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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  December 23, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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new this morning at 5:00 is there a couple fight to go get their wine back from pennsylvania authorities, nearly 2500 bottles. why the state took them in the first place and what it plans to do with all that wine. >> we will take a live look outside for you right now, oh, yeah, wet roads, you can see a little wind as well. wind could be an issue doing your last minute shopping. bring your umbrella but sometimes they don't mix. sue serio will have latest by way of radar straight ahead. we have a story of twin girls with a whole lot in common except one is facing a
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life threatening disease. there is a medical break through changing your future that could help countless others as well. >> are they the cutest girls, wow. >> good day, everybody. it is eve of christmas eve, december 23rd. >> are you ready. >> i think i'm ready. >> ready to go, sue serio, are we all ready to go. >> i hold myself up in the basement and wrapped presents for about, many hours yesterday, watched several christmas specials and yeah, so answer is yeah, okay. let's bring it on. we've got rain. we cannot do anything bit except being prepared for it. it is here. widely scattered showers. none of this is heavy rain but more nuisance then anything else and enough to make you meet those intermittent windshield wipers. they are around the philadelphia area. 48 degrees. 7:20 our sunrise time. temperatures air above freezing. we are not dealing with any freezing rain or sleet just mild temperatures and mild and
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messy i guess you could say with fog up in the mountains, reduced visibility in lancaster and reading. 5 miles visibility at philly international. kind of haze which that moisture around. yesterday was when mild trend began so we are milder then average which is 43. we got to 45 degrees yesterday. today, 50 at least, maybe even a little bit milder then that but lots of clouds and rain around and rain is on and off tonight as well with a low overnight of 47 degrees, which is higher then the normal high, but this is going to be an unusually mild christmas, bob kelly, we will just to have deal witt. >> yes, we will. 50:00 two. it is coming. ready or not. good morning on a tuesday morning, live lot roads that are wet, here's a look at the new jersey turnpike. word on the new jersey side of the delaware memorial bridge. we are dealing with some rain, wet road and we're dealing with some fog. we have poor visibility depending upon where you begin and end your trip.
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here's a live look at 422, fog rolling out of the royersford, collegeville, trying to get in towards king of prussia. here's a live look at 30 bypass socked in with fog coming out of the downingtown, coatsville, king of prussia but in some areas like 202, route one, no fog, just wet roads. mixed bag. breakfast buffet here this morning. in the 50's across the board, no problems on 95 or schuylkill or 476, just watch it through construction zones with the rain and the early morning hours its makes it kind of tough to see those lane markers. and a new traffic pattern to go with the wet roads along route 202, both directions between 30 and route 401, that is new since yesterday. we are dealing with thick fog and portions of the bypass as we go for a fly here leaving say that downingtown area, heading towards that king of prussia once you go north of paoli it clears out and you are in good shape. so far so good a at philly international, chris and
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karen, back to you. 5:03. police are searching for a suspect who shot a man, this all happened about four hours ago at 25th and moore street. thirty year-old victim was walking from the store when he heard gunfire and realized he had been truck in the back. he manages to run home and call police. he is over at hup. police are reviewing nearby surveillance camera to get more information. pittsburgh police are trying to find a missing man, this guy here, paul coto has in the been seen since last wednesday. he is 22. he is a nurse. he is a native of pottstown according to reports he had been with the sports bar with his roommates earl willer in the night. the his friend later return home but at some point went back out for food. when they return, they say he was gone. so that mystery continues in the pittsburgh area. police are looking for a man whom they say robbed a bank in camden county yesterday. >> lot this surveillance video we have. we've got some pictures this
