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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  December 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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led them to abandoned factory. >> a local man reportedly in the running for secretary of defense, where ash to be can't err grew up, has his school feeling very proud this morning. >> record broken cyber monday. heaviest on line spending day ever, just how much shopping we americans did. good day everyone, it is wednesday, december 3rd, 2013. >> hoping to come well into january in 2015. >> tough, tough. >> hi, sue serio. >> morning, everybody. >> we have issues. >> keep talking specifically about the weather, oh, there is that. >> probably all use some therapy, but another time, another day.
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for today six out of ten. i think things will improve today. we've got milder temperatures, on the way, and but we also have dense fog, in spots. some showers around this morning. so buddy has the rain gear on. i don't think he'll need those mittens later on, they'll probably get left at school. temperatures in the 30's, 40's, right now, so maybe bit chilly waiting for the bus this morning, there are scattered showers around the region, we will detail t54, will be our high today. with clouds, and some fog and few showers shall maybe little bit every sunday shine emerging, very late in the afternoon more details coming up. bob kelly, what's your traffic issue this morning? >> oh, we have lots of issues, weaver the rain, weaver the fog. wiper wednesday this morning, hope you got good set of wiper blades, you'll need it rolling out of the driveway this morning. good morning south jersey, live look at 295 right near center square road, which is all south of the 42 freeway, you can see, that spray kicking up off the cars and off the trucks in front of
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you, watch for wet on and off-ramps. no reports of any ice, but can have probably more issues with rain than we do sometimes with some icy conditions, the 30 bypass, dealing with fog, leaving downingtown, headed eastbound, in toward that king of prussia interchange, live look at 422, right near route 29, from the gang leaving, say, the limerick power plant area, the outlets, headed eastbound in toward king of prussia, again, wet roads, and dealing with the fog. also, the same deal upper end of route 309, up near the bethlehem pike. now, in narberth, fire blocked olds gulph road. tell you more about that in a moment. lancaster avenue will be your best bet for the morning rush hour, over in marlton, new jersey, marlton center boulevard, a crash right at quaker, and south on the new jersey turnpike at a jackknife tractor-trailer, right near exit two, so if you are headed south this morning, down near the delaware memorial bridge, i would go for i-295. mass transit looking good. chris, back to you. >> let's get back to you what just mentioned montgomery county breaking news out of
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narberth. fox 29 live on the scene of a building fire there no words on what started this fire, but as bob said, try to avoid this if you can in lancaster avenue. >> also, new this morning, police looking for the woman who robbed the wawa, at germantown avenue, allen lane in mt. airy, 3:30, black female believed to be in her early 30's, robbed the wawa clerk at gunpoint, got away with about 100 bucks. she took off running, and according to the cashier, she seemed high on drugs. >> right now back in the christianna river today looking for missing worker, 25 year oley manual, has been missing since about 7:00 last night. he and two other employees, of norfolk dredging company fell in the water near the port of wilmington after crane barge pap sized, two other men
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resurfaced. search went late in the evening. it was suspended due to poor river conditions. update now to the story we first brought you monday night. police say, they found the car involved in a hit-and-run accident, in west philadelphia. this happened around 9:00 monday night near 59th and market street. police say a man was crossing the street when a volvo station wagon hit him. this morning he is in critical condition, and police still aren't sure who he is. and new sexual abuse allegation against bill cosby there is accuser says that she was a tarring when the she was under age. >> fox 29's steve keeley live from center city this morning, with the latest. good morning. well, despite the rain right now, we are getting pro and con comments from people passing by on the sidewalk here across the street from city hall. the newest claim has two big differences then all of the other recent ones, comes in a lawsuit so cosby will have to respond or pay a cash and settle out of court like he did in the temple case few years ago. secondly, the first time someone says cosby sexually molested them when they were a minor. >> this woman said she was
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just 15 years old at the time, cosby 37, happened in 1974, the suit says, at the playboy mansion when cosby got this woman alone in a bedroom and details the molestation. >> wow. another accusing coming forwards. >> 60:00, a vigil held tonight at west chester university in honor after missing student. twenty-one year old shane montgomery hasn't been seen since leaving a philadelphia bar, this certainly thanksgiving morning. detectives searched an abandoned factory in manayunk yesterday. a signal for his cell phone had been pick up near there, but investigators found no signs of him, his pars ends say they're trying to stay strong. >> doing everything that i can to hold it together, so that i can continue to ask questions, and try to answer the questions the best of my ability, and keep shane in the forefront until we bring him
