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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  December 2, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EST

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>> reporter: we begin the news with another day in manayunk where it looks festive but chris, understandably it is far from it. >> and then breaking news from overnight a crash from north philadelphia causes a car to flip right on the road and you serio is tracking some rain, sue. >> we have got on messy weather around, we will see it when we show you ultimate doppler radar. chillier temperatures this morning. what to expect the rest of the day coming up in your weather authority forecast. go somewhere. >> bill cosby certainly made his mark on temple university but now, he is severing ties,
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the the reason he gave for making that choice and what students are saying about it this morning. good day, it is tuesday, december the second, 2014. >> all right. thanks for being with us. our sue serio mentioned the radar is active on this tuesday, hi sue. >> this is a radar picture that looks a little more scarier then it is and we will wait for it. there we go. you can see a little white, pink, purple there and on green. the green means rain, and the pink and purple means a sleet, and then the white means snow. but a lot of what you are seeing is not necessarily even making it to the ground. so we will zoom in closer, and we will show you that it looks like in new castle county delaware we have had rain around wilmington this morning, there may be some sleet or snow mixed in and around here in the philadelphia area we will not see much of it making its way to the ground, so there is a look at wilmington where we might have a light mix of precipitation. ground is really warm from the past couple of mild days but
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there you can see over in new jersey we've got some rain, over around water ford, evesham, gloucester and here in philadelphia not much going on, we have a nor'easterly breeze at 14 miles an hour shaking the camera a little bit. 7:04 is our sunrise time and we are at 39 degrees. we may stay around this temperature the rest of the day. twenty-five in mount pocono. chillier then yesterday. how much chillier? well, 22 degrees in the case of mount pocono. fourteen or 5 degrees colder then yesterday here in the city. so with the wind out of the north it is a chillier day. you might want to put that sweater under the coat but we have had a mild start to december. look at that high evening up being 65. we were calling for 60. now we're thinking we will average around 40 throughout the afternoon with light sleet and snow changing over to rain, more details on that forecast, is coming up but it is time new to get our first tuesday morning look at traffic with bob kelly. good morning. >> reporter: as we promised
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yesterday today will be a yuck i, rough starts. let's begin in south jersey where as sue just showed us depending upon where you begin and end your trip this morning we have to deal with everything. here's a live look at new jersey turnpike right on the new jersey side, of the delaware memorial bridge. again, roads are wet if you look closely you can make some snow flakes out, in the overhead street lamps there but for the most part expect that spray starting to pop up off the cars and trucks in front of you. the further north and west you go, things could get dies think morning. otherwise 202 as you roll up to west chester just light flurries rolling out of the malvern and heading up towards king of prussia interchange. damp on the schuylkill expressway with light flower ace long the way working your way in towards downtown, slow go in whoever town along 476, bridges, ben franklin, walt whitman, commodore barry looking good. keep an eye on that temperature and see whether they will put salt down on the spans this morning. septa off to a good start
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buses trains trolleys running with no delays and coming inbound out on the schuylkill expressway a 14 minute trip from conshohocken to center city. southbound i-95 looking good and no problems between west chester and kop, chris and kerry back to you. >> it is 4:04. police investigating a single will car crash in north philadelphia look at that car flipped on its roof at germantown avenue and tioga streets. it happened around 1:30 this morning, no word on how seriously the driver was injury. time is 404:67:89 search for missing college student shane montgomery has now reached day six. >> this morning we're learning more about the night that he disappeared. fox 29's steve keeley live in manayunk with the latest, steve. >> reporter: yeah, head line here this morning not one stitch of new information and you can see christmas lights are up but there is no festive mood in manayunk, main street of shops, restaurant and bars so popular and so somber a as this manayunk mystery
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continues with the a clue. but while there is no single new information in six days, what is new is the growing support for the family of shane montgomery and the size of the reward for any information to help find them. a go fund me request to help the family, cover the cost of their own search themselves, for shane reached and went way over its goal in the single day hitting close to $10,000. the reward not adding to it in all with you two days after family's first 10,000 is now going to be up over $30,000, after a local restaurant pledges $5,000 more. the family and investigators now believe that reward leading to a tip is the key to this case. >> and whatever it takes for me to find shane is what i'm going to do. if it takes me doing interview after interview after interview so people know that shane is somewhere and somebody knows where shane is and somebody can help us
