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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  January 8, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> bucks county, four hours ago, a silow collapsed at an industrial park in bristol bucks county. word that one person may be trapped. now, cement silow, we believe, powdered cement, in this silo. don't know if the person is trapped inside that far material or they say quite a bit of structural damage, al next. >> collapsed steel. >> steel metal. they sent dogs in. try to find this person, also, trying to get skyfox, sun is coming up 7:17. live unit, ground unit, almost there. so we've got it covered. >> whether it comes to the freezing weather, making firefighter jobs so much more difficult. several fires rake out overnight, one deadly, brutal conditions fire crews are dealing with this morning.
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>> i don't want my wife crying because she's got bad news. sorry. i don't want friend, you know, to be impacted, the people that rely on me. >> you know, steve from preston and steve, steve morrison, he, boy, drops bombshell on the show yesterday. he's been diagnosissed when prostate cancer, the scariest part is he had no symptoms, no idea that he is sick. so we will talk to doctor mike who is treating him. we'll also have preston and steve on live from the radio studio, to talk about this, because he really wants to spread awareness about this. guys, we got to go to the doctor. >> and when go to a hotel, you can connect to the internet using one of the wyfi? hotels want to put a stop on. that will how they plan to make you pay. >> is that legal? >> they're trying to make it legal. >> well, we have number of delays for the schools here. they're scrolling at the bottom of the screen. they will be in a little bit here.
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okay, or you can go to and only about ten, most of them, in delaware to tell you. >> just couple of hour delays, i guess you need the school a chance to warm up. >> true. >> kids waiting at the bus stop. >> so little more comfortable when you're standing on the sunny side of the street, for the bus, but just brutal temperatures, where it just makes your skin hurt. to be outside for this long. that's we call it dangerous cold, and in our number of the day, it is only a three. and in some cases that's the temperature, and the windchill is even colder. sunshine, we will have that today. but it is not going to make whole lot of difference, as far as how cold it is, so below zero windchills for our pal, bus stop buddy, oh, he's always smiling every day, but we had to cover up as much as possible, and that's what you should do, as women, notice he has some earmuffs over top of his hat. feels like ten to 12 below zero in areas. actual temperature right now
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in philly is ten, but feels like five below. sunrise happening as we speak, 7:22 the official sunrise time. so 20 degrees is all we will get for high temperature today. single digit windchills, with ten to 15 miles per hour wind out of the west. and then tonight we're down to the teens and we'll get few flurries overnight. we'll talk more about the upcoming weekend weather, coming up in just a few minute, we got to get through this morning. and it looks like what road is that where we have little problem there, bob kelly? >> that's the schuylkill expressway, morning, everybody. 7:03, live look at the schuylkill eastbound, right before the ramp for 476. so quickly you have the accident again all it takes is just for the tire casino of clip little bit every icy spot along that shoulder, the on and off ramp, same deal as yesterday. look, 10 degrees, no melting going on, on the overnight. so if it looks wet, most likely ice think morning. live look at the ben franklin bridge, they put down some salt, and all of the toll plazas this morning, but so far so good coming across the benny into downtown. here is the latest from new
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jersey transit. they are reporting system-wide delays, not just on their buses, but also, on all of the northeast corridor trains. running with 30 minute delays, and that's a part of that is the cold and also some amtrak wire problems. so, obviously amtrak also going to experience delays today. brand new one traveling up and down the northeast corridor head today new york, this morning. otherwise, the schuylkill expressway, into and out of the city, delays more so leaving town, westbound, from the boulevard to belmont. south on 95, delays into girard. accident on the boulevard at harbison avenue. one of the many fire locations that we've had this morning, 57 and greenway, also one in rosalynn, right nero gone, and mass transit, septa says that they're running all trains, all stops, on market frankford line this morning. mike, alex, back to you. >> bob, 7:04, back to the breaking news out of bucks county, one person is believed to be trapped after silo chanced inside an industrial park on the 7900 block of radcliff street in bristol. the collapse happened shortly
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after 3:00 this morning. jenny joyce is on her way there. we have learned that there was one person that was on site working. this is an operation rescue operation underway right now, very technical one, because there is a lot of collapsed steel, so expecting this to take a while. we've learned also there are reports that officials are optimistic they will be able to rescue this worker. but however, it will take a while. >> i know they've sent at least one dog in to try to find him. have you seen any report at all, alex, that they know where he is? >> i have no seen this yet. >> or get to him? because of the steel and the metal? we believe that the silo, couple of them out there at least that we can see are filled with either gypsum or cement. the official on the scene used the term cement, i get -- guess it would be dried cement before you mix it with water in the sillo. so had it been full, it would have been a big big mess. >> so work to go get more information. we do have a crew on the way there. they should be there very soon. we will have a report
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hopefully with more information. >> first light about 7:20 at glance, coming up little bit now, but the sun is set to rise officially at clock 17. so skyfox will be able to get good shot that far. clock 06. >> well, tensions remain hi, just a day after terror attack in paris. a police officer, a woman police officer, was killed and another shooting today. >> yes, just few hours ago. a worker, a street sweeper, there on the street of this is in the southern section of paris, the shooting yesterday, happened in central paris. but the street sweeper also injured in this particular attack. the officer was investigating a traffic accident, when a gunman opened fire on her. hitting the female officer and then the street sweeper. a search is now on for that shooter, but too early to tell if today's shoot something connect today yesterday's shooting. the terror attack that killed 12 people and injured 11 others. >> meanwhile, the manhunt continues this morning for
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those two brothers, they say, they kree agent in the whole situation. they are accused in the mass shooting at the magazine offices, an editorial meeting, their weekly editorial meeting, they interrupted and started shooting satirical magazine you know about by now, been all over the place, french prime minister says the two men were known to intelligence services, even the fbi. now, cherif, one of the brothers, cherif, specifically is accused of having a history of funneling jihad fighters to iraq, and terrorism conviction from 2008. meanwhile, third suspect, a 18 year old, turned himself in to police yesterday afternoon. >> let's get back to some news back here at home. news this morning, one man dead, a veteran, following house fire in philadelphia's logan section. the fire broke out in the 1800 block of rosalynn street. it happened after about a quarter after 1:00. the fire was brought under control 30 minute later. the victim was pronounced dead at the hospital.
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bunch of fires, four going in the middle of the night. another fire in grays ferry forced family out of their home. >> the fire department was called out to the 1300 block of grove street. the fire broke out in the second floor of the home, but, everyone inside was able to get out and no one thankfully was hurt. well, if you haven't been outside yesterday, consider yourself lucky because it is cold. >> what i would do is just consider not going out. but, steve keel had i to go out. for 15 years, he's been out in this stuff. yes, the windchill right now, five below zero, where you are, steve. >> yes. and i feel every agree of it, mike. these are negative under bergey learned, when walk to go school on this record cold date back in 1970. here in camden, where i coincidentally a.m. back for a closer record date. we have real live bus stop budd toy show you. waiting at the bus stop. good thing this guy is not listening to bob kelly telling him new jersey transit buses
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and trains are running late, because that will make the wait for his bus little longer. see it guy, not in the glass little terminal there. standing outside it with his face exposed, and he might want to go insidement look at the american flag just to the right of him. look how much that is blowing. that means that winds is blowing right at his face right now. and the gusty winds are so gusty, they're blowing the street signs and the street lamps, you can see, against the sky backdrop right there. so, it is very, very gusty out here, and that makes it feel probably even worse than 15 below zero at times when the gusts hit 20, 25 miles an hour. going to some video of some people who smartly got indoors, and even though inside the bus terminal just couple of blocks from here, the walter rand transportation center on brought way, it is still in the 30's, in, there according to the thermostat and the people that are in there shivering. and only a few homeless people, because most of the people were taken out of there. even the few homeless people that were in there were all bundle up indoors, with
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blanket, and due vai's and everything they could finds to put on top of them. most of the homeless people that we normally see in there were in shelters, instead, because of the great work, that chris o'connell saw first-hand last night talking to the outreach people. >> the people were greatful to have a place to come. we provide could the. we provide blanket and sheet. we also provide something hot when they come in, hot beverage. and some hot soup or something hot, you know, to eat. then they usually, you know, file in, and find their space. >> really just about the people, building relationships, and this is the hard times. when you are there, and you're reaching out to people, then tough situation like this in the summer, code red teams, really hot to get out there and be out there when people really are in need. >> well, we're in new jersey, say what you want about our governor, a lot of people think he is mean, i have first-hand knowledge he is a nice guy, he knew i would be outside as one of his taxpayers, he said, hey, never enough layers in weather lick. >> this so he let me probably the count a's most famous sweater. he said to me don't worry
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about size. i think the size will be okay. just get it back to me so i can pack it for greenbay tomorrow. so thanks, governor. >> so sweet. he takes the sweater off his back. >> took the sweater off his back. that's a governor. get it to up trenton for him later this afternoon, because he will probably fly to greenbay tomorrow. all right, let's get back to this, 11 minutes a past 7:00. this terror attack about 24 hours ago in paris, france. doug luzader has new information from washington, d.c. doug, i suppose you have heard, female police officer killed in paris, a few hours ago? >> reporter: no indication at this point that this is related, but given the heighten alert that france is operating under, right now, there is certainly some suspicion it is could be. so we'll see how it plays out through the course of the day. but clearly, the manhunt for these two individuals continues in that country. >> vigils repeated overnight.