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home. fbi is looking through surveillance images to find clues, but haven't found any images of him so far. >> the white house reportedly has its eye on local montgomery county man for the job of defense secretary. >> ashton carter graduated from abington high school will reportedly replace chuck haague nel that post. jennifer joyce here to talk about the leading candidate and his ties to our area, looking at his backgrounds, hi, jen. >> hi, chris. you said it, class of 1972, abington high school, his community is beaming with pride, at his accomplishments, and they're very excited about his likely nomination for secretary of defense. ashton carter was inducted into abington high school hall of fame in 1989. he graduated, top honors, from yale, and oxford university. the now 60 year old first stopped with the department of defense was in the 90's during clinton admission station. he has science backgrounds, an expert in fist i can, yet also has extensive experience in national security. carter served as deputy
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secretary of defense from 2011 to 2013. carter served as the pentagon technology and weapons chief. he was never in the military. carter eventually left for a job until the private sector, a nomination of secretary of defense could be announced as early as this week if ashton carter is nominated. reports say at least one high ranking republican is already on board to vote yes. chris? >> thank you. meantime there is a wolf in the white house. tom wolf, meeting with president obama, this week. what the two plan to talk about and a royal scandal, vna proves infidelity in his family true -- tree, could the rule family be
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> us senator bob case i would like to rally for pregnant workers, this as supreme court prepares to hear landmark discrimination case, about that issue. senator casey is joining national advocates at press conference later today shedding light on his pregnant workers fairness act. the bill boosts protection for pregnant workers allowing them to receive reasonable accommodations so that they can continue working. meanwhile, the u.s. supreme court prepares to hear the case of young, versus ups. in which a woman allegedly lost her job because she was pregnant. >> well, this morning, the delaware county council is honoring the teen who pulled a
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philadelphia police officer out of burning car, joy chamber, senior at ridley high school, and junior member of the fire company will be honored, chambers and another good samaritan, dante johnson, helped rescue officer last month when his patrol car crashed and caught fire. 6:11, the president meeting with five newly elected governors today, in washington. >> of course that includes, pennsylvania governor, elect, tom wolf. but wolf is the only democrat in the group of governors elect. meeting will focus on creating economic and other opportunities to help people succeed. >> former cornerback troy vincent choking up talking about domestic violence and sports. what said the league's next step is. bob? >> good morning shall everybody, just stepping out the front door, i-95, starting to slow down already, we hit the brakes right here, cottman avenue. and that delay continues down in toward the girard avenue interchange. the construction, all the interchange. the construction, all the roads are wet, and sue will
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>> with a lost against the sixers tonight, will match the all time losing streak to start the season, we would like to help the 6ers muscle out a win tonight, avoid of the record, trying to avoid the records. this morning, we're asking, what is your good luck charm? so tweet us your good luck charm using #fox29goodday. in fact, we already got one from one of the most loyal viewers, monte g, dag nabbit sixers, monte g and most of the city still supporting
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yall, so win one game. >> a team that will test your loyalty, that's for sure. >> speaking of fair weather, not what we have outside right now, couple of systems, one here, one coming our way, once this secondary cold front comes through tonight. thanks not warmfront, temperature will be on the rise. future cast shows scatter showers throughout the rest of the morning. >> through lunchtime, few areas where you might see heavy downpours, don't forget that rain gear when you are leaving this morning, even if it is not raining at your house by bye 3:00, maybe 4:00. see some sunshine, but will be short lived. gets dark so early. then in for decent weather thursday, it will look better, but it will be on the chilly side, as well. so, that's thursday, and i think most of friday, looks okay, even with few clouds, not until friday night, that our next round of rain comes, unfortunately, just in time for the weekend.
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loop from the last hour on ultimate doppler radar, rain moving through the area, some cases just scattered showers, few places, where we have a heavy downpour, or two, and moving into new castle county, delaware, right now, and chester county getting some rain, delco, media, upper darby, lower merion, getting some rain, as well, and visibilities, aren't that great, further north you go, mount pocono, .3 after mile half mile in allentown, and not too bad to the south of us, where ever you get a breeze, kind of blows the air around and the fog isn't quite so bad. but, where ever you are driving this morning, be careful. call l winds in a lot of places but 10-mile per hour breezes in philadelphia. those breezes are coming out of the south. so it means milder air all of the temperatures are above freezing even in the mount pocono area. where it is 35 degrees. forty in philadelphia. thirty-nine wilmington. forty in dover, delaware, high today, 53 degrees.
