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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  December 12, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EST

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well, we will start here at philadelphia police headquarters where detective are frequently called to witness in a court case but chris, in this kind of case, they were witnesses to the crime happening on the street as they stopped the guy who has been a attacking women on the campuses of drexel and penn. thanks, steve. breaking news overnight a car goes up in flames in the king sessing section of the city what police say led to that fatal crash. caitlin ross watching weekend weather. >> good morning, chris. we are going to see weekend improvement, temperatures still very cold out there this morning but we have a warming trend in the seven day and we will have that straight a ahead, kerry. all right, and sony is confessing up, what they had to say after their e-mails
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were leaked, slamming celebrities, and even making what some are calling racist joke about president obama. >> oh, boy. >> this is juicy stuff. >> it is blowing up. >> good day, it is friday, december 12, 2014. >> that is original thinking. >> kerry, i want you to live in the moment, don't jump a ahead to the 21st stay at the 12th. >> no one is ready for the 21st because that means i should have much more done then i would have had done. >> not enclose. >> exactly. >> tomorrow is 12/13/14 a lot of people getting married. >> yes. >> are you, caitlin. >> i am not. i would need someone to marry first. >> oh, please. >> it is one of those number things where people think it is good luck so 12/13/14 falling on a saturday this year. >> caitlin, what is behind you. >> hey, chris, it was a thursday for lot of people,
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this is camille's dog, our producer from 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. she loves her dog very much. and cute to take a picture. this is adorable. it shows the dog. in a snow covered lawn in south jersey around washington township. a lot of you saw that scene outside today. the let's show you that the snow has completely cleared the a area right now it is very quiet. that storm system is spinning towards the north but snow showers confined to eastern canada with a few clouds around here this morning. it is very chill which those mostly cloudy skies, temperatures at this hour, 24 mount pocono, 32 pottstown, 35 in philadelphia, 34 in millville and 36 in dover. winds are out of the northwest sustained speeds light at five to 10 miles an hour but we are seeing higher gusts and with that comes the wind chill. the gust s out of the southwest at 22 to 25 miles an hour. it is less wind toy day but we will have some occasional wind, 26 is how it feels in will allentown.
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twenty-nine in philadelphia these are concerned wind chills, as you step outside this morning and still very chilly. we will have your full forecast, still ahead, temperatures rising, only into the upper 30's. that is your first look at your forecast, let's say good morning to bob kelly our first check of the roads this morning. >> good morning. 4:03. tgif, we will have police activity in center city philadelphia along market street. here is a live look from rooftop cam here between market street blocked at eighth street. we're told it is police detail i'm's not quite sure what is going on but we have three or four police cars blocking the westbound side of market. so leaving old sit the eye heading over towards city hall at eighth street. we will try to get more details on that but again, market street on the westbound side blocked off this morning and even septa buses just going around the block. lets go to the major roadways where caitlin showed us temps
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were right around that freezing mark there, so out in the suburbs i rolled up the garage this morning and nice little blanket of dusting of snow on the driveway. so depending pneumonia where you begin and end your trip it could be dies think morning. live look at the route one hundred at route 30 in chester county your major travel lanes should be okay, but maybe that left or right turning lane, side streets, still could be snow covered, with just that fine glaze. 309 and 202, five-point in montgomery county in problems at all there. here's a live look at 42 freeway, everybody coming in towards philadelphia as we work our way in towards the city. double five's on the speedometer readings, schuylkill expressway looking good, i-95, great northeast, in problems coming into center city but gang in charleston, chester county, this is where you could have that fine glaze out there, especially the untreated roadways. fifty-four through west
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chester, rough go yesterday at philly international we will reset clock and start off with no delays a at philly international, chris and kerry, back over to you. break news. police investigating a port richmond shooting that left one person dead and another in critical condition. this happened around 11:30, police responded to a shooting in the 2,000 block of bellmore street. police say when they got the there they found several bullet on the street and minivan that had been hit by that gunfire. >> we believe that 35 year-old victim may have been in the driver's seat of that minivan when a bullet came through the passenger side window and struck that 35 year-old in the abdomen. new this morning one person dead after a single will car crash in king sessing, it happened around midnight in the 5100 block of grace avenue. the car crash in the loading dock of the building and caught fire, witnesses say that the car was going very fast, before that crash, actually ran a red light they
