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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  November 28, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EST

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well, because thanksgivings are no longer just thanksgiving and black friday are no longer what they used to be, caitlin, we have a little flurries out here and not many crowds like we use to zoo this time of the day. >> we are dealing with very coal wet they are morning, in fact, temperatures, only in the 20's for many of us will we see any type of warm up a as we go through the weekend? i will that have straight a ahead, chris? here is mccoy, a little in misdirects and lesean mccoy is inside the 30, unside the 25, and yeah. >> shady mccoy, picking up 159 of the birds 250 plus yards on
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thanksgiving, the eagles are back. oh, yeah, shady talks about being the the best and teams one going mind for every single game. you can guess what that is. >> it is friday, black friday, november 28th, 2014. we're talking black friday all morning long. did you get an awesome deal. will you go after one today. the tweet us photos using hash tag fox 29 good day and we will put them on the air i have to tell you, hi caitlin. >> oh, sorry. >> this is the the day steve keeley lives for. so it is interesting, toe what he he does for us for the next few hours. >> always a trip, it is always worth waking up for, staying up for. >> what did you get an hour and a half. >> i think three and that is pushing it. >> there we go. >> thanks, chris. everybody else, up with me because even when i was making my drive back in the city way past my bedtime there was a lot of traffic. people have have been up for hours and when are just crashing now or just starting
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we are looking at cold conditions all across the a area ultimate doppler showing snow showers well back to the west moving towards western and central portions on have pennsylvania. we don't see we will eye any on have that today. this is lake effect mountainous snow flurries and not reaching us here. let's check temperatures at this hour. twenty-five mount pocono. twenty-eight pottstown. thirty-four in philadelphia. still just above freezing but barely so. thirty-three in wilmington. thirty-four in millville. thirty-four down in dover. that is temperatures. wind are fairly calm in some spots but you from five to ten to 15 miles an hour in wilmington. that will make the difference with the wind chill values. it makes it feel kohler. we have wind chills in the teens in the higher he will racials in the poconos down through allentown, upper 20's towards philadelphia. this is what it feels like if you are outside for too long. you need hat, gloves, scarves all morning as it will feel cold and just not warming up too much. it will be a nice bright sunny day. we did miss the sunshine, yesterday, it was mainly just clouds around for your thanksgiving but coal.
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37 degrees is the high temperature. as we head to tonight mostly clear, chilly 28 degrees. we will sigh a warm up a as we head in the weekend but we will have to have wait until next week but that is still ahead, but first, let's welcome back bob kelly, how was your thanksgiving. >> it was great, thanks very much. everybody is a little stuffed this morning. moving a little bit slower out of of bed and in the bathroom this morning but once you get outside as caitlin mentioned there are some extra volume. i saw a few extra cars on the schuylkill expressway. good morning to cherry hill route 70 near cherry hill mall this joint will be jumping throughout the remainder on of the day. of course, folks heading out to grab those sales. already a couple of early morning accidents, eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, the the off ramp to head south on 476, you will find a crash, also an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike at the off ramp to valley forge. or wise, 422, the cue kill, the turnpike itself in good
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shape. double five's on the speedometer readings coming from lawyers for. where is there a shopping mall you'll see that extra volume today like at the shops of the limerick outlet there. septa looking g regional rails are in good shape. they have an added extra services to the bus lines that service some of the bigger malls and bridge these morning looking good. bennie, whitman and commodore barry. chris, back over to you. >> just know that the king of prussia mall will be pack today. >> yes. >> we will have a live report from jennifer joyce inside from where things are starting to warm up, meantime, millions of people around the country are rushing, to the shopping enters trying to find a really good black friday deal. the lets go to steve keeley first in mount laurel where it is flip side of the coin, you look cold and lonely. is cold, lonely and we cannot hear him. we will get back to teave keeley in just a moment f we
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can go to king of prussia first because people are trying to take rang of these sales here in our area, jennifer joyce is live at kop in our area, jen, can you hear me. >> okay, good. so we cannot hear her. so, we've got mike jerrick off today. who else do we have off. i think all of our reporters and the audio guy evidently took the day off. who is there now, steve or general. hi jen, can you hear me. >> hi, good morning, sorry about that chris. >> we're still waking up out here. king of prussia mall does not open until 6:00 o'clock but can you believe it people stayed here at the mall virtually all night long looking for deals because individual stores have stayed opened. we've talk to on one outside who says that he was seeing those big bargains, the 50 percent off, and i'm also