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forty-three tomorrow, bright sunshine thursday, but trade it off for chillier temperatures, upper 40's, on friday, that rain doesn't look like it is coming in until nighttime. at that time day not the best, with high of 48 degrees for christmas shopping or holiday events, sunday's game with the eagles, is late, it is a 4:30 game, so may get rid of the rain. >> where is the latest fog cam? >> how about 4:22, we begin here, live look 422 route 29 for the gang coming in from collegeville, dealing with the fog, wet roadways, again, just what mother nature's serving up for breakfast here. here is a live look, mid-span of the platt bridge. doesn't look bad here now, but all of the area bridges so far this morning, we've had lit and miss poor visibility, because of the fog, the platt, the girard point double
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decker, ben franklin, walt whitman. live look at i59 northbound. mod lights northbound up passion the camera into the great northeast, so roads at least wet, and dealing with fog, depending upon where you begin and end your trip. head north along route five, a we go for fly here. jammed solid, headed in toward that 42 freeway, so again volume starting to build folks already out and about ahead of you there, then south on the new jersey turnpike there is crash, two, for 322, use 295, if you are going to be headed south, down toward the delaware memorial bridge this morning. and philly international. no delays yet. but, the rain and the fog usually cause some problems foray rivals and departures, so check with the airline before you step out the front door this morning. chris, back over to you. >> bob, thank up. developing story for you right now out of boston, where patient is being treated for suspicion of contacting the ebola virus, massachusetts hospital sent memo to staff saying someone who was getting
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routine monitoring by the state has been admitted for evaluation now, the pain sent in a specially prepared isolation area, and test something now underway. we will keep an eye on that for youment meanwhile senate commerce committee examining the policies within professional sports forehand link domestic violence and how to prevent it. >> catching all of the attention had morning, troy vincent, for his tearful testimony. >> we believe it is a privilege, it is not a right of wearing an nfl uniformment and remember, of the nfl community must embrace this unique leadership role that we play in our society, and the trust that you place in us -- >> vincent speaking on the issues about domestic violence in the sports community, also said that the nfl is looking forward to working with the senate community, to improve the current policies.
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missouri police investigating michael brown's stepfather for angry comments that he made on the streets of ferguson after the grand jury decided not to indict the officer who shot and killed that unarmed teen. officials say they're looking into lewis head's comment, as part of a broader investigation into the arson and vandalism that took place that night. >> two children, and an adult, are dead after two school buses collide in tennessee. this happened yesterday in knoxville. twenty-seven other people are recovering from their injuries, none of those injuries is life threatening. one of the buses ended up on it side, as you can see, police still trying to figure out exactly what cause that terrible accident in knoxville. meantime battle brewing between makers of the recalled airbag, and the national highway traffic safety administration, the us government demanded an expanded recall of the japanese-made airing bags, which can explode, then spray shrapnel during a accident. but, t a/k/a ta, maker of these airbags, refuse to
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comply, passing along the crucial decision to the automakers. >> the response sets the stage for showdown when they appear before congress today. and that could get heated in washington, d.c. meantime, on line shoppers, just click away setting record on cyber monday. >> yep, listen to. >> this americans spent whopping $2.04 billion on line. 2 billion bucks in one day. that is a 17% jump over last year. it is a single day cyber monday spending record, according to reserve. firm come score. this came as a bit of a surprise to some analysts after lackluster "black friday" at your traditional brick and mortar stores. >> warning for anyone who ate a popular new jersey pizza spot, a worker there was diagnosed with help tight a. how you can get a free vaccine to protect yourself.
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>> the flyers in anaheim against the ducks. last night the orange and black found another way to lose. >> i mean, they turned it over with seconds to play. winning goal, just 12 seconds to play, this is in san jose against the sharks. the sharks win the game two-one. oh, what a way to lose. right? so they have now lost four games in a row, for a look at the rest of the night in sport, he's howard. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning, i'm howard eskin. eagles little tough routine with seattle coming to the link. now if the eagles win this week, and next week against dallas, they'll win the division. an interesting side light to this big game. mark sanchez had a terrific career at usc. but his coach at southern cal was pete carol, who just happens to be the coach for the seattle seahawks.