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say. police say victim was a 26 year-old man. also new this morning fire fighters responded todd a fire at a southwest philadelphia a school, it started a little bit before midnight at bartram high at 66 and grace avenue. fire fighters noticedded smoke, the fire was placed under control right around midnight. this morning philadelphia police say they are investigating a person of interest in connection to a series of sexual assaults, that includes some in the university city area. >> you mentioned series. late's tack happened just last night, fox 29's steve keeley is live with the latest on the investigation, steve, what do they know so far. >> reporter: chris, james barrett, no relation tour co anchor right there already with a long arrest history and just added a few more chapters just since sat kay. definitely responsible for four attacks in five days on penn and drexel female students, detectives tell me and very likely to be linked to even more caught right in the act in his latest and they
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hope last attack ever by plainclothes detectives driving around in an unmarked car as part of the added pennsylvania patrols just put on the streets in university city after after so many attacks in the short time including three just yesterday. barrett wasn't just wearing same clothes that the victims identified in the two earlier attacks within ten minutes on drexel female students yesterday morning but before beating a 38 year-old penn grad student over the head with one of those u shaped steel bicycle locks at forty-first and pine around 6:00 o'clock last night wearing the the same exact clothes that he haddon in a an attack on sat take where police were able to get a good surveillance camera shot of him they gave photocopies to all of the patrols, yesterday so detectives can see the same tall guy in the same clothes doing the same thing at forty-first and pine. the they jump out. by then the the guy dragged student 50 yards after smashing her head with her
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bicycle lock. her backpack, books, papers, all of her stuff all over the the street. she's now at the hospital. he's now lock up as dna evidence will look to see if they link him to these other sexual attacks but for four, but maybe more. >> it would be nice if they could wrap it all up. >> absolutely. steve, thanks much. philadelphia council woman blonde he will reynolds brown want philadelphia college to adopt yes means yes policy. yes means yes requires both parties to consent and be conscious before engaging in sexual conduct. the counsel woman is inviting college and university presidents to a hearing before the council's education committee to hear that plan. we will keep you posted on had. another woman stepping out of the shadows and saying that comedian bill cosby drugged and assaulted her and thinks a maim you are man w this is beverly johnson, the the first black super model. she says cosby drugged her
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inside of his new york city home in the 1980's. she tells vanity fair magazine that she immediately realized she had been drugged when she confronted cosby, he got angry, and made her leave. several other women have come forward in recent weeks saying they too were raped or groped after they alleged cosby drug them. think about 20 women at this point. he is denying all of the allegations though. >> janice dickinson who coined the phrase super model is another with a similar story. a 13 year-old is rush to the hospital after gunfire erupts following an attempted robbery in frankford. >> lets go to fox 29's lauren johnson live at northeast detectives with more on this, lauren, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. everybody inside at home at the time of the shooting was brought here to northeast detective to answer some questions. as for that teen he was taken to st. christopher's hospital. lets look at sky fox video from over the scene last night around 8:00 p.m. on the 4,000 block of crescent street in frankford.
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police say a 34 year old was on the front porch when he was a a approached by two men hoping to rob them. he raced inside, slamming the door closed behind him but that did not stop the men from shooting. they fired three shots. two went in the home, grazed a 13 years old in the living room. it left a bruce on the stomach but he should recover. a 15 year-old and a infant were also in the home but they were unharmed. suspects took off during this investigation, police found what they believed to be marijuana a on that front porch. chris and kerry, police are unsure if that 34 year-old knew his attackers or if this was completely random that was a big part of the case, lauren johnson, thank you. a viewing will be held for philadelphia fire fighter killed in the fire, joyce craig died tuesday after being trapped in the row home on milton street. she will be laid to rest following a funeral service tomorrow. investigators are still trying to determine how she got trapped inside that home.
