inches there. all these snow totals that are coming in are mainly across portions of pennsylvania. haven't seen much accumulate in the city or in south jersey. 8-inches in carbon county jefferson township berks county just over 5-inches. three in souderton, 2.5 in chadds ford and wayne 1.5. you've been showing us your photos outside your backyard with the snow. we appreciate that through twitter, and we have a couple of
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our viewers snowing their snowy scenes. one from jackie earlier today in north wales and another one that came from one of our viewers out in delaware county. she's showing us the snow in chadds ford. we certainly appreciate that keep showing us your snow pictures at caitlin fox 29 and at scott fox 29. scott? >> thank you very much, caitlin. of course we continue to monitor the radar with this system. self more hours to get through. it really depends on location. but if you're stepping outdoors, watch out on the roadways, mainly wet around i-95, 295 but farther north and west slushy conditions especially on those secondary roads. we'll talk about those temperatures and also when this system finally pulls away and what to expect for thanksgiving coming up. iain and lucy. >> scott, thank you. messy weather causing awaiting game for a lot of people who need to travel today. >> from airports to train stations people hearing that word delayed tonight. fox 29's dave stratt wise sr. joins us live at philadelphia international airport, dave, i've got to tell you i feel for those travelers.
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my daughter's flight was delayed by more than three hours tough day for lot of folks. >> reporter: no doubt about that. but no big crowds at the airport right now. there have been dozens of flights canceled. ground delays of up to an hour and 45 minutes taking off and landing. folks out here tell me today basically what they had to use was a lot of patience. >> get me out of here. get me nice warm weather. >> reporter: that was the couldn't ken suss at philadelphia international airport as family like the lichters headed south for a familiar thanksgiving. their travel plans rearranged and delayed a few hours by the weather but still intact. >> i got a text this morning our flight to west palm beach was canceled so i called southwest and they were great and rebook us on a flight to ft. lauderdale. >> frank and lou white man left the poconos and got to the airport early for their flight to florida an four day crews. they saw flights canceled and others delayed when the bad
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weather rolled in. >> when was your flight supposed to leave. >> 1:55. >> okay. what are they telling you now? right now we're scheduled to go out at 3:40. >> reporter: as the rain transformed into slush and snow on the roads, penndot rolled out over 330 trucks in our area. they have 100,000 tops of salt prepared to meet whatever comes their way. >> 11,000 snow lane miles we'll be taking care of in the five county area. >> reporter: at 30th street station, rail passengers were pleased to see most trains on time. michael johnson was headed to newport news, virginia glad he's taking a train and not driving. >> good day to take it. instead of being on the highways sliding up and down 95. >> reporter: amtrak officials say travel along the northeast corridor was running smooth but if you're hoping to catch amtrak at the last minute, call ahead. >> we had many sold out trains. we encourage people to move over to take amtrak if they need to
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but definitely check for availability. >> reporter: that's good advice. amtrak will move 140,000 passengers today. that's double what they do on a normal wednesday. coming up at 6:00 the latest on travel problems on the roads, the rails and here at the airport. that's coming up at 6:00 much lucy. >> talk to you then, dave. no one in our area saw more snow than people in the poconos. here's a live look at blue mountain from our poconos mountain camera. skiers have got to be super excited about this. blanket of snow, beautiful, nice white thanksgiving. heading down from the poconos fox 29's chris o'connell is live in exton, chester county. all righty, chris, how goes it in the western suburbs? >> reporter: well, it's pretty color the further west the further north you go, the more accumulation you're going to g get. i came in from philadelphia area at 95 line as they were talking about, delaware county little bit of snow as soon as i got here to chester county you see the accumulation. we're here in exton. take look that's accumulation official out here 2:00 o'clock
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it was about 2-inches. we probably have about three, would .53 plus now that's what we've been seeing. we've also seen this. the good news. it's highways have been mostly wet for most of the day. so that is very good news. no major problems to speak of. this is what we've been logging at. a lot of plows out there today. this video from west town township in west chester area. the main highways are roads fairly good shape. most of the day you see snow removal guys. they're mainly pushing slush as the temperatures hovered just above freezing. got news, traffic fairly light. many people off of school and work they just stayed home but drivers say roads at this hour are getting slick as those temperatures continue to drop. >> slushy, getting a little slick but not too bad. i'm getting a round. >> reporter: how are the roads and how are the malls. >> i haven't been to this mall yet. i was at another stores but they're not bad. very empty. perfect day to do it. >> it doesn't bother me too mu
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much. i drive oil truck. snow means money. >> reporter: you like this. >> yes, i do. yes, i do. people turning up the heat and need more oil. it works for me. >> reporter: well the temperature is dropping so beware if you are going out on area roadways. because it is getting a little bit more slick as we were talking about. there are power outages actually some of this heavy wet thick snow on power lines. a couple thousand up in the allentown area. so hopefully we're passed the worst of it rush hour not as bad as it could be. lucy, iain. >> thank you very much, chris. the heavy wet snow is making holiday travel down right dangerous in parts of the west virginia. the storm began at mostly rain but changed to all know look at that coming down and that had snarled traffic across the delaware valley as people tried to get away for the holiday. >> a lot of you send us your snow pictures. kate dubs i love that from newark, delaware, first snow of the see season.
