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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  December 23, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EST

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doggies barking, barking, barking at the door. >> barking, barking, barking. >> saves his life. >> i have been hearing barking, barking, barking, barking at the door and so i opened up the door and just a two innocent bystanders were shot yesterday in grays big black smoke cloud just ferry including a three-year went right into my face. old boy and the shooter is still out there. we will have all of the >> that is exactly as i details next, chris. promised. >> jennifer, thank you. >> barking, barking, barking. meantime breaking news from overnight another >> it was nine barking, shooting in grays ferry what barking, barking, barking, the victim did right after barking, barking, barking good that shooting but first sue serio is tracking this holiday as you can say alejandro and storm, sue, here it comes. the dog made it out safely. >> well, we warned you and it is here. the the rain has arrived. >> hopefully you are laughing along at home. we will tell you, what to expect today and most $160,000 worth of wine, almost down the drain. importantly on what could be a now a local couple is taking rain soaked christmas eve. your weather authority on the state of pennsylvania, forecast is coming up. why pennsylvania plans to thanks, sue. we also have some good news destroy their nearly 3,000 about one of those officers ambushed outside the pennsylvania police barracks, how that trooper alex douglass is recovering this morning.
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good day, everybody it is a tuesday, december 23rd, already. >> that is my dad's birthday. he is not watching. he is somewhere warm, sue serio. >> we're jealous. >> he is in scottsdale, arizona. >> just listen to my voice you will hear what i have to say. the camera will catch up, eventually. >> the body and voice of sue serio. >> well, i started in radio ladies and gentlemen. >> and they have been doing this for a couple of years, right. >> 4:01 is the time. here we are. welcome to the eve of christmas eve and we've got rain and plenty of it on ultimate doppler radar. if you are getting a break, take a look to the southwest, more rain is on the way. we will zoom in closer abe you will see mess of the rain right now berks, lancaster counties but there are scattered showers around in chester county, delco, around
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philadelphia area as well. we will zoom in the metro and we will see, marple, there in delco, we have got some rain to the north of the city a as well. warmer then yesterday at 47 degrees and then 9 miles an hour wind. we don't have to worry about a wind chill for next couple of days. sunrise at 7:20 this morning. we have temperatures, 47 degrees in philadelphia as we just showed you, 37 in mount pocono. forty in reading and 40 in lancaster. everybody is above freezing at this point which means we don't have to worry about any icy spots or freezing rain, 52 in wildwood, already. watch out for some fog in the mountains, mount pocono .3 of a mile visibility and reduced visibility in lancaster and reading this morning because of all that moisture in the air. rain moved in yesterday 45 degrees was our high temperature. today we're thinking 50. some scattered showers around. certainly mild for this time of the year, 47 is our overnight low, tonight, that is a look at your fox cast,
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for advertise, from the weather authority. big day is coming up, we will have have your forecast coming up as well, good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning. 4:03 on this tuesday morning. we're dealing with wet roads. we're dealing with some fog. we're dealing with the spray kicking up off the cars and trucks in front of you. lets begin the trip live look south jersey 42 freeway brake lights towards the city. it is patchy fog depending upon where you begin and end your trip this morning. watch those high beams. that bounce that is light right back in your forehead. talk about diving in the holiday season, so sea otters live look at mid county interchange of the pennsylvania turnpike, again, at a california a aquarium get an early christmas present. the roads are wet, so again they were made with layered even though we don't have that icing situation wet roads can ice, and clam frosting. get us in the same amount of they also got shrimp cup trouble as some icy roads at times. cakes. look at them munching away. here's a live look at the 30 bypass some fog rolling cute, um, karen. between downingtown, morgan >> really cute. town working your way in >> we want to tell but this towards that king of prussia amazing young girl from our area. area in new jersey celebrating coming up 202 once you past her birthday with a big party. that construction at 29 it this is a pretty unusual clears up and you're in good