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judge convicted rafael jones in the murder of philadelphia police officer moses walker. jones shot and killed walker in the robbery just after the officer got off-duty in august of 2012. a co-defendant who pled guilty to third degree murder testified begins jones. a camera caught both men during that crime. we're getting a closer look at body cameras some philadelphia police officers are now wearing. >> there is a pilot program been in use the past couple of weeks now. police commissioner ramsey says this will mean more transparency. the department is testing six different models for police pennsylvania patrolling north philadelphia. the residents getting a closer touring at this community meeting. after six months the the department plans to expand that program city wise. police say they would like to buy 3500 cameras over the the next couple of years but it is in the yet clear how this massive investment in equipment and infrastructure will be paid for. e-mails as we mentioned will be leaked by sony executives, what they are saying about an e-mail that
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some are calling raise ace begins president obama. an incredible scene at nation's capitol, congressional staffers, walked nation's capitol, congressional staffers, walked out, why
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one person is dead, thousands of others right now are stranded, and this is the monster storm. >> look at that. >> this hit the west coast yesterday. >> my word. >> they are not used to this stuff, right. strong wind and heavy rain
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knocked out electricity and floodedded roads up and down the west coast. we will start in oregon a four year-old home less man died when a tree felon him. that rain is expected to continue throughout the day-to-day. >> sad. a race against time and mother nature as residents in washington state, scrambled to empty out their homes before severe weather destroys them. bad weather in that region has caused several homes in washaway beach to collapse and fall right over the cliff that they were built on. as waves continued to pound that coastal beach town it is only getting worse. caitlin, good morning to you. >> good morning to you guys. >> we will have to show you radar of that storm, soon it is like a hurricane hitting the northwest in the terms there is more hurricane force wind and they are not used to seeing these huge coastal storms in oregon, washington and northern california. we are. we saw one earlier. many less impacts, but we are still feeling the impacts from it right now. that is still in the form of the wind. we have had snow showers all
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day. they have cleared out. right now it is pretty cold. twenty-four mount pocono. thirty-three allentown. thirty-two in pottstown. we have had rain and wind that was tuesday. snow showers yesterday, we will finally see the sun coming out today but we have cold, chilly weather, 34 in wilmington. thirty-seven in wildwood. your fox future cast though does show we will clear out through morning hours and left over clouds further west we go but decent sunshine and more than we have been accustomed to over the past week. by 5:00 here are a few more clouds, i wouldn't completely rule out a flurry, probably north, but we will look dry. thirty-two and cold by 9:00 a.m. thirty-five and partly sunny by noon, still very chill which high temperatures in the 30's. thirty-nine there by 3:00. thirty-nine, set us back today. sunnies here. we will lose wind. nice looking saturday. still crisp though, 43 degrees for the high temperature. we will begin a very, very slow, not significant but still noticeable warming trend, mid 40's and a nice
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sunday. should hit 50's by tuesday with the chance of showers and then temperatures fall back in the 40's, overall it looks like a quiet week in contrast this week. we should have no impacts the from the weather through the rest of the weekend besides that chance of showers next tuesday. that is your seven day forecast, on this friday, happy friday to you, bob. >> back at you, 4:17. we are ready for a nice quiet week. we deserve one. good morning morning to the northeast stretch of philadelphia torresdale avenue and levick in the great northeast, in some areas, had a fine dusting last night. just be careful even though you may not see the fine coating on the cars or the windshield, some left to right turning lanes could be slippery this morning. some less traveled secondary roads, here's a live look at i-95 in northeast philadelphia through construction zone all three lanes are opened so we are ready for a morning rush hour down towards downtown. curb check, checking your curve this morning, the conshohocken curve of the schuylkill expressway no problems or delays in or out
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of the city at the moment. we will check in with south jersey airport circle route 38 with no delays heading towards that ben franklin bridge. for shaders, we will go for a ride, route 73 from cherry hill new jersey rolling through mount laurel and maple shade we are looking good. no bridge opening set at the moment but tacony palmyra. we're in good shape there working your way towards philadelphia. bennie, whitman looking good, commodore barry, septa, market frankford line and running with no delays. the airport says they are back to normal and so far so good at philadelphia international, kerry, back to you. all right, bob. 4:18. good grief i'm having trouble with time today. anyhow today senate expect to vote on more than 1 trillion-dollar spending plan. plan approved by the house late last night along with the temporary budget extension a avoid a shut down. democrats are not happy that the long term bill eases bank regulations were imposed after the economic turmoil of 2008 but president obama a and