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frankie williams sent this one from chester county. a lot of snow on the ground. and dave snack snapping this picture from the parking lot cheltenham high school. keep the pictures coming. >> we've got our eye on the roads. the weather is adding to the trouble, of course. this is new jersey route 42 at the new jersey turnpike in gloucester county. some drivers are dealing with wet roads. others, however, you're contending with iso be careful. caitlin roth is back now helping you with that drive. caitlin washington do you see. >> thank you lucy so much. actually delays not too bad out there. we have of course heard about a lot of accidents due to the slippery roads throughout the afternoon hours still use caution if you're about to head out but other than that, not too many backups taking a look at travel times around any of the major highways. you're looking at 45 miles an hour speeds on the schuylkill right now eastbound heading into the city an little bit further westbounds you approach the 59 not too bad. eastbound across the 59 from the schuylkill towards 95 a little slow but in the other direction you're not too bad. now crossing over into new jersey, that's 36 miles an hour
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speeds comin coming off the walt whitman heading towards 130 there. it's 42 miles an hour speeds also along the new jersey turnpike. this is just east of bellmawr heading north through the cherry hill area. a little bit slower as you're going on 73 down approaching the marlton it looks like both northbound and southbound lanes approaching the marlton area speeds of 22 miles an hour. so little slow there. let's go back into pa here. around the king of prussia norristown area, again, not too bad. we are seeing some slower pockets mainly looks like westbound on 76 speed of 42 miles an hour but overall not that bad. we'll of course give you another check on the roads as we go through the newscast after 6:00 o'clock. iain and lucy? >> caitlin, thank you. you can keep tracking the weather any time you'd like on our website just click the weather tab at the top of the home page for the latest forecast information and live radar images. >> shocking update in the search for a missing local woman. >> searchers found jessica padgett's body. police say she was murdered and tonight one of her own family members is under arrest.
