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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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in north philadelphia. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm chris o'connell. the murder of kim jones is still a mystery tonight. police say she wasn't robbed and her friends have no idea who would want her dead. fox 29's brad sattin live in north philadelphia tonight with more. brad? >> reporter: chris we're at 12th and jefferson where this murder happened on tuesday morning about 90 minutes ago there had been a vigil behind me where you might be able to see some balloons there for the most part it is over right now. we'll talk more about the vigil in a moment. first let us talk about this new surveillance video police released at around 4:00 o'clock. let us take you to it and tell you what happened to 56-year-old kim jones. first piece of video is of kim walking to the bus stop near temple university on tuesday on her way to work. you then see a shooter the shooter coming from around the corner. walking toward her when he then shoots her in the back of the head. of course, that part not seen. third video of a shooter very cal andly then leaving the scene face covered wearing dark clothing about 5-foot 10, sick foot tall, stocky build the
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shooter walking westbound on oxford eventually getting on the subway at broad and cecil b. moore eventually getting off the subway at broad and hunting park park. police say kim jones killing was well planned with the shooter waiting outside her home for an hour before following her and killing her at a rally a short time ago her son spoke about his mom. >> my mom you know --, my mother was a great person and very selfless and you know, as i said earlier she deserved a lot better than this and you know obviously if anyone knows anything you know -- you know speak and it's obviously horrible tragedy. >> her son andre leading that vigil then add little while ago. friends were here some people here didn't even know her but
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they just wanted to come by. kids also dropping off stuffed animals and shake hit memorial set up ceremony was to remember a loving woman who made a life of helping children spent her whole live working with kids. also make a commitment that is community did to end the violence. of course, if you know anything about this crime you're being asked to call philadelphia police. guys? >> brad, thanks. on to a developing story right now. big news for penn state tonight. its football team had just 112 victories go back into the win column. they were vacated two years ago in the jerry sandusky scandal. 111 of those wins belong to joe paterno. again the late penn state coach once again the winning yesterday major college football coach in history. the wins were part of that major controversy in the heartbreak of the sandusky child abuse scandal with supporters of paterno arguing he shouldn't be penalized. critics say he could have done something to stop the decades long allegations of abuse at the
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hands of his defensive coordinator. now the paterno family also released a statement this afternoon it reads in part "today is a great victory for everyone who has fought for the truth in the sandusky tragedy". >> on to your forecast. time to layer up yet again scott williams is here. scott looks like tomorrow will be a bit chillier than it has been. it is, lucy. because we're watching a front that's blowing through right now, a few flurries earlier this afternoon and most of the flurry activity is diminishing but winds of change if you stepped outdoors, those winds have been gusting 30 miles per hour in 10 didn't right now. 31 miles an hour in the pocono mountains. so temperatures right now in the upper 30s. but you factor in that wind it feels like 30 degrees on your friday evening. so bundle up if you're headed out to dinner or to check out that movie. we have 34 in pottstown. 36 degrees in atlantic city. teens all right in the pocono mountains and those temperatures will continue to drop. we're looking at 24 degrees by 11:00 o'clock tonight.
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teens for the overnight. so tomorrow will be sunny dry and cold. and then for the other half of the weekend rainfall is expected. i'll have the timing and also the amounts for that weekend rain coming up much lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, scott. plenty of questions tonight in the tragic death of temple freshman row baby kim she fell eight stories from a window of a center city dorm yesterday. now this happened during rush hour with jam packed streets and sidewalks. >> kim landed on a pedestrian walking below. our sabina kuriakose is live on the scene. is a bone in a her friends i understand are devastated tonight. >> reporter: chris a lot of pain on temple's campus as well as a lot of questions today. now, tonight the art institute of philadelphia tells me it is investigateing and the two students who were with kim at the time of her death could potentially face disciplinary action. >> rebecca is dead. and we all just fell silent.
