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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  January 14, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> following breaking news from overnight, deadly fire in delaware county. we've got the latest details. >> huge announcement from six flags, in jackson, new jersey today. we will tell but their new coaster, and when it opens to the public. >> i was thinking about you today, how you have been there, the most thoughtful and creative ways. >> taylor swift loves surprising her fans, so she sent this one, a boxful of goodies, one of the gifts had her in tears because it is something this girl will cherish forever. >> coming up in the trend. good day wednesday hump day january 14th, also dress up your dog day. we want people to send us their pictures, use the #fox29goodday. look, there is a dog, one of our purpose friends.
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>> oh, little diamond diamond looks flying that shot in the foreground, so cute. >> she is only 4 pounds. >> yes hey sue. >> diamond johnson. welcome to fox morning news and good day philadelphia. almost mess that up. weather by the numbers today we will gave you a 5t just depends on where you live. north and west of the city it should be sunny dry but snow to the south and we're watching that this morning with the winter weather advisory in effect, kent and sussex county and cape may county right now in new jersey with possibility of coating to inch let's see what's going on right now on ultimate doppler radar. storm centered in virginia, but precipitation spreading up into sussex county little flurry activity, in kent county, in delaware. and then, as we look at southern cape may county, also seeing some snow there as well we will look at that little closely coming up. 21 degrees in philadelphia, teens to the north and west of us. twenty's to the south of us, so, it is cold enough for snow, if you are going to get
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precipitation, be prepared where ever you are with windchills in the single digits, here in philadelphia, in wilmington, and it is pretty cold to the south of us too with windchills in the teens. so we'll keep that in mind as we get dressed this morning. many many layers are needed. 21 degrees windchill of eight, thanks to the 15-mile per hour winds. and 7:21 is our sunrise time. should be mostly cloudy throughout the day even if you don't get any snow. and we will probably top off at 30-2 degrees. minute before 5:00 tonight is sunset time. things looking better for the weekends, seven day forecast just ahead. hey, bob kelly? >> hey, good morning shall everybody. on this wednesday, 53:02, halfway to the weekend and we're warning all of the cameras, starting to see the precipitation rolling throughment live look at route nine down in south jersey, just outside actually, route nine down in delaware. again the intersections starting to see some again get to see the glare in the road surface, that's a sign that it is wet and it could be slippery.
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here is a live look, just outside of dover speedway. so again as that precipitation rolls through you just want to watch yourself as you step out the front door. 422, dry as a bone, no problems at all. looking live at collegeville, again, if you're headed south this morning the road conditions are going to change. so be ready for some slow downs, and be ready to react accordingly. south on 95, no problems at the moment between the airport headed down in toward wilmington, but again headed south the storms are coming north. you're eventually going to collide. that of course could cause for some slippery conditions. forty-two, no problems coming in from south jersey, looking good up and down the 295 corridor. got the local power outage here in center city in the area of 12th and filbert. and some accidents icy spots out here buckingham, 413 and smith road. mass transit looking good. no delays at the airport. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob thank up. one person is found dead after an early morning fire at home in delaware count. >> i for the very latest we
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turn to fox 29's jennifer joyce. good morning jennifer. >> local fire marshall state fire marshall and county fire marshals all on scene here, trying to investigate this fire at this point officials are telling us that something is not adding up. east providence road, yeadon, for report of fire just before 3:00 a.m. they were able to put the fire out within a half hour. they found middle-aged woman dead in the enclosed porsche area, left side of the home. fire chief just came over to tell us he had just gotten word there were three other adults home at the time of the fire. they got out safely and walked to neighbor's home. fire officials say the fire started in that enclosed porch area where the woman was found. it is unclear how the fire started, and why the woman was in that section of the home. again, foyer marshall is on scene in investigating trying to piece all of this together. lauren chris? >> okay, a lot to figure out
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jennifer, thank you. >> new this morning police arrest one of three suspect who led them in a chase that ended in a crash in bensalem. >> this happened around 1:30 this morning at state road and tennis avenue. police say the suspect fled dollars scene on foot into the woods following the crash. they're searching for the remaining suspects, they're all wanted in a burglary. >> winter weather advisory in effect this morning for parts of southern new jersey. >> already seeing snow flurries. now, you're in cape may at this point? >> yes, but not at cape may point, we're at the furthest point on the beaches and maybe you can see some of the little icy particles in our shot. lauren just future reference i don't know if you want to say hump and dog in the same sentence any more. i just noticed that, wondering where we were going but it is hump day. and i'm starting to look every day like one of the people we show in the surveillance. do you notice that look i'm taking on?