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here with the women named vars. a, but can you tell us about a little bit what you found. >> pretty much sweaters, and just clothes. >> reporter: what about the discounts, are they pretty good. >> yes, certain stores. i did quite well in new york and company and extra. >> reporter: owe what time did you get here yesterday. >> around 7:00 or 8:00. >> reporter: you have been shopping for several hours and you say you are not done yet, what are you waiting for. >> i'm waiting for kate spade to open but pretty much the more shops do open for a lot more clothes. >> reporter: you still have your eyes opened. >> yes i have been taking a nap here and there. >> reporter: it looks like you have a nice collection. you are here with friend. all of these things do not belong to you. i did talk to a spokesperson
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from king of prussia mall and they said it would be interesting to judge traffic because the operating hours change this year they were opened 6:00 p.m. yesterday until 1:00 o'clock this morning, compared to last year where they typically opened at in midnight and they see that mad rush. now it seems like shoppers will be coming at different hours. we will have to gauge. but they are expecting 4 percent increase. >> you just have to look at the time frames not all of the sales all at once more spread out over the the few weeks. >> reporter: that is a lot better, would i prefer that. i avoid the malls because i don't want to be crowded but this is great. you can get in abe do what you need to do. >> so many more people are shopping on line these days, too. i think amazon will set a new record this holiday season, at least that is expectation. it looks like fun, we will check back for sure and get
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more busy, after 4:00 in the morning. >> lets talk about the big story, everyone will be happy waking up this morning. our birds beat the cowboys. the score 33 -ten and now they are on top of the nfc east. eagles never lost on thanksgiving day and that was in the about to change. mark sanchez really shining during the the game, jordan matthews, sanchez rolling left here, hitting rookie matthews there in the corner of the end zone. that was the seventh td of the year. what a great rookie he had has been. eagles up 23-seven. second half shady mccoy same guy last year when he led nfl in rushing and that is had hard to rushing. dimarco murray did not have a good game. he was leading rusher. final score 33 -ten. eagles in sole possession in the nfc east at nine wins, three losses. they are going to go to at will will for next week and then after that we will get dallas back here at the link.
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that would be fun in a couple weeks. colin ferguson is set to change on black friday what protesters are changing or planning that might seem unorthodox. local family restaurant puts profit aside for a day of giving back what this dynamic husband and wife duo had to say about the
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walter becker one of the most underrated guitar players with steely dan. okay. this song, in the 70's sometime. >> experts here, 1970's. >> and at 4:12. speaking of black friday, tara loudon works here one of our writers and tom loudon is our early morning vp here and evidently she went out already all night, shopped, filled the car up so high with stuff. >> my gosh. >> dropped it back off home so she could head out again so she could fill the car up again with stuff. >> what is this a picture of. >> what is that. >> i can't make that of. >> that is tara reading the paper. >> okay. >> it is black friday, we want to know what kind of deals
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you're seeing. we are getting a lot of responses from tom and his wife. we want to see yours. use the hash tag fox 29 good day. caitlin, are you going to embrace the crowds after work today. >> yeah, right, there is no chance, i'm sorry, i am not a black friday supporter. but i'd much rather be standing right here. it is always cold, crowdedded and crazy every year but i commend anyone who does go out and do it. those deals are pretty awesome and for a lot of you worth standing out. we are not standing out in any wet or inclement weather. it is never like we get a nice balmy black friday out there. snow showers are far off to the north and west and we should see nothing but clear skies as we go through rest of the morning followed by sunshine. temperatures struggling this morning mid 20's mount pocono and allentown. twenty-eight in pottstown. thirty-four in philadelphia we are above freezing and same is the case towards millville, wildwood and dover but with a wind that is about five to ten
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to close to 15 miles an hour in some spots including wilmington and down through wildwood. we have that iciness in the air and that is the wind chill and they are in the teens, towards our north, upper 20's in philadelphia. this is much better indication of what it feels like outside. your fox cast for today a lot on unshine. 37 degrees is it for the high temperature. another day in novas we wrap up the month that is well below normal. into tonight temperatures fall back in the 20's under clear skies. we have a a cold start to the weekend but we have some warming out there. we will have that ahead in your seven day forecast but first bob kelly are you i black friday fan. >> i'm not a black friday fan. i will sit in front of the computer and get those deals later on.
