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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  December 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> bliss are trying to figure out why brad stone went on shooting spree before taking his own life. >> experimental red light program is over in new jersey, why lawmakers say it was tile to pull the plug. >> police in delaware county come up with brilliant way to nab some bad guys, these people wanted for doing bad things, how they manage to get the crooks to come to them. >> little bit of money, money, money. >> good day, everyone, it is wednesday, december 17th, 2014. we could all use little mormon think time of year. >> it is the worse. >> christmas eve is a week from today. >> oh! >> and let's get to the forecast for today. because we can pretty much say, probably not going to be a white christmas for
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yesterday, it was only rain, it was nice and mild, and i think we'll have the mild temperatures lingering one more day, so we will give you a eight out of ten, some gusty wind, become g up little later on, bus stop buddy, still need to be warm at the bus stop. temperatures are in the 40's, but, for december, it is not that cloudy, and on the mild side, our satellite and radar picture shows the rain has left us, moved up toward new england, 41 degrees right now, we head to high of 50, that will happen around lunchtime. again, wind gusting as high as 30 miles an hour at times today. so, that should get rid of any fog that we have around right now. but, to check on those hazy roadways this morning, here's bob kelly. >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, 6:01, happy hump day. roads are wet, little damp from the rain we had yesterday. also dealing with some fog in some areas. so, little bit of everything on the breakfast buffet this morning. live look at the 42 freeway, the headlights coming in toward philadelphia. again, you kick up little bit of spray. you can see the glare in the road surface, that's a sign that the roads are wet. as you roll out of the
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driveway this morning, good morning from downtown philly. live look at the ben franklin bridge. headlights coming into philadelphia. construction headed into new jersey taking out the right lane, all part of the patco high-speed line construction, good morning to the northeast. ninety-five, starting to see some brake lights here tap with some volume headed southbound from cottman avenue into girard. and early morning accident here, on the schuylkill expressway. it is eastbound, right at the 476 interchange, you see police are on the scene there. and we're starting to see some slow downs headed in toward conshohocken, in toward downtown. otherwise, pretty good shape. to problems up and down 202, some fog, out in downingtown, portions of the turnpike, between downingtown and that harrisburg interchange. philly international, we had some problems yesterday, off to good start this morning, no delays on arrivals and departures, so we hope it stays that way. and an accident along route 73, main street maple shade. so far so good up and overall of the area bridges.
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chris, kerry, back over to you. >> thank you, bob. 6:02, police responding to burglary in progress at tarring net northeast philadelphia just about an hour ago. cops arrested the two guys as they broke into the store, this wasn't the first store though that they targeted. >> no, and steve keeley was on the scene when these guys were brought out of the target and thrown into a police van. steve, good morning. >> reporter: i never thought i would say broke into is a understatement. kerry, when you see the picture you may say i have to step it up into, broken into. here is the picture. they sawed. no look at the door. this is a two steel plated door, with insulation inbetween. and they did this with a port recall saw. they've been doing this a lot lately. seven targets have been burglarized in the philadelphia area, just since november 15th, like week before "black friday", this all began, all other six burglaries at targets, on the outskirts. and in the suburbs of philly. pennsylvania state police put special task force together, and they raised over here when they found out about this one.