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this winter not brought al in terms of accumulation, but here we go again little built that we're getting, at the worse possible time. and since we're calling all our highways corridors, we came down the garden state parkway corridor to get here. as soon as we hit the sign cape may, ice particles started hitting the windshield. then noticed they were sticking on the road. so the only advantage of that is bob kelly rarely mentions any traffic in cape may at this time of year. so, in the middle of the winter it is not actually vacation season here. but, for the people who spend year around down here, a lot of them don't commute because they're retired so they can stay in if you're retired probably not up this early riding around anywhere unless you are getting coffee. that's the advantage. we didn't see a loft people beside us on the road, but on the rolled, down here south jersey or across the ocean or delaware bay i don't know, probably be the delaware bay down here if you're down in
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delaware, be prepared, for more icy stuff on the roads and not a lot hopefully, maybe coating to inch, but that is just enough at this time of day to cause trouble for the people along the coast, in the southern, i love the other thing, have you caught the other new fangled word? i don't think our weather people use as much. i like there is tyne year south jersey. that will supposed to be in my house? and i love an extreme south jersey, there is only 50 miles from philadelphia to the beach. i don't know what extreme means. maybe somebody at the other stations will write to me and tell me. that will but i just laugh out loud when i watch some of the competitors with these new fangled goofy phrases just speak english that's all ski for from people. >> so, interior south jersey, that could be the flyers practice facility in voorhees? >> yes, it is not philadelphia or at atlantic ocean is interior south jersey. i don't get. that will i just don't get it. and we come one something new every year, to drive viewers
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nuts and then i am the one out in the feel so people ask me to try to interpret these phrases and i go, sorry i'm in the in that department or that the that station, so write to them. >> and they always do something called a sign off reporting live in cape may. >> steve keeley, fox 29. >> gentlemen. >> can you do one of those for us please? >> i don't do those. >> never? >> notice i never say my name because that drives me nuts. if you have your name on your screen, you guys say the name, going into it i don't need to know the name. plus i've been here forever so people unfortunately do know me. but look at our headlight shot. see guys this is why you're in the anchor business. and not the reporting business. but chris fabulous job the other day on the sidewalk, hopefully we can send lauren without her dog and her dog can deal with the windchills. because that's the other thing, feeling real cold today. aim not getting used to this, i'm not building up the immunity we usually do. it just seems colder every day to me even though it is not as
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cold as that day last week. but adding on the layers, again, i'm not the guy you see in the surveillance video that will run in some other stories today, although i look like the guy probably in the corner store surveillance video. >> stay warm out there steve keeley. i know it is tough. >> at 21 degrees, all right steve, thanks so much. 5:09 is the time. also, important stuff to get to here from over seals. of course, terror in paris. new for this morning, yemen's top al quaida leaders claiming responsibility now for that attack on paris newspaper in a new video message. >> meanwhile, france's lower house of parliament has overwhelmingly vote today extend french air strikes on isis in and around iraq by vote of 488 to one. this comes as french investigators have tracked down another potential suspect, linked to last week's deadly attacks in paris. the 29 year old man was arrested by police in bulgaria as he tried to cross into turkey. authorities in france also say the weapons used in those deadly attacks came from abroad. and the financing plus the
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logistics indicate an organized network. >> the satirical newspaper charlie hebdo new issue folds out before dawn in par thinks morning, some locations, it sold out in just five minutes. this is the first issue since several members killed in the terror attacks, 3 million copies more than 50 times the normal circulation hits news stands today. and terror attacks in paris could also affect the trial for boston marathon bombing suspect attorneys for dzhokhar tsarnaev are now asking the judge to delay jury selection for at least a month. they say the wait would allow time for any unnecessary comparisons between the terror attacks and the 2013 marathon bombing to diminish and eliminate even more prejudice going into the case. dzhokhar's attorneys have tried unsuccessfully to move the trial's locations and the start date. >> 5:10 the time. federal prosecutors say ohio man threatened to kill house speaker john boehner. bartender michael hoyt indicted for the threat. investigators say it happened last fall.
