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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 26, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. live team coverage starting with chief meteorologist scott williams. scott? >> good evening lucy and iain. ultimate doppler still lit up as we track the ran fall changing over to wet snow right now in sections of south jersey and delaware. but you can see the tail end of the system still off to the west so we still have a few more hours to get through and also take a look what's happening right now around philadelphia. we're getting a lull in the action, but just off to the west, where you see that brighter white showing up on the radar, that's an indication of some heavier snow right now moving through sections of chester county around west chester. moving toward pottstown as you move into montgomery county and upper buck county where you see that brighter white band. that will continue moving toward the i-95 corridor. so the snowfall it's not over. there may ab lull in your area, but we still have some moisture to get through on the back end of this system. so we'll time it out for you right now you can see the clock where you see the blue and the pink and purple showing up
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that's the snowfall. the rain and snow mix and as we continue hour by hour rapid tapering off of this system after we move beyond eight, 9:00 o'clock night. that will set us up for a chilly but dry upcoming thanksgiving across our area. temperatures have been critical right now above freezing pretty much everywhere except for the pocono mountain. it's 36 degrees right now in philadelphia. but we still have those advisories in purple and in pi pink. winter storm warnings that continue through this evening. snowfall totals have been coming in and my colleague meteorologist caitlin roth has the latest on those totals coming in across the area. caitlin. >> no surprise here the highest totals going to be north and west of philadelphia. and those people will be waking up to white thanksgiving. let's take look at them. mount pocono 6.5-inches so far today. not at the end of this storm. these reports came in earlier this afternoon. 4-inches in allentown. three in quakertown upper buck county just over 3-inches in exton and horsham coming in
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1.5-inch. slushy 1.5 and much of the surrounding suburbs. albrightsville the winner or lose sr. over so far up in carbon county 8-inches. jefferson township in berks county over five. so again the further north and west you go is where you'll see the higher amounts. they've been colder all day. had snow all day. 3-inches in souderton. to .5 in delaware county that's chadds ford 1.5 in wayne. all day long our viewers on twitter have been sending us pictures of what they see outside their window. we appreciate that so much. some of you saw winter wonderland in bethlehem a picture with the snow covered tree and that was earlier today. and some of you like in malvern pa saw the snow falling out your office windows. hopefully everyone traveled you got to where you had be be safe. we'll update the snow totals at 10:00 o'clock. >> a lot of folks are scratching their heads because it was just 72 degrees a record high temperature in philadelphia on monday and right now we're dealing with that rain and snow mix. and once again, the roadways are mainly wet especially the
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primary roads but the secondary roads for north and west we're dealing with some slushy conditions. we'll have much more on the system and what it means for thanksgiving iain and lucy coming up. >> all right, scott, thank you. of course this weather making the busiest travel day of the year a big headache for a lot of people. >> people taking to the skies, to the tracks, also the roads, are all dealing with all kinds of problems. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live at philadelphia international airport. dave, it is not been an easy day for lot of folk. >> reporter: no it had a has not. we'll start with the roads here at sick clock. you know, penndot used 171,000 tons of salt on the roads during last winter storms. they already have 100,000 tons stored up for this year and tonight they're probably going to use a big chunk of that. >> this is the first one of the year for us and it happens to be on the busiest, travel day of the year. >> reporter: as penndot prepared to hit the road wednesday they were ready for just about anything much 330 trucks and over 100,000 tons of salt are at their disposal. with a changing storm settling
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in, they had a big job ahead. >> about 11,000 snow lane miles we'll be taking care of five county area. >> get me out of here. get me nice warm weather. >> reporter: that was the buzz at philadelphia international airport as some families headed south for a family thanksgiving. their travel plans rearranged and delayed a few hours by weather but still intact. >> i got a text this morning our flight to west palm beach was canceled so i called southwest and they were great and rebook us on a flight to florida. >> i'm going see my brother. >> reporter: for the heart family dallas cowboys fans by way of camden, new jersey, it was time to head south for thanksgiving in pan in a man city, florida. they got to the airport early and prayed their flight wouldn't be canceled or delayed. >> got your fingers crossed? >> legs, toes, everything. >> i don't care how hectic it is. as long as dallas beat the eagles i'm okay. >> reporter: over at 30th street station, rail passengers were pleased to see trains on time. michael johnson was headed to newport news, virginia, glad to
