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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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nd eight. blitz coming. newton hangs in. benjamin at midfield first down. he pikdz up 12 and again moves the chains. >> john: pete carroll doesn't like giving up any throws. this is one he'll take. right now it's about keechg the ball in front of you, making them earn everything they get. i really believe we said it earlier, cam newton will be wise to continue to target simon, the backup corner. he's on him up top. on first down. he is going deep. he hauls it in. he's inside the 20. this route is called slugo scene. he fakes the slant. slanlt and go. and then goes to the scene here. cam's eyes to the left. manipulates. he knows the hit is coming. he shows the toughness to hang
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in there for the catch. >> under seven to play. big catch for olsen and first down at the 19. newton on the keeper. makes a move to the outside. stiff arm. and he's inside the 15. looks like he shoved his own player five yards out of the way. >> john: he stiff armed two guys here. greg olsen, get out of my way. there goes greg olsen. now here comes earl thomas, you get out of the way, too. cam newton a very strong man. >> kevin: wow. second and four. again time. near side! interception! it's intercepted by chancellor!
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touchdown! 89 yards! kevin, i know it's hard to do. this looks like a team to me that has the capability of doing it. and cam newton is saying what just happened? what happened we shown you how russell wilson showing on time. cam newton just threw it late. and the other cam, cam chancellor took advantage of it. he's hanging back. there he goes. cam chancellor, i don't think anybody in this league is better at the safety position this year. with all due respect to his safety he made, earl thomas, he's a game changing player for
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this is deep couch sitting. [jerry bell iii] deep couch sitting! >> kevin: this seahawks team is so tough. you see cam. he had a good drive going. but the other cam chancellor, second team all pro probably should have been first. they officially mark it as a 9 o-yard interception return. a little of the press box is shaken as he is running that in. >> he is hitting people. setting the tone there. he is leaping top buildings. intercepting passes. cam chancellor playing unbelievable defensive football. >> kevin: he's going to be stopped around the 16 yard line. 47 years ago 1967 in green bay the ice bowl. where was the packers and the cow boys. couldn't be any colder. late in the game.
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it was bart star dialing up the snake and he's going to get it in. the packers won it 21-17. you would believe the cowboys haven't met the packers in green bay since until tomorrow on fox? >> john: is that going to be any good? >> kevin: probably not. joe troy and erin andrews they're in green bay. i'll be tuning in. >> kevin: stewart. good run for stewart across the 30. sherman tries to rip the ball out. as we're a:39 to go in this game game. >> john: we just promoed the ice bowl. dallas and green bay, they have business to handle tomorrow. but those teams also are watching this game and they know they got to come here and i'm telling you, it is going to take a monumental effort to beat the seattle seahawks. i think carolina played a great game. it's not good enough against these guys. they're primed and ready to make a run. >> kevin: i agree. you look at the story, you'd
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never know it. cam newton played a good game, too. seattle so good. ole olsen makes the catch. we went into the year thinking that, you know, the word dynasty was thrown around. and just haven't had that word in a long time in the league. but seattle the way they start you talked about it. they were 3-3 to start. they were playing great. they were playing great. super bowl ahead. and after that kansas city loss for some reason it all came together. and now they're on fire. newton to throw it. going to go deep to cotchery, that one is almost intercepted. it was earl thomas who came in and knocked it away. >> john: he is doing his thing. that defense, these guys come from everywhere. we just saw cam chancellor. now earl thomas says, whoa i'm still here. and earl thomas, they just come at from you every angle. they're so fast. they're to quick.
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they're so tall and so smart. they're doing it and doing it very well. i love how they built this team. pete carroll and john snyder, there is a prototype for every position, tall guys outside, long guys inside. there is the passing lanes just aren't there. >> kevin: third down and five. just get the play off. newton over the middle. ben gentleman bhinja newton over the middle. ben gentleman bhinjamin got it and room to run. chancellor makes the tackle. and so the panthers move the chains. 4 1/2 to play. >> john: benjamin has an extremely bright future ahead of him. he came the number one receiver when they needed him to. he and cam newton are going to be connecting for a long time to come for the carolina panthers.
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time-out. they call their first time-out. so here's ice bowl ii. first bowl since '67, 47 years. aaron rodgers that's 25 touchdowns, no interceptions at home. playing with an injured calf, mind you. and it's interesting. the first time the playoffs he got an undefeated home team against an undefeated road team. cowboys 8-0 on the road. that one should be exciting for sure. the winner has to come here. this team, it's crazy. you talked about it. they were 3-3. things turned around after the team meeting. they may be better this year than they were last year. >> john: i agree. i think that wouldn't be the case to start the year. they lost a lot of their depth. but russell wilson and the way he's playing, the way this defense is flying around and the leadership that pete carroll has demonstrated this season steady
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and then they've had rough times. it's been excellent. i see a team trying to make another run at a super bowl. >> we've got a flag. >> referee: infraction defense, number 50 five-yard penalty, first down. >> kevin: after that kansas city loss, there was a team meeting. he had 12 veterans. he said you're playing together but you're the no playing for each other. and he went on to say it's really about how you support the guys around you. we had to return to that value. we lost it. we had to get it back. they also got healthy. wagner was out. chancellor had a groin issue. he missed a couple games. greg olsen gets tipped. that is wagner making the tackle. that's the guy. whether you talk to the seahawks and you turn ott film, he ties it all together kevin. he came back.