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now the threat included a plan to poison the congressman's drink at a country club. police say hoyt blamed the congressman for losing his job. the spokesman for boehner said the speak is her aware of what's going on here ankle thanks law enforcement agencies for their effort. >> a toddler stuck in a stolen car, a hero. nightmare started 7:00 a.m. yesterday in utah. cops say mom dropping off another child at day care left the three year old in the car when she went inside. came outside found someone driving off in her car in the back seat. fortunately her cell phone was in the car. cops called, little boy answered. suspect had already ditched the car, so cops asked him to honk the horn, and until someone found him. >> it just scared me so much. because, i mean, at that moment co-have, you know, hit him, he could have, you know, told him to stop telling them where we were, or telling him
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what he was doing. i mean, just scary, to think a million thought running through my head. >> he is so smart. he deserves ice cream for days. police are trying to find that carjacker. they also say it is a good reminder to not leave your car running while you're not inside. >> ice cream with chocolate sauce and whip cheap. teenager in florida is credited with saving the life after police officer. fort lauderdale officer franklin folks was processing jamal rutledge when he collapsed. the team immediately began to kick the door and yell for help. you can see several officers rushed in, medical staff says that the teens quick response helped save that officer's life. >> 5:12 the time. sold returning from deployment dies in his own neighborhood. why the investigation into his death could reveal serious health concern
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>> this was inspired by the ledge evident jersey definitely, are you a coaster kind of guy? >> love them. >> me too. the adrenaline insane. >> like working with you every morning. >> oh, stop. >> adrenyline rush lauren johnson. >> look at that up. >> yes weaver one handsome definitely in steve keeley down in cape may of covers, he is warning the weather sue serio because it is going to get nasty down the shore. >> yes, we always hear from
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you, when we have weather make sure you don't forget nuts southern delaware, southern new jersey. well of course we don't. specially, because this one is a southern storm spreading precipitation into the washington d.c. baltimore area and into kent county, delaware, we can't even rule out flurry here, but the slippery travel looks like it is in southern sussex county along the border between maryland and delaware there around ocean pines saulsbury maryland, very slippery around there, this morning. and we see the possible mix of precipitation, the sleet pellets, that steve keeley was talking about around cape may, in wildwood, in stone harbor this morning, and along the garden state parkway. so you will have to be careful, and this could be with us through the next couple of hours according to this computer model which by the way showed nothing affecting our area yesterday. now, it is all changed just because of change in direction of the storm. so 9:00 we could still have maybe light coating of snow falling along cape may, along
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that garden state expressway. i'll get it out. anyway, the parkway yes the parkway. anyway, it is out of here by noon 1:00, and that should be it for that storm system. if you're north and west of the city it is not going to bother you at all. you will probably see some sunshine today. so potential for a light coating to an inch, throughout most of that area. we could have maybe an inch and a half, depends on where the heaviest snow decides to fall winter weather advisory in effect kent, sussex, cape may in new jersey, so temperatures cold everywhere. be prepared for that. make sure the kids are really layered up this morning, it is 21 degrees in philadelphia, but it feels like eight so with the single digit windchills this morning we will have windchills probably in the teens 20's, during the day, when we get to high of 30 degrees. and, the rest of the seven day forecast, we still have a bit of a warm up scheduled for the weekend. but saturday, looks a little chillier than originally anticipated. still, it is dry both days,