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we have a live report. >> a woman hanging laundry when she swallowed up by the earth. she's okay tonight but she's got an amazing story to tell. >> and from old teammates to blood brothers they're true story of friendship will touch your heart. this is an mazing one. the decision that not only saved a life, create add life long bond. scott? >> lucy, right now still tracking latest information on this pre thanksgiving nor'easter. what it means for turkey day tomorrow next. >> scott. here's a live look outside at old city a storm that dropped everything from rain to snow is easing up but we're still facing the the problems it will leave behind. we got
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♪ >> we've got you covered on the roads tonight. you're looking at i-9 i-95 at
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airport road in new castle county, delaware. today's storm is created dangerous conditions and we've got your traffic just ahead. nasty accident in the west oak lane section of philadelphia where a jeep and an ambulance collided. this happened just after 11:30 this morning. medics rushed two people to the hospital. we don't know how they're doing. and police are also not saying what happened. we are following a developing story out of northampton county tonight. that's where a missing person's case is now a homicide. police say they have found the body of jessica padgett in a family member is under arrest. let's get right out to fox 29's sabina kuriakose live outside the northampton district attorney's office tonight. sabina. >> reporter: iain, a stunning end to this search jessica padgett's stepfather now charged with her murder. his motive police say was sexual assault. now police say 53-year-old gregory robert graph shot jessica in the back of the head. the 34-year-old has been missing since leaving her job at a
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daycare in northampton friday afternoon. her body was found on the property where graph lives with her mother. police say graph admitted to killing jessica. police say the motive involved some sort of sexual assault. though they're waiting on autopsy results to determine exactlexactly what went on. da nouned the tragic end to the search for this missing mother of three just a short time ago. >> she's the victim of a homicide and in custody today and i authorized the filing of a charge of criminal homicide against her stepfather greg four graph. the investigation has determined that mr. graph is responsible for killing this lady in the home. >> and jessica's family tonight releasing a statement thanking the media and community volunteers for helping in the search for jessica. they're now asking for privacy while they grieve. again jessica padgett's
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stepfather since she was 12 years old arrested and charged with her murder. >> thank you. >> a heartbreaking update from burlington county. 11-year-old boy who initially survived the shooting that killed his two young siblings that is a died. police say all three children were shot by their mother 44-year-old jeannine le page and shot and killed herself. it happened last week at the family's home in tab brrr knack kell much police have not announced a motive in the shooting but she recently lost her job and was dealing with financial problems. >> the trump taj mahal casino hoping a bank budget see court will throw eight lifeline. the casino expected to run out of cash by mid january. it looking for new financing to get it through its chapter 11 case. so today trump entertainment resorts asked a delaware bankruptcy court to approve a $5 million loan from billionaire carl icon. that's to keep it a float during the case. now the company plans to close the taj mahal on december 12th unless its union drops an appeal of a court order that ended
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health care and pension plans for workers. >> it has happened again. police say a thief is caught on video taking packages right off someone's front porch. holiday season is becoming prime time for thieves to take advantage of those christmas deliveries. fox 29's dawn tim money knee live in the newsroom tonight. dawn, you spoke with the lat test victim. >> reporter: i did iain. as you can imagine she is not happy at all. this happened yesterday it was 1:30 in the afternoon. the middle of the day. and sadly, this is the time of year that package snatchers are on the prowl. >> violation. like how do you just come on to my porch and take stuff. >> reporter: as you can see from this surveillance video that's exactly what's happening here. you can see a guy walk up to row chill raheem's house on fair hill street in olney. has a clipboard in his hand initially official. rink the doorbell. when no one answers he helps himself. >> he's looking around to see anybody was looking. and he just took the package and walked away. >> reporter: row chill is furious. she says her husband was tracking the package, even
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receiving confirmation it had been delivered. when it didn't arrive, that's when they check their home surveillance and saw the thief in the act. stealing $400 worth of merchandise. >> all they see is boxes, and they want to take christmas presents i guess. for they kids but they didn't earn it so like, karma will get them. >> reporter: this the third time in a week and a half a crook is cough on camera snatching packages off doorste doorsteps. check out this guy with a little girl in his arms stealing a box of christmas presents off front porch. same on the 500 block of reid street in philadelphia. a thief decided to do a little christmas shopping without paying up. the package delivered a little after 4:00 o'clock. swiped less than 40 minutes later. >> it's a busy time for the postal service. we deliver a lot of package this time of year. we see it throughout the tri-state area. >> it's frustrating and can be very expensive. so what can you do to protect yourself this holiday season? so many of us shop online. well there are some steps you