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shape. here's an accident westbound celebration. on the schuylkill expressway. >> what kind of cookie would you like. >> instead of presents for her i'm's in the sure fit is an seventh birthday she gave, he accident or car stop but asked her parents to help feed home less in camden and they nonetheless westbound right at the ramp to head south on 476. did that just last night. the with the help of family philly international looking and local donors many organize good. no problems or delays this morning. however, with the weather and a hot who will take meal for the fog, as we will get into 300 people, you can see people enjoying it at camden life that 6:00 or 7:00 o'clock hour ministry. she just thought it was the we will see the delays start right thing to do. to build at philly international. if you have a flight, you may want to check with the airline people think that god doesn't and in problems coming in or care for them but they do. out of the city on the so i decorated these when i schuylkill expressway and mass transit looking good. karen, back over to you. was three. >> something inside of her >> thanks, bob. we have some breaking news that is different from many of this morning, this comes out us. the lord just showed her of the grays ferry police are something and she responded to searching for a suspect who it. shot a man, this all happened >> what an inspiration. this is not even the first shortly before 1:00 this time she a has helped people. morning at 25th and moore back on her fifth birthday she streets. police say the the 30 year-old organized a toy drive for the victim was walking from the children in camden. store when he heard several shots and realized he had been >> a man falls 11 stories on a car and lives to tell about it truck in the back. he runs home and calls police, but now his family needs public's help what they are victim was rushed over to hup, diagnosis for straight ahead. heart breaking word from police are reviewing nearby the wife of one of the
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surveillance camera for officers killed in new york information. also, pittsburgh police city what she had to say to are trying to find a missing the other officers family, and man, there he is, paul cotto what the mayor of new york city is now asking he has in the been seen since last wednesday, 22. he is a nurse. he is native of pottstown. he had been in the sports bar with his roommates earlier in the evening. his friend later returned home but a at some point they went back out for food and when they return they say he was missing. 4:00 another owe five. police are looking for a man whom authorities say robbed a bank yesterday after afternoon. >> this happened just before a at sandtander bank in haddon have avenue in haddon township. suspect pass aid note demanding money. he indicated he had a weapon but did not the show one. anyone with any information is asked to call camden county police. first on fox father of the three-year old injured in the shooting is speaking out this shooting happened in the grays ferry neighborhood. fox 29's jennifer joyce joins us live to look the at the the investigation, what is the the latest.
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>> reporter: we know shooter is still out there and two innocent bystanders were shot including a three-year eld boy and an adult male. that three-year old boy is missing. fox 29 obtained video of that toddler in his hospital bed a at chop yesterday after he was shot in the leg while inside his home on south new kirk street. it is believed that the boy's father mo was the intended target but instead a second innocent person was wounded in the gunfire. a neighbor william pew, pew's mother was especially upset. no one made any effort to call 911 after the mid-morning shooting. complacently was disturbing. fox 29 also talked to the toddler's father and he said he had no idea why he was targeted and he needs to make sure that his family is protected. >> guess what, i feel sorry for him, i feel sorry for him, you know because if it was meant for me and do something to my family, i'm going to protect my family by all means necessary. >> and fortunately both
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victims are expected to be okay, the the shooter took off running, and anyone who has any information on this shooting is expect to call southwest detectives. chris and kerry. jennifer joyce live from grays ferry, thank you. i'm asking everyone across the spectrum to put aside protests, put a aside demonstrations, until these funerals are passed, let's focus on these families and was they have lost. >> that is new york city mayor bill deblasio asking protesters to hold off demonstrating until two officers killed over the weekend are buried. mayor deplace ohio taking criticism especially from police accusing him of creating this climate of mistrust. police unions have been new this morning at circulating the petition to ban mayor from attending 5:00 is there a couple fight to go get their wine back from police funerals. here in philadelphia our pennsylvania authorities, police commissioner charles ramsey is urging his officers nearly 2500 bottles. why the state took them in the to be extra a alert and first place and what it plans careful and he is also leader to do with all that wine.