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maybe little bit of rain sunday night when cold front comes through cooling us down formatter inch luther king day. so not perfect weekend but certainly, much better than this. so nuisance storm this morning, bob kelly what are you locking at? >> yes another one of those pain in the neck casino of storms, kind of riding shotgun with us this morning. live look at the garden state parkway, headed down the shore, no problems or delays up and down the parkway or route nine. but, again, with the precipitation rolling through depending upon where you begin and end your trip, it could be a little icy dicey this morning, this is a live look, at route one down through delaware, so starting to see some of the difference in coloration of the road surface there, so that's a sign of the storm moving through. so use some caution. schuylkill expressway looking good. no problems at all from philadelphia heading out west, no problems at all up and down the northeast extension, from the poconos on down. but, a water main break here along susquehanna road just outside of ft. washington right near the limekiln pike, that local power outage
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knocking some of the traffic lights out as well in the area of 12th and filbert. buckingham icy conditions lead to go this crash along route 13. ambler again icy spots along evans road and the sumneytown pike. even though areas not receiving the precipitation could you still see some icy conditions all part of the left over system from a few days ago because with the temps at 21, there is nothing drying up and staying wet this morning. mass transit looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thanks so much. republican congressional leaders attacking president obama's a jen did a, say they'll continue to push for several new policies. >> the president sat down with gop leaders first meeting since the new republican controlled congress convened. lawmakers say they're moving forward on several bills despite detail threats from president obama. now, some of those policies include significant changes to homelands security funding and i am graduation. >> we're vote to go block the
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president's over reach. his executive over reach which i believe is beyond his constitutional duty and franklin violate the constitution itself. this is not about actually the issue of immigration. what it is, it is about the president acting lawlessly. >> republicans will vote later today to over turn obama's immigration policies, and remove protections for immigrant children brought into the us illegally. 5:20 the time, military officials in texas say souled here died after recently returning from west africa was not infected with ebola. the man had just returned from liberia on emergency leave and was under strict guidelines to self-monitor and report his stat us to medical officials. neighbor called authorities when he saw the soldier collapse in the front yard of his home. >> a new study finds napping can help infants develop memory and retain new behaviors. they learned while they were
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away. studied found those who napped longer than 30 minutes were more likely to remember a task to taught to them for babe hoist napped shorter amount of time. suggesting flexible napping scheduled could help the best learning conditions foreign fans. >> scientists at mt. sinai say universal flu shot could soon be a realitiment vaccine doctors are working on would provide longer protection, from the flu up to 20 years right now the cdc says the flu here in the u.s. is at epidemic levels. doctors at mt. sinai did not give timetable when we could expect this vaccine but are optimistic that they're pretty close. >> time now 5:21, next we'll tell you who facebook is teaming up with to help track down missing children. >> and taylor swift is still playing santa this time, she gave a santa present that will last her a lifetime. it is
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>> crude oil slide stoke fears of global dietician. s&p closed five-point lower 2023. the dow turned 280-point gain, then down 120 points and then eventually set recalled to be lower just 27 points. if that makes sense. landed 17,613.
5:25 am
nasdaq ended the day down just three-point at 4661. but it was going so well, for most of the trading day then dropped. facebook, tapping into its resources to help find missing kids. it is going to begin putting amber alerts on the news feeds of its 18 a million users to help find children who have been kidnapped in their area. facebook is working with the national center for missing and exploited children on this initiative. so, you don't have to sign up for this. facebook will deliver these alerts automatically, if you're near the location of that abducted child. >> blackberry, did you hear about this? makes embarrassing mistake on twitter. >> i didn't even know there were still blackerries around the cell phone company tweeted out a since deleted message reminding its followers to stay up to date on twitter only for the tweet to show it had been sent from an iphone twitter app. >> oops. >> no comment so far from blackberry about the mistake. but there is a twitter for blackberry app that could have been used.