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happened just before 3:00 over at the bank in haddon avenue knew and haddon township. the suspect passes a note to the teller, demands money, he indicates that he has a weapon but does not show one. if you have any information or know who that guy is please call camden county police. 5:05. more than 98 million americans are driving someplace, grandmother's house or friend house this holiday season. >> here's got news, gas prices are down quite a bit. steve keeley is in pennsauken with a look at that, steve, hi steve. >> reporter: yell at bob kill a cross the set. >> hey bob. >> triple a says today will be the busiest travel day of the year probably. >> yes, i do. >> reporter: i'm just curious because that was a shocker to me. the most people getting a way in the on christmas eve or day but they will leave today to visit the family. bobbies talking about the fog rain and miss we got good news part of the story and rus, even though he is disappointed in the eagles he painted his
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van in eagles green and black. it will be a sad christmas when it comes to the eagles but happy christmas for filling up this big tank have of yours. how many gallons in here rusty. >> that is a 35-gallon tank but i gas up every week and i use it ten or 12 gallons a week. >> what was most you you ever paid for a fill up do you remember. >> for a fill up in philadelphia about $60 you are filling up 35-gallon tank we gas was close to five bucks a gallon. what do you think of these lower price necessary south jersey. >> best thing that ever happened, best thing. >> reporter: you feel like you get more money in your pocket to go shopping. >> yes, positively, oh, yes. >> reporter: what are you going to do with all that extra money. >> give it to the grand kids. >> reporter: rusty just one of the many people we are meeting out here. robert, the faithful fill up
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man at wawa. he is getting tipped all morning from people. they are in the holiday mood. they feel like they have extra money. they are doing good working busiest day of the year. he is smiling. we have had people buy us gifts which i'll show new my next live shot. thanksgiving grabs travel headlines but christmas will be the big record travel holiday head lane this year with gas below two bucks a gallon in new jersey, finally, close to the shore, to get that 40 miles away down rude 07 in toms river and lakewood, seeing the first 1.90 something here. we are just above two bucks a gallon. with it falling just a dime in the past week a couple more dimes. we're at two bucks just over tacony palmyra and betsy ross bridge. busiest travel day of the year, be in busy yet here at wawa at the gas pumps because robert thought a lot of people were off this week but i guarantee through the morning you'll see big crowds here when we tell them how cheap gas is over here in new jersey
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and just a short drive maybe four minutes away. >> right over the bridge. >> steve, thank you sir. 5:08 right now. listen to this. >> this is across the spec rum to put aside protests, put aside demonstrations until these funerals are passed let's focus just on these families and what they have lost. >> that is new york mayor bill deblast yes his message to the protesters following that ambush style killing of two police officers. >> marries asking for peace and protests be put on hold, at least until after the officer's funerals. police officers around the country including here in philadelphia are warned about being possible target. commissioner charles ramsey seen here is urging his officers to be extra vigil and as the leader of president obama's policy task force he he had 90 days to how to bill trust between cops and a community. meanwhile widow of officer
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wenjian liu is speaking out about her husband's murder. >> this is a very difficult time for both of our families. we are staying together and get through this together. >> she lost her husband of just two months, they were married just two months ago. now her family is traveling from the u.s. to china and will decide on funeral arrangements after they arrived. a funeral for his partner officer rafael ramos will be held on saturday. there will be several march necessary our area today to show support for police and fire fighters and all emergency responders. participants will be meeting at chester county fop lodge at 11:00 at 4:00. at 6:00 cheltenham resident will be gathering at wall park on church road for a candle light walk. it is 5:09. pennsylvania trooper that was injured in september's deadly ambush outside police
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barracks, good news, home for the holidays. >> trooper alex douglass is spending christmas with his family in lackawana county. he is under going rehabilitation in new york. said to be in good spirits but has a long way to go. the suspect in the shooting eric frein is scheduled for january 5th hearing and fox 29 will be there. 5:10 is the time. federal agents make an arrest in the the airport, following a smuggling investigation. delta employee who was fired in 2010 was arrested this month. investigators say they were tipped off when an agent bought a gun from his accomplices. investigation target firearms sold in new york but it had purchased in the a atlanta area. so pennsylvania collectors are fight to go save thousands of dollars of wine from destruction. >> that is a crime. >> it does sound like it. we will explain. nearly 2500 bottles are in danger of being smashed. this is a legal battle involving a lawyer whose wine was seized when he was charged with violating the state's