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>> shows support for saturday ear call french newspaper that came under attack. >> the offices of charlie hebdo, french weekly, hit by mask gunmen who carried out brutal assault with military-like precision. killing a dozen people including political cartoonist cents who had been accused of defending islam with the profit muhammad. one possible suspect, a 18 year old, since turned himself in. but, two other men, brothers, one of whom has been accused of supporting terrorists in the past, remained at large. after shooting a final victim, a wounded police officer on the sidewalk, the gunman simply disappeared, driving off into a city that has heavy surveillance. >> license plate leaders in paris would snatch the plates. but that only works if you stay in the same car. these guys are clever. these guys are pros. these guys mapped out their escape, which you rarely see. >> here in washington, in the shadow of the capitol, the museum usual display of daily
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newspapers from around the world, included the french phrase that has been repeated around the world, charlie. called the attack cowardly, and evil. >> those who carry out, you know, ultimately will be forgotten. and we will stand with people of france during they very difficult time. >> now, while it is only possible that these two may ultimately have ties to al died, a at this point al quaida itself has not claimed responsibility for the attack. mike, al next. >> the response, though, around the world, specially in paris, weren't you impressed with that gigantic crowd? >> thousands came together? >> look, there were report of gatherings as well outside the museum here in washington, cities around the world, so yes, certainly, a lot of unity and a lot of anger at the fact that, you know, the craft of
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journalism has come under attack. >> and a lot of these crowds, they all came together, they all had pins and they put them up in the air. >> held them up in the air. also had signs that said that, we are charlie. what happened about a block away from here at car pen area's hall, when our founding fathers talked about freedom of speech. i guess that's what this is all about. doug, thank you, see you again tomorrow. >> thanks. all right, it is almost 7:15. did i mention that it is cold? >> yes. we need to keep saying it. >> say it again? >> jenny joyce. jenny joyce. >> oh, going back to bucks count. >> i up and ready to go? that's great. >> let's go to bucks county, we have an update on the breaking news, one person trapped there at a plant. >> alex, mike, we just arrived on scene, however, on our way here, we were able to listen to pieces of the press conference that emergency officials gave the media, just minute ago. so we are live here at the riverside industrial site. the 7900 block of radcliff
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street. apparently this is cement silo that produces amount. a police officer was driving by the site this morning, and saw the collapsed from the street. that's what we are hearing from emergency crews, called it into emergency responders. at this point, police cannot confirm if someone is trapped, but it is presumed at this point, because officials have been told one person was working on site at the time of the collapse, the man's family also on site and has not been able to make contact. >> rescue dogs, on scene, we don't know exactly what time this collapse even happened. we just know that the police officer who was driving by called it in to emergency responders, around 3:00 this morning, so that was few hours ago. , again, waiting for up a date. they told thus would take some time to get this there to make sure they have the right crews, right apparatusment as
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you can see coming over to my right, there is a crane entering the property. trying to learn a lit about -- little bit more what goes into an operation like this but again cement silo that produces salt. we know one worker was on site, at the time of the collapse. mike, alex? >> they bring in that equipment, moves heavy steel, metal, try to get it off the person. but there this is no indication this person is trapped under metal objects or trapped under the powdered cement or salt? >> reporter: right. from what we're hearing, i don't think any contact has been made with an individual. i think it is just presumed that they do know that somebody was here on site, working at the time of the collapse, and because his family can't reach him, right, it is presumed that he may have been in that silo at the time. >> my goodness. looks like they have some very heavy material to move there. >> that's why it is called a
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very technical rescue operation. thank you, jenny. >> weather? >> you can imagine the cold make tag rescue operation even worse. it is making everything worse out there this morning. many of our tips in a we give you seem obvious, sometimes you think you can run out, not wear yourself role layers of loose fitting clothing or not wear a hat or warm scarf or gloves. but you really do, even if you're only going to be out for short period of time, and specially, if you're going to be out for/while waiting for a bus. most important one, if you are going to use a space heater, properly ventilate. get it far away from anything that could be combustible, it is fox fursday, don't forget about your pet. don't keep them outside for very long at all. i don't care how furry their coat s windchills continue until 9:00. can feel as much as ten to 20 degrees below zero. most of the temperatures north and west in the single digit, ten in philadelphia, and in
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millville, but it feels like 19 below in mount pocono, windchill of 5 degrees, below zero, in philadelphia. it feels like two below even in atlantic city. it is cold, cold, cold this morning. winds are not extreme, but they are making it feel worse, so it is just compounding this cold situation, and it is the coldest air we've seen this season so far. of course they've been dealing with this for couple every days to the north of us. now, the windchill in chicago this morning, worse than it was yesterday. thirty-three below what it feels like in the windy city this morning. atlanta has a 3-degree below zero windchill. twenty-four was our high yesterday. we won't even get that warm today. and it is not even warm when it is 24, 20 degrees our high today, 32, may make it to freezing tomorrow, then another bitterly cold day on saturday, with a high of only 22. we inch above freezing on sunday, and just when we are getting used to that, unsettled weather, that's really non-commit albaladejo there bob, for tuesday.
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>> that's what you're going with? >> unsettled wetter. >> make the new graphic. 7:18. good morning, this thursday, live look at the schuylkill expressway. delays leaving town, westbound from the boulevard, out toward city avenue. actually stack all the way out to conshy, from earlier accident, same deal as yesterday, if it looks wet, it is probably icy all in the off ramps, bridges, overpasses, the sidewalk, as soon as you open up the front door, live look here, the 42 freeway, some headlights headed into the construction zone, typical volume this hour. disable south on 95, down near churchman's road. let's run down mass transit because of the frigid temperatures, septa on the market frankford line, all trains making all stops. no express service, they don't have anyone standing on platform and a train drives on by, an express train, in the cold. so, all trains making all stops. rough go in south jersey. new jersey transit, they're saying they have system-wide delays, not just on the buses, but on the northeast corridor trains, up to 30 minute delays in and out of new york, and
7:20 am
that's also causing delays on amtrak, it is amtrak wire problems, they're saying, is a reason or partly the reason for that delay. slow going south on 95 into girard, again, slow on the schuylkill leaving town. the bridges, though, look fine. mike, alex, back to you. >> i think about the people trying to rescue this guy up there in bucks county, so darn cold. >> all right, here is another story that up might be interested in. if you have to travel this weekend, hotels are trying to block your wyfi hot spots? you know, take your little piece of equipment, want it get wyfi in your room? they'll ask you, hey, is it okay if i block you? can they do that? is that legal?