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locate shane, i'll do as much as i have to do. >> we know somebody has seen him since then. there are hundreds of people walking out of those bars on one of the biggest drinking nights in the country and in the year. someone saw something. we need a tip to help us go back to the right direction and refocus where we need to look so we can find shane and bring him home. all we're asking is anybody has information, notice something now that they have stepped out maybe that would help, is to call the authorities. >> reporter: among late's digs toss this reward fund, $1,000 from the west chester university student government association, surprisingly, and shocking to many, nothing yet, not a single will dime from the school where shane is a senior, right now. but anyway the student government association taking a lead at the the cam puts in two ways to the just with this thousand dollars reward but planning a candle light vigil tomorrow if shane is not
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found by then. chris and kerry, tomorrow night when they hold that vigil will mark one week since shane was last seen on the sidewalk, where he vanish into thin air. >> hard to even fathom what his parents are going through and his mother as well. they are just looking for good news. all right. 4:07 is the time. a missing, ten year-old from the parkside section of camden is back home this morning. we first brought you this as breaking news at 10:00 o'clock last night. nazir williams went missing from the 1400 block of of pond avenue. williams was found at a home of a relatives. a fire sender two people to the hospital including a child. sky fox over the scene of the 5500 block of media street in west philadelphia. this was last night. you can see fire fighters and police till on the scene about an hour after they got flames under control. we do know that one young patient was taken to chop, but we do not know, their exact condition. meanwhile, a 25 year-old man is in critical condition after a driver slammed into
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him and kept going. it happened right around 9:00 last night near 59th and rust comb in west philadelphia police say the man was crossing the the treat when a volvo station wagon hit him. they are now searching for that driver. at 4:08 this morning, bill cost bye is out at his alma matter. last night the comedian resigned from temple university's board of trustees. >> this, of course, follows weeks of a sex abuse scandal when more than a dozen woman accused cosby of rape or sexual assault. the fox 29's jennifer joyce is live at temple university. >> reporter: we have a milk reaction here at campus some think the move was a surprise. others think it was a move that came too late. bill cosby has been associated with temple university, and then amen of the board of trustees for more than 30 years. he has spoken at numerous commencements, is often supporting his cherry and white, many students see him as a face for temple university, a reason why they
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attended this school. the most famous temple alumni. temple university says bill cosby in submitted his resignation in writing and they accepted it, now the third university in the last week to sever ties with the comedian, as sexual assault accusations tip to mount. nearly 20 women have claimed cosby drugged and assaulted them, he has never been prosecuted, fox 29 broke the the news about cosby's resignation to several students last night and here's what they had to say. >> if people, he had to do what he had to do to move forward in his life, more power to him. that is only a couple words to everyone. >> it is a tough decision and we cannot say is what right or wrong because it has only been media telling us stuff. we need to give it time but i haven't heard anything bit the but it seems like he did it quietly which i'm still routeing for him but i will keep an opened mind for right now. >> reporter: nearly one thoughts had been posted on a petition at, urging
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temple university to out cosby. in a statement, cosby a says quote i have always been proud of my association with temple university, and i have always wanted to do what would be in the best interest, of the university and its students. as a result i have tendered my resignation from the temple university board of trustees ape temple university at this time is not commenting on the official reason why cosby resigned, or, saying whether or not he resigned on his own or if he was forced out, kerry and chris. jennifer joyce live on temple's campus, thank you. # 10:00. new jersey governor chris christie will join camden mayor dana redd for a special announcement. tell make known plans for school construction projects to replace some of their aging school buildings. also happening today philadelphia's mayor michael nutter and secretary of the u.s. department of agriculture will make an important announce b. their school lunches. they are rereeling new details bay federal support program that will help school cafeterias purchase more food from local farmers.