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can take to make sure no one else gets their hands on your christmas packages and i'll have tips for you coming up tonight at 6:00. >> i'll be taking notes. thank you very much dawn. >> even more national guard troops are heading to ferguson, missouri. the city's mayor hopes they'll help protect lives and businesses if more violence breaks out. last night police arrested 61 people. protesters set more cars and businesses on fire they're very angry over a grand jury's decision not to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. brown's family met with reverend al sharpton today and they're asking for the violence to end. sharpton also says his issue is with the da. how he handled the case. >> i hope america will understand whatever your opinion on the case is, whatever your views of the procedures, that these are real human beings, and the value of the lives of their sons and their husbands should
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not be minimized by anybody. >> attorneys for the brown family say, they still want federal charges against officer wilson. now a fox 29 news investigation tonight a woman tells fox 29 investigates she was outraged to learn someone was taking pictures of her while she slept but now she has to support him. jeff cole here tonight with a look ahead at his stunning report coming up later tonight at 10:00. >> meghan, says there were many inappropriate pictures taken while she was sleeping and moved about her home. she says, the images haunt her and often keep her up at night. she claims the incidents have torn family also apart now she's angry because she's been made to financially support the very person who took the obscene pictures. >> paying the person that violated my body for six months and victimized me and now i have to pay for them? i just don't think it's jus toy w is my
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justice as a victim? >> reporter: tonight we'll reveal who actually took the images and why she has to support that person and she was not the only one who was photographed. we'll have that all tonight as fox 29 investigates at 10ly. folks. >> see you then, jeff. thank you the city of philadelphia lands another major convention. announcement was made at the philadelphia convention and visitors bureau annual luncheon. the american heart association will hold its 2019 annual meeting in philly. it will bring 25,000 health professionals, exhibitors, vendors and staff to philly. this will be the heart association's first meeting in the city of brotherly love. >> it seems black friday turned into black thursday with stores opening earlier and earlier on thanksgiving. >> and new jersey the new push to stop that and i tell you it's quite the push. this is paris, gunfire erupting in the streets a group of thieves pulling off jewelry heist in the city of life. how this whole thing ended.
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>> furious parents after their son haass head was shaved in his school staff tear ya by the sift tan principal. what school officials have to say about this. >> let's head up to the pocono mountains again right now. the area seeing the heaviest snow but the storm is starting to move on out. tweet us with your weather pictures and video using the. your
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>> philadelphia police are hoping you can help them catch a thief in port richmond. camera caught the whole thing. so many times it does these days. 71-year-old woman accidentally left her purse in a donut shop on alleghenyvenue. after she left, a man grabbed that purse and inside $1,400. and her mobile phone. if you know anything that might help catch the thief, call philadelphia police. topping your world news tonight, gunshots ring out in the streets of paris. (gunfire). police say these jewelry store robbers made their get away on motorcycle at the bottom of your screen. one of them was hurt in all the gunfire. police say they held up a cartiere boutique last night and barricaded themselves in a salon taking the manager hostage. standoff lasted for 21 hours before the thieves surrendered to police. >> australian woman hanging her laundry swallowed up by a sink hole but she survived. this happened tuesday in
5:26 pm
melbourne australia the ground gave way when she was hanging laundry in her backyard. she fell 16 feet into a pool of water. it took 20 minutes before neighbors her the woman screaming for help. >> my husband put look over the fence. he didn't see anything. screaming help, help! >> firefighters rescued the woman and she wanion hurt. engineers say an old well is to blame for that sink hole. >> she is lucky. very lucky. >> well november is diabetes month and we've got some ways you can cut your risks. >> and still to come, there's some easy changes that you may not have hard about before. and genetic disorder threaten his life. a local coach taking a turn for the worst as he waited for a new kidney until faith stepped in through an old teammate. the sacrifice that create add life long bond. scott. >> lucy still keeping tabs on this nor'easter right before thanksgiving. we still have several more hours to get through.
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when everything moving out and what to expect for thanksgiving.