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of the president obama's >> we will take a live look police task force. outside for you right now, oh, he has 90 days to file a yeah, wet roads, you can see a report on how to build trust little wind as well. between officers and the wind could be an issue doing community. meanwhile the widow of officer your last minute shopping. bring your umbrella but wenjian liu is speaking about sometimes they don't mix. sue serio will have latest by her husband's murder. way of radar straight ahead. we have a story of twin girls with a whole lot in >> we're a family like to express our a appreciation to the police department, our neighors and the entire new york city community, friends and co workers for the help they have schenn. >> liu was married two months ago. the his family is traveling to this country from china and will decide funeral arrangements after they get here. funeral for his partner rafael ramos will be held on saturday. dozens of protesters took to the streets in milwaukee after the district attorney
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decides not to file charges against a white police oz shore the shot and killed a mentally challenge black man. >> you can hear what those demonstrators are chanting, as dontray a hamilton, the name of the person killed. he was fatally shot by christopher manny back in april. manny was doing a welfare check after calls about hamilton sleeping in the downtown park. they exchange punches before he grabbed his baton and hit him. manny fired back hitting hamilton 14 times. >> deeply aware of the very real historical reasons for concern but i cannot be suede by passion or prejudgment, when making these decisions regardless of how popular or how unpopular that decision is. >> the officer lost his job but has appealed and trying to get the civility. victim's family says he suffers from schizophrenia and had recently stopped taking
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his medication. 4:09. the pennsylvania trooper injured in the september's deadly ambush outside his police barracks is back home now for the the holidays. >> trooper alex dug lacing is back with his family. he is under going rehabilitation in new york. he is in good spirits but had has a long way to go. the suspect eric frein is scheduled for a january 5th hearing. more americans will be hitting the roads for the holiday, triple a is saying up 4 percent from last year. >> steve keeley is live in pennsauken where drivers are taking advantage of the low prices at the the pump, steve, good morning. >> reporter: it is not a good deal as free flying reindeer but nobody is complaining here as they fill up this morning. the gas is now under $2 a gala as we predict here in new jersey for now, you have to go 40 miles down route 70 closer to the shore to toms river in lakewood where it is in the 1.49, 1.99, 1.80 if you have a costco membership in brick
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township. here at wawa close to the tacony pennsylvania palmyra and betsy ross bridge at route 37 in pennsauken where philadelphians come over to fill up, $2.29 a gallon. you cannot beat that, people paying $50 are now filling up for $20. we all get a nice christmas bonus from the gas station here, and the company and the boss still are not handing them out anymore. because it is so much cheaper to drive a lot more people are expect to drive to visit relatives for the christmas holidays so even though bob kelly probably has christmas off it will be a busy who will take on the roads for sure and it will be a messy holiday with the rain you heard sue talk about. so a a lot of people will be driving. bob kelly will remind you since you can afford a lot of gas now you can afford to fill up the blue stuff that they sell at the gas stations during the winter because you'll have a lot of the mist on the windshield that bob warns but as well. maybe even get an ice scraper, fill up on the stuff you'll need as we get into the winter
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season. give yourself a couple christmas gifts with that christmas bonus at the the gas station because you'll need that stuff coming back from the holidays. good to see there, karen, christmas bonus for chris sitting there with you for the next couple of hours. the chris, difficult math in my head you are in the lou gehrig/cal rip ken range new six hours a day, five days, that is 30 hours it takes a network anchor three months to what what do you in a week. if he does this for jerrick's four weeks of vacation in those four weeks you will anchor same amount as brian williams does in a year on nightly news. the don't get your head too big because sue my man here at wawa works here at outside and goes to shop rite at 130 after he is done his shift here and you are sitting next to beautiful women wearing make up. >> that is only reason i got in this business. >> right. >> we love you steve, you bring joy, light on a morning, thanks very much. we do appreciate it. >> it is coming up at 4:13.
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>> you wonder where he is going. >> he has bob kelly, you, me. >> lets talk about this little girl. she is so special. we first introduced you to her yesterday on the fox 29 morning news. the wait until you see how she spent her birthday and then why. huge upset in philadelphia basketball and we're not talking about the the
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it is 4:15. lets look at weather in other parts of the country would you look at that, it is colorado,