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alarms tripped at 1:15, after these guys bus through the doors. these guys new about the wiring for the alarms, the surveillance advice tell, they had cut some of the wires, but not all of them. the large goes off. the police come here. the lights are on, so the police see the guys running in the store once they either hear l at large, know the police are coming and hear sirens, then they go up on the roof, okay? these guys are caught, not only up on the roof, with a back pack with the saw inside, but they've got walky-talkies in, there as well. look at this other picture, i walked pretty far lent to get this told by police about a possible and likely get away car that's under guard. and they didn't -- they're waiting for search warrant, will tow this thing out of here. they put flashlight in, let me see the walky-talkies, matched the walky-talkies in the back pack to the one in the get-away car. now wondering if the thirds guy was here and ran or got into another car, when they saw the police swarming all over the place. so here's what we see after three hours, of hiding out in
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that store going up and down off the roofs, trying avoid the k9 crew here, from the philly police, who did great out standing job, you got these guys being walked out in handicuffs, nobody got bit. nobody got shot. never saw a police gun even out of the holster. so great work by the philly police. they showed great restraint. great patience. they new this was in the a robbery like this place was robbed just april 19th for $30,000 by 3 guys still unsolved who waited in the men's room for it to close. >> this one they waited for it to close two hours at 11:00. at 1:00 the burglary alarm goes off. safe and sound, fix up job on that book door, don't they? >> no kidding. >> surveillance cameras from the parking lot may have caught the thirds guy leaving that alleged get-away car, as well. >> the whole thing like out after moviement picture them with a welder, you know, ya, just bizarre. >> he mentioned the movie thief with james can, one of my favorite move ills. philadelphia da calling gruesome killing spree against
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the pennsylvania family, nothing short of premeditated. >> what they don't know is why suspected murder err brad stone went on this rampage to begin with. fox 29's jennifer joyce live in souderton this morning, there are a lot of questions, but i mean, three generations of this family just wiped out. >> kerry, chris, a loft questions. we don't have a movie. what we do know brad stone had been fighting with his ex-wife nicole over the custody of their two children, the two day manhunt for brad stone ended yesterday afternoon he was found dead in the woods about hatch mile from his home, with self inflicted wound. the search for stone began after six people were found dead at three different locations, monday morning, including stone's ex-wife nicole, nicole's mom, grandmother, sister, brother-in-law and their daughter, a 17 year old was the lone survivor of the rampage. he is at jefferson hospital being treated for stab wounds to his hands and head. the community has organized a go fund me page for anthony
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flick. funds are also being collected for nicole stone's two daughters. a vigil for the victim was held last night. another vigil is set for saturday at 7:00. that one will be held at the pheasant run apartment community where nicole stone lived. chris, kerry? >> all right, jennifer joyce, thank you. >> meantime, new jersey's experiment with red light cameras now over, began 2009. it operate in the about two dozen new jersey municipalities. and tendss a -- it ends at midnight tonight. millions of dollars if fines since this program began. supporters say the cameras have made roads safer. but opponents say the statistic show otherwise, another accuser comes forward claiming comedian bill cosby sexually assaulted her. but this attack allegedly only happened few years ago. who is now coming forward. straight ahead. >> also, police in delaware county, getting the bad guys to come to them. why dozens every criminals just walked through the door, and r (vo) nourished.
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>> police say they've been trying to rounds up 46 people for nearly two years now, so they came up with a plan, they thought might work, and it
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did. detectives nailed letters -- mailed letters to the suspects telling them, you have a refunds coming your way. oh, money. >> that is -- >> oh, seriously? >> where do i go? well, they set up a fake location for the suspects to arrive, and sure enough, two dozen people fell for it. >> they brought them into separate room, verification cents were made, taken into custody as a result of different warrants. >> so most of the people were wanted on dui, theft, quality of life warrants. police say the operation was such a success, they noon use a similar method in the future to find more people without w out standing warrants. >> i tell you what, hook, line and signing err baby. >> new accuser coming forward, bill cosby assaulted her. this latest case allegedly happened just a few years ago. who is now coming forward. bob? >> good morning, everybody, actually offer to pretty good start, you take your way out of the driveway, and work your way on to the 42 freeway. roads are damp. dealing with some fog in some
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areas. we'll check the fog cams, sue i'm sheldon yellin,
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>> rain is out of here, cold front following it, after today you can expect chillier temperatures that will feel a little bit more like december. and then we have this potential for nor'easter over the weekends t looks like we'll get a glancing blow from this one, and we will probably start out with a wintery mix as this thing passes along the coast. i think in a more inward track would be more trouble for us. but it doesn't look like that's the way things are going. wintery mix changing over to rain saturday, into sunday. so, ultimate doppler shows where the rain is right now. and in the case of new