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>> we continue to watch the roads for you tonight. here's a look at i-95 at street road in bucks county, pennsylvania. today's storm created potentia potentially dangerous conditions and we'll keep an eye on them for you. >> million of people are trying to make it home for the holiday in the middle of all of this according to aaa about 46 million americans will travel
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in the coming days. fox's peter barnes at ronald reagan national airport where the early winter storm is causing whole lot of travel headache. >> reporter: from from railroads to runways the day before thanksgiving is traditionally one of the busiest travel days of the year. but winter weather along the east coast is wrecking some holiday plans. most will go by cars thanks in part to lower gas prices down about 40 cents a gallon over this time last year. >> i think it will be okay. as long as we drive slow and we're careful and everything. >> reporter: some drivers who chose to leave last night quickly discovered they weren't the only ones hoping to avoid the bad weather. in boston interstate 90 was a virtual parking lot tuesday evening. >> we tried to beat the storm. tried to beat rush hour wherever we can. >> those wishing to avoid the traffic altogether operate op to do board trains which by wednesday afternoon were largely running on schedule. amtrak also added extra trains on its more popular lines as nearly a until i don't know people are expected to ride the rails. and no matter how frustrating traveling home for the holidays
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can be, many say it's a small sacrifice to share thanksgiving dinner with loved ones. >> i think everyone is just anxious to get home and see where they're going for thanksgiving and i don't know, i'm very happy. so nothing is put mowing in bad mood today. >> reporter: as far as air travel is concerned, many airports on the east coast are roaring major delays which could ripple across the country as airlines try to deal with passenger backups much at ronald reagan national airport peter barnes, fox business. >> philadelphia international airport, you know, no exception to that one. my daughter was sitting in houston trying to get here for about 3.5 hours because of what was going on here. >> the weather in houston was beautiful. >> perfect. >> exactly much that's how it happens sometimes, of course, right now we're still dealing with the storm system this nor'easter but the good news, the heaviest of the precip now moving into sections of new england. we still have a few more hours to get through. so it's not o as we focus in on ultimate doppler, you can see north and west of i-95 that's where most of the snow has been throughout
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the day. so this system is playing out just as expected with mostly rain in sections of south jersey and delaware. but right along i-95 north and west, once you move toward the back to the nation's capitol. so this moisture will continue to head in our direction over the next couple of hours. but once again, temperatures have been critical throughout the day today. many locations have been above freezing so that has helped us out and also just monday we were looking at high temperatures in the 70s so it's hard to get that snowfall to accumulate to of course the concrete and we talked about this yesterday, that mainly it would accumulate on the grassy surfaces. so as we take a look at how things play out over the neck several hours here's, 7:00 o'clock, once again, mainly north and west we're looking at that snowfall continuing but look at what happens by 8:00 o'clock, most of the moisture continues to move on to the north and east we're looking at rapid tapering from 8:00 until 11:00 o'clock and overnight it stays cold and and that for thanksgiving, we are
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dry but chilly. so here's the timeline over the neck several hours watching for that wintry mix mainly rain in south jersey and delaware but once again along i-95 we're still looking at that change over continuing and then from 8:00 to 11:00 rapid tapering overnight watching out for slick spots. the pocono mountains so far about half a foot or more of snowfall. allentown 4-inches. quakertown three. exton 3.1. moving toward the albrightsville area in the pocono mountains 8-inches of snowfall. chadds ford 2.5-inches. wayne about an inch and a half of snow. so once you move north and west it's a totally different scenario with those secondary roads pretty slushy but the primary roads have really just been wet. 36 degrees right now. so temperatures are above freezing at the philadelphia international airport. still watching for some airport delays, arriving flights up to two hours and if you're trying to fly from philadelphia to boston or new york, longer delays than that. but 37 right now in atlantic
5:34 pm
city. low 30s in pottstown. the only spot right now below freezing the pocono mountains at 30 degrees. so temperatures have been critical f you're traveling tomorrow on thanksgiving across the country let's take a look at self destinations. at at a sunny temperatures in the upper fours. chic shock may a few flurries 20s for high temperatures. dallas it's going to be pretty comfortable we're looking at temperatures in the 60s. boston more rain and snow tomorrow. that system will leave there last. so as we take a look tomorrow morning, much of the nation it will be quiet across the area. we're looking at high pressure in control. really no problems for thanksgiving few showers moving toward sections of the pacific northwest. but all in all looking pretty good for thanksgiving. temperatures tonight, in the low 30s for center city. but outlying areas watching out for black ice and also a freeze up slick roads slushy conditio conditions. tomorrow for thanksgiving, temperatures top out around 40 degrees. we'll see a mixture of sun and
5:35 pm
clouds, drier, but it stays chilly with temperatures below where we shall be for this time of year. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you by friday temperatures only in the upper 30s. staying chilly for the temple game temperature in the low 40s and then pretty comfortable for sunday and monday. temperatures top out in the 50s. a tad cooler by tuesday in the mid 40s and then a shower chance as we move toward the middle of neck week. a shower chance. no snowfall. >> thanks for the clarification on that. >> right s word. thank you scott. >> did you know that coca-cola wants to sell you milling? did you know they want to charge i was lot more than you're used to paying. >> milk cola, i don't know. why the company says it's worth your hard earned money. is black friday worth it? what do you think? a new study says the bargains may not actually be worth your time and all of that stress. why it says it might just be best to stay home. >> and coming up at 6:00 the
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pennsylvania mom who's in big trouble tonight. why investigators say she tried to have her daughter's ex-boyfriend killed.