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thinks georgetown, colorado absolutely gorgeous creating some road delays and people are trying on get out of towns, problems at the airports as well, they have a foot of snow dropped on the mountains. so skiers are happy. meanwhile san diego coastline getting pounded by huge waves yesterday, wow, up by peoples houses or buildings, king ties is what they called them producing dangerous conditions for that area. they are expect to last throughout the holiday. man. >> sue, over our heads we have just a little bit of rain. >> right, it could get dramatic, certainly nothing like what we just saw there and not a white christmas but we have been warning you but that for about a week. we have visibility issues, out there with half mile up in mount pocono and reduced visibility reading and lancaster only 2 miles, 3 miles in allentown and all that moisture, it is rain, fog it could slow you down this morning. you don't want to be rushing around. allow yourself plenty of time,
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so we have exiting storm system and then more on the way, this one actually from the gulf of mexico will bring us heavy rain for christmas eve. so be prepared. here's your future cast with on and off rain throughout the day today but we will get a break in the afternoon. here comes christmas eve with the pockets of heavy rain that darker green moving in, in the morning, throughout the afternoon and then we will get another wave in the evening. santa coming at around midnight, don't worry, rodolph he has red nose very bright and light santa's way. that is in the a concern. will it be still raining on christmas day is the issue, and yeah probably until about seven or 8:00 in the morning and clearing out completely with sunshine in the afternoon. so it will be just a rainy early morning on christmas outside when you are opening up your gift if you have been indeed good and santa makes it. we've got ultimate doppler showing widely scattered showers, more rain on the way the from the southwest and
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temperatures that are all above freezing. we have 37 in mount pocono. we have 47 in philadelphia right new's we will be heading to a high later on, to about 50 degrees with all the clouds we don't expect too much change in temperature, 62 tomorrow, 55 for christmas day and that is cooling things off, and we will stay in the the 50's for friday, for friday the first day of kwanzaa and then, mid 50's for the saturday, by monday, though it looks like temperatures really drop off and we could get a few snow flurries in the morning. won't that be interesting, bob kelly. >> 4:18. good morning. just heard from the police this i thought was an accident, actually a car stopped driving under the influence at 4:18 a.m. that is what is so scary the gang that comes in so early in the morning. some of us are still out from the night before on the roadways this morning. this fellow off to the side will get a free ride to the
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local police station there at saint david, villanova this is westbound schuylkill ramp to the blue route south. we are dealing with wet reds this morning and also some fog defending upon where you begin and even your trip. this is route 07 in cherry hill, new jersey. the light volume. folks sleeping in hitting the the snooze button this morning. the here's a live look at route 202 working your way through construction zone, hit some fog out of the downingtown heading up in towards that paoli interchange you can see in the background when headlights hit you there. there is a new pattern on 202 to go witt, that stretch between route 30 and route 401, even the on ramp from 401 has a new pattern. we're in good shape. double five's on i-95, in problems on that schuylkill expressway from the gang out of west chester we are in good shape lower end of 202 at route one in south jersey as i showed you in the camera, in problems heading in on the 42 freeway. just watch for slippery platforms if they are wet from the rain but mass transit
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looking good with no delays. if you haven't done so send us picture of the holiday lights, we'd love to show everybody else, all you have to do is tweet picture and use the hash tag fox 29 lights and we will put you on tv later this morning. chris and karen, back to you. 4:20 federal agents made an arrest in the atlanta airport firearms smuggling investigation there was a former dealt employee who was fired back in 2010 just arrested this month. investigators say they were tipped off when an under cover agent brought a gun from an accomplice, investigation targeted firearms being sold in new york, but had been purchased in the atlanta area. is there a sheriff in arizona trying to put a stop to president obama's plans that would spare 5 million immigrants from deportation. >> you have heard of his name before, joe arpile presented his case in federal court yesterday. he claims that the program is a way for more people to illegally enter the country
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and commit crimes. his opinion. lawyer for the obama administration called the case a political dispute that should be dismissed. we will keep an eye on on that. north korean web sites are back on line right now after a massive shut down yesterday. the white house and state department refused to say whether u.s. was behind the outage but it came just a day after president obama said he was exploring options for how to respond to north korea for the sony hack. north korea has, however, continued to deny responsibility for targeting the studio. pope francis christmas greeting is not what almost anybody expect. during his message he gave a blistering critique that blasted the rat can bureaucracy. instead of the joyful exchange to the cardinals, bishops and priest, pope discussed five sins of the curea he hopes will be changed. he discussed how some are lusting for power and living hipocrit california double lives. he said some were suffering from spiritual always higham
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their made them forget they were joyful men of god. cardinals were not amused and met with pretty ice a place. interesting. college football games goes into overtime twice, somehow this ended in a brawl. so what happened? we will
4:23 am
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. big basketball game in town. obviously it was not 76ers. temple defeated number ten team in the country.
