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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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ose wet roads will freeze over creating trouble for anyone on the roads. this is just the beginning and each day will bring new challenges in the weather department but we have got you covered. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. it was a cold slippery day out there. chief meteorologist scott williams is live in old city tonight with what you need to know. scott? >> hi there iain and lucy. temperatures are going to be critical tonight. they're going to drop below freezing and take a look behind me here in old city. the roadways, we are going to be watching those. they are slick right now but with temperatures below freezing freezing, we're looking at some black ice developing overnight. let's talk about ultimate doppler right now because we're still watching some wet roads and also some rain still falling across our area. in particular, as we zoom in, you can see vineland, dover avalon wildwood, atlantic city most of that heavy rain is still in south jersey. it's causing some airport delays as well. right now you can see 38 degrees but airport delays in philadelphia over to towers especially arriving flights.
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some concerns in newark as well as atlanta with flight delays. so temperatures they will be dropping as we go hour bay hour. by 11:00 o'clock still above freezing in many spots. but once again overnight and by tomorrow morning we're looking at numbers below freezing. when i come inside, we'll talk about how chilly it stays this week and also a warmup in that seven day forecast. iain and lucy? >> scott thanks. come back in. it's a little warmer in here. meantime temperatures are dropping and after a day full of freezing rain and downpour that is can spell some problems for anyone heading outside. our shawnette wilson is live near 30th street station with more on that tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: okay, iain. so just a little bit ago i did notice a person or two almost slip and fall, but again nothing too difficult trying to get around here. we know the worse is the still to come. so the conditions at this hour the rain has stopped here in center city. but, of course, the roads and the streets and the sidewalks are all still very wet and that is the big concern that people
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will have to deal with once again the very same thing they dealt with last night headed in to this morning. so black ice on the minds of many people as they head home this evening. >> i'm always concerned about black ice fortunately ooh it have a ride home. so i'll be good. but i'm ready for summer. >> you have to just be carefully because you can really see it. i guess it surprises you. >> reporter: yeah, that woman saying she's already ready for summer. news flash summer is nowhere near here. the best advice tonight take your time weather you're out walking or whether you're driving home tonight because that black ice is ahead of us just take your time. again, the rain is stopped here in center city. we're seeing people even out running to night. so just be careful. >> all right shawnette be careful as well. thank you. you can track the temperatures any time you like. the ice and snow on our website at click the weather tab at the top of the hov page for the latest forecast information and live radar images.
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>> happening right now, a delaware family pleas for help to find a missing mom. keisha hamilton's sister hadn't heard from her and got worried. she couldn't find keisha or her two children colette and cortez hamilton. that was saturday. amber alert helped track down those children. they were with their father in end inn but their mother is still gone. fox 29's brad sattin has been speaking with keisha's family. he's live in wilmington, delaware. brad we know this is got to be so difficult for them. >> reporter: can only imagine lucy. this certainly is a family that is in need of some answers. we do know the process is underway right now to get cortez hamilton extradited from indiana back to delaware to face the charges here. police at this point are not saying much but keisha's family they are talking. >> we've been all really sad and, um, looking for her. it's been really tough for us. i just want my sister back home. >> reporter: keisha hamilton's sister and family worried sick over her disappearance. they last heard from keisha late
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fry date night in a text message claiming to be fearful of her husband of five years. >> she did text me and told me that if she wasn't heard from again to have the police check cortez which is her husband. >> reporter: worried her sister immediately picked up the phone. >> i talked to her after she teched me and tried to convince her to leave the house and we decided to talk the next morning but, um, she went missing. >> reporter: missing saturday morning police rushed to the family's smyrna delaware home where neighbors tell us police have been called out before. the delaware state police issued an amber alert because keisha and two of her kids four-year-old colette and infant son cortez, jr. had all disappeared. that is until police in indiana spotted the car over the weekend and they arrested keisha's husband, cortez hamilton sr. the children were not harmed. their now in protective custody but still there is no sign of keisha. >> so hard and just can't