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pretty good idea. there is a huge entering on all week at xfinity live hosted by our very own friends at wmmr. >> preston and steve are holding their annual food drive, camp out for hunger. people can get down there all week and donate canned and boxed good, all donations benefit philabundance. food drive ends friday. say hi to please ton and steve. good guys. taking a selfie today can ensure a happy christmas for children. toys-r-us stores are attempting toy donations for toy for to the program and the chain will double donation ifs you do one simple thing. >> you have to do it. >> yes. >> take a selfie and donate it to the drive, post to it social media using the a hash tag play it for. toys-r-us will donate an additional toy to toys for tots the for every selfie shared. >> i like that play it forward. >> play it forward. >> 4:11. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey, hand picked by the president for a special task force. this is as new details on
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sweeping changes planned in the wake of the ferguson missouri case are coming up on. and your our soldiers being told to wipe out their social media accounts? the latest worries about an attack from isis.
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we have a couple winter weather advisories in effect but for us in the city, it is far away.
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it is lancaster county, berks, lehigh, northampton, carbon and monroe. these are places where it can get tricky this afternoon and authentic. look at the time it is in effect 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. because we expect a mix of precipitation and maybe light a accumulations of snow, and could be what we call tricky travel later on this afternoon in those counties. we have this cold front that never made its way through our area like it was supposed to so colder air is months in. i'm changing this precipitation from rain to snow it looks like that is happening in new castle county delaware. in philadelphia we are seeing light rain. as you will see in the traffic cameras with bob kelly, it is just wetting the roadways a little bit but things seem to be wet at least on the roads at this point. there is rain down in dover, delaware, cape may, new jersey as well. future cast, we have got a break in the action maybe, between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. but then you see by 10:00 o'clock this frontal system starting to come back and this starts
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to get tricky in the counties with the winter weather advisory. by noon we are seeing precipitation comes back. we will maybe see a mix in the city quickly changing over to rain but light accumulations up around a allentown, reading, lancaster, mountains up there by 2:00 and it is light precipitation for us later on in the day. i don't think we will have a had hazardous evening rush hour but there is rain just around. and milder air moving in after after that. it is a little bit of the confusing forecast but temperatures will probably, start to rise and at least be a little bit closer to average. average high temperature is 50 degrees. the fox cast for today is for a high of around 40 and a low of 38 tonight, as the changeover happens, and we just get some rain tapering off in the evening. so that takes care of your, tuesday, and, from the weather authority, so mostly just light precipitation out there
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right now, bob, wet roadways. >> that is exactly what we're seeing i have passed a few flurries or drove through a few flurries this morning on my way in out of malvern heading up 202 into the schuylkill expressway. here's route 100 near the exton mall, you will will's find damp roads. watch yourself. some turning lanes we are getting those flurries, and maybe that shoulder could have a build up. here's 202 at county line road depending upon where you begin and end your trip this morning you could go from wet roads to dry roads. here's i-95, you can see glare in the head lights. that is a a sign that the roads are wet just enough to make things slippery, this morning but no problems at philly international, all bets could be off if we get a weather situation throughout the day. keep that in mind if you are flying out of philadelphia, tuesday is always a busy day not only in the roads but in the air. as we go for a fly 295, new jersey turnpike we are seeing that precipitation, roads are
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wet, all the way down towards that delaware memorial bridge. naturally the weather will ohio down the morning commute to begin with. ben franklin, walt whitman, commodore barry a all in good shape this morning and mass transit, regional rails were in good shape kicking off this tuesday morning. chris, back to you. drama on the famous rodeo drive-in los angeles. police shot a robbery suspect in the lobby of the a hotel in beverly hills last night. officials believe that the man may have been involved in the nearby bank robbery. the suspect is being treated at a hospital. rodeo drive is a california hot spot for tour why is that was shut down for several hours with all of the high end shopping there on rodeo drive. has been there for decades. man suspect of killing four people in west virginia is dead. police say jody lee hunt shot himself in his pickup truck last night. discovery ended a hours long manhunt. hunt was wanted for shooting two people in westover and two others near the lake. officials say several police