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>> welcome back. live look at camelback mountain from our pocono mountains camera and that is where most of the snow came down so i don't know about you but that looks kind of cozy, right? fireplace act. the storm is starting to move on out. tweet us your weather pictures. covering weather coverage straight ahead. >> health news now. more than 29 million americans have diabetes. that's nearly 10% of the population. and there's another statistic that's just as troubling. dr. oz shows us. ♪ when it comes to the health of your heart it's not just high blood pressure and high cholesterol that put me on high alert it's also high blood she was garr which spells out
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diabetes. left untreated it increases your risk for heart disease can also lead to blindness and am pew teague. so alarmed to learn 30% of people with diabetes don't know if they have it. it all starts with knowing your blood sugar number. getting your number is easy many pharmacies offer the simple test. while you're at it here's some simple steps to reduce your ri risk. add strength training to your routine. toning up can help reduce the risk by 40% and pour yours a cup of coffee or two. two cups dale confidential reduce your risk by 12%. of course, healthy diet and regular physical activity your strongest weapons when it comes to fighting diabetes. >> and remember you can watch the dr. oz show right here on fox 29 weekdays at 1:00 p.m. >> milk cola heading toe to a store near you. coca-cola will sell a premium milk. it will cost twice as much as what you're paying now. coke says the milk has half the sugar as normal milk high in protein and lactose free.
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so are you black friday guy. no. >> didn't tag you as one. it seems black friday has turned into black thursday were stores opening earlier on thanksgiving n new jersey there's a new push to stop that. also ahead, furious parents after they say their son's head was shaved at his school cafeteria by the assistant principal. what school officials got to say about all of this. >> you love your friends, but would you go this far? how two guys catching up over dinner turned an old friendship into a blood brotherhood if you want to call it that. scott? >> and we continue to watch the roads for you tonight. here's a look at i-76 east girard avenue in philadelphia. some tricky conditions out there. we of c
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>> here's life look outside at old city. it is definitely not pleasant out there but the rain and snow started to move out of the area. still the storm has caused some major problems. meteorologist caitlin roth is watching conditions outside. caitlin. >> iain thanks so much. we're at the tail end of this storm right now. it's certainly not pleasant. we've got light rain falling here at fourth and mark in old city. behind me, the roads are fine. we only saw a couple hour bursts of snow that didn't really stick here in the city before switching back to rain and traffic obviously moving okay but if you're travels this evening take you away from the city you'll be finding accumulation north and west of town. we showed you snow totals earlier. keep showing you them throughout this newscast. west streets here the concern will move to refreezing overnight. ultimate doppler shows i think they're starting to break i was par. you can see holes in the radar right there that very light gray that indicates light snow. mainly north and west of philadelphia. it looks like snow on radar but it is just some light rainfalling right now as temperatures are a few degrees
5:46 pm
above freezing and that is just rain as it has been mostly all day long in south jersey. so we've got a couple more hours to go. light rain and light snow across the area and then from there, we watch for the refreezing later on tonight. the concern becomes temperatures fall towards around 32 degrees. will the roads ice up? it's not overly wet right here but soggy enough from the rain all day long that we still have that concern especially on the bridges and overpasses. the areas that tend to slick up pretty quickly. so despite coming to an end impacts will continue as we go through the rest of the night lucy, because travel -- a lot of people i think wanted to wait for the storm to pass before they hit the roads we could have another wave going on during the evening hours. >> all right. we're keeping watch on it thank you very much, caitlin. >> sure. >> we're keeping track as well of the weather on our website super easy for to you follow along. quick the weather tab at the top of the home page you'll get