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take train and not to be drivi driving. >> good day to take it instead of being on the highways sliding up and down 95. seeing the familiar. seeing the little brother. seeing everyone, yeah. see my friends. >> reporter: amtrak officials say travel along the northeast corridor was running smooth but if you're hoping to catch amtrak at the last minute, you must call ahead. >> definitely check for availability. >> reporter: no doubt about that. if you want to take trains there were several dozen flights canceled here at the airport today. ground delays up to two hours. lots of cabs being used tonight. limos but a limo guy just pulled up and asked me where is everybody? not a lot of crowd here at the airport right now but lots of flights coming in tonight. we'll have an update on travel conditions tonight at 10:00. iain. >> dave, thanks lot. here's a live look at part of our area that saw a lot of snow today. check out camelback mount fenn from our pock know mountain cameras blanketed with snow. certainly people spending thanksgiving here will have a
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memorable one. chris o'connell live in exton, chester county, tonight with a look at the conditions in the western suburb. chris? >> reporter: iain, the snow continues to fall. big fat wet flakes. but it is struggling to stick to roadways especially major roadways. you see their mostly wet. but you look down here at my feet, this is where you see that wet stuff. about 3-inches, again real good slow ball making snow. it has been snowing out here in chester county all day as some of these commuters behind me dealing with a pre thanksgiving mess. it was messy and sloppy. the evening rush hour in chester county a late fall taste of winter. >> so far they haven't been too bad. a little slick on the back roads major roads are pretty good. >> when the snow comes people stocking up in the home. >> reporter: in exton instead of chips and soda, it's the salt, the windshield fluid and the fire wood flying off the
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shelves. >> so busy oh my gosh people get bread, salt, hot food, coffee, everything keep them warm outside it's been so cold. >> reporter: with most off from school and work today, it was a day to shop before the thanksgiving holiday. >> the malls i haven't been to this mall yet. i was just at other stores but they're not bad. they're very empty. pefect day to do it. >> reporter: wait. why did you buy ice? >> because i just bought a bock of wine, too you need to have all the searches for the weath weather. report thanksgiving? >> starting early. >> reporter: you might want to start early. we're actually right at the base of the exton square mall where we are seeing some shoppers pull in here. so be careful if you're going out on the roadways tonight. because we've been here a few hours and the temperature is definitely dropping. lining i said good snowballing making snow if you're out tonight. i'll toss it back to you literally. >> nice. that was a good shot, too, chris o'connell. all right. >> martin caught the snowball. >> martin actually caught the
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snowball. they're having fun out there. that's good. got to be out in the weather you might as well enjoy it holiday travelers are maneuvering across tech treacherous roads in maryland. the snow has been falling a lot heavier than around who are. this is what it looks like outside of washington, d.c. you can see a lot of the roads covered in all kinds of snow. >> you've been tweeting in your pictures all day. we appreciate that. just beach chi sent us this shot from hatfield montgomery county. the snow was really coming down. we got this picture from frankie williams in kennett square the ground totally covered in chester county and dave sent us this pick which are from the parking lot at cheltenham high school. keep the pictures coming use t the. >> we are keeping an eye on the roads tonight. this is route 30 in chester county. today's storm created dangerous conditions here and there. you can see some of the snow on the sides of the roads there. little bit of ice here and there as well so you got to be caref careful. caitlin roth how goes it? >> actually better than you'd think lucy when we take a look at travel times across the major highways thinking a lot of
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people got going where they needed to be earlier today before the storm hit. 43 miles an hour on the schuylkill a little slow around the 59 getting on and off the schuylkill. that's usually choke point any way from the walt wilt man into new jersey totally in the clear down to 295. in the green meaning your speeds are pretty much fine do use caution especial until some of those back roads some of the slippery spots will continue all night long. 55 miles an hour speeds on the new jersey turnpike. that's in both directions. 73 still a little slow that's when going from marlton up through cherry hill towards moorestown and that's in both directions. back into southeast pa around the king of prussia area, it is a little snow -- it is a little snowy but also a little slow. if you're going westbound on 76 again that's past villanova out toward king of prussia. otherwise looking good. just be careful as were you go through the rest of the night. lucy and iain. >> all right, thank you very much, caitlin. keeping track of the weather on click the weather tab at the top of the home page for your latest forecast information and of
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course all those live radar images. it's the type of crime during this time of year that we see all too often. >> this is just one example of it. someone snatching a package from a doorstep right after it's been delivered. so how can you make sure this does not happen to you. we've got tips for you. >> plus the pennsylvania mom who is in big trouble tonight. what investigators say she tried to have done to her daughter's ex-boyfriend. tom? >> lucy the eagles or cowboys will be in first place when the dust settles in dallas tomorrow. howard eskin with his keys to the eagles ruining the cowboys thanksgiving. >> and people already set up cam top get the best deals this black friday if you can believe it. do you really know what's for sale. tonight at 10:00 we break down the black friday code to make sure you're really getting that advertised deal.