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imagine what we're going through through. keisha about 5-foot six and 155 pounds bakes cakes for a living. described as a love mother of four. >> we just had a four-year-old birthday party for her daughter colette and she just threw it at chuck e cheese. >> am family desperately wanting her found. >> she has very small children that needs her. she has a family that's heart broken. >> we just you were and begging anyone with any information to please help us. >> reporter: when the father does get back into town he'll be facing a variety of charges including assault and endangering the welfare of children. charge that is could get a lot more serious depending on the fate of keisha. lucy, back to you. >> thank you very much brad. developing right now a new video from isis now has department of homeland security beefing up security at federal buildings across the nation and also stepping up measures at airports. in in new york city nwpd police
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commissioner says his officers should expect lone wolf attacks. the new video among broad threats also specifically threatened law enforcement. philadelphia police tell us they do not have any credible threats of an eminent attack on the us but they are in constant communication with the fbi on any new intelligence that comes in. and right now, in paris french police say they're after six terror cell members connected to the deadly shooting at charlie ebdo magazine. they may have spotted one of those people driving a car registered to the widow of one of the slain attackers. though they believe she is most likely now in syria. developing now after a chaotic few months features are fed up and taking action after their school simply shuts down. former teachers at the walter palmer charter school left the meeting today with more questions than answers. so now they're taking act. our dave kinchen live in spring garden tonight. dave, what are they planning to do? >> reporter: well those former teachers and administrative
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support staffers say they are launching a class act lawsuit. they are trying to get back pay. they are trying to deal with health care issues and they still are searching for answers. former walter palmer charter school staffs say they are now filing a class action lawsuit after they say they left a meeting with philadelphia school district officials without any answers over back pay still owed by palmer. >> just a big mess. >> jade ching was a kindergarten teacher at north sick many street campus. she was on leave after giving birth today her daughter elizabeth when she heard on the news she would not have a job to go back to. >> your reaction when you heard that? disappointed because i was looking forward to having a place to be. >> 80 former teachers and administrative support staffers say the palmer school owes them a month of compensation. >> how many phone calls can you make to creditor saying can you give me one more day, can you give me one more week can you give me until next month? >> they say their health care was dropped and they have questions about other funds.
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>> payroll tax is not being transferred to those entities for which received them. garnishments taken out of our wages. >> reporter: they plan to sue everybody furious at the palmer organization and the school district of philadelphia which has limited oversight on palmer. but the district says it's a victim too. >> the school district has been trying to deal with the walter palmer situation for years now. even having to go to the highest core in the commonwealth to be able to get money back and now we're in a situation employees are now have not received a pay. >> reporter: for now the ex palmer team members try to make ends meet. ching cease some good in her advera is the is the. >> i can stay home with her for little bit before i find a new job. >> reporter: walter palmer called me to respond to his former employees. he said this. >> i feel their frustration. and as always i've always supported them and always thanked them for all they do for our children. and i intend to continue working
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with through the administrator for closing out the school and liquidating assets et cetera. >> reporter: but the big question remains when can those former workers see any of their cash return? dr. palmer could not give a specific day or general time frame. we left messages with the liquidation coordinator. we'll stay on top of this and try to get those answers. back to you, iain. >> dave, thank you. former tv sports personality don tollefson takes on a new role as defense lawyer today. he's on trial for theft charges. 200 people telling police he ripped them off. prosecutors say tollefson swindled hundreds of thousands of dollars through sports charity schemes. tollefson made bad business decisions. he believes this is all a civil issue and he admits today he never wanted to represent himself. >> remember i had a public defender. he was taken away from me. so i never wanted to represent myself. i just was put in the position
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of having no alternative and it took the judge a lot to find bob goldman for me to just be stand by counsel. >> do you think that he'll have grounds to appeal if you are convicted? >> i'm just dealing with monday afternoon this part of the trial today. >> tollefson is a former fox 29 news employee. he plans to call witnesses to the stand throughout the week, and he'll also take the stand in his oh end defense. colorful remarks and picture on crayola's facebook but not the kind any parent would want their kid to see. >> how the pennsylvania company says it became a target for hackers. also a rare discovery right here in philadelphia. butterfly that's special. not just because of its colors, why its gender has scientists talking. howard? >> i know the eagles fans are unhappy with the eagles not being in the playoffs this year. but i'm sure there's consolation with the dallas cowboys losing. i will show you why the officials were correct coming up
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in sports. >> and we continue to watch the roads for you tonight. dangerous conditions. ears here's a look at route 13 in dover delaware. we of course will keep you updated on any issues throughout the evening.
