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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  December 10, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> terrorism expert disagrees with senator mccain. are you okay with the us torturing our enemies? oh, man, major fall out from that cia report. >> and what were the store that's filled your facebook news feed this year? the answer, well, may surprise you. the stories that got the most attention on facebook, in 2014. >> i'm totally surprised by that. because i wasn't interested in this topic at all a lot of people were. >> bucket challenge? i'm sure it was that. >> could be eels a elsa. >> oh, listen is that correct paul? >> ♪ >> yep. >> it is. >> pail mccartney on the show today. >> it is a big, new music, too. >> i know, didn't he perform at the linc, last year?
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>> still feeling effect of the storm, up to a four today. not quite as rainy as it was yesterday, but still high wind around. we could get some snow and rain showers, and/or rain showers, later on this afternoon, depending where you are. bus stop buddy, no umbrella this, movement but nice warm, waterproof jacket, it is damp, windy out there, with temps in the 30's, 40's, and nothing at the moment on ultimate doppler. but when you look to the north, you can see the storm hasn't gone away. it looks like it will stay here, at least through tomorrow. 41 degrees, sun trying to burn through those clouds, the official sunrise time 7:11. convenience time. winds are 20 miles an hour, gusting to 26. and there is some more wind speeds to show you, about 15 miles an hour in wilmington. so braking down the day, we stay in the 40, 42 degrees range, all day long, with a lot of cloud cover, billing back in, the winds are still an issue with gusts up to 30 miles an hour, and that is
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the deal, high of only 42, for today. there is your foxcast for wednesday. we've got much better weather for the weaken, and bob kelly right now with traffic. >> yes, good morning, sue, 7:03, double jammo on both the schuylkill and i95 because of early morning accident here, in the 7:00 hour. here is a live look at the schuylkill expressway headed westbound, an accident out near the conshohocken curve off to the shoulder, and we're bumper to bumper manayunk, belmont avenue, all the way out through conshohocken. next one southbound lanes of i-95, bumper to bumper, from pretty much cottman avenue, all because after accident down there, allegheny avenue, involves about three, four vehicles, right before the beginning of that construction zone. and here is a live look, at the back up here at cottman avenue. putting together about a 45 minute crawl, from cottman, all the way into downtown. so the two hot spots right now, south 95, with a crash at girard, westbound schuylkill expressway a delay out near
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conshohockenment accident south on 295 right near rancocas woods, the delran interchange, new jersey turnpike, though, looking good. all that rain from yesterday, caused mud slide in conshohocken, balligomingo road closed to today at front street, traffic diverted onto madsonford road. good morning havertown, accident along the west chester pike at eagle road. otherwise mass transit looking good. mike, back over to you. >> otherwise breaking news out of university city. drexel university, one student stabbed after fight shortly before 4:00 this morning. about three hours ago, police tell us, the fight involved three people, outside of myers hall, at 33rd and race streets, the student is in stable condition. >> and at clock 03 today, investigators will go back to the home where philadelphia firefighter died and try to find out what went wrong. >> little over 24 hours ago. joyce craig lewis died battling a row home fire early yesterday, started about 3:15 yesterday morning. >> let's get to steve keeley with the latest.
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>> reporter: the big question, all sound the same, and that is what happened, how did it happen, and why did it happen? all variations essentially of the same question that every firefighter is asking, and waiting for investigators to give them the answer to. their colleagues last radio calls we've learned, i'm trapped, i'm trapped. her may day signals on what is called every firefighter's pass device stands for personal alert safety system, supposed to prevent losing a firefighter like this, because it sounds a shrieking loud alarm to let all other firefighters anywhere close by know that one of them is in distress. it is being tested. the other questions on that, did it work? did it go off? and if it did, why didn't anybody hear it? her last calls for help, we've learned, are recorded on three different fire radio channels here in philadelphia, and while that investigation goes on, so does the duty of her colleagues here at the firehouse, as they get ready for both her funeral, and the next fire call the same time without her.
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>> supposedly she had to want to be a firefighter. and she, i believe, understood the dangers. but we don't think about those things. we think about. >> she always wanted to go the extra mile. and fire prevention program, that constantly come out, she was eager to get out, and put them out there, to make sure everybody had the chance to be safe. >> well, that's had your supervisor benny hudson, mother of two, she told you she took on the responsibility of being a mom to everybody she came across here in philadelphia, especially, in the poor neighborhoods, where her passion is up there on the firehouse sign finally in the daylight that you can see, making sure anybody and every family, has batteries in their
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smoke detectors, making sure they had good working smoke detectors, in all of the places that people feel that they can't afford them. she new that they could not afford to not have them. and says one thing she would be happy about, in our story about her death, would be mentioning the smoke detector story. that's the kind of woman she was. she says benny says even reporting her death, as sad as that is, she would be happy up in heaven knowing that we're mentioning her passion for having make sure everybody checks their smoke detectors, if they don't have them, call the fire department because they're free. that message will get out, and that would make her happy, she says. >> mom died a hero. we'll have one of her good friends in here just a little bit to talk more about who she was as a mom. 7:06. >> and new this morning, a judge in south africa has ruled that prosecutors can appeal oscar pistorius acquittal on murder charges, convict in the october of culpable homicide in the shooting death of his
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girlfriend reeva steenkamp. he was sentenced to five years in prison. pistorius could be released and held under house arrest after ten months. >> really? going to appeal. almost 7:07 this wednesday. some in the united nations are calling for cia officers and government officials to be prosecuted because of this report that came out yesterday following the release of a fairly disturbing detailed report that lifted the vale on controversial cia interrogation techniques. some people call it torture. the 6700 page report says the cia broughtized terror suspect with enhanced interrogation tactics, in secret prisons following september 11, 2001. the report finds the interrogation program did nothing to make america safer or collect better information from detainees, that is according to this report. some lawmakers tonightly disagree, and view the report as flawed. >> sometimes good people make mistakes. we have corrected the problem. we have interrogation
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techniques now that i think can protect the nation and live within our values. >> i believe documentation, and the findings conclusions will make clear how this program was morally, legally, administratively misguided. >> well the president weighed in on. >> this he says the report re inch fos cents his view that harsh interrogation methods do not help counter terrorism efforts. ed will be joining just about 20 minutes to talk more about this. are you okay? >> 7:08. happening today in harrisburg, a hearing will be held in connection to philadelphia's school reform commission, cancelling teacher contract. the teachers union wants the decisions reversed. the src made the decision in october it, means teachers will have to pay part of their health insurance when they previously paid nothing. the is the rc says the move would save the district millions of dollars. and philadelphia's love park is getting a make over.