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alcohol regulation which are pretty strict. this is a criminal case that is now over and arthur goldman and his we have million list a are preventing the state from destroying their bine collection which is really expensive. $160,000 worth of wine. state has been hold ago this wine since it was seized back in january but if the couple loses their battle they will have the wine return and if not, it will be destroyed. >> lets hope the state was holding it in a 55 degrees cellar with the right humidity. >> give it at way. 5:00 is 11. north korea web sites are back than line today after a massive shut down on monday. white house and state department refused to say whether our country was behind that outage but dit come just a day after the president said he was exploring options for how to respond to north korea for that sony hack. north korea has continue to deny responsibility for target ago this movie theater. pope gives his christmas
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greeting speech, except it wasn't filled with joy and colorful ward but included the phrase spiritual alzheimer's. what pope francis says
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oh, my goodness. well, this is the thing when you build a house right there in the cliff. >> in the ocean. >> this is san diego and coastline getting pounded by the huge surf yesterday. king tides produced dangerous conditions for that area, and
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they are expected to last, through today, wow. that is when you get on the phone with the insurance agent and say am i covered? >> that is a bad day. >> that is weather there. sue, weather here was funky. when i was leaving my house rain on my head. by the time i got the to the city it was in the raining again. >> it will rain again, then stop, it will rain again. >> you got it. >> it will be an on and off situation throughout the day aneroid air will prove that. we have several systems heading our way but bringing milder air in so it is rain and only rain. throughout the afternoon it is on and off rain and very clouded, when it is not raining. now we will move into christmas eve and we will see heavier downpours and heavier possibility towards the evening of the thunderstorms which could make things very interesting for some time, santa a and reindeer. for tomorrow night i should say into thursday morning, the rain does pull a away from west to east, and it looks like maybe by seven or
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8:00 o'clock in the morning that rain will be over. that is not the it for rest of the week and weekend should be dry as well. so for ultimate doppler right now we will see drips and drabs throughout at your use no one will be immune. so have rain gear nearby, all day long and tomorrow as well, and then in the morning on christmas if we are going out to services earlier in the morning on christmas and then through get throughout the the rest of the weekend we are dry and then a cold blast on monday means possibility of a snow flurry or two. a little late but i guess it is inevitable, it is winter, after all, bob kelly. >> just in time to give those new jackets, coats, scarves a work out. good morning, everybody. 5:16. we are dealing with wet roads. a sloppy start to the morning. live look at intersection of 309 and 202, we will call it five points and in fog out of this area but depending upon where you begin and end your trip you'll deal with patches
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of fog. this is route 202 right here near route 29, headlights bouncing off the fog in the background especially for gang coming from the suburbs into king of prussia this is a live look at 202. we have cher joost on the camera lens there right the here near 202 and route 29 in the construction zone. here's a live look at the bypass working your way out of downingtown in towards frazier, you'll see patches of fog. all of the bridges expect to be slower than normal this morning. ben franklin walt whitman tacony palmyra. it is slower than normal. majors in good shape 95, schuylkill expressway, blue route, look out in the construction zone like right here southbound working your way toward girard those lanes are more narrow and tough to see the lane markers, when the roads are wet, mass transit, warminster regional rail line paoli a airport line all looking g we have been asking for your holiday lights all week long. this one is from, i don't know
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the name can someone tell me the name. from brian park. he has the whole house decorated. he has little candy cain lane here. i have a set of these, there is five to the set. we have to connect the set together. you have frosty the snow man on the front lawn. keep them coming. we are in the holiday spirit. just tweet a picture of your holiday lights whether it be the front of the house or see decorations on the inn identify use the hash tag fox 29 lights and we will put them on tv this morning. the chris, back to you. pope francis christmas greeting probably isn't what many expected. during his message he gave a blistering critique that blasted the vatican bureaucracy, instead of a joyful exchange to cardinals, bishops and priest pope discussed 15 sins of the curea he hoped would be change in the new year. he discussed how some are lusting for power and living hipocrit california double lives. he even said some are suffering from quote spiritual