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departments are involved in the investigation and they are still trying to piece together exactly what happened. it is 4:19. ferguson grand jury decision sparked debate all over over the country and many would like to keep that discussion going. organizers of ferguson to philly are holding a town hall meeting tonight at 6:30 at calvary church at forty-eighth and baltimore avenue. participants will have a strategy around philadelphia's concerned. meanwhile president obama has tapped philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey to help lead a task force on 21st century policing. commissioner ramsey will lead the pan well laurie robinson, a former assistant attorney general. the announcement came on the aim day that a group of philadelphia police officers began wearing body cameras in a pilot program to help try that technology out. president obama is asking lawmakers for 75 million-dollar to get 50,000 more police to wear these body cameras. the president made that announcement during a series of meetings in the wake of the
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ferguson grand jury decision. the white house says these cameras could bridge deep mistress between law enforcement and public. attorney general eric holder announcing yesterday that the anti racial profiling measures are in effect. he made that announce. during a meeting a at a church in atlanta it is the very same church in which martin luther king junior, preached. the attorney general would be visiting several cities rather as part of the white house effort to strengthen relationships between police ape minority communities. 4:20 is the time. we have to get to breaking news. two lebanese officials say authorities detained one of the wife's and son of the leader of the islamic state group. military officials say woman and her son were taken ten days ago. officials say at rest was quote in coordination with foreign intelligence agencies, meantime, federal officials are warning u.s. military officials to wipe their social media accounts of any material that culled make them a target for isis terrorist. we will keep an eye on that.
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meantime bulletin from the fbi and home land securitying ises terrorist overseas are looking for people willing and capable of conducting attacks begins current and former u.s. military members. government issued two similar warnings in october. an aid to a republican congressman has resigned after calling out president obama's daughters. elizabeth loudon is former communications department i have to the representative from tennessee n a facebook post that we talk about as a matter of fact on fox 29 morning news yesterday, she commented on mallia and sascha obama's body language and their outfits the last weeks white house turkey pardoning ceremony. another just stuff. she said they should have have shown more class. she late's pol guyed for their post. >> not great news for ray rice what tmz says they caught him doing, right after his what tmz says they caught him doing, right after his suspension from the nfl was
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. coaching rumors start at this time of the year in cleaning football this one involves chip kelly. there are reports with some blogger that has nothing to do that the university of florida will talk to chip kelly. in the a chance chip kelly leaves eagles this year for florida. the eagles have many areas of team playing well, one areas running of lesean mccoy, how about that going in to seattle. he has rushed for 289 yards in one week, 180 against
4:25 am
tennessee, 159 against dallas. one thing has changed. >> i just think there is a continuity, same guys playing next to the same guys, and, communication has been better, so, as a group, they have gotten a chance to line up next to the same guy for a couple weeks. >> no duncan, no parker, in problem. no sixers win at wells fargo center. it doesn't matter they didn't play. leonard had 26. sixers, their losing streak continues, sam hinkie, congratulations, sixers lose 109-103. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. we have more news to get to at the 4:25. former ravens running bank ray rice in party mode over the weekend. this was a day after arbitrate or announced he was able in fact to return to the nfl. >> rice was spotted in an up scale new york city sports bar, according to tmz. source tells the gossip site that rice was spotted with his wife janet but did not have a picture of the two together.
4:26 am
they don't have have one, evidently from the bar. now the site posted other images of rice enjoying the company of other people at the club, a source also tells tmz that rice was not drinking. on friday a arbitrator overruled his indefinite suspension from the nfl. rice had been kick out after video surfaced of him knocking janet out. he is at the bar with his wife, there was no drinking and there was in trouble y is that a story. the the terrifying ordeal that oprah went through in chicago. but first, bob kelly is checking our traffic on this tuesday. hello, bob. >> good morning, hello everybody, live look at the platt bridge in the background from the airport camera. depending pneumonia where you begin and end your trip things could be mess think morning. sue has the forecast. we will check the rest of the yam cams when we come right back.