5:47 pm
radar image life as well. here's a question. is the traditional black friday as we know it dead? >> according to a new survey it juightcentive to hit the storess friday. mostly because retailers are running sales the entire month of november and into december. e the most likely shoppers this friday. >> definitely a little counter innate whiff if you think about it 18 to 29 a lot of them are college students home for the holidays, they want to make an event out of it. they go out shopping with their friends and their family. >> always an event out there m man. bank rate says a lot more people are expected to keep their credit cards in their wallets this year citing the recession. >> new jersey lawmaker wants to stop the shopping madness on thanksgiving. democratic state senator richard codey wants to introduce legislation that would ban retail stores from opening before 9:00 p.m. on thanksgivi thanksgiving. he believes this would protect those low income workers from being ripped away from their families on the holiday. there are laws in like this in
5:48 pm
massachusetts, maine and rhode island called blue laws which prevent stores from opening before midnight on thanksgiving. >> bullied at a new york school by the assistant principal absolutely says a family. assistant principal actually shaved the boy's head in the middle of the cafeteria. in september announce many over the loud speaker system called 17-year-old luke cass hall to the cafeteria. when he got there, the assistant principal pulled out clippers and shaved his head in front of everyone. why would he do that? well apparently the boy had violated the school's dress code. his family is absolutely steamed and speaking out. they say the school never told them lucas' hair was a problem and he, he's just happy to have his hair growing back. >> it was a really bad haircut. i mean there were patches where, you know, i could barely feel any hair. >> really upset even more than the haircut was just how much i knew his feelings were hurt for what had happened. i mean, here's a good kid.
5:49 pm
>> heart goes out to that kid. the school says the board of trustees has amended the student dress code policy and it says if a student is in violation it will actually notify the parents before taking any action. the assistant principal says that he's sorry. >> i think there might be follow up thon. >> one would think, wouldn't you? >> my goodness. >> from incredibly active watching his life slip away such was the case for a local coach. >> that was until a long-time friend spent months in secret trying to save his life. fox 29's chris o'connell with an incredibly inspiring story of friendship and thanks giving. ♪ >> i want you over here today. >> reporter: whether he's at the pool. >> you guys good focus on your kick. >> reporter: in the gym or on the field. >> bring it down. >> reporter: jason kildare can barely sit still. >> she's are new movement patterns it's going to feel difficult. >> reporter: as the coach of the drexel triathlon team you
5:50 pm
would never know it by looking at him, but this was him five years ago after suffering for years with genetic kidney disease polly cystic fibrosis. >> it runs rampant in our fami family. four ofs have had transplants. >> reporter: but kildare's active life of swimming, biking and running was about to take a very dramatic turn during a routine doctors visit for a check up. >> within five minutes he's calling another doctor in and doctors feeling around in my stomach. he's like yeah we can fit a kidney in there i'm like fit a kidney in there. i thought i was here for check one yup they're talking transplant. >> reporter: he was immediately put on a transplant list and had his doctor's suggestion he started searching for matches himself. so desperate he e-mailed friends at rowan university where he ran cross country. even resorting to facebook. begging friends to get tested.