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alzheimer's. it made them forget they are speaksed to be joyful men of god. some say cardinals were in the very amused that the pope's speech was met with an ice a place, karen. in today's health news a big break through in the battle to cure immune diseases from the two-year old with a disease commonly known as bubblely baby syndrome, it has been treated successfully. great news from ucla's medical center. the doctors used her own bone marrow for a transplant after her twin sister was not a match. her parents say she's thriving, and there are no worries that she could get seriously sick. >> it is a miracle. >> that is exactly what it is. in the last five years more than a dozen patients have been treated successful and doctors are hoping the same treatment can be used on all
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kind of blood diseases, wouldn't that be amazing n fact they are now starting trials on sickle cell anemia patients. according to the study in the journal of pediatrics teens of mothers who experienced depression where the children were in grade school those teenagers may smoke, drink, use mar juan at an earlier age. researchers studied 3,000 mothers and children for more than a decade and they found children of mothers who had a depression were twice as likely to experiment with those substances compared to children of mothers without those symptoms of depression. college football game goes from the miami beach bowl to the miami beach brawl. role will role video. the inaugural miami beach bowl verse brigham young university but the the celebration you see there quickly turns into a mala on the field, it started with the take down of the byu quarterback during second overtime. dozens of people from both sidelines throwing punches right in the middle of the
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field. no word if any of the players will be disciplined but surely they will have their eye on number 12 right there in the white jersey. window warner's family is pleading for your help after a 11-foot fall on the job. they are happy he is still a life but now they are in the bind. what they are asking for straight ahead. speaking of the holidays, this little girl, wow, what an inspiration, she's just doing amazing stuff. we have her story of how she's helping people on
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so, trading volume lower than usual, of course, the with the shortened who will take week on wall street the but modest gains push s and p500 dow jones to record closes yesterday. s and p500 closed up eight-point to 2078. dow jones addedded 154 points, so it was up quite a bit, just volume wasn't that significant. landed at 17,959, again a record. nasdaq up 16 points to land at 4781. so wall street going crazy right there during the end of the trading year. how would you like a self driving car, karen hepp. >> i would love one. it would be amazing, can i sleep while it is driving itself. >> sleep, have your coffee, taking you right down the the schuylkill and get right to work here at fourth and market. google unveiled first prototype of the fully functional self driving car yesterday. engineers built it from scratch. it comes complete with laser
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guided steering. it the is great at parkas you can see in this video. google executives aren't interested in manufacturing cars but they are hoping to partner with an existing auto make tore commercialize technology in five years so stay posted. this morning we're learning more about the staples hack. criminals stole personal information from 1.16 million payment cards during this back to school shopping season. we are just learning about this. malwear was put in the sales system at 115 of the more than 1400 stores. thieves accessed names, payment card numbers and card verification code. it is 5:25. family of the window washer is looking for help after a worker fell 11 stories on to a car that happened out in san francisco. pedro perez's family says he is slowly recovering after the fall last month. there is the car. you can see damage to it. you can imagine the damage to
5:26 am
him, his injuries included a shattered pelvis, ruptured artery and numerous over broken bones. osha is investigating. the his daughter does not remember how the fall happened, the family is having trouble making end meet with him out of work. >> it is not easy for me to stand here and ask for help and i wouldn't be doing it unless my dad and my family really needed it. >> well, he is set to leave the hospital soon and then will have to go to the rehab. family has set up a go fund me page for donations. lets take a live look outside right now, it is pretty wet, maybe raining, we will see a lot of wind in that big flag, we are thinking it will go away. weather authority sue serio tracking storm on the radar what you need to know for radar. they will face a head win. >> um-hmm. >> but first he land himself on the naughty list what one mom said happened at the house with the kids watching the whole time.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> reporter: police say two innocent bystanders were shot in the grays ferry section of the city including a three-year old boy. we will have the latest coming up, sue. >> well, you can see from the ground around jenny, that it is wet outside but it will not rain every minute. you will still need your umbrella. we will tell you how long, coming up, karen. thanks, sue. also a huge upset in