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for those heading out this morning, good morning to the king of prussia mall. mall is off in the right here in the background. parking lot not bad at all at the moment. obviously some extra volume on route 202. i haded some extra cars coming in on the schuylkill expressway with me this morning. no problems again there. we will call it black ice. we have had a couple of cars spinning off the ramps on our major roadways this morning. i'll show you those in a second. live look at the franklin mills mall. is it not called franklin mills. >> yes, it is something. >> you know what i'm talking about the old franklin mills mall route 63 up along woodhaven road. light volume so far this morning, but a couple of accidents. eastbound on the schuylkill expressway an accident, the off ramps to the blue route, another accident on the pennsy turnpike off ramp to king of prussia. i say off ramp because that is where i think we will find those slippery spots at 4:15 this morning. any precipitation that didn't dry up on the road or main melted a little bit yesterday but refroze overnight. an accident on the turnpike connection road here on the ramp to route 130 for the gang there in south jersey and gas
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main break above trenton along crossing road. so today use route one heading out to do some shopping this morning. otherwise majors in good shape. no problems on the cue kill coming from royersford in towards king of prussia we're in good shape. septa is in good shape across the regional will rail lines and they have added extra bus services to the bus lines, to and from the king of prussia mall just for the shoppers. chris, back over to you. >> try to find an empty seat next to you. >> yes. >> focus won't be on helping customers today, for some retail workers according to the bbc labor organizers and wall man mart workers will be protesting working conditions at that retail giant. demonstrations will reportedly take place at 1600 u.s. locations. while today is a difficult day for shopping those black friday deals many people gave into stores opening up earlier on thanksgiving and sacrificed dinner and time with family to shop. in fact, take a look at this
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long line outside. toys are news cherry hill yesterday evening. store opened up at 5:00 in the evening to shoppers lured by those deals. many say they could not pass up doing early christmas shopping because of the bargain. it was a a similar scene a at cherry hill mall that opened up a at 6:00 yesterday evening and stayed opened until, well, all night, in fact, it went close until 10:00 o'clock tonight. some shoppers passed by thanksgiving dinner all together. others said they ate early supper. >> really hard, because i believe this is a day to get things to do with your family. my husband actually wantedded me to stay home but i came out anyway. >> i really don't think so but like i said as long as you get to eat, you are good. >> some who shopped on thanksgiving day say they won't be back out today but black friday crowds are expect to be really big, if in the bigger, we will see from our live reporters throughout including jennifer joyce and steve keeley, both in new jersey and in pennsylvania.