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>> well, recall involving the ikea style mattress consumer product safety commission says the crib mattress could create gap between the mattress and the crib trapping your baby in the opening. there had been report of at least two cases where children were trapped. fortunately, they were not injured. the mattresses were sold at ikea between august 2010 and may 2014 for about 100 bucks. >> okay, snow was a bet they thought they wouldn't lose. now furniture accompanying is paying up to the tune at one and a half million dollars find out exactly why. >> plus, dramatic rescue out on the icement dog was trapped and trying to just stay above the water. that dog was so cold, too. people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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get a free quote at >> more trouble on the roads if you live down here in southern parts of delaware, south jersey. no fear of having enough salt on the road here at the shore lauren sue because they got sand here in the road. which should melt stuff. >> that's always helpful. thanks so much, steve. furniture store makes a bet the own remembers pretty sure they couldn't lose. but they d now they're paying customers back more than a million bucks. >> wow. all right, good day everyone, it is wednesday january 14th.
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>> bus stop buddy here to tell you, it is cold everywhere this morning. soap, we've got the blanket coat on this morning, temps in the 20's, but many of our windchills are in the single digits there is morning. weather by the numbers, five depends on where you live. north and west probably little bit sunny and dry but snow to the south colder temperatures everywhere winter weather advisory in effect until 1:00 this afternoon for kent, sussex county, cape may county, new jersey where we expect this mess to maybe create a mess kept county as predicted looks like slippery around ocean city, marm lan, bethany beach right now georgetown delaware, probably getting some decent snow. maybe just enough to put the coating on the gown.
5:31 am
temperatures colder this morning, 21 degrees in philadelphia, teens to the north and west of us single digits, mount pocono, 24 in millville, 28 in wildwood. where you will be seeing some wintery precipitation 21 degrees feels like eight 7:21 your sunrise time, your planner, plan on cloudy skies for most of us, throughout the day. but, temperatures just around freezing, maybe just below for high temperature today. so, with those cloudy skies and the cold temperatures yes winter still here, once again the timing of the storm, bob kelly, couldn't be more inconvenient. >> mother nature keeps throwing us curve balls we keep hitting them and getting through it. 5:31 this wednesday live look at high street down in delaware. again, you can see the roads are wet wed roads possibility things could get icy. how much, closer to philadelphia, live look at the 42 freeway still dry. so it will be one of those
5:32 am
storms depending upon where you begin and end your trip, delaware, south jersey motorist haves to deal with tricky roadways.blems at all on the blue route. 476 up near the mid-county tolls. south on 95, out of northeast philly again no problems at all as you work your way in toward downtown speedometer readings at 55, but again the further south you go, on 95 down through wilmington and south down in toward delaware, the road conditions are going to change as you drive to work or school this morning. pottstown, not lasting too long here, 21 degrees this morning, water main break in pottstown, at pineapple and franklin, same deal, along susquehanna road. right near the limekiln pike. i heard traffic get through but the water starting to ice up on the road surface. so be careful some of the icy spots still out there with us this morning if it looks wet probably frozen over with
5:33 am
21 degreesment philadelphia international looking good. no problems on arrivals and departures, mass transit the buses, trains, trolleys, looking good this morning as well. chris, lauren, back to you. >> woman found dead after fire at delaware county home. the fire in yeadon started just before 3:00 a.m. officials say it started in a enclosed porch area near the house, still not clear how it started and why the woman was on the porch. three others inside the home all were able to get out safely. jennifer joyce will have more on this developing story at 6:00. >> northeast philadelphia elementary school closed today, but not for the weather. nazareth academy grade school posted on its website it will be closed due to illness. no word on how long the school will be closed. >> another chance snow on the forecast today as we've been talking about. >> some flu advice already been spotted down the shore we find fox 29 steve keel any cape may this morning what's up steve? we're both on the beach
5:34 am
5 feet to my left this is boetsch avenue we're standing on. and as i said, not a lot of people on the road. as soon as i say that, what do i see? people driving down beech avenue. guy works construction here, he said i'm up early driving out in the stuff. see the heed lights coming on here, belonging yellow lights this time of year, so nobody has to ways time waiting for red light. not a lot of traffic. but you can see people are up early and driving around, in the first precipitation following here down in cape may. icing over the roads. >> makes 30 degrees feel like 19 20 degrees or even colder so you got to dress and bundle up plus, we always remember that when you get wet because you got this precipitation falling, that hitting your skin causes frostbite even faster than dry skin o bundle up. already getting winter fatigue, just at the mid-way point in january. long way to go yet, two more
