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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  January 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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ene in north philadelphia right now the car slammed in the house in the early morning hours, we have spoke with the family inside when this all happened. plus backlash to backpedaling, duke university reverses its decision to hold a muslim call to prayer, how the situation got so serious that the school canceled the plans. but then doctors stepped in with an innovative solution for that mom's little girl a 3-d printed heart. it doesn't beat but it changed the game for how doctors treat her, how they used to it make life better for that little girl. good day everybody. it is finally friday, january 16th, 2015. you started a conversation in here. >> about chest hair. >> yes. >> sue when did chest hair go out of style. >> i don't know, i still like it. i guess it depend on the guy. >> ohio. >> but if you only were privy
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to some of our conversations it is probably best you are not. seven out of ten today, we will have sunny skies and might have gone to a eight or nine but we will gusty wind and it will feel cold tore day. deceiving sunshine/the the way. not for a few hours yet. we have 30 degrees in philadelphia it feels like 20 thanks to those wind. they are already gusty but they will get worse before they calm down. twenty minutes after 7:00 is our official sunrise time today and our high temperature today is 40. again, 40 is a seasonal high temperature for january 16th but with the blustery wind it will feel like about third two or so during the day-to-day. it will feel like freezing even when it is not, still it is friday and we are happen bye that holiday weekend on the way, we will break down the forecast, coming up, good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning. 5:01. we are off to a good start right here along 422 for gang leaving lawyers for, collegeville heading in
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toward king of prussia, south jersey a live look at 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia, but a big problem developing now on the new jersey turnpike. here's the the deal, a tractor trailer, basically split in two and lost its cargo all over both the north and the southbound lanes. so the crash occurred northbound right here before exit number three the left lane is blocked, and the cargo with that tractor trailer split nothing half had has spilled on to the southbound lanes as well. so the left lane blocked both directions, on the new jersey turnpike, all right here near exit number three. getting ready to step out the front door right now and typically use the turnpike i would play it safe and head for i295 as we get more information, that will develop throughout the the rest of the morning. witt ill not go fast. they have to clean that you will autopsy. after that hot mess yesterday, a all north bound lanes are opened for traffic between
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woodhaven and street road no problems at all up there in bucks county. the rest of the speedometer readings on the roadways looking good coming out of the northeast you are in good shape no problems on i-95 heading to the airport. schuylkill expressway looking good. water main break in willis town here at king and arlington with some local detours expect throughout the day. the chris and lauren back to you. now that mess yesterday in bensalem, bucks county, i-95 northbound is opened again this morning after that deadly six car crash, shut down the the highway yesterday afternoon. police say a tractor trailer rear ended two cars and then hit another semi truck filled with scrap metal. that truck overturn and spilled metal all over the highway. investigators identified him as paul mirrors. he was the driver inside the simms metal mcmanagement truck. a man is in xtremely critical condition after being hot several times in west philadelphia police say what hes shot by another man inside
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a car. a woman also inside that car told police that the driver was shot in the back of the head and the arm. the drive actually got out of the car, tried to run while the other man just kept shooting. he eventually collapsedded and was found by police before being taken to the hospital. woman is being interviewed and authorities are reviewing nearby surveillance cameras hoping to learn more. 5:04 is the time. an unusual subsequent in north philadelphia where an suv smashed in the home this happened around 3:00 this morning. >> fox 29's steve keeley is live at the scene on north 18th street, hey steve. >> reporter: we're on blavis where it end at north 18th street and i'm showing you this side, because you sees two big stop signs here. you cannot see houses and parallel park cars across the the street. you can see the guy went right through the stop sign no one was parked where he ended up going in the beasley family house at 2:00 in the morning as the family of five was all asleep upstairs fortunately not the sitting on the stoop or porch like they do year
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round they tell us. this crash did not even wake them up, the father heard a loud noise but wasn't enough to get him out of bed and he went back to sleep and just a few moments later they hear neighbors knocking as loud as possible trying to wake up the family because there was a gas line leak and waterline broke. they were worried something else could happen. the driver of the suv ran away and wasn't even limping so he was not hurt. i'm still trying to figure out how he got out. police are trying to figure out how he got the out of the suv. they are right down the street from the schuylkill expressway overpass overhead. they ever used to having traffic here but nothing like this. >> my mom came in the room freaking out. i'm thinking we were late for school the way she came in. next thing we smell gas and i come out and a big carries popping on the side of the house it was a nightmare for a second. but in reality we're happen