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officials from the philadelphia park and recreation department will meet with pen practice in fairmount park today for redesigned meeting. they've gathered input from park users, so includes weekly farmers market, making the park more accessible for strollers and people with disabilities. >> i like the farmers market idea. of course they would turn it in right now into a christmas village. 7:09. special ceremony will be held at philadelphia's overbrook high school in honor of wilt chamberlain, now immortalized two forever stamp. alum just of the high school, he set a record in scoring for the state, scoring more than point in his career. >> overbrook high school of course you know he went to the university of kansas, my alma matter. >> yes. >> by the way they play tonight in washington. they'll be here in philadelphia on monday. gloucester township investigators are trying to piece together a horrific accident that's left one person dead and several injured. let me tell but. >> this happened in the parking lot of the winslow
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plaza on crosskeys road in new jersey. a bad accident. the driver lost control of his car and crashed into another driver, wait to go turn out of the parking lot. the impact caused the first car to flip over, ejecting the man. he died right there at the scene. >> and with 9900 jobs lost in the past year in atlantic city, everybody is hoping revel casino can make a come back from it deadened deal. revel filed court document with a bankruptcy judge as you know, asking to terminate its 110 million-dollar deal with brookfield. which announced publicly that it was walking away from the table. revel instead wants to sell to its second highest bidder, that guy's name is glenn straub. he offered more than $95 million for the closed casino, just 95 millionment didn't it cost over a billion? >> yes. >> wow. >> well, at clock ten, police looking for two men who robbed
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coin shop in bucks count. >> i yes, general i joyce, what's going thon in ben sal snell. >> reporter: mike, alex, we talked to one. employees here at this coin and collect being shop in bensalem. they describe a violent encounter with these two mask robbers. police release surveillance video of the two white males, who burst through the door around 2:45 yesterday afternoon. they were armed with a large knife and a pipe. police say they were verbally threatened, the employees, tide them up, ran sacked the shop. toward the ends of it all one of the robbers made a big mistake. he took offer his mask, the camera captured clear shot of his face. before it was over, customer walked in, that person was also assaulted and tied up, according to police. we talked to one of the employees, we are concealing his identity, he tells us at first he didn't think it was a real robbery. he quickly realized these guys meant business. >> his head was cover. his face was covered. and he's holding this big knife. he just pushes his way inside here.
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runs right up to me and says get on the ground. and he hollers to me, put your hands hine your back. at first i put my hand my my head. he said i told you to put them behind your back. he grabbed plastic straps, put them around my wrists, climb over me, put the straps on my ankles. i thought it was somebody in a costume, i thought it was a joke. somebody that i might know. >> this is one suspect we believe is identifiable. he's over 6 feet tall. he's approximately upper 200 to over 300 pounds with a slight goatee on his face. we are hoping any who who recognize z to please call. >> in addition to the one robber showing his fame on camera, second mistake made. they left the large knife behind at the crime scene. police are now checking that for dna evidence as you heard, the police lieutenant say if you recognize the man who did reveal his face, bensalem police want to hear from you
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immediately. >> fairly recognizeable. that's a pretty good shot of him. thanks, jenny. 7:13 almost. pizza shop own nerve south jersey has been charged with numerous counts of credit card fraud and forgery. >> police say henry fernandez, jr., every bella pizza two in sicklerville has been over charging customers for four months. during their investigation, officials found more than 30 credit cards that were over charged. some customers say they were told it was a problem with the register. but police say, that wasn't the case. >> people like this, it is not right. >> in is not the way to succeed in business. you know? you can't rip off people. >> that's kind of messed up to me. >> well, police believe there are more victims out there, and they're urging anyone who ate at the pizza slop to check their statements. >> and reward to find shane montgomery is now up to $65,000. >> goes up every day, doesn't it? just yesterday, it was at 55,000. the west chester university student hasn't been seen since leaving manayunk bar early
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thanksgiving morning. his family has been putting up missing person's flyers, all across the city, and they're now contacting all local colleges, asking them to send out emails or text alert about shane's disappearance. >> all right, let's get back to the royals now. they are leaving today, aren't they? >> they are. >> prince william and his wife kate are back home, now, after their whirlwinds us tour. i guess they took off last night? >> yes, the third and final day of their visit brought them to the 9/11 memorial museum in new york city. kate placed a note along with flowers at the memorial, expressing sorrow for the victims of the september 11 attacks. the couple also went inside the museum. the visit has included meetings or event with everyone from president obama to school children harlem to jay-z and beyonce, ya, they saw a lot of people. >> apparently that dress that she has on that she wore around yesterday. >> the pink coat? >> yerkes the coat, sold out already. i don't know where she got it, what the designer was. >> they love her style. >> she is good looking wet
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woman. >> the weather getting colder. so we're inviting people to come down to our studios here at fourth and market. we call it share the warmth. a clothing driver. >> join us this friday to seven to 10:00 a.m. donate new or gently used clothing. excepting clothing for children and adult. >> it is always good deal, sue. what's the weather like friday? >> i think it will be improving for friday. we shouldn't have to worry about the lingering effect of the nor'easter, which didn't really go away. it went away from our area, the center of the storm up in new england, right now, but we do expect it to kind of meander around this area. the rest of today, and probably tomorrow. so, if it moves a little further westward, we could see some effect, in the form of snow showers, rain showers, probably, not a big deal, probably not this morning, burr little later on in the afternoon. we have a winter weather advisory, continuing, in the pocono mountains, until
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thursday morning for couple every inches of accumulation. when that happens, when will it happen? well, let's see what the future cast has for us. we have some clouds around for the rest of the morning. but actually some sunshine. then the clouds build in, we kind of get pretty gloomy the rest of the day. and yes, by 5:00 o'clock this afternoon, that accumulating snow starts to happen in the poke now mountains, maybe a few flurries or snow showers in the lehigh valley. we don't really see much of it heading down our way. but having said that, a stray flurry or two wouldn't be out of the question. this afternoon or tomorrow morning. but again, nothing to be concerned about, no watches or warnings out about that. just the pocono mountains where light accumulations are, expected up there. and then, by friday, we were talking about friday, we should be cleared out pretty nicely by then. maybe few clouds around, but no more effect of that nor'easter, temperatures, it is below freezing, up in mount pocono, and it is tricky travel around there. we just have damp roadways, but all of our temperatures are above freezing, so, we
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don't have to worry about slipping and sliding anywhere. 41 degrees in dover, 43 in wildwood. those are the temperatures. these are the windchills, feels like it is in the lower 30's, because winds are still an issue this morning. we have a windchill of 37 in wildwood. and 35 in wilmington. look at these wind gusts, 27 miles an hour, in philadelphia, 32 miles an hour up in the higher elevations, and 38-mile an hour winds gust in wildwood this morning. so, we haven't gotten rid of the wind yet. and we don't expect to for the rest of the day. tomorrow, we will still have a lot of clouds, maybe some flurries, snow showers around. then it is gone. sunshine returns on friday. saturday and sunday, we see just little bit of a warming trend, get to 52 degrees monday, and then chance of showers, for the first night of hanukkah, is tuesday night of next week. bob? >> hey, sue, morning, everybody. 7:17. we go for a ride. skyfox over the scene of the accident, i've been talking about on i95 here's what's left of it. we had about four vehicles,
7:18 am
southbound, between allegheny and girard avenue. >> southbound lanes every 95 coming in toward the city looking live there from skyfox. going to the jam cam. which is actually 95 at cottman avenue. the delay begins way back here cottman, back to center city so about 50 minuted behind you, the hot spot, 95 right now, an accident, at allegheny. we had earlier crash west on the schuylkill so two of the major roadways slower than normal this morning, crash in the neighborhood, boulevard at adams avenue, by the old sears building. philadelphia international looking good at the moment. no problems headed down to the airport catch an early flight out. but, later today, hot mess on i95. doing bridge inch sections during the med day near the airport, southbound, going to
7:19 am
be work interesting 9:00 to 10:30, will flip it around, work northbound from 10:30 to noon. if you are headed to the airport, and typically use 95, between now and noon, i would give yourself certainly some extra time. mike, alex, back to you. >> i'm surprised i'm not going back to the airport, when i'm late. they're doing construction, what are you talking about? >> always run into something. >> did you hear about the jammo from camo yesterday? camo jammo? >> we can always kid about. >> this expected to be released from the hospital later today after getting into serious crash in charlotte, north carolina. >> of course talking about cam newton, yesterday afternoon, one block from the panthers stadium. >> probably even practice or something. >> so, there he is, being load intoed an ambulance. >> didn't look good there yesterday afternoon. so, cam flipped his truck over in the crash. authority say cam newton's injuries are not life threatening, at all. although he does have two
7:20 am
fractures in his lower back. still hasn't been ruled out for sunday's game, are you kidding me? driver involved in the other crash not seriously hurt. should be leaving the hospital sometime later this morning. >> if you think airfare is just too expensive, one airline hoping to change that. what that cheap seat will come -- the cheap seat will come at a cost if that makes any sense at all. it is cheap but comes at a little bit after comes. >> airline offering five classes of seating now, not just one, two, three. five class. >> kate middleton getting some flack for her wardrobe. what she wore that has doctors worried about her pregnancy. >> what?