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lets go to the wells fargo center. temple in white, kansas in blue. temple led by 30 points in the second half. temple wins it 77-52. it is never fun when eagles play a game that doesn't mean anything for final standings. when eagles knocked themselves out of the playoffs in playing final game sunday at new york giants. the the media wanted to know in chip kill would i put in matt barclay in for sanchez or play his younger players. chip said no. the question was why not. >> we're going to go win a football game and that is what this whole organization is about. the it is not about trying to see what the future is. it is about we have a game. i would not be fair in any of my beliefs and would i not be fair to any football player if i said to some guy i know you are a better player but i will play a younger guy now. that is not what we are about. >> that is sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. in other sports related note there was a college football game that goes from the miami beach bowl to the
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brawl. >> memphis got the win of the inaugural miami beach bowl verse brigham young university but celebration turned into a fight, right there on the field. it all startedded with the take down of the byu quarterback. >> it is always like the smallest dog in the fight that barks the most. dozens of people throwing punches. no word if any players will be disciplined. that gentlemen wearing number 12. >> you can bet on it looking at that. >> jk rowling is revealing more about the past of the famous harry potter character why she says she's not happy with the way public reacted to this. that little girl, she's giving homeless food for the holidays. we could all learn from that example. how she turned her
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new details right the now after a three-year old was shot in his own home, his dad was the guy the gun man was aim for but first on fox that little boy's father speaks with us about how he plans to keep his family safe. and then governor christie continues to president obama's plan to ease tension was cuba but why cube ace unlikely to extradite a woman convicted of killing a state trooper years ago but first, sue.
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>> doing those last minute errands. well, your umbrella needs to be by your side even if it is in the raining on you right the now, it will be, we will talk about the rain that should last through christmas eve, coming up. >> how often do you see this on the subway? the new push to stop man spreading. >> thinks pretty funny. good talker. >> yes. >> wide stance, senator craig. we go way back. >> good day. >> all right. sue serio, good morning, so santa may have to contend with some rainy skies. >> and above all that other stuffy don't know what that all is but i just can't wait to find out, but we've got satellite and radar picture that tells the temperature in
4:31 am
other places in the mountains above freezing but so they lift that had freezing rain advisory in effect yesterday for today, to warm, 52 degrees in wildwood right now, and day before christmas eve that is pretty mild. so we've got some fog up in.
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yes, maybe buy yourself an umbrella out grabbing those last minute gifts for others. 4:32 on a tuesday morning, good morning, we're dealing with wet roads and some fog this morning depending upon where you begin and end, probably trick think morning. here's 422, headlights eastbound out of royersford, collegeville heading in towards king of prussia, live lot a the 30 bypass, again, roads are wet we are dealing with some fog as you can see there in the background. even northeast philadelphia wet behind the ears, look out in the construction zone when roads are wet and early it is tough to see those lane markers and especially in the area where they have shuffle the traffic pattern around. ninety-five, some volume heading northbound, you have to feel that and you have to deal with that spray that is kicking up off the cars and trucks in front of you. here's another look at 202 in the construction zone. you can see how fog is impacting your trip there in the background. thirty bypass we are socked in
4:33 am
with fog rolling eastbound out of downingtown heading in towards that king of prussia interchange. you will will a's see the thick fog and roads are wet. it is a tricky morning. the northbound 202 that new traffic pattern there is no overhead street lamps between bypass and route 401. otherwise in south jersey we are looking good on the freeway no problems up and down i295 and mass transit running so far with no delays, chris and kerry back to you. >> bob, thank you. lets get to this at 4:33 developing out of grays ferry. police searching for suspect who shot a man shortly before 1:00 at 25th and monroe street. the the 30 year-old victim was walking from a store when he heard several shots and realized he had been hit in the back. the victim is at hup right now. police are reviewing surveillance video for information. police are looking for a shooter who injured a three-year old little boy and also a neighbor. >> this shooting also happened
4:34 am
in the grays ferry neighborhood. fox 29's jennifer joyce is there with the latest on the investigation, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kerry. we are hearing three-year old and adult male are expect to be okay. yesterday our fox 29 crew obtain video of three-year old, and this video was taken of the toddler in his hospital room at chop after he was shot in the leg. while inside his home on south new kirk street. it is believed to be that the father mo was intended target of the shooting but a second innocent person was wounded. pew's mother was upset, she said in one made any effort to call 911 after the the mid morning shooting. police inspector anthony washington says they are still trying to determine a motive. >> my concern is now with what is going on in the city today is that not one person on this block called 911 until my daughter called me from the
4:35 am
emergency room screening that her husband was shot. >> is it callus, is it just in the right, yes but we are trying to seek information in terms of getting information from the neighbors and also the shooting victim to see who it is and why they would want to come here. >> reporter: so again both victims are expect to be okay. police tell us that the shooter took off running. anyone with any information should call southwest decks. chris and kerry. >> jennifer, thank you. meantime he was the head master of an elite delaware prep school and now he is quick of 25 counts of dealing in child pornography. fifty-four year-old christopher wheeler ran tower high school in wilmington. allegations of child sexual abuse prompted police to search his home and tower hill office and what they found led to his conviction. however, prosecutors have not charged him in connection with those child sex abuse allegations. wheeler's sentencing is set for march. each of the 25 counts carries
4:36 am
a minimum of two years in prison. 4:35. cuba has signalled it has no intention of extraditing america's most want wood man back to this country, joann chessmar after she escaped from prison where she was serving time for killing a new jersey state trooper. yesterday cuban officials say they have a right to grant political asylum to fugitive. chris chris christie says it was not right when harboring a cop killer. he calls that deal awful. in the spirit of christmas it has a lot of people pitching into help those in need but some organizations in our area are working year round. and they need help too. how you can pitch in. to that end, local little girl gets what she want for her birthday but it is not clothes or
4:37 am
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why are we cranking pearl jam on this date december 23rd? today, he is 49 years old and pearl jam, by the way, has a great philadelphia connection. they were last band to play the at the spectrum. they shut the place down. oh, yeah. what a great band. >> i think it was 2010.