5:30 am
philadelphia basketball. obviously we're not talking about the 76ers. we will have highlights. people are excited. that banner gave it a away. go olds. that story sixers taking on the heat tonight in miami. now they are on a role. they are one-o sue in the last game going forward here so buddy has got to have a 76ers cap on, right. >> no. have we have the fox 29 hat on today. we have, of course, rain color and umbrella as well because that is really what you need. main i'll change the cap because he hasn't gotten to the bus stop just yet we are just getting him dressed. temperatures in the 40's. yes, i am's making this up as i go along. you did, you did. it is not too difficult to do that with me either but there is a five out of ten. milder temperatures on the the way today but minus showers, drizzle, fog around all take long and here's the rain moving in.
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more rain coming in out of the southwest so it is with us all day. we may get a break later in the afternoon but you can see some showers around philadelphia area west, east, south, north every where, 48 degrees, visibility isn't great either. allow yourself extra time today. i know you have a lot to do. you need to rush around. don't do it. the wet roadways culled be slippery as well but it is a at least only rain. fifty degrees our high with clouds, rain, drizzle and fog and 48 degrees, tonight. so it stays mild through christmas eve but what about christmas day? we will get you through all that in your weather authority forecast coming up, hey, bob. >> good morning. 5:31. we are off to a slow start. it will be a yucky morning where we have supply kicking up off the cars and trucks from the rain and we are also dealing with some fog. here's the 30 bypass starting to see volume pop working your
5:32 am
way eastbound toward that frazier interchange, some thick fog out in the suburbs out near downingtown, here's a live look near schuylkill expressway near montgomery drive, road are wet, so just keep in mind on and off ramps. temperatures are not that low but roads are wet ape sometimes we have just as many problems with wet roads with those icy roads. live look at blue route, villanova and saint david, off to a good start, on the majors this morning, but we are dealing with that morning fog on the pennsylvania turnpike between fort washington working your way in toward norristown and over toward king of prussia interchange it comes up on you and patch a long the way that stretch all the way from the connection bridge all the way in toward valley forge. south jersey looking good, month no problems along five five looking good through cherry hill on i295 and we're also so far, so good at philly international. usually around 6:30 quarter to 7:00 when we will start to see delays pop up because of the
5:33 am
weather but right now catching that early flight out you're good to go. the mass transit looking good as well. breaking news right now out of grays ferry, police are searching for a suspect who shot a man. this happened shortly before 1:00 at 25th and moore street. police say 309 year-old victim was walking from the store when he heard several shots and then realized he had been hit in the back by one of the bullets. well, he then ran home and called police, my police are reviewing nearby, surveillance cameras for information. first on fox father of the three-year old injured in the shooting is now speaking out. >> this shooting also happened in a grays ferry neighborhood, fox 29's jennifer joyce has a look at the very latest by way of the investigation, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. little boy's father is said to be the target of the shooting. he told us he does not have the cleanest past but he does not know why anybody would be out to get him. mo son, three-year ole
5:34 am
miss terries one of the victims. fox 29 news obtained this video of the toddler in his hospital bed at chop after being shot in the leg while inside his home on south new kirk street yesterday. it is believed that the boy's father mo was intended target of that shooting but instead a second innocent person was wounded in the gunfire a neighbor by the name of william pew, pew's mother in law was upset, she said in one made an effort to call 911 after the the mid-morning shooting and said complacency was disturbing, toddler's father told us he is relieved that the son will be okay. the situation yesterday was certainly scary. >> when so many shots went off. down here, it is just unsafe, you know what i'm saying, i have a checkered past anyway, you know. >> reporter: troubles with the law. >> run ins with the law a few times. >> reporter: does it surprise you somebody would come looking for you with a gun.