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>> four vehicles near allegheny avenue, one of the vehicles still has to be towed away. but we got major jammo that's leaving northeast philly. we'll have the rest of the
7:24 am
details, and detour, when i come back in just couple every minutes, mike, alec, back to you. >> there is the jam for sure. okay, so you have your first class on airline, you got your business class, coach class. delta airlines is adding two more classes, what is this, on l tail, out on the wing? what's this? >> switching it up. >> this is like the cast system in india, right? starting in march, we have five different tears every seating on your next delta flight, if it is in 2015. starting in march, if you want the best possible experience, and too long pay for it, you want not only first class, you want something called delta one. this is elite first class, lie back, flatbed seating, get a chef prepared meal, it. not sure of the cost, expected to be expensive. but here is the big deal. when go into coach, there is going to be three different types of coach seats. the best one is what delta is calling delta comfort plus. think dedicated overhead bin space. how are they goes to police
7:25 am
that? is the flight attendant going to say you have the seat so your bin can go there and only there? you can get extra leg room, that's good, free drinks. then your main cabin, then the basic economy. think spirit airlines competition. bare bones necessities. you can't change your reservation, you can't select your seat ahead of time. you can't get upgraded. you basically can't do anything but sit on the seat that they give you. >> well, i guess i would do that. >> i'd complain about it. >> what i want to know, will they have different curtains then? like three more going back on the plane. >> i do know that the seat look different. delta comfort plus seats will have the cushions look different, they have like red on them. >> oh,. >> so it will be like color coded. >> you'll be able to tell what your fellow passengers are paying for their seat. >> start? >> march. >> march, see you again tomorrow, thanks. >> 7:25, of course getting close to the end of the year.
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so what were the stories you just had to share on facebook, the most shared facebook stories of this year. what do you think it is? >> and later on good day, per saul pack cart any be here life to talk about his new single. so want to know what's your favorite paul mccartney or beatles song? so, says in my life, it is our wedding song. beautifully written perfection. that's beautiful wedding photo. >> let's listen. photo. >> let's listen. >> ♪ i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara®.
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>> bus stop buddy might see sunshine waiting for the bus. temperatures in the 30's, 40's, the sun's not going to last for long. clouds will take over again, still damp, still windy out there this morning. you see the clouds pretty dark, but the sun trying to burn through there. 42 degrees, 20-mile per hour wind gusting up to 26 miles an hour. and, later on today, we expect to stay in the lower 40's, cloudy, windy, rain and snow showers, winds still gusting to up 30 miles an hour at time. we still have some wind tonight, 35 degrees, maybe a flurry or two. so, that is a look at your foxcast for your wednesday. now, this is, you know, hump day. so we'll have the seven day
7:30 am
forecast, coming up for you in just a few minutes. there you go. bob? >> there go, sue, thanks. back upstairs, skyfox, buckle your seatbelt, going for a ride, live over the scene of the crash we've been talking about on i95. live look at allegheny avenue, dump truck goes by. >> four vikes collide southbound, 95, between allegheny avenue, and the construction zone, at girard avenue. and that delay goes all the way up into northeast philadelphia. let's go to the maps, getting ready to step out the front door, this is what we call the two jelly donut delay. stack and pack from cottman all the way into girard avenue. delays on the norristown high-speed line, running with 15 minute delays, market frankford broad street subway looking good for the gang in south jersey, 295 south, and an accident right near the rancocas woods delran
7:31 am
interchange. a lot of the new jersey turnpike, though, is in good shape. for the gang in havertown, an accident, along the west chester pike right at eagle road. and a crash on the roosevelt boulevard at adams avenue. otherwise, if you are headed to the airport, looking good on arrivals and departures, mike, alex, back over to you. >> thank you very much. >> a senate intelligence committee report claims cia tortured detainees while misleading white house and the public about it at the gays tactics. >> that's at least huge report, about 6700 pages. new report came out yesterday, says about the post september september 11. >> we want to warn you now, some of these details are disturbing, get the kids out of the room here, usa today their headline says an ugly truth. let's go through some of the things, describes, mock executions, sleep deprivation, to me, 70 hours, without sleep. water boarding even rectal
7:32 am
feeding, interrogation techniques used some in washington dc say some harsh led to yesterday l information, others include senator john mccain, former prisoner himself of the viet nam war, says torture like this is ineffective and inexcusable. >> i dispute whole heart educationally that it was right for them to use these methods which this report makes clear were neither in the best interest of justice, nor are security. nor the ideals we have sacrificed so much blood and treasure. >> enhanced interrogation contributed to the wealth of knowledge that we needed to have in orders to find his true identity, and that led us -- >> which side are you on, ed, fellow of foreign policy research institute and scholar and resident at lasalle university with us. >> good to see you, mike.
7:33 am
>> what say you? >> three quick things to keep in mind. first every all, these allegations investigated by the bush administration, their department of justice said no, no substantiation to any of this. then the obama team came in, eric holder started the investigation, all over again. leon panetta, who is president obama's cia director, serving democrat, many administrations, was very angry, in fact, so angry, that he for the first time the agency paved the -- paid the legal bills for everyone being venged, the result of that investigation, no substantiation of the allegations. this report -- >> you don't think in any of this took place? >> no. why did two different administrations two, different justice departments, investigate and find no, and
7:34 am
find any of the people part of the intakes gays? >> down side of the report, for sure. put together by democrats, that's true. but, they didn't interview anybody at the cia. >> no they didn't. so what did they do? they leaked information and called a to a torture report, so everybody's banner headline says tore tuesday, not interrogation. this is so bad you have past director of the crutch. a, and current director, owe became an appointee, all have said wait a minute. this was not torture, we got actionable -- actual intelligence from this. and they put up website called cia saved lives. immediately after this report came down -- >> absolute opposite that far said the torture is ineffective. >> yes. >> says people will say anything when being tortured. you can't proof that it was, you know -- >> no, no, actually do have
7:35 am
proof. if you go today's wall street journal, lead editorial, mentions the information that we got that is directly tied to the interrogation, again, let's not adopt the nomenclature of the people who leaked the report who didn't talk to anybody in the intelligence chain, but decided that it was torture at the beginning, so then they reversed engineer the reports. >> reports indicate that there are eight people that came one this idea, this intense interrogation technique. why wouldn't the president be notified? how come dick chainy? >> colon paul didn't know about it according to the record. >> the president new about this. he knew enhanced interrogation, attorney general is the one who went and got the legal justification. report says we spent $80 million, private contractors, and they go over
7:36 am
and do the torturing in the secret locations, like john mccain says, it is hard to not, may not agree with him, but listen to what he has to say, tortured for five years during the viet nam war. >> and the president said yesterday, contrary to our values, as you ate into the state citizens. we don't torture. >> no, we don't torture. we interrogate. we used enhanced interrogation methods. >> where is the line drawn? it sounds like torture. is water boarding torture? >> no. >> other people believe it is. >> well, wait a minute. if that's the case then we need to arrest everyone who was watered boarding american flyers and intelligence officials today because as part of your training you are water barred. >> in case water bore by the enemy? >> , no it is so you can understand, if the other side catches you, they're going to do some truly horrible things, this is the worse we would do to you, what they're going to do is much worse.