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>> weaver the sun up, skyfox back over the scene, silo collapse in bristol, bucks county. we believe that one person is trapped. now, we think that in the silo, couple of them there, see the one intact on the left, the yellow, look at all of the material that's collapsed. you have metal, steel, and then the material from inside
7:24 am
the silo which we think is either cement that they use to make salt. >> rock salt. >> rock salt. >> for roads. >> now, the exact location of this work is her not known. so a lot of the rescue teams are searching kind of any areas, reports that they're searching the areas a jays don't a lot of the large structures. at this point, because we're not sure, so they're not sure of the exact location, i mean, they said this would be very technical operation. take a look at this. a lot of steel structures there, they have to lift up. >> silow kind of rounded. just giant, like a serial bowl, turned upside down. but you're right, look at all of these girders, brought in heavy duty equipment, crane operators, are already there, you know, probably middle of the night, we need cranes out here to lift this metal. apparently one worker, on site, now his family can't get ahold of him. see, that's what the structures look like originally i guess. >> you can see, this is right next to the delaware river. and these are storage
7:25 am
structures. >> a lot of different businesses here in the complex, of course focuses right here where they believe this worker is trapped. >> my goodness. you know, they sent in a dog to try to find the person, and gunnel to go conclusion that it is a man, right there, because the family members couldn't get ahold of him after the collapse happened. >> and jumping to conclusion, obvious conclusion, could be underneath all of that. >> and if you can believe there is the family is at the site, right now, and they've been briefed the situation. so i'm sure they are just wait to go hear any information at all. k9 unit, also fire rescue teams, you can see out there out there, trying to look for i guess amongst the rubble you can call it? >> yes. it is off the road so far, not affecting traffic or anything, but not the big concern, those giant front leaders in there, my gosh. >> we'll stay on this.
7:26 am
this is trying to we have in some other stories that not that important. so home tell chains actually trying to block guest frost using their own little devices you know when go to hotel, you use your wyfi device. they'll ask you at the front desk what question are they going to ask, lauren? >> they could say do you want to buy our wyfi, you know that wyfi from the hotel is expensive. in fact, marriott last year was in hot water for. >> this they were fined more than half million dollars. they had a convention, and sometimes people try to use their smart phone as a hot spot. right? they connect their tablets and their laptops to the internet using the wireless connection from the smart phone. well, marriott disable all of that, made them sign up for their own wyfi, and that cost them like a thousand dollars a day for just one device. so they got in trouble for that. now you have marriott and some other brands asking the fcc to
7:27 am
interfere here, and say, look, if you use wyfi hot spot, it is interferance with the network of the hotels. that should not be allowed. >> but right in you it is allowed. >> i have to say whenever we travel, my parents have a hot spot they bring. i will always, like i'm not paying for whole night or couple of hours. >> but they can use it, the hotel can't prevent them from use that, can they? >> sometimes they have signals that disrupt the signal that you would get yourself. >> oh, blocking. >> oh, i see. >> they're blocking. and, you know, they try to defend themselves. and some of them say well it is because we want to keep impostures and criminals out of our network, which is valid, to some agree. but -- >> i feel like have a night at the hotel, i should be able to use whatever wyfi i want. >> darn right, up there in new york city where lauren hangs out. >> $700, you're fancy lauren? i know, that's how i hang, you know? you should see what my room service bill is. >> oh, goodness. >> popping bottles, uh-huh.
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7:28, almost, well, this is interesting local story, isn't it? former sportscaster, used to work right here, defending himself in court. yes, don tollefson accused every swindling money from people, who were supposed to go, the money supposed to go to charity. interesting yesterday, he said, i'm not a very good businessman, how he is defending himself. look who is back. it is our jenn fred. >> good morning towel after you guys, okay, will night was part one of the big american idol premiere. so what are the judges doing differently this year? the answer will p people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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>> a silo chanced in bucks county, right by the river. we believe one person is trapped. >> a lot of rescue teams on the scene there trying to look for him. we do not know the exact location of where this worker is trapped. they're trying to search in the surround areas to figure out where his location may be. >> apparently, oh, look at that, that's the top of it. looks like it has been ripped off. >> yes. >> looking at the side and the top of the silo there. >> yes, so, concrete in there? >> and then you have a lot of steel structures. >> they have holding up the
7:32 am
silow. so what are you saying? the concrete has been loaded on trucks, taken down to barges on the river, is that it? >> yes, basically storage, i guess, containers for lack every better word. so when they bring in these large things, on trucks, this is where they store them. >> even though this is a warehouse complex, several businesses, i mean, the fact that they're there, they obviously believe the work is her somewhere near that area. >> yes. >> haven't spotted, i mean, haven't detected him apparently, with dogs, but one word the collapse happened, family members didn't hear from him, they went to the scene. >> so, also, we have number of delayed openings for certain schools. the list isn't very long, but strolling at the bottom of the screen there. most delays are for about two hours, also a list on, if you want to go there. >> yes, because we're also concerned about this cold, sue. >> some people upset the philadelphia school district didn't go on delay. >> i know, and it is real a tough call on morning like. >> this because now that
7:33 am
daylight is dawn, the sun is up, it will be a little betterment some of the school district wanted to whale until after sunrise for the kids to wait at the bus stop, like our pal bus stop buddy. he is bus stop brr today with below zero windchills all over the region, here in the city, and everywhere else, now, the sun is out, but in the going to help a whole lot. that's why we're giving awe three out of ten today. you have to keep up your guard all day long in defense against this unseasonable, dangerous, cold that we have today. our windchill advisory continues until 9:00 a.m. for windchills as much as ten to 20 degrees below zero. and we've seen those values already this morning, oh, yes, plenty of bright sunshine, but it is die receiving. we have 14-mile per hour winds, so that makes 10 degrees feel like it is six below zero, when you are shivering outside today. 20 degrees should be the high. that's 20 degrees below normal for january 8th, 16 overnight, few flurries possible, so that takes care of thursday. weekend getting closer, we
7:34 am
will tell if you things will improve at all coming up in just a few minute, in the seven day forecast. so bob kelly, sun glare, we can add that to the problems list this morning. >> exactly. lock in the background there, start to see the sun pop up. looking live at 422, for the folks coming in from collegeville. same deal, sun rising if the background, 42 freeway, headlights slow going from 55 up into 295. accident on the roosevelt boulevard at harbison, the traffic lights are also defective at d and the boulevard, with no cross traffic. and because of the weather conditions, check out new jersey transit, they're saying they have system-wide delays, trains and buses, 30 minutes on the northeast corridor trains, and part of the problem is amtrak wire problems this morning. mike, alex, back over you. >> this is interesting local story. i do mean local. >> trial against former local sportscaster, don tollefson, accused in a charity scam. >> so our legal analyst, ken
7:35 am
rotweiler following this case here. as i remember, before they even went to trial, few months ago, they offered don a plea deal. right? >> he actually pled guilty. >> right. >> so they weren't going to have a trial. then when he realized he would be spending time in jail he decided you know what i'll go to trial. he is representing himself. you know the old saying, he represent himself, by the way, who said that quote, who is the originate or of the quote? >> that would be clarence daro. >> that would be abraham lincoln. >> six but then, just, wasn't it just yesterday, the day before yesterday, they offered him a plea again? >> they d they gave him half hour to ponder when he wanted to spend 24 months in jail, that was the plea deal, he thought about it for about 20 minute and said, you know what, i'm going to trial. he is going to represent himself, interesting. originally tried to get public defender but wouldn't allow you, probably because too many resources so he'll rent so many himself of casey waste. think about it, he will be
7:36 am