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that i we are like safe in that we didn't get hurt. >> we're moving back into our home. we have our lives. we are very happy about that steve, everything else is replaceable, lives are not. >> reporter: is what going through your mind of them shutting off water and the the gas. >> all of the cost and damage. i'm hoping nobody breaks in my house when i'm gone. >> reporter: reality sinking in. >> yeah. >> reporter: how sad is that he is worried about somebody breaking in the house on top of that because the house is so opened. but hopefully neighbors will keep a close watch and so will police. you can see licenses and inspections is here because they have to make sure that this structure and house is safe, that is why they are not pulling this suv out of the house because it may be holding up the walls and the flooring. they have to make sure it is all security before they yank that out of here. they had tow trucks here but they said you can scrapple
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this is in the getting yank out right now because we can to further damage. the good news is, pgw and water company were able to shut off two mains bursting because there was strong smell of gas. great neighborhood here. neighbors woke up and they knew there was further danger with that gas leaking on so they shut off gas and open up their homes to the beasley family to keep warm. wouldn't you like to be on the other even of the phone looking at that insurance agent when jermaine beasley calls up and says i have an suv in my house, i will be had happy to send you pictures but there will be a big insurance claim. >> absolutely that is where it is from here. >> steve keeley live. >> at 5:07. police trying to figure out who or why someone would shoot a woman as she waited for a bus in north philadelphia. >> this happened tuesday at 12th and jefferson streets. police say 56 year-old kim jones was on her way to work at a child advocacy organization where she was shot in the back of the head. investigators want to know who
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may have wish her harm. >> which is even more disturbing after what he just did to her. we don't know why. she was targeted. >> detective continue to interview family friend an these figure out a motive here. they have ruled out robbery and say this was a planned attack. they were going through surveillance footage from cameras. duke university reversed deis to allow muslim call to prayer following a big backlash. >> school officials are canceling plans to use the youth's bell tower for weekly call to prayer for muslims. they say credible threat against the school led to the decision while many supported efforts to preach diversity on campus. it drew protest from the schools biggest financial backers. >> i don't feel i owe an apology to anybody. i think duke university, they owe an a apology, they are the ones who owe an apology to the christian student and donors who gave them money for the chapel.
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>> well, 700 of duke's 15,000 students identified themselves as muslims. the school says it has net filed state and federal agencies about the threats. belgium authorities are on high alert this morning after they say they stopped what would have been a major terror attack. police killed two suspects and arrested a third in the anti terrorism sweep. it was one of a dozen that took place outside of the brussels yesterday. the one attackers were reportedly preparing to carry out attacks on police station and other sensitive buildings. authorities say there is no known link between these terror suspects and last weeks attack in france. pope frances speaks out about the paris terror attacks saying you cannot make fun of fate. pope preached in the philippines. although he defended free speech as a human right he says there are limits when it comes to religion and every religion. he condemned the violence in paris but says he can expect people to get angry when their faith is mocked. the pope is in the middle of
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the a asian country tour. founder of charlie hebdo is criticizing the content of the magazine saying one of the publication's slain editors ignored constant threats. founder suggested that the editors stubborn management style led to staff members death in that terror attack. he made his meant in the editorial to the french newspaper and says the magazine over did the offensive content. he does call the editor amazing, the founder says he holds the staff death against the editor. some advanced technology is helping prolong life of the florida toddler. >> this is so amazing. in fact for the first time in the state doctors used a 3-d print tore repair the three-year old's heart. we will take a look at the four year-old involved here, her name is atonally gone solees. she was born with rare heart disease. she had under gone two complicated open heart operations and multiple other cardiac procedures but the the little girl continued to struggle inn became very ill.
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last week doctors performed open heart surgery based on a 3-d model printout of her heart. ate lud them to study her heart and explore possible repairs before actually going in and doing the surgery. >> i really just spent days carrying it around with me and looking at it and i thought of a repair that might work that hadn't been described. so i presented it to the family and showed them the model so they could see her heart what we intended to do which was very powerful. >> fascinating, right. >> doctor went on to say technique is invaluable for presurgery planning and useful teaching tool to help train other doctors. meanwhile that little girl is recovering well. 5:11 is your time. you have seen these pictures on your facebook news news feed, all of that could be growing on your cell phone what you need to know to stay germfree.