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>> the atmosphere, you know, they've really emphasize, that you work your butt off all week, get to game day, just relax, have the time of your life. and that's what it feels like here, that's what it felt like at usc. and, you know, at times in new york it felt like that, too to college football player rang off, playoff seat havings come out last night. the top teams are in the new playoff form at this season. and the top four teams make it, and there week, alabama, number one, with come from behind win, oregon number two, florida state with another lucky win at four. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. british history rock by a dna test? could the royal family be affected? the infidelity discovered in the family tree. >> and, another woman stepping forward, claiming bill cosby assaulted her, but this case is different from the others.
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>> more rain coming down on the street of cosby's hometown and more claims coming down on him. and this one from a girl who says she was only 15 at the time and didn't give her jello put that he was talking about
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>> new allegations against bill cosby. how one woman says she was when bill cosby assaulted her. >> off initials new jersey trying to prevent hepatitis-a outbreak t all started at one certain restaurant. how you can keep your family safe. >> and rivers in washington, d.c., about this man, right here. could he be the next man to be in the top spot at the pentagon? the local school his alma matter is beaming with applied with, good day everyone, it is wednesday, december 3rd, 2013. >> as they should be. >> yes. >> very distinguished academic career there. >> talk a lot about. that will right now 63 time for weather. we have some fog, we've got bus stop buddy, who is.
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>> chim i wait, things warming up, mittens in order for now, probably not when school is over. six out of ten today, with the milder temperatures, but also, some dense fog in spots, and showers around this morning, as you just saw with steve keeley. there they are. the showers moving through the philadelphia area, from southwest to northeast. >> salem county, new jersey, few around bridgeton, 40 degrees in the city. but the fog is starting to spread in. we've got reduced visibility at the airport, 4 miles at the moment. and 9-mile per hour breeze, sunrise time 7:05 this morning, check out sunset. it is 4:36. this evening. so, areas of scattered showers, and fog, temperatures at least are above freezing, they're in the 30's, many of them, but in the upper 30's, cloudy, damp through lunchtime with a high temperature later on of 54 degrees, maybe little bit of sun, before the day is through. and that takes care of your
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hump day from the weather authority. we'll talk about live look at 202, where the wipe remembers working here through the construction zone. there is route 29, in the background, again, slower than normal speeds. watch it, through all of the work zones, especially, like here along 202, because you're actually traveling in the lane that probably has the drainage great. that's where we get a loft ponding in the actual travel lanes. spray slowing us down. 422, already stack and pack, leaving collegeville, headed in toward king of prussia, live look here, woodhaven road in northeast philadelphia, bumper to bumper trying to get over to i-95. so, slow going on the schuylkill expressway from conshohocken into downtown, 59
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south out of the city already heavy into girard. all of the roadways pretty much starting to see that early slow-down. and then we also have the fog to contend with, and that depend upon where you begin your trip this morning. water main break, just what we need here in narberth, not that far from fire location, that i'll show but in just a couple minutes. gray hunks link avenue at woodbine. fire location, and water main braining, double bubble there in narberth this morning. here's the scene of the fire. it is along montgomery avenue, at old gulph road. local detours in effect this morning. and south on the new jersey turnpike, a tractor-trailer accident, near exit number two, that is for 322, i-295 would be the best bet this morning. chris, back over to you. >> bob, you showed you on the map, narberth, looking at the video here, breaking news out of montgomery county. fox 29 in fact live with pictures hereof this building fire in narberth. the old staff signs building on the 900 block of montgomery
6:34 am
avenue? half of the rolf collapsed, there are no injuries, reported, right now, fire crews aren't sure how this fire started, but they say, it may have to do with some peco lines. again, that still has to be sorted out and verified, we'll keep you on top of any development there in narberth. meantime, police want to find the woman who robbed this wawa, in mt. airy, this happened around 3:30 this morning at the intersection of germantown and allen lane. police say a black female believe to be earl 30th's robbed the wawa clerk at gunpoint, took a hundred bucks, took off on foot. the woman may have been high on drugs. >> 6:34, search teams back in the christina river today looking for missing worker, 25 year old emanuel has been missing since about 7:00 last night. he and two other employees of norfolk fell into the company near the port of wilmington after crane barge capsized. the other two men though resurfaced. the search went late into the
6:35 am
evening but it was suspended because of poor river conditions. some update in the sex abuse scandal rocking bill cosby. she is taking a step only one other accuser so far. >> that's the twist part in. >> this we want to call it that. steve keeley on top of this yet again for this morning. steve, it seems like, every week a new accuser comes forward against bill cosby. >> claim came out before 9:00 ranged from wow, you got to be kidding, and worse yet, to saying she's just saying it for the money, no way, i don't believe t so, still a hung jury, here in his hometown in the court of public opinion, but yet, more reason for more debate and even more damage to cosby's reputation and legacy.