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good morning, on this tuesday at 4:30, the search for shane is intensifying. police hot on the trail of perhaps a new clue. our sue serio tracking your wet weather. >> it is a little bit of the mess out there but not annex stream mess. we have a variety of precipitation to show you on ultimate doppler radar and what to expect the the rest of the day all coming up, kerry.
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and brace yourself, if you have not gotten a christmas tree yet this could be bad news, christmas tree shortage hitting the northeast but you may not be out of the luck yet. we will tell you thousand find one. >> i hope not. >> i got ours over the weekend. >> i didn't. >> oh, no, that is the prices. >> you wait you lose, early bird gets the worm. good day, it is tuesday, december 2nd, 2014. >> up deed it is. it is colder then it was yesterday morning. >> we have some precipitation that we didn't have yesterday. we ended up with a decent day yesterday. the showers didn't come until nighttime. there you go, we have got white, purple, pink there on ultimate doppler radar but just depends on where you are. we have very light precipitation. very light in chester county in west caln you might be seeing flurries around. around wilmington we have seen some rain changing over to some light snow, some sleet possibly mixed in the city, and it is mostly just wetting the roadways, and, it is
4:31 am
nothing extreme at this point. but it looks like we will see a change over in the last couple of minutes, from rain to some light snow, over in new jersey, around gloucester and glassboro. so again, could be a little bit slippery no matter what precipitation you have, and allow yourself extra time today. 39 degrees is our current temperature. 70:00 is our sunrise time. other temperatures to show you, they are all pretty much above freezing, at the surface except mount pocono where we have five. we will not see precipitation up there. thirty-seven in wilmington. thirty-nine in wildwood. these temperatures are as much a as 22 degrees colder then yesterday. 14 degrees colder in philadelphia and in millville, new jersey. this morning. winds are now out of the north and that is the reason. cold winds coming from the north with those 14 miles an hour winds and we expect after yesterday's mild start to the december, and high of
4:32 am
65 degrees, we will probably end up averaging 40 degrees with some snow and sleet changing over to rain. so that is your forecast for todays, now, it is time to check on the roadways. i guess that leaving early advise is is a good idea. >> leave early and leave extra wiggle room between you a and that bumper in front of you. 4:32 on this tuesday. it will be a tricky morning commutes, already some roads are wet, you are dealing with some flurries in our camera. and just rain depending upon where you begin and end your trip. this is a live look at route 30 white horse pike on the new jersey side catching glare off road surface. that is a sign that things are wet here this morning. this is a live look at schuylkill expressway near south street. schuylkill damp and wet from king of prussia all the way through south philadelphia. then we will take a ride on that cue kill leaving south jersey up and over that walt whitman bridge, expect slower than normal speeds on all major roadways this morning. so give yourself some extra
4:33 am
time. downtown philadelphia they are still working on than that spring garden street on ramp. if you are flying out of philadelphia international we are okay right now. i just checked tote board but as weather rolls through this morning there could be possible delays. check with your airline, airport is opened, it is airlines that will impact the individual flight status. bennie, whitman, commodore barry all looking good. mass transit, septa says all aboard they're in good shape this morning. >> lets get back to the roads for a minute, bob. new this morning investigation of a single car crash in north philadelphia the car flipped on the roof as you can see at germantown after knew and tioga street. so just about three hours ago. no word if the driver was seriously injured. at 4:33 this morning. family and friend praying for safe return of missing college student shane montgomery. >> shane went missing last thursday, very early thanksgiving morning and hasn't been seen since. fox 29's steve keeley is live in manayunk on day six of his being missing, steve, good
4:34 am
morning. >> reporter: main street in manayunk is considered one of philadelphia's mess safe spots, you run up and back down around mile 20 in the philly marathon held just before shane vanished from this street. in bars on the businesses here, no trash on the streets. no empty abandoned buildings. now lit up for christmastime. but season just isn't the same this year. six days and still no new clue on what happened to shane after he stepped on to this sidewalk here and hasn't been seen i have sense. his family overwhelmed with anxiety is also overwhelmed by something special. where the season of giving in philadelphia's finest side are both showing strong, support in the search effort has been in the hundreds of volunteers here, and now support to cover any cost in their search is in the thousands of dollars. this go fund me page started by dana costa hoping to raise 7500 went over 9,000 bucks almost instantly. 190 downers and growing.