questioning witnesses that the prosecution is put up, basically pointing at him mr. tollefson, you said to trust you, we struggles the you, we gave you our money you gave us nothing in return. >> but's good communicator. >> well, you know what, mike, i think that's the key. he is great communicator, very charismatic, people who know who he is, very liable. our public has a problem a loft times sentencing and finding guilty people who have celebrity status. so it is an interesting trial. >> and he is a saying he didn't scam people, just a bad businessman. >> yes, actually saying more than that, he saying he had an alcohol problem, drug problem, he was bad businessman, and he didn't arrange things properly. he said that money did go to the charities. but, you know -- >> he showed records showing more than 100,000 actually went to these travel packages. >> the problem is the prosecution will show the $200,000 went into tollefson's pocket and also $75,000 of that went in his wife's pocket. so they're going to basically say i think i did raise money, raided about a million dollars for charity winning ways, but
7:37 am
skim off the top, put that monday any his pocket, and that's why he is being prosecuted. >> what about the fact tollefson is saying hey this should and civil case not kim cram? >> , no if he stole money from people it is a criminal case. he could be sued sievely by the people duped out of their money for restitution of their money back from tollefson, but clearly criminal case. if he basically, you know, fraud dollars people, defrauded people, better word, then it is a criminal case. >> have to prove he intentionally did this. >> that's right. if he gets convicted he'll spend time in jail. no doubt about it, how much time, he could spend as much as 37 years in jail. i doubt he will get that much. but if he was convicted of everything there is over 30 charges against him. he convicted on every single one of those, got the maximum charge he would be spending 37 years in jail. >> how long is the trial? >> trial will be probably three, four weeks. >> that long? >> i think so. >> we'll have you back. >> good seeing you. >> 7:37. community rocked by two student suicides within days. >> now, students are work to go try and get their lives
7:38 am
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>> plane goes up, the plane crashes in a ocean, they all live because they're sky divers. >> their plane failed shortly after taking move new zealand. supposed to be a sky dive trip. so six crew members jumped with their six passengers strapped to them. >> tan den diving. >> then the pilot bailed out, just before the plane exploded, and crashed into a lake. and all 13, that were on born, they survived with no major injuries. all sounds like a movie. >> it does. >> within cents could not believe what they were seeing. >> so came across, saw the plane, the parachuters jumping out. then heard a big bang, like, ya, blew up, blew up before it hit the water. >> i mean, they were going to
7:42 am
jump out of it anyway. >> yes. >> but they had good timing. >> thank god it was sky diving plane. the thing that i'm fascinated, the pilot was able to run back to the hole in the plane and jump out himself. >> on the back of one of the sky divers? >> i think he had a parachute onto begin with. >> okay. >> that's what i was reading about, so he already had a parachute on. >> now, investigators are looking into what went wrong with the plane. but thankfully, everyone on board made it out okay. >> yes, they had the six people. you attach yourself to the six people, getting ready to go, engine trouble, they all jump, and he had to jump out every his seat. he had a pack on. and jumped out himself. wow. okay, one of our good friends, with casino of startling revelation yesterday, he has dancer. imagine hearing those words, you have cancer. but never had any symptoms. you know there, it is steve morrison from preston and steve. well, preston and steve are going to join us after the break. and the doctor who is treating break. ♪ ♪ hershey's spreads.
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7:44 am
bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious.
7:45 am
steve announced to his audience he had prostate cancer, i am happy to say i can use the word had. so let's bring in preston and steve. thank you for joining us again today. >> thank you. >> what was reaction, steve? >> well, the desired reaction
7:46 am
was achieved yesterday. tried to make it as approachable and as inviting as possible to tell my story, i didn't want to make it a lifetime television thing, you know, and steve's journey, whatever the hell it was. and just get people comfortable, guys comfort, just jumping out ahead, manning up, doing this for the loved once in your life, you don't want to go through the pain every seeing you, go through a horrible experience, when it is so avoidable. so thanks to the fantastic dr. mike cirigliano, who saved my life, he was very vigilant about following up on my psa test, which was a little bit high. and he said, listen, we want to avoid this. >> so the robotic surgery, and we arranged something with doctor david lee, robotic surgeon, they basically, the cancer was in the prostate.
7:47 am
they were able to robotically surgically remove the prostate, so i'm cancer free. >> wow. >> yes, and take it out. >> preston, did you know about it? >> yes, we new about it right when steve was diagnosed, back in october. and, you know, we are a lot of discussions about how we wanted to handle this, keep it private matter, do we want to talk about it, steve was adamant about want to go get the message out about early detection, because that was so important that this happened to him in this way. i mean, really is the best case scenario when it comes to prostate cancer, thanks to doctor mike for being so pro-active. >> let's do lifetime moment here, okay? lifetime move. >> sure. >> please, welcome to the show, doctor mike. the man who saved your life. >> welcome to tv. >> so, doctor mike, i know that you're his doctor. did you ever do a rectal exam on him? did you find that out? >> well, i have been given permission to talk about such things.
7:48 am
>> yes. >> and yes, i have. steve and i, and preston, for that matter, we have brought our relationship to new heights. >> right. >> , interesting thing about this, was that, important exam, i didn't feel any nodules. and so, what we do is and what i do. a little bit high. and that, unable us, to get the right treatment, to get that prostate out, and,. >> relatively quite time, after you had the surgery -- >> actually what happened, it was in october. i had the bo biopsy. it came down, gave me the call, we'll take care of this, after biopsy like to wait six to eight weeks, was able to do all of that, one day in the
7:49 am
hospital, four hours after surgery, i was walking around the hallways, the next day i was on a treadmill walking couple of miles. the impact on my life, minds you, to go through the process of having this removed, a and being cancer free is neglect recall, astonishing what they can do. i want that to be a call to guys. you don't need to be afraid. just be pro-active, get out ahead. >> preston, wake-up call? >> absolutely, i mean, just lets you know, i mean, steve in wonderful shape. he takes care of himself. even if you are in that -- if you're in that camp, as well, very healthy it, doesn't mean that this can't happen to you. so get it check out. >> so what is the situation, we call you today, doctor mike? >> you come in, you start with a examination. a digital rectal exam. >> it doesn't hurt? >> no. and then i, if you're of the right age, do you a psa blood test. >> okay. >> and if you're a guy out
7:50 am
there, you have to do it. one of the without -- beautiful things about this message, the good part of this problem, is that we can get people to get tested, early, so that they can protect themselves and be therefore their loved ones, their kids, if you're a guy, and men, are hesitant, many times. >> of course. >> to get medical care that go to the doctor. >> yes. >> you're one of them. and the bottom line is if you take care of yourself, you'll be great. >> steve, i have to say, reading comment yesterday, so many guys are like wow, i'm going to go to the doctor now, this is so powerful to hear. >> must make you feel good. >> it does, absolutely that, and i started corresponding with some guys. listen, i had some very wonderful people including obviously doctor mike, who helped me through this, you get nervous, your minds starts reeling, and you create these horrible scenarios, and the truth of the matter is the reality will be, will more than likely be far less scary than you thought it would be.
7:51 am
so, just get pro-active. do it for the people who love you, who want you to be around forever, it is so easy, and so voidable. and you need to do it. >> all right. thank you, thank you for doing this and spreading the word. we love you. >> it is an honor to be able to do it and i look at it as a blessing and i hope lives were saved because of it, and that's terrific. >> here is the down side, preston, he is going to be around for a lot longer. >> i know, got to deal with that. i thought this through. >> preston and steve, guys rock. >> love you, mike. >> mmr rocks. you rock. >> you're the man. >> mike anal he can, see you guys. >> love you. >> thank you for saving his life. >> thanks, doctor mike. >> all right, sue? >> okay, early detection, yep, that's the key. now, we're going to just inform you about the temperatures that are out there. hope you've gotten the message that it is coal, these are the actual temperatures, many of them in single digits, 10 degrees in philadelphia.