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republican leaders working together to get the votes that they needed. cia director john brennan is defending his agency against accusations it used inhumane interrogation techniques against terror suspects. an explosive senate report released tuesday accused the agency oven gauge nothing torture. report took five years to write and reveal interrogation techniques were worse than what the cia told lawmakers. >> the the previous administration faced agonizing choices about how to pursue al qaeda and prevent a additional terror attacks against our country. while facing fears of further a attacks and carrying out the responsibility to prevent more catastrophic loss of life. >> where does the executive branch stand? white house says it stand behind bren on and cia. congressional staffers making a statement against police brutality, yesterday dozens walked out of the capitol building to show solidarity with those protesting recent grand jury decisions connect to the eric
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garner and michael brown cases. they took a familiar protest with their hands up on the capitol steps. staffers say they wanted to send a message about police accountability. in west philadelphia, protesters also put together a demonstration to bring attention to the issue. they took to the streets at 52nd and market at a busy septa el stop right in the heart of rush hour. 4:20. two sony executives apologizing for jokes they made in private e-mails about president obama. the critics say these remarks have a racist tone to them. >> these e-mails went out as part of the sony hack attack. scott ridley and sony co-chairman amy pascal have both issued apologies. they made jokes about what types of movie the president might like and mentioned a series of film with african-american casts. they now, call the remarks insensitive. he also apologized for calling angelina jolie a quote spoiled brat and another leak e-mail.
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how about this, we will take a look at the the other e-mails here, comedian kevin hart was called out by execute any of some e-mails as being money hungry. he responded on instagram in part saying knowing yourself worthies extremely important, people, i worked very hard to get where i am today. he also goes on to say and say i look at myself as a brand and because of that i will never allow myself to be taken advantage of. remember this video, in high school football game goes to high court what the judge had to say straight ahead.
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the flyers are a team they are trying to find an identity and right new they are a team that has trouble scoring but last night they got enough. lets go to the wells fargo center, one to nothing in the first, two players ripped by ownership, couturier to matt read makes it two to nothing. flyers hold on. they win four to one over new jersey devils. mark sanchez knows how important eagles game at the link a against cowboys is sunday night understanding it is only one game but big one for him as well and that is what players want. >> we have to want the ball, with a few seconds left,
4:25 am
trying to make a play, bottom of the ninth, kids don't talk about, okay, throw me the pitch and one-one in the middle of the second inning. nobody says that, nobody practices that. it is two out, bases loaded, that kind of thing. that is when you want the ball in your hand. >> all right. mark sanchez has to be the closer. the that is sports in the minute. i'm howard eskin. 4:25. oklahoma judge makes a decision in the case of a bad call at a high school football game. >> court will not force any part of the game to be replayed. the here's what happened here. that is had hard to make out. the this is high school video. fredrick douglass high school loss the game by a point after a student knocked into a referee at the game. the evident thely there is some sort of a penalty but referees admit they shouldn't have issued any penalty, taking that touchdown away. the instead of making them redo the play the the school took this to court but the
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judge decided hey it is not my place to make the call so the play stand. >> interesting. future of atlantic city is still in question. hotel owner is hoping to shake things up what he wants to bring to the struggling city. ari ana grande said she never wanted to do that song break free. >> do you know that one. >> yes. >> huge fan. >> break free, baby. >> why she wasn't a fan of that now hit song and she
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police now have a person of interests in the string of sexual assaults inner drexel university. why they think one person may be involve at all of the cases. then fire fighters called to the scene of the local high school they find smoke, what happened next. >> every 28 year i have never seen anyone steel christmas decoration from his one person's house and go to their house and set them up. >> that is so lame. >> yes. >> christmas friendly town. >> but then good news turns these frowns upside down. >> ahh. >> turn that frown upside down. how the thief solved the case of the thief who left a trace. >> well done. >> people going craze think will holiday season, stealing gifts, decorations. good day everybody. it is, inside of two weeks of christmas day. >> okay. >> yes, december 12th.