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hampshire, little bit of snow. but it is not our problem any more. still, pretty damp out there. still pretty cloudy. but temperatures are on the mild side. now, they're gone down little bit since we got here at 4:40. 41 degrees, 43 wildwood, but well above freezing. temperature trends, over the past five days, certainly been a milder one. we were at 48 degrees monday, yesterday we got to 53. today we will average around 50 with the winds picking up this afternoon, gusting maybe up to 30 miles an hour at times, still kind of breezy tomorrow, as well. and chillier, and feeling more december-i by friday, saturdayment sun changing to clouds, on saturday, get egg ready for that mix of precipitation, that could make for messy sunday morning. but, with 43 degrees in the afternoon it, will change over to rain, which could linger into monday, milder trends closer
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closer to christmas east which is a week from today. >> one week, my gosh, santa's coming. i know him. >> good morning, everybody, 422, the roads are dampment dealing with little bit of fog. not as much as we had this time yesterday. nonetheless it is still out here. live look at 422 headed eastbound. the headlights in toward that king of prussia interchange. just watch for some slow downs as well here on the schuylkill expressway. this is a live look right near the conshohocken interchange a accident off to the shoulder, right where 476 and route 23 all come together. and then furthering your trip eastbound on the schuylkill, little brake tap as you hit girard avenue. here is a live look at 295 at south jersey again roads are wet. dealing with some fog this morning. otherwise, slow going north on the freeway, starting to see some volume head in toward philadelphia. nothing out of the ordinary there. ben franklin, walt whitman, tac-pal all in great shape. yesterday we had real thick follow, this morning, visibilities good, roads are just little wet. so just take your time specially on some of the on
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and the off-ramps. in the 50's on 95, the schuylkill expressway, and route three, as you work your way through havertown. asking for holiday light. big thanks to bill beck here sent us this picture of his christmas tree. he said he has lights on his tree from the 19 60s all the way up to 2014. so we're all going to go to bill's house for little eggnog today. thank you for sending us your pictures. so whether the tree, inside decorations, outside decorations, sends us picture or video. remember to use the hashtag fox 29 light. chris, kerry, back over to you. >> beautiful. bob, thanks, 6:17. prosecutors will not charge bill cosby for decade olds molestation claim. the prosecutor said the statute of limitations is passed. comes ten days after accuser met with police detectives. she accused cosby in a civil suit that he forced her to perform a sex act on him at
6:18 am
the playboy mansion back in the 207's whether she was 15. cosby has come under fire for the pace couple of weeks more than a dozen close to too dozen women now have accused him of sexually assaulting them over the past 40 years. cosby has stayed mostly quiet about these accusations, now the latest accusation against him comes out of the playboy man shop. >> linda schmidt joins us with how cosby's daughter is now coming to her father's defense >> reporter: latest big cosby accuser, 24 year old chloe, claims cosby drugged her at the playboy mansion in 2008. she was 18 at the time. she said she woke up naked, harvey leaf sin with "tmz". >> cloe zero chloe is modem and stripper, and she spoke with daily mail. and she claims that in 2008 bill cosby saw her at the playboy mansion, she says he drugged her, and she woke up in a bedroom and he was
6:19 am
sucking her toes. >> the woman claims she was sexually assaulted but not raped. she said she plans to give a full statement to the los angeles police department. >> you can't judge somebody allegation on it face and say it is true or false. i mean, all of these things need to be investigated. >> multitude of women have come forward, including super models beverly johnson and janice dickinson, claiming cosby drugged them. most say they were also sexually assaulted, or raped, but the incidents happened decades ago. how much there is latest case allegedly happened just six years ago, which means, the statute of limitations has not expired. former prosecutor and defense attorney. >> assuming that the prosecution felt that this was a viable claim, that they wanted to investigate and prosecute it, does look like they could go forward on this one. >> however, frankel says, he does not expect that prosecutors will move forward. >> as a former prosecutor, i can tell you that i don't think there is enough there,
6:20 am
certainly we don't have the advantage every having had testing done, no blood, can't see whether or not there were actually any drugs in her system, and her memory seems kind of hazy. >> bill cosby's 38 year old daughter has come to his defense, posting on her facebook page that, quote, rape is a serious allegation, and it is supposed to be taken very seriously. but so is falsely accusing someone. and last night cosby's wife camille issued a statement saying that her husband is the victim. >> so we want to move this at 6:20. dozens of mourners attends funeral of student killed by taliban gunman, 15 year old one of 140 people killed when the gunman stormed military run school. 121 student and three staff members were also injured during the attack. this attack was the worst in pakistan's history. >> so awful. a diabetic man becomes sick behind the wheel. this is in texas.