7:52 am
fourteen in wildwood. >> feels like six below in philadelphia, 19 below in mount pocono, all of our windchills, are below zero, this morning. including the jersey shore, no one immune from this coal. it will stay, the code he is day of the year so far, high of only 20, we'll get to up whopping 32 tomorrow. but it will be very windy, and then, another blast of frigid air on saturday, we inch above freezing sunday, get some messy weather in here monday, tuesday of next week. that's your seven day forecast, little bit of sun glare, and what else, bob kelly? >> on ramps for i95, two, three cars involved, delays trying to get to 95 this morning. otherwise coming in from south jersey normal volume. starting to see some sun glare, not melting anything. nor is it impacting the temperature, still hovering there at 10 degrees, and overturned tractor-trailer, this is westbound, pottstown,
7:53 am
on 422, from the arm and hammer boulevard onramp. that's going to be a delay out in that area, for the rest of the day, new jersey transit system-wide delays, 30 minute on the northeast corridor, all because of amtrak wire problems. and the weather, alex being back over to you. >> a lot of people have been asking me, where's jenn fred? you know what, she has been in l.a. hanging out with harry connick, jr. that's why she hasn't been here. >> you would be doing the same thing. so, we're going to talk about what they're doing differently this year. huge american idol premiere.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> producers admitted, back into hollywood, all of the great judges are back, j-lo, keith urban, harry connick, jr., but doing something
7:57 am
differently this season. >> what they're doing differently, spending a lot of time with our jenn fred, just returned last night from hollywood. >> all of them by the way look amazing, i don't mow what casino of water, glam squad. >> botox. >> judges looking at the contestant differently this year. so different kids are headed to hollywood. listen to keith urban. sorry, harry connick junior last year there was some real talented kids, but, they begin shine in that arena. a lot of this were -- a lot of them were too shy. that's fine. not like you want to take that, manipulate it into something else, but that's not necessarily the type of talent that works on american idol. so this year, we really specifically look for people that have that package. and i think we found them. >> little swagger? >> just little bit more comfort on stage, being aware that you're on camera, being
7:58 am
little more tell jen i can, that's what the pop world; you know, the pop world isn't sort of playing to few people in a coffee house, which is no better or worse than idol, just different thing. >> now part of this is also being able to deal with look at, perform, in front of these superstars. people like j-lo. >> some as cam many, some come and they're debilitated by it, which is sad, which is why we all have the ability to sort of hear through that. and if somebody comes in, just so nervous, that they have trouble breathing or they're forget being the words and stuff, you kind of look past that and you see the bigger picture. >> so just like you said, we know some people make it through to hollywood. tee we didn't see any of them on the show last night. tonight is the second night of the big premiere, so stay home, have to watch. by the way, as adorable as you think that harry connick
7:59 am
junior is on tape, in person, just like ten clicks more delicious. >> so you know from personal spear years. >> the let surreal, the face. >> he's still married to jill, the super mod snell. >> there is that. >> there is that. >> but you are committing, you're saying philadelphians, people from the delaware valley do, make it to hollywood? >> they make it to hollywood. >> worth it to watch then. more report in the next hour, good day, it is thursday, january the eighth, look at that, 2015. >> live, from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". liver on the scene after search and rescue site here at a property that we just found out is owned by concrete here in bristol bucks county, full report coming up next, al next. >> okay, and clear up her audio for the next report. >> more terror and violence erupt in france, police officer kill, latest on manhunt after the massacre, and how the world is reacting.
8:00 am
>> sue? >> anything you want to do today is being made worse by the cold. and do you have factor that into all of your plans, how cold will it get? >> we're tacking to you. okay, good day team is here. getting schooled. as you know by now, there is a rutgers professor, teaching psychology, based off sign field episodes in the four main seinfeld characters. he's going to take us to class. it is a funny show. but he has a very serious class. he's doing good things at rutgers. >> plus, the stars smolder on the red carpet. we have the hottest looks on the people's choice awards, the big colors of the night. you know what, mike, i'm give awe hint. i'm wearing one of the colors
8:01 am
right now. >> that's giant hint, alex holley. >> i want to help you out. that's why. >> you're head to tow in black today. looking good. by the way, when lauen joins us at 9:00 she is dressed basically as most of the stars that the actress was last night in the colors. >> oh,. >> that you mentioned. >> all kind of hints. >> would bob kelly's tie be include in the that group, do you think? >> i shall? >> pretty much dressed like j-lo herself. >> in fact, if you blur your eyes. >> see the tan? >> don't you see somebody like brad pitt? just blur your eyes. >> make maybe just close them? then we'll see. >> this dream. >> oh, we see it. >> yes, there is brad. >> little bit of clooney shining through through. >> weather, then traffic, then the latest update out of paris. some new info overnight. >> we have our number of the day, pick number between one and ten every day. >> this cold is so brutal, we've gone down to a three, that could be the temperature outside your door.
8:02 am
or the win chill. although our windchills have been below zero. it is dangerous cold. and that's why you can barely see bus stop buddy. but good thing he's all bundled up. it is below zero windchills everywhere out there. and our windchill advisory continues until 9:00 this morning. the sun is going to help a little bit. not much. 10 degrees, feels like it is six below zero, thanks to those 14-mile per hour wind out of the west. we get to 20 today. the sunshine out there, bob kelly; deceiving sunshine. because it looks real nice, but it is cold. >> for the last hour the sun has been popping. and the temperature gauge there still hovering, at around ten. so the sun is not helping us any. it is slowing us down. live look here, at the blue route, 476 right near chemical road there. you got some sun glare coming out every mid-county headed down toward the schuylkill expressway. sun smashed on the ben franklin bridge here. no delays coming into downtown philadelphia. overturned tractor-trailer, this is west on 422 pottstown, on ramp from arm and hammer
8:03 am
boulevard, as you work through pottstown problems on mass transit, more so new jersey transit, they have system-wide delays, not just on the buses, but also on their trains, and the northeast corridor trains, running with 30 minute delays. that's part of the problem, the cold, also amtrak wire problems as far as here in philadelphia, the market frankford line, no a or b service, all trains are making all stops and no delays on the broad street subway. mike, alex, over to you. >> 8:03. getting right back to breaking news out of bucks county this morning, jenny joyce is now on the scene with more information about a person who was trapped after a silo collapsed. >> what exactly is it, was in this silo or still is, big pile of this stuff. is it concrete? >> reporter: it is, it is actually there was a worker who just came out. she was on her way out of leaving the property. she kind of explained it to me. so it is soft concrete, that's house in the this silo, used
8:04 am
for construction materials, and the company is sillve concrete, here in the industrial complex, also confirmed by bucks county fire dispatch. now, the woman who was just leaving the site, she kind of described, said, it remains an active scene back there on the property. >> they see his car, can't find him. unclear where he was at the time of the collapse. >> what may have been doing in and around the silow at this time of the clams. we know it was a local police officer passing through this complex, around 3:00 this morning noticed it was the silo did in fact clams, caught emergency responders, that's when that search and rescue began here, let's take a listen who talk to the media earlier this morning. >> we have large silow collapse, full of powdered cement, non-toxic to the area, we do believe that we possibly
8:05 am
have one subject trapped at this time, it is in complete rescue operations at this point. it is a very tender rescue, a lot of collapsed steel in the area. >> long operation, we also know that rescue dogs and tactical rescue teams are involved in this. according to sylvia's website, the 68, acre property, that they purchased back in 1986t became known as riverside construction materials division. it was the first field silo to collect import perm nam here. i did cautious left a message, called bristol police department. waiting to hear back for up a date. all of the officials we need to talk to are inside the site. so trying to do our research on our own. mike, al next. >> really a bad situation, so import facilities, right there
8:06 am
by the delaware river, of course, barges loaded up, store it in the silo. >> i feel for the family to be there at the scene while you're waiting for news? >> see the car in the parking lot, nod good. >> 8:06. boy, we have a lot of you i know put out space heaters last night over the last couple of night. got to be careful. >> can be dangerous, military veteran dead following a house fire, in philadelphia's logan section, the fire broke out in the 1800 block of rosalynn street. it happened about quarter after 1:00ment the fire was brought under control about 30 minute later but the victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> veteran, about 07 years old, they saw at least one walker inside the facility, so they think that he was disable, my goodness. family, friends, will gather later today to pay their respect toss shane montgomery. the 21 year old's body was pulled from the schuylkill river last saturday. more than a month after family members first found him to be
8:07 am
missing. early, early on thanksgiving morning, this evening, viewing begins at 5:00 o'clock at saint john the batch piss church there in manayunk. that's is the family church. funeral service hell for shane tomorrow morning at 9:00. a facebook page is also asking for help to remove some of the missing person flyers still posted around the city. they want your help to go around in different, you know, telephone polls and stuff like, that pull down the missing posters. this morning the search continues for two brothers, wanted in that horrible terror attack, in paris yesterday. about this time, yes, there they are, the two brothers. they stand accused in the mass shooting at a satirical magazine office, 12 people were killed, 11 others shot and wounded, third suspect turned himself in last night. that will was the 18 year old who was with them, possibly the driver of one of the cars. french officials say it is too early to tell if a shoot that killed a female police officer
8:08 am
few hours ago, the south side of paris; connected to the terror attack from yesterday. >> meanwhile it is a national day of mourning in france. really across the country. people gathered thousands sign of solidarity to stand up for free speech. see that says not afraid. this picture was taken during rally in paris. >> cartoonist also also holding strong, reacting to the attack with their talent. they flooded inlet net with satirical cartoons, magazine, charlie hebdo, famous, so many using their pencils to stand up against terror. we showed that you picture every thousands of people gathering in solidarity, a lot of them had their pens and pence ills. >> up in the air. >> yes, i don't know if you can read the caption there. it says he drew first. you know, drawing, also drawing weapons. this one here, pretty poinent, full pencil. today the day of the attack, snapped in half.