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♪ our eyes on the roads tonight. this is route 100 in exton pennsylvania. streaming video and/or pictures right there. but it's a live view of what's going on. here's what we're watching. dropping temperatures that could freeze over many roads between now and tomorrow morning. we all have to be very careful. crayola is apologizing tonight after hackers filled its facebook page with off color content over the weekend. the pennsylvania based marker company regained control of that page late sunday and remove the
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offensing posts. some of the page's 2.5 million followers so cartoon breasts and sex jokes. crayola tweeted early sunday it was aware of the hack and makeing ever effort to stop the unauthorized posts. >> new jersey could allow hunting on public lands on sundays and allow more trappers to catch beavers that is if a series of hunting related bills becomes law. the state environmental committee debating the measures. environmental lifts are saying that killing more beavers could hurt the eco system and that allowing sunday hunting on public lands could threaten people who are there for other reasons. like bird watching. a rare find at drexel university. butterfly that is exactly half mail and half female. a volunteer recently made the discovery at the blotted fly exhibit at the academy of naturalizations at drexel university. the butterfly must have been dead. butterfli' twos right wings have yellow and white spots which are usually found on the female. the left wings green blue and
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purple. typical of a mail. you can see the butterfly free starting this saturday. city of philadelphia is giving hard working young people a helping hand in their search for a job. mayor michael nutter announcing today that the city will add five points to a passing score on the civil service exam to alumni of a merry corp. and the piece corp. meaning they may have a leg up when they apply for city job. young volunteers know how important helping others is to them and their future. >> in the future, i plan to use the americorps access i have gained so far to continue to go to a four-year college to study psychology and to become a social worker. >> philadelphia is the first employer in the nation to award these points. septa and comcast also honed to pledge their assistance to the alumni as well. cooking tips dished up at drexel university today. some of philadelphia's top chefs gave advice on everything from
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making a pizza to using scientific molecular method to cook. how about that? the panel gave advice on how to develop a menu for big crowds. how about one when it's really cold outside. hot soup. a love soup. ba tock your fox winter weather authority. chicken noodle soup. tomato soup. any kind of soup on a night like tonight because it is chilly and those temperatures are going to be dropping so overnight we'll have to watch out for black ice. but not so much right now. it's above freezing that's a little bit of good news. 38 degrees. the wind chill right now making it feel like it's in the low 30s. we're not done with the precipitation just yet. especially down the shore. take a look at cape ma, wildwood avalon, sea isle city, atlantic city, moving toward lee wes, rehoboth beach still looking at downpours right now. a little bit of a lull right now around the philadelphia area. but off to the north and west, there's still some moisture so we have some flurries and maybe a few more showers to get through during the overnight. but the main concern once again
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slippery roads watching for those temperatures to dip below freezing and tomorrow it's going to be dry but cold. look at that. high temperatures only around freezing but some milder temperatures in the offing when it that seven day forecast. you can see this highlighted area. we're looking at travel delays up and down the eastern seaboard right now. as much of the area is dealing with once again rain because temperatures are above freezing. so as we look at the clock, you can see most of the coverage is to the east of i-95. so south jersey, down the shore still looking at several more hours of that rainfall but all of this mess is out of here overnight when you wack up tomorrow morning you can see we're looking at sunshine but it's going to be deceptive because those temperatures are going to struggle to make the out of the upper 20s and low 30s pretty much area wide. we should stay pretty quite much of the week, however wednesday we'll be watching for some increasing clouds, perhaps a sprinkle or a flurry. once you move into southern sections of delaware or south jersey as our same system we're