5:35 am
months and more, of winter. again, here we go again precipitation falling at the worse possible time during the morning drive. since we're in cape may we will show you the point where the cape may lewes ferry gets on and off. and people ask do they run the ferry that time of year? yes, they do they'll shut it down if the winds get real bad. see the light runs three times today from cape may next 17:30 if you mix that, next one at 11 longer wait if you don't make that one down to lewes because it is 6:00 at night to the next one. boy, you might want to sit in your car with the heater ton you're on that ferry or go inside t must be real cold out on the water see waves crashing here on the beach right here. so not great beach day unless you really like to be alone like we do. we do like, we are loan nears way. but, our good friends at the old channel 40 down here got laid off this year. so trying to pick up where they left off and serve the
5:36 am
public in deep south jersey, and hopefully no deep snow, just coating but enough to cause a problem down here, and extra coats if you're out in this stuff lauren, chris. >> thanks very much. how does free furniture sounds? a store refunding it customers to the tune of one and a half million dollars. thanks to a bet the company lost, plane is that one. >> then see that girl? >> where? >> right there. huge taylor swift fan. so the superstar sent her a care package. what one gift in particular had this girl absolutely in disbelief and in tears. coming up in the
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>> larry brown back in town for his game tonight with his smu team against temple. i talk to larry brown before practice yesterday. he's not happy with the direction of the 76ers. and he clearly is not a fan of the way sixers gm sam hinge i find players with analytics. >> i don't buy this mid range jump shot. it is not a good shot. you know, there are so many ways. owners new owner now made their money on information so you can sound awful smart throwing a lot of information at people. but, inside, you know who can play and who can't. so much for the sixers two game winning streak. to the wells fargo center last night against atlanta.
5:40 am
arrested three starters. al there with the easy lay up had his first trouble epp double of the year. hits three. sixers go onto lose it 105 to 87 against the and lan that hawks. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. 5:40 is the time. ohio furniture store is paying up, now that ohio state has claimed the national college football championship title game. >> so how much do they owe? a whopping $1.5 million, customers who shopped at select ashley furniture home stores in florence, kentucky, during two week period in december will get their furniture free of charge. >> i have never won anything before. >> i was thinking i should have bought more furniture. >> under written, so we've got a partner out there that helps with these type i have events. we'll make sure our customers are very taken care of. we're very excited. great win for our customers a
5:41 am
cents well. >> more than 500 people, third party which is staying anonymous is donating the money, to make this promo happen. >> let's just do some math. 1.5 million gets them on the air everywhere in the country getting great pr, right? we just ran the story in philadelphia? >> true. >> there go. brilliant. >> if you use glitter wrapping paper this holiday season, you know how awful it can be to get it all out of the skin, your clothes carpeting, our couch, it is everywhere. >> you know that one spec on someone's face, that piece of gritter? one company, i'll get it off for you. finding way to find that spark toll your advantage. finds out y but first up, bob kelly. >> hey bob. >> no problems at all going for a ride here, 202 northbound, working your way up through chester county through the construction zone. but things are totally different the further south you go, check the jam cams, sue will have the
5:42 am
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5:44 am
>> rescuers go all out to save man's best friend. took more than half hour to get a dog named stella, my best stanley at this hour. out of this frozen river, this is in ohio. she fell through the ice and then couldn't get back. so firefighters had to use a specially designed float to get to her. once they it, of course, they raised her off to the vet. stella's owners saw the rescue, nothing but thanks for this valient effort in that dog was close to death by the
5:45 am
way, suffering from the horribly cold temperatures there in that river in ohio look at this little dog live on oreadessing. >> this is diamond. sigh might want you to go help her with the weather diamond. >> oh, want to dot forecast, baby? doctor dress up your dog day oh she is walking away. i have a mess to show you here on ultimate doppler radar. we'll bring diamonds over in a little bit. but looks like with the cold cold temperatures seeing the snow spreading into southern delaware and southern new jersey sneaking up into the with a washington it. c, area, will we see a flurry or two here? it is possible. but not real likely, but georgetown delaware, you may be getting a coating on the ground right now, ocean pines talking bethany beach dewey beach, lewes delaware right across where the came may lewes ferry ended up.