4:40 am
>> when spectrum came down. >> i know matt cord's favorite band. every time i turn on wmmr matt cord is playing pearl jam. happy birthday to eddie vetter and my dad hoist also 23. >> let's call him. >> he is asleep, he is on west coast time. the associated press is report ago this a u.s. representative michael grim of new york city will plead guilty of federal tax evasion, according to reports, he will make play rather than get to trial next movement staten island republican are is accused of under reporting a million-dollar in wages and receipts. dozens of people gathered for a vigil in souderton to remember a 14 years old little girl nina flick murdered a week ago along with five other relatives. >> some shared heartfelt words about her during the vigil that was held over at the souderton area high school. the teen lost her life when brad stone showed up at her home and killed her mother and her father and wounded her
4:41 am
brother. stone that same morning murdered his ex-wife, her grandmother and mother, he was found dead two days later, the pain visibly raw to all those at that vigil. >> if you didn't know her, she would try to get to know you. if you did know her you were a friend with her, for life. >> nina's brother anthony survived that attack but was taken to the hospital. officials say with stab wounds. we don't know his condition right new. so if you need inspiration this morning you want to hear this girls story how this local seven year-old is changing lives quite literally. bob kelly good morning to you. >> mr. murphy. >> yes. >> good morning. >> you woke him up. >> i didn't want to call you, your son wanted to call you. hold on let me put him on. >> yeah, thanks. >> good morning, everybody. >> sorry, dad. >> we will go for a ride, route 37, some fog as you work
4:42 am
your way in to tack pal.
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4:44 am
you want to know what it will be like for christmas eve, christmas day, boxing day, day after christmas, we've got thunderstorms possible tomorrow. they are still in the forecast, you could hear one, 62 degrees christmas eve and 55 christmas day. sure doesn't feel like what it looks like on christmas cards we are getting in the mail,
4:45 am
but we will be in the 50's on the day after chris pennsylvania mass as well. the lets get into the ultimate doppler radar picture and it is widely scattered showers around and they will be with us all day long because as we look to the southwest you will see more on the way. fox future cast shows we're socked in with clouds when it is not raining and that is case through 10:00 this morning through 12:00 noon. we may get a breakes specially for afternoon rush but showers are never that far away. then it is wednesday, christmas eve, heavy rain rolls in and we are still with you tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. ape we will see heavy downpours around that town and maybe hear rumble of thunder by noonan christmas eve it is still raining. may drop off a bit but it will last through 4:00 in the morning christmas day even until 7:00 or 8:00 before the sunshine returned and we have a sunny a avenue. so sort of a big change on christmas day from the rain to the sunshine, fog around in
4:46 am
the mountains and in reading and lancaster this morning traveling around so not only wet road so fog can slow you down. 40 degrees in bethlehem. forty-two allentown. limerick 44. chester 46. forty-eight in philadelphia 50 in atlantic city and 53 in cape may. our temperature trend, going up now, after a very chilly 35 degrees on saturday. we were at 45 for a high yesterday. this is last night of hanukkah and it will be showery with temperatures in the 40's, in the evening. clouds and showers around tonight. so happy hanukkah. we have a rest of the forecast for you, we have kwanzaa rolling in the day after christmas and temperatures in the 50's all the way through the the weekend and then monday burr temperatures only in the upper 30's and maybe a chance of a few snow flurries. we will get that snow maybe bob kelly but just not in time for christmas. >> santa has reindeer ready to go, umbrella hats, they will make it through the rain in,
4:47 am
doubt about that. we will make it through this morning. the roads are wet. we are dealing with fog out here outside in the burbs, live look at 30 bypass as you work your way inside toward that king of prussia interchange. live look at northeast philadelphia maybe in the dealing with the if you go but dealing with the wet road working your way through construction zone there at cottman avenue. here we are socked in with thick as pea soup here, 202 right here near route 29, we are also dealing with some fog along route 37, where steve keeley is setting up shop here as you work your way down and through mapel that i had in towards both ben franklin or i should say betsy ross and tacony palmyra bridges. it is hit and miss depending upon where you begin and end your trip. philadelphia international no problems at the moment but usually around that 6:00 o'clock hour is when we will start to see fog or weather delays. so do check ahead, heading from the air port trying to get out of town today before the rest of the folks. coming over the bridges so far, so good. ben franklin, walt whitman and