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>> reporter: temple freshman talks about the shock and pain freshman dorms friday morning as word spread the tragic and sudden death of one of that are own. >> i just don't know what to say. i felt so bad. >> 18-year-old pre pharmacy freshman rebecca kim fell from the eighth floor window dorm thursday evening. police are investigating what caused her to fall. she landed landed on a 44-year-old pedestrian that woman suffered severe injuries. but is expected to survive. >> she was like one of the people that was really kind to everyone. >> reporter: in statement the art institute of philadelphia says "each window in that facility is a double weren't dough and has two locks. you would need to disengage both locks and then unlatch one of the windows to open that win do. the school says it's investigating and the two students rebecca was visiting could face disciplinary action pending the out come. meantime childhood friends of kim plan to gather in her hometown of north wales to mourn this weekend. >> it's a tragic accident.
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everyone will miss her. >> reporter: and temple university did have counselors on its campus today. as did wissahickon high school where kim garaged from just this past summer. chris? >> thanks today bone in a. the mayor of wilmington is reminding residents of the dangers facing officers following police involved shootings there. he's calling on everyone to work together to make the city safe that shooting happened thursday evening during a routine traffic stop on vander veer avenue. a spokesman there says there was a struggle when police tried to remove a person from the driver's car. they say man in the car opened fire forcing officers to fire back. that man is in critical condition in the hospital tonight. police are asking for your help they want to find two men who posed as utility workers then robbed an elderly couple's home. it happened on december 29th. police say these two men tricked an elderly couple into thinking they were from the water dough company their home had a problem with water supply.
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once and side, investigators say one of the men went into the basement while the other went upstairs and stole a bunch of things from the couple. president obama is working hard to find a way to battle global terrorism. mr. barack obama meeting for second day with britt turn prime minister david cameron they're discussing ways to stop terrorism and to keep both countries safe. president obama says intelligence and military force alone is not going to solve the problem. >> good afternoon everybody. given the urgent and growing danger of cyber threats we decided to expand our cooperation on cyber security to pro tuck our critical infrastructure, our businesses and the privacy of our people. >> president obama also says the uk is one of america's strongest allies in the fight against terrorism. still ahead on fox 29 at 6:00 a woman accused of locking her son outside in frigid temperatures turns herself in. new information in a story you force her at 5:00. >> hundreds of local ballerinas are dancing their hearts out in
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philadelphia. a lot at stake. how this weekend could completely change the course of that are young lives. ♪ >> you see a lot of crazy stuff on dash cam video but i'm guessing you probably never seen anything like this. dash cam confessionals from the dover police at 6:00. ♪ >> right now your winter wet authority watching the temperature much the high today in the low 40s. actually 3 degrees above average average. below average temperatures for a part of the upcoming weekend. it will be dry tomorrow but we're also looking at some wet weather. i'll have the timing of that rainfall as we move into a part of the holiday weekend and also more temperature roller coaster changes ahead. >> good thing i like roller coasters. in pennsylvania drawing crowds by the thousands tonight at 10 you will not believe where people are lining up for the
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chance to make money with marijuana.
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♪ a close call for swimmers at a delaware county ymca. police say an elderly driver mistook the gas pedal for the brake and slammed right through the concrete wall into the pool area. it happened just after lunch on the ymca on south avenue in see cane. take look at this picture coming from the delaware county times snapped by jason gallon away. look at the damage. fortunately swimmers were on the other side of the pool when the accident happened. the driver walk away without a scratch and nobody april side was hurt. delaware state police in sussex county arrested 31-year-old calvin usher row and 4284 old alan simmons for selling illegal drug.