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is her looks day she and her boyfriend are moving to los angeles. it is a hollywood career and she's going with him. we wish alyssa the best. we have a little party there in the news room. >> did you eat some of these. >> no, best part and this is for bob because his traffic is sponsored by dunkin' donuts. we had a pot luck here. sue serio brought in her famous deviled eggs and they said on there cage free deviled eggs. i said what if i want caged eggs. >> you have to get someone else to make them. >> did you bring these. >> i didn't present i anything. >> someone brought these in. >> i didn't bring anything in either. >> were you off yesterday, so you have a mulligan. >> thank you. >> a a list, we will miss you, you have been great. we love you. >> well, i labeled eggs because that is important to some people and wanted them to know. >> well yes, while i was slaving away hard boiling some eggs last night, what were you
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doing. we've got a cold front that is poised to enter our area, coming through quickly, dry, in precipitation, maybe just a few cloud with it. probably by early afternoon to daze and bringing wind of change. if you think it is cold now tomorrow morning if you are up early, we will be even colder. 30 degrees in philadelphia 26 allentown. twenty-four reading. wilmington has 28 degrees. thirty-two wildwood. factor in the wind speeds of 14 miles an hour sustain in the city and get a wind chill of 20. so 30 feels like 20 here. we have wind chill in the teens and allentown. feels like 25 in wildwood. these wind gusts will pick up especially after sunrise. 34 degrees, 34 miles an hour, that is wind speed right the now. 22 miles an hour in philadelphia ultimate doppler no precipitation now. this is not coastal storm we will be watching on sunday. that one hasn't even formed yet. there is snow up to the north
5:17 am
nothing to worry about for us at all. it should be a dry day to day. we will jump to the future cast to sunday after a really cold day on saturday, and not even does rain move in but milder air, moves in, which is why we're only expecting a rain event for sunday afternoon but as you can see here with the orange and yellow around noon time on sunday models are projecting heavy rain along the coast. it is a coastal storm that is forming. these models have it out by seven or 8:00 o'clock sunday night so won't trouble us on monday morning but we will have chillier temperature after that. that breaks down the holiday weekend. here's another way to look at the seven day forecast. 40 degrees today but it feels chillier because of the wind and a high of only 30 tomorrow and 45 on sunday. so a complete liz different temperature. little milder clearing up on monday but windy once again with a high of 39, and then we have a chance of a few flurries possible on wednesday
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morning but that is a look at the holiday weekend bob kelly. >> sound good, 5:18 on this friday morning. we are off to a good start here on i-95 as we say good morning to delco. headlights heading up toward philly international. south jersey looking good. starting to see pockets of volume work their way in the city. big problem developing here on the new jersey turnpike. here's the the latest. a tractor trailer basically split in half got to imagine the load too heavy and just center of the tractor trailer just split opened. it it is the northbound side of the new jersey turnpike right before exit three in the left lane but that cargo also spilled in the southbound side so both directions the left lane is block right here in the area of exit number three which is route 168 black horse pike, your best bet this morning is to use i295 instead of the new jersey turnpike and then get ready for a project over the weekend here all day
5:19 am
tomorrow penndot will be working the westbound schuylkill expressway ram tops come into downtown on the vine expressway. we will be closed all day. they will shoot everybody up to girard to make u turn to gain access into center city. and then tonight into late tomorrow they will put in a new traffic pattern on i-95 northbound. if you are going to the sixers game tonight the or heading home north on i-95 will be down to one lane between girard and allegheny. chris and lauren back to you. let's talk about this. we are following this for you happening today, doctors clear former tv sports personality don tollefson to resume his trial today a health care forced the judge to send jurors home and tollefson to the doylestown hospital yesterday. the six two-year old has type two diabetes and evidently his blood sugar levels were off. prosecutors say tollefson pocketed $300,000 in sports charity schemes but he claims he made just bad business
5:20 am
decisions. tollefson is a former fox 29 employee. legal analysis fred tecce will be in at 7:30 to talk more about this case. police are trying to piece together six separate murders that happened in a very short period of time. they all happened between 7:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. wednesday into thursday. one of the shootings involved an attempted robbery at a hotel while one other involved a shooter and victims that knew one another, lauren. your cell phonies dirty bye could be so dirty it is making you sick. researchers decided to find out just how much bacteria is growing on your mobile devices. while what they found is bacteria was harmless. experts suggest wiping them down to keep those germs away. did you get the the flu shot? if so, it is only 23 percent effective this flu season. cdc says that is one of the worst performances of a flu vaccine in the last decade but they are still urging people
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to get the shot and reminding everyone to wash your hand frequently and cover your cough. f.d.a. has approved a new wait the weight loss method but not a drug or a pill but device implanted inside your body. it is an appetite expressing implant that zaps nerves that connect your stomach and brain. it makes your brain think you are full. you can adjust your setting using a control. f.d.a. has only approved it for patients severely obese and older than 18, chris. lauren, president obama is continuing his push for paid leave for parents and other workers, the president is hoping to allow six weeks of paid leave for federal workers, and to care for a new child. that policy will extend to men and women. obama is hoping to give all workers a week of paid sick time each and every year and will ask congress for $2 billion to create paid family and medical leave programs. 5:21.