7:37 am
it is a way of training you so you understand what you can take. but again, we're accepting the nomenclature of leak report. >> why is it coming out now? >> yesterday the administration had bad news with jonathan gruber testifying. than was an opportune moment to get people to pay attention to the shiny object. >> owe bear a care -- >> keep this in mine. foreign government, that trusted us because they participate in the. >> this they new that we had to stop the terror act, that we new we were going to happen. now, they all have been ousted. >> linsey gram, very conservative guy. he said mistakes were made, and we've stopped doing this stuff. so doesn't that casino of admit that he believes it happened? >> some things that were not done, but say exactly within a protocol. but that doesn't mean that it
7:38 am
was a consideration decision, quite frankly, if we fought the second world war, according to the rules, that the proponent of this report suggest, we wouldn't have won. keep in mind, fdr, the second world war, they taught two bands of nazi sack tours off the coast of long island and pensicolla, florida. fdr had been tried in washington, d.c. prison, executed six of the eight. >> well, the debate is raging all over the country today. >> okay, going to take a break, 7:38 this wednesday morning. give us your opinion, too. get on twitter right now.
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there. >> probably. >> one of the best things about christmas, is the joy that it bridges. little boys and girls. >> so true. >> little ones really get into the magic of santa, and his elves. and, one local little girl is not letting anyone get near it >> i carpeted touch him? >> ya. >> what the if i told him? >> he loses his magic, i told you. >> you told me already? >> yes. never touch him. >> okay. >> you got a dole. >> see, you're not supposed to touch the elf on the shelf. so her mom christine sent that to us, she is four years old, alyssa is her name. she loves her elf on the shelf. >> true believer. she is definitely going to be on the nice list.
7:43 am
person of the year, camilla. well, huge story. >> no question about it brave people. >> see in the suit there. number two, ferguson protesters, and third place was vladmeere pout glenn gets in there at three, really? >> just released, ebola fighters are the person of the year for time magazine. >> what were the other store that's filled your facebook page? you know, your news feed, what did you like, or learn about on facebook? well, the answer, i think, is going to be very surprising to well, the answer, i think, is going a remote that livesng to on your phone.
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♪ let it snow ♪ >> paul mccartney singing. >> is that paul? >> of course. >> oh,. >> getting ready for him to common the show. >> moisture wrapping around the storm, stretches all the way back to pit burying, now, not seeing any in the area right now, although, this just
7:47 am
appeared up in monroe county, could be shrill slippery around there, looks like mixture every snow, maybe some freezing rain, sleet. and we do expect one to 3 inches of snow, between today and tomorrow, but only in these two counties, carbon, monroe, where we have the winter weather advisory, in effect. so, it looks like we have temperatures that are mostly in the 40's right now temperatures will stay in the four's, winds gusting as high as 30 miles an hour. don't be surprised if you see a stray shower, rain, and/or snow sun comes back friday, start to get into dry weather pattern. that will last friday, saturday, sunday, monday maybe tuesday. we have to see. tuesday evening, the first night of hanukkah. so, that's what's going on actually little bit of sunshine this morning, bob kelly, but plenty of problems on the roads. >> we got a lot of problems on i95, sue, 7:47. live look, from skyfox, over
7:48 am
the scene of this accident. southbound lanes of i-95, all started about an hour ago. and you can see some sun glare popping in there, as well. but we had about four vehicles involved. that is one of them there. southbound lanes of 95, right at allegheny avenue. now, this delay goes all the way back to northeast philadelphia. got a tweet, all the roads leaving nine, a leaving the neighborhoods, trying to the to get to the on rams. skyfox, little spin there. we roll the camera back. >> within this delay, another accident. right near bridge street. and that's southbound, also, so we're bumper to bumper from pretty much academy road all the way in to downtown philly. >> first crash from skyfox, another one within the delay.
7:49 am
put it altogether, northeast, west on the schuylkill, earlier crash at conshohocken, still causing a delay, and crash on the pennsylvania turnpike, right near ft. washington, on the westbound side. mike, alex, back over to you. >> that's a stinking mess, bob kelly. >> yes, it is. >> oh, man. 7:49. so facebook has announced its year end review watch are we looking at and talking about on facebook? >> trying to figure out what the number one video or photo is. >> depend where you are. actually, and then at us in the u.s.a. we start with facebook, up load photos, post your cool status of course, also a place to talk about what's happening around the world. what's the most discussed thing this year? coming in three, on the global chart, was the presidential election in brazil. >> no, that's not -- get out of the way. facebook says some 48 million people had 674 million interactions about the highly
7:50 am
contested event in brazil. two, ebola outbreak, facebook set up donation button made it easy for ice tears sent money to charities fighting ebola. 350 million people had 3 billion interactions about the world cup. >> that was big. >> facebook made more fun to watch, not only watch on tv but interact with people all over the world, how is your team doing. >> i bet the world cup didn't make it to the top three in the u.s.? >> , no the only country in the world who isn't crazy about soccer it seems. three, the death of robin williams. >> oh,. >> that was followed by the als ice buck challenge. >> all the rage. remember alex, just nailed you, mike? fun. >> shared more than 17 million video of that, then of course the ebola outbreak was huge, turned out that that was actually number one here in
7:51 am
the u.s. >> oh, it was number one in the state. >> interesting? >> very. >> so, als, ice bucket challenge, just a minute, talk about the second most talk about issue on facebook. guess whose video about als was the most popular? ice bucket challenge? most popular of all of the people that did it. >> so many doing it. i don't know. >> who? >> george w. bush. >> hess wife did it. i think that's kennybunkport, about advice hitting his dad up in maine. yes. >> look at that. >> hold your comment, right? and on the entertainment side of things, frozen was the most popular movie followed by guardians of the gal ankles i and teenage mutant ninja turtles, beyonce, pharrell, nicky men age, most popularment makes sense. >> yes.
7:52 am
>> interesting the difference, though, between, you know, everyone else, and us here in the u.s. >> yes. >> okay, latest story, thanks, chris, 7:51. just released person of the year, group of people, the ebola fighters around the world. >> so, we're going to is preston and steve what they bye it, also, who they think should have won person of the year. >> taylor swift,. >> and kim kardashian may be in the running. >> best chefs in the country, now they're stepping out from behind the line. the throw-down happening between some of the best chefs in philly.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
paul mccartney on our show today. >> love that guy. >> did you ever go to one every his shows? >> i did, actually, aid chance to sit down and interview him. >> nice conversation with both paul and linda mccartney.
7:56 am
two separate interviews. >> you win. >> you win. >> be on saturday light with us. >> okay, time magazine's person of the year, i guess you guys have already announced it on your radio show, the ebola fighters around the world are the time magazine's persons of the year. >> and that's he can actually my selection. i think that's completely appropriate. these are selfless, brave people, putting themselves in a very dangerous situation. and trying to do an ultimate good against a formidable foe. so i agree with that 100%. >> you know i do too, because i am trying to think of that would top that. i guess -- >> well, you you know, in mike, years past it, hasn't always been -- i always think of it as acknowledging someone who has done something benevolent. i think in years past, i think hitler was the person of the year. someone who has world impact. sometimes, that's why it can be controversial, somebody done something horrible. but, in fact, impact of the world. >> like who is number three, invading ukraine?
7:57 am
i think ebola thing is more than invading ukraine, yes. >> two? >> ferguson protester. >> oh, protesters, you my it was in the running, too, yes, i thought it was, the peaceful protesters, i can see, i know there was a point of contention with a lot of people about where was the line between than and rioting. bees full protests, okay, just going through list of stuff, mike, which touched on a few of the things, facebook's most talk about topics in the u.s. and the michael brown ferguson list came, came in number five. as one of the most talk b so i can see that. >> let's name philadelphia person of the year. >> oh! >> ya. >> wasn't the computer named person of the year one year? >> yes. >> philly though? >> bill cosby.