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owners of the vineland restaurant put profit aside to give back to the community. sam and his wife tamara fouler own best of southern cook nothing vineland and they opened two years ago on east landis street and they wanted to thank the community for supporting them in their new business. workers and volunteers spent the day feeding hundreds of people came in for a community thanksgiving dinner a at no charge. how cool is that. the feast had all fixins asbell. >> people in need, we didn't have it, to do it but god gave me a gift and i wanted to give my gift back. >> i was overwhelmed, because to see how some people came in that were really struggling and we were able to accommodate them in every way we could, great feeling. >> we forget eagles players, and these are the the true heroes in our community. good for them. volunteers helped make the day happen for serving all that food. foulers are planning their next community event. they will be collecting toys
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and providing a christmas dinner for those in need. got to love them great human beings there. 4:19. activist upset over grand jury decision connected to the michael brown shooting are boycotting black friday. overnight in the st. louis a area protesters spend a few minutes at stores shouting inside, however, organizers of boycott black friday say that they mean for things to be peaceful and want to draw attention, only attention for what they called an unfair justice system. they are encouraging african-american consumers to turn to economic activism by taking home on the busiest shopping day of the year. they say boycotts like these have been successful in the past. >> boycotts in montgomery, baltimore mar land, they got the message and they change their patterns. >> others are planning to march through shopping malls in silence and in prayer on black friday to get their message across. in downtown ferguson many will
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spend their day beautifying the city of buildings were damage or destroyed in monday's riots. meantime on thanksgiving there is in police or missouri national guard members standing guard outside the ferguson police station, instead, efforts to beautify the city were underway. groups have been painting designs on the plywood that covers store windows looted during violent protest over the past week. 4:20 is the time. yes, fly eagles fly. there is a lot have of confidence moving forward to round out the season, of course, they looked really sharp yesterday. no interceptions thrown by mark sanchez. shady mccoy looked like shady of last year all day. so, we will show you what he says about being the best team in football.
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boy do we feel good about this team right now. eagles never lost on hangs giving day that is not about to change. mark sanchez played his butt off. jordan matthews his seventh touchdown of the year, eagles up, 23-seven. lesean mccoy said he is same guy that led the nfl in rushing. 159 of the bird 250 plus yard rushing and eagles d, 33-ten the final. eagles in soul possession of first place. they knock the cowboys down to size. mccoy says his talk about being the best is not finish. >> i feel like nobody gave us
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a a chance today, you know, and i think you go in there and that is what i did. that is the goal. that is what we're doing. >> that is what they are doing. >> eagles are confident they can do the same thing when they meet again in two weeks. why shouldn't they be. don't miss fox 29 game day live this sunday at 11:00 a.m. i'm keith russell with sports in a minute. all right. and lions hosted the bears for thanksgiving day, detroit beat chicago 34-17, the lions have now won back to back games, on thanksgiving, that is a tradition lions playing on thanksgiving. they might be far on a combat mission but hundreds of u.s. troops in afghanistan, got to celebrate thanksgiving. the the white house released a photo of president obama making thanksgiving day phone calls to u.s. troops stationed oversees. hundreds of troops in afghanistan taking time to celebrate holiday while gobbling down on turkey dinners. as you can imagine they are looking forward to the end of
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their mission from reuniting with their families. u.s. nato and combat mission in afghanistan ends at the end of december. philadelphia mayor michael nutter, d.a. seth williams and hundreds of volunteers were up before dawn yesterday to prepare, package and deliver 1800 meals for the the need any our area they got it all done at north philadelphia headquarters. they prepare and meals for critical illnesses. peco energy helped make this all happen. and it is kind of cool, right? good weather for it, a little will crisp but clear. philadelphia's mess beloved traditions, at least one of them, annual thanksgiving day parade marched through center city yesterday. it is, the 95th year, this is the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the nation. there were marching back as you just heard and saw and even lance bass from n'synx, everybody had a really good time. it is not easy when you are dubbed the ugly tree, but
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one town is taking that name in stride, what they are doing to put the cherry on top of the charlie brown inspired tree that we have had here on fox 29 up in reading. and many give thanks around the table some flock to the battleship new jersey to thank our troops. see how they did that just along the delaware.
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good morning, on this black friday coming up at 4:30, happy black friday. we're live taking a look at what shoppers are grabbing up all over the delaware valley. >> especially people along the delaware river say thank you to thousands of service members, past and present. here's sanchez, keeping it, touchdown. >> well, it is off to a great start, wasn't that great in the red zone but boy did they shine yesterday what a play there to nab their first points of the game. we will talk to on folks about the reaction to the game and the team spirit, everybody saying good mood this morning and good day to you. it is friday, in 28th, 2014. we're talking black friday all morning long. did you get an amazing deal, tweeting photos on the fox 29 good day.