8:09 am
tomorrow, we will go right back to a full pencil. we will not be stopped. you can't stop our free speech. >> all right, well, three new victims have come forward with a sexual assault allegation, against philadelphia's own, bill cosby. >> yes, all three women are claim that cosby drugged and then sexually assaulted them years ago. but coming to cosby's defense recently was his former tv wife felicia the cosby show actress said she was originally misquoted when asked about the scandal and later she clarified her remarks because she said forget those women, she is saying misquoted. but later re clarified her remarks with abc world news tonight. >> you were both dollars on line as saying forget those women. >> that was a misquote. that is not what i said. what i said is this is not about the women. this is about something else. this is about the obliteration of legacy. >> because some people might think that it was dismiss i have. >> i am a woman. i am a woman.
8:10 am
i would never say such a thing. >> was alongside the comedian for eight seasons of the cosby show. >> meantime bill cosby returned to the stage last night in ontario, canada, a mid new sexual assault allegations, three more come coming forward. one of the dozen protester stood outside in sub zero temperatures. some ticket holders filed two thirds of the venue be filled about two thirds of that particular arena where he was, actually, it was pretty small club. bill cosby the -- started the show by thanking those who did show up. venue about two thirds full, maybe 20, 25 protesters out front. >> felicia, some people thinking oh, she is just coming out and speaking now because of residuals, she worried about the money. she said the longer the time passes the less money they get. so it is not about monday. >> i but yesterday gloria
8:11 am
allred, famous attorney, brought out three more people in in los angeles, three more women who said he sexually assaulted them. >> you know ludacrous. >> the rapper. >> that's right. he got engaged and married on saturday same day. so, in other words, horse bride didn't have the opportunity to pick out her own dress. would you be okay with that? she did say yes by the way, and they did get married. it is called ambush weddings. will it be the new norm. would you be okay with it? plus this. >> oh, scene from kill bill. >> who could forget this scene? well, the stunt woman, who was in this scene, is from philadelphia. and she's going to be here in the studio, teaching us. >> now, which one is she there? >> she is playing have i did a a fox's charger? >> yep. >> so that's not have i did a fox.
8:12 am
no, that's a philadelphia woman right ♪ you're unpacking already? yeah. help me find some mugs? sure. ♪ [ beep ] hey. okay. -these'll do.? -yeah. [ male announcer ] wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place. ♪ is folgers in your cup dad,thank you mom for said this oftprotecting my thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them.
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if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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>> not record setting, record for in date, january 8, setback in 1970, the coldest we've been so far today, 10 degrees, and now that the sun's up, we won't get any colder than that, so we have the ten here, weaver the five in allentown, single digits, in some other places including atlantic city, but it is the windchill that you dress for, and all of our wind chills, this morning, are below zero, including philadelphia, where we feel like we're 6 degrees below zero outside right now. as i said, brutal. the coldest day, of the season, and the coldest of the seven day forecast, so we've got 20 degrees today, 32 tomorrow, but then back to brutal cold on saturday with the wind and the 22 degrees, we inch above freezing on sunday, and we'll focus on early next week. when we get there early next week. because that could be kind of messy, bob kelly. >> few problems we have to work through already, sue. good morning, live look at accident and closure of the roosevelt boulevard. it is northbound, roosevelt
8:16 am
boulevard, between wissahickon avenue and broad street. looks like number of vehicles involved. you have the rescue squad in the back gown, up he left, pushing everybody off northbound boulevard at broad street. >> sun flashed ben franklin bridge, not that bad at all this morning. left there, problems on new jersey transit. system-wide delays, because. werth, buses and trains, for example, 30 minute delays on all trains on the northeast corridor. amtrak wire problems to boot. adding to that, delay, so amtrak could also be running with delays this morning, in and out of new york city. market frankford line, no express service, all trains making all stops because of the cold weather, mike, alec, back over to you. >> i know the story by now, boy, burlington township high school in new jersey was rocked last week, with loss of not one but two student, they took their own lives.
8:17 am
>> yes, so many, may not be able to answer the question why. there will those though will question were their signs meant, core this have even been prevented? but there is help out there. so we'll bring in catherine, this is something that unfortunately you're very close to. >> yes, i am. i love my son, anthony -- i lost my son anthony in 2008 by suicide. ever since that day i decided to become the voice of those who don't have a voice. and, the key word is prevention, and that comes through education, letting people know that there are signs both in talk, behavior, and mood. in a. >> talking about reason, no -- talking about trapped, no reason to live, bee live yore, un limited sleep pat against look at this, would they actually talk about killing themself? >> yes. >> they would? >> yes, have been conversations where if you ask
8:18 am
someone if they have intentions on hurting themselves, or if they have a plan you're opening the door, creating safe environment for the conversation. >> let's go back to your son anthony. he is 26. did he say any of those things to you? what i'm asking you, did you have any clue? i mean, can you answer the question, why did he do it? >> unfortunately as we all know, hindsight is 20/20. >> yes. >> so there were signs, but were very subtle signs. he did have disrupted sleep patterns, he was displaying in mood. he was showing anxiety and anger and irritability. and 90% of people that complete suicide do suffer from some underlying mental health illness. >> what do you say it was? >> in the six years i have met with many professionals if the feel, the research i've seen i dove believe that he was most
8:19 am
undiagnosed bipolar. >> so one in six high schoolers has thought about suicide. so for parent, i mean, what do you say to your children, if you see some of these signs? >> when you see some of these signs, either in talk, behavior, or mood, if they become irritable, lack of sleep, drug and alcohol abuse, it shouldn't be just slug off as typical teenage behavior to really watch your children closely, and have those conversations, let them know that you're there for themment and that you want to support them whatever they are going through. we ask our kids what do you want to be when you grow up, what do you want to do with your life. this is a society now where we need to change the questions and start asking what are you going? >> go to them? >> absolutely. >> you have got to bring it up? >> absolutely. >> i will not stop talking because conversation breaks stigna. >> that's what stops people have having those
8:20 am
conversations. >> actually i have family friend, lost their son, by suicide. >> there are thing going on, but the trouble was what do you say? i mean -- >> what do you say? >> it is through education to know what to say, to have those conversations. amazing program, we can go into schools, with our more than sad program. governor corbett just signed into law, a mandate, where all professional educators will require two hours of training every five years, a ready willing and able to put those programs into schools. >> do you think then for some parent, some high schoolers after school in general just hearing about there is regardless if they see signs, should they sit down and have a conversation with their children? >> yes. >> do it.