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the the army will allow 60 women to participate in the next ranger training course. it is first time women will be able to compete in the brutal two month combat school latest move by penitentiary gone to open up as many combat jobs to women as possible. the ban on women in combat jobs was first lifted in 2012 and gradually all combat positions must be opened by next january. we will keep an eye on that. google is putting on the brakes when it comes to google glass why you may have just missed your chance to pick up this futuristic glasses. get the old coffee machines how about water and coffee all in the same location, we will tell you about the the coffee fridge coming up. there's a place online where you always get more than you pay for
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she loves, mike. another day in the red the at the stock exchange disappointing results from large banks as well as a mixed bag of economic releases weighed on the market. s and p500 closed down 18 points to land at 1992. dow jones dropped 104 to land at 17322. the nasdaq ended the day down as well, down 68 points to land at 4570. so if you want to get google glass you better order by monday. that is when google says it will stop selling the internet connected eye wear so cot can develop a more polished and affordable version. the explorer addition of google glass has been on the market now for two years and
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cost about $1,500. no word when it will be on sale again. target is calling it quits in can inadequacies, retail giant plans to close all stores in the country. china just opened 133 stores in the last two years to much fanfare but a problem with the distribution chain left store shelves empty. almost a billion dollars was lost in just the first year. tough times for target. the last holiday season they had that security breach with the card credit cards and everything else and now then this. so many have of us go to the fridge to get water mayonnaise, you name it. how about going to the fridge to get a fresh hot cup of coffee. >> welshing general electric is developing a fridge that can brew coffee, ge figured out how to keep hot the what ther from affecting the cooling inside their appliance. it takes four in minutes to heat the water but you can set an alarm that tells the the fridge when to start brewing. fridge goes into production this summer. the price tag though, $3,300.
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>> man. >> is that worth it when you are doing that. >> that is a 9-dollar shot of espresso if you average it out. >> i don't know. >> one guy messes with the wrong woman in texas what she says he did to her in the the store not once but twice that sent her over the edge. and this teacher was just fired. he said he was fired unfairly. what he posted on social media that got him canned in the
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a temple university student died last night after falling out of an eight story window in a center city building, what police say they think she was doing at the time of the fall, chris. >> all right, jennifer lets look live outside right now a three day weekend is upon us, of course martin luther king day is monday. the a lot of people have it off. what is your forecast. sue will let us know. do you get a yearly eye exam one little girl in new jersey's story might make you change your routine how a eye exam may have saved her life. >> turf get my eyes check because my kid will bring their artwork home from school and they will put it right in my face like this. so does that mean i'm becoming far sighted. >> that means you should put it on the fridge where it belongs. >> spoken like a true parent. speaking of the kid, what is
5:31 am
bus stop buddy wearing today. >> he is bundled up. we gave him fox 29 hat but you might want to hold on to that hat because of the wind which will be picking up even more and it is giving us wind chills, some of them are in the teens this morning but temps in the 20's and 30's. don't forget in mittens this morning. we are looking forward, buddy is looking forward to the three day weekend. seven out of ten today. sunny skies but gusty wind today. satellite and radar shows skies clearing out quite a bit from yesterday. we got that sunshine. stubborn cloud around for a good part of the day ape we are at 30 in the city with 14 miles an hour wind though it feels like 20 and sunrise at 7:20 this morning. your planner for friday we have clear skies, we have 30 degrees and breezy out the the door. wind pick up by lunchtime. noon is when we will hit high of 40 degrees. cold front comes through the early afternoon and end up being a blustery day.