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just show us what they are doing. caitlin, you are not a fan of black friday. >> no, are you. >> no. >> i just hate to shop generally. >> so this is your worst nightmare, your least favorite day of the year. >> i just avoid it. it is nice. all of the other things are quiet because everybody is flocking to the mallsy cannot imagine me a deal wanting to go out in the crowds, waiting in the lines, go out in the coal. that is me personally. haters will hate here. we have snow showers off to the west. they will not reach us. we have a chance of snow showers come tomorrow but in the meantime high pressure in place we should see clear skies for the morning a and sunrise and sunshine but clear skies after loud temperatures to drop. it is a cold night for anyone outside. fox future cast will go through the rest of the day your from whether it involved shopping or not does look to be really beautiful. it looks to be nice. it will feel different than that. 12:00 on ward nothing but sunshine but we will see clouds increase. this is out ahead of the tiny
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little small thing moving tomorrow. you can see a front or storm system but it is enough to bring flurries to the area. this is 9:00 a a.m. saturday. that is more than flurries. that is coming down pretty good. those snow showers making it east to the mountains tomorrow morning. we will see that sweeps through in the afternoon, what looks like light snow or maryland rate snow to southeastern pennsylvania and light rain into south jersey. so, tomorrow expect to be socked in with clouds. it will be chilly. there is a chance for passing flurries or showers. into sunday morning though we will clear out and we will see sunshine there. for today 37 degrees, mostly sunny, cold and breezy. wind right not not too bad increasing from 15 to 20. gusts to 25. that will keep wind chills in the 20's all day long. your seven day forecast, 37 today, temperatures well below normal and coal. flurries can be flying for their last temple home game tomorrow. forty-two is the high temperature. we will take the edge off the on the chill on sunday.
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sixty on monday. that will feel nice before it turns cold and those days in the 60's, will be fewer and further in between, as we head into december. it begins on monday. hard to believe, bob kelly. >> flip that calendar. 4:32. happy black friday. heading out of the front door to do some shopping, not bad at all on our major roadways. live look at route 100 right here near exton mall in the background there nice and quiet there. live look, this is, route 73, right here near cherry hill mall, cherry hill mall up there in the background chen cherry hill and moorestown the mall in moorestown mall in problems or delays, as of yet. live look here, this is, route 130, not that far from the collinswood circle. light volume but tacony palmyra bridge. there were some icing reported on the bridge. they closed the bridge, ran the salt trucks across the span and now we are set for an opening any minute now at 4:35. heading for a bridge make it betsy ross and we will be in good shape. tacony pennsylvania palmyra on
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stand by for an opening. eastbound on the schuylkill expressway an accident on the on ramp to the blue route, 476, again, that ramp. a lot of those ramps, any of the melting that occurred maybe yesterday during the day could have refroze on the overnight and we have had some slippery spots and a couple of accidents on the ramps, ramp from pennsy, pennsylvania turnpike to the valley forge interchange an accident, on that sharp ramp this morning. also one on the turnpike connection roads, ramp to route 130 and a gas main break up here in trenton, new jersey everette crossing road. use route one throughout the day at least until construction crews clean up. afternoon game flyers on the ice tonight, i hud say with the 1:00 o'clock start that will leave with us extra volume in and out of the south philadelphia during our lunchtime hour. had mass transit, buses trains trolleys all looking good with no delays. chris, back over to you. >> go flyers with the rangers at home. >> way to turn it around too after a couple losses in a row. of course, it is black
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friday. sales have shoppers in pennsylvania out this morning. jennifer joyce doing just that among the crowd at kop, king of prussia it looks fairly busy out there at 4:34. >> reporter: are it is a good time to shop. you are not jammed pack with people but there are a few people out for 4:30 in the morning when the mall is not officially even opened yet. some people left out because certain stores did stay opened all night long but a lot of people are taking a break, sitting down, they have their bags and bracing for part two which will begin when mall begins at 6:00 a.m. some people are wait forgo specific stores. i'm join here by joslin, you have been here since midnight. >> yes. >> what are you finding and why did you want to come out. >> i have been out, since this afternoon and looking for electronics, and bunch of deals going on right now. >> reporter: how long will you stay here. >> i'm getting ready to leave.