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>> yes. >> i can't remember. >> i know. >> thirteen days. >> this is why it brings out the worst in people. all this pressure. >> did you hear about the woman who mailed a box of poop, to a bunch of thieves. people were stealing gifts. she filled one with bunch of poop and left it on the doorstep for the thief to pick up. >> it is funny and smart, i necessity. >> and stinky. >> exactly. >> good morning to you. good morning to everyone. hopefully a calm weekend planned for a lot of you. weather a at least calming down. it has been a busy few days. we have had rain, win on tuesday. we had snow and wind yesterday, much more quieter our storm system kicking out and in the wake a few included around this morning. ultimate doppler not showing any rain or snow. so we do still have chilly weather, that is one thing that is not going on just yet. in the 20's in the poconos, lower 30's in the western suburbs. thirty-five philadelphia. thirty-six in dover.
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hat, gloves, scarves morning, start the car outside earlier if you can to get the heating. wind west are still gusting to 20 miles an hour, wind are slowly diminishing, with the storm system, has been the keyword. it will be breezy through the morning and afternoon. wind chills in the 20's, still so it feels colder then it is thanks to the win. feels like 28 in millville. twenty-nine in wildwood. your fox cast for today another afternoon where we will spend whole day in the 30's. can't manage to hit 40. we will have sunshine. sun and clouds, giving way to a clear night tonight. we will see temperatures fall back in the upper 20's. twenty-eight, mostly clear and cold on this friday night. in problems heading out this evening and we will have the rest of the weekend forecast straight ahead. plus a look the at a the eagles game forecast, sunday night. >> sunday night. >> we will be down there tailgating at 6:00 a.m., we have to have our hot chocolate getting ready on a sunday. good morning. tgif. we are off to a good start on a friday. live look at the schuylkill
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expressway right here near montgomery drive. no problems on our major roadways. even right there around 35 are, the burbs, chester county made a little bit of the glaze out there on your secondary roads, an inside streets from a little bit of the coating come through last night. the here's broad street, in problems at all, roosevelt boulevard as you work your way through this city, a live look here at the blue route right here near route one in delaware county nice and dark with nobody out at all, up and down 476, and there is that shot of the the schuylkill. for the gang in south jersey coming in on the 42 freeway, watch out for construction crews as you work your way in to 295, that is reason for slow down there, no problems through you voorhees, mass transit, regional rails looking good, again, keep in mind any of the stations out in the suburbs, that did receive that fine coating last night, that platforms could be a little slippery this morning. we will go for a ride, 202 northbound as you work your way up from frazier through malvern and up into the king of prussia interchange.
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no problems at all working your way in towards that king of prussia mall, traffic light there at gulf road. bennie, whitman, tacony palmyra all looking good this morning, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. 4:33. we have breaking news. police investigating a port richmond shooting that left one person dead and another hospitalized. it happened at 11:30 last night, police responded to the shooting in the 2,000 block of bellmore street. police say when they arrived they found several bullets and minivan hit by gunfire. minivan victim, somebody in that truck, listed in critical condition. new this morning fire fighters respond to the fire at southeast philadelphia a will school. fire started sometime before midnight at bartram high and 66th and blaze avenue. upon arrival fire fighters noticed smoke from the building, fire was under control a short time later. also new this morning one person is dead after a inning will car crashed in king sessing, this happened at midnight on the 5100 block of grace avenue. police say a car crashed in the loading dock of the building and caught fire.