6:21 am
>> nearby police officer notices, he thinks he is making a traffic stop, little does he know he is going to save this guy's life. last month randy parks noticed a van driving dangerously on a highway. he noticed the driver, jack key, pulling offer on to the shoulder. parks got up to the van, he saw that key was sweating profusely, key, who by the way; a disable veteran, was able to let parks know that he was a diabetic. officers took turns massaging his chest, to keep him conscious until the medics got there. >> the nurse or the doctor came out and said that he -- they didn't think he was going to make it. the ambulance said he had ten minutes, ten minutes, was all i had left. had anything, any that far was off by ten minutes, i wouldn't be here. >> i think he was -- i think it was definitely a miracle. >> the pair along with key's dog, tatoo, recently were reunited. he said he is better and his diabetes is under control. >> that's great. people in pennsylvania praying
6:22 am
for a christmas miracle. get the gift after lifetime. how a secret santa helps spread some real holiday cheer.
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>> flyers, tampa, tampa too much speed for the flyers. to the wells fargo certain last night. with the score one-one, in front, too many tampa players, tyler johnson scores to make it two-one, tampa. andre shuts them down in the first nhl start. the flyers lose to tampa, score three-one. i'm told trent cole has decided to have surgery on his broken left hands. if he plays saturday, that's an if against washington, he'll need to wear a cast. as far as the game eagles know no more losses, or they're done. but can't worry about the last two losses. >> we're focused on just washington right now. i mean, we don't do what we're supposed to do this week, and nothing else really matters. so, yes, we are just taking it this week. i think overall, we all under stands what's got to go on. >> i'm told nick foles is only
6:26 am
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>> two burglars broke in at this northeast target overnight. steve keeley there with the latest. >> something like that? >> a community reeling after a gunman kills six people. now their friends are trying to pick up the pieces watch police are asking this morning. >> and secret santa makes some dreams come true in pennsylvania. why so many people are saying thank you this morning. >> and thank you for joining us, this early morning hours, wednesday, december 17th, 2014. >> all right, lets guess to sue surround yo. good morning to you. >> morning. >> you needed the umbrella yesterday by the time school was out yesterday. now dealing with little fog, quite few clouds, still damp out there. temperatures for december are
6:30 am
on the mild side. eight out of ten with sunshine, fog in the morning, gusty winds in the afternoon, might be bit after negative for you, but all of the rain has moved up to the northeast, it is raining in new england. you see little bit after breeze, at about 8 miles an hour, visibility, 4 miles, it is reduced but we haven't had any problems certainly not like we had yesterday, with the fog rolling in, and really obliterated visibility completely. seventeen minutes after 7:00. that's when the sunrise is officially. and i think eventually we will see some sunshine today. we get to 50 degrees by lunchtime. >> what it means for the last weekend before christmas, coming up in a few minutes. >> dealing with rhett roads, some fog, especially out here, in the suburbs, 422 eastbound, some patchy fog, collegeville
6:31 am
and the king of prussia interchange, dealing now with an accident on the schuylkill, it is eastbound, on the schuylkill, right in the tunnel, under 30th street station. it involves tractor-trailer, one lane open in that tunnel, under 30th street station. so, we can see here, this is live look, at traffic backed up already from city avenue on into center city. so even not going into 30th street you'll get stuck in the back up. so coming into the sit, jump off, use kelly drive, or the martin martin luther king drive. that will will get you better access into downtown and avoid that back up. again, the accident in the tunnel, under 30th street station. otherwise, coming in from new jersey, starting to see delays on both 55 and 42, working your way in toward the bridges. no problems on 295 or route 73 patchy fog in the suburbs shall downingtown, exton, frazier, royersford, where you are going to have to maybe just use caution with the poor
6:32 am