5:35 am
>> surprise me, this time yes. >> reporter: police are still trying to determine a motive in the shooting and they are actively searching for that shooter who apparently took off running. if you have any information you're canned to call southwest detectives. both of these victims are expect to be okay. chris and karen. >> that is good news, jennifer, thank you. 5:35. delaware day care provider now facing child endangerment after police say she left two children in her car while she goes shopping. that is just the beginning. police say well that woman tanya robinson was shopping her car was towed with those children inside. they are one and five years old. tow truck driver said he could not see the kid in the car because they had tinted windows. when robinson reported the car missing police go to the yard and that is where they fine children in the back seat. they were not physically injured. 5:35. cuba seems to have no intention of extraditing america's most wanted woman
5:36 am
back here to the u.s. joann chessmar was grant add sigh lum after she escaped from prison after serving time for killing a new jersey state trooper. yesterday cuban officials say they have a right to grant political asylum to fugitives. new jersey governor chris christie says it is unacceptable for u.s. to have diplomatic relation was cuba when harboring a cop killer. calls the deal with them awful. it is 5:36. so many people like to volunteer, give back, do something during the holiday season, so the organizations need your help all year round, how you can try to help some of the local groups to make a big difference. this little girl shares something special. we first introduce you to her on the the fox 29 morning news wait until you see how she spent her b
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5:39 am
big, big basketball game in town last night. no, not the 76ers. temple defeated the number ten team in the the country. lets go to the wells fargo center. kansas in the blue, temple in the white. temple led by 30 in the second half, 77-52. temple beats kansas. eagles season has one game left against new york giants on the road on sunday but they are playing for ten wins but no playoffs inch a somewhat tense weekly news conference chip kelly was asked with suddenness of the last weekend. >> i lost a national championship on the field goal at the even of the game. that was really difficulties a
5:40 am
appointing. anytime you don't get to the ultimate goal, that is the way you feel whether you you were close, far or whatever. it is always that way. in this league there is only one happy team when this season is over. >> and it is not going to be eagles that is for sure. they are two and a half point under dogs against giants on sunday. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. play all of the starters this coming sunday in a game that doesn't in matter. philadelphia, of course, daily news says i sit you not. they are all playing. so talk about a dream come true a girl gets canned to the prom not by schools start athlete but pro wrestler ace perry, she's his big fan. >> her name is amanda a styles. she has autism. she contacted him to let him know she to everyone of his matches. at one in indiana she was not expecting this to happen. >> amanda, will you do the
5:41 am
honor and privilege of letting me take you to the junior prom. >> i can see at tracks. i was not familiar with him and his body of work. so anyway she he also works with children with special needs. >> do this story again and again and again, every half an hour i suggest it. >> local little girl gets what she wants for her birth the day but not clothing and toys how she helps those in need, bob kelly good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, karen will be watching pro wrestling. >> huge fan. go for a ride, blue route 476 heading southbound, heading down towards i-95. mike is not on we apologize for that staying right there we will be right back.
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i want to make sure you understand that even with rain in the forecast on christmas eve the forecast is if you have been good there will be a sack of presents ready to go down the chimney with you know who, all right. so the forecast for christmas eve, having said that is for rain and keep in mind that is a waterproof sack and it is all magic anyway. so temperatures are in the 50's for christmas eve night, coming down from a high of 62 degrees but it will be rainy, windy, keep that in
5:45 am
mind if you are going around visiting or whatever christmas eve. rain is already here. you have the rain gear nearby and you'll need it on and off the rest of the day to day and heavier rain moves in thomas we will see in the future cast. we don't see any room for sunshine here because when it is in the raining we are socked in with clouds but according to our computer model. then we will head into christmas eve. it will be a wet one not a white one and pockets of heavy rain, maybe rumble of thunder or two on and off throughout the day and night. lets go now to christmas day at 4:00 in the morning and there is heavy rain around but by 8:00 o'clock it looks like it is all gone and sunshine rolls in rather quickly after the rain end, so definitely will brighten up on christmas day. socked in with fog in mount pocono. reduced visibility in other places. 4 miles at philly international. we have a mild 48 degrees. that is milder then an average high for december 23rd. fifty in millville.