7:58 am
>> would it be self-serving to say me? >> little bit. >> you two, your whole crew, to major impact on philadelphia, especially with campout for hunger. do you have any final? >> yes, thank you for making it there. on thursday night, we appreciate that. yes, the totals were pretty astounding last year, and never tried to put an actual goal on it, but last year we had 386 tons, this year, 420 towns of food raised. >> wow. >> yes, congrats to everybody. we always say it is a collective effort. we're just putting a face on it. >> it is over 840,000 pounds or to even gave you a better mental image, it is 36 tractor-trailers full of food. >> thirty-six? >> big, big, big. >> preston, steve, people of the year, persons of the year. >> you guys watch the victoria loungerie show last night? >> we were just talking about
7:59 am
that. amazing thing, because the opposite, completely die met i cannily opposed sensations, the glee of watching these attractive women then the horror of listening to them speak. that's the issue. >> listen to this, when they get behind the scenes, i cannot way to see this bra -- >> i think i asked maybe five people to record it last night here at the station. >> ya? >> didn't get recorded. >> oh, i'm outraged. >> aerianna grande. >> she looked fantastic, taylor swift looked great. somebody through a whopper on the floor back stage ... they don't eat for month. >> that's terrible. >> thanks, guys, see you next week. >> thank you very much. good day to you, it is wednesday, oh, my brother tom's birthday. >> oh, well, happy birthday to tom. >> lives down in croft ton,
8:00 am
maryland, nuclear physist, he was first born, i was fifth. says a lot, doesn't it? >> going down. >> oh, ya. you should see my stupid sister joanne. no, just kidding. december the tenth, 2014. sorry, joanne. >> live from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia. friends gather to pay their cents cents to firefighter joyce craig lewis, one of her friends and colleagues joins us in just few minute to remember his fallen friend. >> nor'easter is gone. or is it? >> oh, oh? >> will we feel the effect today? maybe even tomorrow? forecast is coming up. quincy? >> this friday, at university city, chef series experience, i'll learn to you how to cook. you going to show me i know a little bit. i'm going to learn. like hell's kitchen in here. >> i know a little bit. >> but i want to learn. >> he can learn a lot, i'm
8:01 am
sure. >> that will be a disaster. straight up 8:00. bob's got the big story this morning. i-95 back up to, what, trenton? >> yes, trenton. from woodhaven into downtown, two separate accident. >> oh, gosh, an accident within an accident, right? >> jammo within a jammo. >> right, right. so before we get to that, talking about the weather today, it is actually a little bit of sunshine today. but don't expect it to last. enjoy it. because clouds are coming back. we may even see snow showers or two. bus stop buddy still bundled up. temperatures in the 30's, 40's, and the wind makes it feel even colder than that. we're on the four out of ten, we do expect the clouds to come back, in the afternoon, and the high wind are with us all day long, snow, and rain showers, not out of the question today. there you see a little bit of action up there, in lehigh valley, carbon, monroe counties, on ultimate doppler radar. it is all part of the exiting, slowly exiting nor'easter, which is centered up in new england right now. so, 18-mile an hour winds, and
8:02 am
32-mile an hour wind gusts 42 degrees where we are right now, probably stay around 42 or temperatures go down little bit once those clouds come back. later on this afternoon winds with us, and chance of snow flowery here and, there that's your foxcast for today. bosh bob kelly, jam within a jam. >> a mess, two of the major roadways, 95 and the schuylkill, have taken all the of the accident so far this morning. latest at 8: 02, live look at i95 southbound, bumper to bumper to bumper, woodhaven all the way into downtown it, started without accident at allegheny, four cars there, police responding to that incident. another crash occurred, within that actual delay. so you had accident number one, allegheny, crash number two in bridge street. put it together, two jelly donuts for the ride out of the northeast philadelphia. couple of folks are tweeting me, bobby, all of the on
8:03 am
ramps, the roads, trying to get to 95, are all jammed up. northeast philly, mayfair, port richmond, bridesburg, folks trying to bailout and take alternate routes. so rough go in northeast philly, this morning. and an accident west on the pa turnpike, right at the ft. washington interchange. norristown high-speed line, running with some residual delays. we had couple of problems earlier this morning, almost back to normal there brought street subway looking good. all of the rain from yesterday caused mud slide in conshohocken, so balligomingo road closed at front street through the day. madsonford road will be the way to goment and the other delay this morning, has been on the schuylkill expressway. westbound stacked up city line all the way out to the conshohocken curve, minor delay on the ben franklin coming into downtown. mike, alex, back over to you. >> all right, thank you, bob. >> 8:03. >> today investigators will continue looking into the cause after fire that killed philadelphia fire department first female firefighter.
8:04 am
>> last night the community turned out for vigil to honor joyce craig lewis who died battling row home fire yesterday morning, started about just little after 3:00 yesterday morning, here's some of the pictures. >> our hearts are filled with grief, at the death of joyce. >> yes, dozens of people out there, neighbors, friends, family gathered athen gin 64 in northeast philadelphia, joyce is the first female firefighter ever to die in the line of duty, in this city, colleagues say she was determined to show a woman can do the job just as women, as a man. mike at null err calls joyce's death tremendous lost for all of us here in philadelphia. >> and she was one of 58 women among the city's 1800 firefighters. >> here now, we bring in joe. >> hi, joe. >> you've spoken passionately over the last 24 hours about joyce. can you talk a little bit more about nerve? she is 36 years old, has two
8:05 am
kids. >> joyce was a wonderful person, and i think beyond her career in the fire department, very dedicated, and early on her career she showed that a woman could do the job as well as a man. it became a non-issue, as it is with most of our women now in the job. she came in, she just did the job just like everyone else does the job, she was accepted and she performed well. there was never any distinction, never an any kind of accommodations. >> i love the fact she really wanted to go to the busiest firehouses, too. >> she was a good firefighter. as far as in our profession, that's the ultimate compliment, an excellent firefighter, just ac good firefighter, what everybody strivers to be. >> your battalion chief? >> yes. >> how long have you been on the force? >> twenty-two years. >> my goodness. >> she was 11 years, correct? >> she was 11 years. >> and she had two kids, 16 year old, and a 16 month old?
8:06 am
>> sixteen year olson and a 16 month old daughter. and when you talk to the people that work with her, she was really beloved within the department. everyone knew. that will everyone that she touched, she touched in a positive way everybody we've interviewed, you can see on camera, firefighters really hurting about this one. >> yes, and every time we lose one of our men and women, it is difficult, particularly, for the people that are on the incident. everybody's inch evident bridge secretary guessing what happens, what could they have done different from the incident commander on down to the fire fighters? did anybody hear her alarm go off? >> i don't know. part of the investigation. >> if your body doesn't move for like 202nd, the alarm blares? >> so two separate safety features, we're speaking: there is an integrated past device, personal alert safety system, that's what were you speaking of.
8:07 am
>> yes. >> after 20 sick, there is a pre alarm, that let the wearer know that they haven't been moving in 202nd. >> firefighters talking about how difficult the fire when it is a basement. they use the term flash over. what's a flash over fire? >> so, first, the difficulty in a basement fire is typically if you're fighting a fire that's above you or on the same level, heat and smoke rises, so you can get down below a lot of the heat and smoke that you're entering. >> flash over, back situation, temperatures can rise easily next he is of 15 to 1800 degrees. >> what? >> and the fire commissioner described it as going down a chimney. >> well, because heat and smoke rises. >> the only place for heat and smoke up the steps.