visibility, and with the fog, you have the fine mist, making roads little wet this morning, benny, whitman, tac-pal, all looking good. mass transit running with no delays. chris, kerry barks over to you. >> 63:00 it, police rolling to up burglary in progress at tarring net northeast philadelphia after hours on the scene. they arrested the two guys they believe were involved. and the evidence against them, substantial. >> let's go to steve kylie for that part of the story, steve? >> busiest times for target, not staying up all night yet. they do stay open late until 11:00 at 1:00 in the morning, these guys, got in there. but they probably started trying to get in there, just after closing time, waiting for the last workers to leave. here is the picture out back. they have these bay steel doors. these doors are thick, two plates of steel insulation between. these burglars used a saw to cut through the back door, and at the didn't make it a little
6:33 am
hole, they made a hole where they could walk louie sinkly they get, in even they new where the wiring was, tripped alarm, because they had cut some wiring, cut surveillance cameras, but they hit the alarm. then police show up. now, target leaves the lights on as they did all night, coming back to live picture, see no one here now but stores completely lit up to see inside. good thing too. when the police come here, they see these burglars running through the store. they see there is they sends all of the police that they have available, and there is a get-away car, park about a half mile, for some reason it, raised somebody's suspicions, there is a picture i took of t inside after get away, there is walky-talky radios which look awfully suspicious. you can see them through the window. well here is the video we have after waiting out these guys going in with k9 dogs, these guys were going up on the roof, down on the roof. these guys new the whole blueprint of targetment went back up on the roof after k9
6:34 am
officer and another k9 went in, there these guys trying to avoid the dogs and avoid their scent and avoid any bite, go up on the roof. that's where police found them, with a back pack they were laying on top of each other, nan that back pack the walky-talkies with the saw, matched the walky-talkies, in that suspected get-away car three hours after these guys were finally caught and found. >> where they were found in the ventilate duct on the roof, laying on top of each other, these two suspect, and they had a back pack with them. portable saw in the back pack, as well as walky-talkies. that portable saw most likely is the tool used to break into the steel door, in order to commit this burglary. they were determined. they got in. they were determine to hide. they hid for over three hours on the roof in this air duct, the police did great job finding them. and taking them into custody.
6:35 am
but the police were tenacious. they searched inside the property, in in the storage rooms, everywhere in the property, they new they were in there, they didn't give up. and it paid off. they found them, on the roof, hiding. >> so in that time when we first arrived around 2:45, were seeing the police looking for these guys, we see the pennsylvania state trooper detectives show up. and we learn from them that they've got special task force, that was kind of secret, really not publicly known about, six other targets just on the outside suburbs, outskirt of philadelphia, had been robbed, burglarized, same fashion, november 15th. these guys hitting two, three a weeks. this was number seven, bad choice because they finally got caught. the pennsylvania state police say these guys were going for the expensive apple electronics got away with more
6:36 am
than one hud thousand dollars worth. but agreed got the best of them. i told everybody this same dark it was robbed by three guys who hid in the men's room back on april 19th, and they still have not solved that case. they put out the surveillance video. these guys highed in the men's room, don't wait for the employees to leave, just wait for the store to close, cash registers full. as the people at the registers were wrapping up for the night, they hit them when the registers were full, and they got away with about $30,000. >> robbery, use every guns, ewing every threat, burglaries just zero just blake when no one is around, not threatening anybody, still, serious crime, maybe the state police finally cracked this big case for daggett. >> i bet they hope they do. >> target breathing sigh of relief, right. >> no kidding, right? and last christmas they had problems, too, poor target, can't catch a break. >> steve, thank you. new jersey's experiment with rhett lied cameras now over. pilot program began in 2009.