4:35 am
the reward fund for a tip for information leading to something, about shane is also growing now over $30,000, with shane's family and investigators feeling it is a tip that is the key to solving this case. that someone, some people knowing on that can lead to shane. >> we know somebody had seen him since then. there are hundreds of people walking out of the bars on one of the biggest drinking nights in the country and in the year. there are no words to describe the pain and heartache that we feel every minute. we have moments where we are hopeful. yesterday when canal came up and was not in the canal and moments of the deepest despair that you can ever, ever imagine and no parents should have this heartache and no one would ever believe the night mayor that we are living as a family and a community. we have no idea what has
4:36 am
happened to our shane. it is almost as if he rannish and people don't vanish. so someone has to come forward and tell us what we need so we can be redirect to find him. >> reporter: not adding to the reward yet surprisingly is shane's school west chester university where he is in his senior year and did not return to classes like all of his fellow fellow students did yesterday after the thanksgiving day break. west chester university student government association did step up, adding a thousand to the reward fund, and tomorrow night on the steps of the student union hall holding a candle light vigil at 6:00 p.m. a night that will mark one week since shane was last seen going out with his friend, something they'd love to cancel if he some house shows up before then. as we come back live, you cane one continuing in the lit here manayunk christmas tree, they canceled tree lighting ceremony understandably over the weekend. chris and kerry, can you
4:37 am
imagine a greater christmas gift than shane montgomery coming back to his family alive with some tail, to tell about what happened to him. >> we are hoping that is the the case, but a week later. >> yes, time goes on. >> we lose hope. >> yes, steve, thank. shopping for a christmas tree is a time honored tradition for a lot of families but this year you may notice certain varieties of trees are not as plentiful. >> you know what variety i go for good what is that. >> the cheapest variety. >> short supply of trees from the pacific northwest, like the mormon and mormon fur and noble tree? the rivas family has been selling christmas trees for more than three years. they say problems with supplies, to blame for the shortage. the reevees are selling them, and they are selling to other vendors. the goal, it is to keep customers happy to and get what they cannon to their lots. >> i noticed that trees were smaller this year then they
4:38 am
had been and a little bit more expensive. >> and less full. >> less full. >> happening now red cross helping family forced from their home by a suspect firebomb. how they with their neighbors are coming to grip with what happened. and then to the surprise of the life time, that was a proper home coming one vietnam war vet yan never got the thanks that he deserved.