4:35 am
i'm past my bedtime. it has been enough. >> reporter: so you were here, sitting down when we found you taking a little will break. >> i'm wait forgo people actually. but i need a break. >> reporter: getting ready to round up the the troops, head home and call it a a night. >> yes. >> i see you have your phones plug n phone chargers outlets are key when you stay out all night long. >> yes, right. my phone was dying and i came and at down next to an outlet. >> reporter: what store in particular did you find the best deal. >> here it was h and m and forever 21, and i had to go take something back to the car. >> reporter: well, thank you so much, joslin, get some sleep. >> thank you. >> reporter: other thing we are finding it seems like they have scattered but there were a a lot of kids over in this section, believe it or not, the widths are staying away. i asked photographer greg what the heck are these parents doing with their children wide awake and playing with their children the 4:00 a.m. where
4:36 am
adults are beginning to call it a night, chris. >> here's my question he to you, jen if your husband is watching. your husband was to head out on this black friday to any store, which one would it be. >> reporter: the husband that i don't have. wait, you are single. >> reporter: i'm not married. >> that is an entirely different conversation. your boyfriend then. >> reporter: yeah, what store. i don't know, i would say the best spot, everybody, you know, wants a gadget. >> you are a gadget girl. >> reporter: are you asking what i want for christmas. offer a subtle hint tour love interest what store hud that person hit up. >> reporter: jewelry is always good, clothes is always good but i will say i want a
4:37 am
subscription to netflix so i am offering several hints there. >> that is a great gift idea. >> all right, jenny, sorry to put you on the spot and mess up your status, apologize. >> reporter: yes, thank you now pressure is on. very single jennifer choice and very troubled chris murphy reporting here without kerry barrett. what kind of deals are you scoring. the send us your tweets and photos. use the hash tag fox 29 good day and may see your comments live on air this morning as if these comments were not interesting enough. excitement is building for pope's visit to philadelphia next year. of course, september 2015. so what is being asked of you before he arrives. then fantastic news for loving pup we have shown you many times right here on fox 29, pearlies bracing for a big moment today, we will tell you all about her
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time right now, is 4:40. three more days, sunday should be a busy, busy, travel day and the rest of the i hud say weather should be good. good morning, caitlin. >> the residents of the philadelphia area being asked to show brotherly love for those seeing pope francis next
4:41 am
year to see the spec crowd officials hope more than 10,000 families will volunteer to host visitors and their spare bedrooms. francis attends to attend world meeting of families in philadelphia next september, area hotel rooms are filling fast and a event planners even local hotels 90 miles away in baltimore. eagles regaining steam from a huge thanksgiving win we caught up with fans, post game to see what they think, next is ahead for the birds. but first bob kelly check in on the roads for us good morning, bob. >> good morning, light volume on the major roadways this morning but we have a tacony palmyra bridge opening underway at the moment. we have had flower that is rolled through and that caused some icing on the bridge and to close the bridge, and now officially closing for an opening. we will use the betsy ross. we will check
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welcome back, 4:44. people off, holding hands in line at best buy, target, and k-mart, getting ready to get those deals. it is a busy morning on it there luckily the weather is in the so busy and we are seeing calm but cold conditions, outside right now, snow showers across many parts of the northeast but there is those mountains that is their barrier that will in the make it in the philadelphia area
4:45 am
the exception would be northeast pennsylvania and poconos seeing more flurries and if you didn't get enough earlier this week. fox future cast shows a lot of sunshine today. bright, beautiful looking friday but will feel very coal. as we head into tonight clear skies overnight we will see clouds increase a bit. things will change as early as saturday morning. here's what happened by saturday morning we have a weak impulse moving through first we will see clouds and then we will have a chance to see some snow flurries and maryland rate snow north and west of us. it looks like these snow showers will make it east of the mountains, poconos, lehigh valley, lancaster whole area could see those snow showers coming in before temperatures rise in the lower 40's. that could be rain showers down in south jersey. now you whatever comes through it looks like it is light. models didn't have have it yesterday and it looks to be quick. that will exit by sometime saturday evening. we will head into sunday. we will see sunshine return. your forecast today, 37 degrees, mostly sunny, breezy cold with the north