6:36 am
another day, another headline, and these the most disturbing yet, made in a lawsuit. woman suing cosby, saying, he sexually molested her, after giving her alcohol, when she was only 15 years old. saying it happened 40 years ago, at the playboy mansion. the first time since a former temple university staffer sued cost any 2005 that one every his many accusers has taken legal action. so while he has not answered previous accusations publicly, he will have to answer this one, since it comes in a california lawsuit. unless he settles it out of court, as did he in the temple assistant coach's case eight years ago. this new lawsuit says cosby was on a movie net 1974, when the accuser now 55 was with her friend who was only a year older at 16. and he invited them on to the set, then to visit his tennis club the next weekends, then to his house where he gave them beers, he says, telling the girls that they had to drink every time he won a game of pool.
6:37 am
they then consumed multiple alcoholic beverages, the suit alleges, and then cosby took the girls to the playboy mansion and told them to say they were 19 if anybody asked them. she then details how cosby got her alone in a bedroom at the mansion, and then sexually molested her without her consent. the woman and her lawyer believed the statute of limitations should be waived because she justice covered all her psychological injuries and i will nests were caused by the sexual abuse perpetrated by cosby just in the past three years. well, cosby's next scheduled public appearance comes saturday, chris, kerry, two previously sold out shows in tar itown, new york, right off the tap end see bridge entrance, and that theater waived its strict no refund policy because of what's going on and so far half the tickets of two sealed out shows refunded but the shows still on, as they say, in show business, we'll see if this latest claim changes that. but the refunds, only go until this afternoon, and then you're stuck with your
6:38 am
tickets, or people may be want to come and just like here on the street, half refunds, half supporting cosby perhaps. we'll see. >> we'll see. how many people coming to terms on how they feel about bill cosby now. >> processing. >> yes, 6:38 the time. health off initials mercer county warning customers about help tight a, after confirming a restaurant employee does, in fact, have the virus. they're now concerned that others might have been expose today eating, at rosa's in hamilton township exposed the virus, the employee hospitalized now for several days. but health officials notified the rest taunt about the potential danger yesterday. that work satisfy food handler. >> they then can contaminate food by touching it, and spreading help tight a, causing significant illness, in anyone that comes in contact with it. >> hepatitis-a can be mild. but can also be very serious, lead to go hospitalization. >> our doctor mike sir is
6:39 am
urging people to get vaccinated. colonial fire company is holding help tight vaccination clinic tomorrow, in hamilton township. the montgomery county native could be the president's next pick for the secretary of defense. >> yes, reports circulating that president obama may nominate ashton carter former deputy defense secretary to fill headache he will's post. talking more about him and his ties to our area. >> reporter: he grew up here, graduated from abington high school, now making big name for himself, in washington, d.c., 60 year old ashton carter was inducted into abington high school's hall of fame in 1989. he graduated top honors from yale, and oxford universities, carter has a science backgrounds in expert in physician, yet extensive experience in national security. carter served as deputy secretary of defense, from 2011, to 2013. his first stop at the department of defense was in the nine the's during the clinton administration, and he
6:40 am
served as the pentagon's technology and weapons buying chief. he was never in the military. carter eventually left for a job in the private sector. we caught up with the current superintendent of abington schools. she told us just how thrilled the community is for carter. >> some of our graduates go onto do wonderful things in this world. and ashton carter is another individual of that nature. so he is a great roll maid he will for the kids, real inspiration for abington school district. i hope he gets the appointment. >> and we're going back now to 1972, ashton carter's year book photo from abington high school. we also have the proof that he was a speaker at commencement, the school says, he was always very good student and is excellent role model. we are hearing reports that carter moved up on obama short list for the position after several contenders withdrew from consideration.