8:08 am
>> when you open the door it is absolutely a good characterization. >> do you know if the autopsy's been complete in the. >> my understanding it has been completed. >> no -- >> no result released. >> and the services we don't know yet? >> services still being prepared. we expect to hear today. >> all right, joe, hang in there. >> can i just say, one more, brief statement? today on our website we're going to have a link if anybody would be interested in making donations to the family. >> oh, great. >> and everything that's donate willed go directly to the family. >> your website? >> local 22 i'm sorry, iaff 22. org. >> we'll put this on our website, as well. >> just go to joe, again, thank you so much. >> of course we will stay on top of the story until it reaches its conclusion, with the services, you can check out any information at >> actually one of the family members reached out to me. they think that at this point it is planned for saturday, but still work to go figure out exactly when the funeral
8:09 am
services will be. one of her brothers. >> at 8:09. happening today. in harrisburg hearing will be held, cancel teacher contract. the teachers' union want the decision reversed. the src made the decision in october, teachers will have to pay part of the health insurance when they previously didn't have to pay anything. now the src says the move would save the school district millions of dollars. >> and philadelphia's love park is getting a make over. officials from the philadelphia parks and recreation department will meet with penn praxis and the fairmount park con is her venosi today for redesigned meeting. now, they have an input from park users, food truck vendors, we love the food trucks there. so includes weekly farmers market to add there. >> i like it. >> make the park more accessible for strollers and people with dissing. >>t is time, it is time. little worn out. >> i know when people come, i
8:10 am
always take them to love park. enjoy doing. >> iconic. >> give it an up great. >> city hall across the street, it is all fixed up now with the ice ring. >> christmas tree out there. >> christmas village is really cool in love park. the weather still coal. so inviting people to come down to our studios fourth and market. you know where we are in old sit. it is our share the warmth clothing drive. >> so, join us this friday, from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. donate your new or gently used clothing. and we will be accessing them here at fourth and market, expecting clothing for children and also adults. >> that would mean everybody. >> everybody. >> that's true. it would be everybody. >> did i mention that paul mccartney is on our show today. >> oh, yeah.
8:11 am
>> so tech savvy. all about the future. >> still hot, man. >> oh, ya. but first, kobe bryant is the latest athlete to wear an i can breathe t-shirt. this is now caught the eye of the commissioner. coming up: why the head of the nba wants players to stop wearing this. >> welshing casino skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? ♪ skippy!! ♪ yippee!! i'm bored. hashtag bored.
8:12 am
skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪
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8:14 am
>> nor'easter is not here, but we'll feel the effect every t here is the low, in knee england, may me around era little west between today and tomorrow. meaning, mo moving further on shore before it decides to leave us, inbetween, we're inbetween that and a high pressure system, that will be moving in over the weekend. so, we're still going to deal with win, gusting as high as 30 miles an hour, at times. effect still linger. see little action now on radar. moving into pocono mountains, little bit of the lehigh
8:15 am
valley. it isn't much. but could make things a little bit slippery up there. because it looks like a mix between snow and sleet. and a little more snow, expected, in fact, one to 3 inches of snow, possible, today and tomorrow, carbon on monroe county still under the winter weather advisory, at least downgraded from the winter storm warning from yesterday. but, it is in effect until thursday morning. here we, are right now, with 30 degrees in mount pocono, so it is cold, below freezing, everybody else is above freezing, some roads still damp this morning, but, with those wind, a lot of the roads have dried out. we're at 42 degrees, in philly right now, actually seeing some sunshine. but it will be short lived. our wind gusts, 25 miles an hour in the city, a 36-mile an hour gust in mount pocono. 32-mile an hour wind gusts in wildwood. so still, very blustery out there today. clouds, taking back over from the sunshine, and those wind with us all day long tomorrow. we could see snow shower, a flurry, maybe a rain shower, 39 degrees, friday, sunshine, finally returns, tan does set
8:16 am
up for nice weekend, this saturday will be a lot better than last saturday. no rain, and we see the dry weather continuing at least through monday. bob? >> sue, morning, everybody. 8:16 this wednesday hump day. long live like at i59, got to get over big hump here leaving northeast philly trying to get into downtown. two separate accidents on 95, and this morning, one at allegheny, the other one near bridge street. shear live look, up near woodhaven road. so we are bumper to to bumper from woodhaven all the way in toward downtown philly. another problem was the schuylkill expressway. we had an accident out here, westbound, just west of the ramps from 476, looks like they cleared it out of the way. but again, leaving town this morning, on the schuylkill, heavy from pretty much manayunk all the way out through conshohocken, there is the scene of the accident, i was telling but on 95, so extra heavy out of the northeast, into center city, and that's going to be nothing compared to the mess we're going have during the midday today. if you are headed down toward the airport, or using 95,
8:17 am
penndot, going to be doing bridge inspections right near the airport. here is the deal, southbound from nine to 10:30, they're going to take out two lanes near the airport. then they flip it around, and work until noon on the northbound side. so using 95 or getting to the airport, give yourself extra time between 9:00 and noon today. mike, alex, back to you. >> talk about sensational story about to tell you, new sensational not in a good way at all. >> fly may weather reportedly in shock after witnessing the murder suicide of one of his best friends. >> this happened on social media? right? according -- >> face time. >> face time. according to "tmz", may weather got a call from his friend, rapper earl haze, on face time, this was monday morning. haze was reportedly angry over claims his wife, she is on vh1, she was, stephanie mostly, cheated on him. so "tmz" says haze said he was going to kill his wife, floyd
8:18 am
may weather, junior, tried to calm him down on face time, but doesn't work. the boxer won't say exactly how much he saw but he reportedly heard everything, in other words, he went ahead and shot his girlfriends and then killed himself on face time. >> so hard to hear. >> right in front of floyd. but there are or the other that say that floyd was seen at the clippers game, while fa los angeles clippers basketball game, just hours after this happened. >> and the woman was real a up and coming star, on vh1 show hit the floor, one of the new stars on that, and just really unfortunate what happened. >> my god. >> well we mention the nba there. more nba players are taking a stand by wearing t-shirt, eric garner killed during choke hold by the new york police officers, and now, a lot of nba players as they come out and warm up, will wear these t-shirts. >> yes, wearing the last words
8:19 am
of garner: i can't breathe. and in place of the normal warm ups, coupee bryant, many of the lakers players showed their solidarity for the movement which began with derrick road. at the barclay center, labron james was also wearing it, kevin garnett, they all took to the basketball floor wearing the i can't breathe warm ups, as well, so kind of growing thing. >> so-so reporters at the commissioner adam silver, what he thought about it, because they're supposed to wear uniforms. i respect derrick roseanne all of our players for voicing their personal views on important issues. but my preference would be for players to abide by our on court attire rules. in other words, he would rather have them not wear these t-shirt. we'll see how long it goes on. okay, what does your job say about your relationship needs? so there is this new study, alex, claims actors, and civil
8:20 am
engineers, only want to casino every mess around, and have flings. >> so, we're going to tell you which professionals, which jobs, you should be looking for, in a mate. you know, the people who will be more loyal to you. >> so actually want to get in a relationship with me? >> yes. would it be a teacher do you think, a doctor? an attorney? we'll look at the list. >> okay. but first, kate middleton get called out for her fashion choices. you know, she is always on the fashion a list. we just love that pink coat. >> yes. >> so what's wrong with this outfit? the one thing she is wearing that some are saying could really be dangerous to her health. >> well, how could that coat be dangerous? >> it is something on the outfit. the total outfit. outfit. the total outfit. think about all of it.