5:46 am
anyway, stone harbor, you got some flurries there mix of precipitation around wildwood, and according to our computer models, this is with us throughout the rest of the morning. now the new model that just came in, this is our composite mod ill few computer models, shows it out of here by 10:00. maybe sprinkle or two after 12:00 noon, but maybe not as much as we saw on the earlier models. tough storm predict. just be ready for tricky travel if you live in any of these areas around dover milford, cape may and all of the jersey shore points, plus places like rio grand and the bay there. where your winter weather advisory is in effect. counties highlight for all of us we have to be bundled up for these temperatures, 21 degrees philadelphia, 13 allentown, 24 millville
5:47 am
28 degrees in wildwood windchills below zero allentown mount pocono. very coal morning coldest morning we've had this week, it feels like eight in philadelphia, 15 in atlantic city and 19 down in cape may. wind speeds are the reason, 15 miles an hour in philadelphia, could be cold one today with the snow to the south every us, sunny and coal tomorrow, high of 37 degrees, getting little closer to average for this time of year. winds pick up on friday things calm down, still casino of cold saturday, high of 37. sunday best temperature out of the seven day can't rule out late day shower with a coal front for the holiday monday martin luther king day sun and clouds, but it should be dry bob kelly for your day of service as you know, so many people do service project on that day, we want good weather for them. >> definitely. and that's good there in the forecast. 5:47.
5:48 am
good morning everybody this wednesday. again, the further south you go the trickier it will get. live look here along route one in delaware, roads starting to see precipitation again with 21 degrees doesn't take much to end court err some slippery spots. live look at i59 near philadelphia international. good to go here, no problems at all. we work our way over to cherry hill new jersey, right near the cherry hill mall, route 38 route 70, good to go. that local power outage still with us in center city in the area of 12th and filbert knocking out some of the traffic lights. otherwise, our major roadways in and out of philadelphia we're good to go dry roads the further south you go where you're going to reach that precipitation down in south jersey, and delaware. double five's on the schuylkill expressway. we go for ride here, good morning pottstown no problems as you pull out of the driveway, and head east on 42:26 have, the time to beat. be past trooper road by 6:15. otherwise, you're going start to hit the brakes and get stuck in the traffic jam.
5:49 am
out in pottstown, water main break, here, along pine al he will and franklin. we add that to the list of water main break along susquehanna road along the limekiln pike n ambler some icy spots along evans and sumneytown pike. i wish we could show the video of the dog jumping around. >> so it is dress your dog day. and lauren brought her dog diamond in. and diamond's having so much fun. >> right. diamond, speak. speak. speak. oh speak. good girl. >> speaking of diamond because knowing glitters quite like dined, new website is offering a fun and very creative way, i know, isn't she adorable? prom err not working so play it by erie guess. fun and creative way to prank the people you just can't stand. tell me about it. >> so it is called ship glitter to your enemies. com. it is exactly how it sound.
5:50 am
for about eight bucks the australian based website will actually mail envelope packed to grit tear any address you give this maniment colorful care package includes anonymous note telling your enemy why they deserve the annoying glimmer glam. creators say they received nearly 1,000 orders this westbound alone, so much web traffic their site briefly crashed. >> okay, taylor swift has emmaus being lots of fans and followers on social media. have something to do with her freak went response to fan videos and pokes. when us weekly found out about her latest response to rebecca's video they wanted to learn more. the singer sent special package to her fan and rebecca's mother videotaped her as she opened it among the presents inside, a poloroid of swift painting a picture for her and the picture, a necklace with a tag was mine now yours. and another present that moved rebecca to tears?