6:37 am
it operated in about two dozen new jersey municipalities. ended at midnight. town's big and small have raked in millions of dollars in fines since the program began. supporters say, the cameras have made roads safer. opponent say the statistics show otherwise. >> a gun -- a teacher will be back in court today. william barber arrested back in september, accused of having sex with a 15 year old former student at garnet valley middle school. robert worked at the school as a phys ed teacher. >> lawyers and law students, in los angeles, participated in a die-in demonstration. this scene is expected to play out locally later this morning, philadelphia area lawyers are organize ago die-in at 9:00 this morning, in the criminal justice center. they will lay on the floor for about four and a half minute to rep the hours michael brown was left on the brown after he was shot in ferguson, miss your. >> i pennsylvania govenor-elect being tom wolf, will be in town today to talk about the financial future of the keystone state. wolf will head over to the
6:38 am
food library of philadelphia 1:13 to discuss pennsylvania's fiscal situation. >> investigators in montgomery county trying to piece together motive in connection to the shooting spree that claimed the lives of six family members on monday. killer found dead yesterday, after long manhunt, in souderton with more on this, jennifer, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, chris, that's right, brad stone, was found dead in a wooded area just about a half mile from his home ending a two day manhunt. vigil held for the victims homing they can begin the healing process, according to montgomery county district attorney's offers, brad stone began his killing spree, early monday morning, first, he went to his ex-wife's sister's house, in souderton, where he killed his exist at the in law, patricia flick, her husband, aaron, their daughter and seriously wounded their 17 year old son anthony earnings remains at jefferson hospital, went to the lansdale home of
6:39 am
his ex mother-in-law, joanne, he killed her and her 75 year old mother, last week, he went to his ex-wife's house, in harleysville. he shot nicole stone in the head, and killed her, and then ran off with their two young girls who were later found safe. complete motive is unclear, but we know that he was involved in a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife, nicole, over their two young children. blocking at planned killing, deliberate killing, but in terms of how long that was thought out, what sort of planning was involved, we just don't know that yet. to have an event like this really shatter the peace and tranquility of the community is very disturbing. >> the community desperate for comfort. we talked to some people who knew the victim, anthony flick, the 17 year old survivor of the rampage, who remains in the hospital, with stab wounds, to his hands, and
6:40 am
head, they they're obviously praying for him, and praying for all of the victims of this shooting rampage. the community is also hoping to heal soon. there is a second vigil scheduled for saturday night, at 7:00. that's going to be at the pheasant run apartment complex, where nicole stone lived. chris, kerry? >> jenny, thank you. 6:40, major announcement is expected this afternoon to address the history of the mummers parade. >> manayunk development corporation, congressman bob brady, and the philadelphia mummers association, gathering together in the lobby of the manayunk performing art center at noon. they say that this announcement will help support and preserve philadelphia's beloved mummers tradition for years to come. back in august, organizers asked the city for permission to change the parade route because of dwindling crowds. >> celebrations across the world, mark the first night of hanukkah. last night. >> ma included here in philadelphia. >> ♪
6:41 am
>> traditional singing filling 30th street station for the celebrations, mayor michael nutter was there helping to light the menorrah for the first time of the jewish festival of light. along with music, there were dradle games, and potato pancakes. >> this is so generous, unbelievable being somebody could do that. >> people in pennsylvania calling the secret santa an angel. what he did for them, that has them believing in christmas miracles. sue? >> well, as far as white christmas is concerned, we're getting closer to the time. not quite close enough, but we can tell you what it will be like for the rest of the day
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>> ♪ >> have you heard, planning to hit the roads, the skies, definitely not going to be alone. >> triple a forecasting record number of americans will travel during the upcoming end of the year holiday season, they expect 99 million people will travel 50 miles or more between december 23rd and january 4th. so, the 23rd is coming up. that's just coming tuesday.