4:34 am
witnesses say car was going pretty fast right before that crash and they say that they saw that car run a red light. police say the vick them was a 26 year-old man. philadelphia a police questioning a person of interest in a series of sexual assaults. police say cases had similarities, fox 29's steve keeley live at police headquarters with the very latest on this investigation, steve? >> reporter: we can tell upgrade person of interest to definite suspect and definite charges in this case already. same guy in the same clothes doing the same thing, three times within seven hours yesterday and same clothes saturday in a fourth attack. police on extra patrols throughout university city had a good photocopy picture of five five-year old james barrett too, just yesterday, police were able to screen grab a shot of him from a previous attack caught on a street surveillance camera, plainclothes detectives driving in an unmark kara at 6:00 last night, and then see barrett beating a dragging a
4:35 am
38 year-old university of pennsylvania grad student, at forty-first and pine, they jumped out and arrest him saving him from even worse then what she had already just experienced, she had got off a bus at forty-second street within a block, this guy hits her from behind in the back of the head with one of those you shaped steel bicycle locks, and drags her 50 yards to forty-first and pine where her backpack, books, papers all scattered on the sidewalk next to that black bike lock that gave her a real bad cut and bump. this all happened after two female drexel students were separately attacked within ten minutes of each other, late yesterday morning and then a fifth attack on a drexel student monday not yet linked to barrett and that is why detective say police and students in university city, still should be on high alert and heightened awareness of their surroundings in this case because barrett may not have been the only one out there, robbing, beating and raping student in a series of a attacks in such a short
4:36 am
time, kerry and chris. >> steve keeley, live at police headquarters. >> 4:35. search for shane montgomery continues for a second day, investigators are focusing on the schuylkill river. surveillance video shows shane heading towards the the river, after leaving a bar in manayunk. police say that he walked west on main street after leaving kildares just before 2:00 in the morning on thanksgiving and then the the 21 year-old college student crossed a canal foot bridge in the parking lot along the river before he vanish. police have not found anything belong to go him, no scent in, clothing. we showed you images of roners hitting a coin shop in been sale them week and now police say they have identified the men, here they are, the warrant out for daniel leftler and david degreesi. they held up a coin shop with a big knife and a pipe. they tied up two employees and assaulted a customer who happened to walk in the store at the time. robbery at coin and
4:37 am
collectibles on street road happened tuesday right in the middle of the afternoon. atlantic city a's golden nugget plans to sue over a proposed bilker why the the company says it favors the bigger casino and could be catastrophic for smaller ones. incredible time capsule unearthed and you won't believe historians believe put it there.
4:38 am
4:39 am
a new casino may be
4:40 am
heading to the atlantic city, owner of the chelsea hotel with like to open up a small casino. he says his help tell is perfect place for what he calls a boutique casino. new jersey lawmakers are currently considering a bill to allow a casino to be located in an existing building. officials at golden nugget say they will sue others to block a proposed systems bill attacks the systems bill. casino taxes would increase dramatically under that proposal. a lawyer says bill unfairly hurts the smaller casinos. also this morning at 4:40 police release video of the armed robbery with gunman stole thousands of dollars from two member but you that may not be the worst part of the story, the robbery happened early wednesday morning in the oxford circle section of philadelphia, all caught on surveillance video. police say videos shows two victims waiting outside a friend's house in the 7100 block of large street around 5:00 this morning, or 5:00 in the morning. gunman approached and they
4:41 am
stole cash, chinese currency, and ipod and one man's passport, he was about to head oversees ease for his mother an "s" funeral of all things. >> here you are trying to get back home for a funeral and you get robbed and your money gets taken. >> unfathomable that it could happen right here. >> gunman got away, police say some of that money was supposed to be used to help with funeral costs for victim's pot mother. police are trying to figure out if the men were targeted. what a waste, an import car worth $20,000 gets scrapped in the new jersey junkyard. >> officials say they had in choice, we will talk about that. but first speaking of cars, here's bob. >> 4:41. good morning everybody. we will will go for a ride on the 42 freeway getting ready to leave the house in south jersey. some roads could be slick especially areas that got a dusting last night. we will check roads, bridges
4:42 am
4:43 am
4:44 am
quiet now on the east coast but check out the west coast. ultimate doppler showing a ton of rain moving into parts of the california. they are all getting it now, which is not just bait area sacramento, nevada seeing heavier snow and stretching town into southern california. l.a. getting rain, win. break for coastal oregon and washington but they got hit so hard yesterday. that is the big weather story towards the west.