5:46 am
fifty-two in wildwood. forty-eight in wilmington. wind north east will keep us cloudy all day 8 miles an hour wind in the city. nothing extreme with the wind just yet but it is pretty hazy and there are some places where there is reduced visibility as you saw. so clouds, showers today 50 degrees. sixty-two, that is really strange for christmas eve but it is mild, so at least we won't to have bundle up too much even with the rain. early rain and then sunshine in the afternoon christmas day the day after christmas when we start kwanzaa we will have have plenty of sunshine. it is still in the 50 ease through the weekend. the it is not until monday we will see temperatures drop and possibility of flurries enter our weather picture. that takes you through the foreseeable future. seven day forecast, bob, how are folks doing on the wet roadways. >> not bad at all, 5:46 on a tuesday morning. roads are wet. we are dealing with the same situation as we have been dealing with the last couple hours.
5:47 am
traffic starting to pop in the beginning of the morning rush hour. the northeast philadelphia, i-95 near frankford avenue working your way southbound in toward downtown, watch out in construction zones with the early morning hours and wet roads sometimes it is tough to see all of the lane markers. we don't have any accidents on the major roadways here's what it looks like, puddle yum pink here. this is live look at torresdale and cottman avenue by saint hubert high school in the background there. a wet start. we are dealing with some fog. the here's a live look at the skew you kill expressway right here near conshohocken curve, headlights working your way in towards downtown. expect slower than normal speeds this morning. because of that probably longer to get to work today then it did yesterday. here's a live look at admiral wilson boulevard for gang coming from camden, new jersey heading up towards ben franklin. blue route in the bad at all leaving mid county clock nothing at 55 working your way down towards saint david villanova and we're in good shape in south jersey along
5:48 am
the freeway, pockets of volume but nothing out of the order even through cherry hill we are looking good up and down 295. keep those pictures coming. the here is one from william who sent us a picture of his lights display. he said his dog chloe laying on the couch looking at lights on the tree. he is all tired from there. looking good there thanks for sending the picture of your holiday lights whether it be the tree, outside of the house all you have to do is use the hash tag fox 29 lights, chris and kerr even back over to you. 5:48. the the associated press is reporting sources say u.s. september i have michael grim of new york city will plead guilty to federal tax evasion, according to reports, he will make plea rather than go trial. the republican is accused of under reporting more than one million-dollar in wages and receipts. don tollefson has a trial on fraud charges just around the corner. now he is talking. prosecutors say he sold phony
5:49 am
travel packages to 200 people and he got more than $300,000. he pled guilty to the charges back in september but last week he took it all back. he says he has some new evidence that will help his case but as of of now he is not elaborating on. that yesterday tollefson did talk to reporters about drug abuse. he said it began after he was injured in an accident. >> it was during that time when my alcoholism was continuing when i added oxycontin and percocet and codeine three and in of them street drugs all prescription drugs i had been prescribed that my addiction worsened and worsened and worsen. >> the prosecutor in the case says that he was prepared to recommend tollefson serve his sentence in a treatment center, if he made adequate restitution to the victims. tollefson used to work right here at fox 29. holiday season puts many in the giving mood but food
5:50 am
banks and charities say meeting needs of those who struggle financially is a year round fight despite donations during this time of the year. >> the food that you see here right now is food that will have to have get us through winter and hopefully into the spring. >> is this enough. >> it is in the enough. >> charities say government budget cuts combined with job loss only puts more pressure on these organizations. what would you do if your son wanted to use savings to help a home less. father of a houston young boy more than willing to help. dad posted pictures of the two of them preparing lunches for homeless. the the dag took sandwich duty as his son filled the bag. they packed them up and then went out on the streets to distribute them. little boy saved up to $120 throughout the past year. >> what a great kid. >> we have a great girl in our area as well. >> it is time for the trend. a young girl in new jersey celebrate heard birthday in a very special way, seven year-old mia montgomery.