6:45 am
>> indeed. >> that's a 4% jump from 2013, and the largest number on record, experts say, big reason, well, plunging gas prices, the current national average for price every gallon of gas is about 67 -- 70 cents cheap fresh this time last year. >> seventy saints is a lot. >> did they say 1.99 that gas sign? >> that must not be local? >> this is the guy, is it, darn it, in phone sticks. >> arizona, yep. >> here is the guy who is helping people by saying i'm going keep my prices low until the near yu, at buck 99, the reward, customers. >> i'll give back. >> sue serio, always giving back. at least giving you the forecast, i don't know how generous that is, but we're trying. four more days until winter is officially doing our countdown here to the winter solsus, which is sunday at 03:00 in the evening there. will be the shortest day of the year. so, still a while toward until we get to sunrise, and in fact, half hour, and so we'll
6:46 am
just look at ultimate doppler radar, show you that the rain has moved up to our northeast, we don't have rain any more, but it is still very damp, left over clouds around, for little while anyway. 39 degrees up in the mountains, and in pottstown, had 41, here in the city. forty-two dover, 40 in wilmington. not bad really for the morning. , and these temperatures 8 degrees warmer than they were yesterday. certainly not heatwave. but you won't have to bundle up as tightly. winds are out of the southwest, still, so still in the warm air mass. and it is 8 miles an hour here in philadelphia. the winds preventing the fog getting as bad as yesterday. so looking back over the past couple of days, we see a warming trend, 53 degrees, yesterday, probably get to around 50 today, then, we will be back to chilly december-ish kind of temperatures, that's starting tomorrow with the high of 44 degrees. quiet weather, sunny bo date,
6:47 am
even saturday morning, increasing clouds in the afternoon, getting ready for some precipitation, on sunday, now when we say that word, it is not just rain, it is going to be probably wintery mix to start off sunday. so sunday morning could be little tricky. then with the 43-degree high temperature, it does change over to rain on the first day of winter. there is your seven day forecast, good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody, 6:47. we show you little fog cam first of all, 422, eastbound, roads little damp, from the rain on the overnight where weaver the fog, that fine mist out there. >> just be ready to hit the brake. accident on the schuylkill expressway, it is in the tunnels here, under 30th street station, there is the cup prill, the tractor-trailer, on the eastbound side looks like pushed off to the side of the roadway here, to the next camera, because we are bumper to bumper to bumper here from city line all the way in to downtown. here is a live look at the girard avenue interchange.
6:48 am
so not going into 30th street, this back up is impacting track from about city line avenue on in so ready to leave the house, grab your cover ian keys and let's go, take the bob kelly drive or the martin luther king drive into downtown that will avoid the back up that do you have deal with on the schuylkill expressway national maple syrup today. we changed all the billboards to the elf seen. remember, he takes the syrup out of his coat, pours the syrup on there. >> on the spaghetti. >> four major food groups, do you remember what they were? >> candy corn, candycanes, syrup, and cannedy? >> very good. ding, ding, ding, ding. kerry get the candy corn. >> what do i get. >> a bag every candy corn. >> that's more than i usually get. >> i could use some candy corn right now. slow spots into girard, schuylkill running slow, slow going on 476. if you don't have your christmas lights up yet, now,
6:49 am
you are probably trouble. so thanks to mary here, sent us this picture, mary thomas. take a look at this tree here, decorated with all of the white lights. even got the angel on the top of the tree. the christmas tree, even the window decorated. look at the window in the background, the moving figurines here, snowmen, all of this here. sends us your pictures, whether picture or video, send the hashtag fox 29 lights. i would love to show everyone else pictures of your decorated house. >> you know what they say, everything is big nerve texas. >> that's right. >> so -- >> a lot of things. >> texas christy homeowner went all out snagging the honor of the best christmas lights in the whole nation. more than 40,000led lights are synchronize today music and animated nativity scene. twenty thousands are competing for $5,000 prize. competition is sponsored by the usa today and inside edition. so you have until midnight to vote on line for the winner
6:50 am