5:32 am
wait until you see temperature tonight and tomorrow and rest of the holiday weekend forecast is coming up as well but bob kelly, you have been focusing on turnpike problems this morning. >> yes we had 95 twice morning and afternoon this morning we have the new jersey turnpike. i'll show thaw in a second. we will start off with good news schuylkill expressway looking good. pretty shot of the art museum, we have sky scrapers coming into center city philadelphia, no problems or delays at all. looking good coming on the bennie as well. had major roadways on the pennsylvania side looking good i-95, schuylkill, two are or from the airport. big problem we will you'll into the new jersey turnpike where a tractor trailer kind of split in half and there is cargo all over both the north and the southbound lanes. it is on the turnpike, just south of exit number three which is black horse pike. so left lane is blocked in both directions. the accident actually happened north bound in the left lane but car get spilled in the
5:33 am
southbound side. so in this stretch is there only two lanes to begin with on the turnpike so that will leave you and i with just one lane. your best bet 295 is the the alternate if you are traveling north and south instead of the turnpike this morning. the water main break in willis town chester county at king and arlington. this is a left over from yesterday but at least they have one lane opened in ewing along pennington road. heading to the airport? let's go n problems at the all at philly international. the mass transit is off to a good start with no delays. chris and lauren back over to you. a college student falls to her death from the window in center city and police are trying to figure out what went wrong before this tragic accident. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce live in north philadelphia near temple where the student attended, good morning jen. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. we are hearing that the student is 18 years old visiting friend at art institute of philadelphia when police say she fell out of the eight story window.
5:34 am
it happened just after 6:00 in the area of 16th and chestnut the streets. police say temple university student was either leaning out of or sitting on the ledge of the window in an eight story dorm room taking picture when she fell to her death. the student felon top of the 44 year old woman who just happened to be walking by at the time. woman was transported to hahnemann hospital with serious injuries. she's no new stable condition with a fractured neck vertebrae among other injuries. this center city strip is usually busy at the time as people head home from work last night and had people stopped in their tracks after learning of this tragedy. >> real tragedy that something like this can happen down here. so many people are here. the it could have been rush hour, a lot of people coming by at that time. thank god it was ant lot of people coming by because if it was, you know, a lot of injuries. >> i don't know, but you have to really live each day to the fullest because you never know
5:35 am
when something bad can happen in a split second. >> reporter: police say the fall appears to be an accident but they are still trying to learn more about the moments leading up to the death. police are interviewing the two male art institute students and female all in the room at the time of the fall. neither police nor temple university has identified the student, her family was still being notified late last night. we are told counseling will be made available to students today the at counseling services in the center. chris and lauren. >> so sad, jennifer joyce live for us in north philadelphia, thanks. new jersey governor chris christie is telling potential backers of the possible presidential bid to just relax and says he has not made up his mind about running for president in 2016n a radio interview the governor spoke more openly about signs he is moving forward saying he has spoke when his family about running and his opinions will be central to their opinion. christie has been under pressure to lock down donors
5:36 am
since former florida governor jeb bush launched a political action committee earlier this month. i-95 northbound in bensalem bucks county is opened this morning following a deadly six car crash. >> such a mess yesterday. the highway was shut down for nearly ten hours yesterday. a tractor trailer rear ended two cars and a then hit another semi truck filled with scrap metal that truck overturn and spilled that metal all over the highway. traffic stretched for miles and drivers all sitting there faced huge, long delays. >> just to drive around, drive back on i-95 but back from the tree road going through stuff you will be stuck. >> investigators identified victim in this crash as 58 year-old paul myers he was the driver inside the simms metal management truck. the teacher is now out of a job. he says he feels completely betrayed. what he posted on social media that ended up getting him fired. also at 5:36, lesson
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flyers are not a good hockey team these days and clearly not a playoff team. they scored seven goals on monday and they have been scoreless in the last two games and last night looked like a team that quit. to the wells fargo center, already two to nothing and ray
5:40 am