5:51 am
there she is right here. she decided to give back to her community just like the other kid you just saw. >> what kind of cookies would you like. >> so with the help of her parents and local donors mia organized a hot holiday meal for 300 of camden's home less, they only got meal but donated clothing shoes and a special bag filled with snacks and handwritten note from mia herself. the meal didn't seem like a big deal but for those receiving this it was everything. >> it gave me a better outlook on my situation because i was ready to go do crazy things and now i will not go do those things. >> turnaround. this is first time mi a a has helped back on her fifth birthday she helped organize a toy drive for local kids. with that said we are two days from christmas. we want to know are you done? karen is done. sue's done.
5:52 am
i don't know about bob. we will check with bob, are you done shopping. use the hash tag fox 29 good day. we will read your answers all morning long. >> how are you, chris, how is shopping going. >> one more to go. >> bad santa this is a fake santa let me say it flat out robbing people, what one mom said happened at her who will
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back. so many people getting bored ape will want to try them out the day after christmas and certainly next week not too good weather to snow, to ski or snow board today with all of the rain but next week should be perfect for folks, all of the kids that are off. all right. let's talk about diving in the who will will day season, we love our sea otters in an aquarium in california, getting an early christmas present. this sound delicious, chris, ready for this. >> yes. >> ice cream with mint clam frosting. >> yeah, what kind of frosting just mint clam frosting. >> little clams. >> yes. >> shrimp cup cakes, your favorite. >> doesn't that sound horrible. >> not if you are an otter. >> at 5:55. there is a a woman in virginia who claims santa a she hired for a holiday party didn't just give presents, i have to say it is a big santa, big
5:56 am
santa also took them. >> he is not one of santa's helpers because andrea dombrowski hired the guy to dress up for her family's christmas party. she provided a basket full of kids for the kids but dombrowski says her guests saw santa taking gifts going through their coat pockets when they weren't looking and even sneaking a few cocktails. after returning the man return some of the gift not all, in one has been arrested but police investigation is underway. a fire fighter rescues a man from the burning house so a group of fire fighters was handing out candy when they smelled smoke from the nearby house. fire fighter immediately administered first aid before the ambulance got there. victim is now in stable condition. north korea back on line but who took their internet out in the first place, we're talking about for the whole country. the latest in the sony hack attack as tension rises between u.s. and north korea. steve keeley?
5:57 am
>> reporter: new jersey is one of 24 states are gas is under $2 a gallon and comes in time for christmas. today two days before christmas the busiest travel day of the year now.
5:58 am
5:59 am
you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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men of new york calling for calm in his city after two officers were shot dead in cold blood. now one of the widows is speaking out what she has to say to all of the people of new york. also ahead and first on fox a three-year old boy shot in his own home, his father is the intended target why he a says despite what happened he is in the leaving his home. gas prices are going down, good news, that means a number of cars on the road this holiday season is going up, what triple a says they had never seen before. but if you do flap to travel, this could throw a wrench in the plans. look at philly getting hammered right now. sue serio a has your santa claus forecast. bob kelly is checking reds which are wet at fourth and market on this december 23rd, 2014. happy birthday, 50th to eddie vetter and my dad, a little over 50. >> christmas eve, eve. >> yes. >> this is day festivalus. >> yes. >> last minute gifts. >> yes. >> last minute wrapping.


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