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a lot of other things happens. he is the signal caller. he is the quarterback of that defense. he's been on fire since bobby wagner returned from injury. >> he is tripped up right around the first down marker. you met with him yesterday. his mom didn't want him to play football when he was younger. finally when got to be a sophomore in high school, he played football to train to get in shape for basketball which was his sport. there was a reason why. wasn't there? there is a reason why he didn't play football at a high level early. >> john: they told him to blitz and he said what's that? >> kevin: he knows what it is now. cotchery is inside the 15 yard line. that's a-gap. he knows a and b. he knows all those things and he
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knows them well. under three minutes to go. carolina still fighting. second and one. he heaves towards benjamin and he got it. great catch at the end, touchdown! >> john: i think the only failing for carolina is not doing that more. we identified early on byron maxwell was out. simon you needed to have benjamin over there and go up top. it's one thung they waited to do. they attacked them with underneath routes. they should have been going up top because here's what can happen when you have a number one receiver against a backup corner. they'll look at this to make sure he was in. but you see there he is for sure in. so benjamin has the touchdown. and now they'll try the extra
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point. make it a 14-point deficit. the kick is up and good. 2:34 to go. 31-17 seattle in front. >> john: i think it's worth mentioning that carolina's season is going to come to an end. all that happened to this team this year, i think ron rivera deserves a lot of credit. i know you can say the nfc south is a down division. he did a great job. >> he's done an incredible job. i asked a lot of people on the carolina panthers and our production meeting about his leadership. he never wavered. he was always positive. he allows us he doesn't micromanage. they were 3-8-1 he said look,
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no one is taking control of our division. if we keep getting better, they make some good changes. they made a heck of a run. he is one tremendous leader. there is jerry richardson the owner and founder of the carolina panthers. he found himself a tremendous head coach in ron rivera. >> all the things they had to deal with this year. how about for rivera? this week, his house is on fire. it's monday. it's 3:00 in the morning and his wife wakes up and smells smoke. and luckily they get everybody out of the house. at what over 50 firefighters come. it was a big deal. he relocated his family. his family is relocated. the panthers now attempt an onside kick. gano lines it up. gets a good second bounce. the seahawks will take over.
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and so seattle ball. 2:34 to go. 31-17. i think just to finish the thought on rivera. doing all that and getting this team to the playoffs. you know, they need weapons next year to make the offense a little more potent. >> john: i think that is the only failing this off-season. i understand steve smith was getting older. but when you're trying to build against a round a young franchise quarterback, you don't take all the receivers from them. i mean benjamin panned out to be a number one. that doesn't always happen. they got lucky there. they picked a good player. you fleed to surround him with more weapons. >> kevin: seattle is trying to run out the clock. turbin is up across the 45. and carolina looking to take a time-out and they will. so they have two left. and the two-minute warning. one more time tomorrow in lambeau. 47 years ago the last time the cowboys met the packers in the
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ice bowl. vince lombardi's crew came out on top. who will come out on top tomorrow? you'll see dez bryant and tony romo and jordy nelson and aaron rodgers dealing with that calf injury and a tear in that calf. temperatures going to be about 12 to 15 degrees. joe buckle have the call and jack buck, his father called it 47 years ago. how cool is that? >> john: that's pretty special. that is really really cool. you have two mvp candidate quarterbacks going at it, two tremendous names. it will be great action. >> kevin: turbin gets it and a first down. that is one thing they cannot have happen. max unger is finally back. >> john: when you had a bad
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ankle, the last thing you need, there is the center. is someone to roll up on that ankle. that's exactly what happens. collin cole, his old teammate in seattle, just crashes down on that ankle. it looks as if unger is all right. boy, that would be a tremendous loss. >> kevin: that could have been a lot worse if his foot was planted in the ground. take a look at. this i said at the start of the game, they're a touchdown better. i wasn't lying. they're a touchdown better with max unger. they don't get sacked as much. he is a difference maker. the center does a lot in terms of communication and then on top of it, he's an all pro player. he's a tremendous player. >> kevin: patrick lewis started last five games, number 65. he's in there now. turbin outside. unger is going to be a story line this week.
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today's game being produced by pete macesca. >> kevin: our outstanding technical crew, i can tell you our second year working with them altogether, john. and we're lucky to have them with us. >> takes a great team. we certainly have one. we appreciate the great work all of therapym do. >> kevin: 2:12 to go. second and 16 after the loss on the last run. wilson to throw. flat out. jermaine kearse inside the 15.
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that puts them up and over 100 yards on the day. >> john: russell wilson, a quarterback could have better numbers. we've done this year. but he is playing at a tremendously high level. russell wilson. another strike to jermaine kearse. man, these new chicken strips taste amazing... yeah, no artificial flavors or preservatives. subway's really... cranking it up! going for gold. crushing it. breaking through? exactly... oh, it's breakthrough all right. new subway grilled chicken strips. they taste better and they are better. all white meat, no artificial preservatives or flavors. try our new grilled chicken strips in the new monterey chicken melt. subway. eat fresh.