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arrests came after three month long investigation. police found a total of 250 fifty three three bags of her low win loaded hand guns and drug para for nail ya. both are being held on 50 thus season dollars cash bonds. >> new developments in the last hour in a story we first brought tonight at 5:00. >> police say delaware county mother who locked out her mentally challenged teen in the cold has just turned herself in. fox 29's bruce gordon picks up the story from upper darby. >> reporter: folks who live on hartley road are still shaking their heads. at an act as cold as the winter wind blowing through their quiet neighborhood. >> it's horrible. it's horrible what people can do with children. if that's the case why have them. >> reporter: upper darby police say they were called to this home just afternoon last wednesday to find a mentally challenged 18-year-old standing outside shivering. the teen told police he'd been locked out by his mother without a winter coat for nearly five
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hours. police superintendent michael chitwood says cops confronted 34-year-old kareem ma tolbart right in her doorway. >> she says, i don't want him in the house. i don't want him here. you can leave him outside. i don't care what happens to him. >> report roar the source of her substitute dispute with her son wait for it -- >> she was sending to him to school and she didn't like the pants he was wearing so he refused to change the pants so she threw him out. report roar the windchill around here that wednesday morning a frosty 2 degrees. >> i was without heat in my own house for a couple of those days. and i couldn't imagine being out in this. >> reporter: click rally lock out. >> yeah. whatever the reason. it's tragic really. >> reporter: friday morning police turned to social media tweeting her photo in an effort to turn up the public pressure. by late afternoon they had their mom. tolbart surrendered and face add friday night a rain many. >> leave him out in the cold like that. you don't do that to an animal. >> reporter: over dispute over
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school pants. >> school pants. so mom is not wrapped too tight in my opinion. >> reporter: superintendent chitwood admits because the young man is 18 years old it could be argued he's an adult and thus the mom would have right to order him out of the home. but because the young man has the mental capacity of a 12-year-old tolbart will be charged with recklessly endangering another person n upper darby bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> we do have some breaking news coming out of upper darby tonight. police are investigateing reports of gunshots. >> the details are sketchy right now but here's what we know. shots were fired near 69th and sansom street around 5:15 that is a very busy area of upper darby. we also know that no one was hurt. investigators as you see on the scene as well as fox 29 crew. of course, we will bring you knew information as soon as we get it. >> hundreds of young ballet dancer competing for scholarships this weekend in the youth american grand prix regional system my finals at temple university.
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students from eight to 18 in workshops and dance classes classes and competitions. more than $250,000 is on the line and that money will send the daps certification to leading schools and dance companies to continue the training in the finals are in new york. are you looking to relief some stress? try posting something on facebook or twitter. a new study out says that social media can actually lower stress. >> are you kid mowing? i don't believe it actually. >> twitter stresses me out. it does. pew researchers found that people who frequently use the internet and social media have less stress. however, the study also says stress levels can go back up when people in your social network post negative comments. >> there's the catch. >> exactly. >> ♪ now this brings my stress
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level down. dover delaware police have a little fun with dash cam calling this dash cam confessionals. dubbed video on their youtube channel as you can hear the officer is having fun with taylor swift shock it off. 300 hits all right. mostly me i think. >> it's great to see police officers with a little character and personality. >> having a little fun. >> that's what it's all about. >> that job is stressful speaking of stress. on to your fox 29 weather authority. let's go to chief meteorologist scott williams and evening you're tracking a couple of systems early next week, right scott. >> we're looking at a mixed bag of things, chris. right now we're looking at a blustery cold front moving through a few flurries passing by the area. it's going to be dry and cold for your friday evening plans. tomorrow it's going to be cold in the wake of that front but dry and then rain as we move toward the second half of the weekend. it's still pretty gusty as well those winds gusting over 20,