8:21 am
>> he had something the key. >> the two young men in bristol township, one was 15, 18, seemed like they had some type of relationship. are kids still do doing the suicide packs? >> they may be, i don't think this was a suicide pact. i think they both attended the school. sometimes what comes of it maybe someone sells having those thoughts, as well, when they attend the funeral and they see how many people may have turned out for that funeral, that's why it is very important not to memorialize or grand-ize the actual event. >> thank you for coming in. >> what's the name of your organization? >> american foundation for suicide prevention. we host walk on the philadelphia art museum stems, october 4th. >> and we'll put her information on our website if you are ever over at university city by world cafe, world-wide cafe, world cafe live, there is a mural right there. and your son anthony's face is there. >> yes, mural -- mural supported by the behavior of health. >> did you paint it? >> yes, actually paint days.
8:22 am
we invited families to come, four by four panel. so it is really paint bynum percent which was really amazing. >> they are amazing. >> what that mural did was create a community of healing for a lot of survive offers. everyone on that mural is someone who has been lost to suicide, survivor every suicide lost or someone who has -- mental depression. >> a camera over there maybe today or tomorrow, shoot that, just remind everybody. >> yes, thank you. appropriate over there right near a college, too. >> yes. thank you forgetting the conversation started. >> i'm going to continue that conversation until we turn the tide on
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> four on a half million dollars for a 30 second
8:26 am
commercial. >> car makers, too? >> only nissan, toyota, and mercedes have said they'll have superbowl commercials. so expensive. >> i can tell you why people are opting out. it is $4.4 million for 29 seconder. >> probably is the reason, mike. >> goodness. katy perry? half time? >> that's right, she. >> by the way the eagles are not in the superbowl. >> and i think there will be fireworks. >> always. oh, that's good. >> keurig, the coffee maker people, coffee maker makers; expanding from coffee to soda a deal with doctor pepper has been made. it will mean new sing ill serve capsules for doctor pepper. the company's did not disclose further details of which brands are included, besides doctor pepper, so what do you think? >> soda. >> how is this different than just getting a can, you know what i mean? will it be better flavor, like
8:27 am
sure arcane shoeing in a there? >> listen, alex holley, i like my doctor pepper fresh. knott in a can for over a year. >> okay. >> good point. >> snapple already with keurig. >> we should do the test, between a keurig soda and a can, can you see the difference? >> let's put it together, folks. >> yes, when it comes out. >> you know here at the mighty good day philadelphia art players, we will do something else. this is casino of serious. good day gang about to be schooled. listen to this. >> these pretzels are making me thirsty. >> these pretzels are making me thirsty. >> okay, so a record professor getting national attention teaching psychologist based on the on the main four seinfeld episodes. sure it is a funny show, but his is serious class. you will meet him
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> on the coldest morning of the year so far, we added sunglasses on bus stop buddy. you want to be as bundled as possible with the below zero windchill. so, it is a three out of ten in your weather by the numbers. it is hard to take this cold. so protect yourself as much as possible. our windchill advisory has been lifted for many counties. but it is still in effect for carbon, monroe, lancaster counties, until 1:00 this afternoon, ten, is our current temperature, but it feels like 6 degrees below zero. and we only expect a high of 20 degrees today. with sunny skies, so it, will feel like it is in the single digit, thanks to those winds. it will get better, bob kelly, we'll tell when you in the seven day forecast. >> well, hopefully get better for this fellow here. this is live look at the
8:32 am
street road off ramp from i-95 got overheated vehicle here, northbound, at the street road off ramp there. police and penndot crews on the way, but otherwise we got a sun splashed i95 here for you. no problems at all, headed into the city. little squeeze at girard avenue. otherwise that sun is not helping at all warm us up. tempers are hot using new jersey transit, again, make sure to bundle up, system-wide delays on the buses and trains, 30 minute on the northeast corridor trains, in and out of new york, and that's partly a result of the weather and some amtrak wire problems. and septa's market frankford line, no express service, all trains making all stops this morning, and there is your travel times, eastbound schuylkill, about 46 minute trip, put half hour on the clock, 95 southbound, working from woodhaven, in through center city philadelphia. and east on 422, heavy from oaks, in toward 202.
8:33 am
>> ♪ >> really? >> as you can see, the debate players were in class this morning. >> chris is not here yet. >> he's always late for class. >> so you know what we're talking about, the whole country talking about this professor, psychiatrist here at rutgers university, seinfeld chargers to teach the student about psychiatry, different personalities, et cetera. please welcome to the program, doctor, hey, doctor, good to see you. >> how are you doing? >> also have to say, in no way making light of these situations. >> what exactly is the name of the class? >> the actual class is referred to as sigh felled, run twice a week, during the core clinical clerk ship? psychiatry at the medical school.
8:34 am
>> you're very well respected, and we're thrilled to have you here and we feel honored to be in your class. what would actually be happening? why use the seinfeld charger? >> well, the student that come through me, i've already identified larger amount, 95%, that they're pursuing carreers outside of kai at this at this, i have to teach them something not primarily -- >> this is way tone guage them? >> that's right. it is a comedy very popular, very engaging allows an opening to teach very very important principals. >> brilliant idea. we start with the characters, one of my favorites, maybe the best actor of the four is george cast tan is a. >> (movie clip). >> shut your mouth or i'll shut it for you. if you think i'm kidding, just try me, try me. because i would love it.
8:35 am
>> doctor, describe george. >> here what we're seeing impulsive, an episode if i recall correctly, the first time i am seeing there is actually doing something woe do the opposite of in terms of first initial impression or impulse. >> this would prompt us to talk about in our class things like the super ego, and what actually checks our emotions and i am pulls i have, things like affective at this. aspect of his personality. this is an attempt by him to make a conscious effort that somebody he is not. this is a super ego driven example that we're watching here. >> fantastic. >> let's go to one of my favorite actresses on the show, elaine. >> of course. >> i have yada yada sex. >> what? >> i had the lobster bisque, went back to my place, yada, yada, yada, i never heard from him again. >> that's yada yada over the best part.
8:36 am
>> i mentioned the business being. >> tell us about elaine then. >> so the yada yada character in particular, elaine in general what we're seeing here is elaine's difficulty with establishing meaning relationships as an adult. and this is something that would easily prompt me as i walk into class to talk about developmental psychiatry, why somebody may have difficulty forging meaningful relationships as an adult, offering do with their childhood backgrounds. >> okay. >> so, what do you want to hear about? >> i always laugh at kramer. he must and pretty complex character. let's take a look. >> what's going on with crammer? >> kramer is isolated, lives
8:37 am
in a world buttress by fantasy n that way, talk about personality disorders in general, and the personality disorder. >> write this down, lauren? apparently on the series, doctor, he walked through that door 78 times over the series of the course of the series. >> wow. >> lauren? >> okay. >> injury. >> i central character. obviously get into family dynamics it comes to injury. >> i can we watch a clip? do we have something to watch? >> would you like a veg, jerry? >> , no aim not hungry. >> at least drink your beer. >> you have little something on your face. >> i can get it. >> he won't date her, because she has man hands.