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>> kevin: the seahawks feeling g the defending champs playing every bit the part of the super bowl winner. and they have had a tough game today. extort may not reflect it in the end. 31-17. up on the panthers. two minutes to go here in seattle. and they will host the nfc championship game next weekend. and poised to win their seventh straight. they'll take on the winner of green bay and dallas tomorrow on fox. victory formation before we go. i want to say john lynch to me, what a -- how fortunate i am to work with you. my second year working with you
11:22 pm
together. it's a blast. you're tremendous. and congratulations. finalist for the hall of fame. you and jimmy johnson back in the studio. you deserve it. you should get in. congratulations on. that. >> thank you, kevin. it's a tremendous honor just to be mentioned with the guys that are in that finalist list. jimmy johnson, i wish you the best. i think that's a no-brainer to me. but all these guys are so great. thank you for acknowledging that. very proud of just being in that final pick. >> kevin: seahawks will take a knee. and probably do it one more time before this one becomes officially in the books. first super bowl champ to win a play-off game since the patriots in '05. been a long time. this team is going on all cylinders right now. russell wilson, a monster game. 15 of 22. 268 yards and 3 touchdowns.
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>> john: i don't care who comes in here next week for that championship game, there is no margin for error against this team. you have got to be on point. you have to take advantage of opportunities. whether you miss them they're too good. they take advantage of that. >> kevin: and they did here today. eight straight play-off wins at home for seattle. russell wilson brilliant. simply brilliant. third down huge, he did it all today. as the sea hawk team wins it 31-17 in the divisional round over carolina. coming up stay tuned, the state farm postgame show. that one is coming up in just a few. we'll come back and finish it up here in seattle first. once again the seahawks advance to the championship game 3shgs1-17. they did it with defense and they did it with turnovers and the run game got going. russell wilson was the man all day long. and the seahawks one more win
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>> kevin: here is subway's fresh take. 17-10 seattle on third down, tolbert drops. would have been a first down. so carolina bunts and guess what? russell wilson, luke wilson and good night takes it in, 25 yards. two touchdown games. that's the difference. at least one big one in this game from seattle. 31-17, seahawks advance. pete carroll fired up with his quarterback who was brilliant. we now go to los angeles where the state farm postgame show starts right now.
11:27 pm
and the backbreaker came off the hands and feet of cam chancellor. longest interception return in seahawks postseason history. third straight play-off game. all three obviously seattle wins. today they advance to the nfc title game 31-17 over the carolina panthers. as we welcome you to the state farm postgame show. jimmy this is a video we kind of seen before. this is a typical seattle win, wasn't it? >> yeah. you look at seattle and how they win games. marshawn lynch running the football. russell wilson being very efficient, three touchdown passes, only threw it 22 times. then a dominating defense. three take aways. >> all right. we continue here with the cam chancellor is awesome postgame show let's get to pam oliver who is standing by with the man. >> all right, cam chancellor tell me what you saw in that cam newton pick that allowed you an opportunity like that? >> what i did see?
11:28 pm
i saw a guy go to the flat but then i saw the d line getting the pressure on cam. he had to kind of hot rod quick and i was the guy to the flat. i jumped it real quick. denlt see me. >> what did that feel like when you just start are able to do that and running free and running fast? >> it felt awesome. it felt like preparation. it felt like everything i worked all week for. but that was my first return for my career. it felt good. >> yeah. had to. now you're in a great position between dallas and green bay. it's coming through here. what do you think about that? >> we just looking for the next challenge. we're looking for the nfc championship. we're ready to go. we're ready to get back to practice and find out who we're playing and get it going. >> get it going. appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you pam. >> back to you. >> and of course, our ram truck top performer, cam chancellor.
11:29 pm
imagine he got one of the blocked field goals. top performer brought to you by ram trucks. guts glory, ram. >> you know what? kind of excited tomorrow as we come back early in the morning to see this cowboy-packer game. either team has -- both teams played seattle. they've gone up there. dallas beat them. green bay lost to them if week one. kind of -- you always want to ask the question, well, who do they really want to play? i got to see they would like to see dallas come up there to even the score. >> yeah. that was before they flipped the switch. it was an impressive win in dallas. 8-0 on the road. it certainly have what i consider to be a great opportunity up in green bay. i look at the seattle game again and the only aspect of it to me that wasn't as typical as seattle victory up there was marshawn lynch wasn't as big a factor. they got great production out of the wide receiving position which they typically haven't gotten. it is pintoint of contention
11:30 pm
earlier. and luke wilson gives them an added dimension. >> you talk will b. luke wilson. he had four catches throughout the day. including he had this touchdown. seattle moves on to the championship game for the second straight season. we'll continue with the "state farm postgame" after this. i'm louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. i told myself for so long that i needed to quit smoking. i would quit then i'd go right back to it. chantix absolutely helped me quit smoking. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some people had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix or history of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems or


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