8:21 am
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8:23 am
serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study, most stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin... ...and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara®. >> three quarters of mothers are are heavier year after giving birth. one quarter every new mothers had retain more than 20 extra pounds. studly appear in next month's
8:24 am
journal of obstetrics and gynecology. here is the thing. me? is sneezing her face-off. >> i'm working through. >> unbelievable. >> sorry, guys, trying to hang in there. i don't want to call in sick. i lover spending time with you and good day people. >> if we didn't get sick from that little girl yesterday. >> that dad apologized. he felt really badly. >> so cute. >> ya. anyway, meanwhile, we are months away from the arrival of the next royal baby. you know that. but dutchess kate is now back in england is getting some backlash for doing something she supposedly not supposed to do while pregnant. >> yes. >> what is it? >> some calling the dutchess out for disappearance in high heels. >> really? >> now remember she is five month pregnant. doctors say wearing high heels while pregnant can increase the risk of stress fractures or inflamed ligaments.
8:25 am
however, they also say heals are safe as long as they're steady on your feet, but pregnant women have to watch it, because their center of gravity changes. >> wow. >> everyone every course always watching what the dutch zest wearing, and the pink coat wearing in that video, already sold out. everyone wants it and made by mulberry. >> i mulberry a designer? >> the day before yesterday on the bold and the beautiful, hope gets her high heal caught on the top step, and she tumbled all the way down the stairs. now, she was pregnant, and she lost the baby because of this. so, now will she go back to lee ham, or stay with the father of the baby, wyeth? she is free to go back to liam now, because she's not pregnant with wyeth's baby because of her high heels.
8:26 am
>> are you really ranting right now about the bold and the beautiful? >> yes, more interesting part where she gets her heal caught and then falls. >> it is interesting and terrible at the same time. >> yes. >> terrible situation to be in. just looking out for kate middleton. why are you laughing? seriously. >> the dangers of high heels. >> watch your step. >> quincy never wears high heels except on weekends. >> no. >> so he's learning how to be a chef today. >> cooking it up. chef experience going on, university city. i have chef will, show me how to cook or chef it up. or something to that, ya. right, wil >> right.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> we're going with four out of ten, will cloud up this afternoon, may see snow or rain shower before the end of the day. see little action up in the lehigh valley, and the poconos, very little, but it is happening, and here's some moisture coming on down, possibly, some accumulation, in the higher elevations. 42 degrees, is our high today. see the camera shaking at the airport, 18-mile an hour win, 32-mile an hour wind gusts, not only 42 the current temperature, 42 going to end up being the high temperature for today, with mostly cloudy skies this afternoon, rain and snow showers, and those winds still gusting as high as 30-mile an hour or more. that's the forecast for today. when does the nor'easter go away? we'll talk about it coming up. things clearing up? >> not really. been rough go for the
8:31 am
motorists on i-95. two separate accidents this morning, casino of tying us up. we had one earlier, down near allegheny, another one, within the mix here, near bridge street. we're still heavy from woodhaven, all the way into downtown. opens up in a couple of spots. but, the bigger delay now actually in the neighborhoods. because as folks were watching, this morning, talking about the accident, they avoided 95 and took every which way they could locally through the neighborhoods. so all of the neighborhoods are jammed, all the way going down to river here in toward downtown, and then, 202, northbound, little bit after delay, as you work your way out of west chester, in toward king of prussia. mass transit, looking good. mike, back over to you. >> i was reading twitter. >> of course. >> he's like stop everything. i got to read. >> diane. >> what? >> i watch alex holley. i cannot get over what a perfect addition she to "good day" philadelphia. >> oh, isn't that sweet? thanks, diane. >> diane your mother, right. >> no, nice try. >> but a lot of people are agreeing with me about bold
8:32 am
and the beautiful. a lot of people are weighing in into hope should go back to liam, quit back ac and for the, maybe full in love with ridge. >> hoping fall in love, now tweeting me about it, i've never watched bold and the beautiful. >> maybe i should start. i know it is your addiction. >> every day. >> philadelphia home to lot of great chefs. many of these chefs know you might not noah loft these guys, and ladies. >> but that's all about to change thanks to the chef series experience. what is it exactly quincy? >> and where are you? >> we're about -- i'm in university sit, 48th street, i believe, this is apple sauce. fresh apple sauce. amazing, from the la roo group. we have tianah. how are you? >> fine, thank you. >> why did you start the chef series? >> pretty much the the la roo group interested in promo meeting minority chefs, a lot of minority chefs in this
8:33 am
their have a lot of culinary experience, culinary skill sets, we want to promote and shed light on a lot of times minority chefs are missed and over looked. >> so the event, the fourth installment of the series this friday? >> this friday, december 12th, 7:00 to 9:00. >> we have some of the food, chef will here. chef will. you will be here this friday, what's some of the food we have right smear. >> mini briosh eggnog french toast, topped with pan chen a, salsa, granny smith apples, and it has a burbon cranberry reduction, and little bit of micro tyme. >> that's a lot of adjectives. this friday i can get some of this? >> you can get a lot of that. >> let me have chef, let me get some of this. chef, what do you have right here? >> i have a spicy tuna tartar, in a won ton crisp, and meso
8:34 am
sesame brittle. >> let me try some of this. >> sure, you can also get this on friday. >> get the brittle. the best part. >> so good. next hour, you guys want to teach me how to cook. >> absolutely. >> chef wins i coming up next hour. >> definitely. >> i have adjectives like will, i'll have the sasines. >> but will you have the skills, though, to make a great dish? that's the great -- >> my peanut butter and jelousy amazing, i make amazing peanut butter and gel. >> i oh, go may version. >> i want to go to that event t sounds fantastic. time magazine, has just released its person of the year as you know by now, it is the ebola fighters from around the world. that's cool. we will go in philadelphia, would announce, our person of the year, who would it be? >> so we've been thinking about this, i'll give mine. >> okay. >> i'm thinking shady mccoy. now, i say this because this
8:35 am
is someone who has been in the media a lot. a lot of people talk about him. hope tip gate thing, only tip 57 cents, remember talking about that, that was a big deal, then people are questioning, is he the same player as last year? >> has he lost his step. >> a lot of talk, plus the eagles are doing so, everyone talking about them right now. i feel like he might be it. >> i love shady mccoy but that's real a dumb pick. >> oh, someone everyone talks about. doesn't have to be someone you like necessarily. >> who is yours. >> mine is probably even dumber just getting on the mo'ne davis bandwagon. why not? received everything else. she is just named pope. nobel peace prize. >> you're terrible. >> you know what? she is playing varsity basketball now. >> she is amazing. >> i think the boys team, hit three, three pointers. i think she is on the boys team. >> so talented. >> i think that's a good pick. tweet us, who do you think should be person of the year? remember they don't have to necessarily and great person or bad person. anyone everyone is talking
8:36 am
about, been in the headlines, born with a lot of influence, preston and steve, they said bill cosby, that's something. >> okay. so again, i begged people here to record the victoria secret fashion show last night. somehow we have found at least a little bit of footage. and here i believe is the best looking woman inhe world besides you, alex, and sue, and kerr. >> i and everyone in the building. >> that's adrien in the blue. i've met her bun of of times. great personality. ed sheeran singing. >> hey, there, adrianna, oh, there is my girl. aerianna grande. yes. she got hit smack in the face with one of those wings. when they were taping this. by the way, arianna grande is in philadelphia right now. ladies and gentlemen. >> she is performing tonight at the jingle ball. to jingle ball. you know, my daughter jessica works for clear channel.