4:45 am
back home here departing nor'easter that brought rain and wind tuesday, long gone into canada we have snow showers in northern new england. zooming into the philadelphia area a couple cloud around this morning, chilly, we do still have some wind, lingering after effects from the storm system taking its sweet time to move out. with those chilly readings we are seeing 20's and 30's, 24 in the poconos. thirty-two reading. thirty-two in pottstown. thirty-five philly. thirty-four in millville. for rest of today, friday at least looks brighter, been a while since we have had sunny stretch of weather should begin at least five days of it. by noon we have sunshine, probably still fair weather clouds moving through today but calling for sun and clouds and overall, it was some improvement from the gray weather over past couple days. i don't think we will see any snow showers today. 39 degrees is the high. sun returns. still breezy and cold. the winds gusting to 25 miles an hour at times. seven day forecast we will pick up a warming trend as we head through weekend. forty-two saturday.
4:46 am
forty-five on sunday. nice night at the link. cold obviously kick off temperatures in the 30's but almost 50 by monday and we should surpass 50 by tuesday. just a chance for showers on tuesday, cooling back down to more seasonal readings on wednesday and thursday and even long range forecast as we head into the week before christmas does look quiet, bob kelly, so good news, we don't want any big storms around christmastime that is the worst. >> 4:46. good morning. tgif, live look at the schuylkill expressway, no problems or delays into or out of the city at least at this hour on a friday looking good on i-95 right here near cottman avenue through construction zone we're in good shape in downtown philadelphia a speaking of downtown a live look at vine street expressway right underneath broad street overpass, shoppers alert, are you ready? if you are heading to king of prussia to do some shopping, chris. >> okay. >> where you need to hang out to get your list taken care of. >> all day tomorrow,
4:47 am
northbound lanes of 202, they will work on the ramps to the schuylkill expressway. >> forget it. >> i can't go there. >> set it and forget it. southbound they are working from gulf road that traffic light at the mall all the way down to swedesford road all day tomorrow beginning at 7:00. give yourself time, getting to the mall, and then leaving the mall area, heading south on 202. it will be a hot in mess in that king of prussia interchange there, 42, in problems. >> i have no idea, bright idea that was but we will try to figure that out. >> let take you to boston. a look from 1795, sees light of of day, free from the grand it cornerstone of the massachusetts state house. get this, historians believe samuel adams and paul reveer put it there, boston museum of fine arts, slowly chosen the cornerstone to get to that
4:48 am
box. they are moving it so nearby pipes can get fix. in one has opened this. first museum will x-ray it and historians think they know what is inside. >> we have coins, a plate, number of things, question is what condition are they in. >> the museum will open it up next week, and then return it to the site next year. >> interesting. 4:48. a holiday grinch trying to snatch christmas spirit right out of the suburban neighborhood. police say a thief stole decorations right off of somebody's front yard, ridiculous. michelle shram of levittown is accused of swiping those stolen decorations but as fox 29's sabina kuriakose reports, story a had a happy evening just in time for the holidays. >> ♪ >> reporter: story takes place in north park in levittown, just follow the the star. >> nice little neighborhood. everybody a has something different every year that they put out to keep spirit going.
4:49 am
>> reporter: santa, snoopy, snow men of all time, this is not whoville but who will will day spirit still shines, until. >> i just turned around and he was gone. i had him two days. i judge us bought him. >> reporter: frosty vanish, snatched tuesday night, grinch had stolen christmas and he even took the lights. >> my lights, the walkway lights, they were stolen. >> reporter: three houses on nut meg lane what could they do neighbors called police and all it took was an hour or two. >> and he was able to come up with surveillance tape and we actually have her setting up the stolen items on her lawn. >> reporter: falls township say this wasn't your typical scam, officers had surveillance that the alleged thief putting up the decorations, all caught on cam. >> in 28 years i have never seen anyone steel christmas decoration from his one person's house and go to their house and set them up. >> i had them in here. >> i didn't put them out yet. that was my frosty.