8:38 am
he's very that is cystic. >> comes off as arrogant. discussion what's considered to be in the quote unquote limit of personality, then when does personality actually become mal adaptive. >> when an individual actually has deficit in functioning or interpersonal relationship as a result of their personality. we see that sometimes with journey different episodes because him too having difficult toy admit. >> response to the class? >> excellent, the actual student that i have, need to be engaged, and right along with your last guest, conversation breaks down stigma, my future interests, and go onto be practicing physicians, what they learn from me in psychiatry, only true healthcare way. >> you're doing great job at rutgers. >> how far away do you live? you could be great guest on our show. >> forty minutes. >> you're too long drive in for us, right? thank you so much.
8:39 am
>> extra credit? >> after class? >> come on, let's go over to the quad. >> okay, so, whether we come back, we will talk about the people's choice awards, and all of the fallings cents, remember, we got it talk about the hot colors on the red carpet. >> okay.
8:40 am
8:41 am
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>> let's talk fashion, kicking off award season, favorite part about there is looking at all of the celebrities and their fashion -- >> red carpet part of the snow. >> yes. >> so we will take a look at some of the best dressed celebrities. so what about this laidy? gabrielle, oh, look at the color. >> would that be fuchia? >> yes, it is. and it is simple but she makes it just stand out. >> she is one of the best looking women in america. no question about it, love that shop, being mary jane. >> i do too. >> but she said the main colors last night, black and white. a lot of black and white stripe, too. >> really stood out. let's go to olivia, she presented an award with anthony and, looks at that. >> see, a lot of strikes, a lot of black and white. >> little tan in there, too. >> you what dow think that's made of? >> sequins? >> is it sequins? >> looks like a lot of sequins, really shines in the light. kaylee, for the black and white look, oh, she is showing little skin there. >> is that our kevin?
8:43 am
>> he had three selfie sticks. of course kerlin go all the way. what about singer catherine mcphee? midriff bearing skin a lot of skin, a lot of black and white, a lot of stripes. >> yes. >> so we first met her right where american idol, right? >> that's right. >> and then, this is actress sarah highland from modern family. she is growing up. >> she sure is. >> looks stunning. look at this strap less beaded, it is a gray dress. >> i tell you, just standing neck to her there, guiliani i kind of looked her -- >> guiliani always dresses to the nine's. >> to the ninth's. here's somebody dressing to the nine's every day of the week, that's our jenn fred. >> back from hollywood, on the american idol set. it is a huge studio we have here up on the 15th floor of our building. >> yes. >> feeling blue, jen? >> yes, american idol. hey, the charmers were out last night. it was a mash ville night. we'll show you some of the people who i think you'll fall in love w mike jerrick, i hear
8:44 am
you're engaged. this girl might steel your heart. >> really, i'm all e
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> american idol is back. >> 186 season of american idol. >> oh, come on, the 14th season, opening night was full of nashville charm. >> what's so charm being nashville? >> i know, we have better singers than nashville. >> well, i have to tell you, from the slight accents, to their killer twang, nashville had some serious sweethearts. ladies like priscilla barber. >> ♪ >> i like her.
8:48 am
>> you are doing your hair little darker. >> that would be great. >> her mama is apparently a huge keith urban fan. >> hold on a second, she has nine siblings? >> yes, she is the young. >> oh? >> plenty of girls in that family already for you. >> thank you. >> mama is here today. she went to one of your concert. she said i touched him. like mama, you know, hold on to your self. >> she is totally 100% safe, i promise, we trained her. >> oh, you train her? >> we kept her in line, i promise. >> well, let's -- >> walking through the crowd last night, right there. >> nice. >> i had no idea. >> you love it. >> what are we going to do? >> hear something else? >> oh, my goodness. >> i better get back to
8:49 am
disappearing before somebody finds me out. see you guys later. love big foot. >> ha. >> one of the things on the shop, ... honestly, jennifer lopez, keith, harry, all behind the scenes thing is most fun, that girl going to hollywood. she did get tickets. and we do know we have some philadelphia people, south philadelphia people. >> yipee. >> no, it was a great great show. and it was just one night of the two night premiere. >> we just can't get enough. >> i like it right there. that was perfect. >> how ya all doing? >> went to hollywood and came back with a southern accent. how does that happen? >> i don't know. my gosh. okay, so, glee is going into its final season. >> this should be very traumatic all year. starts again tomorrow night. my favorite character, jane, you know, jane lynch's
8:50 am
character, sue, jane lynch is on the show next. 9:15. on the show next. 9:15. oh
8:51 am
8:52 am
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>> windchill advisories, until 1:00 p.m. for dangerous windchills, that are as much as ten below zero. but just because it has been lifted elsewhere doesn't mean it is not still cold. we still have single digit, everywhere, for actual temperatures, almost everywhere. 10 degrees in philadelphia. but that's still pretty cold and below zero windchills. so, it is still pretty dangerous out there to be outside for a long period of time with any amount of skin exposed so five below zero what it feels like in philadelphia right now. yesterday we only got to 24, today, 20. if we're lucky, and it won't ever feel like 20. once again, even with the
8:54 am
sunshine, those breezes, or the wind, will make it feel even colder than it actually is. so single digit chills today. brisk one tomorrow. even as the temperature goes up, the winds, will as well, and another bitter cold day on saturday. sunday we finally inch above freezing, monday, tuesday, could get little messy, we'll worn bye that next week, bob? >> sue, morning, everybody. live look at the schuylkill expressway, although the sun glare slowing us down, certainly, not warm warming us up. stuck at 10 degrees this morning, so still those icy spots were out there yesterday. there was no melting at all. on the overnight, inbound, jammed solid from conshohocken, in through center city, same deal on the westbound side. ben franklin, though, looking good. some splash coming into downtown philly, that overturned tractor-trailer out in pottstown causing delays. >> this will be with us for the rest of the morning here, westbound, 422, the arm and hammer onramp from arm and hammer. see the censors picking up delays there. 202, little sun glare northbound, through chester
8:55 am
county, but otherwise mass transit expect delays on the buses, trains and trolleys. alex back to ever to you. >> bob, have you seen this? jimmy fallon blew his chance to date nicole kid marne. man, i'm betting he is regretting that. talking about missed opportunities in your life. ever have something to think about, oh, i wish i had. all right, so, mike has one you have to hear. of course he does. that's next. [ leguizamo ] hey, i'm john leguizamo, and i love new york.
8:56 am
8:57 am
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8:58 am
sue, what's the windchill? >> six below. >> oh, six below zero, the whole, i say, two thirds of the country is frozen.
8:59 am
>> negative five in greenbay, so you know the governor is take that sweater. >> you may take two sweaters. hi, lauren johnson. >> hey, hey, hey. >> because it has been bitterly cold all week, steve keeley's been out and becomes and he was doing some live reports. and, a couple came up from a thrift shop and said, mike is running out of swelterings. so we have tons of sweaters. and they're big time designer sweater. >> this isn't just any thrift shop. this is upscale thrift shop. >> gucci belts, ermez, whatever it is sweater, here they are. >> your shopping days are over. thanks to mike and peggy because they have an upscale thrift store, not just a regular thrift store, but for you, mr. designer, what's in store is the name of this store, on west german town pike in worcester. mike and peggy have brought the rest of your summer colored winter season
9:00 am
sweaters, mike, these are cashmere sweaters, designer, look at that, ralph lauren, peggy, you're a sweetheart watch do you have for mike here in terms -- >> for mike, this is our lovely light peach cashmere sweater. >> oh,. >> and i think would look wonderful on you. >> so people on twitter all morning have said, hey listen, you promised on thursday, would you have that peach sweater on. >> actually tweeting me, too alex make them put on the sweater. >> it is here. >> what happened is they did not go with the peach, they went with salmon, further back in the sweaters, they brought salmon. are you ready? >> something fish bye this. >> the big reveal in a matter every minutes. >> while he's doing his wardrobe change, good day to you, january the 28th -- the eighth, 2014. >> stars were shining in hollywood last night. we are recapping the biggest moment from the people choice


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