4:46 am
west win gusting to 25 miles an hour at the times. that keeps wind chills in the 20's almost all day long. cold, top to bottom. seven day forecast, 37 today. forty-two with flurries flying there on saturday. we will look to try to clear things out heading in to sunday and temperatures maryland rate back to normal and hitting 60 degrees on monday before our next chance of some cold weather to come through it looks like on tuesday a high of just 39 degrees. we're in the month of december then. temperatures in the upper 40's for wednesday and thursday. that is your seven day forecast, lets check the roads with bob. >> good morning, 4:46. we are in good shape on our major roadways, no big problems. live look right here near exton mall route 100 just watch it. we have had a couple accidents this morning on the on and the off ramps. here's an example right here this shoulder just that fine glaze of ice on the hood of the vehicle there. you can see just some glaze, again, any precipitation that did not dry up, from the last couple of days, certainly laying out there in the form of on black ice on our on and
4:47 am
our off ramps. tacony pennsylvania palmyra bridge we had to roll role a couple of salt trucks in the last half an hour and now we are underway with an actual bridge opening with the freighter. betsy ross bridge is your best bet, but otherwise up and down i-95 looking good through northeast philadelphia, we will go for a fly 295 working your way through bellmawr, deptford mall, no problems up toward moorestown, new jersey and the moorestown mall just off of 295, and route 38, but we have an accident east on the schuylkill expressway on the off ramp to the blue route, 476 and a crash on the pennsylvania turnpike, the the off ramp to the king of prussia interchange. an accident on the turnpike connection bridge road right here near route 130. or wise mass transit looking good with no delays, chris, back to you. thanksgiving is for the bird, literally eagles got the big win begins cowboys in dallas. we caught up with fans to get their take and their predictions for what is to come.
4:48 am
>> i think they are somewhat in a an advantage in their division. two weeks we will find out more because they will play them again. >> lesean mccoy finally showed up. offensive line had a great game. lesean playing great. sanchez looks like a stud that he is. >> next people we will take care of seattle and send these dallas cowboys home in another couple weeks and wrap up the division all at ones. >> cowboys going down, eagles going up, playoffs here we come, lets get ready, philadelphia. >> you bet. >> so before the game we mentioned keys to the game were sanchez could not throw any interceptions, he didn't. shady a had to have a big game, did he, 159-yard rushing. the the eagles went on to win, 33-ten. birds are in soul possession in first place in the nfc east. in west philadelphia the tasty's restaurant shut down 52nd street and germantown avenue to survey big turkey dale meal for more than 500 people. restaurant's owner ace she wanted to give a good meal to people who might not another
4:49 am
wise get one or be able to afford one there was also fun and games for the kids. in your entertainment nice we're talking turkey, having your favorite celebrities spend thanksgiving day? lets take a look. this is porsche a a derossi, yeah, and wife ellen degenerous had had a quiet dinner with friend. she tweeted out saying simply, happy thanksgiving. kelly clark son giving us another glimpse of her adorable new baby, river rose, he says happy thanksgiving from my little turkey head, that is cute. expecting mother carrie underwood discovering great about maternity wear on holiday, on twitter she wrote i think maternity pants will be making an a annual appearance as my thanksgiving pants. as that stretching part in the front, right. hash tag stretchy pants, hash tag so full hash tag happy thanksgiving. jimmy fall honorary flexing on the meaning of the holiday
4:50 am
saying thank you thanksgiving for being a time for family and thank you football and alcohol for making that tolerable. hash tag thank you notes. and in south florida singer gloriaes stephan and her family got in the holiday spirit. she served up thanksgiving meals and cuban dish toes homeless families or families in transition. she's the seventh annual feed a friend event, as part of this and also in south florida former miami heat player alonzo morning went door to door to deliver food to needy families. alive and well along the delaware river as hundreds turnout in camden yesterday to say thanks to our service members past and present. as fox 29's brad satan reports part of that includes a turkey din information some veterans who otherwise would go hungry. >> reporter: on a chilly windy holiday meaning. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: with the battleship new jersey as a backdrop. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: some of our nation's heroes arrived.