emery on the power play reverdeem scores. that was end of ray emery. craig beruby saw enough. they bring in rob zepp. hanson scores. four to nothing. vancouver beats flyers. offense is now a problem for the flyers. >> you want to get dirty. you want to score goals. there is not too many guys are highly skilled enough to, you know, score fancy goals like jake voracek, claude giroux you have to work, compete and get dirty around the net. that is how you score goals. phillies pitchers and catchers report february 18th but cole hamels may in the there been. boston, san diego, st. louis texas and dodgers still interested in making a trade for the phillies. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. ray rice and baltimore ravens reached a deal on his grievance. the running back was seeking more than 3.5 million-dollar for wrongful termination, however, terms of the settlement are in the yet
5:41 am
known. ravens released rice after video released of him knocking out his then fiance in the atlantic city casino elevator. nfl suspended rice indefinitely. he won an appeal and was reinstated in the league. mohammed ali is back in the hospital have after he was found unresponse any of his bed. >> this is no the good and latest pictures of him, they don't look good either. former heavyweight champs second trip to the hospital in four weeks. doctors say he is now in stable condition and should be all right after the scare of course, this i had video from way back when. they believe ali may still be suffering from symptoms of the urinary tract infections. boxing icon turned 73 years old tomorrow and said he plans on spending the day with his family. we will credits our fingers for the greatest of all time. a new jersey girl story is perfect reminder of what you should get your eyes examined or why you should get your
5:42 am
eyes examined every year. how that exam saved her life. first up, bob kelly. all eyes are on 95 this weekend with a new traffic pattern coming our way plus an update on the tractor trailer accident causing havoc on the new jersey turnpike sue with the holiday weekend trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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a pittsburgh woman got a big scare. debbie said she got up to use a bathroom on tuesday and
5:45 am
look what she found, right there, on her floor. a snake. in the any snake a ball python. she called police. officers used one of those long handled poles to take the snake out of her home. sue serio i would freak out, i saw a frog in my toilet once in florida and could in the go back to sleep. >> you need harry potter. read harry potter you will necessity what i'm talking about. temperatures are in the 20's this morning. thirty's in philadelphia. but this is not necessarily what it feels like out there. because we do have to factor in the wind today. it is back. wind are sustained at 14 miles an hour in philadelphia right now. once cold front comes through we will see a change in wind direction but it feels like 20, i told you it was 30. that is what it feels like. eighteen in allentown. eleven in mount pocono. twenty-one in wilmington. twenty-six in wildwood. we have seen gusts as high as
5:46 am
34 miles an hour. in the mountains 22-mile an hour gust here. we are the the warm half. one you can hold on to your head today because it will be a windy day. this is boundary line of the cold front that will be coming through early afternoon i'm thinking but with just cloud. we don't expect any precipitation with it. that doesn't happen until sunday. we will look at this projection computer model showing a low pressure system that will be forming over weekend and moving through sunday afternoon, bringing south rain and with mild air coming in it will only be rain and it should be gone by midnight into monday morning. so that martin lieutenant are king holiday itself should be dry and that is good news for everybody, especially those who are doing those great service projects that we do in philadelphia every year. so proud that philadelphia has biggest martin lieutenant are king service project of anyplace in the country.
5:47 am
anyway 45 degrees on sunday. that is a rather mild day after only 30 on the saturday. we will get chilly on monday. wind pick up as well. after that it looks like things are pretty stable but we do get a little bit of flurry activity on wednesday morning. but just to get you through holiday weekend is enough. of course before we get there, we have to get through friday morning. >> yes, 5:47 sue, good morning everybody. tgif. live look at roosevelt boulevard not bad right here rolling up and down the boulevard near ninth street. southbound i-95 seeing volume heading toward the city. northbound after yesterday's mess back in business, no problems north or south. big problem is in south jersey, the new jersey turnpike, a tractor trailer accident, the actual tractor trailer split in half probably the cargo at times we see this just too heavy and new cargo is all over the roadway. it is all happening on the turnpike just south of the exit number three and impacting the left lane in
5:48 am
both directions there. your best betties to use 295 to go north or south this morning instead of the turnpike. another accident just popped up here north on 295 right here near exit number 11. that is exit for 322 and commodore barry bridge. we are looking good from royersford no problems from west chester to king of prussia expect delays tonight and all day thomas penndot puts in a new traffic pattern north on i-95 between girard and allegheny. they are doing work tonight at 8:00 through that time tomorrow, down to one lane and that will cause delays leaving center city, mountain just on i-95 but also on the vine street expressway. chris and lauren back to you. controversy at a catholic high school in north carolina after it fires a long time teacher for being gay. lonnie billiard says school asked him not to return after his social media post about his plans to marry his partner of 13 years. he related catholic teachings and his employee contract.