6:41 am
>> a lack of clarity in obama's policy-making, also, it is not considered a desirable post for people with quote broader political ambitions, as obama finishes up his term in office. chris, kerry. >> we shall see. >> yes, as they say. all right, jen, thanks. meantime signs of the christmas season popping up all over the place. >> yes, tonight in fact, philadelphia's hosting its tree lighting ceremony, a look at last year's, tonight's event kicks off at 6:30, right outside of city hall. r&b singer estell will be among tonight's perform ers singing of course your favorite christmas songs. mayor michael nutter will turn the lights on, just before 8:00. awesome. 64:00; so ever wanted to travel? to north korea? >> no. >> never been on your bucket list? >> never will be. >> well, there is a new website that will help you navigate the country, if you would like to go, but there is, well, something a little bit odd. why the timing for traveling to north korea isn't perfect.
6:42 am
>> we'll give you the forecast coming up. th
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>> bridge mountain ski resort here, dealing with rain, it is a chilly rain, with temperatures in the upper 30s, but, for most of us, at this point, it is only rain because of this warmfront that's nearby, hasn't cleared just yet. but once it does, we will get ready for cold front, inbetween, we'll have slightly warmer temperatures than we did yesterday. let's get into the future cast, show you by 9:00 this morning, socked in with clouds, still, few showers around, and that's a situation through about noon. maybe by 2:00 at least here in the sit, we might start to see some filtered sunshine. filtered through the clouds. but it is still raining, at the jersey shore, and then, by 5:00 o'clock, well, it is dark already, so things will be clear overnight, and that means, a chillier night tonight. and a chillier day on thursday. but, as we go through the day on thursday, we do see at least plenty of sunshine with the chillier temperatures. and i think even with some extra clouds on friday, there we are, the thursday night, he
6:46 am
we are early in the morning friday with some clouds, and rain moves in, maybe 10:00, 11:00 friday night. not going to be necessarily the best looking weekends we've ever seen, but let's get through this morning first. you will need the rain gear. you will need at times to slow down, because you will run into fog driving around. rain, looks heaviest right now, in salem county, new jersey, gloucester, camden counties, as well, we're still getting rain in philadelphia. and in delaware county, this morning. it is all pretty light. but it is a chilly rain, and just keeps that casino of gloomy necessary from yesterday around. fog is worse in mount pocono, allentown, at least on this map, but do have reduced visibility at philadelphia international with 4 miles. and winds are out of the southwest, so that does bode well for warmer temperatures today. instead of the mid 40's from yesterday, probably mid 50's, once we get this afternoon. so we have 40 degrees here, 37 allentown, 35 in lancaster, 40 in millville, and 39 degrees in wilmington.
6:47 am
seven day forecast, has a hi, thinking about 53, 54 degrees. >> late rain, talking nighttime rain, think i most of friday should be okay. 48 degrees. then look at saturday, yes, scattered showers, on and off throughout the day, rain in the morning. >> eagles game doesn't start in 4:30 this week with the seahawks, then monday and tuesday look little unsettled. chilly temperatures all the while. so enjoy the temps in the 50's that we'll get today. hey, bob kelly? >> morning, everybody, getting ready to step out the front door, grabbing coffee and keys, live look at 422, folks already ahead of you here eastbound stacked and packed from pretty much royersford all the way in through that collegeville interchange, again, dealing with the wet roads, we got the wipers on, it is a wiper wednesday, the headlights are on, and bumper to bumper working your way out of northeast philly, as women. woodhaven road jammed solid, from the mall, over toward
6:48 am
route 60, over toward i-295, and an accident on the ramps, to head south, on 295. here is a live look at route 309. up near five points again dealing with wet roads, some slippery conditions. otherwise south on 95, jammed at girard, schuylkill running slow through south philly. everybody little slower than normal this morning. this guy made a big splash with us yesterday. ready for this? come on, we go for a retirement i don't want to hear any shenanagans in the car here today on northbound 55. buddy the elf is watching us here this morning making our way into toward the freeway. pennsylvania turnpike right at philly bensalem interchange. got some debris on the roadway there, as well. otherwise, mass transit looking good no delays, kerry, back over to you. >> if he is watching us, we're all screwed. >> all in trouble! >> goods things are not happening here. 6:48, royal scandal, dna
6:49 am