4:39 am
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a germantown home hit with what police believe are firebombs. these devices forced eight people outside into the street early yesterday morning, two row homes at colter and had to make a mad dash to escape when a suspect firebomb ignited these flames. resident are happy to be safe but they are furious, about what happened here. >> they are cowards. they are really cowards. it is really scary. because you never know, you know, what might happen, or what could have happened or what did happen. >> why would somebody did that? fire department immediately put the flames out and that is when investigators took over. red cross found these residents a place to stay at least until the damage is repaired. crews are cleaning up after a mud slide closed a major highway in malibu just north of los angeles. area endured heavy rains over weekend flooding streets and causing rock and mud to fall on to pch. the highway will remain closed while crews go to work and
4:42 am
clean it up. what a mess in southern california. oprah's life was in danger, the target of terrorist, how their plan was stopped saving a media mogul and piece of chicago history. at 4:42. police say she taserd her three-year old nephew. why the boy's mother is helping her sister fight the
4:43 am
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all right. we do have a expansion of our winter weather advisory, last
4:45 am
night we only had lancaster county involved. now we have berks, lehigh, northampton, carbon an monroe but you see the times, doesn't even kick in until 1:00 o'clock and goes until 10:00 o'clock tonight. you can see north ape west of the city where we don't have precipitation at the moment but thinks all expected to lift northward by the in middle and end of the day and that is when things could get a little slippery around those places. i think we will just see rain around here. it looks a lot worse then it is here on ultimate doppler radar but having said that things could get slippery out there with wet roadways, and some flakes and flurries flying around down in southern chester county maybe around east nottingham around wilmington delaware. here in the city we're seeing very light rain but you can see purple changing over to white in newark, delaware, so we may see light snow flakes down there it is rain, only rain, to the south of us in southern delaware and southern new jersey. so a quick look at the future cast shows maybe a break in the action later on this morning, a change over to rain, all of the precipitation
4:46 am
lifts northward by noon. we are seeing a mix around the metro area and northern and western suburbs but that quickly changes over to rain and it is not even that much of it but those aforementioned counties in the lehigh valley, reading, say lancaster, you could see a mix kind of lingering and making it for slippery travel for the evening rush hour. and then rain isn't over just yet, by eight or nine or ten or 11:00 at night and may linger in the early hours of tomorrow morning. so the temperature trend over the past five daises certainly gone up, yesterday was delightful with 65 degrees for the first dade of december, very unusual of course. we will look to the seven day forecast, no more 65-degree temperatures but we are back to average by tomorrow. high of only 45 degrees today. so remember to bundle uptighter this morning, bob kelly, it is chilly. >> bundled up. exactly. remine the kids. 4:46 on a tuesday. hit and miss depending upon where you begin and end your trip but i'll bet you a jelly
4:47 am
doughnut we will all be behind the eight ball as fares delays this morning. the here's a live look at delaware, i-95 right here near 495 split, the lower end of the south of delaware, again, where rain is already causing some slippery road conditions and wet roads pretty much with you little further north you come, thinks i-95 in northeast philadelphia, dry as a bone right here. so again depending upon where you begin and end your trip for the moment you may see wet roads. you may see dry roads. maybe snow flakes out here on 202 at route 309 right here near five points. up and down the new jersey side where we are seeing precipitation right now 295, the new jersey turnpike, watch for slower than normal speeds and that is going to set the tone for the rest of the morning rush hour, where the rain. the schuylkill expressway in the bad at the moment coming into downtown. ninety-five out of the north east, in problems coming up from west chester, again some flakes, light snow flurries through that malvern interchange and possible weather delays at philly international today, so just
4:48 am
keep that in mind holding a ticket for a flight in or out of town do check with the airline to play it safe. kerry and chris, back to you. 4:48. you saw it here on fox, now a philadelphia attorney is not only lost his job but law firm that once carried his name has dropped it along with him. we told but brian meehan last week. prosecutors say he had sex with a 14 year-old girl, several times, in his downtown office. the d.a., says that a germantown couple was holding that girl captive, and hired her out as often as 20 times a week. meehan was a partner at the law firm of bishop dwarfman and laseroff. two florida sisters reconciled after one turn the other in for tasering her little boy. >> police arrested this woman here for child abuse this past weekend. they say she used a taser on her three-year old nephew, rodney. her mom karen said he was
4:49 am