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>> this is i-476 west of the west chester pike in delaware county pennsylvania. you can see the snow on the ground. today's storm created potentially change dangerous conditions. we are on top of it. >> following a story developing out of northampton county. the body of a missing woman has been found. jessica padgett was last seen on friday. state police say her stepfather gregory graph is facing charges to night much police say he admitted he shot and killed her. padgett's body was found in the backyard of his home. police believe she was also sexually assaulted an autopsy is now being done to determine an exact cause of death. we'll have the latest in a live report coming up tonight at 10:00. >> also out of northampton county a mother tried to higher hit map to kill her daughter's ex-boyfriend and two other people who were close to him. new jersey police say they foiled the 52-year-old denise mc gross ski's plan.
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the person in new jersey she tried to higher was actually an undercover police officer. investigators say she wanted the ex-boyfriend killed because she says he abused her daughter making her miss carry twins. she's in a new jersey jail tonight on $2 million cash bail. >> now a developing story out of the olney second of philadelphia. this man in the baseball cap was up to no good. he's accused of of taking packages right off someone's doorstep. this is not the first time this has happened in recent weeks. but you can do a number of things to protect yourself. dawn timmeney is live in the newsroom. >> this is the busiest time year for package deliveries and believe it thieves know it and they're trying to cash in. but do you not have to be a target. >> are a green. violate. >> rochelle raheem of olney is furious someone stole package right her fair street home 1:30 yesterday afternoon. the thief caught on video on the familiar's home surveillance
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camera. >> how you come on someone's porch and take their stuff. >> postal inspectors say tis the season and the problem will get worse in the next few weeks. >> we've had reports people are following the male carrier and stealing package after they left the neighborhood. >> that's why it's important to have someone home if possible when your package is going to be delivered. >> i think the biggest mistake people make they don't track them or they just assume that it's safe and that assumption makes them vulnerable to these type of crimes. >> reporter: if you know you are not going to be around, have your package left at the neighbors or a relatives. better yet, have it delivered right to the post office. ups store or fed ex office. then you can pick it up in person. you don't have to worry about leaving a note like this one on roar door after thieves have already been caught on camera swiping your gifts. >> they see bocks and they want to take christmas presents i guess for they kids but they didn't earn it. >> reporter: you can a range to sign for some deliveries and it's always a good idea to get to know your postal carriers and delivery drivers. postal inspectors say if your packages are stolen, it's
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important to notify the police and/or the postal service. >> we have agents all over the united states investigate this would be a male theft investigation, and mail theft is punishable you have to five years in prison, and approximately $250,000 fine. >> reporter: now another line of defense amazon set up a locker system customers can have their orders shipped to participating 7elevens. they get a pin number for the locker and then that they can get their packages at their convenience 24/7. fed ex has something called the ship and get locker. so there are definitely ways to stay one step ahead of the crook this holiday season. lucy? >> goodness knows we need tom thank you very much dawn. wily flood to know what's going on with our weather. big stuff out there your weather authority now chief meteorologist scott williams. >> hi lucy and iain. of course right now temperatures are critical above freezing. that has really helped us out this afternoon across the philadelphia area. arthritic at the airport right now. you can see those wet runways and rival airport delays upwards
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of an hour and an hour and a half and departing flights especially headed into new england. so take some time and pack some patience there. we still have winter weather advisories in purple along the i-95 corridor, immediate suburbs north and west and then as you move toward upper montgomery, bucks, lehigh valley and poconos winter storm warnings. that's where the snow has been the heaviest and a totals the highest today. ultimate doppler still showing you several more hours of the snowfall. but the back end is in sight as we continue to zoom in a little closer. a lull for most in south jersey and right along i-95, but just off to the west, where you see that brighter shade of white, moving out of sections of chester county into montgomery and bucks county, we're looking at a burst of some heavier snow that will continue to move toward the east over the next hour or so. so right now, around west chester moving toward west goshen moving to around the hokessin area northern sections of new castle county lookin loot that snowfall and heavier burst
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trying to move toward media eventually toward upper darby norristown plymouth meeting you'll see some of that heavier snow over the next half hour or so. mainly rain right now in sections of delaware as well as south jersey and that's been the trend throughout the day today. but as we watch the clock by 7:00 o'clock we're looking at that heavier snow trying to move back towardism 95 but then watch what happens after 8:00 o'clock. we really start to see rapid tapering of this system as most of the heavy snow moves into sections of northern new engla england. but we'll continue to find temperatures at or below freezing tonight. and when you wake up tomorrow morning, slick spots, some black ice out there and it's going to be a chilly thanksgiving across our area. but much of the nation will look for quiet conditions. >> so how much snow? you can see the pocono mountains over sick inches. allentown about four. quake consider town exton three. some higher totals around the albertsville area we're looking at about 8-inches of snow. also, chadds ford works .5-inches of snowfall.