5:51 am
>> $1,988 closer to paying student loan. >> oh,. >> (crying). >> oh, my god. >> what did she say student loans? did she pay her student loans? >> seems like she doesn't disappoint. whatever happens her fans are extactic. today dress up your pet day. so we want to see pictures of your pets, dressed up, send them to us using facebook twitter, instagram, whatever you want to use. use the #fox29gooddayment we'll show your pictures all morning long. okay speaking of dogs, this is one special pup. she is so independent, doesn't have time to wait for her owners to go out and play. where she is going and how she learned to get oh i'm on the cookie
5:52 am
5:53 am
air diet. you just... and that's it. i prefer real food fruit, nuts, and whole grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. let's get real.
5:54 am
>> live look at green mountain in the poconos. should and nice weekend. martin luther king, jr. day is monday get the kids up there and ski. so seattle dog proves she is one smart cookie. she takes the bus all by herself, so, check out two year old eclipse. the black lab is quite popular. her owner says sometimes she likes to leave the house
5:55 am
before him and she'll hop the bus and go to the dog park, all alone. >> everyone knows eclipse some are amazed by her independence. >> so, the dog gets off. it is a stop to the dog part. and gets off the bus. i just get out the window and i'm like did that just happen? >> so the owner says he eventually catches up with eclipse, while seattle metro transit enjoys the special bus rider, it would prefer eclipse was on a leash. >> there is a dog getting a loft attention on the internet. that's because some say he looks a whole lot like the actor john travolta. hope this is hilarious. this picture from the website rocks. com -- roxx.come animal rescue group, just picture of a picture of boof. now calling him john travel old a you agree? he could, could you believe that you could adopt john
5:56 am
travolta because he needs a forever home. but he's in sydney, australia if you're so inclined. this next story might boost your fate in humanity. good samaritan came out of the blue and helped a glasco delaware woman with disability, pay her grocery bill. fifty year old lynn read has had a string of bad luck recently. her mother and fiancee are both sick, and she says she's been dealing with her own health issues. well yesterday, when she went to pay for her grocery she realized she had forgotten her wallet. while in tears on the phone with her fiancee she says she felt someone touch her shoulder, read says total stranger offered to pay her entire bill. >> and then after i screened my coupons came to 98.47. and she is like don't worry about it. she goes i have this for you. and then oh, i also asked her if i could transfer, ya, but she -- >> she said she tried to get the woman's name so she could pay her back.
5:57 am
she said the woman declined saying she was just doing it to help her out. new jersey governor chris christie his state-of-the-state address all eyes on that, are saying what's missing from that [ leguizamo
5:58 am
] hey, i'm john leguizamo, and i love new york. why? i'll tell you why... 'cause every winter my favorite thing to do is ski upstate. and in new york you can ski more and drive less. with over 50 ski resorts throughout the state, great skiing is always nearby. and with some of the highest snowfall in the u.s. it's always a perfect day on the slopes. day or night, green circle or black diamond... for the experts like me... there's something for everyone. so plan your next new york ski trip at
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at clorox 2, we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2... watch stains disappear right before your eyes. nothing brightens colors and removes stains like clorox 2. you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! . >> deadly fire in delaware county now fire crews figuring out what spark these
6:00 am
flames. >> who killed kim jones the beloved children's advocate, was shot to death. just blocks from her home. why police believe the gunman actually new her. >> hailed as hero by the same cops, who put him in handcuffs. what he did to save the officers' life, when he collapsed to the ground. >> it could be a messy morning commute for some of our viewers today shore point southern delaware corks see some ice and snow, sue serio keeping her eye on the storm. >> it is getting ridiculous, high everybody, it is wednesday, july the 14th, 2015. >> these storms, just pick at you. >> like a nuisance. not like it hurts just annoying. >> ouch. that voice, is bob kelly hi bob kelly. >> good morning how are you?


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