4:51 am
>> thank you very much. >> reporter: to allow to us say thanks for what they do for us every day, least we can do for them to be here. >> reporter: welcoming 200 service members, some active duty, some veterans, some with no place to live. boarding this decorated ship that dates back to world war two, 55,000 sailors and marines served here so on her rear deck. >> some gave all and all gave some. >> reporter: inn identify this heated tent. >> anything you need in the state of new jersey we have all these people anus to support you. >> reporter: it seemed to be a fitting place for local leaders to say. >> with great gratitude thank you. >> reporter: from there downstairs to the mess hall and in the chow line where they were served by the young. >> i'm doing rolls, cranberry sauce, vegetables. >> reporter: are the famous. >> always good to give back to the community and to those that serve our country. so wye try to come out and help as much a as we can. >> reporter: and the a appreciated. marshall spirack's family has
4:52 am
been organizing this meal for ten years. >> it hads grown from a small event to a hugh monk us event. >> reporter: mike and his family is from idaho, pilot training in new jersey about to be dereplied to the persian gulf. >> we are far from family but to be able to come like this it feels like we are with family. >> i did look yesterday and i got turned down for a turkey. it is hard. >> reporter: on this thanksgiving bill clark who served in the army wasn't turn down taking life a day at a time. when asked where he goes from here his simple response was for seconds. in camden, brad satan, fox 29 news. still to come on fox 29 morning news trimming for is what being called a very charlie brown christmas tree, how the town is embracing the charlie brown christmas tree, how deciding between buyinghe food and health care
4:53 am
4:54 am
is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, visit to learn more.
4:55 am
they're out there, hitting up the stores on this black friday. we see plenty of people. the resident of reading are borrowing from charlie brown. do you remember controversy surrounding the city's little christmas tree in well, city officials decided to decorate the the tree with one red bulb, just like the tree from the peanuts cartoon. officials say they hope the idea will remine people of the deeper meaning of the season, the bulb will be placed on the tree, during the rededication
4:56 am
ceremony, on december 6th. that is actually really funny. it is happy ending for a pit bull name pearl. we first told but her last movement do you remember pearl, we will show video of this beautiful little pup. just 20 pounds when she was rescued from chester back yard. spca nursed the pup back to health helping her gain more than 25-pound and more than a week ago the spca started to take adoption applications for pearl and we are happy to report she has found her forever home. pearl's new family will be picking her up today so she can start her new life. that is so great. pearl, i hope you have a great rest of your life with your new family. dogs are so forgiving, right, especially when they are mistreated. they go out and be the bus most lovable pets. 4:56. eagles sore to victory on turkey day but are you worried about next week a against the defending champion seattle seahawks? what mark sanchez had to say
4:57 am
post game. reunion seven decades in the making how one family's couraged saved another family, a heart warming reunion y
4:58 am
4:59 am
are you scoping out those black friday deals or did you will already go shopping? we will take you live to local hot spots to see what kind of deals people are grabbing up this morning.
5:00 am
ups worker goes above and john to save a family's home, how he stepped into action. just in time, caitlin roth tracking your weekend weather, hey caitlin. >> we luck out with decent thanksgiving but now very cold. sun will be out but will chilly temperatures last all weekend long, that is coming up in the seven day forecast. >> an chest out to his left, throws across the field, he has matthews for the touchdown. >> sanchez looked sharp, right? no interceptions that touchdown pass, birds looked good early 14 to nothing after that touchdown. breaking down highlights and how mark sanchez is preparing for their next big game and as eagles get ready to sore they have got seattle and dallas again. this is really the heart of the season that is gun at nine and three. good day everyone it is friday, november 28th, 2014. we are talking bird of course and black friday all morning long. did you get good deals. tweet us photos what you are doing right now.


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