4:48 am
tacony palmyra. we have been asking to you accepted us holiday pictures. up in the control roomies our director nicole. she makes us look good every day. looking good runs in the family because this is a picture from her sister adarea in mt. airy. look at that they have the tree decorated, railing is all coordinated with the stockings and lights. she even got the the red bow, red bow, what do you call that the ribbon around the spindles of the stairs that is a lot of work. don't be giving my wife any idea on that. but if you have a picture send it to us just use the the hash tag fox 29 lights and we'd love to put it on tv this morning. >> quick correction, eddie vetter is 50, not 49, big five-zero, man. holiday season puts many in the giving mood but area food banks say need does not stop after the holidays and as they struggle to meet needs year round with increased donations during this time of
4:49 am
the year volunteers say demand is not being met. >> the food that you see here right now is food that will get us through winter and in the spring. >> is this enough. >> it is not enough. >> charity say government budget cuts combined with job loss, only puts more pressure on these organizations. time is 4:49 month. man in virginia claims that the santa that she hired for holiday party didn't just give presents but also took them. >> this is not the real santa, this is somebody else that was for the party. this woman was involved. she hires this guy to dress up for annual christmas party, not the real santa kids and she gave the fake santa back gifts to hand out to the children but she says while sanity ago go through coat pockets, even sneaking some drinks. after complaining he returned some of the gift. no one has been arrested but there is a investigation.
4:50 am
there is a hero, a fire fighter rescues a man from the burning house. group of fire fighters was handing out candy in the neighborhood when they smelled smoke and there is video of the santa helping out right there in immediately administering first aid before the ambulance gets there. wow, what a great job, victim is in stable condition. music world mourning loss of rog legend joe cocker. yeah, he died after a lengthy battle with lung cancer, cocker performed at original wood stock in 1969 and leaves him ae click particular body of work including the the cut from the beatles a little will help from my friends and a oscar and joe cocker was 70 years old. remember song from the 80's, you can leave... >> absolutely. >> so many great classics. a lot of people talking about this harry potter jk rowling revealing new details about the back door i of drakeo.
4:51 am
in the new story fans will learn about his upbringing and why he becomes the bully that potter fans love to hate. the they're says there is some unextinguished good at the heart of the drago but also says in a new interview she's been uncomfortable with how some of the girls have fallen for this character despite the or because of his dark side. she has been revealing tidbits on her web site as part of her 12 days of christmas special. fans will get more than in two days. new york wants to put a ban oning on that they call man spreading. >> explain. >> here's the deal, not that i do this but city's new campaign is aimed at stopping this man spreading. that is when male subway riders, spread out in their chairs, without leaving any space. >> they take up all the room. >> a lot of passengers back away from the man spread. can you blame them? metro transportation say it is
4:52 am
top complaint among female riders. >> they are letting it all hang out. >> that is in the man spreading there. is that man spreading, i don't think so it is a little wider. >> yes. >> you cannot have your legs crossed, you have to have your legs pointed out. he is in the big and ferocious new didn't stop a snoozer from becoming a hero. >> a a little guy saved a young man from the fire, this is samson family's georgia home destroyed in this fire but they feel lucky because 20 year old alejandro made it out alive. he is home alone, turns up the of tone heat up some food, forgets, goes upstairs to the bathroom. all have of a sudden the
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