analysis of king richard the thirds shows evidence of infidelity, more than just gossip. atlantic city say the historical implication zero cases could cation dot on the english thrown or on king richard. shows dna passed down on the maternal side matches that of living relatives, genetic passed down on male side does not. but in terms of modern day royal, historians say success is always taken twists and turns. so this discovery doesn't challenge the legitimacy to what exactly king richard the thirds died in 1485. snow is ancient history. >> it is ancient, yes. >> north korea launched new website to encourage tourism. even though the country currently has an international
6:50 am
travel ban in place because of ebola concerns. however, see the site is all in korean, highlights some commonly attractions, remains unclear who exactly their target audience or traveler is. >> okay, philadelphia rapper meek mill home for the holidays after being release from the prison, fans gave him quite a welcome. >> so his real name robert williams, he served five months for violating parole, in 2009 drug case, there he is, wearing pink, too. he won't be able to tour or lever philadelphia until he completes additional treatment and community service programs. lady gaga denying claims made
6:51 am
by kesha, accused doctor luke of raping her. >> according to "tmz", howard stern gaga insinuate dollars she had been sexually assault the by record producer cup many of years ago. mark tweeted about it implying gaga was referring to doctor luke. a rep for the singer tells "tmz", quote, it is absolutely not true. and how dare someone take advantage of such a sensitive matter. >> adrian peterson fight to go play professional football again. running back in new york city yesterday as evidence by this video for hearing on his suspension, peterson admitted he used small branch for a switch to discipline his for year old, league then suspended him without pay, calling it lawful sad news in the world of rock-and-roll. >> saxophone player, bobby keys, has died.
6:52 am
just 70 years old, famous man behind the solo from the stone brown sugar song from the albumn sticky fingers. also played with john lennon, george harrison, brash with a streisand, eric clapton. on tour with the stones just this year. band members say they're devestated by his passing. time now 6:52. pitbull shot, no idea who would do such a thing? pitbull shot, no idea who would do such a thing?
6:53 am
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>> who is meaner, boys or girls? >> what's up shorty. >> seriously? >> what's up big foot. >> what else are we doing today? >> list comes out every year, top searches from yahoo. search the most this year, kim kardashian a staple, not in the top five this year. >> what? >> i'll tell you two on the list huge in my house. >> really? >> yes. >> okay, that's a big clue there. >> and everybody knows me, knows i love the christmas music. what's your favorite christmas song of all time? let me know hashtag fox 29. >> all right, when it comes to all of the single people out there, i know your struggle. so we will talk about what do you do during the holidays? always awkward time of do i get awe gift, do you get me a gift, do wife a price limit, this day, actually going to
6:56 am
each other's homes if see, avenue lot of questions. we'll answer this, bring in dating pecks toter it talk about all of your holiday concerns. >> keep it here. concerns. >> keep it here. good what's possible today?
6:57 am
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>> another day, another accusation against bill cosby.
6:59 am
>> this latest allegation, might be the most disturbing. how young the alleged victim was when she says cosby assaulted her. and you have heard about mean girls. but, what about mean boys? why it is teenage guys who are the meaner kids in school. >> ♪ >> going for a records, 76ers could be the lead story across the country tonight. but for all of the wrong reasons. the potential history making moment that could happen, in just a matter of hours. >> good morning can you guess? >> yes, the dubious distinction, what, zero and 18? >> ya. >> starting the 09-ten season? the. >> the worse record in nba history. >> well, if you're going to lose, lose big. >> for the records, let's do it. >> this close. >> or maybe because they know
7:00 am
they are bea to break a record, maybe we'll get a win. >> never know. >> welshing that's nice and chirp i. >> great lottery pick for the next draft. >> i'm hoping for it. >> we got a lot going on by way of getting to work. right? with the wet roads, and the fog? >> fog lifting any time soon, sue? >> no. i think will be with us throughout the rest of the early morning rush hour. so, that means, you should leave as early as you can. you don't want to be rushing around and then run into some fog that will slow you down and you'll be late. so six out of ten today. going with milder temperatures, and the sunshine later on, and that will be right before sunset. but, we're optimistic, dense fog, around, and the showers, as chris mentioned, and temperatures in the upper 30's, to lower 40's, throughout the region, so bus stop buddy still needs that warm waterproof coat this morning. we got the showers, but you won't need the gloves this afternoon. it will warm up into the 50's, we've got lot of showers around the area. we will look a little more closely at u


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