hysterical when she found out what happened and then called the police. her sister said he did not taser the boy but police say the wounds tell ative rent story. >> the officer saw evidence that the probes made contact with the skin there, were marks there. >> yeah, it was a mistake, it was, but... unaudible. >> police say that the despite reconciliation, charges are pending, but the the one sister convinced the other she's telling the truth and both are vowing to fight the charges. new revelations hoe that oprah winfrey's harpo studios in chicago was target of the militant group that actually wanted to bomb it. group wanted to bring a u-haul full of explosives to the studio in 2009 but police stopped the plot before it could be carried out. this is according to judicial watch. there were at least four people involved in the plot, two of them are in jail, and investigators say group resented winfrey for her
4:50 am
popularity and her power. reality tv cake boss buddy valastro is eating humble pie ape pleaded guilty to drinking and driving incident. valastro appeared in court yesterday. police found the 37 year-old cake boss after they say he was swerving his yellow, 2014 corvette in and out of traffic, a court complaint says that his blood alcohol level was slightly above the legal limit. his driver's license is now suspended for three months. it is official, kathy griffin is replacing the late joan rivers as co host of fashion police on e. he knows she has real big hughes to fill n a statement she said joan was truly one of a kind and now i hope you will accept me for me. there will be a couple other changes as well. in fact, next year there will be only 17 episodes. show will be focused around a award shows. first centered around golden globes. and the co host will be
4:51 am
replace by celebrity stylist brad gersky. >> i liked george. >> wonder what precipitated that exactly. >> i don't know. who could forget susan boyle. >> the singer? >> yes. >> what a voice. >> singing sensation, voice straight from the heavens. he was on britain's got talent. >> absolutely, i got her a ck for my mom a couple christmases ago. she had has happy news. at five three-year old she has her first boyfriend. boyle's spokeswoman she met connecticut doctor while in america. she added boyle is quote definitely happy to have met someone, boyle became a star when she sang i dream the dream and shocked simon cowell and the world for that matter. at the time boyle said she never had been kissed. >> she had on rough times have after the show, after the show. >> she should release an album. >> she's amazing. true cinderella story. >> how about this at 45:00 2a
4:52 am
special surprise for a man never got welcome home he deserves. how the people in his new life came together to help him celebrate, his old
4:53 am
4:54 am
market street is adorned with those ice crystals there or snow flakes.
4:55 am
>> yes,. >> modern technology in electricity. residents of reading, pennsylvania pennsylvania showing some love, to the christmas tree. some had reject it. officials are planning a charlie brown day festival for december 20th. they plan to decorate the 50 for norwegian pine, some call this one ugly and pathetic but however it seems reading a has fallen in love with this charlie brown christmas tree. back on saturday officials say they will place a single red ornamental bulb just like in the peanuts holiday tail as you just heard the music. just like that story the city will add more decorations on the 20th. good for reading for being so cool. a little pretzel on top. volunteers in michigan came together to bring troops a holiday gift, they pack 600 christmas trees to be sent to military families across the u.s. each tree comes with the message written by an elementary school student. this was part of the trees for troops charity. in delaware county, a boy
4:56 am
scout troop held a surprise ceremony for vet man veteran who never got a proper welcome home. >> ray coal is scout master for 31 troop, he thought he would go to the troop's weekly meeting but's arrived at the elementary school to find a huge celebration. the troop had organized a medal presentation ceremony for the man who earned more than a dozen medals for his services but never had an official recognition or a welcome home ceremony. >> well, when we came home, our reaction wasn't very good. this really makes up for it. because we have this kind of reaction by the people that are most dear to you like all these scouts are and the rest of the community. it doesn't get any better than this. >> he says that being presented the army commendation of valor was the most meaningful. he said he received it for saving his sergeant's life. 4:56. major health warning this morning for parents, do your kids or your friends maybe play football. what can happen to their
4:57 am
brains while playing without them ever
4:58 am
4:59 am
i need us to go back to the right direction and refocus where we need to look so we can find shane and bring him home. >> pleas from the family of shane montgomery who has been missing since thanksgiving
5:00 am
eve. the new clues police are using in the search. lets lot at radar. a wintry mix. how is that affecting your commute? we have your weather and traffic time on it. bill cosby cutting his ties with temple university, some student are a little bit surprised, what he means to the school and how he put into words why specifically he left. plus for the first time we're hearing from the little boy who was found four years after gone missing behind a wall. how he got in touch with his mom in the first place and what he had to say. >> his father and stepmother in prison now or in jail anyway awaiting charges on that particular case. very bizarre. we will look into details as far as that goes. it is tuesday, test second, 2014. >> sue, the radar is kind of of active right now. >> it is. we have a low number. i think i should have given yesterday a higher number but today we will start off with a three because we have light precipitation. most roads are


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