4:50 am
he is missing. >> reporter: over on nut meg lane all is well, good police work gave them a happy ending to tell. >> everybody had their stuff back, so christmas is back, you know, the neighborhood, street, shall is all happy again. >> reporter: tonight she's being booked on theft charges here in falls township. police say and neighbors say they hope she learn an important lesson, that maybe christmas doesn't come from a store or your neighborhood's yard, maybe christmas perhaps is a little bit more. sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. >> good message this morning. 4:50 right now, imported car that sells for a little bit more than $20,000 turn into scrap at a new jersey junkyard. the car was destroyed because it didn't meet american road safety standards. it was an austin mini, scrapped after being used as part of the operation, that is hard to watch. >> it looks like a toy. >> it does, my word. >> little baby carries what it
4:51 am
looks like. >> it was part of something called operation atlantic. u.s. customs and border protection officials trying to prevent mini as and land rover defenders that don't meet safety standards from entering the country at all. it is still tough to watch. they made quick work of that little thing. ariana grande says her lyrics makes no sense at all. the first time you heard anybody actually admit that but this is not the first time. she tells magazine producer matt smart about lines that now that i have become hoy really are. that is poor grammar. i only want to die alive. >> yeah, i have been saying that for weeks. >> you only want to die alive. >> yes. >> grande says eventually he talk her into it and she loved to learn the nonsensical part. what i said make any sense?
4:52 am
>> no. >> he loves to learn the nonsensical. wait, whatever. you get the gist. knightly has more to be happy about than some award nominations. >> she will be a momma. >> yes. >> knightly is accepting her first child this week with her husband james rison. the couple married in may of 2013 in fact if you care whatsoever yourself. the 29 year-old actress received screen actors guild and golden globe nomination for her role in the imitation game. toy story, had some all piled high and ready for people with their big smiles and bigger he hearts to wrap
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
david bowie. >> different eras, same song. >> one neighborhood in a hawaii has some serious christmas game. the resident all got together to pull off a collaborative light show. hour long synchronized show, include about 60,000 lights,
4:56 am
and four holiday songs. the these neighbors are using their christmas populars to embrace true meaning of the day and holiday, they have a donation box for a local homeless shelter. >> that is super cool good holidays will be bright for special kids. >> again, that is what the holidays are all about. >> yes. >> volunteers from the abramson center for jewish life auxiliary are making gift baskets. baskets headed to kids battling serious illnesses at ronald mcdonald house. >> volunteers say children aren't only ones who get something out of this. >> because, to me holiday time is about making every within happy, not only children but children here to enhance and breaking their lives and we are doing that and at the same team they are enhancing children's lives. >> deliver these gift baskets in the next few days. volunteers have been doing this now for three years. >> good for them.
4:57 am
>> so this dangerous california weather that we talk about in the beginning of the show is making a huge mess of things there but high surf had some kids ditching school to join in. that is not a good idea. how rescuers jumped in to save their lives just in time. >> lake tahoe had waves yesterday, crazy. you might want to skip that glass of wine before bed why it could be affecting you have sleep in a bad way even
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
police have a suspect they are questioning in the string of sexual assaults near drexel university. then developing this morning a crash in the city takes a life. what police know so far. federal prosecutors investigating bridge gate, that could be making a very rare move, what they may end up charging those that are tied up in this scandal with. good day, it is friday, december 12th, 2014, we made it, folks. >> tgif. >> big weekend plans. >> i have 11 people at my house this weekend. >> wow. >> i usually cut it off at ten. >> preholiday party. >> prewill holiday party some in laws and other folks are coming up with that. >> good luck with that. >> machine will be interesting. >> she will be tired. >> a lot of people will be hitting malls and stores. >> oh, yeah. >> last weekend was so lousy, it was hard to g


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