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dealing with now tries to come back toward our are a. so as we look at the temperatures right now, you can see the high today during the afternoon was 37. the normal this time of year is 40. but off to the north and west looking at some colder air that's going to be moving in overnight and during the day tomorrow. keeping our temperatures still chilly. it's 32 in pittsburgh. we have 17 in chicago. and minneapolis only 2 degrees. as we zoom in little closer right now, it's upper 30s atlantic city and mill val. we have 37 in wilmington. mid 30s in allentown. so once again we're not looking at that freeze concern. but look at future temperatures as we move overnight and tomorrow morning especially when you're watching sue. we're looking at temperatures pretty much below freezing area wide. upper 20s in atlantic city. by 7:00 o'clock. 26 in philadelphia. even 19 degrees in reading. so any puddles out there are going to refreeze. watch out on those sidewalks as
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well. so temperatures tonight eventually will dip into the 20s with the patchy ice. tomorrow we're looking at temperatures in the low 30s. we keep 30ings pretty much the remainder of the week for highs but look at the holiday weekend. 40s mid 40s a the that and looking pretty good on mlk day with temperatures topping out around 45 degrees. >> all right. i like that. thank you scott. >> howard eskin. >> yes that's right. there's a goal -- hockey game tonight. flyers have a new goaltender starting tonight with steve mason out for two weeks. and the whining by the cowboys and their fans continue but i will show you why the reverse call in the dallas loss was the right one coming up in sports. >> and tonight at 10:00 this little stray dog once had female chihuahua to keep him company but sadly she was hit by a car. what this dog did after losing his best friend is touching pe
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>> the flyers they're playing their fourth straight home game tonight against tampa. they are coming off a loss on saturday where they didn't do much offensively and they lost their goaltender steve mason probably for aft least two weeks. what i'm told is a knee injury. however, i'm also told that some of his teammates think mason is little soft and at times they feel he should play with some bruises.
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so just up from the lehigh valley flyers farm team that's rob cement epp33-year-old rookie already wouldn't once with the flyers. >> first time he was outstanding outstanding. a tough start we had over there and he kept us in the game and gave us a chance to win. he's experienced goalie much he's been around for awhile. >> dallas cowboys and their fans are still whining about the catch that was not a catch yesterday in their loss to green bay. last week, they got away with penalties but all but gave them win. yesterday they had a call overturned that was the correct call. now it looked like cowboys wide receiver dez bryant caught this pass on a fourth and two with just over four minutes left in the game which would have given dallas the lead but the rule in the nfl is clear and was put in a few years ago to take away judgment from the officials. the rule is clear and this was not a catch. and that was the end of of the cowboys and their season. also the orange sweater of new jersey governor christie.
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it's obvious the cowboys don't understand or refuse to understand the rule. let me -- >> i had possession. i had possession of the ball coming down. that's possession are right? one, two reach bam that's pogue. >> i believe dez caught the ball ball. i think he caught the ball and i didn't believe the ground helped him catch the ball and i think it was a catch. >> all right. so here is the rule. rule eight article three if a player goes to the ground in the act of catching the ball he must maintain control of the ball through what's call the process of contacting the ground. he did not. it also says if he loses control of the ball when the ball touches the ground which he did the pass is incomplete. so forgery jones for chris christie for dez bryant and all the whining cowboys fans, it was not a catch. they lost. they're playing golf. >> and you just read the rule. thank you very much. howard. that does it for us here at
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6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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inside the golden globes. deborah norville, jim moret, victoria recano. >> hollywood's biggest party. >> tina and amy take down bill cosby. >> i put the pills in the people. >> amal, george! >> as the stars hit the wet carpet. >> did i, like, mysteriously wet my pants and not know it? plus, the most revealing dresses ever. then, the big reunion in the "inside edition" golden doodles room. and golden tribute to the people of paris. >> "je suis charlie." >> "je suis charlie." then, storm over president


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