5:51 pm
hopefully someone out there he knew could be a medical match. >> i e mailed a couple close friends who said at one point in time, if you ever need a kidney, let us know. >> reporter: but as weeks turned into months kildare's condition got worse and there were no matches. >> my other kidney shut down so i started dialysis. i almost died then they said extremely close to dying at that point. >> reporter: then, on thanksgiving week of 2008, the phone rang. on the other end, an old friend a cross country teammate he had known from rowan university nick did he san tis. >> nick calls me up and says hey you want to grab something to eat? i said sure. he says meet me at applebee's after dialysis. i'm thinking i'm dying and you're going to take me to applebee applebee's. >> he realized the meeting between casual friends was about to be live saving. >> i told him you ever need a kidney give me a call i'll get check out never thinking in i would have to do that. we started talking and he tells
5:52 pm
me, look, i want to let you know the past six months or so i've been test to do so if i can be a donor for you. >> he eventually found out his kidney was a perfect match for jason. now he had to tell his family. >> the toughest person to probably sell it on later on was my grandfather. 80-year-old italian man. he's like what do you mean you're giving your kidney up don't you flood two kidneys. >> reporter: four months later they were admitted to the transplant unit at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. >> i talked to all different doctors and nurses. there's very very very very little risk. so in my mind how would i not take packet follow risk to help out someone who's in such a dire situation as jason. >> we were joke aig round the day of the surgery. could we have bunk beds. how many nurses are we going to have? are they cute? >> reporter: in the operating room, nick went first, then jason. the life-saving kidney transplant taking just a few hours. >> we call each other kidney like that's our nickname for
5:53 pm
each other, and he is a brother through kidney. >> reporter: a day after surgery jason felt better than he had in years. >> this is actually where they put the new kid into. >> reporter: he proudly shows the scars of where his new kidney gave him new live thanks to the man he now calls brother. >> obviously it was a great decision. i mean this guy sitting next to me today he's got one-year-old son whose healthy. i mean how could things be any better than that. >> doctors say my kidney is healthier than both of those kidneys. that's wasn't stellar kidney he gave me. >> reporter: with new lease and life these days kildare is a picture of health. >> he now trains elite athletes and coaches fitness for a living. >> he knows how hard things can be. he knows kind of live every day as if it's your last. >> respect and appreciate every day that you can live healthy. take care of your body and it doesn't have to be rocket science. >> nice job guys. nice job. >> we're talking fundamental
5:54 pm
easy choices of exercise and nutrition. >> reporter: they've not only become best friends but teammates once again. nick joined jason's private coaching business. >> i get to coach you guys. that guy right there. i'm definitely more appreciative i have the opportunity to do this each day. >> reporter: how would you thank the person that saved your life? how about a beer? whenever i needed a beer at any point in time he'd be there for me. chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> great story. absolutely. the philadelphia flyers helping the camden neighborhood center prepare for thanksgiving din are in. flyers alumni bob kelly and todd along with more than 30 flyers front office staffers length a hand preparing the kitchen and setting tables. they plan to serve 300 holiday meals tomorrow. >> of course we are staying on top of today's big story. our thanksgiving eve winter weather. >> we're watching the roads and the skies on one of busiest travel days of the year. people race to make sure this weather doesn't derail their
5:55 pm
holiday plans. what you got scott. >> lucy this storm system isn't over just yet. ultimate doppler still tracking a heavier band just off to the north and west. when that will move toward philadelphia coming up. plus, thanksgiving weather next. >> all right. scott. just 24 hours away from the eagles and cowboys. you'll see them right here on fox at sick clock howard eskin on why and how the eagles will win this game.
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>> nor'easter unleashes. rain shift to snow and back again. creating trouble on the roads and in the air on the one of the's yesterday travel days in the year. in addition to all of that the weather created scenes we don't often see around thanksgiving. parts of our area looking like old man winter is alive and well. >> and the storm is not over yet. it could still cause problems for the next few hours. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. live team coverage starting with chief meteorologist scott williams. scott? >> good evening lucy and iain. ultimate doppler still lit up as we track the ran fall changing over to wet snow right now in sections of south jersey and delaware. but you can see the tail end of the system still off to the west so we still have a few more hours to get through and also take a look what's happening right now around philadelphia.
6:00 pm
we're getting a lull in the action, but just off to the west, where you see that brighter white showing up on the radar, that's an indication of some heavier snow right now moving through sections of chester county around west chester. moving toward pottstown as you move into montgomery county and upper buck county where you see that brighter white band. that will continue moving toward the i-95 corridor. so the snowfall it's not over. there may ab lull in your area, but we still have some moisture to get through on the back end of this system. so we'll time it out for you right now you can see the clock where you see the blue and the pink and purple


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