5:49 am
he feels betrayed and upset that he cannot teach at that school anymore. >> i have never, ever brought my orientation, the the fact that i am gay into the classroom. when i find out that i cannot continue to do that it is like, i don't know what ward to use it is a sharp knife in the gut. >> the catholic church believes marriage can only exist between one man and one woman. >> billiard says he now hopes to teach somewhere elsewhere he feels welcome. a man in texas messed with the wrong woman, she says, he groped her twice in the store so she chased him down. >> oh, yeah, he was able to have him arrested because she recorded it all on her cell phone. woman who calls herself bell says that the a alleged attacker assault had her twice in the aisle of the big lot store. the first time, well she was scared but second time she was
5:50 am
simply fed up and determined to take action. so she chased him outside and recorded her confrontation with that camera phone. >> why did you do that? >> getaway from me. >> you walk around the store funneling women like a idiot. >> even though the man took her cell phone she was able to call the police and then record him being arrested. >> wow. >> another major life victory for former penn state the football player recovered from a devastating spinal cord injury. >> he is heading to the new jersey state house. adam taliaferro won the democratic party endorsement yesterday succeeding outing assembly woman celeste riley in south jersey. riley stepped down to serve as cumberland county clerk. he was paralyzed in 2,000 during a penn state yes state game making a tackle. doctors told him his classes of walking are slim but he
5:51 am
recovered in four months. they elect him to the gloucester county board of freeholders in 2011. >> good for him. new jersey girl is the perfect example of why you should get your eyes check every year. she could have gone blind. >> but an eye physician saved her sight and her life about a year ago. now carly lender's family is celebrating her recovery. a party held in williamstown new jersey family teachers, wal-mart employees were all there by her side then and now. routine eye exam found her optic nerve was severely swollen. she had flute surrounding her brain and she could have gone blind or worse, loss her life. she considers her recovery a miracle. >> i'm perfectly fine now. i don't have any doctor appointments or anything. >> the 12 year-old is back playing softball and she's getting straight a's in school. >> you watch the apprentice, right good sometimes.
5:52 am
>> in the trend this morning epic fail on the apprentice, right. announcer george gray earn big laughs when he trips and falls presenting some prizes. look at this. >> a new tread million. >> but met or cycle. >> you know what the the show must get on, he doesn't skip a beat. down goes frazier. so gray handled it like a true professional. he took a moment to compose himself and continued to announce rest of those prizes. >> you have to laugh at your self sometimes. today is national do nothing day. so we want to see you doing nothing. send us pictures. on twitter. use the the hash tag fox 29 good day. >> what do you need to see.
5:53 am
>> just everyone sitting around doing noting. >> do you remember cat cafe in new york. the west coasters are coming up with their own response for dog lovers but this has an adorable twist, what makes it different. and this just in a nasty accident on the schuylkill, bob's following this, we will have much more whether this means, straight ahead on good
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
a little run dmc with aero smith. i love. that the time, all right ladies, are you red i forget those sexy fire fighter calendars how about the taxi drivers taking their turn. here it is, several new york city taxi drivers have created a humerus calendar on their own. second year they have done this it features three returning drivers ten new ones including a husband and wife duo. all proceeds benefit the lower east side university organization. the organization helps more than 30,000 immigrants per year with basic services. first there was the cat cafe and now a dog cafe could be coming to california. the entrepreneur behind this idea sarah wolfgang started this to raise money. puppy parlor will host homeless dogs rescued in los angeles and overseas in korea where sarah first got involved with animal rescue. finding forever homes for these pups is the the ultimate goal. at 5:56 a nasty accident
5:57 am
on the schuylkill, bobbies following this and much more coming up on good day but you first steve keeley, good morning to you, traffic trouble of your own out there. >> reporter: just off the schuylkill expressway about ten doors off 76 here at 18th and bl avis street a dodge nitro living up to the night tro glycerin an explosive chemical compound and accident in the front door of the family of five's house at
5:58 am
5:59 am
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we have break news this morning a suv crashes in to her home and the driver, just takes off. we are live. also new this morning a man shot in his car as police say one of the passengers did it. the the clues they are going through to try to find this gunman. and the the found other that have satyrical magazine charlie hebdo has something to say about the deadly terror attack, but it shocked a lot of people. what he had to say about the editor who died in the attack. good news for moms, and new dads what the president is going to propose to congress today, to make you happy. >> he will make the new dad happy. good day, it is friday january 16th. we have made to it friday. >> yes. it is friday. so happy to see you. >> bob's going off on vacation next week. >> don't be calling me first thing in the morning you


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