tonight. >> go to one of their websites, check out all of the pictures, pretty impressive, actually. >> santa came little early in the nick of time, as in jog i old saint nick of time. >> you're pretty funny. >> this is for folks shopping at central pennsylvania wal-mart. >> so mystery man just paid off $50,000 worth of items via lay away. >> cool. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce has this inspirational story. >> last few minutes here to pay for t we were actually going have to return couple of up. >> but just before noon, a man walked into the wal-mart and said he wanted to pay all of the remaining balances. >> we figured out that we had roughly 100 lay away balls left. >> got up to the register, she actually handed me $20, because price adjustment on stuffy already paid for. >> man wrote check for
6:51 am
$50,000. >> wow, like, you know, we look at these lay away, you hear about it, but his is so generous, unbelievable, that somebody could do that unexpected. >> thank you! >> from tv's, to every kind of toy there is anonymous santa made christmas even brighter for many kids. >> like the real santa, this guy is keeping out of site. >> thank you so much. it is a miracle for not just us but so many people. and there is nothing else i could ask for for christmas. >> real awesome, flight guess what? this really generous anonymous person told wal-mart managers he only wanted to be known as santa b. no publicity, please. joyce evans, "fox 29 news".
6:52 am
>> that's one of the reasons it is so cool. >> all right, 6:51, one little girl in florida has this holiday tradition, that you may finds a little bit strange. she says she's got too much stuff at home. she doesn't want presents on her birthday. which is right around christmas, but she asks for them anyway. and the reason will likely touch your heart. you'll love this little
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> kids in the holiday spirit, there is one little girl, going way above and beyond, it is to has become a tradition for her, because her birthday falls right around christmas time. she is asking for dolls, board games, bags stuffed with goodies for her tenth birthday as her friends join her at ice ring to celebrate, but gift not for her. she giving them to the big mama foundation, because she thinkings everyone should have a happy holiday season. >> if you give away a gift, it is a good thing. because it makes you smile. and one smile can make 20 smiles. and it is nice people smiling around the worlds. >> i realized when i was five i had too many gift, i can't fit them in my house. and there are people out there who have no gift for christmas, so i decided i wanted to give them away. >> do you give the sense she'll run a foundation or
6:56 am
something one day? that's right, this birthday tradition going on now for five years for little franchesca, who is now ten. have you bought your christmas gift yet? who is extending free shipping for all of last minute shoppers. and he's back. garth brooks, going back on tour, but first, he's making a appearance, right here, on good day philadelphia. that's next with mike and alex.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> new meaning to the term, you know, i'm going to hit target for christmas, seven target stores robbed, including one few hours ago, comes named down in the act. >> community comes together after two days of fear. now police are trying to figure out why brad stone went on shooting spree, before taking his own life. how you should talk to your kids about what happened. >> we have beyonce blow up. a local fraternity's holiday card is casino of sketchy. spreading holiday cheer, well, spreading something. people are upset kind of ivy bush league. >> oh? >> we have good news for you, move made today that will save you some extra monday.
7:00 am
>> i amazon involved? love amazon. >> who is he can tending free shipping for all of ooh last minute shoppers. >> amazon. >> yes, mike gave us a hint there? >> maybe? we'll give you details because it is kind of cool. yes. >> it is 7:00. >> it is kind of cool outside. >> it is kind of cool. i know, not cold, it is kind of cool. i mean, for december, you know, put it in perspective, in i weigh, we go with a eight today. >> i'll take a eight. >> that's great. >> yesterday? >> sunshine later on, lick icky yesterday, just as predicted, but it is going to stay on the mild side today. the thing about today, the winds will pick up later on. >> bus stop buddy holding onto his cap there. still dressed warmly, for temperatures in the 40's, but he does not need the umbrella today, all of our rain, moved up to boston, and new hampshire, so, it is their problem now. but, we still have a lot of mist and haze and fog out there, now, we have 8-mile per hour wind out of the southwest, 41 degrees in


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