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30 miles an hour across the area as that front continues to move through our area. upper 30s right now. but you factor in that web it feels a little colder with that wind chill of 30 degrees. look at the temperatures already dropping into the upper 20s for allentown. teens, 17 right now in the pocono mountains. 37 is a popular number for millville dover. while wood checking in at 37 degrees. so when you factor in that wind, it really makes a difference. it feels like zero already toward the pocono mountains it feels like 16 in allentown. it feels like mid 20s in pottstown and 30 in philadelphia philadelphia. so as far as some of the conditions expected by the second half of the weekend you can see we'll be watching the clock. sunday morning that moisture will rapidly overtake the area. so mid morning into the afternoon we continue to find a wet weather across the area. it will be mainly rain out of the system because of that southerly wind component but we're locking at a pretty decent soaking on average an inch maybe
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a little more expected before this system moves out of here but we turn blustery and colder as we move toward mlk day. toward the interior parts of northeast they will be looking at snowfall but for us it's just going to be colder as we watch out for those winds in the wake of that system. so for tonight here's the timing. you can see it's dry, quiet looking at clear skies overnight overnight. it's cold and blustery. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. but bundle up. it's going to be cold. high temperatures tomorrow upper 20s to only around freezing for the philadelphia area. and then as we continue to roll the clock saturday night for your evening plans it's dry as well. so that rainfall really doesn't start to arrive until sunday morning. but look at the clock. 8am we're looking at a lot of heavy rainfall moving into delaware. moving into south jersey. along i-95 10am you can see that yellow, that orange really showing you that we're looking at some pretty moderate to heavy
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rainfall out of this system. and yeah, it continues into the afternoon. here's 1am, you can see the clock we're looking 1:00 p.m. we're looking at that heavy rainfall really around the heart of the area and then as we move toward 4:00 in the afternoon it's still pretty heavy rainfall for south jersey and finally starts to move out of here by sunday evening and over into the and once again mlk day should be dry but look at the expected totals as we roll the clock here. an inch, inch and a half, philadelphia before all is said and done. some locations in millville dover could see about 2-inches of ran fall out of this system. so for tonight it's going to be cold. temperatures only in the teens in the city. tomorrow morning it's going to be cold start. but sunshine and then as we take a look at the high tomorrow only 32 degrees and the seven day forecast shows temperatures in the upper 30s by monday mlk day. >> typical messy january stuff. >> yes.
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>> keith russell good to see you. >> good to see you. good to see you. and good to see you. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> yeah. >> good to see you and to see ryan how war. we might be seeing more of him in the future. at the philadelphia sports writers dinner news you may find shock bowing ryan howard's future. a former penn state star tells us why it means so much for the school to get back all those wins.
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♪ answer me this. how do you score seven goals innocent score again in the next two games? that's not lack of consistency. that's a lack of confidence, a lack of fight and maybe even a lack of pride. seven straight periods without scoring a single goal. you know that's really hard to do. at some point you got to stop giving credit to the other team. you just system plea have to start looking at yourselves philadelphia flyers! fox 29 has learned flyers defenseman kimmo then had tests on the problems he's been having with blood clots. if the tests come back in his favor he still needs to get in hock company shape. if the tests are in the that could be the end of his hockey career. >> with the ncaa restoring joe paterno' wins i had a chance to ask former penn state blair thomas how much those wins
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really mean. >> those players who played those games know that they played those games, they know they won those games. so just to say that, you know, we can just wipe that out and it doesn't really matter to those players who spent years of hard work to develop -- to earn scholarship i think to restore those wins it means a lot to those players at least it does to me. >> you know 112 wins that would be the best regular season in phillies history. don't count on that this coming year. but tonight at the philadelphia sports writers awards dinner gm ruben amaro said you might count on seeing ryan howard in clearwater. >> right now there's nobody really can unseat him. he's more productive player than anybody else we have there right now. but that could change. but he's going to get every opportunity to play and be our first baseman and i think he'll be productive. >> and tonight at the dinner team of the year in philadelphia
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>> flight of the birdman. michael keaton falls off the stage. and awkward. angelina jolie and jennifer aniston. what happened when they encountered each other at the critics choice awards? >> then why so many people are upset about the u.s. sending james taylor to france. really. >> and prank gone bad. >> we have a bunch of coke in the back. i'm sorry. >> dude. >> what happened when these cops found this in the trunk. >> when they told us to step out of the car, i had a heart attack. >> welcome back elizabeth gallagher.


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