8:37 am
>> you would think she would get you some tickets. >> i ticketed her do you have any extra tickets? she didn't even text me back. >> i'm just trying to stretch out this footage. >> yes, he want to look at it. >> ♪ >> remember this? this is one of the most watched youtube videos of the year. we have the top three clips of 2014. >> this is all youtube? >> this is youtube. >> i remember this.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> chip kelly. >> somebody said when we win the superbowl can it be chip kelly. >> kevin hart. >> having huge year, at the movies, everything? >> i remember that story. okay, let's talk about up the too being what do you say? released their round up for
8:41 am
the year, the most watched videos, and some of the best videos, we watched on youtube this year. >> okay, so here is the countdown, here are the top three. number three: third most popular, called kiss. >> film project total strangers, asked to kiss after only having just met. >> let's watch some of this. >> this is taking too long. >> too long to kiss. >> waiting for one. >> nope, we're not. so the next was this commercial, from nike, called winter stays. it transforms a pick up soccer game in a showdown. between christianna rinaldo. >> oh,. >> and other stars. and the number one video is a prank. take a look.
8:42 am
>> mutant giant spieder. >> oh, look at this guy. >> oh, that's terrorizing people. >> so a dog dressed as a spieder? >> that's very creative. look at the costume. >> well, i would just pea my pants. >> it's been viewed 113 million times. >> oh, my god, it is horrifying. >> became popular just in september. >> look! >> that was great. >> i would be freaked out for sure. >> so good. >> wow. >> got to love youtube. >> got to love you, baby. paul mccartney's on the show today. >> he'll be here soon. >> okay. >> he'll be here soon. >> okay. >> via satellite.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> one agrees donate computers, and never forgets his roots, he's from philly, kevin heart. >> people are very picky when they watch the show. which -- sometimes you're planning in the breaks, john lennon, songs of john lennon wrote. and specifically paul mccartney. geez. >> we have to fill three hours. >> do you think this is it? ♪ >> not even going there. >> you know the store kohl's? >> yes, they're preparing for a marathon, and she looks happy about it. yes, kohl's will keep it doors open for 100 hours straight through starting december 19th, at 6:00 in the morning. and ending on christmas eve at 6:00 p.m. the chain hopes to bring in those procrastinators like me, still looking for gift, in the last second. >> you know you only have 14 days until christmas. >> is that it? >> yep. let's face it, guys, so hard
8:47 am
to buy for, typically buy whatever they need during the year. so always trying to wonder, what do i get a guy? what do i get sneak. >> i'll tell you what to do. >> what? >> guys, this is what we do, go out christmas shopping for the friends, family, end up buying stuff we like. so i would just march down about three, four blocks, to century 21 market street, because there is a bun of of good stuff for guys in there. >> i know jen has some ideas. >> okay, so, here's what we do. we dot guys at 9:45, because your best friend mike he had is he back, you'll tell us like it is for the 9:00 hour. >> absolutely. >> but right now, we will talk to men, to you, eddie, about women. so we start with heather over here. go over there, get ready for your thing. all right, hey, heather. first thing is you say foremen buying for women, they need to know if their girl is a glitter or sparkle girl. >> i'm a glitter girl. but not everybody is a glitter girl. so we could start with something a little bit more simple? okay. >> this is a beautifulul piece, very sophisticated, designers, you can go in your girls
8:48 am
closet and check what size she s if you can't do that, this whole table beautiful merchandise under $100. with things that you don't need to worry about their size. this gift is amazing because if you get it on during the holiday you have something amaze to go wear new years eve. >> i like this, it is like accessories that will go with their stuff. >> exactly. >> but not worried about the size. you say edge it up a little bit? >> this is not your boring gloves hat scarf. it has total punk to it little bit of sheik. >> and it is $34. >> exactly. >> so you have done very well. let's see, here's what i said to eddie. eddie has five children at home. i said the moms are always responsible for buying all of the presents. but the kids want something special from their dads. >> dad, very special thing, when i buy a gift for anyone. >> so i love this. we will start with these thing, the boys love to wear this kind of thing to school. >> yes, jeans, t-shirt, and a hoodie like this, very, very cool. they love it, they look great. they get lots of compliment, everything on this table under
8:49 am
ooh dollars. amazing. >> the one we said earlier, if kids are five years old or below, they know what santa want for them. not talking about a santa situation. it is authorities buy like say seven years old to like 14? >> it is very, very much. like a loft great things here. i know i am a bike rider. i ride with my son, he is nine. it is odometer, about $7, tells you how many miles you go. >> $7? >> yes, really is. >> i love it. >> well, we wrap it up. some breaking news, everyone sees all of this amazing stuff. he had is he going to be back at 9:00. thank you, heather, you did great. >> look forward to. that will right to this breaking news because skyfox over a water main break, this is in the kensington section. sit. >> i at the 1500 germantown avenue. look at. that will look at all of the water. >> what's it, 1500 germantown? >> hearing day care center nearby being evacuated. take a look at all of the water. there are cars that also are being affected there. is this the middle of the road. >> i. >> bob, look at this, huge. >> 1500 germantown avenue.
8:50 am
i know they have the water department crew on the way. but, you know, you will have water damage in the basement. there you g you got the water department off to the right. looks like they're trying to get into. that will i wonder if that's the day care there? here look. looking. >> day care. >> picking up their kids, you see the school sign there. is a sign definitely. look at the wind blowing, too. that water that's in the roadway there, so that's 15 -- jefferson. so germantown avenue at jefferson. you even got the fire department there, as well. >> look like where the police car -- >> off to the left, looks like the back of homes. >> water just rushing down. >> water coming downhill there. that's germantown and
8:51 am
jefferson, red nerve street there? >> 1500 block, kensington section. that's tough, too, because you have the kids probably just, you know, ten of 9:00, probably already in school by now. >> let's get more
8:52 am
huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know genies can be really literal? no. what is your wish? no...ok...a million bucks! oh no... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more car insurance.
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8:54 am
>> updating breaking news, looking live from skyfox, over this massive water main break in the kensington section of the city. look at the water. you got the white tops on the water there, this is germantown avenue between jefferson and oxford in the city kensington section, now, offer to the right side, of your screen skyfox pulls out, there is a school, and we saw just few month ago, some children being pick up from
8:55 am
school. auctioning along the sidewalk. he'll need his fishing boots on by the time he gets closer, right on the corner thereof jefferson, and germantown avenue. walking across -- >> splashing in that water. >> yes, i think it might actually be a mosque that the kids are being taken out of. >> i think you're right, on the corner there. and i know behind that building, they have, a play gym, couple of basketball courts, certainly a sign that there is some kid activity going on in there, but look at the water, just gushing out from underneath. here's what we've been seeing over the last couple every months, the older pipes underground, in the city here, specially this section here, in kensington, germantown avenue, about a block off of american, just to casino of gave you a idea and the route 57 bus also uses this stretch of germantown avenue, not only the police on the scene, blocking vehicle traffic, but also saw the water department,
8:56 am
and obviously they got to get underground to get the pipe runs to shut the water offer. we'll stay on top of this runs to shut the water offer. we'll stay on top of this throughout the rest of the i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara®. it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ... stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara®... ...your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems- these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study, most stelara® patients
8:57 am
saw at least 75% clearer skin... ...and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara®.
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>> breaking news out of the kensington section of the city, 1500 block of germantown? >> 1500 block of germantown avenue, between jefferson, and oxford, in the city's kensington section. and as we can see from the chopper there, mike, you had mentioned that we had a mosque on the corn their? >> evacuate that. >> definitely kids coming out, parent at the concern. we roll up, going again germantown avenue at the top of the screen there, oxford. you can see the water still gushing out. >> that building i call a mosque may not be a mosque,
9:00 am
i'm pretty sure a school, academy of some sort. >> yes. >> septa going to have detours in the neighborhood block or two off american street. >> keep an eye on it. good day, it is wednesday, december the tenth, 2014. lovely kerry bar set here. >> good to be here. >> one of the most important programs. >> taylor swift was there. it is the victoria secret fashion show. there is an important program. educating al, biology -- >> music show in a way, but also a show about the history of loungerie, under pant,.


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