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so the timeline right now threw 8:00 that wintry mix continues rapid tapering from 8:00 until 11:00. but watch out for black ice and slick spots. 30 degrees in the pocono mountains much that's the only location below freezing so it's mainly a slushy mess on some of those primary roads and secondary roads far north and west but along i-95, 295, it's mainly wet. but watch out for the slushy roads on those secondary roads north and west. the seven day forecast showing i was lilly thanksgiving and staying chilly for shoppers also into saturday the temple game 42 but temperatures a little more comfortable by sunday and monday in the mid 50s. so watch out on the roads out there. slick spots and also some black ice possible especially north and west. >> all right, scott, thank you. >> i don't know about you guys i'm ready for football. >> yeah. >> so excite. >> a short week but i'm ready to play this game, guys. eagles and cowboys, coming up tomorrow right here on fox all the talking just about over. as we get ready for kickoff tomorrow afternoon.
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these two teams have great thanksgiving memories. games you don't want to forget and more than one appetite was
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>> we are less than 24 hours final toll kickoff. eagles and cowboys the winner leads the nfc east.
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these two played one time in thank back '89 the eagles beat the stuffing out of the rookie quarterback troy aikman it was known as bornite bowl. cowboys 11 the eagles placed a bounty on dallas kicker. howard eskin but it is only wednesday. >> all right. tom, thanks. we've got the game figure out. so you don't have to play it but they have to for the television and the tickets. so i guess we'll go through it. and then watch and see what happens. but we already know. right, dave. >> absolutely. >> what the eagles have to do to beat dallas. defensively find a way to get pressure on tony romo the difference between the cowboys offense this year and in years past is that romo doesn't have create as much as he has in the past he's got a pocket. >> last week, the eagles ran the ball well. two interceptions which are not good for sanchez but you can't take away that other than i thought he had an above average game. what do the eagles have to do. >> on sunday the eagles could have scored 70 points had they
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really been sharp, and so what they needed to obviously turnovers are an issue. cut down on the turnovers. mark sanchez talks about it. he knows about it. he works on it yet he's still thrown way too many interceptions. >> it's tough to play on thursdays. i don't care whether it's thanksgiving or not. >> we'll see. this is the sport science part of the chip kelly plan here. the program is in place. get your bodies back. the eagles after the game went right into the cold tubs and got their massages spent monday and tuesday getting their bodies back and understanding from a mental standpoint what to expect on thursday. >> you know what, i think the eagles now have better chance eye than i thought before sunday's game but i think tomorrow because their only a three-point underdog kind of tells me something. we'll see. all right. tom, they'll play a game tomorrow and we're going to be there. all right. i'll see you later tonight. >> all right. howard and dave, thank you. reminder tomorrow morning at 11:00 o'clock special ed dig of "game day live" at 11:00. 4:00 o'clock the guys sign on from hollywood. 4:30 see the kickoff one place eagles and cowboys right here on fox.
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i go with how war eagles within the game. >> awesome. thanks for joining you. >> we'll see you back here at
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courage under fire. >> going to put her life in danger over a papa john's. >> as chaos in ferguson sweeps across america. >> a police car is set on fire. >> and cold as ice? >> this is the only option i had. >> what the parents are saying today. and she was there when the slugger blew off his middle finger. why his fiance just broke off their engagement. >> i was afraid for my life. and the shocking new photos, angelina jolie, she'd a double mastectomymy so she wouldn't get cancer. >> can you believe she's still smoking? and then debt collectors exposed. >> reporter:


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